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Heidi's 40 Book

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S: Till Journeys End

BC: 2011

1: Love | O who will walk a mile with me Along life's merry way? A comrade blithe and full of glee, Who dares to laugh out loud and free, And let his frolic fancy play, Like a happy child, through the flowers gay That fill the field and fringe the way Where he walks a mile with me. And who will walk a mile with me Along life's weary way? A friend whose heart has eyes to see The stars shine out o'er the darkening lea, And the quiet rest at the end o' the day,-- A friend who knows, and dares to say, The brave, sweet words that cheer the way Where he walks a mile with me. With such a comrade, such a friend, I fain would walk till journeys end, Through summer sunshine, winter rain, And then?--Farewell, we shall meet again! -Henry Van Dyke

2: I am proud to be married to such a wonderful woman. You bring out the best in me and others. Your passion and drive are unmatched (and a little exhausting!) and your commitment to service—be it in church, school or community—is inspiring. Over the last 17 years, my love for you has grown deeper by virtue of the experiences we have shared and my respect and admiration for you has grown tenfold as I have seen you take on the roles of wife and mother. | I don’t say it enough, but I truly appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for the benefit of our family—from raising such great kids to managing our household affairs. You may not appreciate it when they are whining, but these kids will be a great part of your legacy and I am indebted to you for all you have done with them. I love our little family and I thank you for making it work. Above all, I love you. From the psycho-bunnies to the little girl who loves snuggling up to watch a movie—I love you. You are my best friend, my happiness, my partner and my hope—you are my dream girl. I love you. Forever | Brady | any years ago, you were my roommate’s “dream girl.” Then I signed a contract so I would have an excuse for asking you out. After a few years of plotting and scheming, I finally was able to trick you into saying “I do”—and it was the best thing I have ever done. | M

3: Forever

4: We love our:

5: Mommy | Wife | Snuggle-bunny | Inspiration | Schedule Keeper | Taxi-Driver | Dessert Taster | TEACHER | Motivator | Comforter | Listener | Little Girl | Confidant | Movie Buddy | Exemplar | Explorer | Record Keeper | RockStar | Worrier | World Changer | Blanket Sharer | Best Friend

7: My Dearest Beautiful Heidi, You so many of the things I wanted you to be and you are more than I could have ever imagined you might be. Now as I watch how dutifully and purposefully you fill each day with the worthwhile, I regret I cannot go back and live life again. I would have lived it without fear. Because in fear I became demanding. That way I felt strong and safe. But I hurt you and I hurt your brothers. There was so much joy and affection we were not able to share together. I regret that now. I did not know how to be free with myself or with others. I hope you can forgive me, Heidi. Believe me when I say that someday I hope to share joy and love and peace with all of my children and myself. I did the best I was able to, Heidi. Please know now that I love you. I am proud of you. I am so very very proud of you. Happy Birthday, My precious Heidi. You truly are the Apple of my Eye. | My precious Heidi, You are a wonderful woman; so many of the things I wanted for you and so much more than I could ever have imagined you might be. Now as I watch how purposefully you fill each day with the worthwhile, I am so very proud. I love you, Heidi. You truly are the Apple of my Eye.

8: Dear Heidi, I was so happy the day I saw you. You’re a beautiful baby girl, and I wanted you to be a big part of our family the minute I saw you. Your eyes are so dark, and they watch everything. I love your smile, and the cute giggle. I am so much in love with you. Mom (handwritten note) | Journal Note (September 1, 1991) “One day, I see the fruits of the labors of Heidi and Dan to make my birthday very special (and if Matt had been here, he would have contributed). Each one of you feels they want to add ‘their special touch’ to show Mom their feelings of love. I know that, and I am extremely impressed with all of your accomplishments.” | Heidi and Matt were always a twosome. It was so wonderful to see them together. I’ve continually been blessed with the way Matt took care of his sister. The relationship was formed early, and it continues as the years pass. When Heidi was about two she was in the process of making some sand items or sand pies and she needed to add some water. (There was a strict rule ‘do not go in the yard without a parent’ being there.) I believe she was so engrossed in her project, and the thought. I need water and can scoop some from the pool. She was at the edge of the pool, leaning over with her cup, and tumbled in. Sweet Matt ran to the open screen door, “Mom! Heidi fell into the pool!” I walked right into the pool and brought her to the top – it couldn’t have been 30 seconds. That was a true blessing from the Lord.

