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Holiday 2011 (2)

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S: Israel, Egypt, Jordon, Turkey, Greece & Morocco

2: 8 Day Tour Israel 2nd June Tel Aviv 3rd June Jaffa & Tel Aviv 4th June Tel Aviv & Galilee 5th June Galilee & Dead Sea 6th June Dead Sea & Jerusalem 7th June Jerusalem 8th June Jerusalem 9th June Jerusalem & fly to Cairo | Depart Rome Thursday 2nd June 2011 Arrive Tel Aviv Thursday 2nd June 2011

3: Tel Aviv - Israel | Completely unexpected, a beautiful city! | Jaffa is believed to be the oldest port city in the world | The water was so warm

4: These guys are eating an ice-cream with guns slung over their shoulders | "Mini" Israel | Remains in Jaffa date back to 7500 BCE | A local Jewish family going for a walk along the beach

5: Ruins of Caesarea | Haifa | Pontius Pilot Stone | Zvika - our amazing guide in Israel | Acre - crusaders crypt & fortress

6: Nazareth | The Church of Annunciation

7: Sea of Galilee | Church of Beatitudes | Over looking the sea of Galilee | The town of Tiberias, on Shabbat

8: The Sea of Galilee | 2000 year old boat

9: Capharnaum was the centre of Jesus "activities" in the Galilee and dates back to the 3rd millenium BC | Ruins of this house are believed to have belonged to one of the 12 apostles Peter

10: THE DEAD SEA | Bobbing around in the dead sea was so much fun

12: M A S A D A | Masada is Hebrew for fortress

13: Masada is a fortress on an isolated rock cliff overlooking the dead sea and is believed to have been built by Herrod the Great. In 73 AD the Romans eventually breached its walls after almost 2 years and using thousands of tons of rocks to build a ramp. Masada's defendants, almost 1000 Jews decided to burn the fortress and end their lives rather than be taken alive.

14: ...what can you do...? | Zvika | Over 11 million adults and children were murdered during the holocaust, of these 6 million were Jewish.

15: We have made a promise to our children, we will do whatever it takes to ensure they will never, ever, suffer what has been inflicted on previous generations. | Yad Vashem Holocaust museum is an emotional and heart wrenching place to visit

17: The Church of Bethleham Palestine

18: The controversial wall built by Israel .... | Leaving Palestine through the check point back into Israel. We were taken back through with a "runner". | In 2002, 452 Israelis died in terrorist related attacks and in 2010 this had decreased to only 9 people.

19: Church of All Nations, Garden of Gesthsemene, Birthplace & Tomb of Mary, Pool of Bethesda & Shrine of the Book

20: Room of the last supper | Over looking Jerusalem from Mt Olives | The walls surrounding Jerusalem

21: J E R U S A L E M | The Western Wall | Graves surrounding Jerusalem | Inside the walls of Jerusalem

22: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on the site of the Crucifixion | Via Dolorosa - the stations of the Cross

24: EGYPT | 8 Day Tour Egypt 9th June 2011 Arrive Cairo 10th June 2011 Cairo fly to Luxor, Nile Cruise 11th June 2011 Nile Cruise 12th June Nile Cruise 13th June 2011 Nile Cruise, Arrive Aswan 14th June 2011 Nile Cruise, fly to Abel Simbel, flt to Cairo 15th June 2011 Cairo 16th June 2011 Cairo 17th June 2011 Fly to Amman

25: Sheraton, Cairo | Simon up on deck over looking Nile | Our boat, The Miriam | On deck

26: KARNACK TEMPLE | Avenue of Ram headed sphinxes | Obelisk of Hatshepsut, made, built in 1457 BC & made of pink granite | Karnack Temple is the largest temple complex ever built by man, constructed over a time period of 1500 years.


28: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut | Simon looking back towards the cliffs that he was standing on when he saw the massacre of both guards and 58 tourists in 1997. | This little outpost is in the middle of nowhere, can you imagine this being your job all day in over 50 degree temperatures?

