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Hillel Reunion 2012

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FC: Hillel Academy Alumni Reunion April 20-22, 2012 1958-67 8th Grades 1962-71 12th Grades

1: Rabbis Harry Rottenberg z'l, Solomon Jakobovits, and Benjamin Nadoff z'l | Honorees | 1 | Contents 1 Honorees 2- 3 History of Hillel 4- 5 Annual Dinners 6-11 Teachers 13-17 1958/62 Class 18-20 1959/63 Class 21-25 1960/64 Class 25-34 1961-65 Class 34-44 1962-66 Class 44-48 1963-67 Class 49-55 1964-68 Class 56-58 1965-69 Class 59-62 1966-70 Class 63-70 1967-71 Class 70-73 1998 Annual Dinner 74-75 2010 Reunion 76-77 2012 Reunion Program 78 Rabbi Nadoff z'l 79 Rabbi Rottenberg z'l 80-91 2012 Reunion 92-95 Rabbi Jacobovits 96-99 2012 Annual Dinner 100-102 Alumni in Israel 103 Summary

2: A Special Thank You To The Founders Adolph Schoenbrun Abraham and Sylvia Butler Donald and Chantze Butler Rabbi Dr Bernard Poupko Rabbi Dr Joseph Shapiro

3: 3

5: 5

7: 7

9: 9

11: 11

12: 8th Grade Class of 1955 | Ed Frishman ('57 8th grade) | Ira Schugar and Rueven (Bob) Frishman (''56 8th grade) | s

13: 1958 8th Grade 1962 12th Grade | 13

14: Chanukah Party | 1957 | Linda Belans, Margaret Gondelman, Judy Sptzer, Louis Groner, Richard Moskowitz, David Angerman, Hope Liebling, Sandra Berdyck Sitting: Sam Selig, Marc Fogel, Victor Melmed | 8th Grade 1958 David Angerman, Victor Melmed, Richard Moskowitz, Sam Selig Louis Groner, Sandra Berdyk, Marc Fogel, Melvin Stein

15: 11

16: Shlomo Selig Family

17: Melvin and Heather Stein | 17

18: 1959 8th Grade 1963 12th Grade | Yiddi and Rivka Landesman | Charles Korn

19: 19

21: 1960 8th Grade 1964 12th Grade | 21

23: 10th Grade (entire high school) | 23

25: 1961 8th Grade 1965 12 Grade | 25

26: 1961 8th Grade 1965 12 Grade

27: 27

29: Gittie and Jack Bendheim Family | 29

31: 31

32: Morris and Mimi Deutsch Dickman and son

33: Shlomo Selig, Carl and Fayge Butler Posy & Morris Kinast | Morris Kinast with Buchenwald Childrens Camp Survivors Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel and brother Henry Kinast | . | 33 | Morris & Marcie Kinast: After graduating from Hillel I studied biology at MIT and received a Medical Degree from the University of Cincinnati. I completed a Pediatric Residency at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and a Neurology Residency at Cleveland Clinic. Since 1980 I have been in a group neurology practice in Canton, Ohio. My focus is Child Neurology. My wife, Marcie, teaches art at Akron University. I enjoy running, photography, skiing, and travel. One of my most remarkable trips was attending the opening of the Auschwitz Jewish Center in Oswiecem, Poland, in 2000. I am involved in our community's Orthodox and Conservative synagogues. Since 1961 I have been most grateful to Rabbi Jacobovits for his mentorship.

34: 1962 8th Grade & 1966 12th Grade | Elliot Dickman

35: 1962 8th Grade & 1966 12th Grade | 35

37: 37

39: Standing: Bernie Firestone, Abraham Friedman, Joseph Zytnick, Alfie Marcus, and Brian Cynamon. Sitting: Ernest Fineberg, Mr David Horowitz, Rabbi Max Posnansky, Rabbi Harry Rottenberg, Bernic Gross, and Irwin Ludin | 39

40: Danny Slomoff, Morris Kinast, and Alan Rapaport at Bat Mitzvah of Danny's daughter, Gabriella

41: Slomoffs and Kinasts in 2000 | Danny starring in "Scrooge" | 41

42: Donald Fineberg and granddaughter, Lucy wife, Leah | Son, Peter,34, and, granddaughter, Lucy Grandson, Julius | Son and daughter in law, Matt and Elizabeth Fineberg

