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Happy 60th Birthday! Craig Lee Hanis

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Happy 60th Birthday! Craig Lee Hanis - Page Text Content

S: To our Dad, Craig Lee Hanis -- Happy 60th Birthday! Love, your children & grandchildren!

BC: 2008 | 1992

FC: Craig Lee Hanis | born April 11, 1952 | 1955 | 1970

1: 1952 | Craig Lee Hanis born Good Friday, April 11, 1952 8 lbs 5ounces, 21 inches Swedish Hospital Seattle, King County Craig was the 3rd little boy to proud parents Fred and Ethel Hanis joining his 2 older brothers Michael Martin (1946) and Mark Anthony(1949) They brought him from the hospital to their home in Skyway, Seattle located just outside of Renton, WA. (a house his mother never really liked!) Ethel recalls, "It was a bright sunny day and as we pulled up the neighbors were outside waiting for us." An interesting side note -- Craig was not given his middle name until his blessing day September 7 (blessed by Grandpa Downs) | Craig's family loved camping and fishing. Nearly every weekend they would be out camping in their white army canvas tent with 3 x 3 inch wooden poles and no floor. They slept on camp cots. Some of their favorite spots were the American River over Chinook Pass and Twin Harbors at Westport. | Fred Michael and Mark | Ethel Michael and Mark

2: 1953 | Towards the end of 1953, Fred and Ethel relocated their family to Stevensville, Montana to help Ethel's Dad, Albert run his dairy farm. Fred had high hopes of making this a permanent move and running his own chicken farm. This backdrop led to many adventures for the brothers. | 1 year old | This year the boys got 2 cats, Patches and Cuddles. | 2/6/1953 Highlands Home | His mother, Ethel, tells, "One day we couldn't find Craig anywhere. We looked everywhere. We were shocked to finally find him sitting on the back left hoof of one of the large work horses. No one dared move toward them for a little while so as not to startle either Craig or the horse. We calmly started to talk, moving closer and closer until I was close enough to grab Craig. "Ethel laughed, " once I had him, I just ran and ran!"

3: Craig was a fun, adventurous, and very observant child. One day he managed to sneak into their car, start it, and crash right into the back of the house. There was not much damage, although it surprised everyone because the crash was so loud. His mother came running to the rescue once again. Mike reports, "A Green ’49 Chevy is the one I think your Dad drove into the side of the house on Sunset when he was about 2. Back in those days, the starter was a button, and if the car was in gear you could move it on the starter motor, and if the motor caught, off you went. Your Dad climbed in and managed to accomplish that . . . as far as the side of the house. " | 1954 | Craig's parents (after using up all their savings helping on the farm) decided the farming life was not for them -- and they headed back to Washington. They lived first in a rented home in Highland, but after only a few weeks started renting the Jardine's house. The house was big and many, many family members came to live with them (his great Aunt Alice Maud Byrns, his Grandparents after selling the dairy farm, Aunt Larue and Uncle Ron to name a few) | Craig contracted Meningitis and was so ill he was hospitalized at Seattle Orthopedic Hospital (now called Seattle Children's Hospital) for a week. After battling this he was left with a heart murmur. He was blessed to recover at a time when many kids did not survive this illness. | 2 years old | Upon arriving back in Renton, Craig's dad first got a job driving a school bus for the Renton School District. He then became a meter reader for the water department. Fairly soon after he became the customer service representative at Renton City Hall where he worked for 22 years.

4: 1955 | In November Craig's little brother, Kevin was born. It was a difficult pregnancy and his mother suffered a debilitating stroke at 7 months. | Craig's mom remembers how he said very few words communicating mostly through pointing. But then one day around the age of 3, his talking took off. He spoke quickly and in complete paragraphs! After that the trick was getting him to stop talking! | 3 years old | In February the family purchased their home where Craig would spend all his growing up years. 507 Windsor Place N.E. Renton, Washington 98056 | While camping this year at Twin Harbors in their 15 foot Shasta trailer, they suddenly realized that Craig was nowhere to be found-- he loved the beach so much they were certain he would be somewhere on it. They hopped in their car and drove back and forth finally finding him 2 miles down the beach. He was wearing only his swimming trunks and when he saw his parents he turned around and said, "Momma, where'd ya go?" | South 2nd Street, Monterrey Terrace and Renton Hill looking S.E. 1955 | 1955 Renton

5: 1956 | One thing Craig had was a temper. His brother Mike told how he and Mark would capitalize on that by teasing him until he was so angry that you couldn't even understand what he was saying. He said they called him, "the tasmanian devil." Mike said that one day they had made him so upset that he and Mark (who were babysitting him at the time) put him in the small upstairs bathroom to give him time to calm down. Every few minutes they would ask if he was ready to come out. Finally, Craig seemed calm and settled, so Mike opened the door, only to then be tackled by Craig who had planted his feet on the wall of the tub ready to strike. Craig knocked the wind out of Mike and pushed right past Mark and then ran down to the basement to hide. | 4 years old | Ethel recalls fondly, "Craig was such a loving boy. He never hesitated to come up to you, throw his arms around you and tell you he loved you."

6: 1957 | 5 years old kinder- garten | Craig began Kindergarten at Highlands Elementary in Renton, Washington. He joined his 2 older brothers there- Mike being in the 5th grade and Mark in the 2nd grade. The boys walked to school (.6 miles) and their mother would accompany them-- but "only to the corner!" Even though they didn't want her to accompany them any closer she was under strict guidelines to stand at the corner and wait until they actually got in! | Mike | Mark

7: 1958 | 6 years old kindergarten & 1st grade | 1958 N.E. 11th Street Renton Washington | Craig remembers camping along the Bumping River. The older boys would go fishing a little distance from the campsite, but Craig remembers how Kevin who was only 3 at the time caught his own fish right there at the campsite. | The Hanis boys had a little white dog named Lady. Craig, Mark and Mike would tell Kevin that if he wasn't behaving they were going to flush Lady down the toilet. When Kevin bothered them, they would take Lady up to the bathroom, hide her behind the shower curtain and flush the toilet and Kevin would just cry and cry. | August - The family drove to Salt Lake City to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Ethel remembers how much fun the boys had in the waiting room at the temple. It had some bouncy thing that the boys kept talking about it. She said when they brought their boys all dressed in white to the sealing room it was the most special thing ever. Bishop Rosenhall had married Fred and Ethel originally and had since relocated to Salt Lake and was able to attend their sealing as well.

8: The Hanis Family traveled to Disneyland this summer. They drove in their brown 1954 Chevy with a cream top and a 12 foot Empire Trailer. They stopped on the way at Oregon Caves National Monument. Craig started to run down a hill and was soon going so fast he lost his footing and fell. He rolled down the hill and was so scraped up they described his skin as being like "hamburger". They had to take him right to the doctor. Their cousin from England, Maureen Frith came with them. They were pretty tightly packed in the car. Kevin sat on his Mom's lap the whole trip and Maureen sat in the back with the other three boys rotating between the front middle and the back seats. | 1959 | 7 years old first and second grade | Craig had Mrs. Peterson for 1st grade. She had also taught his brother Mark 2 years earlier. She could not remember to call Craig by his name and this bothered him so much that he came home and told his mom that she needed to go and talk to Mrs. Peterson and get things set straight!

9: 1960 | 8 years old second & third grade | Craig was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the age of 8. He was baptized by his dad. | When asked about memories of Craig, Kevin was quick to recall this one. He says, "I was about 5 years old and we used to drink juice in the kind of cans that had a v shaped pop top. I would use my teeth to open the can and for some reason this day Craig didn't want me to drink it and as I was popping the top Craig yanked the can away from me and nearly took my two front teeth with them. Those front teeth now stood out like buck teeth-- we were both pretty shocked at what had happened. Fortunately they fell out pretty quickly after that!" | Mike recalls, "In 1960 we actually had a green ’57 Chevy Bel Air 4-door. I learned to drive in that car, and took my drivers license test in it in 1962" | One day the Hanis boys were roughhousing & knocked into their mother's buffet. Many pieces of her American Fostoria Glassware were broken. These had been wedding presents and there was no means to replace them. Ethel was so upset by their carelessness that she informed them "that though she still loved them, she didn't like them much that day!"

10: 1961 | 9 years old 3rd and 4th grade | All four of the Hanis boys shared the same bedroom and things had gotten a little crowded. One weekend their parents sent them to see 101 Dalmations at the movie theater and when they returned home they were surprised to find 2 sets of bunkbeds in the bedroom. Their Dad (Fred) and Uncle Gary had been busy installing them while they were away. | Craig remembers on Christmas morning that Mike and Mark would wake up first and while laying in their bunkbeds would wake up him and Kevin and then convince the 2 little boys to wake up Mom and Dad to start the Christmas morning fun.

