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Happy Birthday Deba _2

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S: Happy Birthday Deba

FC: Happy 60th Birthday Deba | A mind of one's own | A born foodie | Way too cute

2: Deb, There are not enough words to describe all those wonderful qualities that make you such an exceptional friend! Where do I start?? Caring, a good listener, genuine, confidant, provider of advice, understanding, a ray of sunshine to start the workday. You’ve been there for the goods times, for the tough times, for travel delays, for a couple of cocktails, for some ‘really good dinners’ and not the least - for a good laugh! I cherish all the time we have spent together over the years – and I mean ALL the times – in the swamps of New Orleans, in the airports, killing time in the office, ‘recipe’ talks, fine dining experiences in New York City, hen-fest, Contessa dinner parties at your home. I can go on and on. You have always been there for me and I hope you know I’ll always be here for you. A toast (with a glass of red of course) to you my beautiful friend! Love, Robyn

3: Deb, You are a beautiful person inside and out and not only do I love that you are such a wonderful friend to my sister but that you are a friend to me as well. We've had a lot of laughs, a lot of cocktails and a lot of great memories. You are truly a one in a million and if these entries are any indication, you have touched the lives of so many people. Thanks for letting me be a part of a very special birthday celebration for a very special lady! Love, Fran

4: To my Dear Friend Deb, A kindered spirit and a very dear friend who always proffers good advice, supports and encourage me in my endeavors and thinks of others at the expense of herself. Deb, you are the epitome of a well read, traveled, green gardner, and kind lady and I am delighted to call you one of my dearest friends. Thank you for being yourself and wishing you many happy and wonderful days all the rest of your life. Warmest regards Clarine

6: Dear Deb, It's been wonderful getting to know you since you returned from Ireland. I hope your life here in the States has been filled with happiness and satisfaction. You've become a great hostess of cousins and reunions and holiday feasts and I have enjoyed these times thoroughly. Here's to many happy days. Love, Cousin Donna

7: DEBA HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY! Let's hear it for someone who is always thinking about others before herself. You are a very generous, kind person. Enjoy the wisdom of your years. Love always, Ricardo

8: Dearest Deb, On this very special day, I wish you a very happy 60th birthday. May this day and many more returns be filled with lots of happy memories and may all your dreams come true! On this occasion, I would like to describe the Deb I know, respect and love. I never forget the first time I met you many years ago at a meeting at Bay Bank to discuss a problem loan participated among a few banks. As loan officers, you and I were representing Bay Bank and Shawmut Bank respectively. You immediately impressed me as being a very pleasant, bright and confident business woman. Who knew that that day would be the start of our special and flourishing friendship which I will cherish forever? You are a very caring, thoughtful and sincere daughter, sibling, relative and friend who would unconditionally go out of her way to help and support others. I have witnessed on many occasions your helping anyone who had any illness, personal difficulties or crisis. I have experienced this first hand as you were also there for me when I was going through some difficult times. How can I forget those days when you would regularly keep in touch and visit me during my illness or when you would call to give me support and leads whenever you had heard of some potential opportunities for me while I was unemployed?

9: In addition, who in your circle wouldn’t know about your fun loving side as well as your gourmet cooking skills?!!! Yum! Yum! I have many times enjoyed your entertaining us friends graciously with delicious gourmet dinners you had prepared and have made us all feel comfortable, welcome and at home! I also remember the enjoyable times I have had with you when we were at live concerts and operas in Boston and Tanglewood. I am so blessed and honored Deb to have you as a friend who is extremely bright, delightful and thoughtful. I respect and cherish you a lot for who you are! All the best to you on your 60th birthday and always! Your loving friend, Seta Nercessian

11: Dear Deborah, Happy, Happy birthday! Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought to our lives. We love you, Uncle Chuck & Aunt Helen

12: Deba's Deck Site of countless celebrations & parties

13: Deba's Garden

14: I love you because you're kind, thoughtful and empathetic. I love that you march to your own drummer and always have. I love you even though you cracked me on the head with a brush (which broke!) on New Years Day and never even got punished. Of course, I don't remember what I did -- perhaps sneak a peek in your diary? I love that we share common interests and enjoy doing things together. I love and admire that you're the most caring person I know. | Deba,You would be my favorite sister, even if I had more than one. I love that you stuck up for me when I was little. I loved playing "Big Ladies" with you in the pantry when I was 6. You were planning dinners even then.

