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Haley's Senior Year

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Haley's Senior Year - Page Text Content

S: Haley Townsend Greenwood High School Class of 2011 - Senior Year

BC: Greenwood Bulldogs 2010-2011

FC: Class of 2011

1: First Day of School: Can't believe Senior year is really here! | Stephen and Haley - 3 years and going strong. | Senior Year! | Senior Year!

4: Volleyball Seniors Amalie Mitchum, Vanessa Uhrhahn, Tamara Bull, Kayla Grigg, Cierra Bynum, Heather Cabe, Haley Townsend

5: It was very hard to end the year of volleyball. We have loved watching Haley play over the last several years. Look at those arms at work! Go Haley!

6: Volleyball Senior Night Volleyball has been such a great journey for Haley in more than just an athletic form. There has been relationship drama, coaching variance, and many other things to challange and teach over the years. We are so proud of you Haley!

7: Volleyball Banquet Gray got carried away with his parent letter to Haley and went on and on and on....... WE lOVE YOU HALEY!

8: football HOMECOMING court | football HOMECOMING court | pep rally

9: Football Homecoming Maid of Honor 2010

10: We all love our Haley!

11: Homecoming Week was crazy, but sure was great to share it with friends and family!

12: Oh boy, Homecoming was a very interesting experience! Elections were held one day in September, and the results were announced at the pep rally the following Friday. I wasn't at the pep rally, because I was at a volleyball tournament in Tulsa. It was shortly after our arrival at the gym in Tulsa, Stephen sent me a text and told me that I was voted maid of honor for homecoming. I was sure he was kidding until my phone started blowing up with people telling me that I was maid of honor. Before I knew it, I was out shopping with Arshia and Kortni for an outfit to wear to the homecoming pep rally. Trying to please Madi with our outfit choices was extremely difficult. For the most part, things leading up to homecoming were really stressful., trying to manage volleyball, school and all the extra stuff for homecoming. When the day of the football game came, I was more than ready for homecoming to be over. After the pep rally I left school with my mom to to get my hair and makeup done which was a lot of fun. It was the first time I had ever gotten all made up for anything. We showed up for pictures before homecoming started which was not so fun. it was like being a bridesmaid in a wedding, Madi being the bride and all of us maids being the bridesmaids. Walking out to the field for homecoming, I was not having much fun. Walking out was fine, and it was nice to see Stephen before the game; he made me feel a lot better. When we got to where we were supposed to sit, I was thinking it was going to be one long night, and then all my friends showed up. It turned into one really fun night.. Loribeth and Carson came to see me and even made shirts that said "all hail kale." It was so much fun hanging out and taking pictures with all my friends and family. Then after the game I finally got to see Stephen. We had so much fun taking pictures after the game. We even danced on the field. I am honored that my classmates voted me maid of honor, and it ended up being a great experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

15: What a year in Football! Way to go Stephen!

16: Haley's 18th Birthday!!! | Haley's 18th Birthday!!! | Haley's new ride: Kia Sorento. It even has a working stereo!

17: Fort Smith Juniors Junior Olympic Volleyball 18-1 Team Haley played with many of these same girls year after year and became very close. What a great team!


20: Senior prom was my very first prom because I missed my junior prom due to a volleyball tournament. The day of prom Vanessa and I went to get our hair and makeup done. It was so much fun getting all made up with my best friend. After that we went to a hotel to get our dresses on and finish getting ready. Stephen and Inaki picked us up at the hotel, and from there we want to take pictures. Kelli and her date Cody and Amalie and her date Remi met us to take pictures. It was a lot of fun taking pictures with everyone, and Steve was a really good sport. After pictures we went to eat at Shogun where we had a very interesting cook to say the least. We also happened to be seated at the table right across from another big group of Greenwood people, which was a lot of fun. Once we got to prom, we checked in and went and found our table. I had to bring my AP World History and Calculus books in because Mr. Bridges told us we would get bonus points if we took a picture with our books and our principal. I'm just glad that I wasn't the only weirdo at prom with their books. It took me a while to warm up to the dance floor, but once Stephen talked me into dancing we hardly sat down. When prom was almost over, everyone sat down to watch the slide show of the seniors. It brought tears to my eyes when the picture of Stephen and I dancing on the football field after homecoming came on and everyone said, "Aww." After the slide show it was time to announce prom king and queen. Mine and Stephen's names were on the ballot, but I thought there was no way it would be us. Well, as it turns out, it was. When Allie Wilson announced our names, we went to the dance floor and Stephen crowned me and we got to share a dance together which was really sweet. After we got done dancing, everyone came out on the dance floor, including our parents! It was such a special surprise for our parents to come and share that with us. I know it seems so cheesy to be prom kind and queen bit it truly meant so much to see what our senior class thought of us as a couple. After prom all of my best friends and their dates came back to my house to spend the night. We had a blast! | Prom Queen