11: Ethel began working at the water district and a co-worker (Bob Lyons) who knew of the family's love of camping recommended that they go to Kalaloch- on the Washington coast. This year was the first year they went and it became a family favorite and especially beloved to Craig. | 1962 | 10 years old 4th & 5th grade | The world's fair was in Seattle this year and the whole Hanis family went to it. Kevin recalls how shocked the boys all were by the giant stuffed Polar Bear in the American Exhibit. | In October of 1962, the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States heated up with the Cuban Missile Crisis. For 13 days, it seemed that nuclear war was looming. Craig recalls listening intently to the radio and practicing bomb drills at school.

12: 1963 | 11 years old 5th & 6th grade | Craig's brother Mark had a paper route and he faithfully delivered the papers, but he hated going door to door to collect the money so he had Craig do it! It was Craig's first "real" job. | Craig remembers when his Dad caught the biggest perch they'd ever seen. The boys were looking at it and assumed it was dead. Mark decided to walk with it back down to the river to wash it off but as soon as he put it in the water, the fish sprang to life swimming away to safety! | Another fun memory of Craig's is when Uncle Rex set a sand dune on fire by shooting Roman Candles at it when they were camping. Craig "played with fire" often-- building match head rockets, and customizing fire crackers. | Craig also remembers another car they had. A 1959 Blue Chevy that had a stick shift on the steering column.

13: 1964 | 12 years old 6th and 7th Grade | Craig started in the fall at McKnight Junior High. It was at the 7th grade open house in Mrs. Selma's classroom that Fred and Ethel realized just how "special" of a student Craig was. He had the seat of honor -- all by himself right next to the teacher's desk. | The Hanis Family once again traveled to DisneyLand. This time in a cream colored 1962 chevy. Craig remembers Kevin sitting in the front seat with Mike, Mark, and himself sitting in the back when Kevin spit a huge loogie out the front window. It came right back in the back seat splattering all 3 boys. YUCK! Also, the family had barely gotten to Tacoma when the retreads on the tires just came off. Craig says back then it was normal on a road trip to have to deal with tires because they were often retreaded and made to work. | One summer the Hanis family camped in Banff Canada. Craig recalls that he and Mark headed out to go fishing and were each walking on opposite sides of a small creek when Mark said, "Craig, stop and when I say we're gonna start running." Little did Craig know that Mark could see that a Grizzly Bear was about to cross his path. When Craig saw it, he started to run. He and Mark ran as fast as they could straight back into the trailer. It sure scared them. This was also the camping trip where Craig learned to whistle.

14: 1965 | 13 years old 7th & 8th Grade | May -- Craig's family purchases land in Packwood, WA. Their lot was heavily wooded and right on the banks of the Cowlitz river. It was so remote and isolated that they camped on the wrong lot for a year before figuring out exactly where their family's lot was. | S. 3rd Street Renton WA 1965 | In 8th grade, Craig got glasses for the first time. A very observant teacher, Mr. Ferris had noticed that on an exam where the questions had all been written on the board that Craig was not able to tell the difference between the 8's and the 3's and realized that he was struggling to see. | In the summer after 7th grade, Craig got a job painting the Bumpsteads' house. After that he worked in their machine shop throughout the rest of junior high and high school.

15: 1966 | 14 Years old 8th & 9th grade | One of the Hanis Family's favorite place to eat was Kingen's. Craig was known for having such a big appetite that his parents had to purchase 2 buffet meals for him! | Craig spent a lot of his freetime at the Highlands Gym playing basketball. The Boys would also walk to a close neighborhood where there was a 30 foot rope swing in a big tree. In the summertime they would go to the local parks and participate in the city sponsored summer activities -- they did boondoggle, croquet, games and more. They also loved to play flashlight tag. Craig was a scouter earning his Star in Boy Scouts. | The Hanis boys were lucky to have their Grandparents just a few houses away. Every Sunday they would go to Grandpa and Grandma Downs for French's French bread toast. And every single morning Grandma Downs would walk over to the house to see the boys off to school. | Craig was FAMOUS for his sleepwalking. His mom remembers how one night Craig just started yelling at her and Fred about how embarrassing they were playing ball. He kind of woke up and then headed back to bed. | In October, Craig's oldest brother, Mike left on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He served for 2 1/2 years in Finland.

16: 1967 | 15 years old 9th & 10th grade | Craig's mom chose a 1967 Blue Pontiac GTO with a white vinyl top this year for her car. All the boy's loved to drive it around. | Craig did well in school and enjoyed it but recalls, "I have no memory whatsoever of doing any homework or reading any book." | Renton was a nice town to grow up in. There was plenty to keep Craig entertained. Renton had several movie theaters -- the Roxy, Rainier Theater and Renton Theater. Also favorite TV shows from this era were Red Skelton, Bonanza, Jackie Gleason, and Andy Griffeth. | Mike continues his mission in Finland

17: 1968 | 16 Years old 10th & 11th grade | Craig completed his Sophomore year at Renton High School and then in the fall of 1968 for his Junior Year moved to the brand new Hazen High School. His class was the first graduating class. | The Hanis Family home suffered through a terrible house fire. It damaged their home considerably and even took the life of their sweet dog "Smudgie." They moved to an apartment about 5 blocks away (on Cemetery St.) where they lived for 8 months while their home was repaired. Mike is still on his Mission in Finland for all the excitement. | November 9th -- Mark and Gayle get married. | During June, the Hanis family drove to Holden, UT. They came to visit Joann, who had been dating Mike before he left on his mission. Sadly she was now suffering in the end stages of bone cancer. Kevin recalled how he and Craig would take Joann on rides around the block in Baba's Pontiac GTO to get some fresh air. | Stake Dance Festival!

18: 1969 | 17 years old 11th & 12th grade | Craig becomes an Uncle! His nephew Chris was born in May to his brother Mark and his wife Gayle. | The United States sends man to the MOON! Craig was with his family at their property in Packwood. Craig recalls that his Dad spent nearly a whole day getting the TV set up so that they could watch the moon landing. | Like every teenage boy, Craig enjoyed dating and had several interests. His most famous date was when he ran out of gas on a date and had to call his parents to come and rescue him! | Grandma and Grandpa Downs celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. | Mike is home from his mission | Jerry Sheeds Aunt Agnes' son

19: 1970 | 18 years old Graduates from Hazen High School as salutatorian Begins his University Studies at Brigham Young University Provo, Utah | Craig worked this summer for the Renton Parks and Recreation Department. He cleaned and weeded at Lake Washington Beach Park.

20: 1971 | 19 years old BYU Provo, Utah | Craig was ordained an Elder by Michael Martin Hanis. | Mike and Peggy were married on Dec 18. | Craig lived at the Riviera apartment complex and roomed with his brother Mike. Here is a Sunday afternoon pot-luck in his apartment for his ward. Mitt and Ann Romney attended the singles ward because Mitt was in the bishopric. Craig began studying zoology with the intent to go to medical school, but after his first genetics class he changed his mind and began focusing on human genetics. | Craig returned to work at the Parks dept for the summer. This year he mainly handled upkeep on the ball field.

21: 1972 | 20 years old BYU Provo, Utah | On August 5, 1971, the draft lottery was held for all men born in the year 1952. Craig's number in the lottery was 324. In 1972 over 49,000 young men were drafted to serve in the Vietnam war. The highest lottery number called for this group was 95; all men assigned that lottery number or any lower number, and who were classified 1-A or 1-A-O (available for military service), were called to report for possible induction." If Craig had been called up, he would have been able to defer based on deferment 2-S -- collegiate study. | Craig continued his studies and again returned home for the summer to work at the Renton Parks Department. | To the far left is Craig's brother Mark fly fishing -- probably on Lake Packwood. Just to the left is Craig's mom in their home. Her hairdo is pretty impressive!!! | Craig and Mike visiting the Webb family. Their 2 sons Terry and Gerry were their roommates. (photo from summer of 1971)

22: 1973 | 21 years old BYU Provo, UT | Craig met Candy in Sept of 1973. They became good friends.