15: I love that we have history and can speak in shorthand. I love you dearly and could not image my life without you. You are my most favorite sister and truest friend. I wish you health,many laughs and good cheer forever. Happy 60th Love, Linda | I love that you made your house a home that's warm and welcoming and relaxing. I've so many wonderful memories of fun times, parties, holidays, cookouts on your deck, quick drop-bys, lobotimizations and gab-fests.

16: Two photos of yours truly from my first trip to Seattle, WA. I had started taking a 5th year program at NU to get my Medical Records Program training which involved driving down to Boston to attend late afternoon classes twice a week. One night I found myself about 11PM on the Mystic River Bridge with heavy snow coming down and oil trucks passing me on both sides, and my windshield wipers going like fury, only to discover I only had my prescription sunglasses to drive with not my regular glasses..Needless to say I transferred to the Seattle Univ. program shortly afterwards. N.B. name dropping – Bill Gates wife is also an alum.. The only thing that kept my awake on the drive back up Rte I was I would stop at Godfrieds (?sp) on the Turnpike on Route 1, a little restaurant that served apricot pie to go with my strong coffee to make sure I stayed awake. They were usually getting ready to close by the time I got there. Blessings on them for seeing me on my way. Not sure if it’s still there. The stone camel is hopefully still outside the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum known for its wonderful Asian Art collection. They had a Norman Rockwell Exhibition going on at the time and since I was the token New Englander, the other students in the dorm had me attend as docent. The Rockwells lived just up in Stockbridge, not far from Berkshire. The photo with the antique car is memorable to me only for the green velvet blazer I’m wearing. When packing to go to Seattle I looked at a map and it appeared that N.E. and Seattle would have similar weather so I packed tons of winter coats, hats, gloves, sweaters only to find that it was so mild I only needed to wear that blazer as a coat, which I did for 9 months. The kids and I sent audio tapes back and forth to each other to stay in touch. After a national exam I got my RRA or Registered Records Administrator certificate. This was still in the days when we were called Medical Record Librarians in the hospitals. I rotated through 3-4 different settings in various clinics and hospitals while there. I loved Seattle and the climate. I have also loved my career in the Health Information field for lo these many years.

17: This must have been taken in the Lab at the Science Camp in the summer of l968 or l969 the era of the Landing on the Moon. Like most teachers, a summer job got you through until Sept. term when your regular job started up again. However, it was a terrific setting in Quaker Hill NY not that far from the Berkshires. Physicians from Memorial/Sloan-Kettering used to come up to give lectures on the week-ends on medical topics and we had student teachers who then went on to become physicians themselves. Jon used to catch frogs taking them out of the pool at times and Derek used to rowboat around the little pond. They learned to swim in the pool and canoe and were generally spoiled by everyone. We all love the little bunnies and feeding them was a critical job. They would take them up to their tree house and tease the Dalmatian dog we had that really would have liked to eat them. (the bunnies not the boys). | The final photo is of me at my desk at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH. I came in as the Dept Director and stayed on there as director for almost 15 years until I returned to Seattle for my Graduate degree Program. I am nothing but persevering it seems. Boring, but persevering. Do note the Old Librarian print on the wall over my shoulder. That was a gift from Antilles School in St Thomas, USVI where I taught 2nd grade and helped them get their library started. I still have it now. So, there you have it. It is very nice to be remembered and asked to add my photos to your Birthday Book. Do enjoy it all. All the best, Auntie Kay.

18: Deba may look sweet & innocent, but she's a very dirty girl!

20: Congratulations Deba on your 60th birthday! As the first born in the family, you have always been the leader of the pack; the daring pioneer; the singular trailblazer; the first to set an example for the ones who came after you. You were the first to study and travel abroad; the first six year old ever to abscond from the McKinley School playground at recess time; first in our family to gain the distinction of being recognized as a Latin scholar; first eleven year old to be granted lending privileges and free access to the adult stacks at the local library. (I believe you hold the record at that library for having checked out the largest number of books in one year).