9: Mother | As a mother of three, married to a very excellent husband, Brady, I have always been proud of her creative senses, her intellectual resources and drive to have her children be given guidelines to walk the “knowledge of school. I am constantly impressed with the way she can balance the role of mother, wife, the desires of her self-needs, and her church-callings. I know being a woman the feeling of exhaustion that resides inside the body. But to me you are not aware of the burden that Heidi is carrying. She has a very strong resilience and resolve. I’m most proud of my children, and all they represent to the world. They have intellectual minds, and they apply themselves in the most honorable ways. Once Heidi called to express gratitude to me for ways she felt I was helpful to her while staying with her after my mission. Being able to stay with her was a service to me. Yet she was able to express gratitude to me. It lifted my spirits right at a time when I needed encouragement. I have had more acquaintances and friends say, “I just love Heidi.” I reply to them, “yes, I know what you mean – I love her, too!” | It was very evident during the early years that Heidi was geared to perfection. I watched as she constantly placed heavy pressure on herself. She wanted to get all A’s in high school, she wanted all A’s in college. Heidi had a planned schedule of her life’s goals: college, serve a mission, and then marriage. It happened in that order.

10: Dear Heidi, Of all the sisters I could have ended up with, you are clearly the best.. What to know why? Okay. I'll tell you. Maybe for everyone childhood is a crazy mixture of magical adventure and scary challenge, but I know ours was. But whether it was making up imaginary games to help pass the time or enduring some painful ordeal, having you by my side made everything better. I remember our hikes in the creekbed, closing off the hall to make a dark cave, playing lightbright and easybakeoven (each a single word), playing baseball with Dad, camping trips, sleeping in the back of the station wagon, working in the yard, and riding up chair lifts. | As we grew older and school was a bigger part of our lives, we moved in slightly different circles. I was always in awe that my own little sister could be part of the popular crowd, but you were more. You were a thoughtful and compassionate part of that crowd--a rare thing--and someone I could both look up to and relate to. You were the all-around girl: smart, athletic, attractive--but amazingly, not conceited. | And of course there were the many trips. I remember the Prado and Louvre, bus rides in Ohio and Mexico, Greek islands, Jerusalem tunnels, many meals and hotel rooms. Other things we purchase are used up or worn out or out of style, but memories last. All my memories of these places are framed by our friendship. So many locales and situations form the backdrop of our relationship. | Having you by my side made everything better.

11: Matt | Adulthood has not so much changed any of what has come before, as it has given opportunity to put it all in perspective. Our life together has been one long conversation. Begun probably soon after you gained speech (how I waited....), it is a conversation that has touched upon nearly every aspect of life. The words and time we have shared have added richness and understanding to experience, and have given an anchor and keel to the course of days. Finding a sister in this world is an accident of genetics and the choices of others. Finding a friend is a rare gift. I'm grateful Father saw my need f or a friend such as you and blessed me beyond what I'm entitled to with a companion in you. My cup runneth over. | Love you,

12: I think Heidi is spectacular: - I love her playfulness, and spontaneity. It may be the least known fact about Heidi, but she loves to have unprovoked, spontaneous fun. - She is like a mom to me, in all the best ways, even the ones that make a mother-son relationship so tough. - Thoughtful, generous, selfless -- Heidi loves to give unto others. - I was three, maybe four years old, and I spilled my glass of milk in the kitchen and started crying. Heidi, you took me into your room - after refilling my glass of milk - and loved me and probably made me smile at the same time. - I was 26, and getting married, and you cried on *my* shoulder: happy, proud and reflecting on your role in my life. I was proud, too, that my big sister could show so much love for me. I love you, Heidi. | D A N