23: 1974 | 22 years old BYU Provo, UT | Following Graduation, Craig, Ethel, Fred, Auntie Mil, and Uncle Rex drove to Las Vegas and saw Robert Goulet. Craig and his parents continued on to California to visit Candy and her family. Then Craig headed back to Renton to work at the Parks Department for the summer. He really missed Candy. He missed her so much he wrote her a letter every single day. At the end of the summer he flew back to California to see her and they went on the houseboat with her family and the Thomas' on Lake McClure. | Tobi (Candy's sister) writes, "One of the funniest stories is when Craig came to California to visit Candy and go on the houseboat with our family before he and Candy were even engaged. On the way home, Candy and Craig stopped at a gas station to fill the car up with gas and he went to the restroom. Candy decided she also needed to use the restroom and unfortunately walked right in on Craig. She was terribly embarrassed and didn't want Craig to share that little story. That night we were playing croquet when Craig began laughing and started to tell the story. Candy kept telling him to be quiet, but there was no way Craig was going to keep this tale to himself. He capped the story by saying that now he and Candy had to get married. She just about had a coronary!!! Craig has been so much fun over the years. Always good for a fun story, of course we all hope it will be about someone else. I love him very much!! Love,Tobi" | April - Craig graduates from BYU with a B.S. in Zoology his photo is taken from the balcony at the Riviera looking west across University Ave-- you can just see University Parkway on the right. | typical day at the Parks Department???

24: On Dec 28, Craig and Candy were married in the Oakland Temple. | Kevin was on a visit from Rick's College down to BYU visiting Craig in the week that Craig and Candy got engaged. He said, "Craig was a nervous wreck about having to talk to her Dad!" Craig overcame his "nervousness" and they got engaged in September. Craig always joked about how he used the money he had been saving for a camera to buy her ring. The night before their wedding, Craig's brother Mike and his wife Peggy were in a car accident in San Fransisco totaling their Volvo (which Craig and Candy had planned to borrow). Craig and Candy got married the next morning in the Oakland Temple along with more than 200 other couples. And then (instead of driving by themselves in the Volvo to Fresno) they rode in the backseat of Candy's parents' car with Charles and Betty Jo up front and Penny in the back. Penny complains that they "kissed the whole way there!" While everyone else now drove to Seattle for the Open House, Craig and Candy got to fly "thanks" to the unfortunate car accident. They continued on enjoying a honeymoon in the San Juan Islands. | 1974

25: Scott Sanders remembers, "In the spring of 1975, Candy and Craig were married but Tobi and I were not. We were dating pretty exclusively by that time and quite often we would go out on double dates with them. Craig and I became very good friends during this time. We also tested each others friendship pretty severely. First there was the time when Craig invited me to meet him in his graduate assistant's office at BYU and when I came and sat down his first question was, "So Scott, what are your intentions regarding Tobi?" Here I must make a parenthetical comment that my intentions were quite clear to me by that point, but I wasn't ready to share them. I began to hem and haw and beat around the bush and Craig was enjoying every second of it, when who should walk in but Candy. When she found out what was going on she came to my defense and said, "Craig, leave Scott alone." I think that's when my friendship with Candy reached a level of true affection. Tobi and I went to Hawaii in March of that year. The BYU Rugby team was flying on a charter plane with the baseball team and the Women's volleyball team to play some games. I asked Tobi to come with us. It would only cost her $200 and she could stay with the volleyball players in the BYU - Hawaii (then called the Church College of Hawaii) dorms, while I stayed with the rest of the Rugby team. To my surprise, she was able to take a break from her classes and come. We had such a great time in Hawaii, going to the beach, visiting the Arizona memorial, playing an occasional Rugby game, and getting suntanned and eating great Hawaiian food. Following my grand design, on March 9th we walked together to the Hawaii Temple and as we sat on a stone bench in front, I asked Tobi to marry me. And she said yes. (This story is coming to a point which involves Craig, I promise) I decided that I didn't want to tell anyone that we were engaged until after we had a chance to talk to our parents about it and particularly until I had a chance to ask Grandfather for his permission to marry his daughter. I thought there was a fair chance he might say "No." So the day we got home, we were over at Tobi's apartment when Candy and Craig came over. As soon as they walked in the door Craig was looking at me with raised eyebrows and a hopeful expression. When we told him that nothing of note had happened, he was nothing short of disgusted. In a huff, he left the apartment and left no room for doubt that our friendship was on unstable ground. Of course, a few days later we divulged our secret and all was well again. Almost. To this day, whenever the subject is broached, Craig's comment is "They lied to me!" I think "lied" is a little harsh, we just didn't tell the whole truth. It has been a long and very good friendship for me. I respect and admire Craig for many reasons. I hope we can keep it going for another 38 years." | 1975

26: 1975 | 23 years old BYU Provo, UT | Craig's brother, Kevin, remembers attending the priesthood session of General Conference this year in April. He and Craig sat on one the front rows right in front of President Kimball. President Kimball called on the young men to serve missions and it was at this meeting that Kevin decided he was going to go on a mission. He left that Summer in August for a mission to Belgium, Antwerp - Dutch speaking. | Candy and Craig spent this summer in California living in the Dome Houses. Candy taught swimming lessons and Craig did all sorts of projects for Charles Bingham. Like laying hot asphalt on the hottest day of the summer!

27: 1976 | 24 years old BYU Provo, UT | On January 7 Craig and Candy became first time parents to daughter Jamie. She was born at Utah Valley Hospital and weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces. | Craig continued at BYU working on a M.S. He wrapped up his coursework in December and they put their stuff in storage for the Christmas break and headed to Renton Washington to spend the holidays with Craig's family. They planned to return to Provo where Craig would work at the American Fork Training School

28: The thing I learned when living with Candy and Craig was Craig's love and enthusiasm for fishing and camping. I went fishing with Craig on the river, fishing on Utah Lake where the bugs were so thick, if you opened your mouth you got a mouthful. We went camping in the canyons above Provo. One night in the fall, Craig took us camping in the mountains. It was a cold night and they didn't have a sleeping bag for me. Candy made a bed for me out of blankets. Candy and Craig were in a nice big double sized sleeping bag. I was freezing and I finally woke Candy up and told her I was so cold. She told me to get in with them and Craig, being the trooper he always is, let me get in with them, with Candy being in the middle. Being a teenager, I fell fast asleep, and I have no idea if Candy and Craig were even able to sleep in such a tight squeeze but they never complained about it if it did. One fishing trip Craig took us on was to the Strawberry reservoir where we caught a 5 lb fish. I remember Candy fixing the fish with a delicious stuffing in the middle. It was a delicious dinner. Craig, did I ever thank you for being so kind to let me live with you guys. You were the best! | 1976 | Candy's sister Tami writes, "When I was 16 years old Granny and Grandfather had moved to Saudi Arabia and after living with them for 4 months I returned to Fresno and was living with the Thomas family for the summer. It didn't turn out to be a good situation for me and behind the scenes Mom and Dad were calling Candy and Craig to see if I could come and live with them. Within in a matters of days Craig was on a flight to Fresno and I was packing my bags. He arrived in Fresno and we immediately left in my car driving back to Provo. Craig and Candy had a little basement apartment they were renting and they were so kind and generous to allow me to squish in with them. Jamie was about 9 months old and had her crib in a little office area. Candy and Craig had a double in their storage room that I pulled out every night and put on the floor in their family room to sleep on. I have so many fond memories from that time, but I realize now, what a sacrifice that must have been for a young married couple with a baby, to take on the responsibilities (and headache) of having a 16 year old live with them.

29: 1976 | Craig's oldest daughter Jamie stated, "I never have to wonder why I love being outside all the time. With only a handful of exceptions, every single photo I have of me type of outdoor recreation. Camping, biking, swimming, fishing, walking, sitting, picnicking, -- if it is outdoors-- we did it!

