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FC: Who Am I? | What a beautiful view! | The Amazing Life of Austin Reid

2: Introduction I am Austin Reid, I'm 15 years old and this is my first time doing anything like this. I'm doing this at Caldwell Early coolege in the 2001-2012 year, I learned alot about myself during this assignment and enjoyed telling other about myself.

3: My first shape is the squiggle because I'm very spontaneous, energetic and I talk before thinking. My second shape would be a triangle, because I like being a leader.

4: My wildest dream would would be to become a First Force Recon Marine. I want to be a sniper in that branch of the military. The reason I want to is because I want be in the military to protect my family.

6: Not to brag but I have many strengths. I'm confident, and I'm disciplined and strong.

7: I am arrogant and hardworking I wonder about other planets I hear screaming fans chanting my name I see myself as i am going to be I want to be the best I am arrogant and hardworking I pretend I don't care I feel strong and certain I touch the warm sand I worry about my future I cry when I lose someone close to me I am arrogant and hardworking I understand i am not the best I say I'm a follower of Christ I dream about my dream I try to workout hardcore I hope i will achieve my goal I am arrogant and hardworking

8: My favorite place is Key West, FL. It's just off the coast of Florida. Th beautiful waters, the palms trees swaying in the breeze make Key West my favorite place. When I'm there I'm calm and peaceful. Key West is my favorite place to be.

9: My three favorite tech things are, my cellphone, me ps3, and my ipod. I like these because i use these things the most.

10: Play baseball Shoot Workout Run Jump play Basketball Play Ps3 Creep Dougie Catdaddy Bernie Give great hugs Hunt fish Fight Work Go H.A.M. Go Hard Be Awesome Go to Church Bench 190 Curl 105 Squat 275 Leg Press 541 | Hit Homeruns Play Soccer Make A's Dance Be friendly Drive Parkhour Kiss Eat ALOT! Social Network Be a Marine Get girls Be Sexy Wiggle Be Mature Be funny Play Volleyball Be organized do mixbook Be a pimp under pressure Y.O.L.O. Be a Ninjia! | Be Sensitive Ball Write 50 i cans... | I can...

11: GOD Baseball Alex Isaiah Nolan Tanner Leah Drew Jordan Blake Workout Bahamas Run Koenigsegg CCXR Duramax 2500 Airmax Marines S.E.A.L.'s Task force 141 HOT girls MTN. DEW CODE RED Sundrop BAckpacking | Steak Under Armour Polo Ralph Lauren Nike Mountain Hardwear Kelty Oakley Abercrombie Lil Wayne J. Cole Big Sean Wiz Khalifa Waka Brantley Gilbert Jason Aldean The Motto Tattoos on this town Camping Hiking Shooting Hunting Fly Fishing | My Favorites | The North Face Saasquatch Rose Hunington

12: One of my personal goals is to become either a Recon Marine, or A Marine Scout Sniper. Then later, to own my own gym and train people. | My personal goal.

13: "And he said to them, for men this is impossible, for with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 Nut up or shut up Don't have feelings, because i don't No mercy No whining \"Find a way or make one." Nutrex research laboratories. | The Motto :)

14: My dad's bible, because it was his dad's and he's going to give it to me and Robert My Grandma's dresser, because it's extremely exspensive and very elegant looking. Tree, it's just always been in our yard, so my father feels it's necessary to keep it. Chicken pie recipe, simply because it's amazing My land in the mountains, because it is beautiful, and awesome. | Relics

15: I hardly read, and when i do it's magazines. Sport's illustrated Swim Suit edition is my favorite. | What I read.

16: Dear Mom and Dad, I probably don’t say this enough but thank you for everything. .Thank you for raising me in a Christian house, and taking me to church. You provide everything for me, and you help me through everything. Thank you for taking me fishing, and spending time with me whenever you could. I still wanna go backpacking as long as possible, even though we didn’t go much this year. I love you! Mom, thank you for always taking care of me and being there for me. I love your cooking and you’re the best. You let me do almost anything and I love it, and thank you for being so chill. Love always, Austin Reid

17: Technology Time line | The PS3! from Sony first introduced in the 90's. | The PS2also from Sony and was introduced in 2000 | The PS3 was introduced in 2009.

18: Born-July 24, 1996 Got my first dirt bike in 2004. Started baseball in 2001 I won second place in my state championship, with my baseball team. in 2006. Benched 205 in 2011. | Life Timeline

19: My favorite accomplishment was winning 2nd place in our state ball tournament. I worked hard for 8 years to be able to do well in that specific situation. My second accomplishment was getting saved when I waS 9, it means a lot to me and my religion. my 3rd accomplishment would be able to bench 205 pounds because I've worked for 2 years to try and do that.

