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Griffin's 2nd Year!

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S: Griffin's 2nd Year

1: This is it... your second year of life has begun. These pictures were taken in the days right after your 1st birthday party. Here you are just playing with your new toys.

2: You are our little sweet boy. Who sits by himself and learns and grows everyday. | Offering up sweet smiles, precious giggles, and tender cries. | You teach us every day how to love more fully. | You are the cutest! The best! And oh how we love you!

4: You love to watch and listen to your dada play the guitar! We will watch you over time participate more and more with making music. At first just watching, but before you know it, you might make music of your very own, or play along side your daddy in a band!

5: I remember this day perfectly. We played in mama's bed. You were the trooper, letting me play dress up and take pictures. | But enough is enough right?

6: Your sweet little friend Sophie came over to play and we took you guys on a wagon trip around the neighborhood. I just love all of your silly expressions! The sun was bright that day, and you wanted to look at me when I called your name, but the bright, bright light was hard to look up into!

7: Little Griffin and Little Sophie! March of 09!

9: Oh my dear sweet boy. We had to go back to the hospital in April of 09. It was so scary and hard and you were so strong and brave. You developed a stomach blockage and it took us a while to figure out what was going on. I remember it was Easter Sunday that Dr. Wesson figured it all out!

10: You made home it home just after easter, but Grammi didn't forget you. She had your first easter basket all ready and waiting for you! Mommy set a hope that day, that we would make it one year out of the hospital.

11: Back home again. The best place to be.

12: Splish, Splash! Being in the bath is especially fun with dada! You are your daddy's best buddy!

13: Your Auntie May was your best friend and first roommate at your house. You loved seeing her all the time!

14: I remember this day. It was shortly after we came home from the hospital. You were so sweet and proud sitting in your new chair. And you were giving mommy the sweetest kisses ever, they were healing kisses.

15: Our second summer together! | What fun you are to have photo shoots with!

17: Ah! Another one of my favorite photo moments. Here we are in the summer, sitting on a blanket, playing with toys, and | soaking up the sun and each other. I look at these photos of you and see pure magic in them. You are so incredible!

18: Oh what a summer! | oh what

21: Here you are, 16 months old, you are the greatest sitter. You love to play with your toys and you love to give mommy, daddy, and your stuffed animals kisses. You are so much fun to play with!

22: You would talk to yourself in the mirror and it would just melt my heart. You loved playing in your mirror. I can hear the sounds you would make just by looking at these photos! | Here you are so cute and silly!

24: You can still sleep on your Daddy's chest! You barely fit on it and you don't even fit on Mommy's anymore. But your daddy can cuddle you just right and he loves it more than anything in the world!

25: I remember this day so well, you were playing down by mommy's legs while I took pictures and daddy snoozed!

26: Meal time is still extra hard for us. But you are getting better and better. And mealtimes can still be just as special. | And we love you even if eating is harder for you. I have big dreams for us little guy. Me and you are going to cook and eat all sorts of food together one day, lets just stick with it!

27: This was mine and yours sleepy face after a long day of driving down to Texas Children's for a visit to the Down's syndrome clinic. You were such a trooper and they loved you up and said you were doing very well, that you had a lot of emerging skills, a lot of potential, a lot of positive things going on!

28: Look at that cute boy who styled his very own hair with applesauce!

29: I love when you grab onto mama, onto her legs, onto her feet. I feel so loved by you, your sweet little love language is unparalleled. Everyone craves their griffin loves and touches.

30: Splash, splish, splosh! You loved playing on your splash pad that your Grammi bought you! It was the perfect size for you and made the perfect size splashes!

31: And boy oh boy do you love your books. It is so special to read them to you. Your love for them just takes over your whole being and all you are is that love.

32: There you two are again! Being the best snuggle, cuddle buddies ever! There is something magical and special that happens when you two cuddle with each other. | Such peace you both find when snuggled close to one another.

33: This sweet boy was when you fell asleep right in the middle of mama watching her favorite dance show. The TV was so loud and you just slept right through it.

34: This was a time when you loved pulling anything off and out of things! CD's, DVD's, books, toys.... | Any and all of it, had you in heaven! And dear boy to the right is one of the first times you crawled. 17 months old.

37: You are our silly, silly! What fun we have with you! | Little you have inspired the momma in me, so I took my first sewing class and made you this!

38: You are our backwards UT hat wearing, cape flying, lion ridin, super hero of a little boy! Oh how we love you!

39: This was a picture of the sleepy, sick boy all snuggled up.