30: 1977 | 25 years old - M.S. in Zoology from BYU Provo, UT The job at the American Fork Training School fell through, and Craig and Candy stayed in Renton, Washington. They lived with Craig's parents on Windsor Hill until they bought their first home in the Summer. In December Craig applied for graduate school to the University of Michigan. | Top Left -- Candy, Craig and little Jamie in the front yard of the Windsor Hills house Above -- Jamie, Craig and Grandma Downs at the Seattle Zoo. Left -- The Growing Hanis Family! Grandma& Granpa Downs, Baba & Grandpa, Mike, Peggy, Patrick, and Gregory, Mark and Christopher, Candy and Jamie

31: Daughter Carrie Michelle joined the family on November 14th. She was born at Valley General Hospital in Renton WA. | Both Craig and Candy were SCUBA divers. Here they are at the Edmonds Dock to dive at the Underwater dive park. On the left is Gene Reese. They even snorkeled on their honeymoon. In a story Candy often told "We had been snorkeling for a while and I was really cold (it was December after all) and I was struggling to keep my mask clear so I got out and headed back to our cabin (with a 2 seater out house -- so romantic!!). While getting out of my wetsuit I got stuck with my hands over my head & the suit impeding my breathing. I really started to panic but could just see the headline, "Newlywed dies stuck in wetsuit" and I could imagine Craig finding me dead in such a funny predicament. So I just tried to stay in control and wiggle and wiggle and finally I got free of that wetsuit.!" | Craig climbing a tree. . . probably looking for a chainsaw to cut it down! | 1977

32: 1978 | 26 years old In August, Craig, Candy, Jamie (2 yrs) and Carrie (1 year) moved to Ann Arbor, MI where Craig began work on a Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. | Left - The end of a camping trip. The support poles are down and the air is slowly letting out. As the kids got bigger this became the "favorite time" to play in the tent! Below -- Packed and loaded | Craig with Carrie on the old brown love seat! | They towed their 1967 Chevelle Malibu. It was a white 2-door with a black vinyl roof. Craig bought it in 1972 for $550. It had 60,000 miles on it. It did not have air conditioning (which proved challenging when moving later to Houston, TX) and they sold it in 1981 for $300.

33: (clockwise starting top left) *Settled into their Married Student Housing apartment. It was on 3 levels and had only one bathroom. It had wood floors and Carrie never did learn to crawl on them. She just scooted everywhere she needed to go. *Playing in a church volleyball game *Christmas at Rancho Veyo! *Celebrating Carrie's first birthday *Craig with his 2 little girls (Carrie in front and Jamie in the middle) | 1978

34: 1979 | 27 years old, Candy (25), Jamie (3), Carrie (1) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | Jamie's 3rd birthday | "But why can't Daddy take a bath with us????" So Craig finally relented and put on his swimming suit. | Right in the backyard of the apartment in Ann Arbor was a tiny hill perfect for sledding on the snowy winter days! | Christmas Photo | Craig has always loved aquariums. And in Ann Arbor he joined the Aquarium Society with his good friend Eric Boerwinkle. At one point he had 6 fish tanks in their apartment. | at the Packwood pool | 1979

35: 1980 | 28 years old University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Candy (26), Jamie (4), Carrie (3), and Shad (infant) | Shad Bingham Hanis joined Craig, Candy and the girls on June 15th. | Craig and Candy loved to craft things with their own hands. Notice all the hand made ornaments on the tree, and the latch hook wall hanging. Candy sewed most of the kid's clothes.

36: 1981 | 29 years old graduated from University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Human Genetics and M.S. in Statistics, moved to Houston, TX for his job as a Research Instructor for the University of Texas Health Science Center. Candy (27), Jamie (5 started Kindergarten), Carrie (4), Shad (1). The Hanis Family took a road trip to Washington D.C. with Baba and Grandpa. They stayed for a night with Aunt Mary and Uncle Robbie (Candy's Aunt) in Hampton Virginia. (The 3 pictures on the right are from that trip) | Craig's brother Mark marries Marci on July 4 | Craig and I decided to take the children fishing. We left the ranch very early in the morning to go fishing at a lake in Enterprise. Fishing was going well and all of the children were catching fish and having fun. Craig decided it was time to change Shad's diaper. Remember, these were the days when people used cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. I heard Craig moaning and groaning. It turned out that what he thought was a diaper that he was grabbing in the dark hours of the morning was a T-shirt. There were holes in strategic places that shouldn't have been there. I don't know how funny he thought this was but I still get a smile on my face when I think about him trying to diaper Shad with a T-shirt. One can never overlook Craig's great since of humor such as the fish head sandwich which he pretended to eat as he sat next to Penny or the mouse trick he and Candy played on Penny when they were playing Rook at the ranch. Happy birthday Craig. We love you. Dan

37: 1982 | 30 years old | The Hanis Family is settled into their apartment on 2717 Stoney Brook Rd. Candy (28), Jamie (6-Kindergarten and first grade), Carrie (5), Shad (2). Craig loved to play on the floor with his kids- like on the left (other favorite games yummy, yummy, rocket ship, airplane, and any kind of wrestling. | After driving the malibu in the heat, Craig and Candy sold that car and Craig's parents (Fred and Ethel) gave them a 1976 2 Door Blue Ford LTD with A/C and Craig bought a motorcycle so that Candy and the kids did not have to drive him to and from work. | Jamie recalls, "Although in hindsight I can see that money was tight, I never felt like we went without. We had fun, We enjoyed every single holiday. Christmas Trees, Pumpkins-- We always did those things and did them together. The best kind of memories!" | Mike visits TX!

38: 1983 | Craig becomes an Assistant Professor. Candy (29), Jamie (7- 1st & 2nd grade),Carrie (6- Kindergarten), Shad (3) | 31 years old | May 25 -- Grandpa Albert Tolley Downs (Ethel's dad) passes away. Craig travels to Seattle for the funeral and brings Shad along with him. | March 25 -- Craig and Candy mourn the loss of their 4th child, as Jared Craig is stillborn. | Greg Watts | And this is the year Craig grew a beard.

39: 1984 | 32 years old | This is the year Craig shaved off his beard. He took it slowly trying out several different beard/goatee iterations Then in a rather hilarious move decided to glue some of it back on to his kid's faces to see what they would look like. Shad cried. How did he glue it? Elmer's glue, of course. | Amber joined the family August 8. She was born at Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX. | Craig and Candy bought their home on 4745 Spellman in July. At the time interest rates were hovering at 18% but they found out about a special bond offering that would lower the interest to 14% if they could close quickly. And so they did. | Candy (30), Jamie (8 years- baptized 2nd & 3rd grade), Carrie (7 1st & 2nd grade), Shad (4) Amber (infant)

40: Mike and Peggy came to visit to see the new house and the new baby Amber in October. The cousins had fun together. The all went to Galveston to enjoy the beach. | 1984

41: Craig's mom retires this year after working as the first woman manager of a city's water and sewer district in the United States. | December 27 - Grandma Alice Mary Dougherty Downs passes away. | 1985 | 33 years old | Candy (31), Jamie (9) 3rd & 4th grade, Carrie (8) 1st & 2nd Grade, Shad (5) Kindergarten, Amber (1)

42: Candy (32), Jamie (10) 4th & 5th grade, Carrie (9) 2nd & 3rd Grade, Shad (6) Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Amber (2) | 34 years old | 1986 | Riding the Gunslinger at AstroWorld. We got Season Tickets for several summers in a row and enjoyed going to the park and riding the rides. The favorites were "The Texas Cyclone," "Greased Lightning," "Excalibur," "The Sky Screamer" and "XLR-8".

43: 1986 | 34 years old | Craig's nephew Pat recalls, "We were camping at Kalaloch with Uncle Craig and Tim and I were continually spitting. Craig kept riding us to stop spitting and finally grabbed a spoon and picked up some spit from the ground and told us if we spit again, he'd make us eat the spoon full of spit!" | 1986

44: 1987 | Craig's parents sell their home on Windsor Hill and move to Kent, Washington. | Craig becomes an Associate Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Texas Health Science Center | 35 years old | Candy (33), Jamie (11) 5th & 6th grade, Carrie (10) 3rd & 4th Grade, Shad (7) 1st & 2nd Grade, Amber (3)

45: 1988 | 36 years old | Candy (34), Jamie (12) 6th & 7th grade, Carrie (11) 4th & 5th Grade, Shad (8) 2nd & 3rd Grade, Amber (4) The family travels to Seattle this Summer.

46: 1989 | Craig's work on diabetes continues to progress and he opens his Starr County, Texas satellite offices to facilitate their projects and grants. | 37 years old | Candy (35), Jamie (13) 7th & 8th grade, Carrie (12) 5th and 6th Grade, Shad (9) 3rd & 4th Grade, Amber (5) starts Kindergarten | In August, the family all went to Disneyland. One of the day's Jamie got sick and Craig quipped, "We've been to fantasy land, tomorrowland & throw-up land." | Craig & Candy Main Street U.S.A. Disneyland

47: 1990 | 38 years old | Candy (36), Jamie (14 8th grade & Freshman at Johnston &Bellaire), Carrie (13 6th & 7th at Johnston M.S.), Shad (10 4th & 5thgrade at Longfellow Elem), Amber (6 Kindergarten & 1st grade at Longfellow Elem.) | Favorite things -- how much wood can you hold?, smelting, kite flying

48: 1991 | Craig becomes a Professor of Human Genetics! | 39 years old | Candy (37), Jamie (15 Freshman & Sophomore at Bellaire), Carrie (14 7th & 8th at Johnston M.S.), Shad (11 5th & 6th grade at Longfellow Elem & Johnston M.S), Amber (7 1st and 2nd grade at Longfellow Elem.) | Candy (37), Jamie (15 Freshman & Sophomore at Bellaire), Carrie (14 7th & 8th at Johnston M.S.), Shad (11 5th & 6th grade at Longfellow Elem and Johnston M.S), Amber (7 1st & 2nd grade at Longfellow Elem.) This Summer the family went to Rancho Veyo for a large Bingham Family Reunion. Then continued North to Yellowstone where Craig's parents and Brother, Mike and his family met them there.

