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How to PLay at Recess Ms. Moore 2013-2014

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How to PLay at Recess Ms. Moore 2013-2014 - Page Text Content

3: Table of Contents Ball Tag (by Calder and Dexter) p. 4-5 Basketball (by Wes and Hugo) p. 6-7 Follow the Leader (by Lila and Isabelle) p. 8-9 Four Square (by Ji-Dan and Allessandro) p. 10-11 Freeze Tag (by Shayla and Violet) p. 12-13 Hopscotch (by Chloe and Daria) p. 14-15 Limbo (by Ha-Jin and Emily) p. 16-17 Red Light, Green Light (Catherine and Camden) p. 18-19 Sharks and Minnows (by Rosemary and Xavier) p. 20-21 Thumb War (by Laniya and Sahauna) p. 22-23 Wall Ball (by Gwen and Phoebe) p. 24-25

4: Ball Tag | How to PLay | 1. The person with the ball has to tag people with the ball. 2. The other players run away from the person with the ball and try not to get tagged by the ball. 3. If you get tagged then you are IT and you have to tag other people.

5: Equipment Needed A ball People Big outside space | Rules - You can only tag with the ball. - You can't throw the ball at anyone's head. - Have fun. | (by Calder and Dexter)

6: Basketball | How to PLay | 1. Make 2 teams 2. Dribble the ball to the hoop. 3. Throw the ball into the hoop to score a point. 4. You can pass the ball to a teammate.

7: Equipment Needed | Rules - You are allowed to block the ball when someone is trying to make a basket. - No hurting people to get the ball. - You cannot walk with the ball, you have to dribble. | (by Wes(by Wes and Hugo) | Hoop Court Sneakers 2 teams

8: Follow the Leader | How to PLay 1. One person gets to be the leader 2. Everyone else is a follower. 3. Followers should follow the leaders and do everything they do. 4. If they don't follow the leader exactly, they are out. 5. After a few minutes, the person behind the leader gets to be the leader, and so on until everyone has a chance to be the leader.

9: Equipment Needed Leader Follower | Rules - No pushing - Stay in line -When you get out, wait until the next round to play again. - Have fun! | (by Lila and Isabelle)

10: Four Square | How to Play 1. Draw a square on the ground that is divided into 4 equal parts. Label the squares A, B, C, D. 2. A kid stands in each square. 3. Player A passes the ball to player B, then player B passes the ball to player C, and so on. 4. If you miss the ball, you are out.

11: Equipment Needed Big ball Big square on the ground | Rules -Do not kick the ball - Do not tease somebody if you win. - The ball has to bounce once before it gets caught. - Have fun | (by Ji-Dan and Allessandro)

12: Freeze Tag | How to PLay 1. Pick the tagger 2. Tagger tags the other people. 3. If you get tagged, you are frozen until some one else tags you.

13: Equipment Needed Big space | Rules - Do not kick - Do not push - You cannot move any part of your body when you are frozen. - Have fun | (by Shayla and Violet)

14: Hopscotch | How to PLay 1. Draw your hopscotch squares. 2. Pick a small rock to play with. 3. Throw the rock onto square number one. 4. Hop on one foot to square number two. 5. Pick up the rock without touching any lines with your hands or feet. 6. Go back and then it's the next person's turn. 7. Try and get all the way to the end and back.

15: Equipment Needed Rock Chalk Sneakers Hopscotch squares on ground | Rules - When you throw the rock, it must not touch any lines. - Your feet and hands cannot touch any lines. - You can only hop on one foot. | by Chloe and Daria

16: Limbo | How to PLay 1. Two people hold a rope stretched tightly, as high as they can. 2. Everyone takes a turn going under the rope, without touching the rope with any part of their body. 3. After everyone has a turn going under the rope, the rope gets lower to the ground.

17: Equipment Needed Rope | Rules - You are out if you touch the rope when going under. -No one can help you get under. - Lean back, not forward - Have fun | (by Ha-Jin and Emily)

18: Red Light, Green Light | How to PLay 1. Pick some one to say "red light, green light" 2. When they say"green light", everyone runs. 3. When they say yellow light, everyone walks. 4. When they say"red light, everyone stops.

19: Equipment Needed People Voice | Rules - You can not move when the person says red light. - Have fun!! | (Catherine and Camden)

20: Sharks and Minnows | How to PLay 1. Ro-sham-bo to pick who will be the shark and draw the space with chalk. 2. The shark says, fishy fishy are you ready? When the minnow say yes, they start running from one side of the square to the other. 3. The shark chases the minnows and tries to tag them. 5. If a minnow gets tagged, it turns into seaweed and has to stay in one spot and move its arms and try to tag the other people.

21: Equipment Needed Big space | Rules - No out of bounds - Seaweed cannot move their legs. - The last person tagged is the winner and gets to be the shark in the next game. - Have fun | (by Rosemary and Xavier)

22: Thumb War | How to PLay 1. Hang your fingers together 2. Both people say, 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare thumb war. 5, 6, 7, 8, try and keep your thumb straight. 3. Move your thumbs right to left. 4. Try and hold down the other person's thumb for 10 seconds.

23: Equipment Needed Thumbs | Rules - Keep your thumb straight - Have fun | (by Laniya and Sahauna)

24: Wall Ball | How to PLay 1. Stand in a line in front of a wall. 2. Kick the ball to the wall 3. When the ball bounces back, the next person in line kicks it against the wall. 3. You are out if you miss the ball or if you use your hands.

25: Equipment Needed wall ball | Rules - No hands, only kick the ball. - Have fun | (by Gwen and Phoebe)

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