13: Unprovoked Spontaneous | F U N

14: Yours were the first diapers I learned how to change, so you are indeed a special person to me in so many ways. Judy was a great step-mother to me, and I think I have always emphasized how much she means to me. When you were a toddler she taught me this basics of raising children, it was necessary since I was going to babysit you. You used to call me "Mack", when you were learning how to speak. We all laughed at how adorable that was. When you were barely a month old, you all came to Hawaii to visit. I was living there then with my mother Eloise. It was going to be the first time I would meet you. Matt was two years old then, (sorry Dan, not time yet for you, father of two!). It was a wonderful trip for all, Dad presented Aunt Myrtle with her dream come true, a trip to Hawaii, and Judy was really excited too. I'm happy that you have had many other trips there though that you can remember, and now can share the beauty there with Sydney, Anna, Brady & Sawyer! I sort of ' disappeared ' back to SF between 1978, when you were 7 I think, not to 're-appear' until Judy and Marillyn did something I could never forget. They encouraged Dad & I to reconcile and I came to dinner at the Woodside house. I brought Janis Lange with me for ' moral support', my oldest family friend whose Dad was with our Dad in the Marine Corps. When I got there that night things went so well. Judy brought me to the bathroom to 'introduce' Dan, & Kahala to me, the two cute 'tadpoles' who were flopping around in the tub together, which was precious indeed. I think the year was 1983, and you would have been 11 or 12. I just want to close by saying how much I care for you, and the woman you've become, and to never forget that I love you very much. All the best and a very Happy Birthday Heidi. | Mike | You Are Indeed A Special Person

15: HEIDI...WHAT A GREAT GAL, mother, wife, sister, friend AND SHE HAS TALENT GALORE... loyal and loving wife a daughter anyone would be proud of great kindness and aid to her father as he aged continued support to her mother always a friend to her siblings loving aunt to her nieces and nephews always an available ear to her friends intellectually gifted sings and plays the piano skiis and plays tennis and many other sports could organize an army great faith in God I'M PROUD TO CALL HER FRIEND AND SISTER Marillyn Hanakaulani

16: Happy Birthday! I can't believe I hang out with someone who is 40!! Seriously I am really glad to have someone to chat with when we have get-togethers. You are a great example to your kids and all the rest of the family. I love how you keep so organized. I need lessons someday. You are very talented in so many areas. Thanks for being a great sis-in-law and for all the great memories. Hopefully we can make this summer work out and get together soon! Happy Birthday! Alison, Dave and Kade, Conner & Cole

17: Several years ago I lived down the street from Heidi and her sweet family. Those years are some of the best of my families’ life, and we have many wonderful and priceless memories with the Mickelsen family. I feel that Heidi and I had an instant friendship. When we met, we were both raising young kids and struggling to balance all the demands of motherhood while trying to maintain our sanity. Heidi was my therapy. Some of my favorite memories with Heidi are simply sitting on a park bench and talking while the kids play. I love talking with Heidi. She is kind, thoughtful, and simply makes me think about things in ways I never have before. Heidi is such a brilliant, beautiful person and I’m so lucky to have her as my friend! Something that I have always admired about Heidi is that she is such a phenomenal mom. I am so blessed to have had Heidi’s influence close by for those few years while living down the street. I can honestly say that Heidi has made me a better mother to my own kids. I admire so much Heidi’s constant pursuit to enrich her children’s lives, and it makes me want to be a better mom. Heidi made me realize years ago that I am my kid’s best advocate in all things. This has been priceless in my life, and the life of Kate, Josh, and Emi. We have certainly been blessed to have Heidi’s strong and encouraging example in our lives. Heidi is so sweet and kind with Sydney, Anna, and Sawyer. Heidi is always playing with her kids, reading with them, and teasing with them. She is such a fun mom! We were lucky enough to tag along on so many fun adventures and outings with Heidi and the kids. I don’t think a week went by without us hopping in the car to visit a museum, zoo, or any place that our kids would have fun. Oh how I miss those days! I have always been so impressed with how Heidi gives so much service to those around her and her community. I know that when we were living by each other, Heidi was donating much of her time tutoring children and trying to start programs that would benefit children whose educational needs weren’t being met. It was amazing to me to watch Heidi juggle everything- three little kids, running a house, church obligations, volunteering at the school, and all while holding down the fort while Brady had to work some pretty crazy late nights. She does so much, and does it all well. I love all the memories I have of Heidi and her family. The baseball games, camping trips, date nights, Rock Band marathons, family dinners. The list really does go on and on. Right after our family moved to Utah, the Mickelsens came to visit and stay with us. I loved it! However, we were super house poor, and didn’t have a bed yet for the guest room, so Heidi and Brady slept on a horrible blow up mattress that would lose all of its air by morning. I’m sure they still curse that trip, but we were so thrilled to have them here with us! Our kids adore their kids, and it’s just so comfortable and fun to have them in our home. Time spent with Heidi and her family really is a treasure to us and we hope that we will continue to visit and have them visit for years and years. It’s been hard to live away from Heidi. I consider her a true and forever friend. When we do get the chance to see each other, we pick up right where we left off. She is a friend I’ve laughed with (a lot!), cried with, and shared so many fun and amazing times with. As this little letter is for her birthday, I just want to wish Heidi a fabulous day. I hope this next year is filled with love, joy, and laughter. Thank you for being a dear friend to me. Much love, Sarah