49: 1992 | 40 years old | Craig receives the John McGovern Outstanding Teacher Award | April -- Craig and Candy rented a van and drove to Orlando, Florida for spring break to celebrate Craig's 40th birthday. | Fred, Craig's dad suffered a massive heart attack in April. The whole family raced back to Houston after their week at Disneyworld so that Craig could fly to Seattle and be with his Dad. Fortunately, Fred recovered. He had to continue life at a much slower pace though. | August 1992 -- The whole family travels to Seattle for all the traditional things -- Packwood, Kalaloch, Victoria B.C., Butchart gardens, Humptulips, the waterfront, Pike Place Market, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Auntie Mil and Uncle Rex, Alki Point, Salmon Fishing | Candy (38), Jamie (16 Sophomore and Junior at Bellaire), Carrie (15 8th & Freshman Johnston M.S. and Bellaire), Shad ( 12 6th & 7th grade at Johnston M.S), Amber (8 2nd and 3rd grade at Longfellow Elem.)

50: 1993 | 41 years old | Craig and Candy bought a white full size Ford van and headed to Washington D.C. with all the kids for spring break. A late blizzard started at about the same time as their drive and by the time they reached Cookeville, TN the highway was closed. They exited the freeway and were fortunate enough to find one motel room. Thankfully they had plenty of movies to entertain them those 3 days before they were able to continue on to D.C. | This summer the Hanis family bought a second car -- a 1978 VW rabbit diesel. It was a stick shift and had no air conditioning, but it got the kids to and from Willow Pool where they spent a lot of their time. | During August the whole family drove first to Tucson, AZ to visit Dan and Penny Johnston. Then they drove to California (first to Fresno to see where Candy had grown up and then to Redding to go on the Houseboat for a week with the kids and a week without the kids.) Then to Rancho Veyo. And then back home to Houston, TX. | Candy (39), Jamie (17 Junior and Senior), Carrie (16 Freshman and Sophomore), Shad ( 13 7th & 8th grade at Johnston M.S), Amber (9 3rd and 4th grade at Longfellow Elem.)

51: 1994 | 42 years old | Jamie (18) graduates from Bellaire H.S. and starts and BYU Provo, UT Carrie (17) Soph & Jr year at Bellaire H.S. Shad (14) 8th grade at Johnston M.S. and 9th grade at Westbury H.S. Amber (10) 4th & 5th grade at Longfellow Elem. | For spring break the whole family traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. | This August the Hanis Family drove to Arizona, California (houseboating), Seattle, Salt Lake, Provo (to drop Jamie off at BYU) and then back to Houston. A round trip totaling more than 5,000 miles!!!

52: 1994 | 42 years old | We were in NYC and Uncle Craig and Shad came up from Washington D.C. for a few days. So we headed to Yankee Stadium to catch a game. They were giving out posters, which Uncle Craig proceeded to make into a hat to protect his face since our seats were directly in the sun light (we all know what he was really trying to protect). At least he told us this is the reason but I truly believe he also liked the look. After the game we were heading back on the subway and I started not feeling so well. As we walked back to the hotel, it got to the point that I had to sit down with a cup, worried my Yankee Stadium dog was about to return. As I sat there with my souvenir cup to catch the hot dog, Uncle Craig thought it would be hilarious to walk by and drop some money in my cup! I was both laughing and trying to hold my lunch all at the same time. To add insult to injury, he then took the money back! I know they had a fun day the rest of the day because they received tickets to watch Conan O'Brien. Either way, I will never forget that. Of course there are all the great memories to Packwood, Kalaloch, Seattle waterfront, and much more which are almost to many to recall.

53: Craig - professor Candy working at RDA Jamie - 19 freshman and sophomore at BYU -- home for the summer Carrie- 18 JR & SR at Bellaire High school playing basketball Shad- 15 freshman and sophomore at Westbury Amber -11 last year of Elementary school at Longfellow and starts middle school at Johnston | 43 years old | 1995 | February -- the whole family met up in Seattle to celebrate Craig's parents' 50th Wedding anniversary

54: 1995 | Acting out the Christmas story | Summer vacation -- Grand Canyon and Rancho Veyo | Christmas was spent all together in Houston with Candy's parents joining them! | May -- Craig was called to serve in the Houston TX South Stake Presidency and was set apart by M. Russell Ballard. | 43 years old | Also, Craig announces with great joy that he has attended his LAST elementary school program EVER

55: 1996 | 44 years old | Craig and Candy -- announce they are expecting!!!! Jamie - 20 gets married to Trent Carrie - 19 graduates from Bellaire H.S. Shad 16 -- soph. & jr year at Westbury H.S. Amber 12 - 6th & 7th grade at Johnston M.S. | The "favorite" story is when Craig and Candy called everyone to tell them the news. Everyone thought they meant Jamie was expecting.

56: 1997 | 45 years old | Craig - continues as a professor at UTHSC Candy - quits work to devote her full time to baby Tyler Jamie 21 - gets her B.S. in Zoology from BYU Trent 23- studying accounting at BYU Carrie-20 attending BYU Shad-17 Jr & Sr year at Westbury H.S. Amber-13 7th & 8th grade at Johnston M.S. Tyler - brand new and a real "keeper!" | Tyler Frederick Hanis May 9, 1997 Houston, TX

57: 1997 | Craig's Dad Martin George Anthony Hanis "Fred" passes away on Feb 12, 1997 | Candy's parents leave for a Church Humanitarian Mission in Hanoi, Vietnam | Everyone "tried" out the boat!!!

58: 1997 | 45 years old | Craig excitedly purchases his boat! | Shad writes, "One of my favorite memories with dad has to be fishing. I remember fishing in Utah when we would visit the ranch and also in Washington when we would visit Baba and Grandpa. I remember using Zeke’s Fishing bait in both gold and pink and I could still pick out that smell today. I remember fishing in Washington when Mark Hanis came screaming down the road to let us know that he was not injured but that the fish and game wildlife truck had just left the area and there were thousands of keeper rainbow trout. However, the greatest memories with Dad were with our boat. The year was 1994 and we were driving back from Father and Sons campout at Camp Liahona and coming down US 59 we saw a boat store on the opposite side of the road. Dad and I looked at each other and decided to stop and see what they had. We found a beautiful 19’ Arrowglass Center Console with a 150 hp Evinrude Outboard motor. Soon the approval from mom was given and we had ourselves a boat. Dad and I went fishing a lot. I remember fishing just on the edge of a gulf squall and we thought we were well out of harms way when lightning struck near the boat. Dad gunned it and we got out of there fast without even bringing in the lines. I remember the last cast of one day when we got into a 60lb ling. We realized that it was so big we would have to subdue it before we brought it into the boat. I had the gaff hook and we were worried we may only have one chance to gaff it without it getting off the hook and we succeeded. However, we beat the living snot out of that fish trying to kill it with a little baseball bat until we finally felt good about getting it into the boat. I remember taking lots of different people and watching lots of people get sick; none was better than Bishop Pratt. Had we stayed on the water that day it may have been one of our most successful trips because we had caught 2 fish in the first few minutes. However, we quickly realized we may want to return soon so the dry heaving didn’t kill our guests. Our best time of fishing was in 1997 just after Tyler was born. Dad had paternity leave and we fished a lot. Shad kept a log of the fishing adventures and we tallied 15 trips for the summer and caught 68 kingfish. I remember on one particular day the weather, waves, and fishing all combined for the perfect day of fishing. We caught so many fish the lines would be going off and we would sit back and say, “You take this one” followed by “No, you take this one.” Fishing has always been a fun bonding adventure with dad."

