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S: maui, hawaii 2010

BC: until next time...

FC: [find what brings you joy and go there] -jan phillips

1: [it isn't how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable: it's how you spend the time] -david brenner | kihei, hawaii - february 18 - march 3, 2010 | maui

2: vacation for years because of school and work, but after months of planning and anticipation our trip finally started! friends of ours were kind enough to allow us to stay at their house and take us to the airport bright and early. jesse and i began our vacation with flights from grand rapids to chicago, next to dallas and then on to maui. we did discover VERY quickly that we wouldn't fly from dallas to maui again, the flight was painfully long! | jesse and i were unable to go on an extended

3: both of us had already been to maui once before so we knew the paradise that awaited us after a long day of traveling. mom and dad met us at the kahalui airport with fresh flower leis. thankfully all our luggage arrived without a hitch and we all headed out to dinner before settling into the condo for the evening. it was wonderful leaving the cold in michigan and going to sunny maui and 80's for two weeks. i was very excited to relax with family for a bit and leave the daily, busy pace of the office.

4: maui is five hours behind michigan time so our first morning we were wide awake very early, which makes it the perfect time to watch the sunrise over the haleakala volcano (maui's highest peak.) i had always said i would not make the drive up there because i do not handle the curvy and hilly roads that you have to take to get up there, but dramamine works wonders! | it was extremely cold up on the top of the volcano so we all bundled up with all the "warmies" we brought with us. it definitely felt weird wearing as many layers as we would during the winter in michigan! | the plant above is called silversword and it is only found on the island of maui.. it is a threatened plant and is strictly protected by the goverment

5: haleakala's elevation is over 10,000ft and forms about 75% of the island of maui. the last time that it was believed to have erupted was in the 17th century. | watching the sunrise was almost like seeing the sun rise on our much anticipated vacation! we flew into maui after the sun had already set, so we were definitely looking forward to seeing the sun shine! even though it was freezing when we got up there, it definitely got warm QUICK after the sun came up! thank goodness we were wearing layers because we were shedding them fast!

6: after watching the sunrise, we drove down the volcano and went to paia. (pah-ee-ah). it is a small little hippy surf town that is on maui's northern coast. we had breakfast at a restaurant called charley's, which is owned by willie nelson. after shopping in some of the boutiques around town we went down to one of paia's many world famous surf locations to watch the surfers.

7: charley young beach or kamaole park 1 is right across the street from the condo which makes it the most convenient place to soak up the rays. many mornings we would go down to the beach and walk to get our daily exercise in. several entire days were spent reading books, sleeping, listening to music or doing sudoku here. it was definitely a welcome change when the biggest decisions that need to be made are when to cool off in the ocean and who is making the next run up to the condo for more "beverages." | charley young beach

9: mom is always trying to get the perfect sunset picture and kam III offers gorgeous sunset views with strategically placed palms that add that final element to the photos! it is always such a great time to spend with the family just talking, laughing and creating new memories! it was great to spend an extended amount of time with jesse because since he moved we do not get many one on one conversations that do not include cell phones and fifty miles of distance. | kamaole III has been the traditional picnic location since busia and dzia first introduced it to mom and dad over a decade ago. it is just a few miles down from the condo and it has wonderful amenities for the perfect picnic. busia and dzia also bequeathed their picnic box to us after they made their last trip to maui a few years ago. it is stocked up with everything that one would or could need! the picnic meal favorite is grilled chicken and pinapple with a fresh salad, but does it really matter what you are eating when you have the most amazing, picture perfect view from the picnic table?!

10: the market | mom and dad have been coming to this open air market every saturday since they first started coming to maui. it is the best place to find anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to | jewelry and normal trinkets, tee-shirts and "junk." mom also picked up some fresh flowers from their friend that brings quite a few varieties of tropical plants and flowers to the market. maui offers so many options of fresh produce! i am convinced that i could live off of pineapple, avocado, mango and bananas! i was absolutely in heaven with all the options! this time at the market was our only one because of the trip to hana and the tsunami, | mom always picked up fresh plumeria and hibiscus flowers to keep in the condo because they smell absolutely wonderful!

