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Harlan's Military story

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S: Harlan Fukey's Military Story by Rosie Fukey

BC: Kodak, Vollenda 620 | I made this book in honor of a man who had earned my respect and love over the years. | With love, Rosie

FC: Harlan Fukey's Military Story | by Rosie Fukey

1: Harlan Fukey's Military Story | A word from the author Shortly after we retired to Texarkana, on one of our visits to Harlan and Lucille, I walked in on Harlan in the TV room, holding a cigar box. Just for conversation sake, I asked him what he was holding. He looked very confused and a bit on the sad side. Then, in an unusually quiet voice, he said that they were just old pictures of his military days. Now he had my attention, and I wanted to see them. I couldn't believe that in all the years I had been married to Mike, I had never seen them before. They were beautiful snapshots of Paris in 1944. He then said he was thinking about throwing them away as he didn't think anyone would want "these old photos." I couldn't let that happen. I told him I was looking for some good black and white photos for decorating purposes, which was true. I asked him if I could have a few. Again he looked at me confused, as he couldn't see my vision. I assured him I could enlarge them to the needed size. He then handed me the entire box and told me to take what I wanted. Although I had his permission, I didn't want to be greedy, so I took only the duplicates. I was still concerned that he might throw the remaining ones away. During that visit, I kept returning to the box and sneaking out a few of the best ones. It was my fear they would meet a terrible end and it was up to me to save them. To my surprise, Mike didn't seem that concerned. It was his feeling that they were Harlan's to destroy if he wanted to. I then took them to Walgreens and enlarged them on their photo machine. As I was working on the pictures, someone waiting their turn saw one of the enlargements. She was so impressed with the old photo, she asked me if she, too, could make some copies for her walls. I returned to Walgreens several times, and each time someone caught sight of the photos and asked for permission to make their own copies. The next time Lucille and Harlan visited, I showed them my bathroom where I had hung my treasures. Harlan seemed very pleased that I had made use of those old pictures. On yet another visit, he brought the camera he used to take the photos. To my surprise, he handed it to me and told me to keep it. I'm not sure why he entrusted me with these treasures, but I have not taken the responsibility lightly. It is for this reason I am putting together this book. It is my hope that you, and future generations, will enjoy and appreciate them as much as I have. | Harlan F. Fukey 37111252 T42 43 O FLORENCE FUKEY GUTTENBERG,IOWA | Harlan F. Fukey 0577615 T42 43 O FLORENCE FUKEY GUTTENBERG,IOWA

2: March Field, California 1942 Basic Training | Harlan enlisted in the Army January 3, 1942. We found this clipping, which would indicate Harlan went to Fort Warren, Wyoming after Basic Training. This would explain the time period between Basic and OCS, almost a year later. | Laundry building in background | 2

3: Harlan had told the story that he and a friend were sitting around, very bored, when his friend suggested that they take the test to attend OCS. Out of boredom, and on a whim, they did. Of course, we'll never know for sure, but that decision could have very well saved his life. His job as a Post Exchange Officer kept him off the battlefield and, for the most part, out of harms way. | 3

4: When I decided to make this book, I knew I would need more of Harlan's military story. As I had guessed, my best source would be Lucille. She handed me yet another box of photos. This turned out to be a huge contribution, as I now had photos of the beginning of his career. It was in that box that I found the following set of photos of him, home on furlough. There was no information on the pictures, but judging by his uniform and rank, I'm guessing the time frame was just before OCS. OCS appointees were promoted to E-5 just before entering school. He is wearing buck sergeant stripes and, for you civilians, that's an E-5. I also believe that it was on this leave that he met Lucille Summer, who we know as "Mom" or "Grandma". It was her brother Chuck who had introduced them at a dance in Dyersville, Iowa. | 4 | Guttenberg, Iowa Hometown boy home on Furlough

5: Upper Left: Harlan with his Dad Right: Harlan with his mother, who had kept her own scrapbook of Harlan's life in the military. | Harlan and Uncle Frank Burr

6: Harlan paid 25 cents for this pack and probably bought it at the Exchange. It cost 1 cent to mail those 10 pictures. It was postmarked March 28, 1943, and addressed to Miss Lucille Summer. The return address said Harlan was in Squadron 8, OCS. It also said they were genuine photographs, U.S. Army Air Forces, T.T.C. (Technical Training Command). At that time, there was no Air Force; it was called Army Air Corps. The Air Force didn't become a separate service until 1947. By then, he was no longer on active duty, but he was in the Reserves, which is why his discharge papers, years later, was from the Air Force Reserves. | 6 | Harlan had written on the back of most pictures he sent to Lucille. When referring to himself, he would write "Yours Truly," it is for that reason I often use that endearing term in this book. | Sometimes the package in which you find something in can yield as much information as the item itself. This envelope contained 10 pictures of OCS training in Miami Beach, Florida.

