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Grandma - Page Text Content

S: Happy 90th Birthday, Mom

BC: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. | Cathy Allen | with your Gt. Grandchild, Madison

FC: To everything there is a season, a time for every matter under heaven; a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to keep, and a time to cast away. Ecclesiastes 3

1: Celebrating Mom's 90th Birthday 2011 We love you very much! | Rough Draft, Scribed by Mom...for her Mom! | 'Doll Cake by Mary Pat!

2: Josef and Antonina Konerza (Grandma Fleming's Mom and Dad) with dau. Agnes | Frances and Bill Fleming Cohagen, Mt ~1940 | Stepping back in time...

3: "Horse and wagon was the only transportation for years..." | "we always loved Mom's flower garden" | "No TV...just things like stick horses. (We cried when we had to stop to have a picture taken!)" | Pictures and quotes from Ruthie... | "Dressed in classic clothing! Made only by Mom of course!" | "Our modern toys... (who would want more?)" | Willie, Ruthie, May -Cohagen,Mt. ~ 1927 , | May, Willie, Ruthie

4: Cohagen, Mt. Varsity Basketball Team 1938 | * May | Ruthie

5: Cohagen, Mt. Undefeated Championship Team 1939 | * May | Ruthie

6: May&Harold dating and Army days

7: Mom, you were always so stylish!

8: May and Harold so young...and forever in love...

9: May and Harold's wedding day Jan 4, 1944 | May and Harold 1979

10: Mom with Karen, Larry and Jan 1957

11: Jan | Karen | Dad and Mom with Karen 1952

12: Jan and Mom | Karen and Mom | Karen, Larry, Mom and Jan 1991

13: Our first family home 3315 1st Ave. N. Great Falls, Mt | 157-17th Ave. NW our 2nd home ...full of love...and Mom's beautiful flowers!!

14: C A K E S | CAKES...

15: We loved all the many cakes you so lovingly created for all of our important life events... | AND MORE CAKES

16: with Brett... | with James... | ...with Rochelle and Jeffrey | ...with James, Kelsey and Brett | You are a wonderful Grandma and Gt. Grandma!! | with all 9 grandkids in 1991... back row l-r: Karry, Grandma May, James, Rochelle middle row: Kyla, Kenda, Kelsey, Jeffrey, Kevin front: Brett

17: Jan, Grandma May, Gt. Grandma, Kelsey | Family Reunion 2003 to celebrate Grandma Fleming's 100th Birthday | L-R Front: Jeff, ,James Middle:Larry,Gt.GrandmaFleming, Kyla, Rochelle, Madison, Kelsey, Jan Back:Mac, Karen, Doug, Lyndon, GrandmaMay, Ruthie, Gordon, Brett | Cousins: Kyla, Rochelle, Kelsey, Jeffrey, Brett, James | Rochelle, Madison, Grandma May, Karen | 2001 Grandma May's 80th Birthday dinner at the Marysville House: Brett, Mac, James, Gt. Gma Fleming, Kelsey, Gma May

18: When I think of Mom, the first thing that comes to mind is her caregiving nature. Doing something for others brought her the greatest joy, whether it was cooking a meal, making quilts for her children and grandchildren, or visiting the shut-ins. Her gift of serving was appreciated by all who knew her, especially in her church. Mom's strength of character was evident in how she pushed through the difficult situations without ever complaining or thinking of herself. Her devotion to her mother in caring for Grandma's needs during her last years was an example of her steadfast strength. | Mom and Dad both exemplified by their lives their love for God and lived in such a way to honor Him in all ways, raising their three children to do the same. I am thankful for such a rich heritage and see a reflection of their influence on my life today. Homemaking skills of gardening, canning, and sewing were passed on to me by Mom, as well carrying through the generations. Some people make our lives richer by having known them. Mom is such a person. With much love and admiration for Mom, Karen

