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FC: The History of the Hillsdale Police Department & More | 1980-2010 | COMPILED BY SEAN SMITH | VOLUME 2

1: This book is dedicated to all Hillsdale residents: Past, current and future. | Jeff Angermeyer, Bill Becker, Bob Buesser, John Carty, Liz Collier, The D'Alessandro family, Robert Francaviglia, David Franz, David Kramer, Peter Hard, Paul Harder, Tracy Jeffrey, Ed & Steve LaFrance, Laura Leonard, Joseph Mazzeo, Ron McCall, Bob Mele Jr., Maria Mele, Frank Mikulski &Nancy, Tom Moorehead, Michael Niego, Bernard Nadel, Frank Novakowski, Kimberly Redmond, Donald Reiman, John Scordato, Chip Stalter, The Bergen Record Newspaper, The Community Life Newspaper, The Hillsdale Fire Department, The Hillsdale Ambulance Corps, and The Hillsdale Library. This book features the photography of Tom Moorehead, the late Ed Marr and the Hillsdale Police archives. A special thanks again to Bill Becker for bringing these images to life by digitally scanning them. | 1 | ACKNOWLEDGMENTS | Many thanks to the following for their memories and personal contributions: | In this book, you will find just a sampling of events and calls the police department has responded to the past 30 years. This is by no means a complete history. After completing the first book, 1898-1980, I heard a lot of people ask where is volume 2? Well here it is! I hope you enjoy this trip through our local history as much as I enjoyed piecing it together. As for the next 30 years, I'm going to pass on the torch! Sean Smith December 2013 | DEDICATION

2: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS | "I do solemnly swear"... | 2 | MISSION STATEMENT To promote public safety; to prevent, suppress and investigate crimes; to provide emergency and non-emergency services; to create and maintain strong community partnerships; to adapt a multi-disciplinary approach to solving community problems; and to develop and promote a diverse, professional workforce.

3: Sworn Police Personnel 1980-2010 | Paul Stuckey | Chip Stalter | Paul Fitzpatrick | Michael Niego | John Scordato | Thomas Farrell | Frank Novakowski | Gary Pontecorvo | Robert Wartell | 9/23/80-9/23/05 | 7/1/84- | 4/15/85-9/21/86 | 12/16/85-6/28/87 | 12/29/86-9/1/13 | 7/27/87-8/1/2012 | 3/1/89-11/30/10 | 6/12/89-12/31/2011 | 12/8/92-6/26/94 | 3

4: Robert Francaviglia | Joseph Mazzeo | John Carty | Dan McLaughlin | Brian McKeever | Timothy Webster | Sean Smith | Kevin Hebert | Thomas Smith | 1/1/98- | 1/6/97- | 7/8/93- | 7/8/93- | 7/11/94- | 7/11/94- | 9/16/96- | 12/10/96--resigned 11/99 | 5/1/97-1998 | 4

5: Adam Hampton | Jeff Angermeyer | Liz Zimmerman | William Diedtrich | Fred Vavosa | Christopher Donaldson | Sean Kavanagh | 1/6/02-8/20/12 | 1/6/02- | 6/29/06-Dismissed:12/00/09 | 1/6/99- | 1/12/00-2013 | 1/5/04- | David Sayers | 7/11/05- | 6/23/01- | Cameron Arki | 5 | 4/1/09-7/00/12

6: AUXILIARY POLICE | LIFETIME MEMBERS | Captain Bernard Nadel | Captain Louis Amorati | Sergeant Richard Bishop | Sergeant John Bruggerman | Lieutenant Abraham Fichtenbaum | Officer Theodore Johansmeyer | Captain Donald Carty | Sergeant Steve Rabinowitz | 6

7: Laurajean Wodowski | 4/13/98- | 4/27/95-4/4/9 | DISPATCHERS | Not Pictured: John St. John Elizabeth Rahuba | Kimberly Haffler | Dorothy McCall | Michael Gravina | Victoria Ferraro | Cindy Saidel | Alexandria Vergnes | 2007-2008 | Auxiliary Police: 2009 Dispatcher: 7/11/11 | 7 | 2001-2005 | Charles Zullo | Mike Duffy

8: As police chaplains, Revered Rock and Reverend Negrotto administer to the spiritual needs and welfare of the department members. Their duties include attendance at various police functions, visits to the sick, counseling and presiding at memorial services and funerals. In addition, they also accompany officers while on patrol, where their presence provides a calming influence upon both police and citizens. | Reverend John Rock St. John The Baptist R.C. Church | Background: Reverend John Negrotto Holy Trinity Episcopal Church | POLICE SURGEON | The Police Surgeon not only performs necessary physical and mental examinations, but is always on call for emergencies at accident scenes, miscellaneous injuries disasters and sudden deaths. | Dr. David Stewart | POLICE | CHAPLAINS | Reverend Michael Moran St. John The Baptist R.C. Church | Reverend Robert Davidson United Methodist Church | 8 | The former St. John's Vacant in 1980

9: JUDGES | POLICE CLERKS | Lourdes Spagnoli | Pat Tietjien | Judge Bernard Dorfman swearing in Councilman George St. John and Councilwoman, Lois Shultz 1981 | Sue Hayn 1977-1997 | 1997-2001 | 2001- | Judge Lawrence Meyerson | 9 | Background: police clerk Shirley Kovar

10: Alfred J. Murphy 1980-1987 | Robert T. Elder 1988-1993 | Douglas A. Groner 1993-1995 | Timothy O'Reilly 1995-2003 | Dennis Deutsch | John Sapanara | Max Arnowitz | MAYORS OF HILLSDALE | 1980-2010 | 2003-2007 | 2007-2010 | 2010- | 10

11: HANDGUNS CARRIED BY H.P.D. | Colt 38 Special Revolver official Police Model 1950's-1970 | Smith & Wesson 38 Revolver Model #15 1970- 1985 | Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum model #686 1985-1991 | Glock 40 Caliber Semi-Automatic Model 22 2001- | Smith & Wesson 40 Caliber Semi-Automatic 4046 model 1991-2001 | 11

12: THE EIGHTIES | 1980 Census: Average Gross Income for Homeowners... $35,313 Per Capita Income...$8,379 Median Value of a House...$89,500 Median Rent Paid... $295 | 1980 population...10,495 | 12

13: 11/5/82 | 13

14: 2/8/80 | 14

15: March 21, 1980: Patrolman Peter Leighton attended a ceremony sponsored by the Bergen County Police Chief's Association where he received the Meritorious Service Award for his actions which resulted in the arrest of four men who fired rifle shots at Joseph's Stationary store front, in the business area. | 6/25/80 | Background: Neighborhood Deli break & Entry. | 15

16: Continued double digit inflation, tight money supplies, high unemployment and the myriad other economic and social ills do not promote a feeling of optimism for law enforcement personnel. At a time when municipal resources are strained to remain within budgetary limitation yet provide adequate services for the taxpayer we must apprise the Borough Council of our needs and rely upon their wisdom and managerial abilities to provide us with the means to fulfill our obligation to the citizens of the Borough of Hillsdale. Chief Phil Varisco 1980 Annual Report | 5/1/81 | 2/29/80 | 16 | Patrolman Peter Leighton

17: Members of the Clergy Honored Guests Relatives & Friends of the 170th Class I wish to begin by thanking my classmates for the honor they have bestowed upon me by electing me to represent them as class spokesman, during both the training period and on this graduation day. It would be hard to share with you the experience and emotions that my classmates and I have shared in the past twelve weeks. However, there are some sentiments which might serve to express our feelings on this occasion. We have learned that a police officer represents many things to many people. To the law-abiding he represents assistance, stability and security. To the young he is a symbol of authority; to the minorities he represents the "establishment". To the criminal he represents the threat or deterrent. To all of this we answer he is a human being. Prone to human understanding, prone to human error. We feel that he is a special type of person. Special in that he has accepted members of society. Special in that he was sworn to uphold the rights and dignity of all members of our society. He was in fact avowed that he will do everything in his power to protect all that is bad. Altruistic? Humanistic? No! Just a person who is a professional and mature enough to realize that social equality, justice, and morality are not by-products of anarchy, but rather the benefits of a system of government he believes in and has dedicated himself to safeguard and support. On behalf of the 170th class, I wish to express our gratitude to those who have made it possible for us to share this experience. Without the support of our colleagues, friends, and above all, our families, this day would have not been possible. The entire class wishes to leave the assurance that our future activities, as members of Law Enforcement, will reflect not only the professional training expressed and demonstrated at the police academy, but the pride and trust that has made this day possible. | Brian Collier | 5/30/80 | 17

18: Detective Richard Densberger was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on November 10, 1980 Patrolman Robert Buesser was appointed a full-time Detective. | 6/11/80 | 18

19: Paul Stuckey | 9/26/80 | WASHINGTON AVENUE & KINDERKAMACK ROAD | 9/19/80 | 19

20: 10/24/80 | 20

21: 10/3/80 | Background: Chief Varisco's Liberty Avenue home is burglarized. | 21

22: Why has burglary taken such an upswing? I shall attempt to analyze this dilemma as I see it. Not too many years ago a burglar's life was not very attractive. The risks were many. Chances were if apprehended, he would end up incarcerated. If not apprehended his loot could not be disposed of easily. A "Fence" would give minimal value on jewelry and precious stones. Today burglary is a lot more profitable. Chances are if the thief is apprehended, he will be out on bail within the hour. His probability of a jail sentence is remote, especially if he is a first offender. Thieves are very selective in what they steal today. Precious metals, stones and money are primary. Gold shops have cropped up everywhere and many do not ask questions when the loot is traded for ready cash. Identifiable precious metals are usually melted down the same day and minimal records are kept if any. One might ask what can be done to stem the tide of criminality? Certainly there is no single solution. There are many contributing factors that have brought about this epidemic. Our economic condition, our narcotic condition and our legal condition are some of our problems. There is no easy solution. I believe only the people and our government together in a concerted effort can remedy this one. | November 20, 1980: Ptl. Donald Reiman and Ptl. Peter Hard, attended ceremonies where the Bergen County Police Chief's Association awarded each man a Citation for Highly Commendable Performance of Duty when they apprehended a man during the commission of a burglary. | 22 | As taken from the 1980 Annual Report:

