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Hawaiian Monk Seal

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BC: The End | Did You Know??? The Hawaiian Monk seals name in Hawaiian means: The dog who runs in rough water This seal is one of the two endemic species to Hawaii

FC: Marvin The Hawaiian Monk Seal | By Mara Weigner Pd. 5

1: Once upon a time, there lived a seal in the tropical waters of the Hawaiian Islands. People came from all over to get money by taking these seals, and the seals were finding it harder and harder to survive. The seals of the islands enjoyed each other's company, though there were less than a thousand of them left. This is the story of one particular seal named Marvin, who enjoyed spending his days hunting for fish in the clear blue water.

2: One day, the seals were out swimming in the water, hunting for their food, which consisted of crustaceans, fish, lobsters, eels, and octupuses. There were some sharks in the water, which the seals were careful to stay away from, as they were predetors. The blue water was cool and clear, and it was just a perfect day. The seals were hunting their prey and they were all very happy. Then, on the horizon, though they couldn't see it, there appeared a fishing boat. Little did the seals know that their day was about to get interesting...

3: As the boat got closer, the seals realized that they were in trouble. "Oh great", Marvin said to his friend, "the sealers are coming, we need to go hide in the cove on the north side of the island."

4: Marvin called out to all of the seals around him, though he couldn't be sure that they all heard him. Then, with a swish of his tail, he was off, swimming as fast as he could to his second favorite spot on the whole island, the cove. Along with the water and the coves, the seals enjoyed the beaches and surrounding waters of the tropical islands. The sealing boats saw a flash of gray swim through the water and they knew that the seals had learned of their presence. The seals gray coat and silver gray underbelly disapeared as quickly as they had been spotted.

5: Now at the same time, on the main island of Hawaii, the sealer's daughter was quite distraught. She had just learned that her father was a sealer, and not a fisherman like he had told her. She didn't believe in his line of work, and was scheming a way to stop him. ... The man at the wheel of the ship shouted for the crew to get ready. They were about to drop the nets, and hopefully catch some of the slower seals, even if they weren't the best, they were still worth a lot of money. The crew obeyed, and soon the ship was hauling up close to ten seals. Though they had had better days, the sealers were happy and started to leave.

6: When the sealer got home, his daughter told him that she knew that he was a sealer. She also said that she would love to come with him some day and see what he did. "That's such a cool job" she lied. What she really planned to do was to find some way to get her father to stop his cruel work. Just how, she wasn't sure, but she would find a way.

7: The sealer was so excited that he planned a special day with his daughter. He woke her up early and they were on their way. She packed a bag and hid it in a corner of the boat, it was filled with all of the items necessary for stopping her father. She planned on drawing pictures of the seals all day long, and then hanging them up around town. Maybe that would make the people there more appreciative of the aquatic life around them.

8: Meanwhile, Marvin and the other seals were upset because they had lost even more of their kind to a sickness brought on by the deadly reef poisoning. They tried to carry on their daily life but it was hard when their wasn't many of them left.

9: The daughter of the sealer started making posters as soon as she could. She planned on hanging them up around the town that she lived in. | HELP SAVE THE SEALS! These seals are 6-7 feet long and weigh 500-600 lbs. Please help!!!! Donations Welcome

10: When the villagers saw the signs around the town, there was a great response. People were donating as much money as they could. The sealer's daughter was excited, and she thought that she might have made a difference. Then, the mayor of the village called a meeting with the sealer, and the other sealers of the area, and banned the sealers from injuring or killing the Hawaiian Monk Seals. When the sealer got home and told his family the news, his daughter pretended to be sad, but later, she secretly celebrated her victory.

11: Though the seals didn't know what the girl had done, their numbers started to increase instead of decrease. They still lost a seal occasionally to a shark attack, or reef poisoning, but overall, their lives were much safer. They went back to being predators to small ocean animals and prey to sharks. The seals enjoyed diving deep into the water for up to 20 minutes and visiting the coral reefs down there. The seals got there food, and they helped the coral by keeping the population under control.

12: Real Life Information: Though the seals are still endangered, the sealing was a problem in the 1800s. Now, the dangers to the seals include: reef poisoning, destroyed mating grounds, destroyed habitat, disturbance of mother seals and her pups, and litter in the water. Because of industry, the seals are currently declining in population instead of increasing. The seals are 6-7 ft long, and can weigh up to 600 pounds. The Hawaiian Monk seals primarily prey on small fish and invertebrates, though sometimes they can eat some other organisms. They have a mutualistic relationship with coral because the seals keep the population controlled, and they eat.They are gray with a silver gray underbelly, and the females are generally larger than the males. These seals live in the tropical waters of the Northern Hawaiian Islands, and some have thrived even surrounding the mainlands. Their habitats include reefs, beaches, and coves. They spend most of their time in the water, though they nurse and raise their pups on land. Everyone can help save these seals. Laws should be passed, banning the disturbance of these creatures, and the fishing of their prey should be reduced to a minimum, as getting food is becoming more of a problem for them. This species population has decreased 60% over the last 50 years, and it needs to be stopped.

13: Not only are these mammals endangered, they are critically endangered, and are the only type of monk seal with a possibility to thrive. One species went extinct in the 1900s, and the other is almost gone. To compare, these creatures are much more scarce than the Red Panda. They are the most endangered animal in the US, and are close to the top of the world list as well. Typically, these seals actually swim by themselves and generally avoid most contact with one another. If these seals are provoked in any way, even so much as walking close to them could do it, they with get aggressive, and could severely hurt someone. Hawaiian Monk seals have competition with other marine animals to get food, as many species feed off of fish and invertebrates. They have a complex system of life, and are in the mammal class. As a review, these mammals have to do with chapter 1.3 because of the following: Competition: They compete with other organisms for food, and their habitat Predation: They are predators to small fish and invertebrates, and they are prey to sharks Symbiosis: They have a mutualistic relationship with coral because they both benefit, the seals get food and they keep the population under control for the coral

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