19: When I first met Karen, the love of my life, May accepted me and welcomed me into the family. What I remember the most is the countless hours she spent in the kitchen or sewing for anyone with a need. Quilting was a passion also and it was with great pleasure that I built a quilt frame for her. Unfortunately, not very many quilts were made before her stroke robbed her of that joy. In spite of her work ethic, she had time to spend playing cribbage one-on-one or with partners. When May and I would play each other, she was a fierce competitor always beaming with excitement when scoring "His nobs". Even at the Beehive, we have been able to play some hands of cribbage mixed in with many hours assembling jigsaw puzzles. She tackles some very challenging puzzles and with help from anyone that drops in, they always get completed. May has always had a keen interest in sports and to this day whenever we talk to her, she is watching some kind of sports on TV. Basketball was her passion, as she played the game in high school, never missed a game that Larry played in high school, and attended several in Washington that her grandson James played. May's enjoyment of flowers and gardening brought joy to us and we never returned home to North Dakota after a visit without a box or two of plants for transplanting. Almost all of our most prized roses came from Frances' or May's flower gardens. Her touch for growing roses was inherited from her mother, Frances. I love laughter and the lighter side of life, and so it has always been fun hearing her laugh at the goofy things I say. I still tease her some at the Beehive. She responds by saying, "I don't know whether to believe him or not"! We all can take a lesson from May. In spite of her handicap, she always has such a peaceful caring spirit. I love you very much May, Doug

20: Happy 90th Birthday, Dear Mom ! Thank you for being the best Mother you could ever be for me. When I was young, I did what youngsters do...I tried in every way to be different than my mom. But, as I grew older, I realized that I am like you in so many ways. I am thankful for all the pieces of you that I carry in me: your creativity, your gift of creating with your hands: sewing, quilting, knitting, stained glass, cooking, baking, gardening..all these things I have inherited from you. But more importantly, I have inherited your strength of spirit, your determination and your faith in God. I have always felt that I can do anything that I set my mind to. In the days and weeks and months after my spinal cord injury, you were a rock in my life. I'm sure that I didn't show you my appreciation then, but I know with complete certainty that I would never have been able to survive that injury, and come out of it a stronger person if it were not for you. You helped me to believe in myself, to believe in God, and to "put one foot in front of the other", every day working hard to do the best I could do, with whatever was left to me physically and mentally. Thank you for this great lesson of life. And now, as you go on with your life after your stroke, you once again model how to move on with life after loss: with faith, humor, hard work, and always striving for as much independence as possible. I love that about you...that strong determination that allows you to do the impossible and rise above your hardships. My life has been blessed with love from you and Dad. Thank you for always being present in my good times and my bad times, for your constant love and support, for loving Mac and our children. Thank you for showing me how to give of myself to others, to love God, to be a strong, independent woman. I am honored that I get to call YOU my Mom. Love forever, Jan

21: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MAY FLEMING LANDSVERK It has been an honor to be part of the Landsverk-Fleming family for the past 35 years. I felt valued and accepted from day one when Jan and I began our life together. And I enjoyed my official initiation into the family that 1st Christmas unwrapping multiple boxes within boxes to arrive finally at my first tool, a power drill. May, during your 90 years of life you have experienced the fullness of the life cycle; birth and death, joy and sorrow, health and sickness, good fortune and misfortune, gain and loss. Whatever you are presented, you have a marvelous faith and belief in God that allows you to accept life as it is; not as you wish it was or as it use to be. Love of God, love of family, love of neighbor, love of country; you could not have modeled and passed on better values than these. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, other family and friends have been blessed by your constant presence and example in our lives. Thank you, May, for all the blessings you are to this family. Love Always, MAC

