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Hanna's Graduation Book

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Hanna's Graduation Book - Page Text Content

S: Hanna Rebecca Wenger

BC: Created by Cristi Wenger May 2011

FC: A keepsake book of memories, words of wisdom and heartfelt expressions from many family and friends who love you. | Hanna Class of 2011

1: Happy Girl

2: A Mother's Love is a Special Love | Forever Friends

3: You had me at hello. From the moment I saw your heartbeat and felt the flutter of your first kick, To the instant you took your first breath and cried out loud, And as I held you in my arms for the very first time, I was hooked. You changed my world. At that instant I took the most important role in life. My goal was to be the best mother and example to you. To guide you along a path filled with faith, love and discovery. To teach you right from wrong. To provide for all your needs. To love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. You transformed. What an enlightening experience to see you grow and mature. From baby dolls, to Barney shows, to preschool, to bike rides, to Kindergarten, to play dates, to Girl Scouts, to Middle School, to field hockey, to dances, to High School, to working, to dates, to boyfriends, to driving, to proms. While I miss your tiny little hand grabbing mine to take a walk, And your timid smile as an uncertain adolescent, I clearly see how you've transformed Into the confident young lady I hoped you'd become. As you graduate from High School, Your new journey lies ahead. It's yours for the taking and the making. You are in control of your destiny. Ready to take the next step and tackle the world. Hanna Rebecca, I love you more than words. You are a special friend, One I'm proud to call my daughter. You make me laugh hard. You make me smile often. You make me think differently. You even make me cry. But more than anything, You make me proud to be your mom. I love you so much and wish you all the happiness in the world.

4: How blessed we are to have you as our child. You have grown up to be everything we could ever hope for. You are intelligent, beautiful, hard working, respectful and mature beyond your years. I love the way you are able to brighten up a room with your smile and wit. I still remember the day that your Mom discovered she was pregnant with you and the day that you were born. I remember being filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and responsibility to be the best dad possible. I could not wait to get home every night from work to be with you. With your mom going to night school, I became your "mister mom". Every night I would feed you dinner, bathe you, play with you all evening and put you to bed. I feel that we developed a strong father-daughter relationship from the very beginning. I tried every day to teach you as much as possible about your new world. You were extremely intelligent and soaked up everything I threw at you. I would especially love to sit with you and read books together every night. You would always bring your favorite books to me and we would work on learning them over and over until you knew them by heart. From working on math, reading, computer games, catching ball, basketball, learning to ride a bike, playing with Max, the car rides to and from the babysitter -- I've enjoyed every moment we spent together. I want you to know that as you grow older, I will always be there for you, whether it's for guidance or simply enjoying each other's presence. I look forward to watching you grow and set a good example for others along your journey. And as Grandpa Ed taught me, always approach life with integrity and honesty. I Love You. Dad | Special Bond

5: Always Daddy's Little Girl

6: Wow, I can't believe you're graduating. It felt like this sort of thing would never come. I would never be in High School and you would never go to college. It seems that not too long ago we were in the backyard at our old house, going on "adventures" into the neighbor's yard to secretly retrieve the ball we threw over the fence. Also not too long ago, you were telling me how it was going to be in Middle School and what I should expect. I still keep this advice with me, always thinking about what you would do. All these things seem like yesterday, but time keeps going and we all have to grow up. I don't know what my first year of High School will be like without you. You've given me so much to remember, and you've been a role model to me for as long as I can remember. You make me laugh all the time, and encourage me to never give up. You've taught me that life may change in the blink of an eye, but you should never lose track of who you really are. And I hope that I will be as good a sister to Zoe as you have been to me. I promise to be a better sister to her, and will try to teach her the things that you've passed along to me. I hope you have a wonderful time at college and enjoy this next chapter of your life. I will miss you very much, but I know that you'll always be a phone call or Skype away! Love and love and love, Abby | "A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost." ~Marion C. Garretty

7: Good luck Good luck, Hanna. I'll miss seeing you every day, but I know you'll be having FUN at college. I love you. Moses

10: Mr. Webster says "Hanna" means grace, favour. Well, I don't think Mr. Webster knows our Hanna! Our Hanna means fun, loving, heart of gold, beautiful (inside and out), intelligent, caring, responsible, and she makes me laugh 'til I cry. Hanna, we are so happy to be your "Mam and Papaw". We love you!