7: The building in the background is the hotel where Harlan and his fellow candidates lived. | 7 | 7 | Harlan F. Fukey 37111252 T42 43 O FLORENCE FUKEY GUTTENBERG,IOWA | Harlan F. Fukey 0577615 T42 43 O FLORENCE FUKEY GUTTENBERG,IOWA | Lucille and I found Harlan's original dog tags. There were 3 sets; 1 for his enlisted time, 1 when he became an officer, and the 3rd for his time in the Reserves. We thought it odd that the serial number was different, until we realized that he got a new service number when he became an officer. His mother's name and address were on his active duty sets.

8: There were no personal photos of this time frame, so I am guessing he simply didn't have time or opportunity to take pictures. It is easy to imagine him in one of these photos. | How to Suceed at OCS | Dear Lucille, | 8 | Graduating date has been set for April 16. I wish you could be there when I pin on my 2nd Lt. bars. You would love Florida's weather. The forecast is for another beautiful Florida sunny day. The guys and I have just been hanging out and

9: 9 | Military History

10: First B-24 Bomber to land at Fairmont Army Air Field, Nebraska | Fall 1943 | After finishing OCS, Harlan reported to Fairmont Army Air Field, Nebraska for his first assignment as an officer. It's quite likely that on his way, he took another furlough back to Iowa to see Lucille and his family.

11: Lt. Harlan Fukey (left) Major Carbry Lt. Bob Durham | Lt. Fukey was "Officer of the Day." He is the man on the far right with the gun. | 11 | He worked for several months as an Assistant Exchange Officer at Fairmont before attending The Exchange School Graduate College at Princeton University in New Jersey. He graduated on October 30, 1943 and then returned to Fairmont. | Harlan was promoted to First Lieutenant in January 1944, when he was still in Nebraska.

12: Harlan with friends | 12 | England | In a treasure box Lucille and I found, we discovered orders to Greenville, Pennsylvania, dated February 20, 1944. Presumably, Harlan was on his way to England.

13: Lt. Fukey would spend just a few months in England. His job there was to buy for the Exchange; good training for his next assignment, in Paris. I found several sets of TDY orders during that time frame, which indicated he was busy procuring merchandise for the Exchange. Most of us would love to spend time in London, however, in World War ll, the city was not where you wanted to be. Harlan later told stories of how it was virtually impossible to get a good night's sleep, as bombs could be heard all night long. The Germans were determined to make life in England miserable. Unfortunately, they succeeded--- Harlan said sometimes the noise was unbearable. | 13

14: On June 6, 1944, allied forces invaded Normandy. They landed on 5 beaches in the Normandy area, located on the northwest coast of France. I was told that Lt. Fukey arrived the next day, however, I have no record on where in that 50 mile stretch of beach, he actually landed. I also have no idea on what he experienced those first few days, it had to have been horrible. This picture was taken August 1944, so he must have stayed there a couple of months before reporting to Paris, where he would managed the Exchange. I couldn't help but to smile when I saw the cigar in his right hand. | Normandy, France - 1944 | Love, Yours Truly | Dear Lucille, | Today the guys and I came upon a deserted German warehouse filled with supplies. We got to keep what we found, but all I wanted was some boxes of German cigars. I'll send your Dad a box, he'll love them! The Germans know their cigars, these have a real kick!

15: Harlan with his secretary, Ann Suchon | Snapshots of Office Life in Paris | 15

16: Life in Paris, France Their home, 16 Rue De L'assomption | Maj. Fishel and Lt. Horn | Lt. Fukey and Lt. Horn | Left to right: Capt. Doherty, Lt. Higbee, Lt. Fukey, Lt. Horn | 16

17: These pictures are of the inside of Harlan's apartment. Notice the picture on the mantle, I certainly did! | Miss Lucille Summer New Vienna, Iowa | With Love, From Yours Truly | 17

18: The Eiffel Tower November 1944 | Capt. Doherty, Venn and "Yours Truly" | Right: Paris from St. Cloud. Eiffel Tower way off in the haze. | 18

19: The Eiffel Tower looking up at it from the base. | Left middle: Trocedero with the Eiffel Tower in background | The Eiffel Tower in all its glory. | After church, Lucille would stop at the store to pick up a Dubuque Sunday paper. One day, after buying her copy, she opened it up to see this picture of Harlan, Keith Overback, and Don Wolf of the Army Exchange Service. All 3 men were from the local area and, therefore, newsworthy. Lucille said she hugged that paper all the way home and it just made her week!