22: Jeff, Kaari and Soren (born July 8, 2011) | Jeff and Kaari

23: -I remember pulling into the driveway in Great Falls and having Grandma and Grandpa come out to the car to meet us. The house would always have that "Grandma" smell. I used to play with the old metal car garage in the basement, where there was a cereal "storehouse" that was 10 years old. Rochelle and I would chuckle because there was always a great supply. -Grandma was up to date on the weather and ski report as that was often why we went to Grandma's. She would be up very early making soft boiled eggs for Grandpa. She would send a coffee can full of popcorn for our trips home, as well as cookies and sandwiches. -While I was in college, Grandma would encourage me as I progressed with my business degree. Comments were often made that I was following in Grandpa's steps as he was an accountant. -Grandma was always supportive of my relationship with Kaari and first met us in the Denver airport during Easter for our time at Rochelle's for Taylor's birthday. This was the first time Kaari and Grandma met...very special. -Grandma was skilled in cake making and often made our cakes and even traveled with them. She had many award ribbons in her house related to her cake decorating skills. She also made Rochelle's wedding cake. (From Jeff)

24: Dear Grandma, I can't believe you are turning 90!! What a milestone only a few people are able to see. Happy birthday! I will always remember you and Grandpa coming to the ranch north of Dickinson, pulling up in your wagon with your big coolers of goodies....sitting in our red rocker darning socks with a light bulb stuffed in the heel. I thought that was so ingenious as a 5 year old...not only were you fixing socks with holes in them - you used a light bulb to hold it still! | I also have great memories of coming to your house. We did so many great things together! I remember you working on the care bears - they were full of your love for all your grandkids. Grandpa stuffed them for you, right?? 'Sunshine Bear' for me, 'Loves Alot' for Jeff. I still have mine! I enjoyed sitting on your stool in the basement working on my "shell" and "basket weave" icing decorations. I have decorated a few cakes in my short lifetime with the skills you taught me. It has come in handy through the years! We stayed at your house when we went on our family skiing trips; snuggling in the beds, getting up early to breakfast, driving to the hills for a day of skiing, coming back to your house for a terrific dinner, playing cards, watching the news and then crawling into the snuggly bed again. One visit I will never forget is the reunion when all the family (all 16 of us!) stayed at your house and we all got so sick. I even had to go to the hospital to get hydrated! Then there was the time I had to get stitches in my face after the neighbor's dog bit me! I enjoyed playing piano at your house. Grandpa would sit in his big green chair and close his eyes while he listened. I was a little nervous when you asked me to play piano at Grandpa's funeral...it was one of the most humbling things I have done but I made it through! It was really fun to go camping with you, especially in Glacier Park...yummy pancakes for breakfast, swimming in freezing Lake McDonald and painting my nails at the picnic table with cousin Kelsey. I got to stay with you in the camper when we met in Iowa for Kevin's baseball tournament. Jeff and I slept together and he kicked me all night long!

25: 5 generations: 2003 Gt. Grandma, Madison, Rochelle, Karen, Grandma May | You made the trek to No.Dakota for my High School graduation, made the perfect cake, helped out at the open house...sent care packages to me at Bible School. You made Scott and me an incredible wedding cake! I love the picture in our wedding book with you standing beside it. We are so proud of you! My other favorite cake was the Elmo cake you made for Taylor. We will always treasure that one! She loved it and it was one of the last cakes you decorated. The blanket you made for Madison is special to her - she takes it everywhere! Grandma, you have always been one of the most special people in my life. You have shared advice with me, sewn underwear for me, blessed my special occasions with your presence, loved me unconditionally, taught me life lessons, and ultimately given me a legacy of serving others. You have been a blessing to our family, a blessing to your church and to everyone around you. I could never say enough wonderful things about you. Thank you so much for your love, your humble servant's heart and Christ-like example of a full-filling life. Many blessings to you in the years to come! I love you, Rochelle | Our wedding cake that you made!! | Rochelle, Scott Taylor,Jeremiah,Madison | Rochelle, Madison, Grandma, Karen

