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Gray's Monomyth Project

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FC: Paper Towns And The Stages Of The Monomyth By: Gray Rodgers

1: Call To Adventure | The call to adventure begins after Quentin's all- nighter with Margo. On this all-nighter, the two connect on a deeper level. Quentin becomes attached to her. The following morning, a policeman comes and tells Quentin that Margo is missing. After he is interviewed, Quentin starts to believe that Margo wants to be found. He reflects, "She wanted me to play out the string, to find the place where she had stopped" (Green 117). He believes that Margo wants to be found because in her past "escapes" she has left clues for her parents to find her. He believes she has left clues for him because she wants him to find her.

3: Refusal Of The Call | Quentin is uneasy about the adventure. He questions, and questions, and questions all the clues Margo has left for him. When he is printing the directions to Agloe, Quentin exclaims, "I had focused on her whereabouts for so long in an attempt to keep me from obsessively wondering whether she was alive" (Green 237). Quentin realizes all the time he has wasted worrying and questioning.

4: Supernatural Aid | Margo is Quentin's supernatural aid. With her clues, she guides him through his quest to find her. Margo is supernatural because Quentin still feels her presence through the clues she has left him. Quentin becomes emotional: "It ate away at me, as if the routine itself was taking me further reuniting with her" (Green 130). At school, Quentin hates being away from he clues because he feels lost. He misses Margo's aid.

6: Crossing The First Threshold

7: Quentin crosses the first threshold when he unhinges his door. He finds a paper with an address on it, written by Margo. The address leads him to the abandoned mini mall where he continues his journey. After finding the piece of paper behind his door Quentin says: "I couldn't help but smile" (Green 134). The paper is proof that Margo wants to be found. Quentin can no longer stay in his comfort zone. He must go to the address. From this point, he knows he must find Margo.


9: The address Quentin finds on the piece of paper in his door leads him to an abandoned building. The building is his Belly of The Whale. Quentin and his friends enter the building expecting to find Margo. Instead, they discover the building is dark and abandoned and smells like death. Quentin thinks the worst. He has been swallowed into the unknown, and he is afraid. In the dark he states, "This is the fear that teaches us to run" (Green 141). The group finds Margo's message. She writes, "YOU WILL NEVER GO TO THE PAPER TOWNS AND YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK" (Green 149). Quentin leaves feeling like he is still in the dark.

10: The Road Of Trials | Quentin's road of trials is his race to find all of the clues Margo has left him. Each of these clues tests him. When Quentin discovers Margo is in Agloe, he and his friends, Ben, Radar, and Lacey travel all the way to New York to find her. They plan out their road trip to be as short as possible. Radar calculates, "We gotta stop four times for gas. The stops will have to be very, very short. Six minutes at the most off highway" (Green 224). Throughout their journey, they all try to get there as quickly as they can in hopes of catching up to Margo. They all face exhaustion, anger, and near death experiences on the highway. Still, they all do it for Margo.

11: Meeting With The Goddess | Quentin's goddess is Lacey, Margo's best friend. After Margo's disappearance, she advises Quentin to go to New York. Lacey tells Quentin, "Margo told Jase that New York was the only place in America where anyone could live a half livable life" (Green 120). Later in his quest, Quentin remembers what Lacey told him, and discovers Margo in New York. Lacey accompanies Quentin on his journey to New York. Lacey's character changes throughout their meetings. She evolves, and becomes less of a typical girl.

12: Atonement With The Father | Quentin fought with his friend Ben before their road trip. Quentin felt Ben didn't care what he was doing for Margo. Ben was going to parties and ignored Quentin in his time of need. On the road trip to Agloe, Quentin is almost involved in an accident. He sees a cow in the middle of the highway and freezes. He takes his hands off the wheel in fear. Ben grabs the wheel and swerves and misses the cow. After their near death experience, Ben and Quentin repair their "bromance." Quentin says, "Thank you. That was the best front seat driving I've ever seen" (Green 271).

14: Apotheosis! | Quentin's reaches his Apotheosis when he finds Margo. He realizes he has feelings for her. He loves her. Everything makes sense. He realizes why he cared so much. He starts to understand the mystery that is Margo. As they talk, Quentin says, "She stares at me, her eyes in my eyes and nothing in between them" (Green 302). Quentin finally sees the real Margo. Everything is out in the open.

16: Refusal Of The Return | Quentin has a hard time leaving Margo. He refuses returning back to Orlando because he loves her. He feels that this will be the last time he'll ever see her. As they kiss one last time, Quentin describes his feelings: "We play the broken strings of our instruments one last time" (Green 305).

18: Master Of Two Worlds | Quentin finally understands Margo, and his feelings for her. He can return to Orlando knowing Margo for her true self, and himself for who he is. In the beginning, he knew Margo as a wild, adventurous girl who was fearless. Now he realizes she looks at herself as a "papergirl", vulnerable and afraid. He is leaving knowing that she loves him. Quentin concludes his adventure saying, "Yes, I can see her almost perfectly in this cracked darkness" (Green 305).

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