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Harold B.Zook, A.I.A. fifth edition

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Harold B.Zook, A.I.A. fifth edition - Page Text Content

S: Harold B. Zook, architecture

BC: form follows function | less is more | god is in the details | simplicity brings | if you invest in beauty,it will remain with you all the days of your life | o | simplicity brings rest and peace | Mies Van Der Rohe | Frank Lloyd Wright | Lewis Sullivan | Mies Van Der Rohe | less is more | architecture is the reaching out for truth | Lewis Kahn | architecture begins where engineering ends | Walter Gropius

FC: zook | architecture by Harold B.Zook A.I.A.

1: zook | A history and review of the architecture of Harold B. Zook, A.I.A. | fifth printing -2-18-13

3: contents | Pasadena Area | HAROLD B. ZOOK, A.I.A. | George Judd residence, Pasadena 1 Devol residence, San Marino 3 Stewart Smith, residence, 5 San Marino Drive -In Milk, & Fergusen Shoe 9 J.H Biggar Furniture, Pasadena 10 Lowes Furniture Gwinn's Restaurant, Pasadena 11 Saga Motel, 13 John Biggar, residence, Pasadena 15 Nash Residence 19 Pasadena Civil Defense Center 23 | Alhambra Friends Church 25 H. Russell Smith, 1458 Hillcrest, 27 Pasadena Harold B. Zook residence, Pasadena 31 H. Russell Smith 1255 Hillcrest 39 Pasadena Mrs. Paul Hunter, residence, 40 San Marino John Griffith residence Pasadena 41 Richard Fox, residence, Pasadena 42 Paul Siechert, residence, Pasadena | Orange County and misc. | Robert Fox residence, Lido Isle, N. B. 47 Phillips Residence. Bay Island,N. B. 51 Frye residence, balboa Island,N.B. 54 Granville Condominiums, N. B. 55 U.C.I. University Club, Irvine 61 Southern California Thrift and Loan 63 Newport Beach Racquet Club 65 Jon Hanour residence, Corona Del Mar 67 sketches 69 Linda Patton residence, Newport beach 71 | architecture by | associates and helpers 45 Alva Wilson residence Big Canyon 46 | Doug Smith residence, Emerald Bay 77 Laguna Beach Emerald Bay Gatehouse 83 Faries residence, Hancock Park, L.A. 84 John Chadwick residence, Bradbury William Holstein reisdence 85 Corona Del Mar Harold B. Zook, residence, 87 485 Morning Canyon Rd. Corona Del Mar Richard Frank residence, Corona Del Mar 101 | Robert Kelley, residence, 103 Emerald Bay Laguna Beach Gray/Meger, Corona Del Mar 109 Tony Moiso, residence, Emerald Bay , Laguna Beach 113 H. Russell Smith, Montecito 117 Herbert Pratt residence, Rancho Santa Fe 120 Corcoran residence, Emerald Bay 123 Laguna Beach Ned Lewis residence, Fullerton 125 Weisel residence, La Habre 126 Biggar mountain cabin 129 Lake Arrowhead Edalatpour Ranch, Buelton 131 Cornell school projects 137 History 139 R.Harold Zook - misc.documents 140-141 | unless otherwise noted photos by zook or unknown


5: George Judd residence Pasadena California 1948 | This was the first house I did in the Pasadena area. George Judd was a bachelor in business as a savings and loan officer. He took a chance on me as an architect. The drawings were done in my garage when I was living in Sierra Madre. The house was a success (later published in a national magazine) | 2 | julius schulman photos

6: Devol residence San Marino California | 1954 | One of my guidelines is "form follows function". This project gave me a chance to do a contemporary house. It was fun to do. I worked with the clients in my office. They would bring beer and we would talk house. One of the preliminary sketches with notes and changes later appeared framed in a prominent place in the finished house. | 3 | julius schulman photos

