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Grass 2

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S: Grass 2 : Grass in Manhattan By: Jerry Schlechter 2011

BC: Grass 2 Grass in Manhattan | Will the grass every make it to Manhattan? Will they survive?

FC: Grass 2 | Grass in Manhattan

1: Dedicated to all the blades of grass who have been killed in various cities | © Jerry Schlechter ® All Rights Reserved 2011

2: So after Condominium fiasco was over the clean up had started. The disaster was over. But have many of the 701 grass blades were devoured by the large orange an blue flames. The population had dwindled down to a paltry 322 blades of grass. Grass blade 698 was there leader. Now he was gone, and so were the subordinate rulers. So they needed to elect 3 leaders. 31 blades decided to run. | <--- During Fire After Fire -->

3: But on the day of the first day of the campaign 21 of the candidates were hit by flying shoes. A common problem for the blades of grass. So it was down to 10. But then 3 were murdered by the dreaded motels air conditioner. 7 candidates made it to the elections. Two, grass 5 and 9, got zero votes. Grass 11 and 17 got 3 votes. The rest were elected. Grass 1 was the Prime Minister. Grass 2 and 3 were subordinate rulers.

4: Thirteen days after the election both subordinate rulers came to a unanimous decision to move the community due to the large loss of life in the past year. The thought of moving anywhere was better than their sand dune. They needed to decide where. But, before that they need to get the approval of grass 1, also known as their boss. They would do that the next day, they needed sleep. | Move

5: Around six o'clock in the morning the community was rudely awoken by a screaming child, whose parents kept screaming,"quiet down, Person." So they were all up, the screaming child left and it was quiet. Then some went back to sleep. Grass 2 and 3 went to Grass 1. It was sleeping. They took a stick that blew onto the sand dune. Then, they poked Grass 1. He woke up, saw Grass 2 and 3 smiling next to him, and said go away. After that, he was snoring like a duck. | "But I don't want to go to the beach"

6: Grass 2 and 3 left. And came back two point three one six nine four seven one seven hours later. He was still sleeping. So they left, and came back one point three seconds later. Grass 2 and 3 poked him with a stick many times until he woke. It said " Oh your back," unhappily. "What do you want." "We think we should move. It's getting to dangerous here," said grass 3 reluctantly. "No," grass 1 replied almost immediately after. "We need to do this Grass 1." "No we are not moving." "Our community has been cut in half." "No." "Soon we will be obliterated. We need to leave." "Alright let me think about it." He wouldn't think about it. Its mind was made up they would not move. Until he saw something dreadful. His neighbor, Grass 163, was their latest victim of the flying shoes. They came down with such force that time, that Grass 163 was left in 967 pieces. That shocked Grass 1. They needed to move, but he was not about to admit that to Grass 2 and 3. They came back the next day.

7: No | It's dangerous | But we need to move

8: Grass 2 and 3 came back smiling, it was creepy. He already said no. They left and came back later. Grass 1 said okay, if you want to move, come up with a good plan by next week. Grass 2 and 3 agreed.

9: They spent three whole minutes on the plan. They found a map on the beach. They would move to either New York City or Las Vegas. They voted. Las Vegas won, but they realized that New York City was closer to them.

10: So they would move next week.They would walk up median of the Garden State Parkway to whatever the Lincoln Tunnel was. Then they would take the subway as close to 200 West Street as they could, where they would find their new home. It would take three hours according to their map skills.

11: They presented the plan to Grass 1. He okayed it. | They would move next Saturday.

12: They left, all remaining 301 blades reluctantly left their home to walk across the island, over the bridge to the Garden State Parkway. | It should have taken five minutes. It took 5 days. Over that time 3 were stepped on by flying shoes. A group of 9 grass families of 5 died in horrific hit and run with a SmartCar.

13: The casualties totaled 48. They were all sad with the losses of so many blades. Including Grass 2 who came up with part of the plan. But they were on the median of the Garden State Parkway. As they marched up the first mile the mood improved. They were almost done with their journey---or so they thought. | Grass 3 said it would take 10 more minutes. 10, then 20, 30,40,50,60,70 minutes passed New York City was not in sight. Then Grass 1 decided it was time to rest. They were hungry, ten blades collected liter from the side of the street. They came back with a tire, 2 half eaten hamburgers, and a magazine from 2 years ago. They ate and their favorite was the tire. Then they slept.

14: At 5:30 in the morning, well, according to the watch that was found in the tire, they left again. Over the next 7 days they kept doing this until they finally made it to Atlantic City. But sadly, they had to leave the watch at their first resting place because it was to heavy for the tiny blades of grass to carry. Grass 3 worried about Grass 1, he was getting old and wobbled a little when he walked. Grass 3 thought he would not make the journey. Grass 2 and 3 were both young and energetic blades of grass. They were also more open to change than Grass 1 was.

15: The grass found a car on the side of the road. It was empty and running. They opened the door and hopped in. It was a 2003 Saab 9-3 sports sedan. It had a full tank of gas and they went to drive.

16: They found two bricks in the trunk, and they brought them to the divers side floor. 31 grass blades would lift the brick on and off the gas pedal. Another 31 grass blades would do the same with the brake. Then 21 would turn the wheel. But, in case of emergency 11 blades would stand by the ignition key. This was the only time the Ignition key would work okay in between the two front seats.

17: The blades turned the steering wheel all the way to the left and then told to the gas pedal group to apply the gas. The car shot forward and across both the northbound lanes, into a ditch.