29: Colossi of Memnon | The "hagglers" waiting for tourists as they get off the bus & a fight that broke out over a sale

30: Esna lock, Edfu | Valley of the Kings | Unfinished obelisk - heartbreaking crack! | Call to prayer

31: The police hard at work.... | We weren't safe from hagglers anywhere! | Papyrus factory | Even the dogs hassled us while we we were getting off the bus | Ayman our Egyptian tour guide

32: Horse and carriage ride from the Nile to Edfu Temple. It was heart breaking because the horses were so skinny. | It was the hardest saying no to the children

33: Edfu Temple

34: Motor boat ride on the Nile to the Island of Philae

36: Ride on a traditional Nile Felucca to a local Nubian Village | Nubian Village | Maire used to work with my Dad | Our Brisbane friends

37: Pet crocodiles in the lounge | Inside a Nubian house and views over village | I took along lollies and pens for the kids and they were literally snatched out of my hands by these ladies, and they still wanted money for this photo


39: Abu Simbel was originally carved in the 13th century BC during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II, however it was relocated in its entirety in 1968 to a man made hill. This was to prevent it being submerged duirng the creation of Lake Nassar formed after the building of Aswan High dam. | Simon

40: C A I R O

42: The undercover policeman that escorted us around Cairo (with a machine gun under his jacket).

43: I will always regret missing the shot of Simon falling off! | Pyramids of Giza

44: 5 Day Tour Jordon 17th June 2011 Fly to Amman 18th June 2011 Amman, Jerash & Petra 19th June 2011 Petra 20th June 2011 Petra & Amman 21st June 2011 Amman & Fly to Istanbul | Views over Amman from the top of Citadel Hill

45: The Citadel Museum | Bronze age cave tomb that dates back to the 23rd century BC!!!!! | Ruins on Citadel Hill | A mosque on the citadel | 100 cm statue made from bitumen and plaster, discovered in 1985 it is believed to be from the neolithic pre-pottery period 6500 BC

46: Jerash (north of Amman) is one of the most well preserved roman cities outside Italy | Our guide, Basil | All roads lead to Rome...

47: JERASH | The theatre had the most amazing acoustics, you could hear somebody saying something on the other side even if they were whispering

48: The amazing Petra....

50: Our first glimpse of the Treasury | The magnificent Treasury

51: Simon loved climbing around the cliffs | The Siq was beautiful and cool | The Treasury door | Caves still to be excavated | Looking back towards the Siq | We were in awe of Petra, what an amazing place

52: The Bedouins lived in the caves until the mid 80's | SMILE | A local Bedouin

53: The colours and patterns of the rocks couldn't be captured on camera, so pretty.

54: A local Bedouin pointing out a chameleon in the tree above

55: That night after discovering Petra, sitting on the cliff in a Bedouin tent at our hotel, watching the sunset.....WOW

56: The rock that Moses hit with a stick and water flowed from it | Shobak castle | Views from Mt Nebo over looking the promised land

57: 21st June 2011 Depart Amman, Jordon 21st June 2011 Arrive Istanbul Turkey 6 Nights Sultanhan Hotel, Sultanahmet | The street our hotel was on | Views over Istanbul


60: S O P H I A H A G I A


62: Istanbul has walls that still surround the city.

63: Bridge connecting Europe with Asia. Istanbul is the only city in the world spanning two continents. | We went to a traditional Sema ceremony but then came upon the whirling dervishes at a restaurant.

64: CRUISE TO THE PRINCE'S ISLANDS | Views of Blue Mosque from the water

66: Greek Island Hopper 27th June 2011 Fly to Athens 28th June 2011 Athens 29th June 2011 Ferry to Mykonos 30th June 2011 Mykonos 1st July 2011 Mykonos 2nd July 2011 Mykonos 3rd July 2011 Ferry to Santorini 4th July 2011 Santorini 5th July 2011 Santorini 6th July 2011 Ferry back to Athens 7th July 2011 Athens 8th July 2011 Athens 9th July 2011 Fly to Casablanca | The riots in Athens meant we couldn't venture far, except to the laundromat.

