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House on Mango Street

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BC: Best Friends

FC: Sarah's Spectacular Mixbook Sarah Ames English 9 H Mrs. Foley

1: Table of Contents | 1. Gray House Blues 2.Ugly Names 3.Living in Fear 4. Heaven Gained an Angel 5. Noisy Mornings 6.Laughter Makes the World Go Round 7. Keeping Secrets 8. Just Wanted to go Home 9. Go My Own Way 10. You Can Go Home Again

2: Gray House Blues | When you pull onto Lariviere Drive you'll be surrounded by many huge houses. But when you pull to the end of the street just before a turn, a big gray house with blue shutters will warmly greet you. Walking inside you may be bombarded by screaming daycare children and the warm smell of the cinnamon apple candle that never seems to run out. Besides the creaky spots and the occasional mess, my room is somewhere that I can find peace, quiet, and can once in a while focus on my homework. Once the the daycare kids leave the house soon becomes silent. Mom's gone to college, and my stepfather and brothers are off to the movies (as usual). I'm left here in peace with my dog, Cody and Pandora playing in the background. And tomorrow, I repeat it all again.

3: Ugly Names | The name Sarah means princess, but I'm not one to go blurting that to everyone I know. When I look at myself princess is the last word that comes to mind. I got named after Sarah from the bible, who is Abraham's wife. In my opinion, I hate my name. I think it's boring, and most of my teachers accidentally call me Amy, so why not change it to that! I don't really have a nickname, hence the boring part of my name. Before she passed away, my Grandma used to call me Sarah Sue. She was the only one who could call me that without getting a dirty look or a punch in the arm. If I could have named myself I would've chosen Stephanie, it's my favorite name! But I was given that name Sarah and I can't do anything about it, so I'm stuck with being a "princess".

4: Living in Fear | I am terrified of leeches. These blood sucking creatures make me paranoid of any still water. Not only that, but their slimy black appearance freaks me out as well! Though they are small, it is proved that they can kill you. When I was younger I went swimming in a pond that was in my best friends backyard, not knowing there were leeches in it. When we went back inside I will never forget freaking out from seeing one stuck to the back of my leg! I strongly believe that this is what created this irrational fear I have of them. If I ever have another encounter with one I am not sure if I could ever keep calm!

5: Heaven Gained an Angel | The death of my Grandma was the most unexpected thing that has ever occurred to me. It didn't feel like losing a grandmother, it felt like losing my best friend. In December she was diagnosed with lunch cancer, they said they caught it early. But by the middle of January the cancer got into her bloodstream and she was told it had spread to her brain and bones. I was filled with grief and extreme sadness knowing she lived hundreds of miles away and that we couldn't do anything to help her. She passed away March 4th, 2012. My family and friends were there for me through every step of this horrible grieving. I learned who a lot of my real friends are and became closer to my family. I do miss my Grandma, but knowing that she is in a better place and feels no more pain brings a smile to my face.

6: Noisy Mornings | 5:30 a.m: The abrupt sound of a rooster comes from my iPhone that is buried underneath my pillows. After hitting the snooze button three or four times. I trudge out of bed hearing a few squeaks in my bed. Across the hall I can hear my mom running on her treadmill, I think she's crazy for doing that so early! As I walk into CCHS laughter, loud music, and an occasional yell or two is all that can be heard, until the bell sends everyone to class. The hallways are so quiet that you could probably hear a pin drop, until classes change! And finally, once I hear the bell at 2:08 I give a sigh of relief, until tomorrow when I will hear all this again.

7: Laughter Makes the World go Round | It starts with a chuckle and a big gasp of air, Moms laugh is strange and no one can compare. Dads laugh is distinct, obnoxious and loud, If you can make him laugh, expect a rather odd sound! My brothers laughs are the same, here is a clue, The seem to laugh so hard that their faces turn blue! Lauren's laugh is one to make you giggle, She snorts and even her nose starts to wiggle. But out of them all, my laugh is the worst, It sounds like them all, it's a family curse. A loud ugly roar, with an obnoxious twist, But I laugh a lot which sometimes makes people pissed. Laughter is something that can bring people together Even if it's a crappy joke about the weather.

8: Keeping Secrets | When I was a kid I used to have a huge pool and wrap around deck in my yard. My best friend and I found a small hole that led to underneath the deck, so we dug the whole deeper and would crawl inside. Everyday we would go to our secret hiding spot and bring one thing each and leave them there. I will never forget one time I brought one of my brothers toys down there, that's how our fort was discovered. Pretty soon my little brothers would be bombarding us and pushing us out, wanting to use our spot as a war zone or the perfect place for hide and seek. But after a few years we had to pack up and move, so we all took our belongings that were down there with us and we left one thing each, burying it and hoping to find it someday. I left my favorite Barbie Doll dress, and my best friend left hers. We covered the small hole that led to underneath, so that no one could know about it. Every time I drive past that small gray house, I look in the backyard and wonder if my yellow Barbie Doll dress is still there.

9: Just Wanted to Go Home | I never would have thought that getting home from school would've been such a hassle. It was a Friday after school and I was on the bus waiting to be dropped off, our usual bus driver wasn't there. When the bus was arriving my neighborhood she said something to me in Spanish and I had no clue what she said. She couldn't find where my bus stop was and needed help. Talking to someone who can't speak the same language as you is like trying to understand what a dogs bark means. I got frustrated and just wanted to go home! Luckily there was someone on the bus that could translate, which made things much easier.

10: Go My Own Way | I cannot work in group projects, I either get stuck doing all the work or just plain frustrated. In my 8th grade math class we had to do a project and it was required that we work in groups of four of five. Luckily I was with my good friend Janelle, because the other people in my group weren't the smartest kids I know. After much struggle, arguing, and debating on how we'd tackle this project, Janelle and I decided to things our own way and do it just the two of us. Everyone though that it was a dumb idea because we wouldn't do it right, but we soon proved them wrong. Yes it was ten times harder than working in a bigger group, but we proved that we could do things our own way, and come out with the same outcome as everyone else.

11: You Can Go Home Again | True of false, "you can't go home again..." In my opinion, I believe that this statement from The House on Mango Street is false, you can go home again. Home is where the heart is, or anywhere you family and friends are. Some people may not have a physical home, but having company of friends and family is enough to call home. In this book of vignettes Esperanza moves a lot and isn't sure that the house on Mango street is her true home. Throughout my life I've moved three times. To me home is where I am right now, it's where I am growing up and where I have lived that longest. I don't really remember my other houses, so this house comes to mind when I think of home.

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