11: My Dear Sweet Child, You have grown up way too fast! And what a beautiful, well-rounded lady you are. You are way past your years in maturity in the smarts department, yet so fun and full of life, and a very loving child (yes, you are still a child to me and I'll probably always think of you that way). I love your laugh and your openers to give and receive love. What a beautiful child of God! I wish I could be there for your special day. Grandpa and I will be by your side in spirit. I know grandpa watches over you. You were very special to him. I am happy you have decided to try the nursing profession in your college years. You will be AWESOME! I love you dear child. GMa

12: This is such a special time in your life, enjoy the ride. Years from now when you reflect back, this time period will likely contain some of your greatest memories. We are very proud of you, for the lady you have become. You have worked hard during your High School years, and it will pay off. Our advice to you is never lose that work ethic, it will take you further than any other attribute you possess. The next four years will pave the way for your future; serve them well. You will feel such a freedom when you leave home, but I guarantee there will be times when you will miss the comfort of home. Know that these feelings are normal and will pass with time. This will be a bittersweet time for your Mom and Dad; as parents they have prepared you for the world outside their home, but I am sure when you leave, they will still see you as a little girl with her favorite blankie. For Abigail and Zoe, they will miss their big sister, even when they don't admit it, and need to know they are still on your radar screen. Just remember how special you are to our families and how much Grandpa Ed loved you. I recall Grandma Karen telling me shortly after Nate was born how their closeness reminded her of the relationship he had with you as a baby. Love you! Uncle Pete and Aunt Kim | Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and ask yourself .... "How did I get through all of that?" Enjoy the journey, Hanna! We love you, Aunt Suzette & Uncle Doug | Wishing you much happiness on your graduation day and at Ohio University. Keep a great tradition going for your Dad and Uncle Joe, plus have some fun, too! Much Love Always, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe

13: Dear Sweet Hanna, It's hard to believe that you're graduating from High School already ~ my how time flies! I can remember babysitting you like it was yesterday. You were so good; you always took your naps and never gave me any trouble. You're such a sweet girl. I don't know if you remember when I took you to the zoo and they had the dinosaur exhibit open. You were so scared, crying and screaming! I felt so bad and didn't want you to be afraid, but you were fine once we left the area. You've grown to be such a beautiful young lady, both inside and out. One thing Grandpa Ed always said to me as advice, and I'm passing it on to you, is to always be yourself and never change for anyone! We love you, Hanna! Aunt Lori & Uncle Mike

14: "Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." ~Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

15: Oh Hanna, it's so crazy to think you are graduating from High School and turning the page to the next chapter of your life! You have grown up and blossomed into such a smart, funny, well-adjusted, hard-working and beautiful young woman. We are already so proud of you and wish you much success in the years ahead. Paul and I picked this quote (ok, I picked it -- he doesn't know one line from Sex and the City!) because it touches on the importance of many things you will come to challenge and question about yourself in the upcoming years. The new and exotic are right around the corner, and believe me, you will have the time of your life at Ohio University. You'll meet amazing friends with whom you'll share EVERYTHING, who will later become your bridesmaids, you'll have teachers who will open your eyes and help encourage your progress, you'll study with that cute boy from Psych class, and you'll even move into your first house! The parties (once you're 21) will be ones to remember, and you'll love a little and laugh a lot along the way. But no matter how far away you are, how unsure you may seem at times, and how tough you'll be challenged, every experience is there to help mold you into the person you are destined to become. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. So, nurture yourself, give from yourself, take time for yourself, challenge yourself, and most of all -- love yourself. And when times get tough and that seems hard to do, you know you have an amazing family who is just a phone call away, who'll be so excited to hear your voice, tell you they miss you, and lift you right back up again. They love the you you love ... and well, that's just fabulous. Congratulations and Best Wishes. We love you so very much. Beth & Paul P.S. We are just a phone call away and always here for you! XOXO

16: Hey, Han! I never thought this day would come, but here it is, we're High School graduates! I know we haven't got to spend tons of time together, but when we do we always have so much fun. I know with college and everything else in life smacking us in the face, we're both going to be so busy, but I'll always be there whenever you wanna talk or just hangout to make fun of people named "Vicky"! (Ha, Ha) Congrats, girlfriend! Love ya, Em | Hanna, time goes too fast and there are far too many things to say, so I will try my best to give you what little wisdom I have. College is a new monster and High School is nothing like it. Be ready to stay up late and get up early. You might fail a class, then again you might not. The thing is TRY! Make time to find some new friends, but don't forget where you came from and the people you met along the way. Never get too old to be you: be goofy, laugh, cry and live life so that regret is not even an option. And most important, remember you have a family that loves you and will do anything for you. I don't get to see you as much as I would like, but Tiffany and I are here for you. We love you and are proud of you. Life from here will not be easy as much as I wish I could tell you it would be, but it's the moments when you overcome the worst of things that life is its sweetest. Hanna, we know you will do great things! Love, Trev & Tiff

17: As you leave one phase of life and go to college, remain the lovely person you are now. Though I don't see you often, I feel grateful for those times. Congratulations! Love, Great Aunt Fay