23: 23

24: 1/30/81 | 24 | Joseph D'Amico | Council releases DPW tapes

25: On February 12, 1981, New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne enacted Assembly Bill 1395 into law as Public Law 1981, C. 36, which became effective August 12, 1981. The law revised previous legislation pertaining to the parking privileges of handicapped persons. The intent of the law was to better accommodate the special needs of the disabled community. The permanently disabled can apply to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles for handicapped license plates. Local Police Chiefs are now authorized to issue temporary handicapped placards to persons who are certified by a physician as temporarily disabled. | Background: Governor Byrne visits Hillsdale Borough Hall on February 13, 1977 to address the then current sales tax | 25

26: The support of Local #207 and some of its members had helped the Explorer Post to continue to grow and prosper. Training was expanded to non-police fields including: Aviation, Communications, Computer Programming, Firematics, Forestry, Medical Services and Transportation. | EXPLORER POST #207 | EXPLORER ACTIVITIES Desk Duty Bicycle Registration Physical Training School Crossings Security Borough Patrol Community Services Special Duty/Training | Explorers Graduation 3/20/81 | Left To Right: Robert Held, Mike Duffy | David Katsner | 26

27: Background: Ptl. Paul Fitzpatrick and Police Explorer, Mike Duffy, police the Maple Syrup Festival, 4/25/81 | 6/26/81 | 27 | 3/13/81

28: SPECIAL POLICE | May 25, 1981: All department personnel, Regulars, Specials, Reserves, Explorers and crossing guards attended a Department Inspection by the Mayor and Council and afterwards participated in and policed the annual Memorial Day Parade. | Left To Right: John Bruggerman, Bernard Nadel, Ray Lauriano, Paul Fitzpatrick, Harry Christian, Pat Deluca, Theresa Steele, Tony Baffa Capt. Lou Amorati, Lt. Abe Fichtenbaum | POLICE RESERVES | Left to Right: Richard Bishop, Arthur Wagner, Mel Bower, Albert Maalouf, J.Vitti, Louis Velez | CROSSING GUARDS | First Row: Left to Right: Mai Tai Finn, Jeanette Baba, Margaret Moss Second Row: Gloria Tomitsch, Viola Vigietta, Tessie Janousek Third Row: Parris Rusten, William Spinosa, Elizabeth Brinkerhoff Fourth Row: George Bauer, Victor Ferrari | 5/25/81 Memorial Day | MEMORIAL DAY 1981 | 28

29: Top Row Left To Right: Peter Leighton, Don Reiman, Ed LaFrance, Paul Harder, Paul Stuckey 2nd Row: Brian Collier, Peter Hard, Bob Buesser, Fabio Parente, Sue Hayn 3rd Row: Dave Kramer, Rich Densberger, Neil Stewart, Frank Mikulski, Bob Mele Bottom Row: Ronald Schramm, Phil Varisco, Bob Schramm, Vincent McCarthy | Hillsdale Police Department 1981 | 29

30: 7/24/81 | 30

31: 1981 Dodge Diplomat 8 Cyl. 318 CID 2BBL carb. Total price with options $9,924.00 Police Package...$601.00 Additional Dome light $19.00 Single Key...$15.00 Remote Deck lid release...$31.00 Electric rear window Defroster...$115.00 Tinted glass...$85.00 Air Conditioning...$625.00 Police Bonding Strap Pkg...$40.00 Digital Clock...$58.00 Vinyl Body side molding...$43.00 Trunk Light $13.00 Under hood Light...$13.00 Bumper Guards...$27.00 Radio-AM...$92.00 | Background: 9/7/81- Police reserves patrolled and safeguarded the route of the "walk" from Temple Emanuel as 200 marchers moved to their new home. | On June 17, 1981, the department enlisted the services of Rev. John Negrotto as Co-Chaplain for the police department. Rev. Negrotto joins Rev. John Rock who was appointed in 1979. As Police Chaplains, they will administer to the spiritual needs and welfare of the department. | 31

32: 2/20/81 | 32 | 7/17/81 | 4/24/81

33: May 13, 1981 | 33

34: 10/28/81 | 34 | 10/2/81

35: Honorable Service Medal: To Brian Collier for his outstanding performance of duty, attested to by his service record which, during the last eighteen months included 60 narcotics arrests, apprehension of an armed robbery suspect, assistance in clearing eleven burglaries, recovery of thousands of dollars in stolen property and the recovery of a stolen handgun. | 10/23/81 | 35

36: Joseph D'Amico | George Lucia and Walt Higinson | 12/4/81 | 11/13/81 | 36

37: Robert Pohle | 4/27/82 | 3/18/82 | 37 | 37

38: 5/7/82 | 4/23/82 | 38

39: The Garret Durie House on Ell Road is a sandstone building, which possesses much local historical significance due to its association with Garret Durie, a farmer and blacksmith, who was also a Bergen County freeholder and judge. Built in 1767, the house was overtaken during the revolutionary War by British soldiers. Today, the house still remains its original charm, although several additions have been made throughout the years. | 7/30/82 | William Johnson | 39 | 7/30/82 | 7/30/82

40: Of the issues Chief Varisco addressed, he believed raising the drinking age to 21 was a step forward for the State of New Jersey. With the express endorsement of the Bergen County Chief's Association he actively pursued legislation. The Assembly Judiciary, Laws and Public Safety and Defense Committee Chairman, Marty Herman, invited him to address the Assembly in Trenton on behalf of Bergen County. In December the bill was made into Law and Governor Kean invited the Chief for the signing. | 10/1/82 | 40

41: On August 4th, Ptl. Brian Collier received commendations from Lt. Hynes of the Bergen County Narcotics Task Force, the Bergen County Prosecutor and the Hillsdale Mayor and Council for his arrest of an individual for possession of narcotics which led to the seizure of more than one-half million dollars in illicit drugs and provided valuable information concerning a homicide that had occurred in Hillsdale. | 12/19/82 | 41

42: POLICE EXPLORERES | The Police Explorer members coordinated their efforts with the Friends of the Hillsdale Railroad Station Committee, to continue the restoration process. The original plan was to have a communication center that would have eventually been set up within the station to monitor CB Channel 9 and serve as a training site. | In 1982, Rudy Appeld formed the friends of the Hillsdale Railroad Station to help restore one of Hillsdale's most historic landmarks, the classic two-story train station. Over the years, the train station had deteriorated and the committee was determined to get the station back to its original glory. The project was started with donations from town residents, but the task was a huge undertaking that would require much fund raising over the years. In order to raise the funds needed, the Friends sold t-shirts, note cards, bumper stickers and framed prints, all with the railroad station, the town's centerpiece, emblazoned on them. Funds to complete the project still fell short, so the group ran garage sales and held two flea markets a year for the next 12 years to raise the rest of the money needed to complete the refinishing. During that time, some of the funds raised were used to repair damage done by vandalism. | Friends of the Hillsdale Railroad Station | 12/20/82 | 42 | Det. Sgt. David Kramer, left and Fire Chief George Wodowski discuss the investigation of a house fire at 42 Parkview Dr.

43: 1986 | 1984 | 1982 | Traffic Bureau personnel function in the areas of highway safety and accident prevention. In 1984, The Hillsdale Traffic Bureau was comprised of Department Traffic Officers, Sergeant Frank Mikulski, Patrolman Floyd Kehr and Patrolman Richard Deming. These men were involved in numerous activities which served to make the community streets safer to drive. Safety programs were made available to the school system as well as private groups. The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course was presented regularly by Sergeant Mikulski and Patrolman Kehr to the motoring public. In 1984, Sergeant Mikulski was also the Pascack Valley Regional Representative to the Bergen County Traffic Officer Association. Road projects of selective enforcement, often including the use of radar, were conducted by these officers in an effort to alter or improve traffic regulations already in effect. As trained investigators, these three men served as the Department’s Accident Investigation Unit. A.I.U. personnel were on the scene of more than seventy “routine” traffic accidents yearly and are often called out to the scene of serious crashes. | Over the years, the Hillsdale Traffic Bureau has been awarded AAA's coveted Special Citation for Outstanding Pedestrian Accident Record, a special award in recognition of its outstanding pedestrian safety activities. | TRAFFIC BUREAU | 43

44: On June 30, 1983 Captain Robert J. Schramm retired after completing more than twenty-five and a half years of faithful and professional service to the Police Department and to the Borough of Hillsdale. The Captain was appointed to the Police Department on September 23, 1957. He was made a Detective on October 15, 1961 and promoted to Sergeant on February 10, 1964. On January 1, 1969 Bob Schramm was again promoted, this time to Captain, making him the youngest Police Captain in Bergen County. His efficiency and expertise in police matters enabled all members of our department to prosper and grow through his experience and knowledge. | Robert Schramm | 44 | 9/30/83: Ptl. Brian Collier resigned from the Police Department to become an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

45: Hillsdale Police estimated their officers voluntarily gave 50 hours a week to local youth. | In 1983, Sgt. Frank Mikulski served as head coach and Ptl. Floyd Kehr served as an assistant coach for the Hawks. Det. Bob Buesser served as a freshman football coach at Pascack Valley High School, Vice President of the Recreation Commission and Vice President of the Hillsdale Football Association. Ptl. Peter Hard organized the flag football program for the Recreation Commission and Ptl. Brain Collier served as head coach of the Hillsdale Recreation Commission Wrestling Program. Brian also served as a wrestling coach at Pascack Valley High School. | 45 | Background: Left,Ed LaFrance & Right, Neil Stewart coach a P.B.A. sponsored Baseball team

46: 46

47: Investigated as a Suspicious fire | 5/25/84 | 47

48: 10/26/84 | 6/8/84 | 48 | 12/29/83

49: 1984 LTD Ford Crown Victoria | 1983 Dodge Diplomat | 1985 Ford Crown Victoria | 49

50: 7/25/84 | 50

51: 8/17/84 | 51

52: 52

53: 9/9/84: After serving as an acting Captain for 15 months, Ronald Schramm was promoted to the rank of Captain. | Background: 1984- Glendale Park once again, flooded due to the Pascack Brook's rising waters. | 53 | 10/12/84 | 10/5/84

54: On September 30, 1984 Sergeant Neil B. Stewart retired after completing twenty-seven years of service to the Borough of Hillsdale as a member of the Police Department. The Sergeant was appointed to the Hillsdale Police Department on September 23, 1957. He served as a Detective and was promoted to Sergeant on April 14, 1965. Sergeant Stewart was the fingerprint identification expert for the Department. Children in Hillsdale will remember him for his participation for many years with the Hillsdale Fire Department and their prevention programs at the Borough Schools. He also assisted the Fire Department with many of their Baby Sitting Seminars. | 1/29/85 | Background: Sgt. Neil Stewart at a youth festival showing kids a fingerprint kit in 1973. | 54