18: I am honored to be asked to write a little something about what our friendship has meant to me, though I doubt I can do it justice. The best thing about our friendship, for me, continues to be how unexpected it was – originally – and how surprisingly wonderful it continues to be. I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have tried to make more out of relationships than ever seemed workable. The great thing about our friendship is that it has come so naturally and has been so meaningful. Even though we are not in contact nearly as much as I would like at this point, I still feel like we are able to jump right back in when we do see or talk with each other, and I always know that you are out there – my wonderful, supportive friend. I have so many memories of our time together, but I think they can best be distilled down into many, many interesting conversations and experiences. From our initial introduction with Lori Nichols, to countless hours spent together in Chicago, to travel in St. Lucia, the Berkshires, Santa Barbara . . . and so much more, I have loved learning from you and sharing with you. Of course I see much that is different between us – enough that I would never have guessed we would hit it off as well as we have. Yet you have been such a great help to me in my life. I can only hope that I have reciprocated in some small way. In January, I heard about an interesting study which hypothesizes that true friends are connected on a genetic level. For me that describes our friendship. There is something that deeply connects us, as if we were genetically linked. And I love that! Heidi, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more fabulous years to come. Thank you for including me in your life. I feel privileged to be counted among your close friends. | Surprisingly Wonderful

19: Love, | Cynthia

20: Fond Memories | Long Talks | Happy 40th Birthday, Heidi! I am glad you are joining the ranks of he 40 somethings. It is truly a great time of our lives. I have been blessed to have Heidi in my life for close to 17 years. My first memory of meeting Heidi was on the volleyball court at the Stanford Institute building. We would play volleyball one night a eek, and I met Heidi right after she returned from her mission to France. We immediately connected and became friends right away. The next few months, I was dating and then engaged to Erik, and Heidi and I mostly saw each other at church and some social outings with church friends. I remember Heidi being shocked when I told her that Erik and I were engaged and were getting married that summer. During the next couple of years, Heidi and I would get together for lunch and I kept track of her dating life. I was very excited when she started dating Brady, because Erik and I were already good friends with Brady. It was fun to have double dates and enjoy spending time together. After I had Nicole, Brady and Heidi would come over for dinner and games. Erik and I enjoyed spending time with Heidi and Brady as they approached getting married. I loved going with Heidi to pick our her wedding dress. And we have fond memories of Heidi and Brady's sealing at the Oakland Temple. Soon after Heidi and Brady were married they moved to Chicago. This was at the beginning of the time when email entered our lives. So Heidi and I kept in touch with many long emails about life. Heidi was teaching in the schools in the inner-city of Chicago while Brady was in law school. That was not an easy time for Heidi, teaching in difficult circumstances, dealing with winter weather, and being away from California and her family. It was a highlight of my week, corresponding with Heidi. We kept a close friendship during those years in Chicago and then on to Boston with email and visits. I was selling books at a few seminars in the Chicago area and stayed with Heidi and Brady in their apartment. They were wonderful hosts, and Erik joined me at the end of the trip. We were able to see some of the sights around Chicago and enjoy good food with Heidi and Brady. Heidi and Brady moved to Boston at the end of the law school days, and since my sister lived in Boston, I also got to visit Heidi while she was living there. It was so fun to be at Heidi's surprise baby shower that Brady hosted, with many of her friends from out of town. That was the beginning of sharing parenting time together. Heidi often came to visit her mom and brothers during the summer, and sometimes would stay with us in Palo Alto. I enjoyed those weeks of chatting and outings with our kids.

