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Grandad's Christmas Book

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FC: Our All American Boy | Grandad

1: Have you tried Wheaties? They're the best Breakfast food in the land Won't you try Wheaties? They're whole wheat with all the bran. They’re crispy, They're crunchy The whole day through, Jack Armstrong loves them, And so will you! So just try Wheaties, They're best breakfast food in the land. Jack Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Jack Armstrong The All American Boy!

3: The Padua's

4: I am very lucky to have you, Dad, in my life. You are always interested in everything about us! You care so much, and are the best cheerleader I can imagine. I am thankful that you and mom created such a nice, close family. You loved each other and it was good for us to see you happy. You always had wonderful friends that became a part of our family. There were many card games, costume parties, etc. I will always remember you and Uncle Tom entertaining everyone, singing to the top of your lungs, all of your fraternity songs, and both telling stories of old girlfriends back in college, and then belting out more fraternity love songs. We all got such a kick out of it when Jeanie Washburn would come into town, and you were so excited! Lots of primping, with the gold chain, shorts, cologne, haircut, shower, and shave just hoping she would still be crazy about you! It was great to hear you and Uncle Tom bantering back and forth with your crazy "Billy" talk, trying to solve the world's issues. We just loved to see you be absolutely silly. You and "Big Red" continued to entertain us by chasing Bobby all over the house for many years! All of the trips we took as kids to Newport Beach, Detroit Lakes, Lake Arrowhead, Utah, boating, playing tennis, going to Disneyland, and to Lagoon were great. We all enjoyed the Shoe Fairy! Your imitation of Precious Pup was hilarious! We made you do it over and over again! I remember the fun at Christmas when we would bang pans on top of the huge barricade you made. You threw a pitcher of water on us, made us wait, while preparing the music and the fire. I am still amazed how much stuff I had on my chair! It was a really fun and exciting tradition. We love to tease you about the time you served in Alameda, even though we know it was important. When you are around we will be awakened with Sailors, Hit the Deck! and more Navy stories than we could ever want to hear. You worked hard at your job. You were very successful, satisfied with your job and provided a nice, safe life, a great education, and a chance to experience living in different places. Looking back, this is my favorite memory of childhood, being able to live in a variety of cities. I haven't done some of the activities since I left Fargo/Moorhead like jump into 12 foot snow drifts, snow mobile, ice skating rinks on street corners, tobogganing, and meeting the people of Minnesota, Utah and California. What an education I had by being able to live in several places. I believe that is why I encourage my own children to experience many new adventures. You have been a fantastic father-in-law to Bobby. We have had a nice life because of your encouragement and direction. My kids love you very much. You have been a wonderful grandfather to them, always trying to be there for anything important, setting a good example as a loving grandfather and a caring friend. It was a special time for us to watch you run The Boston Marathon when the kids were small and to spend Easter with you and mom there. We were so proud of you! We told our friends about your success at running. We enjoyed our time together when you came and visited the kids in college. You are adored and admired by my friends who you have always been so nice to.Finally, thank you for being with me in sickness and in health. You are my life angel and are so good to me. I appreciate your love and dedication you constantly show to me. You try to be both mom and dad to all of us, and it is not easy. Now at 81 years young you continue to amaze us, and are the most loved Patriarch of this incredible family you created. I love you, Mary | Mary

5: Dad is a wonderful man, one of the greatest men I have ever met. He is always there for us. I have good memories of him. I remember when Dad baptized me in 1978. It was really nice that he could do it, but I think he left me in the water 10 minutes longer than he was supposed! I asked him if he was supposed to leave me in that long and he said, "Your hair has to be all wet." I can't believe I bought it... One time I was home doing some laundry and he came downstairs and attacked me from behind. He was trying to put me inside the dryer! I was half way in and while he was closing the door, luckily the door broke! I felt bad because he had to get it fixed... Dad is a big part of my success. My memory of him is a fun and great guy! Thank you Dad for your support. I love you Dad, Bobby | Bobby

6: Dear Granddad, You are one of the most influential people in my life and I want to thank you for being such a great role model to our family and me. I have so many great memories with you and I'm sure we will create many new ones in the future. As a kid, I always looked forward to visiting you because I knew I was in for a great time. I can remember your old house like the back of my hand: the swimming pool, the views, the ping pong room, the bathroom with all Grammy's bells, the scary washer/dryer room, the grass area with all the dog poo and of course the garage that caged the one and only "NormMobile." All it took was one ride in that luxurious vehicle and your finest dress shirt would turn into a delightful fur coat. What a great way to impress the ladies! Of course, our trip was not complete until we had a visit from the "Shoe Fairy." I feel so fortunate that you have connections with this so called "Shoe Fairy" and appreciate you making special arrangements to have him/her stop by every time we were in town. Still to this day I don't understand why the "Shoe Fairy" would leave his/her candy in your top cupboard above the refrigerator, hiding in the back. You got it, right behind the Flintstone vitamins. I'm sure there are millions of other boys and girls that are hoping to have their shoes filled with candy and stuffed in an oven or a piano bench. | Oh and what better way to start the morning off than hearing, "HIT THE DECK SWABBIES," followed by that sweet harmonious whistle of a sailor. I didn't know whether to stand at attention and salute or brush my teeth. Between that and the Wheaties song we always get a good laugh. But in all honesty, the thing I admire most about you is that you care so much about your family and friends. Whenever something big in my life has happened you were always there supporting me. You were there to watch me play sports, get baptized, and graduate high school and college. I was always proud to introduce you to my friends because, through my eyes, you were the star at those events. You have set a great example to everyone in our family and I will try my hardest to follow in your footsteps. I love you Granddad! Love, Bryan | Bryan | Megan

7: Dear Granddad, Thank you for always being there for me and building the strength of our family. I am thankful that you have always instilled upon me the importance of family and keeping these relationships strong. Many of the greatest memories in my life are with our family. I have always looked up to you as a role model. Whenever I have a tough decision, I think of you and always choose the right. To me you are like Superman, I don't know how you have the energy and strength that you do. I tell everyone about what an incredible athlete you are and the marathons that you have run. I am happy I had the opportunity to see you run the Boston Marathon and will always remember the one time I tried to go running with you. The laps that you continued to run around me blew my mind! I am glad that you got to come see me at Penn State, it was the best time of my life and I got to share it with you. I still laugh when I think about us getting into the Stadium when it was closed. I told you it wasn't possible and the next thing I knew we were overlooking the field. I enjoyed our many phone conversations during college and always listened to the advice that you gave me. One of my favorite memories was when you came to Bryan's graduation and we rode down the white sand dunes. I can still hear the way you were yelling as you tore down the steep slopes on a tiny saucer. The Yankee's game in New York was unforgettable, and I have always enjoyed talking to you about sports. I can't wait to go to the Utah Vs. Notre Dame football game with you in November. Of all the wonderful memories nothing will top the experiences that I had at the old house in Salt Lake. From the Shoe Fairy to the best Christmas celebrations on the planet, these were some of the greatest times of my life. The "Wheaties" song, fraternity songs, the morning revelry and even the Tabernacle Choir impersonations are some of my favorite moments with you. You know how to bring a smile to each member of your families faces. I hope you enjoy this book and the memories that it brings back. We all love you tremendously and wish you a very Merry Christmas! Love Always, Megan | Megan

8: One of my favorite memories of being with Grandad, is when he went with our family to visit Bryan at college in New Mexico. While we had a free day, we decided to spend a day at White Sands, New Mexico. (Which is known for very tall, steep sand dunes). Once we got there, Megan, Bryan and myself all took a snow sled and would fly down the sand dunes. Granddad, of course, felt like he had to participate so one of the most vivid memories I have of him is when he crossed his legs, sat in the saucer, and went down the hill himself! The whole time from the second he even started moving he was yelling from the top of his lungs, and it was hard not to laugh! With his energy and enthusiasm towards life, he has the ability to even wear me out from time to time. Grandad does a excellent job keeping up with everyone, and would actually be mad at the words "keeping up" because if it was coming out of his mouth he would say that he would not just be keeping up but kicking everyone's butt. Even for things like March Madness, where he knew absolutely nothing about the previous years... Grandad did a great job talking trash to the rest of the competition whenever he got the chance. Another thing I love about Grandad is he always makes me laugh. He will say that he is there if I need anyone to talk to, and then his next thing he does is he starts talking about my love life. If I say I don't like anyone, he will start making jokes about how all the girls are probably lined up with a number. Every time I get a chance to talk with him either on the phone or in person I can't help but get a smile on my face. Everyone loves spending time with Grandad. He has been a great role model to me, being a big part in why I can make good decisions and stay out of trouble. His contagious, positive, and optimistic attitude has left an impact on me, and has been molded into my personality as well. Love you Granddad, Love, Blake | There are not too many people in this world like the man everyone knows and loves as "Grandad". He can wake up in the morning, have a bowl a Wheaties, sing the famous song and feel like Jack Armstrong ready to go straight to competing with all the Grandkids. I have never seen anyone so competitive in every little activity from the moment the sun goes up. Although we all know how much he loves winning, I can tell the thing he enjoys the most is being together with the family and making sure everyone is happy. At any event, whether it is a big sports game for the school, graduations, weddings, etc. you know that Granddad is always going to be there for support. It is great to know that when you look to the stands you are guaranteed to see the one guy that never gives up cheering on the people he loves. | Blake