55: 4/20/85 | 55

56: Left: April 1, 1985: Patrolman Chip Stalter attended the 14-week Basic Police Training Course at the Bergen County Police Academy. | 10/23/85 | 3/27/85 | 56 | 3/6/85

57: On June 30, 1985 Lieutenant Vincent McCarthy retired after completing twenty-six years of service to the Borough of Hillsdale as a member of the Police Department. The Lieutenant was appointed to the Hillsdale Police Department on July 14, 1959. He was appointed a Detective on April 14, 1965 and promoted to Sergeant on June 13, 1967 and to Lieutenant on August 31, 1971. Lieutenant McCarthy was a fingerprint identification expert for the Department. He will be remembered for his courteous and helpful attitude when dealing with the public and their many problems and concerns. His interest in and ability to coordinate community and police related activities will be missed by the Department. | 3/26/86 | 57

58: 5/2/86 | 58

59: Hillsdale Avenue Bridge May 1986 | 59

60: 2/12/86 | Hillsdale House Construction progress | In 1983, the Hillsdale Senior Housing Corporation was established by the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in "partnership" with the Fifty-Plus Club and four local churches-United Methodist, St. John's the Baptist, Holy Trinity and Pascack Bible Church. In 1984, the group received approval of a fund reservation for a 5.7 million dollar loan from the United States Department of Housing and urban Development. The ground breaking for the 99-apartment unit building was on July 30, 1985, and the building was dedicated on November 15, 1986. | Hillsdale House ground breaking ceremony in 1985 | Mel Rehill at the podium | 60

61: Left: 9/24/86 Ptl. Fitzpatrick received an award from the New Jersey Police Traffic Officers Association for his participation at the scene of a serious car vs. train accident on May 2, 1986. | 61

62: July 1, 1986: Acting Chief Schramm was promoted to Deputy Chief | 9/6/86 Patrolman Floyd Kehr was promoted to Sergeant. | 9/24/86 | Background: Left to Right: Police Comm. Joe Tedona, Deputy Chief Ron Schramm Mayor Al Murphy, Ptl. Paul Fitzpatrick & President of N.J. Police Traffic Officer's Association, Anthony Parenti | 62

63: Background: Borough Clerk Liz Rotar swears in Max Arnowitz & Daniel Sweet at the1986 reorganization meeting | 63

64: Standing Left to Right: Sgt. Robert Francaviglia, Richard Bishop, John Scordato, Richard Hirsch, John Bruggerman, Uwe Lindner, Peter Ubachs. Sitting: Bernard Nadel, Capt. Lou Amorati, Abe Fichtenbaum | 1986 HILLSDALE POLICE RESERVES | 12/10/86 | 64

65: 65

66: 66 | Michael Kurg | Lou Amorati | John Bruggerman | Teddy Johansmeyer | Robert Doremus | Richard Hirsch | Rich Laureano | Marc Rooney | Bernie Nadel | John Scordato | Anthony Baffa | Abe Fichtenbaum | Peter Ubacs | Steve Rabinowitz | A U X I L I A R Y P O L I C E

67: Patrolman Pontecorvo completed and graduated from the four month Police Basic Training Class at the Bergen County Police Academy on August 25, 1986 | Patrolman Michael Niego was hired on December 29, 1986 | Little did I realize in 1982 when I responded to a phone call from Mayor Alfred J. Murphy that it would take this long to do the job of renovation to the railroad station. At the first meeting I attended I inquired how it was planned to raise fund-agreement ought to be made on fund raising. At subsequent meetings I gave them suggestion of forming an sd-hoc committee to be called "Friends of the Hillsdale Railroad Station" get incorporated-etc. Briefly, the idea was accepted, in due time all was inaugurated with the assistance of the then Borough Attorney, Walter T. Wittman and specifically Emery C. Duell, Esq. of his office. Since 1982, many people have donated liberally in varying amounts which has made the renovations possible and besides this there have been many individuals who have donated labor and materials and to show that their efforts have been appreciated and recognized, I am going to mention their names. The order in which their names appear has no bearing on whether their donation is appreciated more or less than anyone on the list- Eagle Construction Company (George Collard-Ray Terry-etc.) R. Brietenbach & Sons (Plumbing & Heating) Hillsdale Paint & Wallpaper (Andy Karch & Son) Fred Winkler, Rick Winkler, Andy Williams, John Hering (painters) Carmine Franco (supplied and hauled away 4 boxes of refuse) R.Dehn & Sons (supplied sprinkler system & installed same) Hillsdale D.P.W. Keith Durie, George Lucia & other (dug ditches for the water-gas & sewer lines-also removed refuse George St. John, made electrical changes-supplied labor & materials. Rubin L. Kurens & Associates-Engineers & Surveyors) furnished cost estimate to renovate the Railroad Station and grounds-to give us a target to shoot for and I might add his estimate is coming out quite correct. I also want to recognize the efforts of the police department for their cooperation-they unlock the station mornings and lock it after the last morning train. We, of course, recognize the splendid efforts of Elsie and Richie Schreiber in their operation of the semi-annual flea markets they have run since 1983. Work on the station is not quite finished, there still remains a little carpentry and painting to be done and the lease re-need, and the final arrangements with the model R.R. Club and I for one will be glad to turn it all over to the Borough and say, Have fun, it's all yours! In closing, I want to give a big thank you to the Borough Clerk, Liz Rotar, for all the help she has been to the committee and me. For The Committee: Rudy Appeld, Secretary & Treasure; Catherine Cicoris and Chairman Elsie Schreiber, Peter J. Hard, Barbara Fitzpatrick | By: R.C. Appeld April 26, 1986 | Friends of the Hillsdale Railroad Station, Inc. P.O.Box 182 Hillsdale, N.J. 07642 | 67

68: 1987 | Police Chief Ronald Schramm with Councilwoman Kerri Connors | Michael Shabo | Daniel Sweet | Mayor Alfred J. Murphy Jr. | Robert Elder | Joseph Tedona | Max Arnowitz | Kerri Connors | 68

69: 69 | The Civilian Police Dispatchers are part of the support personnel who work with the regular officers on a daily basis. They answer the telephones, dispatch all emergency units and personnel for the Borough and handle non-police matters that come through the main police headquarters desk, among other duties. | Dispatchers: Cindy Saidel and John St. John work the police desk. | 2/25/87

70: June 19, 1987 | 70

71: The Hillsdale Police Department established the position of narcotics liaison officer to conform to the 1987 Comprehensive Drug Reform Act of New Jersey. Detective Sergeant David Kramer was assigned to this position. The purpose for the liaison officer is to enhance and continue enforcement, education and prevention programs in the Hillsdale school systems and to ensure a coordinated community effort to fight drug abuse. State law allows stronger penalties for drug dealing and drug use on or near schools. With that, these areas should be drug free. | Background: Patrolman Peter Hard | 71

72: Borough Clerk Liz Rotar and Mayor Al Murphy swearing in Det. Peter Hard | August 4, 1987 | Kathy & Ptl. John Scordato | Lt. Frank Mikulski & his wife Maryann. | Sgt. Bob Buesser and wife Dottie. | 72

73: Hillsdale Mayor Alfred J. Murphy Jr., at left, congratulates retired Police Chief Philip Varisco, center for his 30 years of service to the borough, while Police Chief Ronald Schramm looks on. The former Chief was honored with a plaque from the Mayor and Council, and the Traffic Officers Association. | 73

74: 74

75: 10/5/87 | 75 | 10/5/87

76: Leroy Sassencheid, above and right and John Brogler put the finishing touches on the well-buffed Truck 30 . The vehicle is used for fire prevention education. Above and left, members of the Hillsdale Fire Department, Left to right, George Hamlin, Gary Getch, Jim Meyer and Gary Hughes check the parade route map. | On June 4, 1988 Hillsdale Fire Department hosted the largest fireman's parade that Bergen County has ever seen to date. There were more than 80 fire companies with over 200 pieces of fire apparatus, including antiques, some of which were hand drawn and horse drawn. According to Police Chief Ronald Schramm, there were more than 50 men patrolling during those festivities. Of these, more than 20 were drawn from the ranks of county officers, Hillsdale Policeman and Auxiliary Police. | 76

77: 77

78: 9/22/88 | 78

79: In 1988, the Detective Bureau was comprised of a Criminal Case Investigation Unit, directed by Detective Sergeant David Kramer, and a Juvenile Case Investigation Unit, directed by Detective Robert Buesser. While each had a definite area of responsibility, they worked in close cooperation with one another. | DETECTIVE BUREAU | 79

80: 1988 Chevy Caprice Classic | The Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 Police package was introduced with the 1986 model year for the new base model Caprice. (The Impala sedan was dropped) The 9C1 Caprice was available with the 4.3 L V6 or the 5.7L (350 cid) V8 engine only. Both engines were equipped with the Turbo-hydramatic 700R-4 transmission and a 3.08:1 axle. | 80

81: Lieutenant Frank Mikulski celebrated his 25th anniversary as a member of the Hillsdale Police Department. | June 13,1989 | 81 | On June 13, 1988, Officer's Thomas Farrell and Frank Novakowski joined the department. Both these officers were unilateral transfers from other departments. Thomas Farrell came from River Edge P.D. and Frank Novakowski was previously a Detective with the Bergen County Narcotics Task Force.

