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Grant School : 100 Years and Still Shining

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BC: Kainee Kiersten Jordyn Sophie B Madison G Ben Emma R Kathryn Donte Amiah Walter | Nick I Diamond Kieran Lily Sarah R Audrey Matthew R Ann Price Ronan Veer Emma T | Memphis Kaleo Alexandra Colby Steve Drew M Ross Cooper Madison A Drew B Mary B Margo Se Bin Sara Gabriella Anirudh | Thanks to the dedicated members of Student Council who made this book possible.!

FC: Grant School 100 Years and Still Shining

1: This book is dedicated to the 100 year | of Grant School

2: You may have played with toys and games like tinker toys, Kewpie dolls, ping pong, and Raggedy Ann and Andy. | On the radio, you might have heard about the Titanic hitting an iceberg and sinking, the start of World War I and the creation of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. | If you were a kid in the 1910s...

3: 1910-1919 at Grant | Grant Elementary opened in 1911 and is the oldest existing school in Columbia. Grant in 1911 was very different from Grant in 2011. They had hitching posts for horses, all the girls wore dresses, there were only 6 classrooms and no kindergarten. | Grant School was built because the two existing schools, Benton and Lee, were overcrowded, with 50-60 kids in each class. | There were 31 students in the first 1st grade class of Grant School. Since the school opened before construction was completed, the younger students only attended school half days.

4: Betty Boop started life in a cartoon short in 1928. | Steamboat Willie the first Mickey Mouse cartoon short in 1928. | Winnie the Pooh was published in 1926 and was an instant hit. | Flapper dresses and knickerbockers were all the rage in the Roaring 20s. | Color and sound was added to movies in the 1920s. | If you were a kid in the 1920s...

5: 1920-1929 at Grant | Our school is named Grant Elementary because the last school built in Columbia was named in honor of Robert E. Lee, the general of the Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. The Columbia School Board decided to name the new school in honor of Lee's opponent, Ulysses S. Grant, general of the Union soldiers. Grant became the 18th president of the United States in 1869.

6: After school you would look forward to playing Monopoly. | You would watch movies like Snow White and King Kong. | IF You Were A Kid in the 1930s... | You would hear about these people: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jesse Owens, Amelia Earhart Adolf Hitler

7: 1930-1939 at Grant | Grant School In the 1930s In the 1930s, Grant had six large classrooms, one for each grade 1st -6th.The 6th grade teacher was also the principal. The library was in the hallway. The playground was as lot different from today. There were separate fields for boys and girls. Playground equipment included swings, a trapeze, rings, teeter tooters and sand boxes. There was no cafeteria in the 1930s. Many students brought a sack lunch or went home to eat. Their lunch period was 12:00-12:45 p.m. There were no school buses. Most students walked to and from school, but a few lucky students had their parents drive them. | G R A N T S C H O O L I N THE 1930s

8: Bambi | Howdy Doody | Pippi Long Stocking | Books you may have read: | If you were a kid in the 1940's... | Shows you might have watched on TV | Historic Events you would have heard about: | WWII and the dropping of the atomic bomb | You may have enjoyed listening to the new LP's

9: If you were a kid at Grant in the 1940's | Like today, students in the 1940's took field trips as part of their units of study. Some of the field trips were visiting Smith Hatchery, Pan Dandy Bakery, Central Dairy, the airplane factory and a bee keeper. Students also did a lot of hands-on projects. One grade built a toy store; another built an indoor flower garden; another built a library and a bird feeding table. The upper grades published a monthly Junior Journal as part of their language arts work. Grant students did kind deeds for the community too, like sending candy, cards and flowers to patients in the hospital and to the elderly.

10: If you were a kid in the 1950's... | You might have been amazed when Hawaii and Alaska became states. | You might have heard about of the Korean War on the radio. | You could have played with many fun things like Hula Hoops, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie or Scrabble!!!

11: If you went to Grant in the 1950's... | The Grant multipurpose room was built in 1959. | The Battle family broke the color barrier in 1959 by sending their children to Grant. That made Grant the first elementary school to be integrated in Columbia. | Grant students got their own page in the Columbia Missourian called Young Folks Page. | The Grant School fifth graders in Mrs. Funk's class had a school newspaper called The Fifth Grade Tattler .

