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HIGH SCHOOL - Page Text Content

S: Mindy Marsh- High School

FC: The High School Life of Mindy Marsh

1: SOPHOMORE YEAR 08-09 | JV VOLLEYBALL Hannah Fitzgerald, Savannah Stapley, Jessica Glauser, Madi Rush, Christy Weed, Maddie Tipton, Me, Capri Funk, Sydnee Rogers, Caitlin Smith, Natalie Fielding, Kim Matheny, Coach Stacie BUMP! SET! SPIKE!

2: The season ended with a success. We finished as Region Champions with a record of 17-1. We didn't think we would ever win the region... but we pulled it off. Through the long hour days, running suicides, and game-days I made some great relationships with the girls on the team and loved spending all the time I could get with them. | Madi, Me. Syd. C-weed. Mac. Cliff. Mad. Capri. Kim. | Emily & I | Sydnig | The JV Team with Coach Stacie

3: In January, I decided it would be fun if I hosted an Australian exchange student for 2 weeks. I was actually quite nervous, but Darian ended up being sooo much fun! We stayed up late every night talking, we shopped, ate at the Arizona restaurants, and did the high-school activities. I had a blast with her, and was so sad when she left.... I even cried! :( | Me and DAZ | We thought as hosts it would be fun to take the Aussies to their own restaurant, so we took them to Outback!! | Darian. Me. Rylee. Gemma

4: Sadies is a girl ask guy dance meaning the girls do all the planning! I asked one of my good friends Mckay Randall, who I have known for quite some time. Prior to the day of the dance we had a day activity a couple weeks before. We took the boys to Stratum Lazer Tag for a competitive game of killing each other with lazer beams and then a casual dinner at In-N-Out! The dance day came and I was so excited! Our group of 28 people (I know kinda big) all met at Lindsay Landvatter's house for a nice Italian dinner. It was delicious. We took lots of pictures and then headed off to Mountain View for the actual dance. Our plan was to leave the dance around 9:45 but Mckay and I were having way too much fun... so Emily Clifford and Jed and Mckay and I kinda ditched our group and stayed till 11! After the dance we went to Emily Clifford's house for our night activity. We set up a projector in the basement, had Guitar Hero going, ice cream sundaes, ping pong, and just visiting, snacking on munchies. It was a super long day, but one of the best days. I had a blast and my date was super duper fun!! We stayed and danced together the whole night and it was just so fun! | "SADIES GONE OVERBOARD"

6: When Hannah turned 16 my mom took her on a trip to New York so, I thought it was only fair that I got the same thing! I waited a couple weeks after my birthday and was off to New York. I wasn't going alone though. Rylee Rogers, Bailey Richardson, and Taylor Smith, and their moms all came along! The week was a busy, very tiring, a no sleeping week. We tried to cram in as much as we could in the amount of time we had. So much went on I honestly can't remember what we did each day. But this is what we did do: Phantom of the Opera, FAO Shwartz, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, 9-11 Memorial, Altar Boyz, Empire State Building, Shopping, Serendipity, The Plaza Hotel, Central Park, Blake Lively, and Canal Street!!!! It was probably the busiest couple days, but for sure the BEST trip I have ever been on. Thanks mom! | N Y C

8: My Sophomore Year was getting closer and closer to being over. We were in the last season of sports, and the final concerts of the year were going on. Ruth Mauldin and I were both high jumpers for the track team. As we spent every day together we became great friends. We hung out at every meet together and were always so crazy. I had so many funny memories with her. Choir, on the other hand, was way different than in the past, I was with about 45 other girls all my age. The best part was I was already good friends with about half the girls in the class. For our broad way review (last concert) we were assigned the broad way show The Little Mermaid. We thought it would be a little bit kiddish but after singing the songs, getting costumes, choreography, and make-up we all ended up loving it! And if we saw each other out in the halls we would sing it back and forth to each other. It turned out to be so cute and fun!

9: BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL | Girls Camp 2009. YCL 1's. As YCL's we were in charge of a whole ward of girls who we hung out with, ate meals with, and gave devotionals to each night. Rylee, Morgan, Marissa, Emily, and I were in charge of Greenfield Ward and thought it would be fun to have themes for each day we were there. My favorite day was when we dressed up as ARMY girls and wore camo and dog tags with the letters. S.F. S. C. standing for "So Fresh So Chill".