82: The Crime Prevention Program gives residents and business owners the opportunity to have a crime prevention survey made of their homes and businesses. Hillsdale's Crime Prevention Officer, Patrolman Donald Reiman, conducts a survey of the premises and provides recommendations which are suited to the owner's individual needs. The survey consists of a check of all outer doors and windows, locks, outside lighting and landscaping. Information is available on how to prevent burglaries, on various types of alarm systems and on special Bergen County Crime Prevention Program geared to senior citizens. Recommendations are made regarding improvements that should be done to the property to make it more secure. | THE CRIME PREVENTION PROGRAM | Ptl. Donald Reiman | 82

83: FATAL ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION UNIT How It All Began The origin of the FAIU can be traced back to January of 1985 where the concept for such a unit was raised at the monthly meeting of the Police Traffic Officers Association of Bergen County. The Traffic Officers had just formed the prior June and among its early goals was the reduction of traffic fatalities that were plaguing Bergen County at the time. The Traffic Officers decided to address the problem on primarily three fronts. The first was through education. And so began a series of traffic safety programs brought into the schools and civic organizations. The Traffic Officers joined with other traffic safety groups like AAA and MADD, which later became END DWI, in a grass roots effort to change public perception and attitudes toward drunk and reckless driving. The second focus area was through county-wide concerted selective enforcement efforts. DWI checkpoints became commonplace and served as a means to deter people from driving drunk. Along with the need to change public attitude was a concurrent necessity to toughen our motor vehicle and criminal laws. This became the third segment of the Traffic Officers’ plan. The Traffic Officers attempted to accomplish this aspect of its goal by petitioning government leaders to make the required changes in the law that would serve to better protect the public. The Traffic Officers were also aware however, that there was a population of drivers that would not be deterred by laws or overt preventive enforcement efforts. To this end they sought to bring justice to bear on those who killed, maimed, or injured members of the public through their reckless conduct behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. They knew the laws at the time were weak in this regard and that it was generally difficult to prove the important reckless level of culpability needed to secure a conviction in a criminal proceeding or at least force a plea. During the early to mid-1980s comprehensive traffic crash investigation and reconstruction efforts were taking root in Bergen County. There were perhaps a dozen or so police officers who, through the generosity of the North Jersey AAA Safety Foundation, were provided with the training necessary to scientifically reconstruct motor vehicle crashes. The Traffic Officers recognized that the skills learned through such training could be utilized to help establish if reckless conduct was present in a given fatal or serious crash. They also realized in order to effectively combat the carnage occurring daily on our roadways, a collective and consistent approach was required. The unified approach was thought to be the best solution, with one county law enforcement agency leading the charge. Being the top law enforcement official in the county, the consensus at the Traffic Officers Association was that the Prosecutor’s Office should lead the way. With the Prosecutor at the helm the County Chiefs were also likely to buy into the concept. The immediate challenge for the Traffic Officers was how get the Prosecutor’s Office to agree to direct the effort. | Left: 8/22/89, Sgt. Frank Mikulski and Ptl. Michael Niego investigate a fatal accident on Kinderkamack Road. | Hillsdale Police Sgt. Frank Mikulski, was an original member of the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Fatal Accident Investigation Unit. He Responded to the units FIRST CALL; July 10, 1988. Sergeants, Floyd Keher, Paul Stuckey along with Patrol officers, Peter Leighton and Brian McKeever, also served the FIAU unit. | 83

84: 12/7/89 | 12/2/89 | 84

85: 3/4/90 | 85

86: Below: Detective Peter Hard leads a discussion for the sixth graders at the Ann Blanche Smith School. | 86

87: Project D.A.R.E. (DRUG ABUSE RESISTANCE EDUCATION) is a substance use prevention education program designed to equip elementary school children with skills for resisting peer pressure to experiment with tobacco, drugs and alcohol. This unique program, which was developed in 1983 as a cooperative effort by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District, uses uniformed law enforcement officers to teach a formal curriculum to students in a classroom setting. Project D.A.R.E. gives special attention to fifth and sixth grades to prepare students for entry into junior high and high school, where they are most likely to encounter pressures to use drugs. D.A.R.E. lessons focus on four major areas: providing accurate information about tobacco, alcohol and drugs; teaching students decision making skills; showing students how to resist peer pressure; giving students ideas for alternatives to drug use. This innovative program offers a highly structural intensive curriculum developed by health specialists and represents a long-term solution to a problem that has developed over many years. The D.A.R.E. program was introduced in Hillsdale by Detective Peter Hard, the Hillsdale Police Department's Juvenile Officer. School officials, teachers and nurses were presented with a description of the program and class outlines prior to the first classroom lesson, which occurred in the George G. White School on October 23, 1989. Students are supplied with workbooks, pencils and bookmarks. Several audio visual aids are incorporated into the course presentation. After seventeen weeks of classroom instruction, the students receive certificates of completion at a graduation ceremony, along with awards such as D.A.R.E. pins and T-shirts. The coordinated efforts of the National D.A.R.E. Association, the recently developed New Jersey D.A.R.E. Association and the Bergen County Juvenile Officer Association have provided a sound basis for instruction and financial support for the program. This support group will be expanded in the future to include parents, local merchants, professionals and interested citizens. | Above: Patrolman Chip Stalter | 87

88: 88 | Sgt. Bob Buesser

89: Hillsdale Brownie Troop 187 donated decorated lollipops to the Hillsdale Police Department that will be given out in conjunction with the Department's "Teddy Bear" program. | Pictured: Front Row, Left to right: Crystal Meyer, Stacey Berkholtz, Lisa Heytink, Melissa Blackton, Elizabeth Mueller. Second Row, Left to Right: Danielle Moscatello, Jenna Regula, Kristen Folkers, Millicent Strine, Gabrielle Carlin. Back Row, Left to Right: Police Chief Ron Schramm, Lt. Frank Mikulski | Left To Right: Chief Ronald Schramm, Frank Novakowski, Peter Hard, Mayor Robert Elder, Donald Reiman, Michael Niego, Chip Stalter | The Teddy Bear Program: Provides for the issuance of stuffed toys to any child involved in an accident, criminal or domestic situation. The toys seem to relieve the stress and tension associated with these events. | Ptl. Donald Reiman receives a dept. commendation from Mayor Elder. | 89

90: THE 1990s | SIZZLER Steakhouse, where the current Wendy's building is today. | 90 | Population 1990...9,750

91: Sgt. Robert Francaviglia and Patrolman Chip Stalter lean on the remains of a Ford F-150 that was involved in collision with a N.J. Transit train. 1990 | POLITICS | Left to Right: Jim Bogle, Doug Groner (New Mayor) Mike Maione | HILLSDALE GOP 11/3/93 | Left To Right: Nancy McKerahan, Mayor Robert Elder, Peter Lillo | GOP VICTORY 1992 | Left To Right: Tim O'Reilly, Doug Groner, Jim Bogel | 11/7/90 | 91

92: 92

93: 93 | Dangerous medical waste is being trucked into Hillsdale. There are also drums and other suspicious items that need immediate investigation. We need your help to stop the pollution to our air, water and ground. Our health is being threatened. The values of your homes are going down because of the garbage situation. We need you to get involved and attend board of health meetings, Mayor and Council meetings and join the citizens that are concerned. | DO YOU CARE?

94: 94

95: 1991 Chevy Caprice | 95

96: 96

97: Lt. Robert Francaviglia retires 1/31/92 | 10/25/92 | Background: Ptl. Paul Harder and Fire Chief George St. John | 97

98: background: Garden State Parkway | 98

99: 99

100: In 1992, the need for a permanent source of food and essentials for borough families in need was recognized. A member of the Boy Scout Troop 108 addressed this need organizing a town-wide food drive as his Eagle Scout project. The success of this project provided the initial supply of food and other essential items. When the Hillsdale United Methodist Church offered a room to store the food, as well as a refrigerator and freezer, the Helping Hand Food Pantry was established. The pantry serves families in the year-round, providing assistance not only with food, but also counseling and referrals to other agencies. The pantry is supported by many volunteer and business organizations, churches, synagogues, schools and scouts, as well as individual residents. Since its inception, the Helping Hand Food Pantry has met its primary goal of helping borough residents in need maintain their dignity and quality of life because the community has supported the pantry, helping neighbors in need. | HELPING HANDS FOOD PANTRY | Left to right-Lois Kohan, Kathy Elgert, Paul Stuckey, Peter Leighton accept a large donation from PBA local 207 | 100

101: CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Hillsdale Chamber of Commerce was created on November 15, 1966, following a name change from the Hillsdale Business Association, founded on July 3, 1933. These organizations preceded the "Board of Trade". | DOWNTOWN RE-DEVELOPMENT | In the summer of 1989, the borough established a redevelopment committee for the downtown area which culminated in 1992. The aim of the program was to keep the downtown business area attractive and vibrant. Most of the stores were refurbished inside and out. Citizens First National Bank participated by providing low interest loans to local business and property owners. The Borough planted 65 trees in the center of town, additionally adding Victorian-style street lamps that added a special ambiance to the downtown district. The 2-hour parking was reduced to one hour to allow for a greater turnover of cars parked in the business area. | To beautify the main shopping area and help the town remain a suitable place in which to live. | MISSION STATEMENT | 101

102: THE POLICE BOOTH MOVES LOCATIONS | Above: A model created to show the new traffic pattern, Police Booth placement and downtown improvements | As part of the downtown redevelopment program, it was necessary to relocate the police booth from the middle of the intersection to the northwest corner. Over the years, the booth had gotten hit several times and sustained a lot of damage that had to be repaired. | 102

103: The Final Product, 1992. Where it stands today: The northwest corner of Hillsdale Avenue and Broadway. | 103

104: 12/15/92 | 104 | 9/4/92

105: 105 | 1992

106: 106

107: 107 | June 1993

108: 3/8/93 | Sgt. Rich Densberger | "I'm tired of you questioning this council" finally yelling at Stalter. | 108

109: 1/31/93 | Donald Reiman on his last shift shredding P.B.A. minutes | 10/8/92 | 109

110: 7/7/93 | 110

111: On July 8, 1993 Robert Francaviglia and Joseph Mazzeo were sworn in as the newest Patrolman. | Joseph Mazzeo | Robert Francaviglia | 11

112: 112

113: 1/29/94 | On May 25, 1994, The Bergen County Police Chief's Association presented Officer Chip Stalter and Robert Francaviglia with the Honorable Service Medal. | 113

114: March 30, 1994 Chief Ronald Schramm officially retired after 32 years of service to the Borough. | Frank Mikulski | "The advent of mobile data terminals, the creation of new laws, and other police innovations, on one hand, and the existence of new problems, on the other, require a response". -Joe Rompala- | 114

115: Over 1,500 people massed in Veterans Park on September 30, 1993 for a candlelight vigil for Joan D'Alessandro who was seven when she was brutally raped and murdered by a neighbor while delivering Girl Scout cookies to his home. The crowd of friends, neighbors and concerned strangers braved the chilly night and threat of rain to honor the memory of the Hillsdale youngster and to add their voices to campaign to deny parole to Joseph McGowan, her admitted killer. | Dick Collier, former FBI agent and next-door neighbor | "Hi everyone, thank you from Joanie, Tonight we welcome our wonderful community of which we are so proud. We know Joan feels proud, too". | Assemblyman Pat Roma | 115 | Right:Future officer Dave Sayers