9: The Chilton's

10: Special Memories and Thoughts from Claire I want to share a few special memories from years long ago. What a special life I’ve had with you as my Dad. Thank you for providing such a great upbringing, great experiences, and great memories. You are a special friend to me Dad. I want you to know how much I love you and appreciate all you’ve done for me through the years. What an Embarrassment to the Family! I must have had somewhat of a difficult delivery, because I’ve been told that I wasn’t very pretty after my birth. In fact, the hospital took the standard baby picture of me and had it waiting for my parents to see in order to purchase. When Dad saw the picture, he refused to buy the picture because he didn’t want to show the picture of his 2nd child to his mother. I guess he thought I was quite an embarrassment to the Cassity family! I do wish that he had purchased my picture in order to put these rumors to rest once and for all! From the pictures I’ve seen taken later on, I wasn’t too ugly at all. Going to Church Can Be Dangerous Our home on Browning Avenue was located a few blocks from the church. Our church was on 22nd East and Roosevelt Avenue by Bonneville Elementary. One beautiful Sunday morning, I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I’m not sure if we were in a hurry or not, but as Dad turned the corner by the church, the front passenger door opened and I fell out. I remember being in pain after my fall. My knees were bloody and I wanted to go home. Unfortunately, going home wasn’t in Dad’s plans. He picked me up and took me inside for Sacrament Meeting. I don’t know if I got much out of that Sacrament Meeting, because all I remember is sitting in the chapel with bloody skinned up knees. Gazebo Nightmares My parents belonged to The Fort Douglas Country Club. We enjoyed the swimming pool, tennis courts, and dining room at the Fort. Dad enjoyed driving through Fort Douglas Military Base to reach the country club. I remember the grounds of the Fort as full of tall trees with large areas of green grass. One particular grassy area had an old gazebo. Dad got such enjoyment out of teasing me as we drove past the gazebo. Dad would drive slowly towards the gazebo and tell me to get ready to get out. He would stop the car at the gazebo and turn it off. At that point, Dad would tell me to get out and that “they would come back to get me”. I’ve always been a scaredy cat and this experience didn’t help me deal with my fears. I remember looking out of the car window at the gazebo. As my heart pounded, I wished that Dad would just turn the car back on and go back home. I don’t know if Dad actually left me at the gazebo, but I’ve sure had enough nightmares of the gazebo to make me think that I was left behind during those formative years. Off To Minnesota for a Four Year Adventure We flew from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, Minnesota in the middle of winter. I remember leaving the plane and walking down the stairs onto the tarmac in the middle of a storm. We still had about 250 miles to drive to reach our new home. The drive to Moorhead wasn’t easy. The blizzards in Minnesota are wild. I remember sitting in the back seat of our car watching the truck ahead. Dad had a difficult time seeing the road as it was covered in blowing snow. The only way Dad could stay on the road was to drive close behind the large truck and follow in its’ tracks. Being new to the Midwest, Dad wasn’t aware of the severity of their winter storms. He soon learned that the Midwestern people stayed inside during their winter storms for their own safety. We trudged along, however, behind the truck for hours and finally reached our final destination at 1214 25th Avenue, Moorhead, Minnesota. | Claire

11: Halloween in Moorhead The timing of Halloween wasn’t scheduled well for the children in Minnesota. October 31 most often came as winter was in full bloom. Finding the perfect costume was often overshadowed by the coat, pants, hat, scarf, and mittens that were needed to protect you from the cold. Dad has always loved sharing the story of one particular Halloween. I was excited to be a fireman (or I guess firewoman) for this Halloween. I had just the right plastic jacket, and a big red fireman’s hat. I looked good and was excited to go door to door requesting treats. On that Halloween night, however, a cold blizzard was whipping around us. Dad put us all in the car to begin going door to door. Unfortunately once at the curb, we had to walk up the sidewalk and stand on the doorstep until the door opened. On our first doorstep, I was waiting patiently for the homeowners to answer. Before they opened the door, a huge freezing wind whipped around us and blew my fireman’s hat off. Off into the snow my hat went. Not only was I horrified at this point, I was extremely cold. Without even having a chance to say “trick or treat”, I raced off the doorstep and ran back to the car. Fortunately Dad was able to catch my hat before it blew completely away. By the time Dad reached the car, I was ready to head home. There was no coaxing me back into the cold arctic wind. Without any candy, I returned home just happy to be back in the warm home. Added thought: We came to learn that many of the children in Moorhead would trick or treat in the apartment buildings. They would enter a building and trick or treat to many doors before having to go back out into the cold. Traveling Across North Dakota Could be a Bit Scary! On another trip to Utah, Dad strapped our entire luggage on top of the station wagon. He fastened the bags down with stretching cords and covered it with plastic. It certainly looked secure. As we drove along the highway, we didn’t know that the wind had gotten underneath the plastic and was pushing the plastic up like a huge sail. All of a sudden the plastic blew off and the luggage came out from under the stretching cords. Our luggage followed the plastic and flew off of the car into the freeway. A huge truck and cars had to quickly swerve to get out of the way of flying luggage. By the time Dad saw what was happening; our luggage and clothes were all over the open fields lining the freeway. Dad quickly stopped the car at the side of the road. Other cars had stopped as well in order to help us. As Mom, Dad and many others gathered our belongings; I sat with my hands over my eyes on the side of the road. I was so upset that this horrible thing had happened that I could hardly stand it. I was scared and upset to the point of tears. Mom and Dad had fun telling others about Claire’s meltdown for years to come. Train Ride Memory I remember being a young child when our family took a trip on the train. We took the train to Minneapolis, Minnesota and stayed in the Howard Johnson for 2 nights. I do remember Dad’s ability to entertain us all. Dad told us stories, jokes, and did impressions as the train cruised through the Midwest. One particular impression was a family favorite however - Precious Pup. I have no idea where that even came from. We didn’t care, but we sure loved it! Dad would pull his arms up in a “dog stance” and make the best impression with his face as he “he, he, he, he, he” over and over again. We may have only gone on one train ride, but my memories of the Precious Pup adventure tricked me into believing that we took train rides often. Thanks Dad. . . that was fun.

12: The Ultimate Tease As you know, Dad is a tease. He loves to tease his children and grandchildren about most everything. As a child, he teased each of us in many different ways. The leg squeeze was one of his favorite teasing choices. I remember sitting comfortably next to Dad and before you would know it, he had grabbed inside the inner part of my upper leg. With that movement, he would grab and squeeze!!!!!!! Man did that hurt. As I’m writing that, it sounds a bit perverted! I’m sure that wasn’t his intention at all. His intention was to deliver a surprising, shocking amount of pain. At times, his grasp even left bruises. That teasing action sure wouldn’t go over now days, but back then we just considered it teasing. The other teasing that I will share was something he did with me. I’m not sure if he did it with the other girls in our family, but I do remember being quite embarrassed by his actions. Whenever we posed for a picture, if I was standing or sitting next to Dad, he would put his arm around me as though he was posing for the picture. More times than not, however, his hand would reach down and snap my bra strap. Once again as I write that, it sounds even more perverted. It wasn’t, however, but it brought a huge smile to his face and an embarrassed smile to my own. Dad always got great pleasure out of taking a regular situation and turning it around to get a good laugh. Camping With Dad Dad has always been a lover of camping!!!!! We camped often and enjoyed our beautiful surroundings. The only difference, however, was that Dad’s idea of camping was a bit different than most people. One time we were on vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. We were in our hotel room at the Sheraton with a beautiful view of Waikiki Beach. Dad was stretched out on the bed with a football game on the t.v. He had a huge smile on his face as he enjoyed this wonderful moment with his family. All of a sudden, Dad declared “Now this is my idea of camping!” That really is Dad’s idea of camping! I actually think that’s the only kind of camping that Dad has ever done. No wonder I have always preferred Dad’s kind of camping over the traditional camping that other families participate in. I’m ready for another camping trip Dad!!!!! Can we go?