20: Sights around Paris in November l944 | Opera House | Momartre Section Moulin Rouge Cabaret | The man to far left is Lt Fukey. | Above: Luxenborg Gardens Right: A typical Paris statue in the Gardens | 20

21: Left: The beautiful Sacred Heart Cathedral in Paris | Above: Doherty with "Yours Truly" | Above and below: The Trocadero | The Pantheon, beautiful works of art are in this building. | 21

22: Notre Dame Cathedral President Roosevelt's memorial service. Lt. Fukey was selected to be an usher for this event. | 22 | April 15, 1945

23: Above: The back of Notre Dame, taken from the bank of the Seine. Below: This view of Notre Dame was taken from under a bridge of the Seine River. | 23

24: Harlan's job took him on many interesting trips around France and neighboring countries. | Left: Road between Paris and Brussels | 24 | Brussels, Belgium April 1945

25: Dear Lucille, Wish you were here. Love, Yours Truly | Lucille Summer New Vienna, Iowa | Paris - April 22, 1945 Left: Scene in the "Louvre" | Right: The "Etiole," street around the Arc De Triumphe | Left: View of the Seine | Right: Gus Eannirino, looking at the Seine River | 25

26: Arc De Triumphe | Above: Arc De Triumphe, looking up Grand Armee Ave. | Right: Harlan in front of the Arc De Triumphe May 1945 | 26

27: Arc De Triumphe, from Hoche Ave. | Right: "Little Arc De Triumphe" in the "Louvre" | 27

28: Versailles, France May 1945 | The Palace | The Palace garden | Dear Lucille, | 28 | Any day now, you should be receiving another package. In it will be something special I got just for you on my last TDY.

29: The Trianon | Hall of Mirrors in the distance | Looking away from the front of the Palace | Right: Part of the Palace | Dear Mom and Dad,

30: May 8, 1945 -V-E Day Just 11 months after allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, the German Army, pushed back to the streets of Berlin, surrendered. However, Harlan wouldn't set foot on American soil until February 1946. Left: Yours Truly, French girl and Lt. Horn on V-E Day | 30

31: Above: Dijon, France | Above: Paris, on the Champs Elyeses Right: Lake in the Bois De Boulogne | 31 | "Yours Truly" Bridge on the Seine | June 1945

32: June 1945 Heading to Switzerland | This is the guys in France, near the Swiss border, on a another TDY to procure merchandise for the Exchange. | 32

33: Capt. Simpson and Lt. Fukey in Switzerland | The French countryside on the way to Switzerland | 33

34: The Rivera Cannes, France | 34

35: Left: Looking out to the Mediterranean in Cannes, France | Above: Southern France on the Mediterranean | The Carlton Hotel in Cannes | Cannes, France | 35 | August 1945; The Rivera

36: Marseille, France 1945 | Harlan spent 6 months in Marseille, waiting for his turn to go home. During that time, he had at least one TDY back to Paris. | 36

37: Heading home | 37 | These pictures are of the ship and dock.

38: Harlan arrived back in the states in February 1946. As soon as he did, he asked Lucille to marry him. They did not have the traditional engagement; Lucille didn't want a diamond, just a wedding band, which they picked out together. They were married June 1, 1946. This is where Harlan's active duty ended, however, he stayed in the Reserves until he was discharged May 16, l955. It is my understanding that he was promoted to Captain just before returning to the states, and to Major while in the Air Force Reserves on May 4, 1951. | 38

39: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow, love forever." | Just back from France, Harlan was ready to start the next chapter of his life with Lucille. Notice that he is now Captain Harlan Fukey.

40: Author - Rosie Fukey Editor - Victoria Gillenwater Published - June 2011 A special thanks to Lucille for her contribution to this book.

41: In memory of Harlan Francis Fukey April 19, 1920 - June 28, 2007 He and Lucille were married 61 years and had 3 children, Mike, Mary Jo, and John. He enjoyed a successful career as a J. C. Penney's Manager, no doubt influenced by his time in the Military. | Lucille Esther Summer | October 14, 1923 | New Vienna, Iowa | Michael Francis Fukey | October 9, 1949 | Iowa City, Iowa | January 18, 2010 | Mary Jo Meredith | October 17, 1951 | Guttenberg, Iowa | John Bernard Fukey | May 12, 1955 | Madison, Wisconsin | 41 | Dear Lucille I'm glad you liked the perfume & scarf I sent you from France. I knew they were meant for you the moment I saw them. Love, Yours Truly | Lucille Summer New Vienna, Iowa | April 30, 2014

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