10: EFY- a youth week long camp consisting of pure spiritual fun Monday: - Family Night - Goal Setting Tuesday: - Classes - Dance Wednesday: - Classes - Game Night Thursday: -Talent Show - Musical Program - Testimonies Friday: - Service Project - Banquet -Dance | S T E A D Y | and | S U R E

11: Especially For Youth | EEEE!! | Alex- quite the character | MVT girls | Looming Hats | My 3 Councilors | Me and Elisa

12: STATE PARTY | Ry, Alexis..AJM 09, Me | Charlotte, Peirson, Liza...Our favorite Triplets | AZ Fans with hosts: Amy Goodman & David Weincek | Mobile | AL | June 2009, I was honored for the 2nd year in a row to go back to Alabama for the National Junior Miss Finals. Alexis Flake was Arizona's winner who we were rooting for all week. Throughout the week, we shopped a lot, ate many places (our favorite being Foozacklys), saw movies, and of course all 3 nights of shows. Alexis was a FInalist in the Top 10. We were so excited, she did an amazing job representing AZ. Kentucky's Junior MIss Michelle Rodgers ended up winning the whole thing. Alabama was such a good trip and I am hoping I can go back next year as well!!

13: Sand Hill-It's a killer! | What can we say? Were Girls | The Family | SURFIN' | L A K E P O W E L L | The Skousen's asked if my family would want to join them in Lake Powell. What did we say? Of Course! So we spent a couple days at the lake. By the end of the week we were all getting pretty good at wakeboarding, tubing, running up Sand Hill, and making hemp bracelets. It was so much fun packing only swimsuits and pajamas (no make-up) for this whole trip. It was the easiest to pack for and it was a blast!! It was my first time being at Lake Powell and I think I could honestly live there.


16: JUNIOR YEAR 09-10

17: #9

18: HOMECOMING 2009 One of my good friends who I was dating at the time, Jake Jarvis, asked me to homecoming! I was so excited and could not wait to shop and find a dress for my first school dance. For our day activity we had a huge picnic with the group and then went to the park and did a ton of games! Dinner the night of the dance was at Drew Hooper's house and then off to the dance we went to dance the night away! Afterwards we went to the Frame's house and had a fire and just played games around it trying to stay warm! The overall dance was a blast and I was so thrilled to be able to spend my first school dance with him! | Madi Rush, Morgan Davis, Me, Savannah Stapley, Emily Clifford, Kimee Quent | Kim Matheny, Me, Emily Clifford, Maddie Tipton

19: W E E K L Y F U N

20: Winter Formal 2010 was about to happen and so I decided to ask one of my good friends from Elementary, Hayden Rogers. He is a cutie as you can tell. And it was a blast! For our day activity we went and had a rodeo as we caught chickens, milked a goat, wrestled a pig, and rode horses! Those races were some of the funniest moments as us girls could not get a grip on the oily pig or wrap our fingers around the goat to milk it...just didn't seem like a girl task! But after we realized just to get down and dirty we were experts and had so much fun!

22: Winter | 2 0 0 9

24: SADIES ON SAFARI! | Andy Decker

25: Sadies dance is always my favorite...I don't know if it's because I don't really have to get ready all that different than a school day or if it is not finding and wearing a fancy dress the whole night, but either way it's my favorite! For a casual but yummy dinner we took our dates to Red Robin and had so much fun laughing as we joined the employers in their welcome and birthday songs! Then as usual the Sadies dance part is always better than every other dance. We actually stay the whole time! After we were sweating and exhausted we went over to Shelley Buchanon's for treats and swimming and I think I can honestly say it was the funnest dance I have been to yet!

27: JUNIOR PROM Day Activity: Fountain Hills for bike riding, outdoor games, and projector! Dance Night: Steak/Chicken Kabobs @ Cowley's, dance, and back to Cowley's Though the dance was crowded and very hot it could not have been better...there is just something about "PROM" I guess. And to make it ten times better I spent it with my best friend-also dating- Monson Cowley! What a wonderful night!

