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"Go Alex!" Memory Book

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"Go Alex!" Memory Book - Page Text Content

S: GO ALEX!!!!!!!

BC: 'Till we meet again Alex......

FC: GO ALEX!!!! | Alex Urquijo | #64

1: Dedicated to our beloved teammate #64 Alex Urquijo Love, Your Syracuse Storm Football family

4: Alex, I'll never forget.... everyday at practice you would call me "tiny". I'd call you "curls." Then when we would line up for plays you would call yourself "the greatest guard who will ever live." Then you would pancake some kid and just nod about it. Never going to forget that green beanie. you would wear that thing everywhere..... We will always keep you in our hearts and minds. Mace Kucej #41

5: GO TEAM | I remember you just racing, just plain old racing to the quarterback. You were so persistent to beat me there. Sometimes you would beat me and other times close behind. I can't remember one time that you weren't in the backfield messing up some guys. A great kid, good player and I will never forget you. Tyler Craig #81

6: Oh boy, where to start! Man we had some great times this year. This was the funnest year I have ever had playing football and you were a big part of that! I remember everyday at practice when you would make a great play I would slap you on the butt and you would think it was the weirdest thing ever. I thought it was hilarious! You made the season for me. My Dad and I would talk about how good you are and how much potential you had. Ever since this tragedy happened to you I can't even look at the pictures we were together in. You taught us so much in life Alex! I'm going to make a promise to you. I will live my life with no regrets and live it like every minute is my last. I love you so much man!!! R.I.P. Chase Bauerle#8

7: Well first I want to say that was the best left hand man in the world. Truthfully, no one else will take that place. I have rare memories of Alex other than football. I remember that time at Halloween... we were trick-or-treating for my birthday. We came to a house with "take one and go" candy. Connor, Jake and Alex were running to the bowl and Connor tripped. We all stopped to check on Connor while Alex was hoarding the whole bowl of candy. He still shared, but we were laughing our heads off. Have a good after-life Alex. I'm goona miss ya. Jaxon Greenwood #66

8: Dear Alex: When we would start practice with the three level hitting drill you started out with linemen. Later in the season you made yourself a challenge. You wanted to be the best you could be. You went up against the corners, safety's and linemen. If some didn't fill in, you did. When someone made you mad you would hit them and make them mad. Alex, I am so happy I got to finish my last recreation season with you. We got to the mini-bowl. We perfected ourselves every week. Coach would yell at you and tell you what you needed to do better. The very next play you did it. You always did what you needed to do to get the QB. You were definitely the funniest kid on the team. You always were making fun of dumb things that people would do in film. Your Dad was our number one fan every game. When you would carry the ball your Dad's exact words were, "GO ALEX!". Everybody loved your Dad every game. When he cheered and when he got after the ref's. I hope that you are having a good time where you are now. Everybody here misses and loves you like a brother. I just want you and your family to be happy with what has happened. Love your brother and teammate, Kyle Frei #2

9: I remember Alex as a person who had a really good sense of humor. He always made jokes, even when something was embarrassing. He was a really good defensive lineman. He always swam through my blocks. He was the kind of person that made football fun. Andrew Holland 57 | I remember when you would aways want to hit me when we were practicing plays. I also remember your green beanie and how everyone would tease and take it from you. Jayden Packer #11

10: The first year of football I didn't bother to talk to Alex cause he broke his arm. I really regret that. He is my best friend. I've only known him for two years. They were the best two years of my life. I love you Alex and I will miss playing football with you.. You're the best. Connor Petersen #92

11: Alex: Remember when we hid your light green beanie at the SkyView game? That was great. We hid it behind the scoreboard and you went on a rampage. When you finally found it we took it again and threw it in a tree. You were about ready to kill someone. You finally got it back right before the game. I will never forget the smile you had on your face when you finally got it back. You will be missed by all. Brandon Benincosa#34

12: Dear Alex, I remember when you were on defense and there was a big pile of defenders around the ball. You ran into the pile and spun around and suddenly you had the ball. You ran the ball down the field for ten yards! Jace Haney #20