7: 4 | 4

8: rear yard, pool and cabana | STEWART SMITH RESIDENCE SAN MARINO 1998 | 5

9: 6

10: 7 | street elevation

11: stewart smith residence san marino, california 1998 | harold photographer | rear yard | I was well into workings on a San Marino house for Stewart when he advised me to stop work on the drawings. He had purchased an old estate that was in a prime location. This resulted in a complete renovation, added rooms, pool, cabana and tennis court.It proved to be a unique and satisfying project. | entry | 8

12: drive-in milk store Foothill Blvd. Pasadena | remodeled shoe store colorado blvd, Pasadena | 9

13: Lowes furniture, Pasadena | The Lowe Family were wonderful to work with, giving me full reign to design and appreciating the results. 1959 | J H Biggar furniture | Signature furniture stores in Pasadena, Santa Ana and Pomona. | 10

14: Gwinn's restaurant pasadena Pasadena | Floyd Gwinn was a great client. I had an introduction to the food industry and given a free hand to design a drive in restaurant. I was also fortunate to have julius take photos I was also fortunate to have Julius Shulman take photos | 11 | julius schulman photos

15: 12

16: Saga Motel, Pasadena | When I was out of work at my office, OK Earle, developer, hired me to design for his firm. I designed industrial buildings and had an opportunity to do the Saga Motel on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. | 13

17: 14

18: 15

19: John Biggar residence Pasadena California 1952 | John Biggar was a friend and neighbor on Mesita Road. I designed 2 houses and 3 furniture stores for the Biggar family. The store decided to decorate and furnish John's house in a Hawaiian theme. As a result of this of this, I had the reputation of being a specialist in Hawaiian architecture. The point being that a good simple house with a few cosmetic touches can have a changed personality. | 16 | Harry Baskerville Jr. photos

20: John Biggar residence Mesita Road, Pasadena | 17 | Harry Baskerville photos

21: 18

22: Nash Residence 1957 | This was a project for an open minded young couple. He was a progressive engineer who wanted a contemporary house. It gave me a chance to use some of the ideas that had been in my head. It is exciting to have an opportunity to create !! | 19 | Preston Mitchell photos

23: 20

24: 14 | 21

25: Nash residence 1957 | 22

26: Pasadena Civil Defense Center 1958 | Because of my tenure on the Pasadena Planning Commission, I was awarded this architectural commission. It was constructed on a large piece of ground in the foothills of Pasadena near Eaton Canyon. | 23 | Preston Mitchell photos

27: 24

28: My chief drafts-man, Cliff Huber was a member of this church. When they needed a new facility, he put my name in.Having never designed a church before, research was a necessity. The church was completed and received a national award from the Church Architectural Guild of America in 1956 | Alhambra Friends Community Church 1955 | 15 | Preston Mitchell photos | 15 | 25 | Preston Mitchell photos

29: 26

30: 27 | H. Russell Smith 1458 Hillcrest

31: 28

32: H Russell Smith residence 1458 Hillcrest Pasadena California | George Szanik photos | 29

33: 30

34: Zook Residence, Pasadena 1951 Mesita Road | After finding a lot and preparing drawings, I needed a contractor. I chose Fred Zimowsky. Fred had an old red truck and worked 100% on the job. He did carpentry,concrete,cabinets etc., everything but painting. The lumber on the job was hand sawed. One of his workers cut himself with a skilsaw, after that, all lumber was cut with a handsaw. Fred did houses for me until he died. I think of him often and appreciate all the work he did for me. | 31 | Preston E. Mitchell photos

35: 33 | 32

36: 37 | z | zz | zook house today 61 years old 2012 Listed by Pasadena Heritage as a historic building | 222 | 33

37: 34 | Harold at open house | Luke Gibson photos 2012

38: 35

39: zook house 2012 | 36

40: 37

41: 38 | Luke Gibson photos 2012

42: 38a | zook house 1950

43: 38b

44: H. Russell Smith 1255 Hillcrest Pasadena, CA. 1997 | 1255 Hillcrest was an interesting project. The house was purchased with the intent of downsizing. Using most of the existing footprint,a new house was constructed to meet client requirements. The pool was filled in and a new walled private garden was created. By the time work was completed, Russell decided to live in the big house and sell 1255 Hillcrest. The new owners got a finely detailed small house !! . End of story | 39