116: 116

117: 117

118: Patrolman Robert Wartel, Left, cradles the exquisite product of his own efforts of assistance: A one-month old baby girl he delivered. Detective Peter Hard, looks on. | 118

119: Ptl. Bob Mele | 119 | 1/20/94

120: April 1, 1994 Frank A. Mikulski was appointed Chief of Police | 120

121: 9/14/94 | 4/16/94 | 121

122: 122 | Above: June 30, 1994, Detective Sergeant David Kramer retired after 29 years of dedicated service | 5/18/94

123: 123

124: Below: Police equipment display during police week in 1972 at the Pascack Historical Society | 124

125: MEMORIAL DAY 1994 | June 26, 1994: Ptl. Robert Wartel resigned from the department to join the police department in his hometown of Lyndhurst. | Hillsdale Police Honor Guard | SPECIAL OLYMPICS TORCH RUN 1994 | 125

126: 126

127: AWARD OF MERIT | Patrolman Paul Stuckey was most active in 1994, conducting a number of traffic safety programs, bicycle safety programs, bicycle inspections and visited elementary school classrooms with "Otto the Auto". He was responsible for the department positive enforcement helmet program during which "dozens" of were issued to youngsters "caught" not wearing bicycle safety helmets. | Patrolman Peter Leighton, Sergeant Floyd Kehr, Sergeant Paul Stuckey | 127

128: July 12, 1994 Det. Peter Hard was promoted to Sergeant | Patrolman Carty with Chief Mikulski | July 12, 1994 Patrolman John Carty and Patrolman Daniel McLaughlin were sworn in as the newest department members. | 128 | Dan McLaughlin and John Carty

129: 9/29/94 | 129

130: 130

131: Bergen County Rapid Deployment Force The Hillsdale Police Department participates in the Bergen County Rapid Deployment Force - R.D.F., with several officers assigned to this unit. The program was formed in 1994 under the authority of the Bergen County Police Chief’s Association. The unit, which is comprised of officers from every Police Department in Bergen County, provides Municipal Police Departments with support in the event of large-scale civil disorder, or large scale disaster. The unit can provide assistance for any scheduled or emergent type event as deemed necessary by the Chief’s Association. The R.D.F. has been called into service several times, and been placed on high ready alert several more. The unit has assisted Cliffside Park P.D. and Fairview P.D. during the World Cup Soccer Finals with civil disorder, the Bergenfield P.D. with civil disorder at “The Rink”, Lodi P.D. with the Napp Chemical Explosion disaster and Wallington P.D. with the Farmland Dairy Strike when it became violent. More recently, the R.D.F. was used during the attacks of September 11, 2001 to secure key locations in Bergen County and assist with security at the George Washington Bridge. The R.D.F. is currently comprised of about 180 dedicated and motivated officers. They pride themselves on military type discipline and appearance. The supervisors and operators train together 3 to 4 times annually. Unit members are trained in crowd control tactics and formations as well as arrest/rescue team tactics. Several members are trained as Unit Chemical Agent officers, and are trained to deploy bulk type O.C., (Pepper Spray), and CN Gas, commonly referred to as tear gas, both by grenade and projectile, using the 37 mm gas gun. | 131 | Active Members: Joseph Mazzeo Sean Smith Former members: John Scordato Frank Novakowski Chris Donaldson | Background: The RDF training at Metlife Stadium in 2013 in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII

132: January 1, 1995 Chip Stalter was promoted to Lieutenant | April 30, 1995: Sgt. Richard Densberger retired after 25 years of dedicated service to the Borough | Father John Negrotto says a prayer before the 1995 reorganization meeting. Left: Mayor Tim O'Reilly with his son Timothy Jr. | 132

133: September 1, 1995: Paul Stuckey was promoted to the rank of Sergeant | THE GOOD DAY PROGRAM was started to help insure the well being of Hillsdale residents who live alone. Every day, the participants in the program call the police department to report on their status. If a call is not received, an attempt to reach the resident by telephone or patrol car is made. Emergency instructions provided by the resident are then followed. | 1995 RE-ORGANIZATION | 3/23/95 | 133

134: half blotter Half in house 1995 | 1995 brought about the advent of our in-house police computer system. To better serve the community our 9-1-1 system was transferred to Paramus, where over 600 calls were tended on our behalf. | 1995 POLICE BLOTTER | Ptl. Francaviglia mans the desk in 1995, Note the handwritten blotter. | Lt. Stalter | 134

135: 135 | 1/26/96

136: BLIZZARD OF 1996 | Snow began falling during the pre-dawn hours of January 7th and became heavy at times during the morning. Blizzard conditions developed during the afternoon and evening as strong northeast winds developed around the intensifying low pressure. During the afternoon hours, precipitation in far southern New Jersey changed to sleet and freezing rain as the low brought in warm air at mid-levels, but remained all snow across the rest of the state. During the evening and overnight hours the snow mixed with sleet as far north as central sections of the state as the low center approached the state from the south. A lull developed in the precipitation in the pre-dawn hours of the 8th as the low center was just off the New Jersey coast, but wraparound moisture brought another period of snow to the state as the low pulled away during the later morning and early afternoon hours of the 8th. Accumulations averaged 20 to 30 inches in Bergen County. | 136

137: June 1996 | 134 | 136 | 137

138: 138

139: 1996 | PROMOTIONS | Detective Sgt. Michael Niego | Sgt. Paul Harder | Detective Thomas Farrell | On October 8, 1996, Detective Michael Niego was promoted to the rank of Detective Sergeant and Officer Paul Harder was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Patrolman Thomas Farrell was appointed to Juvenile Detective. | 139

140: CHAPLAIN'S BREAKFAST | 12/11/96, Detective Sgt. Mike Niego was awarded the Honorable Service Medal for his arrest of an armed robbery suspect. Ptl. John Scordato was presented a letter of Commendation in regard to his investigative efforts in the same incident. | Left To Right: Pete Hard, Thomas Farrell, Michael Niego, Father Michael Moran, John Carty, Robert Francaviglia | Left To Right: Paul Harder, Gerald Schmidt, Paul Stuckey, Ed LaFrance, Pete Hard | Left: Father John Negrotto & Rev. Michael Moran receive an award from Chief Mikulski | 140 | 3/96

141: Officer Joseph Mazzeo initiated the Hillsdale Police Department Bicycle Patrol and debuted the new assignment on Memorial Day 1996. | BICYCLE PATROL | 141 | NJ Governor, Christine Todd Whitman with Chief Mikulski and Lt. Stalter 1996

142: Left to Right-Frank Mikulski, Bob Mele, Lou Amorati, John Poliey, Louis Velez | Bob Mele with Joe Mazzeo at his retirement party 1/31/97 | RETIREMENTS | On July 17, 1996, Sergeant Floyd. W. Kehr became the first member of the department to die while on active duty. Sergeant Kehr expired on during the 28th year of a most distinguished career. | Richard Deming | Robert Buesser | Floyd W. Kehr | 1/31/97 | 4/30/97 | 8/31/97 | 142

143: Patrolman Brian McKeever was sworn in on September 16, 1996. | Patrolman Timothy Webster was sworn in on December 16, 1996. | Background: Dispatcher Chris Donaldson joined the Department. on December 8, 1997 | NEW HIRES | Patrolman Sean Smith was sworn in on January 6, 1997 | Patrolman Kevin Hebert joined the department in May 1997. | 143

144: Right-11/12/97:Officer John Scordato was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. | On August 16, 1997 Westwood Police dispatch received a report of a fight in progress. Officers responded and upon their arrival, they located a witness who reported that a woman was assaulted and then thrown into a vehicle. A radio alarm was immediately broadcast and within 5 minutes, P.O. Sean Smith radioed that he had the vehicle traveling north in Hillsdale and he could observe two people fighting inside. P.O. Smith immediately initiated a motor vehicle stop and when the suspect vehicle came to a halt, the victim fled on foot. A witness positively identified the operator and he was arrested. The victim was located with a broken arm and subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment. The suspect was charged with kidnapping and terroristic threats. | 144

145: The members of the Auxiliary Police that were recognized by the Mayor and Council for 25 or more years of service are from left to right: Sgt. Richard Hirsch, Captain Louis Amorati, Lt. Abe Fichtenbaum, and Sgt. John Bruggerman. Missing was Sgt. Richard Bishop | 145 | Below Left To Right- Chief Mikulski, Eugene Siciak, Gary Fichtenbaum, Richard Hirsch, Lou Amorati, Bernard Nadel, Maria Mele, Abe Fichtenbaum, John Brugerman, Steve Rabinowitz, Tom Ivancich, Chip Stalter | AUXILIARY POLICE | Auxiliary Officer Ted Johansmeyer retires and was presented a plaque from the Mayor & Council.

146: HAPPY 100 BIRTHDAY HILLSDALE 1898-1998 | 146

147: 147 | Top Row left to right-S. Knichel, Dottie Higinson, T. Malatesta, Arlene Meier, K. Prevedel, Betty Brinkerhoff. Bottom Row-A.Robba, Joan Carbonaro, F. Runfeldt | Left to Right-Abe Fichtenbaum, Eugene Siciak , David Velez, Richard Bishop, Lou Amorati, John Bruggerman, Tom Ivancich , Richard Hirsch | AUXILARY POLICE | SCHOOL CROSSING GUARDS

148: 4/16/98 | In 1998, Bergen County memorialized a section of Kinderkamack Road from Hackensack north to New York State as the Korean War Memorial Roadway, a section which runs through Hillsdale. | 148

149: DETECTIVE BUREAU | SUPERVISORS | PATROL DIVISION | January 1, 1998, Dispatcher Tom Smith was promoted to Patrolman. He entered the Bergen County Police Academy. | Left To Right-Top Row: Det. Sgt. Michael Niego, Sgt. Paul Harder, Sgt. John Scordato, Sgt. Paul Stuckey Bottom row: Fabio Parente, Chief Frank Mikulski, Lt. Chip Stalter | Left To Right: Joseph Mazzeo, Sean Smith, Brian McKeever Bottom Row: Frank Novakowski, John Carty | Michael Niego & Thomas Farrell | 149 | Background: George Jepson, Memorial parade 1998

150: May 12, 1998, Patrolman Frank Novakowski was awarded a Commendation Award regarding his diligent actions in the apprehension of a wanted felon from the State of Florida. | 5/12/98 | On April 4, 1998, Dispatcher Laurajean Wodowski resigned after working for the Department for three years. On April 13, 1998, Kimberly Lucia joined the Department as the new Dispatcher/Matron. | 150