13: The Development of a Wonderful Friendship Growing up in a family with five children has been a great experience. Four girls and one boy brought interesting family connections however. “The Golden Child”, Lee, was born right in the middle of four sisters. I remember attending many, many, many baseball games of Lee’s through the years. Dad, being an athlete himself, was always very involved and supportive of Lee’s sporting and “guy” events. Because of this, Lee and Dad have always had a special relationship different from the relationship with Dad and me. I didn’t feel deprived however, as I always had a close relationship with my mother. What a loss in September 1996, when Mom passed away from pneumonia (she had battled breast cancer 10 before). What a loss to lose my best friend and wonderful mother. With the death of Mom, I soon began to recognize a special blessing into my life. I soon realized that I was gaining a new friendship and special relationship with my Dad. What a blessing you have been to me throughout the years Dad. I feel very lucky to have you in my life and I hope you know of my love for you. Dad, you have been a great support and friend to me through the years. I appreciate you allowing me into your life as you’ve carried on without mom. I hope I’ve been some sort of support to you as you’ve grieved the loss of Mom, Sally and two dogs in fourteen years. Know that I love you dearly. Thank you for being a traveling companion to me. What fun we’ve had sharing trips with my children to special places throughout the U.S. As I’ve tried to make those trips special for you, I could always count on you making them special for me and my children. Thank you for providing such special memories for me. Thank you for being there for me as I’ve needed a friend, as I’ve needed your support through difficult times, and as I’ve needed a listening ear. Thank you for making us all feel special. Your continual interest in me, Bob, and the kids is greatly appreciated. My kids are lucky to have a great relationship with their grandfather. They know of your love for them and your desire for them to be their best. I know that my children’s success and happiness is partly due to the love and support you have given to them throughout the years. Thank you for always being there for my family. Dad, I love you and appreciate your friendship in my life. I’m grateful to be able to spend time with you and share life’s ups and downs with you: a special friend and loving father. Thanks for always being there for me. You’re the bes! Love you, Claire

14: Competition - Only One Thing Matters F.B. taught me, when it comes to competition, winning is the only thing that matters. In spring 1978, I called “Mr. Cassity” from the Marriott library pay phone – the one next to the elevators - to see if he would mind playing me in a racquetball match or two. I had known Mr. Cassity for about five months, by the date of this call. During these months our “relationship” existed entirely upon him always asking the same break-the-ice question over and over and over again - “How are things at the MTC?" Mr. Cassity’s response seemed to always be the same - even when my answer to the redundantly recurring question varied - “That’s a great service that you perform.” I figured the time had arrived for me to broaden our relationship. I had left the MTC a couple of months prior and his stoic response “that’s a great service that you perform” was still in place even when my most recent answer to him was “the Commies bought the training facility and all lessons are now taught in Russian”. B. F. said “sounds fine” - we played racquetball a couple of days later. Just a quick side note - I realized, after the call ended, that I had called Mr. Cassity “B.F” and not “F.B.” Oh boy, I realized that I already was off to a good start. I debated with myself as I entered the DG racquetball court:

15: “Ok, Self, this ‘match’ is much, much more than just a match; it’s the moment that will begin laying the foundation of a long-term relationship with Claire’s Father. No denying, you’re much younger than he, you’ve played racquetball for a couple of years, you will easily dominate all rounds, but should I? If I show him what I’m made of than he might leave the court feeling lowly, not respected, vindictive – heaven forbid – or a myriad of other relationship-eroding emotions. So, Self, only the correct blend of those emotions sprinkled with a heaping helping of win-one-round-in-a-match sweetener will do. And my mind was made up” The match started. I let my emotions get the better of me. The match, well it was a shutout. Match two, however, also was a shutout. Each of the emotions that I feared might rise in a shutout did so rise. I had theretofore never witnessed such levels of feeling lowly, not respected, vindictiveness. In fact, I’ve never felt more lowly, less respected, or vindictive since that day. I swore to myself that I would never let that F.B Cassity shut me out again! After many attempts over thirty some odd years I painfully and honestly need to admit that I’ve never yet beat F.B. in a match. I’m sure that I beat him in a game or two along the way; just don’t ask me to say when or where it (might have) happened. After about ten years of OTJ training I finally realized the lesson that F.B. had been teaching me along, over and over again: in competition – only winning matters Thanks, in fact, thanks a lot, F.B. Love, Bob | Bob

16: Dear Grandad, December 2010 How do I even begin to express my gratitude for you? You are an amazing man and hero in my life. You make me a better person by who you are and what you stand for. Bill Cosby said, “What is it about a grandparent that is so lovely? I’d like to say that grandparents are God’s gift to children. And if they can but see, hear and feel what these people have to give, they can mature at a fast rate.” I know that I am incredibly blessed to have been born into your family. You are such a light in my life and I appreciate all you do for me. You have such strong insight into any questions I might have and I know that you are always there to help guide me through life with your infinite wisdom. I have so many memories of you. I LOVE anytime that I can spend with you. Some of my favorite recollections with you are swimming at your house on Cambridge, Christmas Eve’s and Christmas mornings, our many dates, and trips that we have shared! From the time I was born until I was 20 years old I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time at your Cambridge Way house. I loved my sleepovers with you and Grammie. I always looked forward to those. I also treasured the time that I was able to spend in your backyard! I have so many fond memories of beautiful summer days and evenings at your pool and hot tub. It was there that I learned to love the water and also cherish the importance of family. The Cassity Clan sure had many fun reunions there! I am also extremely grateful for all of the times that we have had the opportunity to spend Christmas with you. You have instilled some awesome traditions in me that I will continue on with my growing family. I always looked forward to sleeping at your house on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning always brought lots of fun activities. I was always filled with anticipation for the slew of Christmas carols we would sing (always led by you) and the cinnamon rolls and orange juice we would eat. I think until I was 18 I thought the chorus of Away in a Manger was “ta-ta, ta-ta” in a high tone and then in a low tone! Who would have thought it actually had words!!! Before we could ever go see our toys we would also have a countdown (again led by you). Typically, you started at about 100. After that we were sure to find an incredible barricade that we had to get through followed by you throwing pitchers of water at us as we went to see what Santa had brought! I was sad to see those Christmas’s end. However, we have had some incredible Christmas’s with you since then. Christmas is always that much sweeter when I get to spend it with my favorite Grandad!!! Our dating days go way back! I will never forget my special square dance Daddy-Daughter date that you took me to in Albuquerque. What a special time for me. I remember you gave me a darling clover necklace. You also were a huge support for me while I lived in Palm Springs. I looked forward to the winters when you would be there. I loved meeting you for weekly dates down there and the many golf outings we had as well. What a lucky girl I was to go to the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament while I lived there too. I also cherish our weekly dates that we have now. Sienna, Kaden and I sure love meeting you for brunch or lunch. That is the highlight of our week. I feel incredibly blessed to live close to you and see you often.

17: Grandad, I am so thankful for all of the places we have been able to travel together. New York, Washington D.C, Arizona, California, Minnesota, and Park City are some of the places we’ve had the opportunity to visit together. What awesome memories we have made. You are the perfect traveling companion with your many insights. I am so thankful, Grandad, that my children are having the opportunity to get to know their Grandad as well. Sienna lights up everytime she sees you. She loves to go to Grandad’s house and loves our weekly dates. I love to see how you enrich her life as well as Kaden’s. Thank you for all of the support you have always shown to me in regards to being a Mom. You have built me up when I have needed it the most. I love you very much Grandad. Thanks for being a best friend to me and for always showing me that you care. You are the light of my life and I look up to you very much. You continue to amaze me everyday. Thanks for showing me the importance of strength and the importance of cherishing family. You are my hero! I love you! Love you, Amberlee | Amberlee

18: Grandad (Fred), Christmas 2010 By the time that I had met and married Amberlee, all of my Grandparents had passed away. So it has meant that much more to me to feel truly adopted into the family and to have had so many opportunities to form a special bond with you. I immediately knew how close Amberlee felt to you and her Grammie. It was clear to me how much she treasured the individual relationship she had with each of you. I want to thank you for having accepted me as her husband and as the first to marry a grandchild. We’ve been able to spend a lot of time with each other since that time – almost 9 years – and your support and kindness has never wavered. Although I’m sure you’d have liked to have Amberlee close by, you were such an encouragement to both of us as we moved away to Las Vegas and California. I know many times she reached out to you for advice and you always reminded her that we were in the right place, doing the right thing. I’ve always enjoyed our conversations about your career and experiences and have appreciated the way that you are able to relate them to my young career and the challenges I’m faced with. You always offer such wise counsel. I will always cherish the years we spent in California and the one on one time we had in Palm Springs. We had so much fun playing golf, going to nice dinners, going to shows and more. What a memory – thinking about how Sophie stripped the title from poor Norm (the reigning champion) at the Springs’ Dog Show. We were relieved that Norm realized it’d be too inappropriate to do his famous trick as you sat there with your legs crossed just waiting to show off his main trick. Your sense of humor is such a great attribute. I love to see your face get bright red when something gets you laughing to tears. We’ve shared so many laughs over the years. Despite your loyalty to the crimson red and the Utes, you’ve always accepted me as a Cougar and have even cheered for the Cougars (not when playing the Utes of course). It’s been fun to tease about Craig, Andrew and Scott all deciding to go to BYU. You probably should have sent out more Ute ornaments It’s been such a blessing to live back in Utah for the past 3-4 years and have you so close and such a part of our lives. I love to see photos of you holding Sienna and Kaden as newborns in the hospital. It just speaks to how present you are in our lives. All the Sunday dinners, rounds of golf and family get-togethers make it hard to think of ever moving away again. Of course in one little letter I can’t begin to write out all that you mean to me or all the memories that I have. The great thing is that I look forward to enjoying many more! Love you, Grandad! Dan | Dan