11: our trip to maui was during the 2010 vancouver winter olympics so we watched them on tape delay after most news shows had already announced who the winners were! we did manage to catch the hockey games in real time about about 10am in the morning. mom and dads friends, greg and dot webb are from canada so we were definitely a condo divided! | usa had bragging rights for the first game vs. canada with a 5-3 win! both teams ended up making the gold medal game so we planned a big party at the webb condo because they had the biggest tv! canada ended up prevailing over usa which made our canadian friends extremely happy! overall, it was a fun experience and friendly rivalry over some cold beverages.

12: the previous time that i went to maui, i refused to make the trip to hana because i notoriously get car sick in normal driving conditions let alone hours of curvy roads! mom and dad planned a camping trip in hana during our vacation and told me i could either go, or stay alone | at the condo for a few days. i reluctantly agreed to go as long as i could drug myself with dramamine!

13: we stopped along the way at some gorgeous places to see the crashing waves and for me to get some | fresh air! mom was gracious enough at one point to give me the front seat for a less obstructed view of the road. in the end i was very glad that i decided to make the trip because this side of the island offers views that are unimaginable! practically the entire highway is encased in a lush and tropical rainforest with plant and animal life that i had never seen! after arriving in hana we immediately made a trip to a store called the hasegawa general store. there are not too many ways to describe this place other than, im not sure where else in the world you can shop one aisle and get everything from toliet paper to peanut butter and makeup! this place lacks a certain organization that we were used to! | hana highway is 52 miles from kahului, it crosses 59 bridges, 46 of which are one lane which causes on coming traffic to yield. there are 620 curves of various difficulty and about 6 inches clearance from the edge of the road to the edge of the cliffside!

14: we always stay in the cabins at waianapanapa when we come to hana. the cabins are rustic, but have the basic necessities like beds, running water and a refrigerator. the absolute best thing about these cabins is that they are about 100ft from the ocean and offer spectacular views of the large crashing waves!

15: waianapanapa | besides the famous views and waves that hana has, it also has some rare blow holes. a blow hole is when a strong wave comes crashing into caverns below the rocks causing the water to shoot out small holes in the rocks. we spent hours in our lawn chairs down by the water with our cameras up and ready waiting for the perfect wave to come! it felt like our own little slice of paradise with nothing else to do but watch wave after wave, admiring each and every one!

16: there is an extremely rare black sand beach in hana! it was one of the places that i considered a "must see." | after taking a few dramamine to be able to make the trip to hana, i ended up extremely tired so after exploring around and watching the waves, i took a nap while the boys prepared dinner! we had a delicious dinner of steak and grilled pineapple followed by an evening of playing | cards. it was a wonderful "getaway" from our vacation, which may sound crazy, but it was nice to get away from the tourists, crowded beaches and busy streets for a night. in the end i was extremely happy that mom and dad convinced me to make the trip, it was definitely worth the dramamine and hairpin turns! | -black sand beach-

17: the waves were HUGE in the morning! mom and i spent over an hour down by the water eating our breakfast and taking hundreds of pictures!

18: bamboo forest | we decided to travel around the rest of the island on our way home from hana and there is a beautiful bamboo forest along the way! i had never seen bamboo while it was growing so it was a pretty fun experience! | there is also a very large banyan tree along the hike up to the bamboo! banyan trees originate as figs that grow into these amazing trees! they can grow large enough to cover and entire city block.

19: the trail up to the bamboo passes taro fields as well as a few waterfalls. the seven sacred pools are along the trail, but were not flowing because of lack of rain. after our hike back down we continued our drive around the island. we drove on some of the most "shady" roads EVER! non paved, narrow roads that were right on the edge of some very | maui's southeast region offers views of haleakala as well as a prairie like mountain side. definitely felt like we were driving in montana and not on maui. there were even cows grazing in the brown grass! | steep hills!

20: our last stop on the drive home from hana was in kula at the ulupalakua ranch / tedeschi vineyard for a picnic and some wine tasting. tuna fish and potato chips were on the menu. there is something about picnics in maui that make everything taste so heavenly, maybe its because we feel like we are in heaven when we are there! mom and i of had fun with the wine tasting and surprisingly only left with a couple bottles each. | tough choice between these two hotties

21: dinner out in lahaina | lahaina is a little tourist town on the west side of maui. it is tradition that we drive over there at least one time during our vacation for some shopping and dinner. we ate at the former bj's pizzeria, now called lahaina pizza company. dinner was absolutely wonderful on the patio that overlooked the oceanfront. lahaina's biggest attraction is the banyan tree that covers almost an entire city block!

