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haleys mix book

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BC: Everything Inside of me!

FC: Memmories in side of me

1: dedication page =) | I dedicate this to my sister because she helps me get through everything and shes always there for me!! =) <3 =) My Sister is as pretty as the sun and she has a smile that lights the whole world.

2: Table of contents! | Quotes Holocaust reflection Ten things i love/like If i were to die what would i do My role model My poem on my niece The issue in why there should be I pods in school The day I came with out my best friend which is my doggy What I thought about the seventh grade My top ten friends Top ten favorite songs

3: Favorite quotes =) | "Dream as if you"ll live forever, live as if you"ll die today." -James Dean- | “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” | “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson | " Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same." Sherlin | Love is like a flower the more time you put into it the more it blossoms.

4: Holocaust Reflection. Something very sad that happend =( | The holocaust was a very sad thing that happened in i don't think it should of. I fill disgusted how someone can do that to people like really who would brutally murder eleven million people? I wish people would of stood up in not judge people for who they were like really who cares what they look like or dressed like or if they were mentally in physically disabled that jacked up. In I just don't get why people would do that. The

5: When I went swimming with the dolphines in Jamacia =) | It was the best experience of my life being in the ocean swimming with them. I loved the way they felt almost identical to sting rays,but they were kinda slimmy but they were cool. =) My favorite part was when we got to kiss them and they danced with us it was really cool. Then they did tricks for us it was really awesome. Well that was my experience with in Jamacia with dolphins

6: The day I came home with out my best friend which was my doggy =( | One day I came home from school.. in something was missing in came to find out it was my dog. I asked my mom wheres Eddie in she said honey we had to give him away in I looked at her in started to ball because he was my favorite dog i went everywhere with him. I never ever forgave my mom in never will because he was like my best friend this might be weird but i would tell him my secrets in he couldn't tell anyone. I cried for days in tell i realized he was never coming back or i was never going to see him again. That is the day i come home with out my doggy

7: Ten things I love/like | I like to listen to music when I'm stressed I love little kids I love my family I love hanging with friends in talking I like school when theres no drama I love geography in language arts I like to learn new things I love flying because it's like floating on a billion clouds I like hearing drama but not being part of it I love chewing gum

8: If I were to die what would I do? | If I were to die in I only had a day I would.. Tell the guy I like hes cute I would tell all my friends in family goodbye. I would go to the mall in bu stuff for kids in families in need. I would run around like I was crazy. I would tell people the favorite things that happened in my life before I died. I would try in go do things that I love like swimming walking in other things. well I would also scream as loud as thunder. That is what I would do before I died.

9: My role model =) | My role model is my sissy because she helps me get through everything I need help with. I can tell my sister everything and she wont tell anyone. She helps me get through all the drama I have and she just tells me what to do. My sister wants to be a cop which i think is really cool and she wants to work her way up to work in the special victims unit. Another thing about her is she has thin blonde hair like a sheet of paper

10: Poem on my neice. | So warm in cuddly in small when she first came home. So cranky in cranky cause she was hungry. Wrapped in a million blankets because it was freezing cold being December. I loved holding her for the first time i will never for get that day I fill like it was just yesterday but it was a year ago. My niece so bratty but I love her!

11: There should be Ipods in school to help student's focus. Ipods can help calm students because there listening to music in it can calm them in make them more concentrated. If you listen to Ipods it is more quite in the class room and you wont hear everything around you so you would get your works done quicker in faster cause your paying attention. Ipods also help when there is down time at school and you're bored you can sit there and listen to yours Ipod. That is one reason Ipods should be in school, because they help calm students. The second reason they should be in school because they have educational pod cast in things that are educational. Ipods have many features but most, or at least a lot is educational. On Ipods you can do notes, study guides, pod cast, and many more things you can down load to be productive in school on your Ipod. With Ipods you can also go on the Internet for educational use like for research or to do look something up, and you can also look at the dictionary online. On your Ipod you can watch educational movies for science or language arts or geography. I find Ipods very help full for school since you can download stuff or add an app for school. That is how Ipods are educational. The third reason there should be Ipods in school is students can show they're individuality. You can tell what kind of person they are because if they are listening to depressing music they might have a hard life or there depressed or something wrong. Another one is if they listen to happy music, they are happy or there hiding their felling so people think they're happy. That is how you can tell what kind of person they are which I think is pretty cool, because everyone different. There are different types of music and they each mean I different emotion well that what I think because you can listen slow or fast music. That is how students can show their individuality to the teachers because the music they listen to. The fourth reason is it would help teachers so there not teaching the same lesson over and over again. Ipods help teachers not have to teach the same lesson for every class period, and would give the students more time to work because they're not explaining things. If teachers record there plans on Ipods it would help with lesson plans and less talking everyday for the teachers. Lessons on Ipod would increase the time to work in class, and you can listen to it when ever you need instead of asking your teacher a hundred times. If the instructions are on your Ipod you might under stand them more instead if your teacher was explaining them to you. That is how the Ipod is useful for the teachers. | The issue in why there should be ipods in schools!

12: Comment page leave comments =) | Helen Solorzano Dude yours is very good i like it :) | Haley!!! Duuuuudeee you are like amazing and awesome, and the chillest person I have ever met!! I love you and your mixbook! :D Stay rad! -Ally<3

13: What I thought about seventh grade | I loved the seventh because it was a pretty good year. In seventh grade I meet a lot of new people like Tatianna, Janessea, Cierra,Ally, Nate, Jasmine in many more people =). The only things I didn't like about seventh grade was the drama in when I got suspended. I though seventh grade was kinda hard but I don't think it would of been if I would of just done my work in not talk back or mess around. I loved doing all the things we did in i loved learning new things to. That is what I though about seventh grade

14: My top ten friends | Cherry Helen Devin Anthony Cierra Dalton Lluvia Sierra r. Kaylynn Mariah

15: Top ten favorite songs | Moment to life -Nicki Minaj- Look at me now -Chris Brown- E.T -Katy Perry- What The Hell -Avril Lavigne - Sleazy -Kesha- Pefect two -Auburn- Rocketeer Far East Movement Born this way -Lady Gaga- Cooler then me -Mike Posner- Hold it against me -Britney Spears-

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