19: Family Love

20: Dear Hanna, Over the past two years you've been the best friend a guy can ask for and much more. I hope you become the best nurse in the world, babe! Love, Christyan

21: Katherine Mansfield wrote that "the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." Our greatest wish is that every day of our next four years proves her right. Thanks for everything. | Helen

22: Hanna, congratulations on graduating High School! You are about to begin a whole new chapter in your life; remember, you can be anyone you want to be in college. Take the time to figure out what you like and what you don't, what you believe, what you want, where you want to go, and who you want to be. You are such a beautiful, caring, independent woman, and you're going to have a great time in Athens! Remember to think things through and always do what's best for you. If you ever need a ride, a meal, a pet cat, a tutor, an adventure, or just a friend, I'm only a short drive away. | Janeesa

23: "And see that you write these few precepts In your memory. Give your thoughts to yourself, And don't act without thinking. Be friendly, but by no means vulgar. Those friends you have, and their friendship tested, Anchor them to your soul with hoops of steel, But don't spend your money on entertaining Each newly acquired, unproven friend. Beware Of getting into a quarrel, but, once you are in, Fight so that the man you fight with may beware of you. Listen to what every man says, but speak to few. Take each man's opinion, but reserve your judgment. Buy as costly clothes as you can pay for, But not made fancy, rich, and certainly not gaudy. For the clothes often tell what kind of man you are, And the ones in France of the best rank and station Are most choosy and generous in that regard. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. For a loan often loses both the loan and the friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of the economy. This above all, to your own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, You cannot then be false to any man." ~Polonious to his son Laertes, "Hamlet" | Dedicated to Hanna by Janeesa

24: Hanna, we have literally been through everything together, from the ups to the downs. Seems weird that over 13 years ago, we were little 5 year olds jumping off the diving board at the Bexley pool. Now look where we are! Anyways, 7th grade year is when I would consider our friendship to have truly began. Playing field hockey with you was crazy, from the terrible runs that we would always complain about to the winning goals that we worked so hard for. However, our friendship extends much further than diving and field hockey. You always stuck by my side no matter what I was going through and I truly thank you for that. We have had way too many great times to name them all, but here are just a few: Jeffrey Mansion meetings with JB, looking for cute birds (hopefully you remember what this is), our many walks, all of our photo shoots, random field hockey hitting, rollerskating fun, all of our guys, Valentine's Day and much more. I wish you the best of luck at Ohio University next year and hope that we stay as close as we have over the past few years! Much love, Ava

25: From Montrose to Girl Scouts to Middle School to High School to Now! We have had each other's backs, and we have definitely had our moments. I want to wish you luck as you move forward into college and the rest of your life! I hope you keep in touch and know I'm always just a phone call away. Congratulations! Love Always, Jeanette | Hanna, I'm so happy that you have been my first and oldest friend. And it all started in Kindergarten. It seems like yesterday when you "asked" to be my friend, and now years have gone by and it's like nothing changed. And I can't believe it's already time to graduate. I can truly say you have made my Senior year memorable. And the best part is that it doesn't end here. I can't wait for college and the next phase of our lives. I'm glad we'll be spending it at the same campus next year. Congratulations, Hanna! You have worked hard and deserve the best. Ohio University Class of 2015! With Love, Becca

26: That's what friends are for | Say cheese!

27: Other Memorable Moments

28: Dance! | It's hard to believe you're already graduating. It honestly seems like yesterday that you, Jarian and I were dancing together at Dollenmayer! It is truly amazing how fast time goes by. We were just kids, walking to the Starbucks in Kroger every night we had dance. Those mocha frappucinos ... they were the best! I miss those days. Do you remember when we would sit on the couches and read magazines? We thought we were so cool. I also remember us sitting on the benches waiting for class, talking about school, boys -- everything. Now we both lead such busy lives and our priorities get the best of us. I'm really sad that we lost touch with each other. I heard you are going to Ohio University though, so we will most likely see each other there in Fall 2012. Fingers crossed! Well, I just want you to know that you have truly changed my life. All the years I danced with you, you were always a person I looked up to. You were an amazing role model for me. The year I had to dance without you really wasn't the same. You have had a huge impact on so many peoples' lives that you may not even realize it. You have definitely made my life brighter in more ways than I could have imagined. For that, I thank you. Those memories will stay with me forever. Love, Amanda Davis | Dance!

29: Bexley Field Hockey | Sticks with the Best!

30: Woof, Woof! (Translation: Good Luck, Hanna. We Love You!) | My first furry friend, Maxwell Chopper | Janey, Janey

31: Congratulations, Hanna Ohio University Bobcat Fall 2011

32: Autographs

33: Autographs

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