43: Irwin Ludin and Morris Kinast | Saul, 6, and Casey, 8 | 43

44: 1963 8th Grade 1967 12 Grade

45: 1963 8th Grade 1967 12 Grade | 45

46: 10th Grade (entire school)

47: 47

49: 1964 8th Grade 1968 12th Grade | . | . | 49

51: 51

53: 53

54: Shayna Sax and Danny Shaw and Children, Coby, Miri, and Rami

55: The "H 6" | 55

56: 10th Grade | 1965 8th Grade 1969 12th Grade

57: Morris Kinast, Rabbi Howard Flom z'l, Shlomo Selig | Rabbi Howard Flom z'l and Family | 57

58: Lynn's daughter Meirav and her husband Udi | Lynn holding Amkam's youngest child | Lynn's daughter Yiphat | Lynn Uram's son Amkam and 4 of his 5 his children

59: 1966 8th Grade 1970 12th Grade | 9th Grade 1966-67 | 59

60: 11th Grade 1968-69

61: 61

62: Sheri Engelberg Sable

63: 1967 8th Grade 1971 12th Grade | 63

65: 1969-70 11th Grade | 1968-69 10th Grade | 65

66: Maya (23) a biology major, has been accepted to Ohio State University Veternary School and will begin in August 2012. She is an animal lover to the core. Shira (26) studied at Tel Aviv University and taught dance in Tel Aviv for 3 months. She is a dancer/choreographer. Although she is currently living in Pittsburgh, she plans to return to Israel. | Dorit Stein and, husband, Ron Krasnow, Irwin Katz, & Joe Weinroth

67: Juliette Weinroth Pepper and Shelley Uram | Shelley Uram | 67

68: Irwin Katz and Juliette Weinroth Pepper | Peggy & Irwin Katz, Elizabeth Stern,& Rachelee Brog Sacks

69: 69

70: 1998 Annual Hillel Dinner Honoring Rabbi Harry Rottenberg z'l | Sam Kornhauser, Rabbis Benjamin Nadoff z'l and Harry Rottenberg z'l | z'l | Juliette and Shevy Pepper Chana Butler Cohen, Juliette Weinroth Pepper, and Dorit Stein

71: Stanley Marks, Gittie Butler Bendheim, M Kinast, Rabbi Rottenberg | z'l | 1998 Annual Hillel Dinner Honoring Rabbi Harry Rottenberg z'l | 71

72: Melvin and Heather Stein | Jerome Milch | Stanley Marks and Gittie Butler Bendheim

73: Ben z'l and Bobbi Zimmer | Fayge Butler Posy and Edward Mandel | Morris Kinast and Rabbi Solomon Jakobovits | 73

74: Hillel Alumni Reunion 2010 | Rabbi Solomon & Dr Wilma Jacobovits | David Goldblum, Irwin Katz, and Harvey Gross | Shimon and Juliette Weinroth Pepper | Karen, Yonina, Aaron, and Stanley Fireman | Juliette Pepper Weinroth, Chana Butler Cohen, Ziporah Weitz Mazer & Dorit Stein Krasnow | Sheri Engelberg Sable, Roz Engelberg Becker, Chana Butler Cohen, and Evelyn Engelberg | Dorit Stein, Ziporah Weitz Mazer, and Aviva Gross | Avrumi Sacks and Rachelee Brog Sacks | Alex, Jackie, and Julie Sax

75: Irwin Katz, Sheri Engelberg Sable, Rozy Engelberg Becker, & Bonnie Morris | Tova and Joel Weinberg | Marvin Lebovitz, Joe Weinroth, and Ed Isaacs a'h | Hilda Schneider Epstein, Harvey & Aviva Gross, & Cheryl Barlow Klein | and Billy Sax and Alex Sax | Ziporah Weitz Mazer and Hilda Schneider Epstein | Juliette Weinroth Pepper and Irwin Katz | Cindy Smith & Lori Markovitz Garfunkel | Dan Kraut | Morris Kinast and Roz Engelberg Becker | Morris Kinast, Rabbi Shlomo Jacobovits, & Brian Cynamon | Francine Liberman | Judy Rapaport and Gertrude Brog | Elizabeth Stern and Stanley Fireman | Gertrude Brog, Juliette Weinroth Pepper, and Rachelee Brog Sacks | Ezra, Gayle, and Dan Kraut, Macy Kisilinsky, and Marc and Rina Itskowitz | 75