45: 40 | Mrs Paul Hunter residence San Marino 1957 Guy Brink,interior designer, had his office adjoining mine in Pasadena. He referred me to his client, Mrs. Paul Hunter. We worked together to create a contemporary house with enough tradition to accommodate her furniture. The landscape architect was Warren Jones who "set" the house among the oak trees | 40

46: Griffith Residence 1948 | This was the first house that I designed on Mesita Road. Mesita road is a private street located on a hog-back piece of land that overlooks the city of Pasadena. It is divided into 6 lots. I was fortunate to be able to design houses for 5 of these lots.The Griffith family was my closest neighbor and my 3 children lynne, Joey and Harold Jr. had the Griffith kids to play games with. | 41 | Hank Hoag photo

47: Fox residence Mesita Road, Pasadena 1950 | Siechert residence Mesita Road, Pasadena 1949 | Max Tatch photos | 42

48: 43 | Butterworth Residence Arcadia 1956 | Max Tatch photos

49: Butterworth Residence Arcadia | 44

50: associates and helpers | In order to produce working drawings, details and specifications, experienced helping hands are required. Listed below are some of the people that have helped me during the years. There are many more that are not listed due to my faulty memory. Pasadena Kazuo Hayakawa, architect Cliff Huber, head draftsman Everett Tozier, architect Neil Pallady, struct engineer Segge Kolisoff, struct engineer Mary Jane Newland , secretary Pat Barnwell, secretary Brad Simms, draftsman Wilson Woodman , architect Harold Bissner, architect Ivo Claridge, designer Guy Brink, interior designer Warren Jones, landscape architect | Corona Del Mar Brad Smith, architect Bill Guidero, designer Art Martinez, architect Vince Di Biasi, architect Stan kohlenburger, architect Jim Henry, architect George Edwards, architect Dick Pleger, architect Shucri, struct engineer Wy Bauman, landscape designer Richard Beeson ,landscape architect Ken Mcmillan, general contracter Steve Ricksecker, general contractor Jerry Alsobrook, interior designer | Orange County architects group | My office work has always been an individual process with the help of 1 to 3 employees. This group of guys worked for me, and helped bring my architecture to life. They are now each practicing architecture and enjoying their own office. They are producing high quality architecture and making it available to individual clients. We meet yearly for a Christmas lunch. Each time some-one finishes a project, he hosts a deli lunch at the site to show his work, and get a few remarks from the cheap seats. | 45

51: Alva Wilson residence Big Canyon-1985 Newport Beach | entry courtyard | Alva bought this lot when the Big Canyon development opened. He wanted to build a house for his daughter. He enjoyed watching the house progress. We would have a weekly lunch with the contractor, Steve Ricksecker, at Big Canyon C.C.. The contractor would be afraid that there were problems with his work. There were usually no problems, Alva just wanted to talk about the project and it's progress. Alva was a wonderful person-we all miss him. Judy,the daughter, bought a house in Emerald Bay and the Big Canyon house was sold. | 46

52: orange county | 48 | Fox patio

53: Robert Fox Residence-1952 | This was one of the first houses I did in Newport Beach. The "A" frame was in the lime-light and It gave me a chance to experiment. The height offered possibilities of opening up areas for upper walkways and vistas. I was aided by good associates. Richard Beeson, landscape, Jerry Alsobrook, interiors (Cannell & Chafin) The house was built on 3 interior lots on Lido Island which gave it some elbow room. This house was featured in Town and Country magazine. | 47 | geroge Szanik photos

54: 49

55: fox living room | 50 | George Szanik photos

56: Phillips residence-1967 Bay Island, Newport Beach, California | railing detail | 51