151: left to right: Peter Hard, Bob Schramm Jr. Neil Stewart, Howard Stoeckel | DEDICATION OF POLICE OFFICERS MONUMENT Memorial Day 1998 | ABOVE: Mayor and Council: Left To Right: Max Arnowitz, Richard Correri, Jay Campbell, Harold Karns, Borough Administrator; Timothy O'Reilly, Mayor, Marie Hanlon, Nancy McKerahan | HILLSDALE POLICE HONOR GUARD: Left To Right: Sean Smith, John Scordato, Paul Stuckey, Michael Niego, Daniel McLaughlin | 151

152: Left To Right: Peter Leighton, Bob Francaviglia, Thomas Farrell, Frank Novakowski, Joseph Mazzeo, John Scordato | P.B.A. Local 207 | D.A.R.E. UNIT | Left to Right: John Scordato, Dan McLaughlin, Chip Stalter, Robert Francaviglia | HONOREES: Left to Right: Mayor Tim O'Reilly, John Carty, Thomas Farrell, Chip Stalter, Michael Niego | COMMUNITY AWARENESS NIGHT | 152 | A NIGHT TO HONOR OUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS

153: 153

154: QUALIFICATION DAY BERGEN COUNTY POLICE ACADEMY RANGE | left to right: Chris Donaldson, Dan McLaughlin, Peter Leighton | Sgt. Paul Stuckey | Left to Right: Bob Francaviglia, Paul Harder, Joseph Mazzeo | SHOTGUN | Chief Mikulski | June 1998 | 154

155: The Department initiated a new program geared towards High School Seniors and Juniors, which focus on the effects of alcohol and the dangers of driving while intoxicated. The S.A.I.D. program (Sheriff's Alcohol Impaired Driving Program) was designed by the Bergen County Sheriff's Department (B.C.S.D.) and was presented to the students of Pascack Valley High School. Pascack Valley High School was fortunate to be one of the first schools in the state to have the program presented to the students. Sheriff Officers assisted the department in the presentation of the program. The students were instructed on the effects of alcohol, zero tolerance, DWI laws, and they were given the opportunity to perform field sobriety tests while wearing Fatal Vision Goggles. These goggles are designed to simulate intoxication of .16 BAC, by altering the wearer's vision with special lenses. While the vision is altered; the wearer will have difficulty with hand to eye coordination, similar to that of an intoxicated person. Sergeant Paul Stuckey, Patrolman Peter Leighton, Patrolman John Scordato and Patrolman Daniel McLaughlin presented the program with B.C.S.D. officers. The program was very well received, and students and teachers alike, praised the program and its success. | THE FATAL VISION IMPARED DRIVING PROGRAM | 155

156: In 1998, ALL patrol officers were trained and fully certified in the operation of the AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR. The American heart Association has stated that "early CPR" and when necessary, "Early Defibrillation", drastically increases the likelihood of survival in heart attack victims. When police officers, the "first responders", can apply the "AED" within approximately three minutes, the rate of survival can reach as high as 80%. | January 2, 1999: Dispatcher Christopher Donaldson became Patrolman Donaldson. He attended the Bergen County Police Academy where he served as the Executive Officer of his class. | 156

157: The Polar Bear Plunges for Special Olympics New Jersey are fundraising events in which participants pledge $100 or more to take a brazen romp into the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of winter. Crazy? We think so. And we know lots of folks who agree ... and who still take the Plunge for Special Olympics New Jersey year after year | 157

158: Joe Morris, former New York Giant, gives a motivational speech to the D.A.R.E. graduates. | Above-Hillsdale D.A.R.E. Officers pose with the essay winners: Left to Right: Victoria Ferraro, Anne Feldman, Stacey Martino, Nick Gerado, Daniel Minot | 158

159: In 1999, the intersection of Hillsdale Avenue and Patterson Street was reconstructed and widened to accommodate tractor trailer traffic. | 159

160: The mission of END DWI is to provide support to victims and families affected by impaired driving through a myriad of services and to create public awareness about the devastating effects and the need to end driving while intoxicated. | 160

161: 161 | Alex Kaplan | 1999

162: On September 16, 1999, the Borough of Hillsdale suffered the greatest natural disaster in its history when the Pascack Brook turned into a massive flood due to rains from hurricane Floyd and a dam collapsing upstream. The waters of the brook rose so fast and so suddenly individuals swam into the raging torrent--without regard for their personal safety, to rescue elderly persons, children, and other residents. Other volunteers worked around the clock at our firehouse or on the streets to support these rescue teams and help our people. After the flood subsided, the devastation left behind was far beyond anything Hillsdale had ever experienced. Some homes were destroyed, others incurred extensive damage, and most residents in the flood's path suffered great loss of home furnishings, contents and personal belongings. Large areas of town had no electrical or gas service and, as a result, homes and businesses lost substantial amounts of food. Over the following weeks, all of the Borough's resources were directed at eliminating this devastation. Due to the magnitude of the flood's destruction, however, this task could have been addressed adequately without the help of our citizens. Our call for help was answered by businesses, churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, schools groups, and individuals, including 287 volunteers during our Clean-up Day on September 25th, who stepped forward to help their neighbors and help Hillsdale back on its feet. On behalf of the residents of Hillsdale, The Mayor, Borough Council, and residents affected by the flooding wish to publicly express their thanks and appreciation to those individuals who brought our community through this great catastrophe without the loss of life or serious injury and to those who helped us address the devastation the flood left behind. This Flood Awards Ceremony is for that purpose. | BOROUGH OF HILLSDALE FLOOD AWARDS CEREMONY | 162

163: October 12, 1999: Seven members of the department were presented plaques from the Mayor and Council for Life Saving efforts during Hurricane Floyd on September 16, 1999. The seven officers are: Sgt. Paul Stuckey Det. Sgt. Michael Niego Sgt. John Scordato Ptl. Frank Novakowski Ptl. Daniel McLaughlin Ptl. Sean Smith Ptl. Thomas Smith | 163

164: 164 | Hillsdale officers being recognized by the Mayor and Council for their efforts during Hurricane Floyd.

165: 165 | Captain Chip Stalter

166: The New Millennium | Top row Left To Right: John Carty, Kim Lucia, Adam Hampton, Pete Leighton Dan McLaughlin, Sean Kavanagh, Sean Smith, Brian McKeever, Tom Smith, Paul Harder, Chris Donaldson, Bob Francaviglia, Joseph Mazzeo, Frank Novakowski Michael Niego, Fabio Parente, John Scordato, Paul Stuckey, Thomas Farrell Chief Frank Mikulski, Lt. Chip Stalter | 166 | As of the 2000 United States Census there were 10,087 people, 3,502 households, and 2,850 families residing in the borough.ugh.

167: 167

168: Death and Destruction wracked upon our Youth, "By Our Youth" School Violence, the Scourge of our Decade. We Search for answers, wondering if there are any. | With utmost concern, members of this department initiated an extensive effort to combat School Violence. Educational efforts were proffered to students, teachers and high school staff members alike through assemblies and classroom presentations. By years-end, a series of Five lockdown Drills were conducted at Pascack Valley High School, culminating with a Partial Evacuation Drill at the school in December. | The Hillsdale Police Department joined with our three Partner School Districts; the Pascack Valley Regional School District, Hillsdale School District, and Saint John's Academy, wherein on June 15, 2000 application was made to the US Department of Justice for School Resource Officer Funding under the COPS IN SCHOOL GRANT PROGRAM. Officer Presence in and about the Pascack Valley high school continued on the increase, mainly in the person of Ptl. Joseph Mazzeo. | 168

169: 169

170: 02/19/2001: Robert Francaviglia with Ralph Styverson, and L. George Keegan, who the policeman saved using his defibrillator. CARMINE GALASSO / THE RECORD. | 170

171: PATROL VEHICLES | 2008 Ford Explorer | 2008 Dodge ChArger | 2010 Ford Crown Victoria | The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (colloquially referred to simply as the '"Crown Vic"') is a civilian police car that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1992 to 2011. It is the law enforcement version of the Ford Crown Victoria. From 1997 and into the early 2010s, the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was the most widely used automobile in law enforcement operations in the United States and Canada. | 171

172: Left to Right: Michael Origoni; John Scordato, Joe Mazzeo, Sean Scheidel, Tony Janacelli, Kathy Powers, Lyle Garcia | John Scordato & Joe Mazzeo engage a target utilizing a ballistic shield | 172

173: 2002 concluded the first full year of the School Resource Officer program (S.R.O.) Officer Joe Mazzeo was our S.R.O. and the project had evolved beyond all expectations. Officer Mazzeo established an atmosphere of trust and understanding between himself, the staff and the students at Pascack Valley High School. | 173 | 3/27/01

174: Left To Right: Chief Mikulski, Robert Francaviglia, Heart Association representative, Paul Harder, Chip Stalter | February 6, 2001: Sergeant Paul Harder and Patrolman Bob Francaviglia received the American Heart saver Award from the American Heart Association for Life Saving efforts during 2000. | 174

175: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 | Ronald Orsini, 59, of Hillsdale, NJ, a bond broker with Cantor Fitzgerald, died Sept. 11, 2001, a victim of the coordinated terrorist attacks against the United States in New York, Washington DC, and elsewhere. | 175

176: Left To Right: Chris Donaldson, Chief Mikulski, George Jepson, Chip Stalter | "Upon my arrival, seeing your face stained with soot, tear-filled eyes from smoke irritation, and joy on your face knowing that every resident was safe and secure, brought me great pride" Chief Mikulski 12/19/2001 | March 6, 2001: Officers Brian McKeever, Sean Smith, Tom Smith and Chris Donaldson were awarded Commendations from the Mayor and Council for their actions at a fire which occurred at Hillsdale House. | Det. Sgt. Michael Niego received the Hillsdale Police Department Exceptional Duty Medal for his actions regarding an extensive six year investigation of stalking and harassment of a resident by a dangerous felon. | George Jepson, "Mr. Hillsdale", kindly donated the first ballistic Shield to the department to "help the Boys". | 3/14/2001 | 176 | Hillsdale honors nine individuals for outstanding service

177: June 23, 2001 Patrolman Adam Hampton joined the Department. Adam attended Basic Recruit Training at the Public Safety Institute in Mahwah. | August 1, 2001 Lourdes Spagnoli joined the Department as our Police Department Clerk. | December 31, 2001 Sergeant Fabio Parente retired from the Department after twenty-Nine years of dedicated service. | October 17, 2001 Sergeant John Scordato received the Bergen County END-DWI Achievement Award for 2001 | N.Y. / N.J. FIREMAN'S PARADE | June 8, 2002 | 177