20: Grandad always was present and supportive for whatever I pursued. When Graduation arrived, sure enough, Grandad was front and center. he was always there for me. I know a few other folks in Californica, Utah, Colorado, and Minnesota that also have the same feelings. To make such a huge impact on so many people, truly is a huge accomplishment. Another time when Grandad showed his support was when he came down to Las Vegas to cheer me on when I ran the Valley of Fire Marathon. One of the best parts of Grandad’s support in my life was that in many instances, Grandad had already been there, done that. He had finished many marathons—Boston Marathon being one of the many—and finished at the top of his age group. When I hit the wall during my own marathon, Grandad served as an inspiration for me to keep on trudging forward. He would have carried me across the finish line, if needed, had I not been able to finish the race myself. Grandad will continue to serve as an inspiration in all I do. When I hit walls in the future, I know that I will be able to think about how Grandad has successfully paved the path for me to follow. I will always know that Grandad will be by my side cheering me on. Oh, by the way, did I mention that 24+ other people feel exactly as I do? | Grandad- One of Grandad’s greatest accomplishments is making 25 people (all his immediate children and grandchildren) feel that he is their biggest supporter. And it isn’t just that Grandad makes us feel this way; it is true! He is our biggest supporter. I would like to recount a few of my favorite memories of when Grandad supported me in what I was doing. While on my mission, I went against all that was sacred and holy and decided to be a traitor by going a little bit farther south to attain my education than what Grandad would have preferred. I remember sending the email to my family only to get responses about being disowned from the family, removed from the will, etc. (all in good humor, of courseor was it????) Yes, I was going to Brigham Young University, rather than the great University of Utah—Grandad’s alma mater. Grandad didn’t miss a beat—immediately he showed his enthusiasm about my most recent decision of attending BYU. He has always been like this—whether it was Junior Jazz Basketball games when I was younger, or more recently, being a new father. | Craig

21: Dear Grandad, As I start writing this letter to you, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of love and gratitude towards you. I have only known and been close to you for a few short years, but the history of our relationship started a long time ago. I can say for myself, and on behalf of my family, that you are one of the most impressive individuals that I have ever met. Not only do you exemplify the light of Christ, but you are an amazing example of hard work, dedication, acceptance, and love. I didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing family dinners, holidays, and other family events with Grammy still alive, but from what I’ve heard, you loved her more than anything in the world and more importantly manifested that love through words and actions. You have passed this gift of love to your children, Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren which is the most important gift you could give. I have seen through your example how you interact with your family and it honestly brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. You have reached out to me as an ‘in-law’ and made me feel like I am of your own blood. You spread an incredible amount of joy and laughter and every single one of your posterity just love being around you. Craig and I love looking at your Autobiography and reading about all of the amazing experiences you have had in your life. Craig brings up your name constantly as we look to our future; you have given meaningful advice that we will use to help us in this journey. We know that the advice is not only reliable, but with pure intent because you always know what’s best for your family and would give anything to make all of us happy. Thank you for making me feel like a ‘fag’, and accepting me as your own Grandchild. I love you so much, and look forward to spending many more holidays, vacations, and conversations around the campfire with you. Thank you again for your example of strength and love! Love you!! Emily | Emily

22: Grandad- When it comes to Grandad, one thing is for sure and that is: He is one heck of a roommate! Grandad, I want you to know that when you opened your home to me, that time spent was and will continue to be one of my most precious memories with you. I loved being so close to you and being able to talk to you whenever I wanted! I have heard some great quotes come from you throughout my years, such as: Since I was a little girl you and Grammie would always ask me how my "Love Life" was. I learned after a short time that all I needed to say was, "Active" to get your guys' approval! I also loved how after your morning matches of Raquetball, you would come home and report to me that you "Murdered" your opponent! I also remembered once you asked me, "Do you know what Wheaties will do for you that nothing else will?" "What Grandad?" I ask. In your 'matter of fact' tone you said, "It puts hair on your chest! Jack Armstrong taught me that years ago!" You have always been my number one supporter and I have always felt so much love from you! I loved when you would come watch me at my basketball games and we would fight about which one of us was taller (you always lost that one!), you always supported me in my school endeavors, and I now know that you support me 100% in my life now with work and marriage. Grandad, I know that I am not alone when I say that I look up to you so many ways! You are smart, loving, kind, generous, funny and whitty, strong (Physically and Emotionally of course...) and you have been the rock of this family. Thanks for everything! Love, Elise | Elise

23: Grandad, I wanted to write a few words to express my appreciation for you and the example that you set for all of us. You’re an amazing person. When I first starting coming around to family dinners, I noticed the love your family has for one another. You truly have done a remarkable job as a father and as a grandfather. I want you to know that I look up to you as my grandfather also. You have been so kind to me and have made me feel so included in this family. You have taught me a lot about being an example to those around you. We don’t have too many stories, you and I, but I look forward to many more vacations and family dinners where we can share a few laughs and stories about the family. I am also grateful for your support in my marriage. When I came to talk to you about marrying Elise, I went with the mind set of gaining your respect. As I visited with you, one on one, I realized the tremendous man you are to this family. You always try and be involved with everyone and everything. I love you, I have great respect for you, and I am excited to watch our friendship grow. So for now take care and let the good times roll! Andy | Andy

24: Grandad, In August of 2005, my dad was in the hospital from his rock climbing accident and on top of that, my last year of high school was about to begin. My dad was in no condition to give me a Father's Blessing as we always did right before school started. It seemed weird thinking of someone else in the family giving me a blessing from a patriarch standpoint, except for you. I remember walking into a small room off of the north side of the University Hospital. There, Elise, Mom, Dan, Amberlee, and myself took a seat as you gave me a Fathers Blessing. While I do not recall the counsel that was given I do recall feeling the same fatherly priesthood flowing through the blessing as I had felt all the previous years before as my father had given me this blessing. I know your priesthood is real and you are a great father figure in my life, among many others, including my own father of course.Over these past few years, you have always been there for my family in times of need. While I was on my mission, I knew without fail that I could count on a letter coming every couple of weeks from you. I looked forward to every one of those letters on my mission for they were a source of inspiration and guidance. Thank you so much Grandad, I love you so much, and look forward to the other experiences I will have with you. Love, Nick | Nick

25: The Cassity's

26: I was 6 years old when we moved from Salt Lake to Moorhead Minnesota. As I try to think of specific memories of when we lived in Salt Lake on Browning Avenue, the most vivid memory that comes to mind are the Christmas mornings waiting behind the barricade, the Shoe Fairy, and the cat that I murdered. Obviously the barricade each Christmas promoted anxious moments for each of us while we waited for Dad to let us run out to see our gifts, and the same obnoxious anxiety was generated in our little minds waiting to see what the shoe fairy might have brought for us. As for the murdered cat, that came about by the innocence of a small boy who wanted to get his wet cat dry. Little did I know at an early age that putting a cat in the dryer would actually dry the cat through and through! What I remember about Mom and Dad was how they told me it really wasn’t my fault. From a very early age for me, Dad made each and every day for us kids an adventure, and knew just when an encouraging word was needed. The trips to Newport Beach also started when I we lived in Minnesota, and continued after our move to Minnesota. We made that trip as a family, and also shared that trip a number of times with the Greene’s. I can remember flying kites on the beach, and telling Grandad that “the kite is so high I can’t even see it”! This was probably my first memory that would suggest my eye sight wasn’t very good. By the time I was eight years old, I remember one of my first trips by myself with Dad. He was in Minneapolis on business, and I flew by myself to be with him to go to a University of Minnesota football game. The temperature that day was really cold, and I remember Dad taking off my shoes and rubbing my feet to keep them warm. During the game a small airplane flew over the stadium with a banner trailing it. I asked Dad what the banner said, and apparently he thought it was strange that his 8 year old boy couldn’t read! It was a couple of weeks later that he finally thought that maybe I just couldn’t see the sign. Sure enough, soon after that I went to the eye doctor and it turned out I was very near sighted! This began a 6 year affair with the big black glasses! Why any parent would allow their young child to go to school and try to be socially accepted with those, I still don’t know! We had great trips each year while we lived in Moorhead to Detroit Lakes, where we stayed in a big old house right on the water. Dad was never much of an outdoorsman, but I do remember catching fish with him and cleaning them out in a small “cleaning house” right there on the beach. We would water ski, swim, play tennis, play games, and just have fun together there as a family each summer! One vivid memory of our days in Minnesota was the day Dad bought me my first baseball mitt and bat. I can remember sitting in the car waiting for him (an act that could have landed him in jail if it occurred today), until I finally remember seeing him walk out of the store holding both a new mitt and bat over his head, pumping them up and down! That was the beginning of many, many times when Dad and I would find ourselves out on a baseball field playing ball together. Our move to Moraga in 1970, landed me in 4th grade there wearing the same huge black glasses. Once again this young 10 year old boy had the challenge of making friends while wearing those big black glasses! Our summer trips were very similar to those in Minnesota; they just switched lakes to Incline Village at Lake Tahoe. The Greene family again shared some of these trips with us, and I can remember one trip to Lake Tahoe very well. We had arrived a day or two before the Greene’s, and just as they arrived, Dad was coming down the stairs in a towel having just taken a shower. I remember Uncle Tom tackling Dad on the stairs, skin and nakedness flying all over the place! Those were the days of more tennis, boating, and talk of Ham-in-a-can! The trips to Lake Tahoe were always a lot of fun! | Grandad's Golden Child