20: !1. Weight Lifting 2. Backpacking 3. Modern Warfare 3 1. Girls 2. Guns 3. trucks 1. HistoryChannel 2. Discovery Channel 3. National Geographic

21: I collect guns. I collect hats shoes and sunglasses.

22: Family Tradition We go to the Christmas lights in Morganton every year before Christmas then we go out to eat afterwards at random places we think about.

23: My mom's Chicken Pie recipe because it's straight up amazing. @2 cans of sliced chicken Pie Crust 2 cans of cream of chicken soup put oven on $450 and bake till done.

24: So, how are you doing? Did you keep your grades up? You probably still aren't paying attention in class and are goofing off with your friends. Be sure you start paying attention in college, you need to learn tat stuff for the farm you want to get. Remember to get the biggest baddest truck you can possibly afford, and don't mess with turns. Always date hot girls, you get in more fights like that. Never stop working out there is always room fr improvement.

25: Well you're 50 now. Did you ever get that big truck, and marry a hot girl? You probably never payed attention in school and bull crapped your way through it because you're an amazing talker. The Marines had to be awesome, I wonder if you ever made it to Recon school. You better at least have a 3 story house and barely any debt. But always live to where you can find some satisfaction. And ALWAYS remember to give your glory and honor to God. Love yourself. Austin Reid.

26: William Reid 326 Summit Place Lenoir NC 28645 Skills and Qualifications: Negotiating Speaking to Public Operating equipment Education and Training:August 2011 - April 2012CECHS High School Lenoir, NC Interests: I love to workout. Baseball Riflery Weight Lifting Skiing/Snow boarding Fishing/Hunting Farming/Ranching Camping

27: Dear Mr. Reid, I congratulate you on becoming a well rounded individual, and I applaud you on being able to balance everything you have going on in your life. Keep working to, and never stop, there's always room for improvement. Keep yourself surround yourself with people you like, and good friends. You're cocky, and you always will be, but choose you fight wisely and don't be afraid to hit people when they deserve it. Yo should have focused more on school, and saved more money from the farm, and be nice to the Mexicans, they make good food. P.S. remember the motto, God, trucks and girls. Sincerely yourself, Austin Reid.

28: My wildest dream would would be to become a First Force Recon Marine. I want to be a sniper in that branch of the military. The reason I want to is because I want be in the military to protect my family.

29: Living Links by Austin Reid I decided to interview my mother, Patricia Reid, on the events that happened in her life as a child, teenager and her adult life. The reason I chose my mother is that I wanted to know what she thought about the events that happened in the this time period such as the JFK assassination. These are some of the things that really intrigued me and I wanted to know someone else point if view. The first question I asked my mom was how did she react on the Kennedy assassination. “Well, I walked in to my classroom when I was in the grade. We did the lesson for a while, then the teacher was called out of the room. She announced that President Kennedy had be shot, and the first thing that came into my head is that America was going to be invaded,” she told me. Which made me think how scary it would be, to experience something like that. Then she said they sent her home. I then asked her what her feelings were on Kennedy dieing, “I to this day do not understand why someone would want to shoot such a great President.” How were your feelings about Martin Luther king and his civil rights movement. Her response was, “Growing up in the South there were many racist people. My father was quite racist, but I never had any problem with anyone of a different race. I thought what Mr. King was doing was going to be good for America.” What went through your mind when he was killed I asked. “I thought whoever the stupid redneck was who did it wasn’t thinking right,” she replied. I agreed with her on that subject. My third set of questions were in reference to the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, “It blew my mind when I heard about it the first time. It was unheard of to go somewhere besides Earth.” What did you think when you saw them launch the rocket?, “It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Me and my family were watching it on TV and we “Oooed” and “Awwed” over it of course. But one of the coolest things was when a couple days later the president announced that they had landed on the moon, and there was a since of pride all across America.” Which was weird for me because, there are rockets and satellites that go up all the time that do not even make the news. I asked her what she thinks about launches now. She said that it is just another part of life now and that she does not think about it that much. It is really cool to think about the things that were a big deal back then and now it is apart of our daily lives. I asked my mom what the coolest part about the whole rocket program. She said, “When I was a kid I thought the astronaut food was the coolest!” When I asked her how America changed after the space race she tole me that, since she was little then, that she would see things start falling out of the sky. I would love to see what happens in my lifetime that my kids will think is nothing that people today freak out over. “The cold war was a more or less “awkward” war,” said my mom. As a teenager she really did not know what happened and later on she found out that the Russians and Americans were trading back and forth arming weapons. More or less waiting on one side to start something. “Now looking back at it, it seemed like a waste of time and money because not much happened.” I asked her if she was ever scared they a war was going to break out. “I did not really know what to think, there wasn’t all that much news about it, and we never got but three channels on our TV” This was startling to me as well, because I can turn on the television and get almost one thousand channels. She proceeded to tell me that they were not very scared that any war was going to break out because most people viewed the cold war as a minor conflict. One of the things I really wanted to know about was the Vietnam War. It was such a tragic war for America, and there were many different war tactics America had never seen before. I asked her how she felt about thew whole war and what she thought about it. “One of mine and your father’s good friends was a Green Beret during the war. He said it was one of the craziest experience’s he had ever had. I didn’t fully understand why we were there and I don’t still have a good grip on it today.” Which was one thing that intrigued me, I would love to know more about the Vietnam war since I have had two uncles serve in it and my Father was supposed to. I asked my mom about how it affected things here in the United States. “Of course America was working hard to try and do as much as we could for the war and aiding all of them over seas, all the men couldn’t wait to turn eighteen and enter the draft. The thing that stuck with me the most is when your Grandfather sat me down and told me how war really went on. He told me stories about him being in the war and it astounded me about what actually went on.” What were you doing at that time that could have helped this war I asked. “Not much at all, I was still in school, working a job and a car payment so there wasn’t much I could do besides pray and hope that God had his mind on those in the war.” My mom is a very well spoken person and do not think anyone could have said it any better. It really surprised me this whole paper about how much different it was to see someonelse’s experience during these times that America had hardships, sacrifice, and triumphs. I would have loved to have lived through some of these things just to see what I have missed and how different it would have been to actually experience all of this. I am a very pro-war person, so I would have liked to experience Vietnam first hand. Thinking about how much different it would be actually experiencing what happened instead of just hearing stories about it. Unless someone invents a time machine it is not going to happen to soon. For now though I believe the closest thing we have is stories and actual accounts of what happened. Will it ever be the same? Of course not, but that is why it is so important to learn from our elders so we can keep it alive and fresh in our minds. Our ancestors and our elders are basically our direct link to the past.