77: 77

78: Dorit Stein Interviewed Rabbi Nadoff in 2003 Dorit: There was a story about the first Bris that you did. Rabbi Nadoff: Oh yes, i just did the last one yesterday at Poale Zedeck. Dorit: How many does that make? Rabbi Nadoff: I'll tell you how much that makes. I just typed a certificate. 4273 or 4. Dorit: Unbelievable! You're an expert. I bet that you could do it with your eyes closed. Rabbi Nadoff: Yes, but they wouldn't trust me to do it that way, but.... Dorit asks questions about pranks. Rabbi Nadoff: I'll tell you what happened. We lived on Shady Avenue and we had a tenant on the 3rd floor. She was a very fine woman and was the house cleaner for Rabbi Twersky. He started this. Before Christmas he asked her to put on all the electric currents so that he would be able to hook up decorations. We had two very large pine trees in front of the house. At night he or someone hooked up lights and Santa Clauses. My oldest daughter, 5 or 6 at the time, - who is now a grandmother many times over - walked outside to catch the school bus for the Yeshiva and, to her amazement, found everything lit up in front of the house. She came inside and told us. We had a pretty good idea of who was behind this. So we reciprocated. They went on vacation and we asked their house cleaner to please leave the door open for us. I dressed up like a Chassid Rabbi. I grabbed one of his Streimels in the house and lay on the couch and pretended to be asleep. But first I put a note on the table, "please wake me up when you come home and prepare for me some scrambled eggs before I got to Shul. I really appreciate your hospitality." Lo and behold, his daughter, Sara comes in first and begins to shout to her parents, "Oi, someone is sleeping in our house!" Dorit: Did you have Christmas carolers at your house? Rabbi Nadoff: No, we hired them from the Salvation Army to sing in front of Rabbi Twersky's house. What happened was he came out to hear them and they were some of his patients. He invited them in for some tea. We sent him a Christmas card with Yoshka stretched out. We cut out the head and put Twersky's head in, because, you know, he resembles him. It was a laugh. One Christmas night, a Friday night, just before Shabbos, we gave them a kugel. My wife presented the kugel and I snuck into the bedroom with a Shabbos clock and a tape recorder on which we recorded many many Christmas carols. The Shabbos clock was supposed to go off at midnight. But it backfired. They turned off the electricity before Shabbos. At midnight we heard fire engines going through Squirrel Hill. We were worried that some wires were burning there. It was a fright! | Rabbi Benjamin Nadoff, z'l

79: Letter from Rabbi Rottenberg's daughter, Bette: I don't know if my father ever heard of the "kiruv movement," but, I know that his life epitomized its' belief. His sole goal in life was to reach every young person and to make sure he or she became Torah observant Jews. This was not his "job" but his whole life. He loved children, and they in turn returned his love. I saw for myself, at our shabbos table, how he and his students related to each other, and frankly, I was jealous. Even in later years when he was living in florida, and later when he needed to move up NOrth to be with Naftoli and me, he spoke of his kids and how happy he was that they were still calling him. I witnessed how happy he and his nephrologist, an ex student from Hillel, were to discover each other at Hackensack Hospital when my father was sick. The love and fondness many of his ex students expressed in their letters and emails when he died were especially heart warming. I look at them every so often and I feel tremendous "hakoras hatov" to you, his kids who made his life worthwhile. Thank you for honoring my father, Rabbi Harry Rottenberg. Sincerely, Bette Goldstein | Rabbi Harry Rottenberg z'l | 79

80: April 21, Saturday Night at the Home of Jackie and Alex Sax | Alice Dickman and Dorit Stein Alex Sax, Irwin Ludin, Elliot Dickman Brian Cynamon & Stan Fireman Alex Sax | Sam Mallin | Sam Kornhauser and Alfie Marcus Jeffrey Joseph, Joe Zytnick, Larry Rapaport, & Rod Glogower Stan Fireman | Karen Fireman, Yonina Fireman, & Marcie Kinast | Painting By Sherry Engelberg Sable | Atara & Michael Kentor a& Irwin Ludin | Jeffrey Joseph, Michael & Atara Kentor Rod Glogower and Juliette Weinroth Pepper | . | Stan Fireman, Martin Liberman, & Brian Cynamon | Rabbi Rod Glogower and Judy Marcus | . | . | . | . | . | . | Stan Fireman and Sheri Engelberg Sable Karen and Yonina Fireman

