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Haiti Team 90

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Haiti Team 90 - Page Text Content

S: SUMMER 2011

FC: 2011 | TEAM 90 - HAITI

1: On to Port-Au-Prince!

2: Apparently, just being in an airport tires some missionaries

3: ...Others wait until they are on the plane.

4: BIENVENUE A HAITI! | We are all smiles...

5: We certainly brought lots of luggage! | No, we are not lost. We are walking on a semi-organized fashion to the transport vans.


7: First sunrise in Haiti. Somehow, getting up before the crack of dawn doesn't seem like an imposition here.

8: Everyday we could see God's beauty all around us: flowers, geckos, lizards, trees, rainstorms. And our trusty handwashing station kept us healthy.

9: The compound has armed guards, a helicopter pad, a burn hospital, a clinic, and many military tents with supplies.

10: Logan thinks he's a guard now keeping us safe! Ha!!

11: Views of the mountain (watch out for mountain cows) and the ocean from the compound. Hard to believe all that tranquility exists among the chaos.

12: Circle time was a special time to come together and focus every morning before going off to our assignments. We always held hands and sang "Allelluia".


14: Here's our clinic schedule for the week. We are split into Alpha and Omega teams. | Denise worked hard all day counting out pills for the pharmacy, always with a huge, contagious smile.

15: Bon Repos clinic was in a church damaged by the earthquake. We arrived around 8am and there was a line of people waiting for us. | Our pharmacy area was rustic. Flies all over our medicines. Folding chairs served as tables for us to count out the pills.

16: Logan got caught unawares when the mother just handed him the baby to hold. | "Help! What do I do with this baby?"

17: Drs. Merline and Vlad see patients and counsel them about nutrition and hygiene habits.

18: "Dr. Logan" in action.... | Even in Haiti you have to remind people to turn off their cell phones! | Look who's done with clinic duty! | Count those pills! Une, deux, trois, quatre...

19: The executive pill counters, aka street pharmacists, and their unsuspecting patients.

20: The children were playing hide and seek and the little girls were flirting with Logan. Jackie started chasing the children around and got them so riled up that they got in trouble with their parents!

21: Dr. Vlad brings the message of God's love and introduces "les blancs" before clinic starts. | People are extremely polite, they dress up in their Sunday best to come see us.

22: The clinic's "lunch room" and the rickety steps to get to it. Fortunately, Stanly was there to help us out. | Lunch was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carefully spread from left to right by our sandwich makers.

23: Friendly faces of Haiti


25: Not sure if Kyle is welcoming guests or trying to keep people out...

26: Fortunately for everyone, | Silvia didn't get kitchen duty....

27: ...she got laundry duty instead!

28: Just chillin' after a hard day's work. A chance to regroup and process our experiences of the day. Devotional time every evening gave us a chance to communicate with God and each other, and share the good and difficult things we'd seen.

29: Women's bedroom - The A/C was way too small, you had to sleep with your arm on it to get some air flowing your way. It managed to keep the room temperature about five degrees cooler than the bedroom without A/C.

30: Men's bedroom - They got the cool night breezes.... and their stuff wet when it rained!

31: There was no TV in the mission house. We were entertained every night by geckos chasing months on the window. | Our daily schedule of activities as coordinated by Joyce Thrift, aka slave driver.....

32: Nightly Pocker Pill Counting Party! I'll see your Benadryls and raise you 30 Tylenols....

33: Good thing we have the men so well trained in the kitchen... They certainly did a fantastic job cooking and cleaning for all of us!

34: David whined so much about his knee that Dr. Francise gave him a cortisone shot and Dr. Merline gave him a sucker for the pain! He serenaded Dr. Francise to thank her. | Kyle drew a happy face on David's knee the day of departure, and that's how he went thru customs!

35: Only thing Chester Melton ever gave me other than a smelly hug!

36: The Wall of Fame with pictures of all the teams that have come before us. | WE ARE TEAM 90!


38: You need some drugs??? You name it, we got it!! | Dr. Logan is in the house!

39: While Logan and Elizabeth do triage, Dr. Merline and Nurse Sterling see patients, and Jackie, Silvia, and Kyle get the prescriptions ready.

41: The Cabaret clinic was located in a church, the building was too damaged to be used, so we were outside under a canopy. There was a school in the back and we could hear the children singing as we worked.

43: These cute sisters were named Sara, Sheena, and Tresjeune. Their mother had polio and walked on all fours.

44: One of Elizabeth's patients fainted and she had to hold on to baby and mother to keep them from hitting the floor! | Elizabeth celebrates seeing the last patient for the day.

45: The Titanyen clinic was in a church building. It was hot and the team ran out of water. While everyone worked, Jackie was being hassled by boys trying to sell her bracelets.


47: The doctors will build their home on this land, they will have a beautiful view.


49: The mountain clinic day was cut short due to rain. There was no cover for the people or medicines and the team had to return early. | People had been walking since 2am to get to the mountain clinic. They would have to come back the following week.