59: 1998 | 46 years old | Craig and Candy - busy with kids spread across every age group! Jamie (22) and Trent (24)- both working on Masters degrees at BYU Carrie (21)- studying at BYU Shad (18) - graduates from Westbury H.S. and starts at BYU Amber (14) finishes middle school & starts at Bellaire H.S. Tyler (1) walking, talking, making messes! | November - Everyone came together for Thanksgiving in Palm Springs CA

60: 1999 | Shad writes, "In June of 1999 Dad had a business trip to San Diego and he took me along. It was just a few weeks before I left to the MTC. We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the water front and ate a lot of good food and clam chowder on the wharf. One of the more interesting things we did was drive up to the check point of the Naval Base San Diego, home of the Pacific Fleet, and ask them if we could drive around and look at the aircraft carriers and destroyers. After initially telling us no, the guard looked around and then waved us through. We enjoyed looking around and enjoying seeing things that nowadays the normal citizen would never be allowed to do. We also went and completed a session at the San Diego Temple. The last day we spent at Sea World San Diego riding rides and seeing the shows. We were rushed towards the end of the day and unknowingly I left my new camera there. By the time we realized it and called Sea World it was long gone. We did have a great time together and was one of the memorable trips I had with dad." | Craig -busy at work - professor at UTHSC Candy (45) -busy Mom running the household! Jamie (23) M.S. in Biological Science Education, Trent (25) B.S. & M.S. in Accounting & they move to Houston. Trent working for Ernst & Young Jamie teaching 7th grade Carrie (22) leaves in January on a Mission to the Canary Islands, Spain Shad (19) leaves in June on a Mission to Campinas Brazil Amber (15) 9th & 10th grade at Bellaire H.S> Tyler (2) playing and swimming | 47 years old

61: 2000 | 48 years old | Craig -- still serving in stake presidency, professor at UTHSC Candy- busy writing missionaries & mothering Jamie & Trent - living in their apartment in Stafford, welcome daughter Julianne in June Carrie (23)-- returns from mission in August and resumes schooling at BYU Shad (20) - on mission to Campinas, Brazil Amber (16) 10th & 11th grades at Bellaire H.S., gets to be Baba's travel companion in England & Ireland in late June Tyler (3) | Craig becomes a Grandpa (June 2000)! | Construction begins on the Houston Temple | Craig liked to take Tyler over to the Meyer Park ponds to fish for little sunfish with bread! | On Christmas day 2000, the family flies out to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Charles and Betty Joe Bingham (a few days early). | June 2000 | Julianne Handy's blessing day | (left) Craig with his son in one arm and granddaughter in the other. | Capilano Suspension Bridge, March 2000 | When the Hanis home needed a new roof in March of 2000, Craig and a crew of friends took on the chore. But it took longer than they hoped and after a nail-biting night hoping it wouldn't rain, he retired from rooking and hired out the last half. The family also enjoyed a spring break in Seattle and Vancouver this year--Craig had LASIK surgery done on his eyes and they all enjoyed skiing at Grouse Mountain resort.

62: 2001 | Candy's mother Betty Jo Phillips Bingham passes away on July 21, 2001. The family picked Shad up from the airport and flew out the next day to attend the funeral before their summer trip (houseboating on Lake Shasta, Portland, Seattle, and Kalaloch). | Jamie (25) and Trent (27) buy their first home in Missouri City, TX. Carrie (24) - graduates with B.S. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Physical Therapy and a minor in Zoology and started Physical Therapy school at Texas Woman's University in August Shad (21) - returns home from Mission in July and resumes studies at BYU Amber (17) 11th & 12th grades at Bellaire H.S. Tyler (4) | 49 years old | Craig's brother Kevin marries Kelli in April | December 2001, fun times with Shad and Carrie home for Christmas | Amber writes: With Dad in the stake presidency all through high school, he was at practically every stake dance that I attended. I enjoyed seeing him (although I didn't admit it) and would usually save a dance for him. Dad came across as a little intimidating to young men who didn't know him and I do remember a few young men who couldn't handle the pressure and would lead us as far as possible from wherever Dad was standing. Dad's reputation wasn't completely off base though--when I had my first boyfriend my senior year, he grilled my boyfriend's Mom during her temple recommend interview about a PG-13 movie she let us watch! I was so embarrassed at the time, but I knew how much he loved me.

63: 2002 | 50 years old | Craig and Candy resume attending Elementary school programs. Jamie (26) & Trent (28) celebrate the arrival of their 2nd child, Catherine. Carrie (25) continues schooling in Houston. Shad (22) marries Amy Nebeker (22) on June 29th at the Houston Texas Temple. Amber (18) graduates from Bellaire H.S. and starts her studies at BYU Tyler (5) begins Kindergarten at Longfellow Elementary. | Amber writes "I remember how excited I was for spring break my senior year. Mom and Dad had decided when Tyler was a baby that we'd return to Disney World the year that Tyler was almost 5 and I was almost graduated. We had a great time. Mom and I could hardly keep up with Dad--he'd put his head down, push that umbrella stroller with Tyler in it, and take off!" | Craig is always one to make a good first impression on a future in-law. Meeting Amy Nebeker in February 2002 was no different. He shook her hand and said, "You know, Shad speaks really highly of you...He says you don't sweat much for a fat girl." That was just the beginning of Amy's fun. Wood flooring was being installed that day so the furniture was in the garage and the family room boasted a cement floor. Also, Candy put a knife through her hand wile making dinner that night and needed stitches! Amy sure got to see the family's true colors and married Shad anyway! | Shad and Amy's wedding, June 29, 2002 at the Houston Temple | Family camping trip over Christmas break 2002 (Amber home from college) | July 2002--Craig was attempting to get up on the slalom ski on Lake Shasta when he felt a terrible sensation in his right leg--he nearly snapped his hamstring. | June 2002, Amber's HS Graduation

64: 2003 | 51 years | Shad writes, "When Amy and I were first married dad was appointed to an advisory board at BYU. In this capacity he visited 4 times and while he was there he stayed with us in our small apartment at 737W. 100N. in Provo. Each time he came he took us shopping. These were no ordinary shopping trips for a poor and young newlywed couple. We either went to Sams Club or Albertsons. We grabbed shopping carts and began to load up items. Several shopping carts later and several hundred dollars later we were finished. Those groceries were heaven sent for us and allowed us to eat, invite friends over for dinner, and spend our limited money on other needed items. Amy often tells the story about how excited Dad was because he had saved $89.00 in one trip by having an Albertsons card. Shad's favorite part of one of the visits were the press box seats he got for a football game and seeing President Hinckley in the press box area." | Craig continues in the Stake Presidency, Candy stays busy with her grandchildren and Tyler. The three of them enjoy an amazing trip to Australia in March--snorkeling, breakfast with exotic birds, even a hair-raising drive along a road with a dropoff late at night in bad weather! Craig's Mom Ethel celebrates her 80th birthday in August and Candy and Craig enjoy time in Kalaloch with all of their children and grandchildren. They put in an in-ground pool that fall! Jamie (27) and Trent (29), still in Missouri City with 2 kids, Julianne (3 ) and Catherine (1). Carrie (26) graduates from TWU in October and starts a job in Seattle as a physical therapist in December. Shad (23) and Amy (23) have their first baby Hailey Lauren in June. Amber (19) begins her sophomore year at BYU and is accepted into the nursing program. Tyler, 6 years old and in Kindergarten/1st grade. | Ethel and her sons: Michael, Mark, Craig, and Kevin | Seattle Waterfront, Aug. 2003 | Kalaloch, Aug. 2003 | Sitting on the new waterfall, Dec. 2003 | Pool is finished! Nov. 16, 2003 | Grandpa and Hailey, Oct. 2003 | Hot tubbing at Christmas-time 2003 | Australia--March 2003 | Carrie remembers: When I was flying out to Seattle to start my first "real job", Dad bought my ticket, drove me to the airport, and gave me the $40 from his wallet as I walked in. Then he said, "That's the last time I'm ever gonna do this!"