27: When Mom and Dad moved back to Salt Lake City in 1978, the family had matured a bit. Only Carolann and Jane were still in high school, but the summer trips continued on. The venue now however shifted to Lake Arrowhead in Southern California. The family was growing through marriage, but Dad always made sure that we continued to spend quality time together. Lake Arrowhead was a beautiful place, and I have many memories there too. One of my favorite memories of Lake Arrowhead was actually the last time we went there. It was the summer of 1995, and for some reason all of the families (the Paduas, the Chiltons, the Holmes and the Winters) had conflicts that made it so they couldn’t make the trip. This was only one year before Mom died, and my little family (Tammy and I, Eric, Christopher and Sean) got to spend the entire week there alone with both Grammy and Grandad. Too bad William was still just a twinkle in my eye! What a great trip that was! Most recently the Grand View Lodge on Gull Lake in Minnesota was the sight for a family reunion in August of 2008! Dad of course had the whole week planned out, and there was never a slow moment for any of us. I do have one memory of finding myself wanting to water ski without a swim suit, but that is a story for another book. What a great place Grand View Lodge is, and how awesome it is that we will all have the opportunity to go there again the summer of 2011! None of these great family trips would be possible without Dad, and none of them would be complete without him either! Thanks Dad for helping to create these wonderful memories for all of us! My personal memories of time spent with Dad include of course many trips to many Minnesota Twins, Oakland A’s and Oakland Raider games; the World Series in ’72, ’73 and ’74; Super Bowl’s VII, XI and XIX; and many more! Some of the best trips were not as high profile, but awesome none the less. The Baseball Spring Training trips hold a lot of great memories, the many Ute games both home and away, and who could forget the trip we took to Phoenix for the 2004 Fiesta Bowl! As each of our families has grown, Dad you have also done a wonderful job of creating a special relationship with each one of us, and with each of your grand kids! You have taken much time to make each of us feel as if we are very special to you, and for that I really love you! Thanks for all you do for me and my family! I love you! Love, Lee | Lee

28: Dear Freddie, I want you to know just how special you are to me and how much I love you. Words could really never express my gratitude to you for all you have done for our family. You are one of a kind... a wonderful man and terrific Father-in-law, and incomparable to anyone else. The great example you have set for us and especially our boys is more than I could ever ask for. Speaking of my boys... thank you for all the support you have given each and every one of them. From attending lunch with them at school when they were in kindergarten, to attending graduation from high school (and EVERYTHING in between). You have always been there, and I can't tell you enough how much that has meant to me throughout the years. You have been to every possible basketball game, tennis match, baseball game, etc that the kids have been involved in. And, the few times you weren't able to be there, the kids would receive a phone call from you later that evening. You would tell them you saw their game on ESPN or the highlights of their game on the evening sports news. (Which, when they were younger, they would actually believe that). I never had the heart to tell them different. You have always had a way to make each one feel like they are the most important thing in your life. Oh my goodness... there are so many great memories of get-togethers, trips, holidays, etc. that we've had with you. It would be impossible to pick a favorite. None the less, a couple that I'd like to point out to you that were very fond memories.... One would have to be the one and only marathon that I ran in my life. If it weren't for you running it with me, I know I never would have finished. That is something I can't say I've ever done with anyone else but you. So, thank you for encouraging me and pushing me to finish. Another fond memory would have to be when you went to South Carolina with Lee and I to attend Eric's graduation from Boot Camp. That, I think was one of the biggest accomplishment in Eric's life up to that point, and it really made it all the more special to have you with us. I also know that meant the world to Eric to have you there. I can't forget the trip you took with our family to Merida, Mexico. That was amazing to share many of Christopher's experiences from his mission with us and to have you there made it all the more special. The trip we took to Minnesota was also incredible. The great memories from that trip and how "YOU" brought us all together was wonderful. We all had the time of our lives. Thank you so much for everything. I could continue to go on and on, but there are just too many more to mention. I want you to know one of my most prized possessions would have to be the necklace you gave me for Christmas in 2000. I absolutely love that necklace and it has always meant so much to me. I love wearing it and when someone comments on it, I'm so proud to say that my wonderful Father-in-law gave that to me for Christmas. Thank you for being the wonderful man that you are. I love you so very much!! Love, Tammy | Tammy

29: I have so many great memories of time spent with Grandad and Grammy! I can remember going to the Fort Douglas with them and my family, and actually diving into the baby pool! After coming up with a bloody forehead, it was Grandad that suggested that I actually take some swimming lessons there. That made me an expert for the Sunday afternoon's, swimming and barbequing at their house, and beating Grandad in swimming races. I'm not sure if he let me win, but I think all his grandkids beat him! This led to a brief career on a swim team growing up, and of course I remember both Grandad and Grammy coming to the meet's to watch me earn a ribbon! I loved the times when my parents and I would spend the night at Grandad's house. This usually meant a visit from the shoe fairy! I would set out one shoe before I went to bed. The anticipation and excitement was always a big thing as I went to sleep, and again as I woke up in the morning. Grandad would wake everyone up by whistling the reveille tune (something he learned in the Navy). Once I was up and ready, Grandad would then set me loose to go find my hidden shoe. The shoe fairy would come during the night, fill my shoe with my favorite candies, and then hide it somewhere in the living room. It was always fun to spend the night at Grandad and Grammy's house! I remember Grandad and Grammy supporting me in most of the big moments in my life. He was at most of the school and sporting events I participated in growing up, and I remember him traveling all the way across the country with my parents to see my graduation from Boot Camp at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Look Grandad, that reveille song you would whistle to all of us when we stayed at your house really did land one of your Grandkids in the military! Even when Grandad couldn't make it to a special event, he always made it a point of calling me and letting me know how proud he was of me. Thanks Grandad for all your continuous support! I am proud to call you my Grandad, and want you to know how inspirational you have been to me in my life. I would love to grow old knowing that I have touched as many people as you have Grandad. Thank you for being the man that you are, and in helping make me a better man! I love you! Love, Eric | Eric

30: Grandad, Since I have known you, you have been the most positive person I know. Whenever you send Eric a letter you always have encouraging words for me as well. You never leave me out of your conversation and that makes me feel important to you, as well as Eric. Your thoughtfulness is always shining through. You have been such a great example to not only Eric and me, but to both of our kids. You are such a wonderful person! I only wished we lived closer and could see you more often. I speak for all of us (and that's only because Dillon and Haley can't speak for themselves), but I know they too love you very much! We all love you from the bottom of our hearts! Love Rachel | Rachel

31: Grandad- Where to start? From the time I was just a little boy, I can remember you coming to watch me play in various sporting events. I started playing baseball when I was 4, so I’m sure you were in the stands way back then! I really have a good memory of having you in the stands when I was 8 years old, and my Brighton Bengals Super League team won the state tournament. At Bellview Elementary, “Grandparent’s Day” was very special just because of you! You’ve always been there supporting me in my school activities and helped me with my leadership roles all through elementary, middle school and high school. It also seems as if you were at all of my high school and college athletic events. Needless to say, you’ve been supportive of me my whole life, and I want you to know that you have always been a big inspiration to me in my life. When I was serving a mission in Mexico, and sometimes thought I wouldn’t be able to succeed, each week you had inspirational ideas and thoughts for me in your emails. I find that when I make various accomplishments in my life, you are on the top of my list of those who I want to tell! Through all the steps of my life, good or bad, it seems that you have been there for me. I hope you know the huge impact that you have had in my life, and for that I really appreciate you! You are one of very few heroes that I have in my life, and I love you so much. I hope to succeed in life like you have, and hope to have the same sort of impact on humanity that you have. You’re the best and I love you. Christopher | Christopher

32: Grandad, Well I'm in Finland right now but that doesn't mean that my love for you has stretched at all! I want to tell you how much you have meant to me in my life. I've never met a more sincere and humble person in my life and I honestly believe those are two of the most important Christ-like attributes anyone can obtain. I look up to you as a role model, a leader, and most importantly a loving Father, Husband, and Grandfather. I'll always remember doing things like golfing and playing tennis with you, and how many people on this earth are able to say they have incredible memories of playing sports with their Grandad?? I have also respected how well you have taken care of your body your entire life, and I hope I will be able to do the same to kick by grandkids butts in tennis later on in life. I love you so much Grandad and I can't wait to play each other in golf a couple years from now! Love, Elder Sean Burton Cassity | Sean