57: Bay Island is a privately owned island with 23 houses and a tennis court. The only access is by a footbridge from the mainland. All building materials are transported over the bridge in a hand push-cart. Concrete was pumped in a long tube to the job. One time,the concrete contractor forgot to clear the tube and was left with a long tube of hardened concrete!!! This was the first time that I designed a basement below the tide-line. An upside down roof was built to resist the water pressure. I designed two other houses on Bay Island. | 52

58: carved teak doors | siding detail | phillips residence | 53

59: Stewart Frye residence | Balboa Island is accessed by bridge from Newport Beach. The lots are small and this one is located on the bay with a dock for boats. There is a walking sidewalk, next to the bay, all around the island. The front of this residence has an unobstructed view of the water and boats. | Balboa Island | 54 | 1977

60: view from typical unit | motor court | My good friend and golfing partner,Charles Fishbeck asked me to take over this project when he was not satisfied with his designers. His concept was to design luxury units that would be available to residents that were downsizing from larger homes. The site was exceptional and directly adjoining the golf course. The final design placed 62 units stretching along the fairway with "walk on" access to the course. The units are typically 40 ft. wide with L.R. and D.R.facing a floor to ceiling glass wall overlooking the fairway. The plans have 2 or 3 B,R. with de-tached 2 car garage. The buildings are 2 storeys high with a complete unit on each level. To provide proper light and air between the buildings, they are separated by an entry courtyard. The grade at entry is mid level so that access to the units is a half level up or down. To provide sound control, walls are cement filled concrete block, floors are 2" solid concrete over insulating board, roofing is concrete tile. The entry road is protected by a guard gate It is rewarding to have the units improved and upgraded by the occupants as time goes by. | GRANVILLE CONDOMINIUMS | 55

61: golf course | road | 62 condominium units | view from golf course | ENTRY COURTYARD | 56 | view from golf course | street view | granville condominiums

62: 57

63: 59

64: ORANGE COUNTY | UNIVERSITY CLUB UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IRVINE-1981 | The University Club was built to accommodate faculty members. It is available for luncheons and meetings. The building is also used for special events such as weddings. It was interesting to work with the faculty members, they have a special intellectual quality of addressing life's problems. Not being much of a politician, the only reason I was awarded this commission was that one of my clients donated a large sum of money with the provision that he could name his architect !!! | 61

65: 62

66: 63

67: 64 | Southern California Thrift and Loan A see thru screen was selected for the streetside of this building to coordinate the 2nd floor office fenestration. The lower floor is commercial. The building entrance is in the center with parking in the rear. The upper office space is connected with on open bridge and stair to connect the two sides The west elevation is offset solid screens to protect the upper offices from west sun. | ,1963

68: BBC Racquet Club 1966 | 65 | The Racquet Cub is located on property adjacent to the Newport Beach Country Club. The surrounding ground is golf course and parking. This allows the building to stand alone and make its own design statement. It was an opportunity to work with some uninterrupted building surfaces. I enjoyed this challenge.

69: 66

70: Hanour residence Corona Del Mar California 2001 | 67

71: In 1960 I purchased property at 483 Morning Canyon Rd in Corona Del Mar. The lot was split into 2 R-1 lots. I built my house on the rear lot (485) and sold the front house and lot (483). In 2001, I remodeled the front house for the new owner Jon Hanour. The house and yard were completely changed with new bedrooms, kitchen, media room and great room. A jacuzzi pool was added with a walled in front yard. | stair detail

72: Isett house, 17 mile drive. Carmel | Siechert house Mesita Road Pasadena | 69

73: 41 | Zook house Mesita Road | sketches | BBC Raquet Club | 70

74: Patton residence 2007 | Linda Patton was referred to me by her brother Peter Bradford, who prepared the family trusts. She brought in a picture from a magazine of a French house in a large estate which had a 2 story entry hall and stairway. After a bit of research, I prepared some sketches which were acceptable'. The plan worked well with all elements of the house accessible from the central stair entry hall. This design type was a first for me and a long way from my Pasadena work in the 50"s. I was able to control the landscape and interiors which is always a plus. | Newport Beach | 71