65: 2004 | 52 years | Craig really logged the miles between Houston and Utah this year. Craig, Candy, and Tyler visit for spring break in March and then again in April for Shad's graduation from BYU. Then in June, Craig wins the travel lottery! He drives out to Utah with Shad in the white 1999 Malibu for Amber. While there, he drives with Amber down to Veyo to pick up a piano for Jamie. He then returns to Houston with Shad, Amy, and their moving van so Shad can start dental school in the fall. | SNOW in Houston! Christmas Eve 2004 | Skiing! Shad, Candy, and Craig--March 2004 | Craig, Candy, and Tyler | Shad's BYU graduation, April 2004 | Amber and Craig at "the House on the Hill" in Veyo, June 2004 | Jamie (28) and Trent (30) welcome their 3rd daughter Madelyn in July. Carrie (26) still in Seattle working at Valley Medical Center. Shad (24) and Amy (24) move to Houston and welcome Craig and Candy's first grandSON Zachary Shad in October. Amber (20) still at BYU begins dating Dan Aird (25). They get engaged on New Year's Eve 2004 by the Houston Temple fountain. Tyler (7) and in 1st/2nd grade. | Dan Aird was understandably nervous to meet Amber's father a few days after Christmas in 2004. He had an engagement ring in his pocket and needed to ask for Craig's blessing to propose to Amber. When Dan found a moment alone with Craig to chat, a football game was on. Dan asked if they could talk and Craig sat up and said, "OK, do you want me to turn the game down? turn it off?" When Dan said it didn't matter, Craig merely turned the game down so he could keep an eye on it while Dan said he wanted to marry Amber. Craig said Amber seemed to think it was a good idea, so he did too. And that was that! | Embroidered Granny and Grandpa PJs--Christmas morning 2004 | Christmas Day, 2004 | After 9 years of service, Craig is released from the Stake Presidency in May of 2004! He is quickly put to work as Scoutmaster and enjoys the break from trips to the Lexington building!

66: 2005 | 53 Years | Craig (53) serving as scoutmaster, Candy (51) serving as RS president--both enjoying having their 5 grandchildren close-by. Jamie (29) and Trent (31) and three girls still live in Missouri City. Carrie (28) continues living with Craig's Mom and working as a PT in the Seattle area. Shad and Amy (both 26)are busy with their 2 kids and Shad's 1st/2nd years of dental school. Amber (21) and Dan (26) are married May 14, 2005 in the Salt Lake Temple. The whole family comes to Utah for the affair and an open house is held at Craig and Candy's home Memorial Day weekend. Tyler (8) , 2nd/3rd grade, is baptized in the Lexington Chapel the day of Amber's Houston Open House | Craig's 53rd birthday, April 2005 | Amber's Wedding Day, May 14, 2005 | May 13, 2005, Bountiful Temple

67: 2005 | Family Pictures, Dec. 2005 | The BIG one--After years of trying, Shad and Craig snag their ling in 2005! | Dec. 2005--Candy and Craig at the Houston temple after a session with their adult children and children-in-law. | Candy and Craig enjoy a great vacation in Hawaii in March 2005 with Carrie and Tyler. They spend time in Oahu and Maui while there. They see the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, and watch surfers on the North Shore. They enjoy body surfing and snorkel- ing in the beautiful water--it was a trip to remember! | Hawaii! | Criag has business in NYC in October 2005 and Candy and Tyler tag along. They sight see while Craig works and meet up with him after his meetings each day.

68: Shad writes, "In September, Dad led a group of volunteers from our church to Slidell, Lousiana to assist in the cleanup effort from Hurricane Katrina. The group had to be entirely self sufficient meaning all food, gas, tools, equipment, first aid, etc. had to be taken. The group left from the Maplewood Building on a Friday evening and arrived at a Red Cross Shelter in Slidell, Lousiana around 2AM. It was hot and sticky. Luckily, there was room in the church (which was air conditioned.) Our group worked all day Saturday and Sunday cutting down trees and clearing debris. If anyone knows Dad, they know he loves chain saws and cutting down wood. (Probably learned from Grandfather Bingham's many wood projects.) Needless to say the days were grueling, sleep came quickly in the evening, and it was hot. The sights and smells of refrigerators without power are not easily forgotten. On Saturday evening Brother Earl Thrift treated us to an excellent barbecue meal and the Baptist Church sent a shower unit so we could take showers. It was a long, hot weekend but we all learned a lot of lessons as we gave service. | 2005

69: 54 years | 2006 | Craig (54) commemorates 25 years of research in Starr County, Candy (52) stays busy as a Mom and a Granny. Jamie (30) and Trent (32) welcome their 4th child--and 1st boy (Adam Trent) in September. Carrie (29) is a busy aunt and serves in the RS presidency in her ward in Seattle Shad and Amy (both 27) are busy with their growing kids and Shad's 2nd/3rd years of dental school. Amber (22) graduates from BYU with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing in April and begins working in the NICU in Provo while Dan (27) continues his studies. Tyler (9) , 3rd/4th grade, enjoys his second trip to Disney World with Mom and Dad over spring break in March. | Craig and Adam--his 2nd grandson | On the plan to Utah, April 2006 | Using Craig's coat as a sled up Provo Canyon | Amber's Graduation, April 2006

70: 2007 | The First Craig and Candy Hanis Family reunion, complete with Rook tournament held at Jamie's home in Katy, TX in December 2007. | Craig (55) proves he's a handy man once again as he refinishes the master bathroom in February--progress slows considerably when he's called as Bishop in the spring, Candy (53) is suddenly released as RS president and enjoys some time in the nursery. Jamie (31) and Trent (33) build a beautiful home in Katy, TX and move in with their 4 kids in March. Carrie (30) makes a career change and begins doing 12 week travel PT assignments, starting in October in Utah. Shad and Amy (both 27) are busy with their 2 kids and Shad's 2nd/3rd years of dental school. Amber (23) and Dan (28) are still in Provo with Amber working as a NICU RN and Dan finishing his studies. They welcome their first baby, Megan on Halloween. Tyler (10 years) now an uncle to 7, is in 4th/5th grades. | 55 Years | Craig and Candy visit Disney World just after Christmas this year along with almost the whole family (minus Amber, Dan, and Megan) and have a great time sharing a big rental house, making memories, and racing through the parks with the grandkids! | (L to R): Charles, Craig, Tyler in March 2007/Tyler, Craig, Carrie surfing in Oregon in July 2007 with the Bingham side of the family/Candy and Craig skiing in March 2007/Craig skiing/Candy and Craig in Oregon in July 2007/Tyler, Candy, and Craig at Vicki's home in July/ Craig and Megan Aird on her blessing day in December 2007 | This Christmas Craig helped Carrie drive from Utah to Houston. They left Salt Lake, drove 10 hours to Rollins WY where the freeway was closed due to snowfall. Not wanting to wait out the storm (and thereby miss Christmas) they turned around, drove the 10 hours back to Salt Lake City and then started the drive again going the southern route this time. Finally 42 hours of driving later, they arrived in Houston. Craig at least miraculously got reception on the radio in the middles of Arizona of the BYU bowl game -- vs UCLA.

71: 2008 | 56 years | Craig (56) stays busy with work and being Bishop. Candy (54) still in nursery, busy with her children and grandchildren. Craig and Candy enjoy 2 1/2 months with all of their children and grandchildren living in the Houston area (May-mid July). They get in a number of trips--a cruise to Cozumel in March, Pebble Beach and Oakland in June, houseboat trip to Lake Powell in July, and BYU homecoming in October where Craig is honored as a distinguished alumni. Hurricane Ike hits Houston in September and they enjoy 13 days without electricity, plenty of excuses to use the chainsaws, and sharing lots of delicious food that otherwise would have spoiled in freezers. Jamie (32) and Trent (34) move with their 4 children family to New Canaan, CT in July so Trent can begin a 3 year assignment in the Ernst&Young office overlooking Times Square Carrie (31) continues to do travel Physical Therapy, enjoying assignments in Boston, Cape Cod, Virginia, and Houston. Shad and Amy (both 28) move into a rental house across the street from Craig and Candy in March and welcome their third child, Chloe Eliza on May 12. They celebrate Shad's graduation from UT Dental School in the summer and gear up for his first year of and orthodontic residency (also at UT Houston) that starts in the fall. Amber (23) and Dan (28) move to Houston after Dan graduates from BYU with a BS in Information Technology in April. They live in an apartment in the medical center of Houston. Tyler (11 years) in 5th/6th grades; earns his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts this year, starts middle school at Pin Oak. - | Thanksgiving Day Parade, Nov. 2008 | New Year's Eve, Dec. 31, 2008 | Family Picture, June 2008 | Wakesurfing, July 2008 | Carving Pumpkins, October 2008 | Ready to ride in the homecoming parade, Oct. 2008