28: Girl's Camp YCL 2! | YCL 2 the year I have been waiting for! I have always watched the YCL 2's each year and been jealous of them as they literally do nothing at all while they're at camp and to tell you the truth its correct! All of our duties are done before we get up to camp so when we get there all we do is perform our evening programs (that we practice when we get there...not before) eat, sleep, and play games! By far it is the funnest and most laid back camping trip you could have! Plus the girls are so much fun and we honestly had the best leaders! Though I was ready to leave after the week was coming to an end, I was so sad as I realized it was my last year and I was not coming back again :(

29: M | R | cousins at the Paul Marsh Reunion | Sara, Nate, Me, and Jordan | All the cousins made it in the cave! | The family in G-pa's backyard | Jordan, Me, Brad, and Hannah about to hike to the caves

30: Alabama | Once again Alabama was the best! I just love the South! Of course the shows and Junior Miss part of it is super fun, the best part is just spending time with these ladis...Rylee Shai, Kimer, and Brooke! | ' 10

31: EFY one of my favorite things I have done in my life. I thought the older I got the less I would like it but that was definitely not the case because as a 17 year old it was the best year yet! First off I roomed with my cousin Abby and holy cow she was a hoot and I don't remember a time that I was not having fun with her or laughing! We had the best councilors and Shellie was such an example to me and was a joy to be around. Every night Abby and I would go hang out in her room with her and talk and the best! The week ended and I was so sad to go home. I knew it was a good experience because I cried when I had to say goodbye to everyone! | Especially For Youth

32: Brad and Emily Marsh | 7 . 30 . 10 | A l p i n e | U t a h

33: On July 30, 2010 I gained a new sister, Emily Baxter! I was so excited when Brad told us that he was going to be proposing to a girl...I could not wait. Emily is from Alpine, Utah so we went up to Utah for the wedding and the reception. The day started off with Brad and Emily and the parents going to the temple pretty early. Because I can not go in and most of the family and friends could not either, we all headed down to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple (as late as we possibly was warm) to see Brad and Emily come out MARRIED!! I feel like we waited hours for them to come out but what a beautiful sight it was to see them walk out! Later that night we had a reception in a backyard of a friend of the Baxter's and let me tell you, the backyard was amazing! The reception was a blast, Yes my feet were killing from the heels, and we were all worn out from the whole day but when that dance party started, all anyone could do was dance! We danced for a couple of hours and did not want the night to end! But it wasn't quite over as we had to re-do the whole thing over again a week later at the open house in Arizona! I am so happy I get to have Emily as my sister, she is the cutest and sweetest girl!

34: Yes I know it sounds real appealing to go hiking in the Arizona heat right? NO! But it is not too bad waking up at 5 to go hike Camel Back Mountain with friends. We sweated a lot and took a couple breaks but we had tons of fun and then felt so accomplished after! Some of my senior friends left on their missions and so this is us 8 girls at an open house!

36: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! -Senior Year- | My girlfriends | First off-campus lunch at Ashlie's! | The volleyball friends | The first day of Senior Year, I could not believe it was actually here! As a Toro Link Leader I spent the entire morning handing out schedules and student I.D.'s to all the student body. Also I got to sport the Toro Link shirt as a cute back to school shirt :) but at least I did not have to worry what I should wear! As all normal first day, they are super fun getting to see all your "school" friends that you don't normally hang out with in the summer, BUT the downfall, all you do is fill out information in all your classes and wish you could just leave!

37: Volleyball senior year was an interesting year. One, we got to experience a coach change but we weren't to nervous because we all had her our JV year. Two, we weren't the best skilled wise or most talented team as we were ALL shorter than 5'9". But we were the best looking team for sure! I got to play with one of my best friends, Emily Clifford, and even played the same position! Practices, were NOT fun at all, in fact they were super hard but if it was not for Paige Tingey I would have died. We kept each other sane throughout the whole season and decided to make practice entertaining instead of really hard! | V A R S I T Y | 10-11

38: Homecoming | D a n c e | The one and only Drew Hooper asked ME to Homecoming my senior year! And boy was I excited...he is the boy to date at MVT; football player, sings in choir, extremely smart, and to top it off really cute! You can imagine how many girls came up to me and were jealous that yes I got to go with Drew! ha. But anyway our group was very small we had 5 couples and I realized smaller dance groups are the best because instead of automatically having a little clicky group we were that clicky group together but it was only us!! This dance was so much fun and I enjoyed going with my friend Drew and then being able to spend the rest of the year hanging out and studying in the good 'ole math class! | H- BOMB'S FAVORITE STUDENTS!!!