33: Dear Grandad, I love you so much! You always go out of your way to go to all of my games. I love it how you always come to our house on Christmas Day, and open gifts with us! Thanks for always being there when Bellview did their Grandparent's Day. Do you remember when the question was, "What's your favorite wild animal?"", and it turned out that we both liked monkeys the best? I like to go golfing with you, and love that you always let me drive the golf cart. It was so awesome to have you go to Cancun with our family, and to spend seven straight days with you! You were there when I was baptized, when I became a Deacon, and when I was made a Teacher. You are always there when something important happens to me. I love to go to Ute games with you, and two of my favorite memories were when we went to the Fiesta Bowl and to Notre Dame with you. Do you remember when we were having breakfast in Chicago, and I just barely stopped you from spreading peanut butter on your toast instead of regular butter? I am now almost as tall as you, but don't worry, I know I will never be taller! I'm looking forward to spending many more special times together. Thanks for being the BEST Grandad! I love you so much Love, William | William

34: The Holmes

35: “My Dad Is The Best Dad In The World” By Carolann Cassity Holmes I’ve always taken great pride in telling people that I have the best dad in the world! I hope that I can take the things I’ve learned from him and be a better person myself! First off, Dad taught me that it is important to make those around you feel special. Ever since I was a little girl, he has always made me feel very special. He would refer to me as his “Little Candy-Girl”, but most of the time he just shortened it to “Candy”. I loved it when he would call me that. I felt like it was something special that just he and I shared! It was a sad day for me when he stopped calling me “Candy”. He probably thought I got too old for the name – but I will never be too old to be his “Little Candy Girl”. When I was about 9 or 10, I remember loving the nights when “Mannix” and “Hawaii 5-0” were on TV. Those were the nights I would get to snuggle with dad on the blue couch and watch the mystery shows unfold. I don’t know if it was the TV shows or the snuggling that I liked best! Because of those times, I’ve continued to like both throughout my life.action/adventure shows on TV and snuggling! Dad taught me to identify my talents and then develop them. As a kid, I think I was raised a little more like “Lee’s little brother” than I was like anyone’s little sister. I loved sports, so dad and Lee always included me when they would play whatever they would play. Baseball was a big one. We played hours and hours of catch together, even threw in fast-moving games of pickle! Together we spent many afternoons at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, hitting and shagging balls. I have many happy memories playing 500 on the St. Mary’s fields, where dad would hit fly balls and Lee and I would fight to catch them! It was probably at that time that dad noticed my promise in the sport, and decided that he would coach my girls’ softball team. I was in sixth grade at the time and my team was full of my best friends. Dad became the coach – and our team name quickly became “Burt’s Babes”. I don’t think he’d get away with that name in today’s world, but it was a winner back then! In all the athletics I did, dad taught me to compete. I remember spending a lot of time playing tennis with both dad and mom. Dad thought that Lee and I were pretty good at our young ages, and so he decided to pay for some tennis lessons for each of us at our Country Club. I think he had high hopes that we would get really good and actually do something with the game! However, he loves to tell the story of how he went to pick us up from our one of our “expensive lessons”, and as a proud father would do, he decided to come a little early and just revel in the great skills that his children were demonstrating. When he got there, he just rolled his eyes, as he watched Lee and I just messing around on the court! He wondered what in the world he was doing with his money!! The good news about that, though, is that Lee and I actually both went on to become pretty good players, and have spent a lot of time throughout our lives on the court! I remember being teenagers in California, and we would go with our friends to the football games on a Friday or Saturday night, and then would meet up with mom (always) and dad (sometimes) at Round Hill Country Club at 10:00 at night to play some tennis. To this day, dad refuses to “let us win” when we play, but demands that we beat him fair and square. I’ve only been able to do that a few times!

36: Dad has also taught me the importance of being a good friend. Throughout my life, dad has always had many friends. Lots of them have been his friends since elementary school! He makes everyone feel so well-liked and people love being around him. None, however, has ever been as close a friend as Tom Greene. “Uncle Tom”, as we have called him as long as we have known him, has been dad’s best friend since the second grade. I remember taking many vacations with the Greenes when we were young. My most vivid memory from one of those trips is when we were at the beach with the Greenes and dad and Uncle Tom were chasing each other up and down the beach, throwing seaweed at each other! Yes – they were the parents and we were the kids!!! Yet the two of them always shared a friendship that included silly, youthful and fun experiences. Watching their friendship grow through the years, has taught me that I want those lasting friendships in my life, as well. Steve has always also marveled at the loyalty dad holds towards his friends. It is definitely a unique and admirable trait. As Uncle Tom has aged, and has had definite health problems of his own, dad has always been there by his side, helping him, making him laugh, and reassuring him of his best friend’s love and devotion. From dad, I also learned what I wanted in a spouse. When I first met Steve, mom fell in love with him as quickly as I did! The family used to tease her that she was more in love with Steve than I was! One day she shared the secret with me, as to why she liked him so much. She said that Steve reminded her of dad when she first met him on the steps at the University of Utah. She said that dad was smart, cute, athletic and fun-to-be with. As a young girl, I had always dreamed of growing up and marrying somebody just like my dad, and in Steve, I did that. Mom helped me recognize that I had learned to identify and appreciate all the good qualities I wanted in a husband, by growing up with my dad! I am blessed to continue enjoying those traits in both my husband and my dad to this day! Dad also taught me how to be a good spouse. Another memory I have of dad is right after mom died. We were talking about mom and all the funny things she would do. Dad told me at that time, that it would be those random/funny things that he would really miss the most. He said that he knew others could come in and out of his life, but only she had the goofy way of making him smile with the funny things she’d do, and the crazy things she’d say! Another time, we were sitting at the kitchen table together, reading mom’s obituary. Next to her obituary was a second one, listing a man and wife who had both been killed in a car accident on that same day. I told dad that I couldn’t imagine losing both my mom and dad at the same time, and he paused and said.”Ya know, that wouldn’t be so bad!” I knew at that time just how much he already missed mom. They had spent almost 50 years together! Life, in his mind, wasn’t going to be quite worth living if she weren’t there too!

37: Dad did, however, go on living without her and put his heart and soul into being a very involved granddad. I hope I can be as devoted a grandparent to my grandkids, some day. As you can see from the grandkids’ entries, they adore him and have gleaned so much from his involvement in their lives. I honestly can’t imagine raising my children without his influence. Another thing dad taught me was how to commit myself to my Father in Heaven. I remember when mom died, we were all busy planning the funeral and trying to understand what it was going to be like moving forward without her. Dad was supposed to give a talk that Sunday in church, as he was a High Councilman. Many times that week I found him in the living room, sitting on the blue flowered couch, working on his talk. I remember telling him that I was sure the Stake President would let him off the hook that week, and would find someone else to give the talk, but dad kept plugging along. He finished his talk and gave it to the congregation that Sunday. I remember at the time thinking that dad was just “in denial” as he prepared that talk, and that he wasn’t allowing himself to admit what had happened that week as we lost mom. However, over the years, I have witnessed that same commitment of his toward his Father in Heaven. I have seen many times when he has taught quietly, the importance of serving our Father always, in ALL ways. I hope that I can commit myself as fully to serving my Father in Heaven throughout my life. And finally, dad has taught me to be proud of my heritage. He has always encouraged us to be proud of who we are and where we come from. He has taught us that there is so much in a name, and that we should honor the name that we’ve been given. The name CASSITY has always been so important to him, and therefore, it has taken on wonderful, important meaning to me, as well. I remember feeling the need to be good, and to never do anything that would cast shame on the name CASSITY. As I have learned about my ancestors, and all the wonderful things they did throughout their lives, the sacrifices they made for their families, it makes me want to do the same for mine. I want to teach my children about the importance of their name, and help them appreciate all the people who have gone before them. I’m sure that if we knew our grandparents and great grandparents like dad did, that we would have loved and appreciated them equally as much as we do our own dad. For dad, and because of dad, I will always be proud to be a CASSITY, and hope that I can make others proud of the name, as well. I love you so much dad, and owe you all that I have. All my love.Carolann | Carolann

38: Burt, Fred or Grandad it doesn't matter; He'll answer to any of them and give you his undivided attention. Not only is he a great father-in-law and fabulous grandfather but he is a great friend and confidant to all of us. From the first time I was introduced to Fred and Joanne over 31 years ago, I have always felt loved and respected. I have been made to feel part of the Cassity clan and I've loved every minute. Fred has a contagious smile. He is genuine in his love and interest in you as a person and no one is better than he is in recounting an event or telling a story. The same story gets better year after year. With new stories, you're never quite sure what is factual and what isn't. As a father-in-law I don't think they come much better than Fred. He always respected the relationship I had with my own father and encouraged it. He never tried to fill the role as a father but has always been available and willing to offer advice and support whenever I needed it. I have loved and respected him as a father and cherished our relationship. I admire his loyalty to his elementary friends and especially to his children and grandchildren. He is amazing. I don't think he has ever missed a special event in our kids' lives. I couldn't even start to count the number of tennis matches and soccer games he has watched over the years. We love his frequent visits to our home in Colorado. It is never about him when he comes. It is always about our family. He makes each one of us feel like a million bucks. Ping pong is a family favorite when he comes. The kids love to try to win a few dollars off of him. They have to win it off him fair and square. Christian lately has been banking some Fred dollars. It is obvious that Carolann inherited this competitive trait from him and not form Joanne. Both she and her dad have had the kids in tears over the years over a game as neither like or are wiling to lose. | Stephen