81: Brian Cynamon, Elliot Dickman, Judy Marcus, Alfie Marcus, Hannah Zytnick, Joe Zytnick, and Rabbi Shlomo Jakobovits `````````````````````````````` | Juliette Weinroth Pepper Sheri Engelberg Sable, Dorie Mallin Rosenberg, Sam Mallin, Happy Birthday and Rozy Engelberg Becker | Back Row: Jeffrey Joseph, Rod Glogower Front Row: Sneri Engeberg Sable, Barbara Cynamon, Lee Weinberg, Stan Fireman, "Singing Doctor," Alex Sax, Juliette Weinroth Pepper, and Dorit Stein ````````````````````````````` | Dan Kraut Lee Weinberg Jackie Sax Dan Kraut | . | . | . | Alex Sax and Rabbi Rod Glogower Brian Cynamon and Joe Zytnick | 81

82: Saturday Evening at Hillel | Dan Kraut and Sam Kornhauser Dan Kraut, Chief Executive Officer | Betzalel (Saul) Korn, Morris Kinast, and Perry Haalman | . | . | . | . | Back Row: Irwin Ludin, Morris Kinast, Sam Kornhauser, Yale Butler Front Row: Alfie Marcus, Sam Mallin, Rozy Engelberg, Pesh Flom Katz, Sheri Engelberg Sable, Juliette Weinroth Pepper | Sunday Luncheon

83: Hannah Zytnick, Joe Zytnick, Alfie Marcus, Judy Marcus, Bernie Firestone, Dedi Firestone, Irwin Ludin, Elliot Dickman, and Alice Dickman | . | Irwin Ludin | . | . | . | . | Mr and Mrs Martin Liberman | Stan Fireman, Martin Liberman, Dorit Stein, and Juliette Weinroth Pepper, | Sam Kornhauser and Perry Haalman Ben Relis and Rachelee Brog Sacks | Sunday Luncheon | Barbara Cynamon Martin Liberman | Karen Fireman Brian Cynamon | Dorit Stein, Juliette Weinroth Pepper, Gertrude Brog, and Martin Liberman | 83

84: Elliot Dickman, Alfred Marcus, Rabbi Shlomo Jacobovits, Sam Kornhauser, and Dr Wilma Jacobovits. | a. | . | Alfred and Judy Marcus & Bernie and Dedi Firestone | . | . | . | Alex Sax and Irwin Ludin. | Joe Zytnick and Ben Relis | Bonnie Morris and Saul Korn Chuck Fax and Morris Kinast | . | Joe Zytnick, Hannah Zytnick, Alfie Marcus, Judy Marcus, Bernie Firestone DeDi Firestone, Alice Dickman, Elliot Dickman and Gittie Butler Bendheim | Dedi Firestone and Sally Dickman Irwin Ludin and Stan Fireman

85: Morris Kinast and Judy Marcus Gittie Butler Bendheim and Sheila Schugar | Dedi Firestone and Sally and Elliot Dickman Dr Willma Jacobovits and Sally Dickman | . | . | . | Barbara Cynamon and Gertrude Brog Elliot Dickman. | . | Rabbi Saul Korn and Rabbi Solomon & Gittie Butler Bendheiman and Dr Wlma Jaocobovits udy and Alfred Marcus | Sylvia Butler Rabbi Ahron Brodie Stanley Marks and Bengy Relis | . | . | . | . | . | Perry Haalman | Gertrude Brog, Bonnie Morris & Rachelee Brog Sacks Charles Fax and Elliot Dickman | Gertrude Brog and Sam Kornhauser | 85

86: . | Brian Cynamon, Elizabeth Stern, & Martin Liberman

87: . | . | Rabbi Avrumi Sacks, Principal of Hillel Academy | 87

89: 89

91: 91

93: Excerpt from Rabbi Jacobovits' Talk About Being A Good Teacher (1) | 93

94: Excerpt from Rabbi Jacobovits' Talk About Being A Good Teacher (2)