178: Every year thousands of Law Enforcement Officers run throughout New Jersey carrying the Olympic Torch-The Flame of Hope to spread awareness of the abilities of athletes with intellectual disabilities or other closely related developmental disabilities and to generate funds to ensure that participation in Special Olympics is always available to the citizens of New Jersey, regardless of their age or ability level. | 178

179: June 30, 2002 Officer Peter J. Leighton retired from the department after 25 years of dedicated service to the Borough. | January 6, 2002 Officer Robert Francaviglia was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. | In January 2002, Officer Novakowski was appointed Northern Regional DRE Coordinator for New Jersey. | 179

180: January 6, 2002: Police Officer Jeffrey Angermeyer and Police Officer Liz Rodriguez joined the department. Both officers graduated from the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute on June 20, 2002. | 180

181: 181

182: Top Row Left to Right: Father John Negrotto, John Scordato, Joseph Mazzeo, Dennis Deutsch, Tony DeNortia, Chip Stalter, Kenneth Rush Larry Meyerson, Thomas Farrell, Rich Correri, Michael Niego, Brian McKeever, David Kramer, Daniel McLaughlin, Sean Smith, Paul Harder Middle Row: Lynn Bennett, Jeffrey Angermeyer, Timothy O'Reilly, Lou Spagnoli, John Kindergan, Liz Zimmerman, Pat Tietjen, Coleen Ennis Bottom Row: Jim Bogle, Chief Frank Mikulski, Marie Hanlon, Nancy McKerahan, Nancy Mikulski | 1182

183: Kevin Bacon and Marisa Tomei film a scene of LOVERBOY in front of Marsala's Hardware Store | Joseph Mazzeo | Christopher Donaldson | Chip Stalter | 11/23/2003 | 183

184: The Citizen's Police Academy is a dynamic, one-month program, meeting approximately once or twice each week, complete with several scheduled field trips to see other agencies at work. These sessions consist of hands-on demonstrations in the various aspects of suburban law enforcement, personal safety, and crime prevention. These classes educate citizens about their role in the community, their role as good witnesses to crimes, and the ways they can prevent crime in their neighborhoods. With an in-depth look at the day-to-day operations of the Hillsdale Police Department, the CPA will educate and empower residents in a fun and entertaining medium. | 184 | June 2003

185: Background: Sgt. Paul Harder's Last Tour of Duty | August 1, 2003 Detective Thomas Farrell and Officer Joseph Mazzeo were promoted to the rank of Sergeant | Sgt. Paul W. Harder retired from the department upon completing twenty-five years of dedicated service. | 185

186: 9/1/03: Officer Sean Kavanagh was appointed School Resource Officer to Pascack Valley High School as a replacement for Sgt. Joseph Mazzeo | Sean Kavanagh | Chief Frank Mikulski completed FORTY YEARS of dedicated service to the Borough. | August 11, 2003: Det. Sgt. Mike Niego, Sgt. Joseph Mazzeo and Sean Kavanagh were awarded Department Commendations and P.B.A. Apprehension Medal for the arrest of a burglar inside the victim's home. | 186 | 8/11/03 | Ron Silver | 2004

187: Locations Although set in the fictitious town of Stuckeyville, Ohio, the majority of the series was actually shot in various towns in northern New Jersey including Montclair, Hillsdale, Haworth, Westfield, Cranford, Nutley, Ridgewood, Harrington Park, Allendale and Northvale and Rockland County, New York (Tappan, Nyack). Many of the street names and towns mentioned on the show are real New Jersey street and town names. The opening sequence showed Ed driving past the Rialto movie theater in the downtown of Westfield. Stuckeybowl was actually the former Country Club Lanes in Northvale, NJ, and also served as the show's headquarters. Many of the show's other sets were built in a cleared out portion of the bowling alley such as the interiors of Stuckeyville High School, the courtroom, and The Smiling Goat. Country Club Lanes went out of business several years ago, and was completely demolished in the late spring of 2006, to make room for new housing. | Ed was an NBC television program co-produced by David Letterman's Worldwide Pants Incorporated, NBC Productions (now Universal Television), Viacom Productions (now CBS Television Studios), and Paramount Television (now CBS Television Studios) that aired from 2000 to 2004. The hour-long comedy-drama starred Tom Cavanagh as Edward Jeremy Stevens, the protagonist, Julie Bowen as his love interest Carol Phyllis Vessey, Josh Randall as his friend Dr. Mike Burton, Jana Marie Hupp as Mike's wife Nancy, Lesley Boone as their friend Molly Hudson, and Justin Long as awkward high-school student Warren Cheswick. Other supporting cast members included Michael Genadry and Ginnifer Goodwin as Warren's friends Mark and Diane, and Michael Ian Black, Mike Starr, Rachel Cronin, and (later) Daryl Mitchell as the employees of Stuckeybowl, Ed's bowling alley. Long-term guest stars included John Slattery as Dennis Martino and Sabrina Lloyd as Frankie Hector. The show was created by executive producers Jon Beckerman and Rob Burnett. David Letterman is also credited as one of the show's executive producers. | Sean Smith with Julie Bowen | Joe Mazzeo with Tom Cavanagh | Jeff Angermeyer with Danny Devito | 187

188: The Hillsdale Ambulance Corps came into being as the result of efforts back in 1953 by the Hillsdale Fire Department to start a first-aid service for a growing community. They set about raising $20,000 for an ambulance, building, equipment and supplies. At the same time, first-aid training was in progress so that on January 5, 1954, 29 members signed the charter of the Hillsdale's Fireman's Ambulance Service. The service responded to 146 calls that first year under the leadership of Reinhardt Felton, President; Howard Stanley, Vice-President; Calvin Piper, Secretary; Lewis Jeffries, Treasurer; John Ottignon, Captain; and Victor Wazeter, Lieutenant. In 2003 the present corps responded to almost 800 calls. Improvements and changes followed from the onset when in that first year of operation, ten women completed their first-aid course. They were allowed to join as associate members but they were not permitted to ride in the ambulance. However with a great deal of utmost dedication and perseverance, after four years Mrs. Ruth Zabriskie broke the gender barrier by becoming the third member of a daytime crew. Needless to say many other women followed after Ruth and in 1971 woman were finally permitted to drive the ambulance. Changes have continued over the years as Ambulance have been replaced and new advanced equipment has been added to the repertoire of first-aid gear. Another major change occurred on October 10, 1961. Since residents with no connection to the Fire Department were joining the Ambulance Corps, it was decided that the name should be changed to the Hillsdale Ambulance Service. The linkage between two organizations continues as family members serve in one or the other volunteer organization and some members even belong to both. The Corps also has a history of husbands and wives participating in the organization as riding members or associate members. On Sunday, February 4, 1968, the Corps moved into the present building on Washington Avenue from the little garage that was attached to the rear of the old Borough Hall which was located on Park and Central Avenues. In September 1994 members of the Woman's Auxiliary merged into the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service as associate members. This dedicated group of men and woman is credited with raising funds ever since 1967 when the auxiliary was founded. Today The Hillsdale Ambulance Corps consists of 20 EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) some with up to 36 years of service, 3 drivers, 3 cadets and 1 probationary member. These unpaid professionals are on call twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. They are certified by the NJ State Department of Health and must maintain their skills by participating in ongoing continuing education programs in order to qualify for recertification. In addition to these riding members there are 6 active associates and 5 life members. Throughout the history of the Corps, in an ever changing and improving medical care environment, progress has been made in all aspects of life saving techniques. The training has become more advanced, the equipment more sophisticated, the volunteers more skilled with the result that more lives are being saved. Fifty years and many members later the Corps continues to change with the times yet carries on the mission on which it was founded. Pride, dedication, and hard work are the qualities that have kept, and will continue to keep the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service providing Hillsdale and its surrounding communities with the highest quality of care. | Celebrating | HOW IT ALL STARTED... | 1954-2004 | ANNIVERSARY | The Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service | 188

189: In June 2003, the Swiftreach community notification system was placed into service and within six days of it was used to notify Borough residents of several bears wandering through our town. Within minutes of being activated, the Swiftreach system allowed a telephonic message to be sent to the 3085 residential telephones and the 260 commercial telephones located in Hillsdale. | SWIFTREACH COMMUNITY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM | P.O. William Diedtrich joined the Department on January 5, 2004. Officer Diedtrich graduated the Bergen County Public Safety Institute on June 28, 2004. | 4/24/04 | 189

190: 4/5/05: Det. Sgt. Mike Niego, Det. Sgt. Thomas Farrell and P.O. Liz Zimmerman received the Department Commendation Awards for their Intensive Investigation spanning January 27th through February 7, 2005 which resulted in the rescue of an abducted 11 year old girl and the arrest of her abductor. | COMPUTER CRIMES TASK FORCE The Hillsdale Police Department assisted the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office by lending P.O. Jeff Angermeyer to their Computer Crimes Task Force on a part-time basis. The Computer Crimes Task Force is an investigative arm of the Prosecutor's Office that consists of municipal officers from around the County. These investigators supplement the Task Force and hold the responsibility of investigating computer-related offenses that occur in and around Bergen County. | 190

191: July 11, 2005: P.O. David Sayers joined the Department. Officer Sayers graduated from the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute on December 16, 2005. | September 23, 2005: Sgt. Paul Stuckey retired from the Department concluding his distinguished Twenty-Five year career in Law Enforcement. | October 18, 2005: Officer Dan McLaughlin was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. | 11/25/05: P.O. Sean Smith and P.O. Chris Donaldson received Department Commendation Awards for the arrest of three house burglars. 12/13/05: P.O. Adam Hampton received the Department Commendation Award for his arrest of a Service Station Burglar. | 191

192: 2005 | 192

193: RADAR | The MPH Handheld Stationary RADAR unit has been proven to be a valuable tool for RADAR enforcement. Below: The mounted sign contains a RADAR unit, which displays the approaching vehicle's speed. The speed is displayed in large LED numerals and is highly visible to the motorists. The RADR sign has been a valuable tool in reducing the speeds of the vehicles at the locations the sign has been deployed. | 193