39: Fred has also been a big influence in the kids' passion and support for U of U football. From painting their room red and white years ago, Andrew and Scott are still fans even though they attend BYU. From regular season games to bowl games we've seen it all of the years. We have fond memories as a family of attending games with him and the rest of the Cassity family. Nick this weekend was with 4 of his cousins attending the Utah / Notre Dame game in North Bend. How cool is that! Fred is also a great role model to his family and grandkids when it comes to the gospel. We know of his love for his Savior and his commitment to follow him and to his church callings. Seldom does he stay through Sunday when he visits as he needs to return home to fulfill a church responsibility. He is quick to pull strings to get conference tickets for us and I have had some special times attending Priesthood Session with him when I bring the boys to Salt Lake when they turn twelve and receive the Aaronic Priesthood. He was so faithful in writing to Andrew while Andrew was on his mission in Spain as I'm sure he's been with his other grandchildren. Andrew felt of his love and support, as did we. In short, he has a unique relationship with each of his grandkids. They all love and respect him tremendously. They love being with him. They love his sense of humor. They all feel that he loves them unconditionally. I can't imagine a better grandfather/grandchild relationship. My boys are so lucky! I hope I can be half as good to my grandkids as he is to my boys. My sons aren't the only lucky ones. I'm also fortunate to have Fred in my life. Thanks Fred for all your love and support. I love you very much and appreciate the positive influence you are in my life. Love, Stephen

40: Granddad – by: Andrew Holmes The Lord has counseled us daily to count our blessings, and to be aware of the things that we receive that immensely benefit our lives. As I kneel down at night and thank God for all the blessings that I have, there is never a night in which the family is not mentioned. It is always on the top of the list, and because of those special people in my life, I am the person I am today. Granddad, I want you to always know that being the head of our family, the patriarch, I will be eternally grateful for the impact that you have had on my life. There has never been another man who has impacted my life as much as you have, and I want to be able to portray my love for you as not only a grandfather but as my best friend. You know that you will always be the “big faggot” in the family! We know that we are the “little fags” but we credit you as the “head fag” of the family for all the great memories. For me, the memories that I remember most are those growing up when you would make the trips for all my different activities and events. I remember when you came down to Las Vegas with us to watch me play in a tennis tournament. I was just so happy that my grandfather was there to watch my tennis matches and to show how much he cared. We went to Vegas shows and just enjoyed the time together. As we all know, granddad has always been so willing to sacrifice his personal time to be with his family, and I learned that from a young age. Whether it was graduation, Eagle Scout recognition, state tennis events, or simply a visit to Colorado, it has always been incredible to have you with us. You were always my biggest fan on the mission, and even though you don’t know too much about that stupid computer of yours, and whether or not I was receiving the emails you sent, I sure appreciated your taking time out of your all-so busy schedule each week to write me and tell me how much I mean to you.

41: I remember one time in particular when Granddad rented out several tennis courts at the U of U and all of us went down there as a family to play and to of course, compete! Even though it was always fun and games, the one who always took it so serious and to the next level was the so called Role Model of the family! Grandad always turns everything into a big competition! I have always loved that competitive drive in you and I know that the intense drive I have, I get from you! I knew that by going to BYU I would receive a lot of crap from the Family and especially from you, but I know that even though I didn’t attend the U, you have always supported me. Just know that I will never cheer for another football team. Utah is the only way to go there! I have cherished the Sunday dinners with the family when you always include me, and I love the time that we have been able to spend together while I have been over at school. I have so many memories as a little kid at your house up by the U. Playing volleyball in your backyard, swimming, and you spraying us with the garden hose inside the house on Christmas morning. The traditions will always live on, and its those memories that will stay with us forever, and will encourage us to create families as wonderful as the one you have. Just being together as a family has always been a big thing for us and I sure hope that I will be able to do the job you did with raising a family. So when I say my prayers and thank Heavenly Father for my blessings, Grandad is at the top of my list, for sure! | Andrew

42: GRANDAD: I just have to say that I love you so much. I have had so many wonderful times with you, and I’m grateful for all the memories. As I look back on my life, I remember you being at all the significant turning points in my life, such as my baptism, my state tennis tournaments, my other tournaments in Las Vegas, Salt Lake and Grand Junction, my Eagle scout Court of Honor, my graduation, and so much more. You really have always been there for me in everything I do. I remember all of the fun family vacations we have had together, and playing Catch Phrase and Mafia with you. You are probably the best Catch Phrase player I have ever seen in my whole life. You are so funny all the time and are ALWAYS the life of the party. I have noticed it even more since I have been over at BYU. You are always so thoughtful, inviting me and all my friends up to your house to throw a party or to just hang out. Grandad, you are a guy who never thinks of yourself, but always of others. You always show love to everyone, no matter who the person may be. One of the things I remember most about you was when we would always go out as a family and play tennis. You’re such an awesome tennis player and have always made it so much fun for all of us. Tennis then rolled over to the ping pong table as your eyesight worsened. I love it when you put a 5 dollar bill down under the net and whoever wins gets to keep the money. The games are always extremely long though because many your always coming onto my side of the table and trying to make me nervous, or you just tell me one of you stories or life lessons. All with the thought of psyching me out! Even though your vision is starting to give you trouble, we still have tons of fun with you and you have a way of finding other alternatives for the things you might not be able to do as well as you could before. Grandad you are the greatest guy I know and I want you to know that you have been one of the biggest role models in my life! I will always keep close to my heart all the things you taught me. I love you so much Grandad. Love, Scott | Scott

43: Grandad has always been a huge role model to me throughout my life. He is always looking out for his kids and grandkids and trying to make them happy. He has flown out for many occasions to support me in many things. He has been here for my baptism, my Eagle Scout ceremony and he comes to lots of my big tennis matches. Grandad tries hard to watch me play tennis whenever he can. Most recently he came to watch me compete in the Colorado State High School tournament. He is the world’s best cheerleader. It doesn’t matter if I’m winning or losing, he always has positive words of encouragement to share with me. He makes me feel like a winner every time. Grandad always shows everyone that he loves them and wants to be with them. The thing I most love about him is that he’s always trying to make everyone happy. From friends to family, he always works hard to be kind and loving to everyone. Sometimes I know he does things he doesn’t really want to do, but he knows it will make whoever he’s with happy. For example, one time granddad came to Las Vegas with Scott, my mom and me. Scott and I were playing in a tennis tournament, so he came to watch. One night when we had a free night, granddad said he would take us to a Las Vegas show. I’m sure he would have liked to have seen one of the big Vegas shows, but Scott and I wanted to see “The Blue Man Group”. Grandad was such a good sport. He went with us and even sat in the “Poncho Section”. That section is, of course, where you have to wear plastic ponchos over your clothes and up over your head, so if The Blue Men threw water, paint or anything else out in the audience, you wouldn’t ruin your clothes! Scott and I of course loved every minute of the show, and laughed forever. I’m not sure whether Grandad did or not, but he sure went along with it. He had fun telling us how ridiculous the show was! It was so much fun being there with him. Another favorite memory of being with Grandad for me is playing ping-pong with him in the basement. No matter how many times he loses he just continues to talk smack and continues to lose all his money. It has never been the fact that I became filthy rich from these games that I liked so much! I just loved spending time with him. Grandad makes it so fun and he’s just yelling the whole time. He’s so loud! Those games have always been so much fun and I will remember them for the rest of my life. Grandad is such a great man for so many reasons and I look up to him as a great role model for me. I will continue to look up to him and strive to be like him for the rest of my life. Love, Nick | Nick

44: Granddad is the best grandparent a kid could ask for. He has always been so supportive in everything I do, from sports to school. He always comes to my sports and watches me play. No matter how I play, he tells me that I’ve done an excellent job. If he isn’t there in person, many times he will call to ask how it went. He knows how much I love soccer and always wants me to succeed, and be the best I can be. Grandad is for sure one of my biggest supporters. Grandad always believes in me, except when it is him and me playing ping-pong! With the five dollars on the table for the winner, he doesn’t care if I lose, because he always wants the money no matter what! He just calls me his “little faggot”, but I return the favor. We have always been neck and neck in ping-pong, until about two years ago. He blames it on his eyes, but I think his competition has just gotten better. He is the master at pool though so I have never been able to beat him there. I love playing games with Grandad, because he is so funny at them. When we play cards, his favorite quote is: “I’m molding things out of granite right here!” He takes every game so seriously and it’s so much fun to play with him. The funniest memory of Granddad playing games is when we were in Minnesota and we were playing Mafia. He stood up and took about five minutes to explain his case and then he just pointed at some random person and accused her of being the killer! Haha. He was so serious it was hilarious. I always look forward to Grandad coming into town because it is always really fun to have him with us. He always has a smile on his face and he is always looking out for what others want to do. I love that about him. Grandad will eat something he hates at dinner and say that he loves it, just to make people happy. He does love to remind us, though, of just how much he HATES whatever it is he’s eating! Grandad always calls me and tells me how great I am and how I am doing such a fabulous job at whatever I’m doing. He supports me in everything I do and wants me to succeed in everything I try. Another area that he is always interested in is my growth. Grandad is always so interested in what the doctors are saying and how my medicine is working. He loves to size up my teammates and make sure I know that I’m bigger than all of them! I want to be the Grandad that he is when I am older, because he loves all of his grandkids so much. He is so nice to all of them and supports them in everything they do. I love him for that. I will always remember our Minnesota trip and the many years of being with him during Thanksgiving. Minnesota was a blast and the turkey bowl is always fun too. I look up to Grandad so much. He is definitely one of my greatest hero’s. He does everything right. I hope I can be like him one day. Love, Lee | Lee

