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Grandma's Birthday Book

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S: Elmer & Tessie Berheim

1: Elmer & Tessie Berheim

2: Les standing in Elmer's palm

3: Les with Tessie | Les with Elmer

4: Left: Tessie Right: Elmer and Tessie with baby Evie

5: Above: Tom, John, Elmer, Les, baby Evie, Tessie, and Margaret Left: Les & Tom on a bike

6: Karen and Konnie with Grandma & Grandpa Hedges

7: Twins with Margaret, Bonnie, and Evie

8: Elmer and Tessie with Tom (front center) and John (left) | Tessie with Konnie (left), Karen (right), and baby Nancy

9: Tessie with Konnie (left), Karen (right), and baby Nancy

10: Nancy with cats 1963

11: Nancy with fish May 15, 1964 | Nancy, John, and Evie March 1964

12: Nancy with King Winter of 1964

13: Vacation Bible School at Ellendale Assembly of God 1965 Back Row: Betty Middlestead, Evie, Bonnie Middlestead, Bonnie Middle Row: Mark Nixon, Vicki Iverson, Bonnie Nixon, Konnie, Karen Front Row: Ronnie Claeys, Arnold Claeys, Nancy, Dale Middlestead, Lanette Nixon

14: Elmer, Tom, and Nancy with Canadian Geese Fall 1965

15: Karen, Nancy, Bonnie, and Konnie (Photo developed August 1966) | Tessie, Elmer, and Nancy Fall 1965

16: Leslie'’s Miracle Grandma Tessie: The first thing that ever happened in our home when we knew the Lord healed was when Leslie was going to fall off the table when he was a crawler. We were fixing up a new pane in the window. He wanted up, so we took him up on the table and we were working at it. He was sitting over on the corner and it was right against the wall. And he was to the edge and all of a sudden, he took the notion to go off. And Elmer reached over and grabbed him and bent his leg back. Elmer says, “Oh, I think I hurt his leg,” because he cried. And so I put him to sleep and that was the end. But when Les got older and was in Idaho, he had an x-ray on his legs for something and the doctor asked him “When did you break your leg?” Les said, “I never broke my leg.” And then Les came and asked me about it. And I said, “That’s the only thing I know.” But he was okay after that. That was the main thing.

17: Tessie’s Miracle - Appendicitis Grandma Tessie: And the last time was when I was healed of appendicitis. It was remarkable. I can’t remember for sure who was a baby, but I think it was Margaret. Leslie was sick and he was sick and he was sick. And we didn’t know what was the matter with him, and we kind of debated about taking him in to Doc Lynn. And then Doc Lynn came over to Moc’s and I don’t know how I ever got that, because it was the old telephones. Anyway, I called over there and asked him if he could come over and check on Leslie. So he came over, and he checked Leslie. Leslie had the measles, but he wouldn’t break out. So then Elmer thought that maybe I should be checked out too since I was having a side-ache that day. So Doc Lynn had me lay on the bed, and he checked it and it was swollen already. He said that if it got any worse, I’d have to get to the hospital. So we made plans for Margaret the baby to stay with Ordine and Selma and that was at night. And then the next morning, why Elmer was separating the milk and the telephone rang. I went and answered, and it was Selma. And she said, “Aren’t you coming?” And I didn’t know what I was going to say; I didn’t have any idea. But I said, “I’m not going. I feel like I’m going to be alright.” And I never had appendicitis since. Bonnie: Did you guys pray about that then too? Grandma Tessie: Alwaysevery time I had. I thought about it a lot of times. Do they know that? Do they know what happened? Did it improve their faith any? I don’t know. Bonnie: It made an impression on Les for sure because he told me about it.

18: Tessie's Miracle - Heart Attacks & Music Grandma Tessie: I didn’t even know I was having a heart attack. I went over to Evie’s; that was when I was in the trailer. I went over there for supper, and after supper I walked home. And Evie told James to walk with me and so he did. And we went a little ways and I had to stop; the air was so cold. And I thought I was just getting too much cold air. Then it got better so we walked some more, and then it got worse again. We waited a little while. I told James, “I have to rest a little while.” And when I got home, I went in and went to bed. And I didn’t know until I had the real heart attack. It acted the same way except when I had the real one, I threw up and threw up and threw up. Karen: Did you go to the hospital at that time? Grandma Tessie: Yes. Karen: And that’s when they said you had had a bad heart attack? Grandma Tessie: Yup. They said I had two clots in my heart. And I think they told them all I wouldn’t go home from the hospital. Karen: And so what happened? Grandma Tessie: You know I had never prayed for the Lord to heal me that night. I just thought this is it, you know? They always came in to check my blood about 5 or something like that in the morning. And this morning, I woke up and I was just wide awake. I knew it wasn’t quite time for her to come yet, and I was just thinking about different things. And I happened to look up and right where the ceiling came down and

19: joined the side, it said, “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” And the nurses and doctors couldn’t believe how fast I got up on my feet. So many people don’t believe that. Why don’t they? They really don’t know the Lord. They know about Him. Karen: What about the time you heard the music? Grandma Tessie: That’s two times now, Karen! You know I cannot remember why I had been in the hospital, but the doctor came in and checked me over. Then he said, “You are doing real good.” And I asked him if they’d let me go home that day. He said he wanted me to stay there for two more days. I told him I was up and walking to the bathroom and everything. So he let me go, and I had sent for one of those steel benches; the big ones. And they didn’t have it, and they said they would get it in in a few days. The day I came home was the day they got it in the store. And I can’t remember how Delmar found this out, but he went down to the store and got it. He put it all together for me, and that was so wonderful! Anyhow, they were going to go home and I was going to get up out of there to do something, and I couldn’t make it. And I kept trying and trying, and I couldn’t make it. Finally Delmar came over and helped me up. It was hard for me to go to bed. It just seemed like things didn’t work right. And then about fifteen minutes to 3 in the night, I had to go to the bathroom. And I just jumped out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I never thought of it until afterward. Anyway, then I went back to bed. About ten minutes to 6 I woke up, and I heard music. It was the prelude to “I Would Rather Have Jesus.” And I thought, “Oh no, I left the radio on or the CD.” So I went in there, and they weren’t on at all. So I kept listening to it, and I couldn’t figure it out. And I thought, “Well, I hope he sings the next verse” because I like all verses. And he did, every time; it was a man singing. When he got to the end, I thought, “I know what I’ll do.