13: Alex: I know you're in a better place but I'm goona miss teasing you and hanging out with you. I'm even goona miss you making fun of me. You will always be my brother and you will always be the one pushing me forward to beat someone even though it won't be you anymore. Have fun swimming in God's pool bro. We will all miss you. Colton Steggell #56

14: Alex: Do you remember when we were in 2nd grade and after school you and I played football with your brother for 2 hours straight? That was the best day of my life. That was the day I earned my first close friend. Do you remember the days when we sat by each other in Mrs. Pettit's class and you would get picked up in the middle of class for your swimming? I remember the day you got stung by a bee near your eye and your eye swelled shut. You always had a smile on your face. You were my best friend all the way until 5th grade. I wish we were still that close. I love you man. You are my closest friend. I'm sorry that I didn't go see you in the hospital. I wanted to remember you smiling. I can't wait to see you again. You still need to teach me how to swim. When I get up there you will be the wise man showing me the ways. Please watch over me. I will never forget our memories. I know people don't see me as one of your close friends but what they don't know is that I'm one of the closest. I love you, now save me a house next to yours. I can't wait to swim in the holy waters with you. Marcus Rader #23

15: Go Alex!

16: Hey Alex: I remember our first year we went to the playoffs. The ref was counting the yards with his feet like usual. You were following behind copying what he was doing. I thought that was so funny. Another time when we were in film we were watching and we heard your Dad say "GO ALEX!" We all started to laugh and you were embarrassed. My last memory is from your first year when we were doing a running drill. It was your turn and you held the ball like a loaf of bread where the point of the ball was sticking straight up . It was so hard to not laugh and tackle you at the same time. Taylor Criddle #14

17: GO ALEX!!!

18: "GO ALEX!!"...I can remember your Dad at every practice and game cheering on his son. Alex, I remember you as being tough and willing to do anything. You will always be in my mind as a strong, tough, funny kid. Dallin Cobabe #5/22 | What I remember most about you Alex is your determination on the football field. Your hilarious personality, and your bright green beanie. Also I remember your Dad yelling your name on the sidelines. One day while waiting for practice to start, we were wondering where you were. You showed up late with a neon pink cast on your wrist. We made fun of you for the rest of the time with the cast on. As a running back I liked knowing that you were always there to do your job. Alex Christiansen

19: Alex and I joined Coach Greenwoods team in 2008, this was the first time we had ever met. He is the kind of person who could tease you and put a smile on his face and yours. One of my favorite memories of Alex would be when we were watching film at Greenwood's and we could see Alex running like a Pansy in the opposite direction of the ball. Alex and I had this special signal where we would nod our heads at each other to make sure we knew who's job it was to pull on that play. I'm going to miss you next year when football begins and there is a gap at left guard where Alex Urquijo #64 should be. Chandler Zaugg #47

20: Good Game | I have a lot of memories of Alex. I have known him ever since about the third grade. But my best memories of Alex were while I was on his football team. I remember how funny he was, making jokes and telling his funny stories. But I also remember how he always knew when it was time to get serious and completely physically and mentally zoned into the game. He probably was one of the best linemen on the team and one of the greatest players. He never bragged, even though he had the right to. He always played the game like an animal. He wasn't just a friend to me and the football team, he was our brother. GO ALEX!! Sheldon Cook #52

21: We first met Alex Urquijo when he and our son Alex played on the same football team. Because there were two Alex's on the team, ours went by Alex, and Alex Urquijo went simply by "Qui-jo". We could tell from the start that Alex was a fun-loving, easy-going guy. He was easily liked by the whole team, and seemed to always have a smile on his face, no matter the circumstances. He soon became quite a presence on the football field, and we loved to hear the enthusiastic cheers for him from his father. It was something we looked forward to hearing and witnessing each game, and something we missed when he was not there. We will truly miss that. Two years ago, there was not the possibility of "saving" Alex for Greenwood's football team, so rather than having him come to the first week's draft and get snatched up by some other team, Greenwood had him stay home. The first week of practice as a team, Alex came trotting up to see the rest of the team for the first time and Greenwood hollered, "Hey look who showed up!" The team immediately cheered to see that their buddy Quijo had showed up and was still a part of their team. Alex was always the measurement of how tough someone was feeling at practice. He would face off against anyone and they would attempt to beat him or tackle him first; the other person would usually fall short to Alex's strength and talent. He always gave his best effort, never quitting. We will always miss Alex's puff of curly blond hair that would pop out when he'd take his helmet off. We will miss his determination and grit on the football field. We will miss hearing his Dad yell,, "Go, Alex!" from the sidelines. We will miss his funny sense of humor and his friendly smile. We will miss Alex, and he will never be forgotten. Kent & Shelli Christiansen