67: The Acropolis | Once we had arrived in Athens we just couldn't wait to get to the Greek islands and do absolutely nothing!

68: M Y K O N O S

73: S A N T O R I N I

74: Simon found this café on his travels around the island. It gave us breath taking views of the sunset.... | Little did we know that our holiday was going to take a slightly different path the next day...

76: Out the front of the Santorini hospital | Feeling very sorry for myself!

77: 10 Day Best of Morocco Tour 9th July 2011 Arrive Casablanca 10th July 2011 Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fes 11th July 2011 Fes 12th July 2011 Fes, Ziz Gorges, Erfoud 13th July 2011 Erfoud, Todra Gorge, Dades Valley, Ouarzazte 14th July 2011 Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, Marrakesh 15th July 2011 Marrakesh 16th July 2011 Marrakesh, Casablanca 17th July 2011 Casablanca END OF HOLIDAY - FLY HOME | Our guide in Morocco

78: Casablanca | Hassan II Mosque, Ricks Cafe & a street in Casablanca

79: Rabat Royal Palace and Mausoleum of King Mohammed V

80: Bab el-Mansour gate of Meknes | Moulay Ismail Mausoleum | Meknes

81: Chefchaouen | Founded in 1471 as a small fortress town by Spanish and Jewish exiles | A local woman heading down to the bakery to bake her bread (until she saw the cameras)

82: A traditional Moroccan wedding

84: Our traditional Riad Hotel...FEZ

86: There are hundred of cats in the Medina but are welcomed by the locals because they kill the rats. | The Medina was an unforgettable experience, you feel like you have walked back in time as you pass through the gates. | I would definitely not be buying meat here, the flies are everywhere. | The blue gate, one of two main gates into the Medina.

87: Headstone anybody? | Fez was founded in the 9th century and is the home to the oldest university in the world. | You can't get fresher than this! | The Medina of Fez is considered the most extensive and well preserved historic city of the Arab-Muslim world.

89: The Tannery - Fez | The tannery remains unchanged since it was built in the 11th century. The hides are first soaked in pigeon excrement and then transferred to vessels containing natural vegetable dyes such as henna, saffron and mint. When the dying process is complete the hides are left to dry on the roof of the Medina. | We were handed basil to smell as we walked out onto the balcony. The stench is indescribable!

90: Gorgeous Aisha shared her cave, tea and story with us

91: A Berber family home, they gave us bread and tea and were very hospitable. | We have never seen so many flies!!!!!

92: Sahara Desert | For the second time on our holiday we were caught in a desert storm, this time a sand storm. | Our hotel in the Sahara

93: It is impossible to imagine the life that these people live... | Our very funny driver, he just laughed the whole way out into the desert :) | My thoughts were with my Dad, constantly!

94: The Marrakesh markets run every night and it is an experience like no other! | The boy on the bike has a snake wrapped around his head! | The monkeys were so cute but really unpredictable.

95: This man removes teeth at the market and then uses them to make dentures........ | You can find anything you need at the markets, snake charmers, fortune tellers, goat's heads,...

96: Beautiful mosaics | Locals doing their washing in the river | A Moroccan village | Fez green gate | A beautiful light, but sweet Moroccan desert | Entertainment at dinner

97: Dinner | A belly dancer, up on the table | Polishing fossils is dusty business | Tiles with Arabic versus from the Koran | Cute little donkey hanging out at the river | A mausoleum having its floor cleaned

98: Making almond oil with some local women, it was really hard shelling the almonds with a rock! These ladies do it all day, every day. | Visiting an Imam and his family in the mountains. An Imam is a worship leader in a Muslim community

99: ATLAS MOUNTAINS | The views were spectacular but the height was a little scary!

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