21: Love, Julia Jacobsen | Dearest Friends | Julia | The best surprise for me was when Heidi called to tell me that Brady was transferring to the Palo Alto branch of his law firm, and they would be moving out to Palo Alto. I couldn't believe one of my friends was moving to the Bay Area, not moving away. It was almost unreal. It was fun going to rental houses with Heidi when she came out house hunting. Eventually they rented the house on Carmel Street. It was a good place for them with Sydney and Anna. Anna and Maren have been good buddies over the years, and Sawyer and Robin have had some good times together also. I appreciate so much all of the long talks Heidi and I have about parenting, exercise, politics, religion, family dynamics, marriage, movies, books, and the list goes on. I can talk to Heidi about any topic and have hours of conversation. I truly love to talk with Heidi about everything on my mind, and I appreciate Heidi's intelligence and realness. There is always more to talk about than we have time. I loved the times when we walked the dish two or three times a week. Those hour walks and talks with Heidi and Crystal and others are cherished times. One year, Crystal decided we should surprise Heidi for her birthday and take her on a trip to Portland. So I jumped in, and we had a great girls' weekend in Portland at Crystal's dad's bed and breakfast. This was the beginning of a cherished yearly trip with Crystal and Heidi. We always have intense conversations, wonderful sightseeing, and many shared meals and treats together. I feel honored at Crystal and Heidi have let me join in, as they do most of the planning and thinking about the trips. Heidi inspires me to be more organized. She has taken me and my kids on wonderful outings around the Bay Area. Heidi works hard to make changes in her life that will benefit her kids and her home and family. Erik adds, "Heidi is bright, talented, wise and caring. I value her friendship and goodness." Heidi is one of my dearest and best friends. I feel so grateful to live near her, and to have her influence and friendship in my life. Lt's have fun adventures this year to celebrate your 40 years! I love you like a sister and am grateful for your friendship over these many years. | Love,

22: E n t h u s i a s m | Trustworthy

23: I feel so lucky to be Heidi's friend – my life is better because of her. This is not just an empty compliment. It’s really true. Heidi helps me be a better mom, friend, and person. I love being a mom along with Heidi – my lucky daughter has benefitted in ways she will never fully understand. Heidi has helped me be the kind of mom I want to be. With her example and invitation, we’ve had fun play dates, afternoons at the park, and fun explorations around the bay area. I’m inspired by the effort Heidi takes to give her children fun and meaningful opportunities. Here’s just a sampling of the places we have been: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, hiking at Foothill Park, Cal Academy of Science, Tilden Park, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Rinconada, Happy Hollow & Hot Dog Supper-time Shows. Yes, Heidi has helped me experience more than I would have done on my own. And when you’ve got young children on an outing, it’s sooooo much better to have other, fun adults around to talk with. But it’s not just the things we do together for our children that I appreciate, but it’s her advice about how she approaches problems as a mom – either for something her children are struggling with, or some value she is trying to instill. I’m inspired by Heidi’s example of being an intentional mother. Heidi knows how to be a good friend and has taught me what a good friend does. She is absolutely trustworthy and 100% dependable. She is thoughtful about ways that she can help others. Heidi tries to identify what people want or need, instead of just what she’d like to give. For example, holding an “afternoon play date” for a few moms with young children during December to give us some extra time for shopping. It’s a simple idea, one that perhaps several people would think about doing – but what sets Heidi apart as a friend is that she actually makes it happen. She isn’t content to just have good intentions, but she executes on those good intentions. Which, after all, is the main point of service – actually doing when you see a need. Heidi is a great person to talk with. I love discussing any topic with her – I can count on her to really think through an issue and engage in a meaningful discussion. Now, in addition to these more seriously wonderful characteristics, it must also be said that Heidi likes to have fun. Her sense of adventure and enthusiasm to really experience life makes her easy to be around. Finally, I admire how Heidi is such a careful steward of her time. It seems like she has at least 28 hours in a day – I’m still trying to learn her secrets. She is so generous with her time for others, and yet she is able to accomplish and do so much. Happy Birthday, Heidi. Thank you for being such an incredible person and friend. | Jen | S e n s e o f A d v e n t u r e

