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happy one year!

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happy one year! - Page Text Content

S: our first year.

BC: This year has been tough, but so worth it. Every minute spent with you, is time well spent to me. Me and the boys love you dearly, and that will never change no matter the distance or miles apart we may be. We are your family, and you are ours, so come home safe to us baby, cause well be here anxiously waiting. happy anniversary sweetheart. | HAPPY ONE YEAR | I LoveYou.

FC: One Year Down, Eternity to Go. | & wouldn't have it any other way.

1: this first year has been tough, but by far the best year of my entire life, i wouldn't trade it, or you, or us, for anything in the entire world. i love you Zachary Collin Goodsell.

2: It all started right here. Getting back in touch and finally seeing each others faces again, instantly madly in love. We would spend hours and hours talking to each other over skype, i'd watch you jam out to your metal music and you'd watch me feed the boys, no matter what it took, we would make sure to skype daily, for hours. | SKYPE | dont know why the pics wont show :(

3: THANKSGIVING | you flew in on thanksgiving, had the most amazing kiss in the airport, proposed to me that day, came in and met my family, and got to hold the boys for the first time, that was the day i KNEW i loved you.

5: it was magical watching you with the boys, seeing how your love for them was growing with each second passing, watching you sing to them and play with them, you already loved them as if they were your own.


7: I have never been so nervous in my entire life as the day i was going to meet your family, but it turned out, they were amazingly accepting, extremely loving, and absolutely some of the greatest people i have ever met. A lot of married couples hate their in-laws and cant stand being around them, but i was truly blessed to be welcomed into your family so graciously. I'm extremely thankful to be considered a part of your family, and i'm proud to have them be a part of mine.

9: when the boys met your family for the first time, again they were so accepting and loving, they amazed me. i truly enjoyed seeing your family laugh and play with the boys. and each and every time you change a diaper, i become more and more proud of you!

11: December 20, 2010 - our wedding day. no we didn't have some big fancy wedding with tons of people or expensive things, but that didn't matter to me. | what did matter, was that i was marrying the man that i love, and starting our lives together one vow at a time. it wasn't my dream wedding, but it was my dream man, thats enough for me. | forever and always baby, thats what we said and thats what i meant. i couldn't imagine, or dream up anyone more perfect to spend all of eternity with. | i love you Zachary Collin Goodsell, and the day i took your last name, was the day my heart, my life, my soul, and my future, became complete. saying i do was the best decision i could ever have made.

12: pure beauty. | pure bliss. | pure truth. pure love.


14: CHRISTMAS | our first Christmas together was also the boys first Christmas, our first Christmas as a family, and it was the greatest, we spoiled the boys like crazy, didn't have anything for each other on Christmas day because we both gave each other our gifts early, we're awful at surprises and gift giving!



17: our wedding vow tattoo, this was your idea and your words, and it meant the world to me, everyday that i've ever been away from you, i look down at my arm, it reminds me that half of me is with you, but it also reminds me that no matter the distance between us, were never far in heart and spirit. this tattoo is permanent, and so are we.

19: my trip to Chicago was absolutely flawless. From the amazing room, to the delicious pizza, to that great meat place, | the city, the weather, the shopping, all of it, but what made it the best, was experiencing it all with you, my one and only.

20: OUR FIRST CAR! | our first family car, our first car together, i was SO mad at first with how it all was going, but once i got in it, everything fell into place. you made a fantastic decision on the car, i wouldn't want any other car as our family car to make memories in. thank you. | VROOM!! VROOM!!

21: our road trip to the next chapter of our lives...

22: When the day started, i can honestly say i've never been so scared in my entire life. i was frightened to leave my family and my home but most of all i was frightened of you, not in a bad way but in the way that i have never felt this way before, it was all so new to me | that scared me, frightened me actually. but it was the best decision in the world to make, move on with my life with you and the boys and create our own home, our own world, our own memories and places and experience it all together. i am the luckiest woman alive, to get to start my | life with the absolute most amazing man in the world. this road trip was a complete blast, best first road trip experience ever, from jamming out to being slap happy, to spending hours talking about history of the wars and military, it was the best. you are the best. | cutest driver ever.


24: thank you for letting me see the buffaloes!

26: you finally got to see some wildlife =]

27: i remember how in Utah late night, it would rain, stop, rain, snow, stop, snow stop, rain... all in the amount of 45 min, this is also when slap happy began!

28: stopped in a hotel parking lot early morning, and slept in the back of the car!

29: first things first, in-n-out, then hotel, then out to joe's for dinner on our first night here!

30: our first home.

31: everything i've ever dreamed of.

32: SIX FLAGS! all of it was a blast, other than passing out on "Galiath."

33: our first pet, meeko, we went out, got everything for fish, but then i saw a turtle, so we planned on taking everything back and buying everything for my turtle, but then, i passed this cage, with a fluffy little guy, and it was end of story right there, especially when i started to hold him and the nuggled up into my chest, i HAD to have him, so we took all of the fish stuff back, and brought home meeko!!! | meeko

34: beach time with you, is one of the funnest, most relaxing, joyful things in the entire world, watching the waves crash and the sunset, and looking over and seeing you, puts my life at ease.

35: before splash | you can see the wave approaching | told ya so!

38: Santa Monica Pier!

39: i had a blast at the pier, getting cotton candy all over myself somehow, and your churros, and the indescribably delicious hot dogs!


44: Bye Bye

45: Colorado..