40: Senior Winter Formal | I have been waiting for a dacne to ask one of my good friends who I adore and love to be around and the dance it came down to was Winter Formal! Beau Tanner is one of the sweetest boys I know, he is a real gentlemen that can have great heart to heart conversations showing his sweet emotional side, but is also the most out going crazy fun person to be around! I could not wait to go! Us girls tried to think of something totally random and original for a fun day activity so as you can see we dressed up like 80's workout gals and guys and headed to a skating arena...we thought it might be sorta lame, but we were so wrong! It was by far the funnest activity we had a blast and never stopped laughing! The real dance was the same exact way. It did not matter what Beau and I were doing cause the entire time we laughed and danced so much together! I love Beau and was so honored to take him to a dance!

41: Before and AFTER! | Super Group SNOW TRIP!

42: T R A C K | M V T

43: Mr. Jerod Destories! The theme for Sadies 2011 was "All You Need Is Love", advising us to dress up as famous couples. Our group chose Barbie and Ken, but we did not want to all look the same so we chose to pick our own type of Barbie. Jerod and I chose NERDS! Best decision ever made. I felt like I did not have to look very cute since nerds aren't always the cutest and it was so much fun wearing suspenders and pig-tails again! Jerod is one of my best friends who I have got to know very well throughout school as somehow we always manage to be in the same math class! We nicknamed each other JAMROD and MEDUNDY and we have called each other that since. It describes our relationship, carefree and all about FUN! | -SADIES-

44: Spring Break : Phoenician Resort!

45: Senior Prom! The dance you look forward to the most as a highschool student. I could not have been happier than to spend it with my best friend and kinda boy friend Monson Cowley!! He is an awesome guy and I never have a dull moment with him, we can just sit and talk or do crazy things and I know I will have fun no matter what. Day activity came around and we went to 6 Flags!! I have always wanted to go to an amusement park with friends and my wish came true...not sleeping at all for 3 days was not ideal but this trip was soo much fun I just wanna go again! The night of the dance came and I got ready and waited for him to pick me up and this is what i saw (look down) and ASTON MARTIN coming to pick ME up! It was a beauty. It was a spaceship. Mons and I were in heaven driving that thing around and the entire night we took the longest ways possible to get to our destinations just so we could drive it! We wasted ALL the gas, but it was completely worth it! | PROM | 2011

46: graduation | -seminary | B a c c a l a u r e a t e

48: CALI | Senior Trip | The night of graduation us 8 girls: Christy Weed, Marissa McDaniel, Ashlie Porter, Brimley Pothier, Morgan Davis, Rylee Rogers, Emily Clifford, and I headed to NewPort, CA to get away and have fun with just us! We stayed in this cute little yellow beach house right by the pier and it could not have been better! It was close to everything mostly all the food places and little shops, but also was right on the beach! Every day we would go out early and spend the morning as well as the afternoon on the beach and then usually do dinner and movies at night. We hung out with Brad, Sterling, Landon, Tim, and Tyler a couple nights and had tons of fun getting to know them and hanging out with them! Ash and I had the famous donut shop probably 3 times a day. No joke. It was amazing! Bonzai Bowls.Volleyball.Pet Cemetary. Huntington shopping. Dance parties. Reading. Staying up till 3. Taking pictures. SUNBURNS!!! This trip was truly amazing as we all bonded together on a last trip before we parted our separate ways!

50: Robert and Hannah Ryan | For time and all eternity | J U N E . 1 1 . 2 0 1 1 | M E S A . A R I Z O N A

52: -My High School Girlfriends- | Ashlie McCall Porter. Morgan Ray Davis. Marissa Kay McDaniel. Christy Ann Weed. Rylee Shai Rogers. Emily Ruth Clifford. Brimley Maree Pothier

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