75: living room | eating area off kitchen | master bedroom | 72

76: Patton Stairway | To meet building code requirements, a steel frame was designed to take the necessary structural loads. Wood framing was applied over the steel frame. The entry hall stairway served as a central core for the rest of the house. | 73

77: 74

78: When I designed the Pasadena house for Russell Smith, Doug was preparing for college. He enjoyed the exposure to architecture and attended Rice University graduating in architecture. He worked in my office for 5 years and enjoyed the work but decided against it as a profession. Doug took over the family house at 118 Emerald Bay. I worked with him on a complete remodeling of the house and grounds at 118. He now resides there with his family. | view from deck | Doug Smith Residence 118 Emerald Bay, 1999 | 75 | view from ocean

79: 76

80: 77 | Doug Smith residence, Emerald Bay beach patio

81: 78 | stairway to living room deck

82: Doug Smith Residence entry and garden Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach,CA | 79

83: 80

84: 51 | entry hall, Doug Smith | kitchen porch | 81

85: 82

86: Emerald Bay Gatehouse | In the beginning, when I was on the E. B. architectural committee with Fred Briggs and Bill Ficker, I was commissioned to design this gatehouse. My fee was a bottle of bourbon at Christmas time. It is my smallest building but gets the most usage and exposure. | 83

87: Faries residence, Hancock Park, Los Angeles 1960 | John Chadwwick residence, Bradbury, CA 1959 | 84

88: William Holstein residence Brighton Rd.,Newport Beach 1960 | 85

89: This was one of the first houses I designed after moving my office to Corona Del Mar. Holstein was a client of Dick Pleger architect with whom I shared office. He turned the job over to me. It was a fine location and the owners were good to work with. The lot was directly adjoining the ocean with a steep cliff. To stabilize the cliff the engineers used cube wire cages about 3x3x3 stacked vertically and filled with small rocks to retain the slope. This allowed the water to get through and still retain the steep slope. | 86

90: front house | driveway | enter | driveway entrance | stream | canyon | stream | In 1972 when I was vacationing, the city cleared all vegetation from the stream bed at the bottom of the canyon. On my return, I hired a bull-dozer (surreptitiously) to change the stream-bed and create a meadow below my house. This meadow became a focal point for the house and has given me a valuable asset for family occasions and wildlife observation. I enjoy the hammock when weather permits. There is continuously running stream at the bottom of the canyon provided by the Irvine Company for mosquito control. | I purchased the Morning Canyon property in 1960. In 1968 the lot was spitI making two R-1 parcels out of the R-2 lot. (483 and 485 Morning Canyon), i sold the front house(483) and built my house on the rear lot(485). In 1990, I remodeled my house adding 2 B.R.,2B. and an office at the lower level. In 2000, I moved my office to my house and am enjoying a limited practice in my home office. | driveway entrance | zook residence, 485 morning canyon road, corona del mar | 57 | 2000 B.R.and office addition | canyon | canyon | front house hanour 483 | driveway | enter | stream | zook House 485 | 87

91: 88

92: structure before lower floor addition 1990 | 89

93: 90

94: lower floors added 2000 | 91

95: meadow at morning canyon | 92

96: 93 | zook living room

97: 94 | entry

98: 95 | entry | 95

99: 96 | deck off kitchen | 96

100: fog at morning canyon | dining deck off kitchen | 97

101: dawn at morning canyon | 98

102: crystal cove beach | 2 blocks from morning canyon | 99

103: 100

104: Frank residence, Bayside Place Corona Del Mar -1971 interior patio | 101

105: This was a complete remodel and incorporated some traditional detailing. Mary Alice Frank called to see if I would help them with their beach remodel. They understood that I was familiar with period moldings,details,etc. I accepted and immediately boned up on my traditional details. The job was successful and I enjoyed working with the Franks. They had considerable experience in construction and interior design and educated me on some new thoughts and products. | original house | remodeled house Frank | 102 | patio entry