45: Grandad is the awesomest grandad in the world, especially when he plays you in ping-pong! He is so hilarious! I challenge him to play every time he comes to my house. I know sometimes he’s not in the mood, but he plays anyway. He makes me die laughing with how funny he is. Grandad is even awesome when he calls you a fagot, or when he tells you stories in the bunk bed. When he comes to visit us, I always ask him to be my roommate. He always agrees. We always get to just lay in bed before we go to sleep and tell stories. Sometimes granddad even climbs up on my top bunk and we tell stories there! Grandad always wants to do whatever I want to do, whether it's going to dinner where he can't see a thing or if it's going to watch me or my brothers play tennis. Lots of times he even plays with us and he’s really good. I like to show him all my shots, because he makes a big deal about how good they are. I love Grandad because he watches me play all my sports, like tennis and soccer and even lacrosse. Another thing I like about Grandad is even though I live in Colorado, he does a good job at coming over and seeing me. We love it when he comes to visit. Sometimes when he can’t visit, he’ll call me, whether it’s on my birthday, or sometimes just to talk. But no matter where he is, he always invites everyone to be with him and includes everyone for football games and family reunions. I even love Grandad when he says BYU stinks or when the Nuggets aren't doing so well. He knows we like both those teams, but he still talks a ton of smack about them. He’s still a super nice guy, though. He likes it best when we go to the Utah games, because that’s his team. We like to dress in red and white and cheer for Utah too. The best part about it is being with Grandad! Grandad is so funny when he tries to make you put sugar on your cereal. He loves Wheaties the best, but when we don’t have Wheaties, he’ll eat Frosted Flakes. He makes us put sugar on Frosted Flakes, too, because he says that cereal isn’t worth eating if it doesn’t have sugar on it. I guess you can say that I love Grandad any way you look at it. He is the best Grandad ever. You’re the awesomest, granddad. I love you. Christian Holmes | Christian

46: The Winters

47: There's many wonderful memories that I have of my dad...Wow, too many...But I'll start out with: Being the baby of the family, I was teased all the time by my dad, and my wonderful siblings. Dad would tease me constantly in front of my friends. I was absolutely embarrassed by his antics...Going on and on, singing the "wheaties" song and the "niger" game at Birthday parties. I was very nervous because I had a black girlfriend. I thought for sure he'd say it, and then she would never talk to me again. He loved to tease my friends and I all the time. I really didn't think he was funny, but my friends thought he was hilarious! My dad really helped me out too. He helped me with my homework, especially "math". I thought he was the smartest man in the world. And I still do, to this day. He always has everything in order. "Number 1-----, Number 2------, and Number 3------. How he does it, I couldn't tell you. He's just smart. He can speak so well and explain everything perfectly. He coached some baseball teams and even let me be the catcher on Carol's team!! I thought Carol would be thrilled to have me. I thought he totally wanted my talent and my great ability to play ball. I don't think Carol was that thrilled. Oh well, it didn't matter, because dad made me feel special. And that I was "the best!" Then when I was a cheerleader for Pop Warner Football, dad was there helping me out with "offense and defense." I had absolutely "no clue" about football, but he was there to help me scream the right cheer. The greatest memory that I have of my dad is: He was always proud of me in everything that I ever did.He was so encouraging and gave me many life long lessons and examples of how to be a good person and parent. He always told me that there were two things to not talk about with co-workers... That was "politics and religion." And he was so right, again! Dad, you always have made me feel so good inside and out. You have never gotten mad at me, Well, maybe ...when mom and I would go to lunch and shop at Nordstom's. But I know now, you are glad we did!! You have always set a wonderful example of an excellent husband and father. But the most valuable lesson that I have learned from you is LOVE!! You know how to love so much with your heart! And I thank you for that. Everyone you meet, you present so much love. I hope I have that too. I look up to you so much and admire everything you have done in life. Thank you for giving me so many amazing stepping stones in my life. You have wonderful children and grandchildren, because of you and your LOVE. I think of you with every step I take in my life. I will try, in my journey, to "LOVE like you do." I love you more than you'll ever know. Love, Jane, Janie (Baines&Hane)xoxoxoxo | Jane

49: My favorite thing about Fred is from the moment I first met him I was amazed at his ability to organize and list an agenda for any event he is involved in whether it is family, church, or a work function. I also respect his ability to convey his message as thought out and heart felt. He truly has a passion for the people in his life. Whether they are family, friends, church members, or co-workers, he appreciates everyone. There is no doubt that his number one priority in his life is his family. He does so much for his kids and grandkids to make sure they are happy and feel appreciated. He tries his best to keep everything equal and have everyone included. I remember one Christmas when everyone was in Salt Lake he asked who wanted to go to the Jazz game one night. I figured he would take maybe 6 family members who really wanted to go. Well, if I recall correctly I believe he took at least 12 of us to the game and even bought us all dinner at the Training Table before hand! I appreciate the time he spends each year in Minnesota when he visits and treats us like royalty. He attends any kids function that maybe going on and is their biggest fan. The $500.00 cash he gives each us to spend on anything we want is great. I’m sure he does the same for the other families (LOL). Recently he has been very gracious to cover the expenses for a bi-yearly family vacation for the entire family. I know he enjoys seeing all his kids and grandkids that can make it get together and have fun. Despite some recent health issues, he still made sure the kids from each family selected to go to the Notre Dame game had the opportunity to see the game and spend the weekend together! Once again, he puts his family first, instead of himself. Fred: I appreciate everything you and Joanne have done for our family. I not only have fond memories of you, but for Joanne as well. I know how much she meant to you and her kids. I remember how she cared right up to the very end and I know your family truly misses her. She is proud of you and how you try to keep all the families together now that she is gone. This is something she always tried to do and she can be at peace now with you taking the torch and caring on this tradition. I look forward to many more years of having you a part of our lives. I will look forward to having you at our house and whether it is a grandkid or great-grandkid requesting you to sing the Jack Armstrong song I will never grow tired of hearing you sing that song! God Bless, Tim | Tim

50: Grandad, I really appreciate all you have done for me throughout the years. You have guided me, supported me, and always had the nicest things to say about me. I would like to explain my respect, gratitude and love for you, but words just cannot suffice for it. I'm grateful that we have such a close family and that we all get together to see each other still to this day. And it all started with you. Grandad, I have the best time when you are around, and it meant so much to me that I was invited and got to spend time with you in Chicago and South Bend. That was the best time I have ever had with you and I will never forget that trip for the rest of my days. I'm proud to have such an incredible person in my life. Love you Grandad, Mike | Mike

51: My favorite moments I’ve had with Granddad are the talks we have whenever he visits our family in Minnesota. I always greatly enjoyed the talks we’d have about sports and history. I love the times where he’d make us laugh by poking fun of everybody while he would teach me the game of gin. Every time I talk with Granddad, I feel confident and better about myself. Love, Matt | Matt

52: Granddad: I love spending time with you whether it's when you come up to Minnesota or when I come down to Utah. You are truly a great man; you do everything for each of us grandkids. One of my favorite memories was when we were in Park City. I had the best time down there because of the things you allowed us to do. You always plan fun things for us each day and they were a blast. There is not one minute that I don't like spending with you. I wish you lived in Minnesota so I could see you more often. I really appreciate when you call and tell us what you love about us to make us feel better when times are tough. Even though you call us fags and pot lickers, I still love you a lot Granddad. I can't wait to see you this summer up at Grand View Lodge. Once again, thank you for everything that you do for me, I appreciate it a lot. Love, Anthony | Anthony

53: You are a GREAT GUY!!!! You are nice, funny, and you love sports. Thank you for coming to my school for lunch and playing basketball with my friends. You ROCK!!! When you come to our house, you play games with us and you're very loud when you loose!! Thank you for using your loud whistle for LEO. He always comes to you. And you still call me and my brothers fags. I love you so much, Joey | Joey

61: December 25, 2010 Merry Christmas Grandad, Thanks for all you do and know that each of us love you Love, Your Family

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