21: At age twelve, I remember you also caused a few raised eyebrows among the hospital medical staff while you were recuperating from foot surgery. When the nurse bent down to retrieve a book that had slipped out from under your bedcovers, she couldn't avoid seeing the title Tolstoy's War and Peace. Your dad and I have always had good reason to be proud of you. I love you, and admire all that you have accomplished. Thanks for the memories! Love always – Mom

22: Happy Birthday to The Best and The Brightest: Deborah Jean Weinstein Being in your circle has given me a lifetime of fun and fulfilling moments. Deba, you are truly the best and the brightest. Please indulge me with a trip down "Memory Lane". To Littleton, where we first became close friends- Lying on twin beds, shooing out younger sibs, talking about Egyptology, archeology and the movie "The Nun's Story" with Audrey Hepburn which was our raciest film back then.... To Marycliff,where we sealed the deal on our friendship, kindred spirits as the smart ones who ignored the nuns and pursued our own education and appreciation for literature via the school library .... To Simmons where we were roommates, once again lying on twin beds talking about art, boys, contemporary events, laughing with MaryLou about "flying assholes", drinking Singapore Slings, your putting up with my overwhelming piles of stuff hogging up that South Hall Suite. To Israel where we traveled together joining you at Tel Genna where I checked out after latrine duty, to meeting your sweet Israeli family in Ramat Gan, touring in Jerusalem, sleeping in the Armenian Quarter, eating falafel and looking for antique clothing. To London where we spent a relaxing Christmas week together once again lying in bed, sucking in Agatha Christies, museuming, drinking tons of tea, and always saying "Yes" to our Club Bars.

23: To Simmons, The Sequel .... Where we both got MBA's .... No lying in bed these times, rather commiserating over Quantitative Analysis (though doubtless you aced that too!) cheering when BayBank quickly made you an offer post graduation (they spotted your talents immediately) .... To "Real Life" where you have remained a totally true and beloved friend- Your hallmark has always been "How can I help?" Thank you so much for your innumerable kindnesses to me and to my family Lending Dean and me so many great books and always being diplomatic when they are overdue, being so helpful with my boys, cheerfully babysitting and celebrating their various rites of passage, being so kind and so solicitous during the difficult days of my mother's decline. Thank you for listening to my cares and doubts; thank you for encouraging my dreams and aspirations. You have consistently been our "go to girl", an intellectual leader, a modest, deep scholar, and expert on books, a fine critic of movies, plays and couture. What a thoughtful, kind, generous and loving person you are in every way! May this birthday be your very best and may the future bring you all the god times, good health and good fortune you so richly deserve. I love you, dearest Deborah. With affection, admiration and appreciation from De

24: At Justin's wedding 2010 | Christmas Time 1980 | Summer of 1994

25: When I married Denise in 1977, I was suddenly melded into an extended family. Growing up with two brothers and three male cousins, it was a delight to meet her attractive and vivacious "girl" cousins. I first met Deborah at our wedding. She was the exotic cousin who arrived from overseas to attend the festivities. She was beautiful, intelligent, but quite elusive, quickly returning to London to continue her studies. Fast forward a number of years: Deborah returned to Boston, after a stay in Ireland. While she re-integrated into the family and sisterhood of cousins, I was fortunate to find a partner who shared my interest in the obscure studies of Greek classical history, Middle Eastern politics and archeology, or the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, etc. Whenever Deborah was over our house (frequently volunteering to be a baby-sitter for unruly boys) or at a family gathering, I made a bee-line to her in order to discuss the latest book she had read. I was never disappointed. Then and now, I always leave her presence enriched | with a head full of new ideas or facts, supplied by Deborah. Whenever I finish or recommend a book of mutual interest, I quickly learn that Deba had already read it and can easily discuss its merits. I consider myself fortunate to have a caring, loving cousin, and private professor. Happy Birthday Deborah!! Dean Pappas | Dean Pappas

28: I am so happy its your Birthday. I hope you will have an excellent Birthday. I love you, Hailey | Happy 60th Birthday! You are one of my two world traveling aunts. Thank you for my treasures and jewelry.

29: Your Adventurous Niece

30: Deba, I have fond memories of you dragging me around museums as a little kid. Clearly your appreciation for the arts has rubbed off on me. Thanks for taking the time, and have a great birthday! Love, Mike P.S. I'm glad this awesome stationary is finally being put to good use.

32: Deba - your west coast family misses you, we don't see you enough and hope you come visit in this milestone year!