72: 2009 | Craig (57) snd Candy (55) enjoy another busy year. Aside from spring break in NYC, they spend time in Kalaloch and Seeattle in late July and a week at Disneyland in late August. Jamie (33) and Trent (35) adjust to life in New Canaan and are busy with their 4 kids. Carrie (32) now working a permanent physical therapy position again and living in Houston. She rents a cute 2 bedroom apartment just a few minutes from Craig and Candy. Shad and Amy (both 29) are busy with their 3 children and Shad's 1st/2nd years of ortho residency. Amber (25) and Dan (30) move into their first home in January and welcome their second daughter, Brooke, in July. Tyler (12 years) in 6th/7th grades at Pin Oak M.S. He enjoys playing percussion in the band and starts braces with Shad in the fall. He is ordained a deacon, starts Young Men's activities, and passes Candy in height! | Candy and Craig take the whole family out to visit Jamie and Trent's home in Connecticut. All 18 of them stay in Jamie's house and are quite the sight wandering the streets of NYC. They spend a few days seeing Palmyra, the Hill Cumorah, and Niagara Falls. Craig even treats the whole group, including the infants, to a Broadway show (Shrek, the Musical). After spending more that $1000 on those tickets, the whole group remembers well the look on Craig's face when they arrived at the theater and were told no children under 4 were allowed. Thankfully, the manager let everyone attend when he was assured the children would be very, VERY good. And they were! | 57 Years | Niagara Falls, March 2009 | Broadway! March 2009 | Tyler's Priesthood Ordination, May 2009 | Brazos Bend, February 2009 | Palmyra, March 2009

73: 2010 | 57 Years | Catherine Handy's baptism, Jan. 2010 | Jamie visits Houston, Jan. 2010 | Disney World, Mar. 2010 | Craig and Candy, Oct. 2010 | Tyler and Craig, Aug. 2010 | Watching Tyler play football, Sep. 2010 | All the kids, Nov. 2010 | Craig (58) and Candy (56) start 2010 like many other years. They go to Catherine's baptism in January in Connecticut, Disney World in March, and their usual summer trip to Kalaloch, Oregon, and Seattle. Candy hadn't been feeling well since mid-July and went to her doctor when they returned from summer vacation. Tests followed and the news was not good. She had surgery to remove stage 3-C ovarian cancer on Sept. 1, 2010. The pace of life slowed a little after that as she started chemo and her sisters came to help out. Craig continues serving as Bishop. Jamie (34) and Trent (36) welcome their 5th sweet baby, Owen James in October. Carrie (33) still living nearby Craig and Candy, working as a PT. Shad and Amy (both 30) celebrate yet another graduation--Shad becomes an orthodontist in Aug. 2010 and joins a practice in Katy, TX. Amber (26) and Dan (31) stay busy with their 2 girls and new callings when they become part of a new ward. Tyler (13 years) in 7th/8th grades at Pin Oak M.S. He continues with percussion and swimming and even plays football in the fall. | 58 years

75: 2011 | 59years | treatments. Those treatments ended, but the cancer cells continued to grow. Candy, Craig and Tyler flew to Utah in April to celebrate Grandfather Bingham's 90th birthday. In May, Candy began to prepare for continued treatments through clinical trials. She participated in a 5K where she was honored as a survivor. But the troubles soon began. She was hospitalized with a collapsed lung on May 8 (due to her port-a-cath insertion surgery). The next Sunday, May 15th she was hospitalized with a small bowel obstruction. And for the 3rd Sunday in a row she was hosptialized on May 22nd for a bowel obstruction again. At this point the only option left was to do another surgery to try to bypass the obstruction. She had this surgery on May 31st. | This year had the highs and the lows. Candy continued to battle Ovarian Cancer. Her treatments were set to conclude at the beginning of February and the | whole family gathered in February to celebrate. Jamie (35), Trent (37) and their 5 children traveled from CT joining up with everyone else for a wonderful week. Unfortunately the cancer cells did not get the same memo and Candy was scheduled for 3 additional | Jamie wrote on her blog, "The doctors skillfully opened her up and found a much more advanced and complicated set of tumors than they had anticipated. So they stitched her back up. What does that mean? It means that now the cancer will get to grow, unhindered, until it wins the battle." With family, love, friends, and support the next few weeks were filled with some of the sweetest moments. And then, surrounded by family, Candy passed away on June 29 just 9 days before her 57th birthday. Amber (27) had her 3rd little girl on July 11th and named her Candace. Life continued on. Jamie and her family stayed in Houston until August. Craig and Tyler headed to the Pacific Northwest to see family and camp at Kalaloch. Shad (31) continued with his orthodontic practice and he and Amy began looking at homes to build in Katy, TX. Carrie (34) took a scuba trip to Curacao and continued work as a physical therapist. Tyler (14) began his freshman year at Lamar High school.

76: 60 years | 2012 | Craig and Tyler will be traveling around the world this summer! The trip -- Houston, Chicago, Seoul Korea, Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand, Cairnes Australia, Hong Kong China, Frankfurt Germany, St. Petersburg Russia, Rome Italy, Munich Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bergen Norway, Chicago, Houston July 13 - August 14

78: Craig's sense of humor has always been evident from day one of joining our family. When Mom and Dad sent out the Bingham Family By-laws, a couple of days later came Craig's version of the by-laws. It was hilarious and his talent for the written word was evident. Over the years we have tasted strips of paper to see if we possessed the gene that allowed us to taste bitterness. We heard about fruit flies and anything else he was working on with that cleverness and laughter that Craig always brought with his stories. We loved having the times together on the houseboat. Starting in Fresno onto Lake McClure, then to Shasta Lake in Redding and Lake Powell. We played, we laughed, we sang and we watched our children grow into wonderful adults themselves. The surprise of the lifetime was Candy's phone call asking me to guess who was pregnant. Of course it my guess was that it was Jamie. Shock of all shocks, it was Candy and Craig! Little Tyler, joined the Hanis fun. I love Craig being Candy's hero this last year. There were so many things he did that were amazing. He was her protector, her best friend, and her loving eternal companion. Thank you for letting us all come into your home once again to be apart of your lives this past year. I love you for that. Happy 60 great years. Love Tami | Happy Birthday Craig! Memories are: eating, ususally fish; camping or wanting to go camping; watching movies; mindful of your family, especially Candy; many hobbies through the years; photos (never deleting any); love to read; Traits: spiritual, intelligent, family minded, sense of humor, husband, father, son, brother (in-law), friend; and mostly a great desire to consume food! Peggy

79: The first time I met Craig was at Rancho Veyo. He was in the heat of a Rook game with Jamie on his lap. After he finished and won a candy bar he decided to "meet me" officially. . . so he came to the "laundry room" where I was dutifully chopping nuts and unwrapped his newly won candy bar- promptly licked it on both sides and then offered it to me and said, "Pam, the girl Tab finally brought to the Ranch!" I was repulsed, but smiled and graciously said thank you, but I don't like snickers. He LOVED that-- and replied, "What about a Three Musketeers?" Jessica's first fishing trip was tagging along with Craig, Shad, & Carrie. I have a photo of Jessica back from Gunlock Lake holding a fish about a third of her size. But my best memory was Christmas of 2006 when Craig came to our door step with framed photos of Tab & I at Lake Powell -- with all of our chubbiness & grace hanging out! Love, Pamela

80: My memories of Craig, the jokester! Craig is a great guy. However, he has taken much delight over the years in teasing (torturing) me. Gosh, you'd think I was an easy mark or something. I will share a few priceless ones. Candy knew I was afraid of mice or any critter for that matter. So one night Candy, Craig, Tobi and me were playing Rook at the ranch. Candy casually mentions that mom has been having trouble with mice at the ranch. We continue on playing and all of a sudden there is a mouse on the table coming straight at me. It did not deviate one bit, despite my screams, and climbing on top of Tobi trying to get away from it. Well, it turns out it was a fake mouse that your dad had put on a coat hanger and pushed it towards me. My heart still beats erratically when I think about it. Another time, Craig put a puddle of water between us and I can't remember exactly what we were to do, but before I could do it, Craig grabs my ankles and pulls me through the puddle of water. Still another time, he commented on how delicious his sandwich was. I looked over to see a fish head between two slices of bread that he was pretending to take a bite of. I can't remember all the incidents, but there have been lots over the years. But in addition to the practical jokes have been all the good times we've had together. Houseboat trips, Rook Games, Magic Show in Houston, a trip to Galveston,driving to Vegas to pick up Dan. On our way to Vegas, Craig was driving, Candy was across from him and Mom and I were in the back. So on the console between the driver and passenger seats we commenced to have a wild rook game. Craig just put his cards face down and would turn them over as needed without even knowing what he was turning over. Made for a very interesting game. I can also remember how competitive the brother in laws were. Who could push who off the intertubes while tubing? Who could win in basketball? It was so much fun to see how well they got along and "played" together. And lastly, I have truly admired Craig as he has advanced both professionally and spiritually. His years in the Stake Presidency and then as Bishop have really honed him into a spiritual giant. I also greatly admired his compassion, patience with all of us sisters, and love for Candy as she went through her last few months of life. I will always consider those some of my choicest moments and memories as I spent time in their home for a few weeks during that time. Warmly, Penny

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