23: Well, where do I begin with our senior year? There was a lot of things we got to do together. We were prom king and queen which I enjoyed more than I thought I would, you being maid of honor for football homecoming and me getting to walk you, and plenty of other things to add to the list. Of course sports were a big part of our year I would say that we were both very successful not counting our win loss record. We both set our to be leaders of our teams and we were. Yea, your senior year of volleyball didn't end up in the finals, but your leadership brought a team close together and may have changed the program for years to come. It was nice for me to make it to the finals and win, but I can honestly say I don't think that was my greatest accomplishment. I committed football to God and He took care of that, so I set my mind on leaving a mark in the program past winning games. I wanted to show the younger guys that with hard work and determination you could earn what you got and I honestly think I did. We had great senior seasons in sports and I think God used us to reach our teammates more than win games. As far as school went.....well, we both were on completely different areas of the spectrum in that. I had a serious case of senioritis, so my year was pretty simple. you on the other hand worked incredibly hard on your school work. you dedicated yourself to school and it paid off in the long run. I am very proud of the way you worked and I know for a fact that you will carry the same work ethic and determination on into your college career. You may even rub off on me a little, haha. Between prom, homecoming and even the who's who stuff we were able to enjoy a lot of things together and we made memories that will last a lifetime. I hope that you feel the same way about and that you enjoyed them as much as I did. The most memorable thing though may be the summer before school started. At church camp I really enjoyed the time we were able to talk about what we wanted our relationship to be like and how we wanted to make a difference in every aspect that we could. We were really focused on what God had planned for us, and he ended up using us to make a difference in our school. As we start our college career, I pray that God continues to be at the center of our relationship and uses us more than ever. We both know there will be some rough spots, but we will get through them together. As long as we have God at the center of our relationship we will be just fine. I look forward to what the future holds and the ways God will use us to reach others, as well as help each other grow stronger in our walks. I thank you for always being there for everything. Regardless of what it was I always knew I could depend on you. You have been a blessing in my life and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I love you Haley Townsend and I truly mean that. Thank you once again., Love, Stephen

24: Class of 2011 | Class of 2011 | Graduation | Graduation

26: Making Headlines... So proud of our graduate!


28: ` | Senior Trip with FBC Greenwood! | Panama City Beach

30: Disney or Bust Haley and Vanessa went to Disney for a week for their Senior Trip. No Parents. Pretty sure they had a great time. They flew out of Branson, Missouri so there were no connecting flights. :)

35: On June 4, 2011, my best friend, Vanessa and I left for our senior trip to Disney World. We had been talking about this trip ever since the beginning of our junior year. It all started as speculation, but thanks to our amazing parents, it became reality. My mom pretty much instantly said yes, but it took my dad almost a year to give me a definitive answer. Once we got to OK, we went into planning mode, which I must say, was a ton of fun in itself. Vanessa and i got to pick every little detail, which was special because it made us feel super grown up. We booked the trip in December to ensure that we would get everything the way we wanted. We were so excited that we had all of our restaurants booked by the end of January. In May as a graduation present for Vanessa and I, my mom surprised us with the Wild Africa Trek. This was a brand new tour in Animal Kingdom that had only been open for a few months. With all of this exciting stuff planned, now all we could do was wait patiently. Finally June rolls around, and we are so excited we can barely stand it. My mom drove us to the Branson airport, let us out on the curb, and left the rest to us. We could hardly believe that THE day was finally here and we were headed to the most magical place on earth! Our plane left around noon, and we landed in Orlando at about 3:00. Once we were there we just didn't know what to do with ourselves! We checked into the hotel, put our bags in our room, and immediately left to go explore. We had dinner reservations every night and reservations for lunch on some days. I have never eaten so much food in all my life! We ate at great places that had really fancy food. My favorite place we ate was Yachtsman's Steakhouse. Most of the restaurants we ate at had dress codes, so it was a lot of fun to get dressed up for dinner. We had a blast riding all of the rides and meeting all of the characters in the parks. We had so much fun on the nights that the parks were open late. There were some nights we didn't get back to our room until 3:00 a.m. The Wild Africa Trek was so much fun; we got to see so many of the animals in Animal Kingdom up close and personal. On the last night we were there, we got to go to a dessert party which had a huge dessert bar and gave us awesome seats to the fireworks in Magic Kingdom. This was the perfect way to end a perfect vacation. I could not be more grateful to my parents for the fact that I got to go on this trip. And I also could not think of anyone else I would have rather gone with. We made so many awesome memories on this trip that I will never forget. Vanessa is the best friend any one could ever have and we have gone through so much together. I will miss her incredibly when we leave for college, but I know that we will still remain the best of friends.