34: searching for pictures of you for this book, I was surprised at how few I had, because I have so many vivid pictures of you in my memory. One of my fondest memories is being part of groups you organized to attend the latest “motion picture extravaganza” in Boston. As teenagers oblivious to the hippie culture around us, we would go to the theater and “do lunch” in our classic spring attire – navy coats, patent leather pumps, and even white gloves! Your genteel approach has always been well balanced with your down to earth perspective – even in your youth. I remember how dedicated you were to the terminally ill patients you cared for at one of your first part-time jobs. You even brought me with you to check in on someone you were particularly concerned about during youoff hours! Your ability to deal so graciously with the good, and to never shy away from the bad things in life makes you very special to me, and I’m sure to all who know you. | Dearest Deb, Little did either of us realize when we were fifteen, and I first took a seat next to you at Marycliff, that our friendship would last all these years. How well I remember your “sweet 16” party at your aunt and uncle’s house in Winchester! I feel truly blessed to have had you in my life for the last 45 years, and to be celebrating your “60th” with you. When I went

35: We could walk down memory lane for pagesThank you for being there for some of the best and worst moments of my life. Early on you suffered the bridesmaid role without complaint, and hosted a lovely shower with your mother. Even at 21 it was obvious the art of entertaining was in your blood. Later, you made sure my children ate well during my busiest weeks in grad school. They still reminisce upon your culinary talent, and the “family size” batches you would drop off. Then just about seven years ago, you appeared like an angel and stayed with me for Tom’s final days, interrupting your own holiday plans, I’m sure. Your support at that time is something I will never forget, and for which I will be forever grateful. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you! | In more recent times together, we have re-united with Marycliff pals (good) and gotten lost in the woods at Arlington Meadows (bad). Perhaps we’ll find greater shared adventures in the time ahead, but that really doesn’t matter. A shared walk, cup of coffee, or of course a martini seem to sustain our friendship just fine. I only hope I can one day be the kind of friend you have been to me throughout the years. I wish you, my “forever friend,” all the happiness you so deserve on your 60th birthday and always. Much love, Kathy

36: HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to My Little DEBA!!!!! Hey...No Worries .....you do not look a day over 35, you stunning little minx. Sending along my best wishes on your milestone birthday, that you have a wonderful day. You are a fantastic sister and I am blessed to have you! You are ALWAYS so thoughtful and caring, and you have always been in my corner and I love you so very much for it. You do such a fantastic job on getting everyone together at your house for holidays, birthdays, family occasions......my big sister is the glue that holds us all together. You always make my birthday special every year in June with a great party & cookout on your lovely deck. You really know how to treat a guy right......thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

37: Since it is your special day ..........I am going to forgive you for all those times when I was little, that You & Linda dressed me up in those Patty-Play-Pal outfits, especially that stupid swan lake tu-tu & feathered cap.....you remember? I am just kidding, you were so good to me! MUCH LOVE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER BILL XXX OOO

38: Happy Birthday Deba from Marky Sparky Thank you very much for being a caring cousin and for making your home cooked meals for Mom & Dad. It's been a great help. You are a pissah cousin and stay away from those Irish tinkers on your next visit to Ireland. You are a bon viant! Love, Mark

39: I really like this one! | Happy Birthday Deborah from Steve & Marsha: Thank you for your never ending displays of caring and generosity towards others. You are a true gem in every way possible. Precious, polished and prized for your beauty! Love, Steve & Marsha

40: Deba, You've always made it a point to expose me to things I haven't experienced yet - whether it be a Gilbert & Sullivan play, museum, Afghan food, author, or foreign film! You have definitely enriched my life on many levels and I truly appreciate it! Not unlike Mike, some of your interests have rubbed off on me. Thanks to the encouragement of my aunts, I spent a year living in Scotland and seeing Europe - definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I have both of you to thank. Not to mention spending my 21st birthday in luxury touring Prague and Vienna, where the 3 of us soaked our feet in the bathtub after a long day of sightseeing in the snow. I look forward to continuing to learn and experience the world with you! Thanks for everything. Love, Jill

45: Deba - like you I have a love of art, especially being a performer. I hope you will see me perform someday. I hope you have a wonderful 60th Birthday and many more. I wish I got to see you more often - maybe when I travel the world we will meet someplace because I know you love to travel like me! Love Jack.

46: Swinging with Jack | Hello from Montana | As big as a house | Brothers & sons | Young years | A 70s Christmas | Cute huh | Hello from Hawaii | The Brothers "slim"

47: Holy cow, 60 years, how fast it all zips by. Wishing you a happy birthday and 60 more. I always remember..... You as my babysitter, Taking me to my first museum, Being dressed up by you and Linda like some toy doll, Getting you back for that by scaring you with fake snakes, Being so proud you were an Archeologist (even though i couldn't pronounce it, so you got called a digger) What a treat is was talking to you on holidays when you lived overseas and I was young Taking you to your first Red Sox game (you called the fans a different breed) That you always loved me and I couldn't ask for a better big sister Love, Paul xxx

51: We look like dumpy babushkas! | Marycliff girl at prayer

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