23: The thing that I will remember most about Alex was his good-natured personality. The other players would harass him about being a swimmer, wearing his green beanie hat in the middle of the summer, long boarding everywhere he went, and Alex would play along with their joking around and then have some smart comment back. Those boys loved their teammate Alex Urquijo. Alex was one of the players I looked forward to seeing each football season. I was anxious to see how much he had improved year to year. He had truly transformed himself into a great football player and one of our best lineman. This past football season he was simply amazing. I will miss you Alex. You and your family will forever hold a special place in my heart. In the words of your father, Federico, "GOOOOO ALEX!" I love you bud. Coach Jared Criddle

24: When I think of Alex, one of the things that comes to mind is 26 Smash. What does that mean? 26 Smash is the bread and butter play of our football team. This is a big deal because Alex had such an important job on this play. As the ball was snapped, Alex had to pull around and be one of the lead blockers. The success of this play very much depended on Alex's ability to block the right person. Needless to say, Alex was amazing. No other play was more successful for our team than 26 Smash. This one play accounted for more touchdowns, more first downs and more yardage than any other play. Although executing this play took eleven players on the field, Alex was the one who set the tone with his lead block. Alex, you were an extremely hard worker. You enjoyed the challenge of becoming better. You were very coach-able and didn't have any ego. Your sacrifice to our team is one that will never be forgotten. There was never any quit in you Alex. Your hard work is an example that I will continue to teach and demand from our team and future teams. I am not sure how I will ever be able to overcome the loss of my friend. It will be especially hard when football starts and I don't see big number #64 at left guard. I pray that our Heavenly Father will put his arm around you and together you can both smile down on our team. I know you will be our biggest cheerleader. It was one of the greatest thrills of my life being one of yours. I love you Alex. Coach Adam Benincosa

25: I still remember the first time I met Alex. I had asked some of the assistant coaches to find some linemen during the 3 days of conditioning because everything on a football team starts with linemen. At the end of the first day, as we were going over potential boys who would fit our system and what we were looking to draft.... everyone was talking about one of the boys who told the coaches he was a swimmer. I expected a tall skin and bones kid with no real lineman potential . What I saw the next day was a perfect lineman build (for a 10 year old) and a head full of blond curls. I watched him with some of the other coaches for maybe only 10 minutes on that second day of conditioning and we immediately penciled him in as one that we would pick up as early as possible. From that point on, Alex Urquijo was going to be a permanent member of the Syracuse Storm Silver team. It has been so enjoyable watching him grow from a young boy with a raw talent for the game into a special young man not only on the football field, but in life as well. It seemed like every other day there was something he would do or say that would have us coaches either laughing or admiring how good he had really gotten. He was very smart in how he approached the game and would often tell him "Nice catch Alex.", or "That's what I meant." Never once did Alex talk back or cause any sort of problems on the team. He was the ideal team player and was willing to do whatever it took to help the team. His teammates (like his coaches) thought the world of him because he was just a good person. Having the opportunity to spend six days a week for nearly three months in each of the past four years with Alex and his teammates have been nothing short of a blessing to me. Every young man I've ever coached has taught me a lesson that they never have any idea they've done. Alex taught me many lessons and will always have a special place in my heart. I am going to miss him greatly not just on the football field, but as a friend off it as well. I look forward to seeing Alex again and being able to tell him how special he was and thank him for how he impacted my life. Brandon Greenwood, Head Coach, Syracuse Storm Silver

28: "Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

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