51: Denise continued to work even though she didn't feel well. This would be her last work day.

52: On September 7, 2011 Denise Clemmer went to heaven. She worked the mountain clinic in the morning, but she was not feeling well during the return trip. While the team was drying out the wet medical supplies at the compound, she just put her head down. The team told her to go back to the house and lay down. Instead, she started walking away from the house, toward the mountain. She was walked to the house where she collapsed. She was taken to a Doctors Without Borders hospital where she died of heat stroke and cardiac arrest. Her death inspired us to work harder for the remainder of the mission trip. Denise lived her life to serve others as a Child Protection case worker, and we honored her memory by completing the mission, serving 1057 people in the medical clinics.

53: One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a girl picking something up and throwing it gently into the ocean. Approaching the girl, he asked, "What are you doing?" The girl replied, "throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back they'll die." "Girl", the man said, "don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can't make a difference!" After listening politely, the girl bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, she said "I made a difference for that one!" That girl could have been Denise. She made a difference to everyone she met in North Carolina and Haiti with her kindness and contagious Betty Rubble laugh.


55: The cow stampede on our way to the compound from the airport.

56: The famous tap-taps. The only form of public transportation. They are converted pickup trucks with seating on the back. You have to tap the roof to get on or off.

57: Tent cities pop up on the side of the road. The "tents" are usually just cardboard and tarps thrown together.

59: On the side of this mountain in Titanyen the mass graves were dug after the earthquake. People climb the mountainside everyday to pay their respects, some in hopes that it is the final resting place of the loved ones they haven't seen since the earthquake.

61: I've never seen a cloud like this before.

62: Only in Haiti do you find fences made out of cactus.

63: Only in Haiti do you paint a tin shack and call it the "Super Bank"! | Watch out for potholes and cars coming in all directions!

64: Is this a beehive???


67: The houses being built are small 10x12 cement block dwellings with a tin roof. Florida Baptist own this project and we are helping them out.

69: Cement "mud" is mixed by "mud man".

70: The "bucket brigade" passes the mud up to the block layers forming the walls.

71: "Mud man" wears NC State gloves | Moving these blocks around is a "block party"

72: Sifting the dirt is harder than it looks! | These children are fascinated by Logan's hairy arms.

73: The little girl lived next door to the house we were building.

74: These little girls are Jude's nieces, one of our drivers.

75: Guard Goat | These houses are built by Samaritan's Purse. | Was Chester really working?

76: Ey yu! Blanc! Who's your friend?


78: We received a visit from UN officers. | Angelina Jolie was here....

80: Many people were waiting for us in Tent City. When they heard of our loss, they comforted us. A mother and her sons sang to us "God Will Make a Way".

82: Why can't doctors write legibly?

83: Baby Kashline and her mother. Kashline had typhoid and was very sick. | Dr. Francise doing field surgery

85: Kashline, the little girl who took my hat and my heart.

86: Only one single tree remains on the hill

87: Today Kelly prayed with two women who accepted Christ. They wanted a "blanc" to pray for them.

88: We were very busy with very sick people | and very heavy hearts. | Paula and Hannah found a reason to smile | God guided us thru the day and we were able to serve in His honor.

89: Tommy was put to service fanning a very sick woman. When Paula tried to take over, the woman shooed her away. She wanted the handsome "blanc" to fan her!

91: The children were aggressively begging



94: But first, a tour of Arcahaie with Dr. Vlad. Arcahaie is a city not damaged by the earthquake, so we could get a flavor of what Haiti was like before. | The plaza commemorates Haiti's independence. | Catherine Flon sew the first Haitian flag in 1803.

95: City Hall | Painting of a man who was shot while trying to save the Haitian flag.

97: The Haitian flag throughout history

98: Jean-Jacques Dessalines, father of Haiti's Independence

99: Denise's sister Renee flew from the US and joined the medical team on day 5 in Arcahaie.

100: Tommy's been hitting the children's Benadryl again! | This lady hugged everybody

101: The Luly clinic was in the courtyard of a church | Some of our satisfied patients...

104: "I sure hope the Vet School doesn't find out I'm treating humans again..."

105: A 109 year old man and former pastor of the church in Luly came to the clinic. His prescription: vitamins, clothes, hygiene kit, and a sandwich!

106: More satisfied customers


108: There are 50 children in the orphanage, which is just a simple house where a couple started taking in children after the earthquake.

109: We stopped by the market and... | ...bought rice, beans, and sausages. | Tommy and Butch sure make some goofy looking orphans | The family was about to run out of food when we arrived with our presents.

111: The children waited patiently for their presents | "Sela, sela!" a little boy screamed (candy)

112: Bible verses were painted on the walls in French, English, and Spanish

113: The children sang to us and prayed for us. Especially moving was the US National Anthem sung in French.

114: A little girl was doing laundry and hanging the clothes on the line of cactus. Cactus are often used as fences.

116: Thank you children for lifting our spirits and helping us close the week on a high note.


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