26: Dear Grandma, Happy Birthday!! What a great milestone! In thinking back on all the memories over my (26) years of knowing you I couldn’t choose just one. There are so many great ones that came to mind. One of my most vivid would have to be all of the summers we spent visiting you in Great Falls (as well as the reunions on the ranch)! It was always fun to look through all the old toys in your closet and go across the street to play on the football field. I remember the time you taught me to decorate cakes as well as all the beautiful birthday cakes you made for me: Snow White and Raggedy Ann are two I remember well. Your food was always delicious, especially your homemade spaghetti sauce!! YUMMM!! And of course, do you remember the infamous summer that everyone got sick?! We were all lying around the house worthless to the world! I don’t think we will ever have a family get together where that topic doesn’t come up at least once! Another memory I have is the camping trips we would take to Glacier. I think we were there one year when I was sleeping in the RV with you and Grandpa during a huge lightning storm. I remember laying there looking up through a skylight (or maybe it was just out the window) and the whole RV would light up every time the lightning struck but I felt so safe there.

27: Of course your visits to Monroe were memorable as well. I’ll never forget how we would wait anxiously at the train station to greet you! Then how fun it was to have you in our house and show you all the things we had been doing! But more than that was the fact that you cared enough to come see us, and made a point to do so over the years! Thank you for being so present in my life and being there for the things that mattered! Taking the time to come out for birthdays, basketball games, graduations etc It was always so fun to have you there being a part of our lives! Even now I know you are still very present with all that we do and care so much about everyone. I love you grandma and want to wish you the happiest of birthdays! Love, Kelsey

28: Happy Birthday Grandma! Here is a picture of me and Meghan from our wedding. We missed you that day, but we were thinking of you. I know you would love her; we want to come visit soon so you can finally meet. One fun memory I have of you is when you would come to Monroe to visit us and watch our basketball games. I remember how excited and energetic you would be cheering in the stands- cheering us on and sometimes yelling at the referees when you disagreed with them! Well I don't know if you know this or not, but I started refereeing basketball myself a few years ago and have really grown to like it. I'm sure if I was refereeing you would be yelling at me too! I Love You, Brett

29: Grandma, I have so many little memorie that come to mind when I think of you. I always loved it when you would come and visit! I distinctly remember going to the train station and waiting for you to get there! When we were waiting I was always more than excited and as soon as I saw that train round the corner I knew that good things were coming along with it and I couldn't wait for you to step off the train! It was always fun to share your love of basketball when we would watch Kelsey and Brett's games together. One of my favorite memories was visiting the ranch with you and Great Grandma. When we would pull up to the ranch and see your white oldsmobile, (which I am so grateful to have now and I love very much), in the driveway I knew that a gigantic hug was soon to come, followed by a big kiss and a delicious meal. You were always there to support our family and your love is amazing! You continue to give and I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful woman as a grandmother. Love you and Happy 90th! James

30: Dear Aunt May, Happy 90th birthday! You’re awesome! I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you, but since I can’t, I’m writing this to let you know how special you are to me and what fond memories I have of you and how much I love you. I can never forget my trips to your house on the way to the ranch. When I walked into the airport after getting off the plane your familiar smiling face announced my welcome to Montana. The bear hugs confirmed it. My arrival became more real as we drove to your house and settled in. Of course, the first order of business was to feed that poor starving teenager and I’m not talking about potato chips and soda. I’m talking about real food here. Then you would fill me in on the news – what was going on at the ranch, what my cousins were up to, when we would be traveling to Canyon Creek, etc. My stays at your house always set the tone for a wonderful time in Montana. Among my earliest memories are the birthday cakes you made for me. The craftsmanship was top notch and the flavor wasn’t bad either! The custom homemade cakes showed me that I was loved and that I had a place in my extended family. I could always count on you to keep me straight. You were not bashful in letting me know that I needed to stand a little straighter, wipe my feet at the door, mind my manners at the table and the list goes on. I needed a lot of help. The thing I remember about it, though, is that you did it with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face. Thanks for caring enough to help me in such a gentle way. I had a Grandpa and a Grandma and a Mom at home, but I needed a Montana Mom and you graciously stepped up to the plate and smacked a homer. | Later I watched as you turned the table and faithfully took care of Grandma’s needs from 90 miles away. I know you made that trip at least monthly for many years, in bad weather or good, whether you felt like it or not. Let’s face it, you were no spring chicken even then, but I marveled at your energy and commitment. I know it made a difference in her quality of life in her last years. She was able to enjoy more freedom because you were there.