46: fun fun dress up time with your uniforms!! i have so much fun goofing off with you, you truly are my best friend in the world!! | Zak Goodsell

47: this was me trying to be as B.A as you, but its a little tough, you're a pretty difficult guy to try and be like, i could barely stand with this backpack on my back, yet you hike with it. you're so strong.

48: MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND | this weekend was an absolute blast, it didn't go exactly according to plan with the beach and stuff, but i wouldn't have had it any other way, it was amazing!

49: shirtless time!!!

50: this completely melted my heart, watching you and the boys is the most amazing feeling in the entire world, you're an amazing daddy.

51: IPHOTO! | we had such a blast being goofy, eating ice pops, | and taking silly pictures with each other. | i love our goofy ways and our amazing life.

54: you are the greatest husband in the world, and an absolutely fantastic daddy, i couldn't imagine anyone better to play the role as the most important man in my life, you are everything. | getting family portraits for the first time was great, i can't thank you enough for becoming a part of mine and the boys' lives. our family wouldn't be whole without you in it.

55: this lovely day we realized how much of BULLIES our kiddos were!!!!!

57: your families trip out here, was flawless. it was everything i wanted it to be and more. they had so much fun with the boys, | and the boys absolutely loved them. it felt so good to truly feel like one big happy family. my heart melted multiple times, especially when your mom asked if she could be called grandma.

58: the boys birthday was such a blast. i could never have done it without you. we spoiled the boys, and boy was it fun! Aiden being mr. flirt and Landon being mr. leave me alone i'm playing. haha. you are such an amazing daddy, and you get better everyday.

59: JULY 4th

60: one of my biggest dreams came true this amazing day. | swimming with the dolphins was the most amazing thing ive ever done. and i cant thank you enough for allowing me to do it. | i felt like a little kid again, with such joy and excitement running through | my veins.


70: Birthday

71: Concert

74: my birthday weekend was a complete blast, thank you so much for everything. Love the spit ball guns! goof!!

75: First Family Beach Trip!

80: 2011

82: ZOO

84: thank you for loving and protecting us.

88: you are an amazing | DAD | DAD

90: Pumpkin carving was so much fun! you did such a great job carving yours, and such a good job stealing mine!! Haha, i will never forget how funny it was to see you running inside, pumpkin in hand, and sweating. Thanks for my second chance at a pumpkin baby.

93: Halloween was a blast! Taking the boys trick-or-treating, (as long as that lasted), and watching scary movies with you. It was so much fun spending time as a family, all dressed up and goofy!!! Thank you for being a part of it all :)

95: These pictures were taken at a pretty rough spot in our marriage, but notice how we are still smiling. No matter what we're going | through, no matter what trials our marriage may be facing at the time, we still manage to smile when we are close to each other. And thats what counts. Our love is unshakable, we may be a ship with no sails at times, but we're still a ship, and a sturdy one at that. No matter the conditions, or the conquering waves approaching, we keep sailing on, and thats what a true marriage is. Don't let our ship sink baby, | cause i'm fighting like hell to keep us afloat, but i cant do it on my own... I need you.

97: I was so proud of you this night, you looked, and did absolutely amazing in the cake carrying ceremony, and you represented corpsmen wonderfully sweetheart. You are so great, and i had fun with you, and laughing at the gunnery Sargent. HA!

99: our trip to Utah, was fantastic. I loved meeting and getting to know your grandparents, and cousins, and i absolutely loved seeing you interact with little Zoe, so adorable!!! You're amazing babes, and you're family, and i see how you got to be so great, because your family is just as lovely :)

100: I think back on the years we shared, All the times you stood be me, All the pain you wiped away, All the things you ever said, I think back how you carried me, And you never once have doubted me, And you were my hero through it all, I thank you for the moments of your life, And never giving up on me, And you held me through it all, And you never let me fall, And you let me fly away, And you always believed, I think back how you overcame, All the times you could have slipped, The way you fought the winds of change, All the times your wings were clipped, You taught me how to reach the stars, You taught me how to heal my scars, And you were my, My hero through it all, I thank you for the moments of your life, And never giving up on me, And you held me through it all, And you never let me fall, And you let me fly away, And you always believed in me . - In This Moment-

101: &

102: our first snow day. was so much fun, even though aiden got really upset when he lost his toy in the snow and all landon wanted was to eat the rocks.

105: Our Second Christmas together, so memorable.

108: Hardest Day Of My Life

110: you are my hero through it all baby, you've always believed in me, you've always been by my side, and i want you to know that no matter what, i will always believe in you and i will NEVER leave your side, no matter how far your duty may take you, i will always be right here beside you, waiting for you, loving you, and believing in you and all that you can do. You are my eternity, and you always will be. Forever & Always.

111: This book is a book of the first year of our marriage, i want to make a book every year, so when were old and wrinkly together, we can look back at all the years of our love, and our lives together. This next year, is going to be a rough one, our first deployment, but i can promise you this, we're going to get through this, and it will make us that much stronger sweetheart. Don't count the miles, count the i love yous. And ill be counting down the days until i am in your arms again. Through sunset and sunrise, day in and day out of this upcoming tough year, i will be waiting for you, and loving you more with each passing day, i promise you that, & each night when i lay down and go to sleep, ill be dreaming of you and the day you get to come home to me and the boys. And i hope that across the world, you'll be waking up and dreaming of the same thing. I love you sweet cheeks! Now lets take this deployment on head first, and stronger than ever!

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