20: I’ll listen to the end and he’ll tell me to call the number or station where he is.” And when it came to the end, it just quietly shut down. After that, I did not use the more of it! Karen: And what about the other time you heard the music? Grandma Tessie: That was here! That was the day you went to Ellendale. It was in the morning. I woke up in the morning and I was laying there, thinking of different things. Then music started playing. So I thought Karen had gotten up, and this is probably Don’s devotion. I thought it was coming through the cupboards, since there are cupboards on the other side too. And it was so nice and everything; I was enjoying it. I wished I would have kept track of all the songs they sang. I bet they sang six or so songs, and all of them I liked. Anyway, I was laying there and listening to it, and they quit. And then Karen came into here and I said, “Wasn’t that wonderful music?” And Karen said that there wasn’t any music! Karen: But you had had a bad night that night, didn’t you? Grandma Tessie: Yes, it just didn’t want to cooperate at all. The kids walk by the house to go to school, and I thought maybe some of them were carrying one of those things they carry that play. So I went out the front, and I looked and there was nobody. And I went out the back door and nothing. I couldn’t hear when I went outside. Afterward, I got to thinking about it. I didn’t have my hearing aid in. And from the bedroom to the front room to the kitchen to the bathroom it was all the same volume. Then I knew the Lord had healed me. That was a man singing too.

21: Grandma's Baptism Grandma Tessie: Well, first they told me to be baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church. And I did. I really learned a lot from catechism. Then after that, he took me up on the stage and he sprinkled me, then stepped back and said, “Now you are a child of God.” And I knew I wasn’t. I wanted to get out of there so fast! But boy, when it happened, I was down in the Methodist church. I went up for prayer that morning, and all of a sudden, it just came on me. And the lights were brighter! I remember that my mother was there, but I don’t remember if she held Leslie or if she didn’t. But it seemed like she did. I often wondered what Elmer and his brothers and sisters thought of me, because every time there was a prayer time, I was there! But then they knew. You know what? They all got saved after that. They went to the altar. And another thing too was when I was baptized. We had gone to a baptismal service west of Ellendale to a gravel pit where they had them. So everybody was baptized in the water. But the Lord was just really working on me. I did not like that sprinkling, you know? And some of the people were going home. I shouldn’t have waited that long. And I told Reverend Kern, “I have got to be baptized!” And he said something about you don’t have any clothes. I said, “I don’t care. I’m going in like this!” But Helen Moore had been baptized that day and she had a long white dress she had worn. And it was sopping wet. So she told me I could wear her dress if I wanted to. So, oh boy! Wet dress on! You know what happened? Doris, Helena, and Martha got baptized after that. The same day; right after I did. We all put that white dress on! I don’t know if she saved that dress or not, but it should have a frame around it! You just never believe it, but the lights get brighter and everything! It’s really something. God is good!

22: Delmer Maunu, Nancy, Deloris Maunu, Karen, Evie, and Konnie | August 19, 1967

23: Deloris Maunu, Nancy, Evie, Karen, Bonnie, and Konnie | Konnie, Evie, Bonnie (behind Evie), Delmer Maunu, Deloris Maunu, Karen, Reino Maunu, Nancy, Dennis Maunu, Tessie and Elmer August 20, 1967 In front of Assembly of God church

24: Bonnie, Karen, Bonnie Nixon, Konnie, Rodney and Carol's baby, Evie, and Nancy Summer of 1968

25: Nancy, Karen, Konnie, Bonnie, Evie, dog King, and Deloris Maunu (Photo developed April 1970)

26: Above: Nancy with her gosling, John, and Elmer Above Right: Nancy with dog King | Photos developed April 1970

27: Nancy Winter of 1969 | Konnie, Bonnie, Elmer, Nancy, Tessie, and Karen (Photo developed November 1970)

28: Above: Elmer & Tessie with baby Tricia Maunu (June 1972) Above left: Nancy with King and cat (August 1971) Left: Elmer

29: Elmer & Tessie's Farm

30: Art Berheim, Casper Berheim, Elmer Berheim, and father Torris Berheim

31: Back Row: Casper, Leonard, Elmer, Art (Arthur), O.T. (Ordine) Front Row: Martha, Alice, Alfred, Doris, Lena | Elmer's Brothers and Sisters

32: Alfred and Pearl Berheim

33: O.T. and Selma Berheim | Casper and Meril Berheim

34: At Elmer's Funeral - 1995 Front Row: Don & Karen Engelke, Tessie, Nancy & Rick Jeffery Back Rows: Al & Evie Hillesland, John & Kristi Berheim, Tom & Joanne Berheim, Les, Konnie, and Richard & Bonnie Daugherty

35: Berheim Family Reunion - Fall 2008

36: Vesta, Ruth, Elmer, and Tessie

37: Happy 91st Birthday, Grandma Tessie!!! May the Lord richly bless you this year! We love you! Peter, Joanne, Reagan & Morgan Hughes

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