31: May God bless you and return to you the loving care that you lavished on those you loved as you lean on others for your care. | It is only right. You deserve the best. I hope this birthday finds you in good spirits and in fullness of life. With much love, Lyndon | Lyndon, Helen, Brad | Bill, Helen, Lyndon | Lyndon, William, Kathy, Bradley, Elizabeth

32: Harold, May, Grandma Fleming, Gordon | May and Ruthie

34: One of my early and favorite memories of grandma was the first time I was introduced to her famous fruit roll ups. They tasted like a sweet piece of heaven. Every visit, she would make a batch of those tasty treats that could feed a moderately sized village, but I managed to make them all disappear in a matter of days. Target has started selling an organic brand of fruit roll ups that contains a similar consistency as grandmas masterful fruit rolls, but doesn't hold a candle to the magical sensation my taste buds experience every time I put one of hers in my mouth...Thank you, grandma, for forever elevating my expectations of what a REAL fruit roll should taste like. Another humorous memory I have of her was when she got nominated to baby sit us on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Tulsa. While our neighborhood friends played in the summer sunshine, we were reluctantly reading and learning about humpback whales and their marine environment. In retrospect, I appreciate this focus on learning, and wish I had read more educational books so that I could be more intellectual and less dependent on technology. Thank you for everything that you have done for us, Grandma. I love you, Kevin | My Grandma May's Hands by Kenda Landsverk There's a story I once read about Grandma's Hands,, and now I have the opportunity to write about My Grandma May's Hands. When I think of my Grandma May and her hands, I have wonderful memories of her always in the kitchen; whether we were at her house in Great Falls, MT, or at Grandma Fleming's house at the ranch, or in our kitchen in Tulsa, OK., no matter the location, you would awake to smells from her cooking and baking and it would last all day long. I loved her glory in the kitchen. Also, My Grandma's Hands could fix any sewing challenge brought to her. No matter the level of difficulty, she did it with ease and the perfect touch. When I knew Grandma was coming for a visit, I would gather up my mending along with my doll clothes that needed mending and watch her fix everything. My Grandma's Hands were always willing to teach and I love & respect that about her. HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA I Love You, Kenda | Karry, Kyla, Kevin and Kathy | Kevin | Kenda and Larry

35: you made a care bear for each of your kids and 9 grandkids. how we treasure those...

36: A few samples of Mom's calligraphy. A woman of so many talents...and sharing it all with so many.

37: What a talented woman you are, Mom!! Making quilts, afghans, sewing... | calligraphy... | You could do it all and then some!

38: The windows were built in memory of Harold, and installed in the west doorway at First English Lutheran in Great Falls, Montana where Mom and Dad attended for so many years. | Mom created these beautiful stained glass windows in the summer of 1991 following Dad's passing April 12, 1991.