36: Volleyball All-Star Game in Fayetteville | Haley was named All-State her Junior and Senior year. She was awarded the Most Outstanding Player for the West Team!

38: Dear Haley, As I write this letter, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the memories from your childhood. Thankfully, there have been many funny moments which have kept me from dousing this letter with my tears thinking about how close we are to losing you from our nest. For a while there, the closest you would come to any sort of athletic event was as a cheerleader. you used to go all over the house practicing your little prissy cheers. I just knew I was doomed to suffer through being the parent of a cheerleader (no offense to any parents of cheerleaders in the room tonight). I had nightmares of permanent paw prints on the cheeks, blue and white ribbons in your hair every single day, a fake smile plastered on your face and gobs and gobs of makeup. I couldn't stand the thought. Buy, just like any good dad would do, I supported you. When I was sure nobody was watching, I even went so far as to help you make up cheers and dance routines to spastic music. Then, it happened. I remember it like it was yesterday because it was the best day of my life. You came to me and told me before 7th grade that you were going to try playing volleyball and not do cheer leading. Trying to hide my excitement, I agreed that would be good to see if you liked it. Of course, I suggested you try basketball too since that was a real sport. I figured I could endure a little volleyball much better than cheerleading just for you to have something to do until basketball. I just knew you would fall in love with basketball and be an All-American someday at Arkansas Tech. It was really tough to watch those 7th grade volleyball games. It basically came down to the team who could get more serves over the net was going to win. We all endured the 7th grade school volleyball season. I didn't think it could get any worse until your first year of J.O. that same 7th grade year. Over half your team couldn't even get a serve in. I was reminded about that year after watching you guys play this year as you all struggled with serving at times. Fortunately, as you got older, the volleyball improved. I really loved watching you play. I saw a competitive side of you during the regional tournament in 9th grade I had not seen before. Then there were some interesting times as a sophomore. You learned some things as a sophomore that taught you how to be an effective leader. After all the hazing and drama all the sophomores endured, you decided not to pass on that tradition to this year's sophomores but to embrace them as equals and part of the team. you stayed away from the team movie night, so you didn't get a chance to show them any of the "Harold and Kumar" movies. Hopefully, your class has established a much more effective tradition in welcoming incoming classes. You chose to step into the leadership role this year and lead your team. you led by example. you subjected yourself to authority and led your teammates to do the same thing. you chose not to subject the sophomores to the type of treatment that you guys had to endure. that shows a lot of maturity. I'm

39: sure you would have liked to go further in the state tourney and have one more shot at Siloam, but very few ever win a championship and you were on 2 teams that had a shot at it. It's now over and time to begin a new chapter in your volleyball career. After sitting through that 7th grade season, I had no clue what type of player you would develop into and that you would have a chance to play volleyball in college. I have been impressed with your work ethic over the past year and how you have developed into a Division 1 recruit. I could spend lots of time talking about your volleyball career though high school. As impressive as it has been, it's only a small portion of all that makes up Haley Townsend. All the other stuff is what makes you so special. I have to admit that I'm more proud of you for your off-th-court activities. here are some of the reasons why. Many years ago, you made the most important decision you could ever make that was a decision to follow Christ. That one decision alone has helped influence you to make wise choices in other areas of your life that many students struggle with such as; Your stance on alcohol, Your decision to remain sexually pure and ave yourself for your husband, Standing firm for what you believe in and not being influenced by others, How you treat others around you, the types of people you hang out with, Whether or not to attend certain social functions, the kind of language you choose to use, and how you treat those in authority over you. I realize how difficult it is these days to take a stand for these things when the world around you chastises you for not doing these things. But it's easy to look around and see all the things people struggle with due to bad choices they have made in their past. Believe it or not, the wisdom God gives us in His Word is meant for our good and will prevent us from making poor choices if we choose to obey. While I don't expect you to be perfect, I have been very impressed with most decisions you have made. Our job as parents is to give you more and more freedom as you grow up and prove that you can handle that freedom. Fortunately, you learned some valuable lessons early in life from some bonehead decisions you made, but that is a sign of maturity if you can actually learn something from those mistakes. Another reason I am proud of you is how you have handled your family situation your mom and I have put you in. It's very difficult in a blended family and you have been a great daughter to me and you mom; a fantastic step-daughter to Dottie and Gary; and a terrific sister to Jake, Peyton and Addison. You have never once complained about going back and forth even though it has caused you a lot of inconvenience. On top of all this, you still talk to us. I know many teenagers (and I was one of them) that have no desire to talk to their parents. I'm so grateful that you choose to talk.