18: But, the emergency group cut the ignition before entering the southbound lanes. So they turned the steering wheel all the way to the right and told both the gas pedal and brake pedal group to apply the bricks. They moved slowly back towards the northbound lanes. Then, they straightened the wheel and told the brake pedal group to release the brick, extremely slowly. The speedometer went from 5 to 10 to 20 to 30, then 40 and 50, 60 and 70, 80 and 90, all the way until 121 miles per hour. They did this for 31 minutes until Grass 3, who was sitting on the dashboard saw something in the distance. His eyes widened and he said "cut the ignition, pull of the gas, apply the brick to the brake." It got closer and closer until, boom, the Saab hit the obstacle. The car ignited and grass rushed to get out. The driver door opened and the blades jumped out. As soon as the last surviving blades got out 2 police cars showed up. 3 officers and 1 freaked out person walked out from the vehicle in horror. 27 blades died in the crash. No one saw what exactly they hit, but they did see a small thin tire with pink spokes in front of the burning Saab.

20: The grass walked somberly away from the crash. No one talked, they just walked slowly. Every once in a while, you would here a short burst of a sob from a mother who lost her kin.

21: But, the grass kept moving for what seemed like days. As the sun rose and grazed the trees with its light the grass community saw a sign. | It read New York City 31 miles This lightened the communities' mood, slightly. | New York City 31 Miles

22: The grass started to pick up their pace. Grass 73 said they would be there in a couple hours. But Grass 1 had a good idea. Their was a idled car at the picnic area. Everyone would get on the roof or back bumper and hitch a ride to New York City.

23: They ran as fast as they could to the car. then they jumped on to the exhaust tip, to the bumper, then to the license plate, to the spoiler. In the end grass were distributed to the license plate, bumper, and the spoiler. Until the car trunk opened. When that happened, everyone went into the trunk and hid in a small crevasse.

24: Luggage was thrown in and the lid was closed, but not latched on. This was so the grass could hop out of the car if need be. After that the car started and they were off. All of the somber sleep deprived grass fell a sleep and woke up 7 hours later to find....

25: The car was parked. and the lid was latched shut. The blades of grass did not no where they were or how to get to the subway, but then they realized. They were trapped and going to die. They could not get out. Panic and hysteria rose throughout the community. | How will we get out??? | We are going to die, in this trunk of a car!!!

26: But, just as all hope was lost, Grass 37 saw a lever at the top of the seat. So they stacked on top of each other until the reached to lever. Grass 106 ended up pulling the lever and the seat fell forward, along with the grass tower. Luckily, no blades were injured. They went exploring for a way out of the vehicle. It took 3 hours until, one of the blades saw a large hole on the dashboard. This would be their way out. One by one each blade squeezed through the hole and onto the hood, where they would jump down to the floor of the parking garage. Once everyone was out. They walked to the stairwell and elevator bay. The elevator was to dangerous, because of the large gap between the car and building, so they opted for the stairs. They kept going until they reached the sidewalk. To their advantage, the subway was just a few hundred meters away. The made a dash for it, weaving around people with blackberry's and iPhone's barely moving. They reached it in 3 minutes flat. But, sadly, Grass 1 and 82 were killed by a not flying shoe. Most had made it. They got by security, no problem. (grass don't carry metal) And on to the subway labeled "Battery Park City/West Street/Wall Street," which was good because they were going to 200 West Street. They rode for what seemed like hours, but was really 21 minutes, until West Street Station appeared. The community found themselves right across the street from 200 West Street. They had made it, everyone was jubilant. But, little did they know, that a group of anti-grass taxi drivers, Kevin, Sameer, and Katie, had spotted them.

27: Lever

29: Grass 3 led the way. All the others followed. Suddenly, their was a screeching of tires. And then 3 yellow blobs coming at them. They were cars!! Everyone ran as fast as they could but it did not work. The taxi drivers ran over 97 blades of grass. But, just as the taxis zoomed by, Lena the homeless lawyer, walked into the street making Kevin swerve out of control and into Katie's taxi. Katie was killed on impact, but Kevin is in the intensive care unit to this day. Sameer parked, slumped low in his seat, and worked on calculus problems, for MIT. He was later arrested for reckless driving, and murdering of grass. He will spend the next 1 hour in a prison cell, before being put on house arrest. Once again the grass community was sad, and smaller. Many now regret the move. Grass 3 tries to console the other blades, to get re-elected. It was now night. They blades were sitting on the curb, not saying a word. But, then Nick, the homeless person, said hello to the community. Grass 3 said "Hi" but he was the only one. Nick asked, "whats wrong." Grass 3 replied quietly "97 blades were killed by anti-grass taxis." "Oh, Grass should have more rights." Then Nick took off never to be seen again. The grass community slept on the street, just to be swept up by a street cleaner at 5:30 in the morning. There were no survivors.

30: A | Epilogue: Apparently, Nick went to the next Manhattan board meeting to demand more rights for grass. He was laughed at and now lives in an asylum in the Bronx. Lena, the homeless lawyer is fighting to get him out. The owners of 200 West Street decided to plant a small patch of grass, just in case Nick was not insane. Those grass heard the story of their ancestors. The new community plan to move to San Francisco to be safer. The Street Cleaner who killed the remaining grass was fired. Kevin and Sameer will undergo grass therapy. | 200 West Street

31: The End Grass 3: Grass in San Francisco Coming Soon.....

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