39: Memories from your 90th birthday party | Cheyenne serenaded us with music | Doll Cake!! | there were 17 of us! | Opening your gift. One that you had created a long time ago. Re-gifting! | Mary Pat and Jerry | Marilyn, Cheyenne, Tom

40: Life & Memories with May from Kathy Upon reflection of your many ways of giving of your talents and love; I, to this day, remember the delicious rehearsal dinner you prepared for the wedding party the evening prior to our wedding in 1979. One of our proudest moments was the presentation of the beautiful wedding cake you made for us. The top was removed and frozen for a year in the freezer as all the wedding guests feasted on the remaining cake. Everyone was awestruck by the taste and your professionalism. A year later we celebrated our anniversay by partaking in the cake once again! Traditions were understood from that moment on. So much was learned from you in the kitchen, sewing room, and the proper way to decorate a cake. Your guidance has been carried and implemented over the past 32 years. Thank you. Receiving your goodie package on the heels of Christmas Eve was always a blessing. First we sampled the lefse and fruit roll-ups, had delicious and favorite cookies for “Santa Larry”, and sharing the homemade delights with family and friends during the holiday season. Thank You!

41: A Tribute to My Mother-In-law Someone gave him big hazel eyes That sparkle when he smiles. Someone gave him strength within To weather all the miles. Someone gave him skin that's lovely And shining, thick brown hair. Someone taught him tenderness And how to show you care. For God, the Master of design, On canvas sketched a man. Then gently turned to you and placed The brush within your hand. Someone taught him how to love As only Mom could do. Someone shared their son with me, And, Mom, that someone's you. Thank You, With Much Love Kathy

42: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter | Grandma May, First and foremost I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You are a very special lady to so many and I hope your day is as special as you are! I have so many wonderful memories of you, making it difficult to pick just one. It was always so much fun going to your house and getting to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We always had so much fun together as a family. I couldn't wait for dinner because you always made the best meals. I miss my "grandma's" cooking! I loved receiving the big box of cookies and fruit roll ups that arrived at our house around Christmas time. Most of all, the blanket you so lovingly made me when I graduated from high school is still my favorite. I am 31 years old now and continue to use it. Whether I am curled up on the couch watching a movie, sitting in the recliner reading a book, or ready to go to sleep at night that blanket is still the one that I reach for and wrap around me. Each time I use it I think of you, the dedication, love, and time you put into making it just for me. There is definitely not another one like it! It brings me comfort and makes me smile each time I use it. With it's frayed edges and a few holes, I have definitely worn it in. It continues to provide me with warmth, love, and security that only a blanket from a grandmother can provide. From your cooking, to cake decorating, to sewing you are truly a woman of many talents. I love you Grandma, Karry

43: When I think about Grandma May the first thing that comes to mind is her delicious cooking! Of all the delicious things she cooked or baked my favorite was definitely spaghetti. I still have cravings for "Grandma May’s spaghetti"!!! Also, one of my favorite memories is when Grandma May came to stay with us at my mom and dad's house, one day she wanted to teach me how to make lefse. That was always my favorite thing to eat when she sent holiday treats but I never appreciated it until I saw all the work and love put into preparing it. It seemed like there was flour everywhere and grandma was having the time of her life!! Looking back on that day through the eyes of an adult, I truly wish I would have paid more attention so I could share that recipe with my daughter someday! Thank you grandma for the delicious memories! Your food still brings a smile to my face and makes my mouth water!! We miss you and hope you are doing well! Love, Kyla and Jason Townsend

44: Happy Birthday, May!!! How fun it is to be given the opportunity to wish you a most happy birthday to such a wonderful person who has been in my life for a very long time! Although we only see each other once in awhile, I can always count on it being a pleasure! I first met you my 7th grade year because of my friendship with Jan. As you know, Jan and I became instant friends that year and it was then that I became a regular at your home. Here are a few strong memories that quickly come to mind during that era about you: *Home-made tapioca by the gallon was always a delicious after school snack *Home-made chocolate cookies to die for! *A kitchen full of something cookingnever out of a box! *Camping trips with Vienna sausages on your home-made rolls and butter and pickles on the sideAND a home-made brownie! *Your wonderful laugh and beautiful twinkle in your eye! *The fact that you and Harold would allow Jan to discuss for long periods of time.her side of the story without shutting her up right away! *Your gorgeous flower bed in the back yard was sooo impressive!!!! And then we got older and I saw more and more the wonderfully strong women you truly are. Your strength and positivity with Jan though her crisis, of course, remains so vivid in my mind. Through it all, you remained so strong in your faith and were and are a rock in your children’s lives.