40: I'm also proud of you for how hard you work in school. God has blessed you with a sharp mind and you have chosen to work to make good grades rather than coasting and making average grades. You are a very good friend and people like hanging around you. Being a guy, I have been amazed at how many times girls change friends, yet most of your buddies from middle school are still your buddies. I am saddened by the fact that you are graduating high school this year because it means I am old and you are going to start costing a lot more money. I do feel a little better when I think about all the other seniors' parents because they're all the baby of each family. you, however, are the eldest in our family, so that makes me younger than the other parents. As a parent, we do things every single day that impact our kids decisions, reactions, choices that we make are filled with regret because we know it was not best for our kids. it's only by the grace of God that you turned out like you did. i am so proud of you, despite my numerous attempts to really mess you up. I have attended this banquet the past few years wondering how it was going to feel when you were a senior at our final Greenwood volleyball banquet. I don't know what I'm going to miss more; the mashed potatoes from Gregory's of Coach Golden's inspiring volleyball banquet speeches. I think the finality of this season hit when you seniors were taking your senior pictures. you guys made me laugh that night. It reminded me of when you would all come over to the house and just act crazy (which is normal). We didn't care that it took an entire can of Lysol and a full week to air out the house after cheese dip, pizza and brownies run through the digestive system of high school girls. Even though tonight is about celebrating your volleyball season, it's very difficult to separate Haley the volleyball player from Haley the daughter, the Christ follower, the student, the sister and on and on. When I watch Haley the volleyball player out there on the court, I see Haley the everything else as well. You really stepped up and led your team this year. you led both by word and deed. That says a lot about you. There are many seniors who are satisfied by coasting along their senior year. you chose to work hard and improve yourself, giving your team the best chance to succeed. One recent event I witnessed just sums up your relationships. On senior night, it was ridiculous how many tears were shed by your teammates. It looked more like a funeral service than a volleyball match. (I probably shouldn't mention the fact that you guys played that night like you had just been to a funeral.) But your relationship with you teammates just proves the type of impact you and the other seniors have on others around you. I think back to your sophomore year and the torture that all of you went through. You all should not

41: have been subjected to all that craziness, however, it made you a better person. You decided there was no way you were going to treat this year's sophomores the same way y'all were treated. If I could give you some parental advice it would be the following: Enjoy the remainder of your senior year. Be a friend to everyone. Be completely SOLD OUT to Jesus because He is worth giving up everything for. Tell people you have the best dad in the world. Don't take yourself too seriously; be sure and laugh a lot and make others laugh too. Being the best you can be is not easy, but is worth the effort. Serve others. Always take time to learn the names of the janitors and cafeteria workers. Relationships are much more important than making money. Avoid the freshman 15 when you get to college. Fight to maintain your sexual purity. The Bible is God's written word to man and is absolute truth and can be used to measure what they will teach you in school against. Stand firm for what you believe in. Psalms says that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God knit you in your mother's womb." God created you for a purpose. he chose to bless your mom and I with the responsibility of raising you. As many times as we have messed up, His grace has allowed you to turn out ok. i am proud to be your dad. Eph 2:10 says that God has prepared things for you to do. those things he has prepared for you have eternal significance. Be sure you get to those things this year before you move on to your next assignment. There are lots of people who need to know how much Jesus loves them and that He died for them to provide them a way to spend eternity with him. You are a very special young lady and I love you with all my heart. I am very proud of you. Love, Dad

42: Haley, We are so proud of you and excited to see where God leads you in the next few stages of your life. You have grown so much in your walk with God this year! It has been evident. We will continue to pray for you as you seek Him in all things. We love you! - Dad and Dottie

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