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Hungry Classroom

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S: The Hungry Classroom

BC: how we eat is how we live

1: Hungry Classroom | 2012-2013 | The

3: Welcome to the Hungry Classroom! In a beautiful collection of articles written by ninth graders from High Tech High North County, students invite you to join them in their markets, their cities, their lifestyles and their homes. They highlight the array of unique food cultures within the county of San Diego, encouraging observations of not only the differences among dishes and recipes, but also the traditions, meal expectations and lifestyle decisions. Many analyze factors affecting our daily food choices; some propose solutions for a healthier America. Assisted by the Hungry Planet, the students also compare and contrast their eating habits and opportunities to families spanning the globe, ranging from the Andes mountains of Ecuador to the refugee camps in Chad. The Hungry Classroom has been written, edited and designed by students. Please join us for an intellectual treat!

5: Mali In this section: Lucas Ryan Julia Chloe Alexis Letty Nadir

6: Food Expenditure for woone week | Food Expenditure for One Week: $220

7: You Are What You Eat | By Lucas LeVieux | The passenger door opens slowly. The sounds of a football game on the radio flows lethargically from the gap between the door and the car. In the bright light of a Sunday afternoon, a single shoe hits the boiling hot asphalt of the parking lot. This is my shoe; this is the Trader Joes parking lot. I am here to shop for groceries. Am I excited? Not really. My family shops here every week. It’s not a celebration, it’s not a special occasion. I guess I kind of take it for granted; there are so many people that don’t have this luxury. Yeah, it’s cliché, but it’s true: getting groceries from all over the world delivered practically to your doorstep is a luxury. These vegetables have been shipped thousands of miles from nations that I could not point out to you on a map to get to this store. And I could buy this avocado for two dollars, when has been on an airplane for the past day, traveling from Chile. We don’t know much about how our food got to us, but the truth is, our food has a story. Our avocados are really world travelers. Our dried mangos went through so many interesting processes to end up in dehydrated slices. Contrast this to other places like Mali, where they need to grow almost anything they want to eat. If they cannot grow it, they buy it at the market, where the original farmers sell their goods. They cannot get anything that is out of season in their hemisphere like we can. And they won’t get anything that doesn’t grow in the African terrain. But we don’t think about these Malian people when we shop, we just get our pre-made dinners that were shipped across the country and leave. | “My idea about food is that if I’m going to bother to cook something, I should make it healthy.” | Even though grocery shopping is usually a mundane ritual conducted by my family every week, this week will be a bit different. I will be taking pictures around the market of food and my family for inclusion in this book. It sounds awkward to me, the thought of taking pictures in a grocery store. But I figure I will be very hidden about my Canon point-and-shoot. No one will notice. As my father and I approach the grocery store, my mother meets us. Together, we investigate the display of pumpkins right outside of the doors. They are $2.99, which sounded like a good price to me, so we inspected them. Some of the pumpkins had brown spots on them; we were careful to avoid those. Once we had picked out a sufficient pumpkin, we sat it down in the child seat of a red shopping cart that I got out of the line directly outside of the building. We then proceeded to pick out two mini pumpkins for the centerpiece at home in preparation for family dinner that night. We activate the sliding glass door and step into the coolness of the grocery store. It was decorated for Halloween, which was coming up in a month. There were a lot of pumpkins everywhere, and way too many pumpkin products (pumpkin macarons, anyone?). The floor was tiled, with a light blue shade and black streaks you’d find in a very large watch store. This was no watch store, though:

8: Some jam in the cart | Checking out | The wine bottles | The pumpkin | My family lives in a two-story house made of wood, drywall, nails, glass, and various metal pieces. Everything fits together to make a building that is stable and durable, as well as costly and hard to make. But in the African country of Mali, none of that can be afforded. The people live in the desert, and mud-brick homes are all that they can get. I read about a family there, in Mali. The entire family of nine eats from a central pot of porridge. They indulge with their hands, whenever they feel like it. There is no set time for them to eat their food, vastly unlike our American culture. In my home, we all eat together at a table in the dining room. We take this as a time to talk to each other about our day, our life, and our ideas. Like their housing, all their food experiences are different than ours. Every day, this family goes to a market across the river. They, too, have access to food venders very close to their own home. But unlike my family’s weekly Trader Joe’s visit, this food isn’t shipped around the world before being bought by the consumer. All that is available to them is grown or hunted in the African terrain. There is a complete absence of marketing; you’ll find no plastic or bright colors here. There are so many complicated things about a grocery store, it’s refreshing to think about another culture that doesn’t have that.