106: Kelley residence 1991 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, California | 103

107: This house started out as a remodel and ended up as a new house with a few existing footings . Extra research was required to use authentic details. There was a height problem with the neighbors view and a very low roof pitch was required. | 104

108: 105 | Kelley residence

109: Kelley residence | 106

110: Kelley Residence Emerald Bay | 107

111: 108

112: gray residence-- 1980 meger residence 2009 | My clients for this house were Jim and Anna Grey. The house was sold twice. The final owner is Jeff Meger. In 2009, I worked with Jeff on a major remodel to make the house suitable for his family use. The house is located on Bayside Drive in Newport Beach and has a magnificent view of the back bay and an accessible sandy beach. Most of the photos are of the original house. | 109

113: baystde elevation | streetside | 1010

114: 1011 | entry

115: entry stairway gray residence newport beach 1980 | 112

116: Moiso residence Emerald bay Laguna Beach CA 1985 | 113

117: garage | 114

118: entry hall Moiso | 115

119: entry courtyard | 116

120: H Russell Smith residence montecito, ca 1997 | 117

121: 118

122: H. Russell Smith residence Montecito, CA.1997 | 119

123: Pratt ResIdence 1972 Rancho Santa Fe interior courtyard | 120

124: Pratt residence | Pratt residence entry courtyard | 121

125: Pratt Residence entry gate | 122

126: Corcoran residence Emerald Bay California 2000 | This house was another remodeling that ended up as a new house except for a few footings. The design process was influenced by Jerry Corcoran's new wife who had definite preferences for architectural style. The house is quite eclectic with some old world feeling. I have always had a problem getting the right color on copper roofing, this time I used a pre-patined factory supplied finish. | 123

127: 124

128: Ned Lewis residence Fullerton California | 125

129: Weisel residence La Habra California 1964 | 126

130: entry courtyard | 127

131: Weisel residence La Habre | 128

132: Biggar mountain cabin - lake Arrowhead - California | 129 | Vanguard photos

133: great room | 130

134: edalatpour ranch, Buelton | 131

135: "walden" pond from great room | 132

136: 133

137: 134

138: edalatpour great room | Edalatpour Ranch | The Edalatpour's were looking for "get away" place and located this property in Buelton which was a 40 acre walnut grove. The existing farmhouse was remodeled and new areas were added to make a proper retreat. The new great room (24x30) was located to view the valley and an added "walden" pond. Mary Jane Edalatpour did the landscaping which includes many native plants. Ed, (a retired nuero surgeon) planted a grape orchard and produced his own wine. I enjoy spending time with them on the ranch and am now working on a new master B.R. overlooking the pond. What a way to retire! | 135


140: 137 | Thesis - A Country Day school

141: Cornell school of Architecture | The architectural course at Cornell was a challenge and a unique way of teaching a process of individual decision making and art appreciation. The main course architectural design was taught in the large loft of the architects building. Each student was assigned his own drafting board. The boards were located according to the seniority of the student. Students intermingled and discussed various solutions and problems. Design problems were assigned (various types of buildings) with a written set of requirements and a due date. Design professors would check on progress and be available for criticism. The student submitted his completed project at a specified time for judgment. The projects were hung in the main room, then judged and graded by faculty. Students were required to have a specified number of passing grades at each level (freshman, sophomore etc) to graduate. It was customary for the upper classes to circulate in the large drafting room and help lower classes. The comradery of students and faculty and the competition between students encouraged the learning process. There was much discussion between students when the grading room doors were open and the graded drawings drawings on the wall were displayed. Required courses in engineering, art and history were also required for graduation. The Cornell undergraduate architectural school was ranked first in the nation by the Design Futures Council in Washington ,D.C. | 138 | school projects | Charles Goodwin Sands memorial medal for architectural design