194: 4/22/05 | 3/17/05 | 194

195: Chief Frank A. Mikulski to Retire July 1, 2006 ... Chief Frank A. Mikulski will complete his service to the Borough of Hillsdale after 43 years as a dedicated police officer. As the Police Department's head, Chief Mikulski has spent his tenure reinforcing strong ties between the Hillsdale Police, the Hillsdale governing body, and the residents of town. A story that begins in 1963, Chief Mikulski remembers not knowing exactly where Hillsdale was. Planning to take some 'practice' tests for a position as a police officer, Chief Mikulski sought out towns in Bergen County that were holding examinations so he could gain some test-taking experience. His plan, after all, was to join the Hackensack Police Department, not the Hillsdale Police Department or any other town for that matter. A life-long Hackensack resident, Frank Mikulski could be seen volunteering for the Hackensack Ambulance and had already hatched a career plan that did not include the Borough of Hillsdale. And so, after a twist of fate and a few wrong turns, Chief Mikulski found himself lost, driving around the Pascack Valley one evening in the Fall of 1963, on his way to take a police entrance exam in Saddle River -- 'just for practice '. With the test hour approaching, and the Chief sure he would not make it in time, he pulled over at the Hillsdale Police Headquarters, seeking directions. As fate would have it, he entered Headquarters that night and was given a last minute application for Hillsdale's process by Lt. Gerald Schmidt. At the advice of the Lieutenant, who was manning the Police Desk, Chief Mikulski returned his application on time and was chosen as the next hire. 43 years later, Frank Mikulski has climbed through the ranks to ultimately lead the department. ... Chief Frank A. Mikulski will be remembered for many of his leadership qualities and instances of sound judgment over the years, but most of all, the residents of Hillsdale will appropriately miss his kind, fair and consistent stance both as a police officer, as well as the Chief of the Hillsdale Police. | 195

196: June 1, 2006: Captain Chip Stalter was promoted to Chief | 196

197: CHIEF FRANK MIKULSKI'S RETIREMENT PARTY Seasons Restaurant | The Last Tour | 197

198: Recently, The Record tagged along on a shift to get a taste of a day in the life of a North Jersey cop. We rode with Sgt. Bob Francaviglia, a 43-year-old tour commander for the Hillsdale Police Department. 2:30 p.m. -- Arrive for shift 15 to 30 minutes early, as is the custom for the police officers here. Francaviglia responds to a call about a car on fire; it turns out to be just overheating. The fire department takes over and Francaviglia returns to headquarters. Another officer responds to a call about a hit-and-run. A woman is hospitalized, but her injuries are not serious. A third officer responds to a fire alarm at a house, set off by a broken water heater. Francaviglia has patrolled the three square miles of his hometown for his entire 13 years in uniform. Hillsdale is a leafy, upscale northern Bergen County town with a quaint downtown of restaurants and stores and a small industrial section. 3:30 p.m. -- Head out again. Francaviglia looks for anything unusual, while at the same time keeping an eye out for building code and traffic violations. Hillsdale is a full-service department, Francaviglia says, which means he has responded to just about anything, including a clogged toilet (though he may just tell you to call a plumber). Hillsdale's 10,000-plus residents are being protected this evening by Francaviglia and two other officers -- Patrolmen Sean Smith, 33, and Brian McKeever, 35. "If an old lady calls to screw in a light bulb, we'll do it," says Smith, who describes the job as part psychiatrist, plumber, fireman and bouncer. "We treat the elderly in this town like they're our grandparents." | 4:32 p.m. -- Meet Smith in a parking lot opposite Shop Rite to conduct a seat belt check. Violators are fined $46. The first ticket goes to a man driving a red Nissan Maxima. Several more follow. Francaviglia hardly ever has to consult a map. "I know what all the cars look like, what all the people look like," he says. 5:28 p.m. -- Francaviglia receives a call to go check on an emergency crew working on a frayed power line. The location is actually in Woodcliff Lake, but he tells them to proceed. Like many police officers, Francaviglia is a second-generation cop. In 1965, his first year as a Hillsdale police officer, Francaviglia's father earned $5,000, which would be $31,000 today, adjusted for inflation. He retired 15 years ago at a salary of about $55,000. 6:21 p.m. -- Drive over to Alpine Terrace to check out a report of a suspicious navy blue van. On the way, drive past Ann Blanche Smith School, where Francaviglia's 8-year-old son is playing his last baseball game of the year. Francaviglia drives around the Alpine Terrace area a few times, but can't find the van. Most officers live either in town or very close by. Francaviglia teaches DARE in the local schools. Two years ago, he started a program to teach children about the danger of strangers. Last year, half the kids failed the test when a plainclothes officer approached them as a stranger. 6:37 p.m. -- Back to headquarters for a dinner break and to consult with the other officers on various incidents. | 198 | July 20, 2006

199: Francaviglia says "policing is different" from that of his father's generation. "It's more of a profession now." Today's officers are typically better-educated, often with college degrees, and more involved with the community. He has a bachelor's from Columbus University, an online school. The department rewards officers with bonuses for advancing their education. Francaviglia said he and many of his fellow officers volunteer in town because they want to be involved. In his father's generation, cops worked their eight hours and went home. Cops elsewhere said the same thing. In Paramus, Capt. Kevin Smith said his father worked three jobs while on the force. "We never saw him," said Smith, adding that his $141,346 salary allows him to coach his children in baseball and wrestling. "I just think about how my mother and father made it in those days," said Smith, who had five siblings. "That was eating mac and cheese on Fridays." 7:40 p.m. -- Back on the road. Growing up, Francaviglia's father discouraged him from becoming a police officer, in part because of the around-the-clock schedule. So the younger Francaviglia worked as a computer-aided draftsman for several years before deciding to join the force. 8:04 p.m. -- Drive by a house that will soon be a movie location. Francaviglia is foggy on the details, but thinks the movie involves a widow with a stockpile of weapons at her home. Assassins come to the house, and a shootout ensues -- hard to imagine here. The last murder in Hillsdale happened more than 20 years ago. A department veteran told Francaviglia about it before he retired. Apparently, a man killed his wife with a fire poker and then tried to kill himself, though it's been so long that no one at the department today remembers the details. | Not all shifts are this quiet. Francaviglia has responded to suicides and domestic violence calls. In 2000, he saved two people's lives with a defibrillator within a period of weeks. Hillsdale officers work five days, take two days off, work five days, take three days off and then repeat. The officers alternate between day, evening and overnight shifts. "The older I get, the harder it is," Francaviglia said. 10:30 p.m. -- The next shift has arrived, so Francaviglia heads home. It's a quiet shift after all, he says. | 199

200: Detective Sergeant Michael Niego was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in July 2006, his successor, Sergeant Robert Francaviglia was appointed to replace him. | 200 | A new era begins at the HPD

201: Ptl. Sean Smith & Ptl. Brian McKeever were awarded the Departments Child Birthing medal for delivering a baby boy born to a local resident. | Ptl. Tom Smith was awarded a Departmental Commendation for his diligent patrol efforts which resulted in the arrest of two persons involved in numerous car burglaries and thefts in northern New Jersey. | January 1, 2007 John Carty was promoted to Sergeant. | 201

202: June 20, 2007 | Left to Right: Dan McLaughlin, Bob Francaviglia, Sean Smith, John Scordato, Joseph Mazzeo | Jeff Angermeyer and Thomas Farrell hold up evidence of gang activity. | 202

203: 10/20/07: Hillsdale is the first town in the Pascack Valley to get a lightning detection system in its parks. Police chief Chip Stalter with the department's iWatch Lightning Decision Support System sounds a siren and red light at parks and ball fields to warn people of lightning activity. | Background: Motor vehicle accident through Bob Bradshaw's Lawrence Street house- May 9, 2007. | 203

204: P.O. Diedtrich was honored with the Exceptional Service Award when he uncovered 12 illegal aliens smuggled from the Mexican border to Bergen County during a routine traffic stop. | 3/8/08 | Ptl. Bill Diedtrich | 204

205: 2008 Hillsdale Police Department | Left to Right: David Sayers, Sean Smith, Chris Donaldson, Fred Vavosa, Jeff Angermeyer, Mike Niego, Joe Mazzeo, Tom Smith, John Carty, Chief Chip Stalter, Bill Diedtrich, John Scordato, Adam Hampton | 205

206: 206

207: Background: The residence of McGowan in April1973 | 207

208: 208 | 1/22/09

209: 209 | February 2009 | 5/25/09

210: 210 | 11/27/09

211: 211 | 11/27/09

212: 12/17/2009 | On May 5, 2009, Cameron Arki was sworn in as Hillsdale's newest patrolman. | Frederic Vavosa | 212 | 1/16/09

213: 1/29/09 | 213

214: 12/24/09 | 214

215: 12/31/2209 | 215 | 9/18/09 | 8/7/09

216: AMERICAN LEGION POST 162 | 216 | Background: Left To Right-Vince McCarthy, Chip Stalter, Sean Smith, Donald Carty, Michael Niego, Dan McLaughlin, John Carty, John Scordato, Zoltan Horvath

217: A PIG IN HILLSDALE? | A report came in from Paramus of a baby pig on Washington Avenue near Trinity Place. Sgt. Mclaughlin and Officer Bill Diedtrich did in fact find a pig in the road. It was determined to be a resident's pet that got loose. The pig was returned to its owner. | 217

218: 218

220: Robert Francaviglia | Sean Smith | Joseph Mazzeo | Daniel McLaughlin | John Carty | Christopher Donaldson | Adam Hampton | Thomas Smith | Liz Zimmerman | William Diedtrich | David Sayers | Ryan Norton | Alex Kaplan | Michael Camporeale | Matthew Buesser | Travis Woods | German Decena | Brian Considine

221: Hillsdale Police Department 2015

223: DECEASED RETIRED MEMBERS | Chief R. Frank Stoeckel Capt. Robert Schramm Sgt. Floyd W. Kehr P.O. Robert Mele Lt. Gerald C. Schmidt Sgt. Neil B. Stewart Lt. Vincent McCarthy Chief Philip J. Varisco Sgt. Jack A. Bauer | D.O.E. 01/15/30 09/23/57 01/03/69 03/16/69 03/27/46 09/23/57 07/14/59 07/01/56 07/07/51 | D.O.R. 01/01/69 06/30/83 07/17/96 01/31/97 01/01/72 10/01/84 06/30/85 05/31/87 07/07/76 | Y.O.S. 39 25 26 28 26 27 26 29 25 | D.O.D. 1/16/86 1995 07/17/96 11/13/02 04/10/04 10/--/10 09/19/12 11/03/12 07/13/13 | 248 Years of Service | 219

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