45: Oh..and let us not forget your strong presence at my wedding!!!!! You did it again!!!!!! Your baking and decorating talent was a treasure enjoyed by all at our wedding the wedding carrot cake! You actually travelled with it from Great Falls to Whitefish and it made it without a problem! Of course, you would not let us pay you for it and instead, it was a gift from you to us. Thank you again. It was soooooo delicious! Thank you for embracing my new husbandhe loves you, too! Great memories of sharing the ranch with him .You also touched my own children when you brought to camp the bottles of bird seed full of treasures! Your adventurous spirit and faithful laugh accompanied you to our Glacier Park camping trip and my children fell in love with you, too! And now you are turning 90! You remain positive and full of life. Your grace and attitude toward making the best of all situations has served you so well..and WE have learned so much from YOU! You are a strong, remarkable woman and I am so happy that you have been a part of my life! Thank you for all of the memories Happy Birthday, May!!!!! With lots of love, Cindy

46: Good friends!! Jean, Marlys, Margaret, Shirley with Mom | You have many friends who are so loyal and supportive of you!

47: 85th birthday celebration for Mom! | Good friend Rose with Mom. Thank you for all your puzzle time!

49: Dear friend Michelle....like another daughter to Mom!!

50: Fleming/Landsverk Family Tree | William & Frances Fleming b: July 2, 1897 b: Feb. 2, 1903 d: Dec. 29, 1987 d: Feb. 20, 2006 * | William (Helen) Fleming b: June 14, 1925 b:Sept. 29, 1925 d: Aug. 1, 1957 d: June 23, 2001 * Lyndon (Kathy) Fleming b:June 2, 1956 b: April, 1964 William b: Dec. 22, 1995 Elizabeth b: Oct. 4, 1997 Bradley: b: June 21, 1999 Bradley (Lisa) Fleming b: Nov. 11, 1957 Sarah: b: Mar. 5, 1981 Katie: b: June 21, 1987 | Ruthie (Gordon) Zook b: April 25, 1923 b: May 12, 1921 * Debbie (Mark) Baker b: Nov. 21, 1956 b: Oct. 31, 1954 | May (Harold) Landsverk b: Sept. 2, 1921 b: Sept. 17, 1918 d: April 12, 1991 * Karen (Doug) Landblom Larry (Kathy) Landsverk Jan (Tom) MacIntyre

51: Karen (Doug) Landblom b: Sept. 9, 1947 b: May 18, 1945 * | Karry (Jerry) Ward b: May 27, 1980 b: Jan. 29, 1976 Kevin Landsverk b: May 2, 1982 Kyla (Jason) Townsend b: July 7, 1983 b: Nov. 14, 1979 Kenda Landsverk b: Oct. 3, 1985 | Rochelle (Scott) Mundfrom b: June 13, 1977 b: Jan. 8, 1977 Madison b: Nov. 4, 2002 Taylor b: April 10, 2004 Jeremiah b: May 8, 2009 Jeffrey (Kaari) Landblom b: Jan 22, 1980 b: May 6, 1981 Soren b: July 8, 2011 | Jan (Tom) MacIntyre b: April 14, 1954 b: Mar. 27, 1940 * | Larry (Kathy) Landsverk b: June 17, 1951 b:May 8, 1955 d: June 24, 2008 * | Kelsey MacIntyre b: Oct. 2, 1984 Brett (Meghan) MacIntyre b: July 17, 1987 b: May 10, 1987 James MacIntyre b: May 28, 1990 | May (Harold) Landsverk b: Sept. 2, 1921 b: Sept. 17 1918 d: April 12, 1991 *

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