142: Born in Chicago 1920, my early years were spent growing up with my family. My mother, Mildred, (choreographer/dancer/teacher) and my father, R. Harold Zook, architect. When I was 6 he built a house for us in Hinsdale, Ill. (a suburb i4 miles west of Chicago) His office was in Chicago, a train ride of30 minutes. My father designed a swimming pool for the Hinsdale Golf Club and took as his commission a membership in the club. He advised me to spend my summers playing golf and swimming. I enjoyed this philosophy !!!. I would drive him to the train station in the morning and pick him up after work for 9 holes of golf before dinner. My mother played piano and wanted me to enjoy music. My classical piano lessons were not going well so she hired a drummer, who played for her social dancing lessons to teach me drumming. My grandmother, who took care of me, was hard of hearing, ,so I was able to practice at home with the radio while my grandmother turned off her hearing aid. I played drums for my mother"s social dancing classes and the 50 cents an hour gave me spending money Later my drumming enabled me to tour the country with the Cornell musical clubs. | At 17 I was admitted to the college of architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. This was my first time living away from home. I joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity. My roommate played jazz piano and for the next 4 years we played together for campus and alumni occasions. My other activity at school was as a member of the varsity swimming team. I visited the other Ivy league schools as a competitor I graduated from Cornell in 1941, completing the 5 year course in 4 years by getting extra credits in summer school and architectural design | HINSDALE | CORNELL | HAROLD B. ZOOK---history | Mildred Zook, choreographer/dancer | R. Harold Zook, architect | Harold B. Zook, architect | 139

143: After graduation, world war 2 was in progress. I was married in Hinsdale and moved to Parson Kansas to work in a shell loading plant doing plant layout work. In 1944, I was accepted as an ensign engineering officer in the navy. My duty assignment was in New Orleans where LCT landing craft were loaded on LST ships for transport over seas to be used in the invasion. | My navy career was halted in 1943 because of a congenital back problem of the lower 3 vertebra. a spinal fusion operation was required. THis operation was new and difficult. Dr. Paul Magnussen was one of the two doctors in Chicago who was recommended for this procedure. Because I was in uniform, he performed this operation at no cost to me. The operation was a success and has held up for all these years. Dr. Magnussen was later appointed to head a revision of the national VA health system. | PALM SPRINGS and PASADENA | In 1946, California beckoned and I moved to Palm Springs. I found a job with Albert Frey, architect. It was a learning process with just two of us in the office. In 1947, I moved to Pasadena to practice architecture in a more stable community and joined forces with Harold Bisner, architect who had an established clientele. I lived in Sierra Madre and used my garage as an office until 1948 when I opened my office in Pasadena. In 1950 I built my house in Pasadena on Mesita Road (a private road with 7 lots). I designed houses for 5 of the remaining 6 lots. During the next 12 years I worked in my Pasadena Office. CORONA DEL MAR and NEWPORT BEACH In 1960 I moved to Corona Del Mar sharing offices with Richard Pleger, architect. Pleger retired in1985 and I kept the office until 2004 I purchased a house on an R2 property, remodeled the house,split the lot into 2 R1 properties and built my house on the rear property overlooking Morning Canyon. In 2004 I moved the office to my house. My house cantelevers over the canyon progressing down into the canyon for 3 storeys connected by an elevator. My office is on the lower floor almost at canyon level. At 91, I am semi retired and working in my home office. | In 2005 my Hinsdale family house was sold and the new owners were going to demolish it to build a new home. The Zook neighbors and friends took up a collection and moved the house to a memorial park where it is listed in the Hinsdale historical society. | 140 | original house | house moving | WORLD WAR 2

144: father and son | St Charles municipal Bldg. R. Harold Zook architect | Author Betty Green has written a book about my fathers work "A Look at R.Harold Zook's Unique Architecture" | 141

145: misc. documents | 142

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