95: Excerpt from Rabbi Jacobovits' Talk About Being A Good Teacher (3) | 95

96: Annual Hillel Dinner, Evening of April 22 | Pesh Flom Katz and Bonnie Morris Sam Kornhauser and Elliot Dickman | Mr and Mrs Martin Liberman Bill and Selma Lifshitz Aronson | Gayle Greenfield Kraut Carolyn Greenfield

97: Rachelee Brog Sacks and Gertrude Brog Rabbi Shlomo and Dr Wilma Jacobovits | Rabbi Ahron Brodie Elana Bloom Leora Weinberg | Sam Kornhauser and Howard Balsam | 97

98: Pesh Flom and Steve Katz | Dedi Firestone and Sally Dickman Alex and Jackie Sax | Irwin Ludin and Bernard Firestone Martin Liberman and Dorit Stein | Stanley and Carolyn Greenfield

99: Alumni Speakers at the Annual Dinner Elliot Dickman MD and Juliette Weinroth Pepper | Pesh Flom Katz, Juliette Weinroth Pepper, Morris Kinast and Stanley Marks and Marsha Berkowitz Walters | Marsha Berkowitz Walter and Juliette Weinroth Pepper | Bernie and Dedi Firestone and Debbie and Nathan Firestone Juliette Weinroth Pepper and Rabbi Shlomo Jacobovits | 99

100: Regina Taube Berger and Marc Berger and Dov Bloom Mark Landes, Marc Berger, and Nina Landes Berger | Fayge Butler and Carl Posy Lynn Uram and Esther Moses | Shlomo Selig and Jerome Milch | Gary Swickley, Ellen Berkman Amzallag, and Tova Weinberg | Reunion in Jerusalem

101: Regina Taube Berger and Sharon Marine Falk | Shlomo Selig, Jerome Milch, and Lynn Uram | Israel Pickholtz and Morris and Mimi Deutsch Dickman | Carol Fogel Glasser | Akiva and Shanen Bloom Werber | 101

102: Morris Dickman: I don't know how you could be thrown out of class everyday and not be thrown out of school. And I was thrown out every day. There was one other guy in my class who was thrown out every day and his name was Yale. This is not Loshon Harah. I did a little study. There were eight boys in my class. Yale and I were the ones who were thrown out every day. Yale and I are the only ones who remained religious in a serious way. He went on to get Smicha and I learned in a Kollel. I don't know whether that says anything but [there must be] something about the guys who sat. There is one other point about Pittsburgh. Whenever I go anywhere in Israel and I speak to girls who went on Sherut Leumi, the girls who have gone to Pittsburgh invariably say to me - they don't know I'm from Pittsburgh - "you know I was in Pittsburgh and it's an amazing community." Obviously they were connected to Hillel and the people who support it. And there is something to be said positively about Hillel and it's influence on the community and the community's influence on Hillel. [There is more to Pittsburgh] aside from the Pittsburgh Steelers. I thank you Fayge and Carl for your hospitality and it's nice to see so many fellow Squirrel Hillers. | Israel Pickholtz: While we were talking before, Ellen asked if people here made Aliyah because of Hillel Academy. (others answer "Bnei Akiva") I have an answer to that. I made aliyah because of a student, not because of the school, not because of a teacher, but, because Marc Fogel said, "you come to Bnei Akiva." And that was the turning point as far as I'm concerned, And it's Raui Letzion (Remarkable)! I have one other thing to say. Those of you who still have parents, talk to them, listen to them and prompt them about their youth, their parents, their grandparents, and their great grandparents. Names, dates, places. A hushup is not a place. Label the pictures. "My grandfather" is not a label that goes on a picture. You've got them to label the pictures - give them the information. If you can, get a professional to interview them. Somebody will want to know. And then talk to your grandchildren and tell them about when you were a kid, when your parents were kids, and when your great-grandparents were kids. Write it down for them. Label your own pictures. My mother who died last year had a wonderful relationship with each her grandchildren independent of their parents. Talk to your grandchildren even if you're repeating yourselves. They will remember. Sixty or seventy years from now they will say to their grandchildren, "my grandmother said or my grandfather showed me." They will be talking about you; you will know it and your soul will be happy. | Excerpts from Presentations at Gathering in Jerusalem

103: Dorie Mallin Rosenberg: | Morris Kinast: | 103

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