9: I live in a typical middle class house in a very safe neighborhood. Every fifth building is designed exactly the same, so when you go to a friend’s house you know exactly where the bathroom is. The town I live in, Carlsbad, is mostly like that. The city is known for Legoland, a theme park for the construction toy LEGO. This makes sense given the culture of the surrounding area. My house is located close to the border between Carlsbad and the neighboring town, Encinitas, known for surfing and the rock group Switchfoot. There are four bedrooms in our two-story house, but only two are being occupied. There are really five in my immediate family, but only my parents and I remain in the house. I have two brothers, but they are both more than ten years older than me; they moved out long ago. My father works as an electronic engineer, creating hardware and software for audio mixing consoles. My mother usually stays at home and paints in oil or writes. Because she doesn’t have a full time job, she is usually the one to cook for us. She tries as hard as she can to keep the family nutritious. Right now, she is choosing the spinach. Spinach is something we have almost every night. Most of the time we have it in salads, sometimes we have it in eggs, sometimes we have it in pie. Personally, I used to hate spinach. It’s tastes disgusting. It’s bitter. And worst of all, it’s green. But I think my repulsion was due to the fact that I was forced to eat it as a child. Because people told me to eat it, I really didn’t want to eat it. Now, it’s different. I think of salad as more of an art form, a culinary genre of it’s own. Almost every night now, I make my own salad before or after the main dinner. It usually contains lots of spinach, topped with carrots, mushrooms, cheese, salmon, or whatever’s in the ‘fridge. We continue along the produce aisle, collecting onions, mushrooms, and carrots (all organic, of course). These all | the ceilings are low in comparison to supermarkets like Albertsons. In fact, the whole place is smaller than a supermarket, and that is part of why we come here. Size is a huge factor in where we go to shop. “In general I like a smaller store because the things I want are relatively simple, and I can always find what I want in a small store,” my mom remarked when I talked to her about this. “It’s just overwhelming to me to see aisles and aisles of food. You don’t need a full on aisle for cereal; you don’t need two thousand choices.” While size does play a huge role in my mom’s choice of grocery stores, there are many other reasons that she has shopped at Trader Joe’s in Encinitas once a week for twenty years. She says she gets very overwhelmed when she sees large quantities of food, especially large quantities of food that are exactly the same. In a small store, there is less of that, and in effect saves her time. There is also one more thing that makes her want to shop here: a larger selection of organic food. My mother advocates for organic. She says, “Studies have shown that pesticides and growth hormones, all the kinds of things that they can put in foods that are not marked organic, are very unhealthy for you and should not be ingested.” For my entire life, she has seeked out the organic label on packaging. At Trader Joe’s, there is almost as much organic food as conventional food, and not all that much of a price difference. It’s almost the perfect situation. Today it seems that we aren’t the only ones here. The shop is crowded with many people running around pushing red shopping carts. There are only 5 aisles, and each one is a traffic jam of people and carts. While walking towards the spinach to get something for salad, I notice someone waving near the checkout stand. I turn around and inspect the guy who seems to recognize me. It takes me about three seconds, but I figure out that it’s my classmate Shea. Awkwardly I stand there, and wave back. He smiles, then proceeds to leave the building.

10: happen to be things that will end up in my salad sometime in the week. In the eggs section, we pick out organic, large, free range, brown eggs with extra omega-3. That sounds to me like a complete buzzword overload, but marketing like that is what will make a shopper like my mom buy the product. She says getting organic eggs and milk is especially worth it, because they are used so often. “And for things like eggs, paying extra for organic is way worth it for me. Organic eggs are only like five dollars a dozen. That’s a really good price.” She continues by saying if the non-organic eggs are only two dollars, people won’t buy the organic eggs at a higher price. But, five dollars is still a really good price for 12 eggs in the first place. Once we get to the meat section, my dad picks out a vacuum-packed meat called Maui Beef Ribs, which is a thin slice of beef with a sweet sauce. But that’s the only meat we got all week. “We don’t have much meat compared to other American families,” my mom noted. In fact, the average American person eats 5.2 pounds of meat per week #. That’s 10 double hamburgers! In the package of meat we got for a week, there was only a half of a pound. Since this is for our entire family, each of us get about a sixth of a pound. When you combine this with the chicken that we consume when we eat out, each person in our family eats about half a pound of meat per week. We get a half gallon carton of organic orange juice in the refrigerator where the dairy is, even though my dad is the only one who drinks it during the off-season. The thing is, my mom doesn’t like fruit. It’s actually way beyond a dislike; she will not allow any kind of tree fruit in the house. She is okay with juice, though. So my dad and I get our nutrients by drinking juice. In the next aisle, we pick out a bag of Organic noodles for dinner. Since it is Sunday, my brother Trevor will be coming over with his wife and child. Our tradition is to have a large dinner on Sundays and invite the rest of the family to our home. Tonight, my mother is planning to make Hungarian Goulash, a stew with featuring meat, vegetables, and noodles. The meat was previously purchased from Jimbo’s. | After continuing our shopping, we end up at the far end of the store. We begin to move in the direction of the checkout stands. To get there, one has to walk around 3 mini-aisles of wine in tall, glass bottles. I must confess, I am almost obsessive about my actions around the wine. There are boxes of wine that are opened, and stacked six high. I have a horrible fear of going anywhere near all that wine because I think that I might knock those stacks over. If I touch even one bottle, in a matter of seconds I would be soaked by chardonnay, with glass littering the ground as if the blue tiles were made of diamonds. So I am careful to avoid any contact with any of the bottles. As soon as we get in the house, my mom got to work. She follows the recipe you’ll find directly on the right of this writing, spending a lot of time to get the dinner started. As I put the groceries away, she puts the whole thing into a slow cooker. The stew sat in that pan for 7 hours. By the end of that period, the meat was tender and the garlic was soft. The noodles were then prepared and left on the stove. At that point, our guests arrived. Trevor walked in the tall, green door, holding the hand of his son, Jude. Following them was Charity, Trevor’s wife. We all sat around our oval table in the dining room. The table itself is a handmade antique, but the coolest thing about it is that it has leaves. When no leaves are installed in the middle, you have a tiny little table, barely suitable for two people. Simply pull apart the two halves and add a piece in between, and you can fit four people. With two leaves in, all six of us can be comfortable. After blessing, we get up with our plates and begin serving ourselves from the food on the counter. There is salad of spinach and a light dressing as a side to our goulash. On the table is a butter plate containing a soft stick of butter. A dull knife was stabbed into it’s abdomen. Beside the butter are two baguettes, courtesy of Trevor. Eating was the fun part.

