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Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet

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S: What Stories would you tell your children?

FC: "I. . .am an American ."

2: Keiko is another example of Henry's loyalty. When he decides to visit Camp Harmony he tries and succeeds to smuggle in normal things that wouldn't normally be allowed in the camp, such as extra tooth paste,a record, ribbon, & a sketchbook. Another thing Henry did just see Kekio face to face, was to travel all the way from Seattle to Idaho with his black friend Sheldon. Now, would you decide that you were just going to leave the state to go see your bestfriend and tell her you have different feelings towards her? I think Henry's character is so adorable. He keeps his old traditions, yet he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He only pleases to make himself happy.

3: When I was little I had many problems. One of them was always listening to my dad. Believe it or not parents are always right. Back in 1942 I hadn't listened to my father. I disobeyed his wishes and had become friends with "the enemy." I had never gone against any of his wishes. I did what I was told, but this time I refused. | She is my best friend.

4: I never thought that my dad could go so far as to hate a certain race so much. He had been fighting the war in his head for awhile now. He believed because he was a traditional Chinese man to the core. They had attacked and become enemies with China, the United States, they had now become my fathers number one enemy. | This girl is my best friend. Maybe even more than a friend. Going behind my father's back and doing this was probably the worse thing I could have done. I didn't know how bad it would hurt him, I just had to be an adult and do things that made me happy and stand up for myself...

5: When I was younger I always dreaded going to school. I was teased by my former Chinese classmates about going to a private white school & I was teased by my fellow classmates at Rainer for being of the Asian race. I was forced by my father to wear a " I am Chinese," button on my shirt. My Mother & Father didn't speak English. I could've said whatever I pleased. Since they wouldn't allow me to speak in Cantonese, it worked to my advantage most of the time, such as when I wanted to remain in touch with my Japanese friend Keiko. She would call and for a while my father wouldn't suspect a thing after a while he had caught on though. Japanese people weren't really on the top of my fathers list, after the attack on Pearl Harobr. | Hero | Justice

6: Today was one of my favorite days. Keiko and I bought an Oscar Holding record! Well, I let Keiko have it because I'm not allowed to play it anyway. Keiko is going to keep it so we'll always remember each other. I'm so happy we bought it. Maybe one day I will be able to listen to it. I can always buy it when I'm older...

7: My Favorite. | This was one of the scariest moments ever. Besides the AMAZING music by Oscar Holden, Keiko and I had an amazing time before the police came. This is the only day I was thankful to have my "I am Chinese" button my father made me wear. This is definitely a story to tell... | . . .he’s looking for a record of that guy he likes listening to. I feel like he may have gave Keiko it as a gift or something because they both liked listening to him . . . It might not be it but I think it is. It has to probably do something with the music. I think when he was younger he gave her the record that’s why he’s always searching for it in stores.

8: I found | from | Some Pictures | Keiko's | Albums | Photo

9: To Henry From Kieko | "Happy Birthday, Henry! I didn't want you to go, but I knew I was going anyway, so what could you do? I don't want to trouble your family or make things worse between you and your dad. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. And miss you more than you'll know." | ...Japanese people were burning their family pictures and anything that could make them seem like spies was really sad. Like showing they have to burn pictures that they care about, about precious memories. | I'm so upset with that letter. I need to tell someone. I can't take it anymore. I need to tell someone. Maybe i can tell someone someday these stories about the girl that I love...

10: Well, this is a story to tell. The concentration camps were one of the things I hated most. It's what separated me from Keiko. These things weren't the nicest place to be. People who are Japanese sometimes had to even build their camps. These places aren't nice. I've been there. I've fed food to them and I've been around it. People have walked by me mistaking me for being Japanese and people would come to me and say , which means Hello. I've witnessed this. This is and important memory and it's something I've been planning to tell Marty. | "Konichiwa"

12: What I've never told Marty before though are all the things about me I've been hiding. Maybe part of it was the only thing that kept us close was Ethel, when she died it was is there was a gapping whole in my chest. I guess I closed myself off to everything, including Marty. I'm his father, he's my son that was how the situation was viewed. I never told anything about myself to Marty and he returned the favor as to keeping his life from me, such as his finance. Let alone did the shock surpass me I never even knew he had a girlfriend.

13: When Marty was younger we had never really spoken unless he needed money or it was about his grades. Even though we are not close I can't help but feel responsible for our relationship not really even being much. The many stories I could have shared might have made our relationship more concrete, compared to the leftover flavor on a popsicle stick it is now. | In the few days that have gone by I've talked more to my son then I have in the last 5 years. It just goes to show that I needed to get out more and try to share my memories with Marty I've never had this close a bond with him before and now that I do, I am not going to risk losing it. | I've recently (thanks to my soon to be daughter-in-law) have found some of Keikos sketch books, her parasol, & the long lost Oscar holden record. Even though it was broken in tact the memory was clear as day.

14: The fancy kind of camera they used | Keiko and I used to have so much fun, running around listening to jazz, talking to Sheldon, or just going for walks. The first time I visited nihonmachi I saw a picture of her with a parasol in a photography studio, she looked very pretty. | hou noi mou gin | Sometimes I would go to Nihonmachi & visit Keiko | Nihonmachi

15: Keiko | Beautiful | Forgotten

16: This is my second picture of this record. I cant believe it's been right there in the | Panama Hotel. | This whole time. I've walked by there so many times. Now I finally found one of my last memories of Keiko. Now I have to tell Marty about her, he helped me find the record. This is going to be quite a long story.

17: When I was younger, back in 1942 my mother played an important part of me growing up. As being my fathers wife she had to obey his wishes, which meant that she had to follow everything he told her to do. My mother, was told it is the woman of the household's rightful place to serve her husband. Now if in her childhood she wasn't told this she would've behaved differently. As my father had the stroke and was bedridden she took care of everything. The only problem was my father wanted me to go back to china. For it was "his wishes" I told her I would not go unless it was my decision to do so. | Mother | Time heals all wounds is a lie

18: Oai deki te ureshii desu | I finally learned something in Japanese to say to Keiko. Oai deki te urshii desu, it means you look beautiful today. I got the courage to tell her and she tells me that she doesn't even speak Japanese! How embarrassing?! I had to lie and say it meant something else.

19: I've started to notice a pattern in my life. Over the years I've had a normal life, then a tragedy would happen such as Ethel developing cancer. The only constant person in my life is my tightrope relationship with my son Marty. The one thing I do not understand about my son is that his mother died of lung cancer. Yet when Marty and I had our first serious conversation about our lives he ran outside and started to smoke a cigarette.

20: WHat stories would you tell your children? | Stories Henry would tell Marty are big things in his life. We put (what we think) important parts of Henry's life were. We made a lot of the book about Keiko because she was a huge part of his life and those are the type of things he would tell stories about. We didn't put somethings about, let's say like about Chaz because why would he want his son to know that he got beat up all the time and was called racist names? He obviously wouldn't want to tell that kind of story. It would be a better decision to tell the stories your children can look forward to repeating rather than dreading.

21: What Stories Would You tell Your children? Our Point of view: | Stories I would tell my children would tell my children about times I got in trouble, times I had a lot of fun with my friends, and just some random things. I don't think I would tell my children about people I liked unless I had to. Most stories I would tell are about my friends and the fun I had. -Kaley. | I would tell many different stories to my children, but I would only tell them the uplifting stories. Depending on what you tell your children and the person you are,affects who they will become. I feel that if I told my children bad stories of my childhood that it would actually happen to them. It seems as if you should fill your children up with happiness not bring them down with your hopelessness. It seems as if it would bring a closer & stronger relationship with my child. - Grace

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