12: You would have been into ROCK n' ROLL and you'd be listening to The Beatles." | Popular toys back in the 60's were remote controlled cars, and robots and the new amazing Etch-a-Sketch. | If you were a kid in the 60's... | Peanuts and Sesame Street were everybody's favorite TV shows.!

13: Grant 1960-1969 | In 1962, a new wing was added behind the multi-purpose room. The new wing had 6 classrooms, and a kindergarten nearly doubling the size of the school. To ease crowding during the construction, a "temporary" metal building was used as a classroom.The "temporary" building later became the school library. Back then, teachers at Grant helped kids with homework daily!? Mr. Guarwood, was one of the helping teachers. Also, Mr. Easly, (the custodian) was practically a "grandfather"to the kids. He helped celebrate every kid's birthday.

14: If you were a kid in the 1970's... | You might have gone to the movies to watch Superman. | You may have been one of the first people to buy brand new LEGO’s | You might be riding around in a new Cadillac Eldorado | Your parents may have run in the first ever New York Marathon | You may have listened to songs by the Rolling Stones all day on your Sony Walkman

15: Q and A with Parent and former 70's Student Stephanie Rothermich | Q: What special activities do you remember? A: FUNESTA, Crossing Guard and winning the Presidential Fitness Award. Q: How many classrooms were there? A: There were 2 kindergarten classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The grade levels were from K to 6th grade. Q: When did the school year begin and end? A: The school year normally began after Labor Day and went through May or early June. Q; What did you do at recess? A: We had tether ball, a merry-go-round that was metal and heavy, swings and metal jungle gyms. Q: What are the biggest changes between 1970 and 2011? A: The addition of the trailers and the tile benches off of Garth. The school spirit and appreciation for multicultural families are still apparent.

16: If you were a kid in the 1980's.... | You would be on your slow un-modern computer playing a game of Pac-man, or watching your favorite television show, Batman, after school. | These were award winning books. | You'd be moon walking to Michael Jackson. | You would have heard about the falling of the Berlin Wall, a piece of which is now in Fulton, MO.

17: At Grant School in the 1980's... | In the 1980's, the Student Council started Grandparents' Day which has become an annual tradition. A teacher, Mrs. Marta Abele, sponsored a talent marathon that lasted for 2 full school days.! Seventy-seven children performed. In 1985, Grant was one of the first schools to participate in PIE, a.k.a Partners in Education, This began our partnership with Boone County Bank. In 1989, the media center was built. There was no computer lab, so a small lab of 12 computers filled the middle of the media center. Kids always had to share a computer.

18: IF YOU WERE A KID IN THE 1990S YOU WOULD WEAR AIR JORDANS TO SCHOOL AND WATCH THE SIMPSONSand read ha rry potter. | You probably read Harry Potter or the Goosebumps books. | If you were a kid in the 1990's... | You might have watched the Simpson's after school. | You would have waited in line to see Star Wars- The Phantom Menace" | You would have begged your parents for Air Jordan's. | Beanie Babies were all the rage.

19: If you were a kid at Grant in the 90's... | You probably published your own book. The 4th grade book project was started through the partnership of an MU professor and Grant Parent, Don Sievert and Grant teacher, Alice Goldfarb. Since 1994, 4th graders have published original books through this program. | You might have participated in Language Club. In 1990, PTA started Language Club where students could learn how to speak French, Spanish, German or Latin before school. | You learned to create a ceramic tile with artist in residence Heinrich Leonhard. Four of our mural displays were created in the 1990s.

20: play with ... | Kids today... | Listen to music by.... | Webkinz | You would probably scream when you heard Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry came on the radio. | The Wii | iPods | Know about... | Barak Obama, 1st African American president | September11, 2001

21: Some things kids love about Grant School today... | FUNESTA Evening of the Arts Book Club Basketball Student Council Mentoring TJ Wheeler Readathon Bridge Club Language Club Chess Club | Grant greets a new century... | Grant cruised into the 21st century with a new computer lab and the Eco Schoolhouse

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