24: I want you to know how much I treasure your friendship! I think you are especially fabulous because people are always mistaking us for each other! I love talking to you for so many reasons. You are intelligent, thoughtful, open-minded, empathetic, and funny to boot! Didn't we hear somewhere that only really good friends can discuss religion? I guess that is us! I always look forward to our little walks around the neighborhood. What you might not realize (because I have been remiss in letting you know) is what a difference you have made in my life. When I got sick a while back, everyone around me reacted differently. Some of my friends called, some e-mailed, many dropped off a meal. Legions would tell Greg when they saw him out to have me call them if I needed anything. Many didn't do anything, maybe just because they didn't know what to do. But you did the most amazing thing of all: Y O U S H O W E D U P. That was such a hard time for me. I was scared and lonely and helpless. You were a hero to me. You came to my house and listened to me cry. You jumped into action and got right down to business: "What do you need? Meals? Someone to bring Whitman home? Help with the girls?" | True Friend

25: Funny | Open-minded | Rebecca | You ran down the list of anything you thought I could use help with. And did it. You took the terror out of pick-up everyday wondering how I would get Whitman home, who I could call, who I wouldn't be bothering. You never made me feel like a "project" or "charity". You treated me like a friend who you were so happy to be helping. Even after everyone else assumed I was back to normal, you always asked how I was, and then actually L I S T E N E D to me while I did a run-down of my boring medical stuff. I truly can't tell you how many times over the past 18 months your sweet face has popped into my head and I have stopped and just thought about what a difference you made to me at a very hard time in my life. Anyone can be that friend who goes to lunch and meets for an afternoon movie. But I have learned that true friends are those who step up in the hard times. The times that are uncomfortable. The times when you are giving with the knowledge that there will be no reciprocity. You are a rare and precious bird! I honestly don't think you will ever know what a difference you made in my life. I think it was Virginia Wolf who said that she lost many friends, some because of their inability to cross the street. Thanks for crossing the street.

26: Lisa | Heidi, It is an honor to be able to write you a letter in celebrating your 40th birthday. I am so grateful for your friendship. You are a wonderful mother and wife. I know that these two things are important to you and you work hard at being them. You are a great example of putting all of your efforts into trying to make your children and Brady's lives better. You are always trying to make things better. You have a desire to make things more efficient, effective and to run smoother. You are constantly searching for a better way, a new twist or a good idea to make life more full. You are humble in realizing that maybe someone else has a better answer or a solution and seeking for that. You are always willing to help. I know that if I needed your help or if anyone did, you would do what you could to help us. You are a good friend. You want others to be included and work hard at making others feel special by planning events or activities to celebrate their lives or to allow them to be included. I have benefited from this many times myself. You are giving. You are constantly finding ways to serve in both your school and church responsibilities. Not because it is your responsibility but because you love doing it and have made it priority. Thank you for being good examples of all of these things and much more but most especially for being a dear friend. I am grateful for you. With love, | H u m b l e

27: Radiant

28: Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Welcome to the club of 40! It’s a good one, and it will be even better with you in it! Heidi, I am so grateful for you in my life. You are a loyal and true friend. I will never forget the time when I totaled my car with Anna in it no less, and you took the time to call me that night to see how I was doing! Your concern for me meant the world. I can recall so many examples in the past few years that demonstrate true compassion and friendship. It’s no doubt that you are Wonder Woman, so this picture says it all! | 'WONDER'FUL

29: Kelly | You are capable, kind, conscientious, loyal, and “wonder”ful! I hope this birthday will be your best ever and that you will always know of my great love and admiration for you!! Happy Happy Birthday dear friend!! Here’s to at least 40 more!! Much Love,

30: Heidi is a dear friend of mine and I always say I wish we could have lived closer for a longer period of time. Even though we don't live close now or talk frequently, we can pick up the phone and hold a conversation as though it were yesterday when our paths crossed more regularly. I met Heidi when we moved to Chicago during the summer of 1997. Heidi was working hard and Brady was a year ahead of Dave in law school at the University of Chicago. Even though they already had a tight-knit group of friends, they readily welcomed us into many of their activities. I remember countless nights of playing games together at the Cannon's apartment, mixed with the sweet smell of America's cinnamon rolls, and gatherings always topped off with the most stimulating conversations. I think one of the qualities I admire most about Heidi is her love for learning and her personal desire to grow and better herself and everything around her. Not many people who have this inner-drive also possess the accompanying attribute of self-discipline to follow through with their desires, but Heidi does. Heidi is someone who will accomplish her goals-if she says she is going to do something, she will. Heidi is a natural leader with her vision, level-headed thinking, and her honest, modest, approachable nature. I really think it is because of these qualities that she is so well-rounded. I don't think there is anything Heidi can't do. She is amazingly talented, a trusted, true friend, and someone I genuinely love. Other memories I have of Heidi...seeing her in her running gear, running around Hyde Park, going to Nauvoo and the fun of getting a flat tire on the way home, book group at her apartment with seven layer bars as our treat, Murder Mystery party, her beautiful, long, curly brown hair, meeting up at Legoland in sunny California with our kids and spending the day together, enjoyable conversations over the phone, ...I could go on and on. I love you, Heidi, and I hope you have a fabulous 40th birthday!!! | Amy Koch