40: Oh what a fall we had this year! No surgeries this season! Yay for Griffin!

41: Sophie your sweet little first friend loves to hug and kiss you and you are not yet into it! | You and Sophie at the pumpkin patch!

42: You are the cutest Griffin in his fall outfit! | Smiling and licking the wind, that is my boy!

43: This was a special day at the park. You had so much fun being there with Mommy. Swinging and riding in the wagon around the lake. This is also the first time you ever stood up. Right there on the side of the wagon, you turned to look at me and dropped one hand. We were both shocked! 19 months old.

44: Oh my Griffin, how we love you! You love to crawl into that tub and play. And you are so cute dressed in your winter clothes playing silly with daddy, reaching for mama!

45: You like to help mama with the dishes! | And you like to be pushed around the kitchen in boxes!

46: Griffin this was your first year to go Trick or Treating! We had so much fun. Mama was a fairy and you were her mushroom. I was so excited to dress up with you and daddy!

47: You had a blast riding around the neighborhood in your wagon! We went over to Sophie's house and spent Halloween with her family. You were the mushroom who stole everyone's heart. Our special little toadstool of a boy!

48: Griffin you have so many sleep overs with your Grammi. You love going over there. It is one of the most fun places to play and be. And your precious Grammi has a special way of caring for you. | You trust her so much and a few times you have spent a couple of days with her! What a big boy you are to stay away from home for that long!

50: And sometimes when you come home from Grammi's you have a little surprise for mama! A NEW TATTOO!

51: I loved our Fall together. We ate home made pumpkin pie and played with orange strung lights! Celebrating life and its seasons with you is amazing. I am so blessed to be able to share this life with you Griffin.

52: Griffin in November you started preschool for the very first time! You went Wednesday and Friday half days, and you loved it! You did so great! It was so incredible to be here, to watch you make it this far. What a milestone!

53: On November 10, 2008 we celebrated your 1st heart birthday. It was your one year anniversary from your big heart surgery. Grammi and Oscar came over and we ate together and just were thankful for you and all that you came through. We thought about that time and remembered how brave and strong you were. With all that you went through you get two birthdays buddy! You deserve it!

54: You love to play! Some days I find you all content, playing in corners around the house. | Other times you are throwing balls all over the kitchen floor and chasing after them!

55: Griffin you are Daddy's favorite!

56: Mommy, Daddy, and Grammi took you to see your first movie in the theater! And boy, did you love, love it! You watched it the whole time, so intently! And when this movie came out on DVD your Aunt May bought it for you and it is still one of your favorites! What fun!

57: Griffin you are our music buddy. You love it! You started learning how to play your daddy's guitar when you were 22 months old. | You would strum it with your hands and sometimes you would take daddy's hand and make his hand strum it. I have no doubt that one day you are playing your very own instrument!

58: You had a Christmas party at your school and mommy got to go with you! It was so much fun and we wore our Christmas jammies together!

59: Still our book loving child!

60: Merry Christmas! Mommy's favorite! This Christmas was so magical with you! | You were still my little elf and I was still the big elf!

61: This year we gave Grammi a special present and I won't ever forget you helping her open it. You loved all of your new toys!

62: Oh my sweet, sweet birthday boy. You are 2! How are you 2 already? This is your famous 2 year old birthday picture. You are at your Grammi's house and you are sportin a mohalk and an Elmo balloon. Your Auntie May was with you too. You are so fabulous. And we love you so much. We are so proud of you, 2!

63: You also went to school on your 2nd birthday. And you got a birthday sticker!

64: After Grammi's house on your birthday, we came home | to your mommy and daddy presents!

65: You loved all of your presents! Even your ones from your friend Roger! New movies!

66: And your birthday festivities continued for a little while longer because we had your party a couple weeks later! You helped mommy make posters for your party. Our first craft together! And then we had you a party! At our house, with lots and lots of friends and family and decorations and balloons!

68: Oh what a 2 year old you will make! Griffin, you light up our life. We are so blessed to have you as our little boy. Thank you for another year of your life. You are now 2. 2 whole years down and so much more to go, how exciting. You are our greatest teacher.

70: Griffin you are such a beautiful creation. I am thankful for you daily. You are like a precious rare jewel. There are two Walt Wilkins lines that make me think of you "I've got big, big hopes about you." & "Of all the treasures in heaven, how did they let this one disappear? With the whole wide world to travel how the hell did he wind up here." We love you to the moon and back. Here we go third year!

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