30: Hobbies My hobbies include lifting weights, baseball, running, and being the awesome person I am.

31: My dream is to become a Recon Marine, and after the

32: Learning Styles 25 percent linguistic Logical-Mathematical 50 percent Intrapersonal 3 percent Visual Spatial 50 percent Interpersonal 75 percent Musical 13 percent Bodily kinesthetic 50 percent Naturalistic 50 percent My two big ones are interpersonal and kinesthetic because I'm a very social person and I get along with people. Kinesthetic because I like hands on learning.

33: Dream Speech I have a dream that one Day Everyone will be Christians, The U.S. will return to economic power, and that I will be a Marine one day.

34: Ready for College I'm going here to get a head start on my education. This is the main reason why I came here and and awesome aspect that I love about this school. I'm thinking about going to either Carolina, NC State, or Appalachian State.

35: Ready For Career After I get out of the Marines I want to, own my on farm, and my own lifting Gym. And I want to get a head start on my education by coming to this school.

36: Ready for Life Right now I'm getting ready for my life by working on a farm in Lincolton which is what I want to do when I get older. Mostly I just need a good foundation for my future education that will set my standards for life.

38: Self Portrait...

39: Arrogant Funny Hardworking Smart Fun loving | Cool Cute Beautiful Painful | Cocky Funny Fun | Self Image | What I think of myself | Wbat others think of me

40: Me | Richard Cline | Arial Cline | Gail Reid | Hight Reid | Pat Reid | Dewey Reid

41: Family History I learned I have a large Scottish heritage. The lion on my family crest is for royalty and the Knight is for leaders in battle. I learned where my family came from and some of the cultural differences from then to now. I brought in my old family crest, and then made one that resembled it but put my own modern twist on what I thought it would look like today.

42: Reading Inventory I don't enjoy reading. I like sports and mystery. Nonfiction Short Stories Magazines No, I'm not reading a book. The Giver Maybe Five. I don't have a favorite series of books. I would rather watch T.V. Movie I like transformers. Rose Huntington is my favorite actor. I like to workout or hangout with friends.

43: Shape Page 2 Circle- Kenny Triangle- Micheal Square- Mrs. Chavers Squiggle- Tanner

44: Metaphor When I'm at my best as a student I am a computer consuming knowledge.

45: Self Reflection Right now as a freshman, I haven't changed much from the beginning of the year other than the fact that I have gotten better overall. Other than that I'm still really proud of myself and I know for sure that will get me in trouble one day. Overall I'm smarter faster, meaner and stronger than I used to be. So, I feel pretty awesome right now.

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