11: We all took a long time to eat our food, and we talked in between bites. My family sees dinner as a social time; it’s a time when we are all together. “I want it to be a social thing in our family, where we can talk about our day,” says my mother when I asked her about it. “I always want dinner to be a open discussion time.” She also brings up the French culture; she lived in France for five years. She says that most dinners last at least two hours there, with each course being served without haste. The people talk leisurely for hours. There should be sometime in the day where a family can discuss matters both important and trivial. Why not dinner? After our lengthy discussion about nothing in particular, I serve the ice cream. It’s cookies and cream, my absolute favorite. It’s sweet, fatty and cold. As I sit there, I think of the Malians, busy around their pot of porridge. I think of the French, sitting around a long table in the the sunset with small portions of delicate vegetables on large plates. I think about my ice cream, the product of countless machines, animals, plants and chemicals. All this to create a three dollar half gallon of desert in the freezer aisle; all this to make a scoop of ice cream on my plate after dinner. Have you heard the expression “you are what you eat”? It can be taken literally. All that you take in is morphed into the energy and materials needed to create the cells in your body. But, it can also be figurative. What I do while I am eating really defines who I am. Eating takes up so much time in a day, my actions while eating are truly important. And if I am actually made up of my food, I should pay attention to what I am ingesting. My philosophy about food and food culture revolve around one simple thought: I am what I eat. | Hungarian Goulash Goulash is a soup or stew featuring chunks of meat and noodles. As indicated by the name, Hungarian Goulash is an ethnic food, eaten in very large quantities by people in Hungary. Enjoy the official food of Hungry using your slow cooker! Ingredients 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 1/2 pounds lean beef stew meat or beef cross rib roast, trimmed of fat, cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks, and blotted dry 1 medium sized onion, coarsely chopped 1 medium sized bell pepper, seeded and cut into 1/2 inch wide strips 1 teaspoon paprika 2 1/2 cups beef broth 1 1/2 cups water Pinch of marjoram 1/4 teaspoon caraway seeds, crushed well in a mortar with a pestle 3/4 cup tomato puree 2 cloves garlic peeled and stuck on toothpicks salt to taste Directions In a large skillet over medium-high heat, warm 1 teaspoons of oil until very hot. Add the beef and brown on all sides, 3 to 4 minutes total. Transfer to a slow cooker. Add the onion and bell pepper to the skillet, add the remaining 1-1/2 tablespoons of oil, and brown slightly over medium-high heat, stirring a few times, about 5 minutes. Add the paprika and stir a bit. Add the broth and water and bring to a boil, scraping up any browned bits stuck to the pan; pour into the cooker. Add the marjoram, caraway, and tomato puree. Nestle the garlic into the stew. The meat should be covered with the cooking liquid. Cover and cook on low until the meat is tender, 7 to 8 hours. Taste for salt and serve over noodles.