31: Hard to believe that we first met when I was 23, 14 years ago now. Since we were already good friends with Matt, it was easy to become fast friends with you, although you and Matt are certainly very different. I remember that you were the one who organized the couples dinner groups, giving us a chance to get to know you, and a few others like the Haraguchis, friendships that have lasted. We went to book group together, and I still think about the fact that we were the only ones that read the 1000+ pages of "Atlas Shrugged!" Cynthia, Jenny, America, and I had a great time surprising you for Sydney's baby shower when you first moved to Boston. So we really have you (or more truthfully, Brady!) to thank for the start of our first girls get togethers. The trips to see each other over the years have been so much fun. The strangest thing is that looking back, I don't think that many of us have changed much at all. I feel this way every time we get together, even if I haven't seen you or talked to you for up to a year, it's so easy to pick right back up, stay up late, catch up and talk about how the family is doing, how life is in general. That's the great thing about old friends, they know us such that we don't have to explain, we can just move forward with the friendship, together. Happy 40th, hope to get together again soon and to continue our friendship, maybe until our 80s! | Judy Cannon

32: Ali | Happy 40th Birthday Heidi! I remember when I first met you, at our last year at Girls' Camp, it was so natural and easy to tag along after you. Then I realized that you made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. That's why everyone gravitates toward you, and finds it so easy to share their inner most feelings and experiences with you. Thanks for being such a good friend. You are also as beautiful inside as outside. Outside, you just have that natural radiance, like a shampoo commercial and you haven't changed in the 20 years I've known you. Inside, you are genuine and fun. I always hear about someone staying at your home, or you going the extra mile in your calling at church, or something you are doing to make somebody else feel special. You put so much care and love into your family and it shows by the happy, sweet kids and husband you have. You organize fun outings that are great for kids and adults. You think about things, and put them into action. I'm grateful for your example of achievement and character and love for others. You have accomplished so much, it will be fun to watch you over the next 40 years. I feel lucky that I live close enough to keep an eye on you! Thanks for always making me feel normal and happy. I appreciate all the memories of chats I've had with you, and look forward to many more. Love,

33: Diana | Dear Heidi, I am so thankful for your friendship for so many reasons: you're kind, you're funny, you're thoughtful and you inspire me to be a better person. You are so easy to talk with and I always enjoy our conversations on kids, family and life. Whether it's a walk around the neighborhood, a Girl Scout camping trip, or a sleepover in Monterey, we can count on having a fun time! You are a true, dear friend and I'm so very grateful for your friendship. Happy Birthday, my friend! Much love,

34: If I had to pick a person to go to the moon with (and get left there in a bio-capsule and I couldn't pick my fam), I'd pick you. There we'd sit in view of the bright blue mother and read aloud all the books ever written. If your heart were filled with gloom, I would remind you that m o s t factory workers would be unable to recognize that the vase in the attic is Ming Dynasty mint. If you were elected President, I would move to Washington and be one of your policy wonks --Crystal Czar of all things overly analytical and impractical--of too brash a temperament to be Press Secretary, obviously. If that czarship was already taken I guess I could try for official ride in the limo chat person friend something or other. If I had the last HappyD apple fritter on the face of the earth, fresh and warm out of the oven, and you thought it the one and only imaginable thing in the whole world to console your broken heart, I'd give that fritter to you. . . every last bite. If someone said something really mean and hurtful to you, I would garner every last ounce of self-control I never had, breath v e r y deeply, and walk slowly out of the room so that I didn't completely embarrass you. Are you feelin' the love? If ever you need me, I'll be there for you. Anytime. Anywhere. May the Lord let my path wind close to yours and may His perfect sunshine always warm your honorable heart. I love you, H. Crystal

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