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GooG (Copy)

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BC: Count your blessings

FC: THE Kingdom of GooG

1: Queen Pauline

2: P | ROYAL | DECREE | The Kingdom of Goog is ruled by Queen P. under the laws made by its people. On this magical day, No evil shall stay. Only the loyal play.

3: GOOG 2012 | Dedicated to All my loyal students, especially those who have loved me as much as I loved them. | Queen P.

4: Goog Populated by former students. | Animals, pets owned by the following | a few fair wenches, some handsome knaves, a lord, a lady. and Queen P.

5: Dear Queen, I ponder my fate for my name I can't recall, a bump to the head, a bit too much grog, or maybe a fall, have me wondering if I am a spirit or human at all. | Dear Lady Bonnie, Stay out of the Winery. Queen P | "Oh, for crying out loud" Can't I be a Princess or a duchess or something? My Dear Marla, you are a Princess Royal. Promise to be loyal. Queen P.

6: Somewhere beyond the clouds,hidden, Lies a land once uninhabited and forbidden. Some believe it was a magical sphere, Waiting for the Children of the river.

7: The land covered by Cedar trees As far as the eye could see And beneath lay a freshwater, inland sea | A long time ago Goog was swampland Flooded by a mighty River, And so a project drained the land. | With sweet, clear water this inland sea, Flowing so near the surface could easily Provide water for plants and family.

8: After many years, the land, Was drained, the swamp was clear, And man began to build here. | The Mighty Warrior Dog , Lady Bay, Chased the ugly varmints away. Lord Timothy was Proud to say. | The land that was forbidden, Became a land now hidden By a million acres of farmland. All made possible by man's hand. | The Queen and all her people came. Now, we must know them by name.

9: Duchess Gwen Princess Adrienne Princess Mia Princess Stella Princess Caroline | Lady Linda H. | High Duchess Melinda Lady Tina | Lord Michael Range Princess Sherry Richard the Quiet Sir Bob the Artist Princess Marla Princess Michele Princess Cathy Princess Rona Prince John Prince Stevie Lee Princess Susan Princess Sandi The Lord High Butler | Lord Timothy of BFE Lady Bay Lady Rita | Lady Ruth Lord Marty Duke Ken Princess Angela Lord Dale | Lady Constance, Royal Jeweler | Lady Roxanne | Lady Mimi | Lady Fern Lady Donna LadyLinda W Lady Bonnie Lady Lynn Lord Ed | Lady Deb | Lord Bruce

10: Wipe the scent of work from your brow, take one glance. Prepare for the evening feast and perchance, you will be rewarded with a lovely dance. | The evening hours come. Moonbeams light the floor, The splendid Lords and Ladies enter the Ballroom door. Time to laugh merrily and glide softly across the floor.

11: The time to weep has taken respite, lost is the night. The air is filled with enchanted moonbeams of light. For each dancing pair is robed in delight. | The Queen smiles and takes her rest. Knowing All have done what is best. Hear this, My Children, you are Blessed. | I bid Thee A GoogNight

12: Arise the Bash is over. Clean the hall with boughs of clover. | Bring the Scribe, Duchess Melinda, to the Queen. As my Royal Scribe, I shall bestow the Quill. for the bountiful life in Goog is never still. My Dear Duchess , record all at you will.

13: Lady Catherine, bring me the scroll, I want to know the new and the old. | So Uggla is talking War That man should be put in tar. Lord Timothy, call the troops, Prepare for War. | Butler, bring my coffee, for you know, I cannot abide tea.

14: And so the war between Uggla and Goog began. Rogu, ruler of Uggla, an immoral, devious , vicious man. Sought Goog and all its people, and all the land. Calling all those who believed in truth and right, The people of Goog resisted with all their might. The Queen and her loyal forces won the fight. The troops led by Lord Timothy fought man to man. Lord Michael's forces came to lend a hand. | The battle over, peace comes once more. All the villages were repaired as before. All know that after a war, it is time to restore.

15: Lady Constance The Royal Jeweler and Maker of things large and small. Enters at the Queen's call. She wants Silvery medals for all. Engraved with "Count Your Blessings" A reward that is not small. | The Queen smiles and enters the Castle Bright. The Moonbeams dance silently,her step is light. I bid thee all Goognight. | Pacing her room, unable to fall asleep, Haunted by the sadness she cannot weep. A Queen must keep those feelings deep.

16: . | Finally, the Fairies of the night, Feel her sad plight. Flying softly, each brings a healing wand of light.. | My Lords and Ladies, It is my Plea, that Thanks be given to Lord Timothy. For his skills in Battle and his bravery. And so Peace is declared, make no mistake. Only the Queen lies in her bed. still awake. | Goog Morning, all is well. Lady Fern's stardust softly fell, And wrapped me in its spell.

17: Goog Morning All is well here The time to plant is near. Be thankful for this place we hold so dear.

18: Goognight, Lords and Ladies in my domains, May no evil cause you pains And you remain blessed in your reigns. | Keep those who suffer in your hearts, heed their cries May the dark powers not rip apart your magical lives And sleep well until the morning calls, Arise.

19: Awake Lords and Ladies, night has slipped away Rise., walk where the morning dew lay Cherishing the spirits of the new day. | Rising before dawn, Timothy the Tenacious with Bay Leigh Bright Ever vigilant to the terrors of the night Prides himself that all is right

20: Cool winds bring heavy rains drenching the early buds. A long gray day, as workers trudge through mud, that oozed down hills from the early floods. Tired from their labors, they sigh with content. Near crackling fires that warm with the scent, Of fresh herbs and the smell of peppermint. Soon they partake of the tasty simple food. Each bows to pray, none are rude. These are people who respect the land of Goog. | Rude high winds shake us from the realms of deep Arise, brush away the last cobwebs of sleep Our kingdom demands much upkeep. Up, up hear the blast of the Alarm. The Lady Fern predicts a terrible storm. Prepare to keep all from harm. Fire dragons and thunder Gods feed the storm. Be safe, my children from all harm.

21: The Sky Witches spread wings of gray. Thunderbolts start the day. Hark, a mighty storm comes our way. | The storm's fury roars in the night. All are overcome with fright. Nothing is left in sight

22: At last all is calm, there is no roar. The people sleep, safe once more. | All is calm, No rain or roar. The dangers are no more. | Nature graces us with Spring. A warm sun. voices sing. | Please. Remember to be kind. Without love , man is lost. | Lady Mimi, Known for her sweet Smile, loved and honored by all. We pray you hear our call. | Princess Sherry, ever present at the Queen's Knee. Spreads her magic glow from sea to sea.

23: the | end | Dear Subjects. I know you have served me Well. You appear at the sound of the Bell. But I am a rookie Queen, so I need more experience at this Queen game. So, not to sound lame. I say patience, patience,please. Queen P. | I bid thee, a peaceful, loving goognight. Queen P. | To bed to bed. I thought it was time. | Dear Queen, I am just saying...... D. Melinda | Dear Queen P | The mirror won't tell me, who is prettier than me.

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