22: mom came up with a great idea to build this HUGE turtle in the sand on charley young beach. we posted about it on facebook a few days prior and informed everyone with the link to the | webcam that they have there at charley young so they could watch us build it live! some of mom and dads friends came down to the beach as well to help and participate in the fun! thank goodness for moms artistry skills when it came to the fin shaping and top of the shell designs and to google images for helping us determine that no tail meant we were creating a female! | some friends said that after we left the beach that tons of people were coming up to it to take pictures! we also heard that it stayed intact for several hours until some kids came and ruined it.

23: on charley young beach | we celebrated with some cold beverages after completing our masterpiece! a wonderful afternoon spent with family.

24: picnics are a huge part of any trip to maui! mom and dad always try and invite all of their friends that are around to join in the festivities as well, the only stipulation being that you bring your own main dish and a dish to pass. kam III closes relatively early, compared to how long our picnics usually lasted so there were several times we would have to go move the cars so we didn't get locked in the park!

25: we woke up the morning of february 27th to tsunami warnings on the news. beaches, events and roads were canceled on all of the hawaiian islands. gas stations and grocery stores were completely empty of all perishable foods, water and spam (there was a segment on the news informing everyone that spam | february 27, 2010 | purchases were being limited per customer!) we packed up some drinks and food and moved to greg and dot's condo to be on higher ground. the tsunami ended up being nothing, in fact we didn't even see high waves on our side of the island. other parts of maui did experience some beach erosion and road damage. it was definitely a fun experience and i got my "i survived the tsunami" tee shirt!

26: one of my most favorite things to do while in maui is watch the sunset, it is just so refreshing! we always tried to make a point to walk down to the beach either before eating dinner or after to catch a glimpse. this particular night we went to the place on the beach that nate proposed to hannah a few years prior! it was great to | see the place that nate became part of our family! i had to call hannah and tell her that we were there! | im hiding behind a palm branch...whoa, they are HUGE!

27: snorkeling and big beach | one of the things on my "must do" on my vacation list was to go snorkeling. mom and dad took us to their favorite spot called makena landing. we didn't have tons of luck at first but after we got out a little ways we starting seeing TURTLES! jesse took his underwater video camera and got quite a few great videos of them within an arms reach away from where we were! it was such a great experience to be so close to such amazing creatures! | after the long, hard day of snorkeling, we decided we needed to relax for a bit, so we went to pooelenalena beach. there were hardly any clouds in the sky that day which means that we had to go cool off in the water quite often!

28: last picnic | this last picnic was bittersweet, we were enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends, watching a once in a lifetime sunset, but we were leaving in two short days. way too much food + a few too many drinks = laughs and memories that will last a lifetime!

29: front street, lahaina | i wanted to go shopping on front street because they have quite a few fun and unique shops that we don't have here on the mainland. they have a crocs store that has so many different styles i had never seen before! there are also tons of "junk" shops that have the them. mom also made a purchase of her own at her favorite jewelry shop, a new palm tree necklace that is absolutely gorgeous! | we spent quite a while in this store looking at all the shark artifacts that the owner was selling. i had no idea that sharks teeth grew the way they do, they have "extras" waiting in case one falls out! OUCH!

30: mom and dad wanted to take us out for a nice evening in lahaina and to see this amazing magic show called warren & annabelle's. all of their friends were able to | get tickets to the same show as well, which made it tons of fun! walt and sandee literally flew in less than hours before the show started. we had some quick drinks before heading off to the magic show where they served a wonderful spread of delicious shrimp, chicken, spring rolls and salad.

31: it was such a wonderful treat to spend our last night | of vacation having so many laughs with everyone! walt organized jesse and i to be selected to sit in the front row! it just frustrated me more because i had no excuse that i could not see the tricks well enough to figure them out! jesse was even called up on stage by one of the magicians! | there were too many times to count that we said "this is great" but hannah and nate would make it feel complete! | one of the magicians took a $100 from dad, wrote all over it, cut it up and later made it reappear inside an egg!

33: [life brings simple pleasures to us every day. it is up to us to make them wonderful memories] | -cathy allen

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