12: This is my weeks worth of food for my family of five, my mom, dad, little sister, little brother, and me. | By: Ryan Cormack

13: Family Lifestyle | Food is very important for my family, and usually stays a top priority. Going to the grocery store is the first step, and is always a fun time for my siblings and we try to enjoy getting out of the house. So we all hop in the car and drive to our local Von's or Albertson's. We park and I get out of the car, my little sister and brother already standing on the curb waiting for my moms okay to cross the street. We grab a shopping cart and venture inside, the cool air conditioning chilling my skin. My siblings go straight for the corn syrup ruled aisles, grabbing boxes of donuts and fruit gushers and sneakily piling them into the cart when my mom and dad are picking out the ripe apples from the bruised ones. But I didn’t object. We then make our way to the milk and eggs section as my siblings hurry over to look at all the decorated cakes and get a free cookie from the bakery. We grab some bread for the weeks sandwiches in our lunches and some other necessities here and there. We head to the check out and ignore my little brothers and sisters pleas for candy bars and packs of gum. We pay for the groceries and drive home, then unload and organize the food from the car. We will sometimes keep a few things out for the nights dinner, and my family resumes their normal activities around the house. | At the Market | cluding me. Theres my mom, Lesley, my dad, Tom, my nine year old sister Sami, and my seven year old brother Colin. My mom and dad both work, so we don’t usually eat dinner together. But it’s not that big of a deal, because we get enough of each other on the weekends. Usually my siblings and I will eat together, and my parents will eat later. Sometimes, it’s just easier for us all to go out to dinner or for my parents to bring something home. But, most of the time, my mom cooks dinner when she gets home from work. We eat all kinds of foods, and on special occasions we eat cajun food from family recipes. We typically only eat that style of food on holidays or when all of my relatives get together. But around here, its hard to find the right kind of ingredients. So, we eat local foods and go out to local restaurants in the area. | As you could tell, I have five family members, including me. Theres my mom, Lesley, my dad, Tom, my nine year old sister Sami, and my seven year old brother Colin. My mom and dad both work, so we don’t usually eat dinner together. But it’s not that big of a deal, because we get enough of each other on the weekends. Usually my siblings and I will eat together, and my parents will eat later. Sometimes, it’s just easier for us all to go out to dinner or for my parents to bring something home. But, most of the time, my mom cooks dinner when she gets home from work. We eat all kinds of foods, and on special occasions we eat cajun food from family recipes. We typically only eat that style of food on holidays or when all of my relatives get together. But around here, its hard to find the right kind of ingredients. So, we eat local foods and go out to local restaurants in the area.

14: We are lucky to live in an area where we have grocery stores right down the street. We also have a farmers market near us that is there once a week. We usually go shopping on weekends when we have time for everybody to actually enjoy getting out and spend time at the grocery store. At the farmers market, we can get fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. At the supermarket, we get the rest of our shopping done, which is a big portion of our weeks food. We get our meat, bread, eggs, and other snacks that aren’t available at the farmers market. We have a diverse selection of restaurants in my area. Its nice to go out to dinner with my family. We all get to be together and talk. And yes, restaurants are nice and all, but I rather eat a home cooked meal then go out, because we can incorporate our culture and likings into our meal. | A lot of the cultural influenced foods my family eats are old family recipes from my grandparents. Most of my relatives are from Louisiana, where cajun food thrives, spicy meats and flavorful crawfish, but one of my favorite dishes is called red beans and rice. We only make this dish every once in a while, and when we do, it’s a treat. It consists of red beans, rice, sausage, and a few other ingredients. How to make it in a nutshell, you simmer the red beans for three or four hours, then add all the ingredients like the sausage and different herbs and spices. Then you serve it over rice. It’s really easy to make, it just takes time. But living over here, it’s not easy to obtain certain ingredients. One would be the smoked sausages that we put in it. The only way we can get it is to get it shipped all the way from Villeplatte Louisiana, where my grandma grew up. But it really is worth it just for one meal to have it. And when we cook it, the house smells like spices and family. Usually my mom is the head chef, unless of course we have company, then my grandma and aunts will help out too preparing the main dish and all the sides too. | My City | Preparing the Meal

15: This is a meal best enjoyed with family and relatives. When we do have company, we have a more formal dinner than we usually have. There’s tablecloths, manners, and special plates and napkins. The kids will usually eat first and then the adults will eat afterwards depending on how many guests we have. Red beans and rice won’t be the only food we have during the meal, we will also have salad, bread, rice dressing, and more depending on what vegetables are in season and other variables. But other than that, its a pretty traditional meal. We talk about lots of things, usually stories about what’s been going on since the last time we were all together, like how Ryan got braces, or how Journey did a great camp over summer. Its always fun and I think everybody enjoys the food and the company. We wait until everybody is finished before we can be excused usually. And the best part is the leftovers, so we can enjoy the food the next day too. But I mean, the company is nice too. | Enjoying the Meal | Family Recipe Red Beans and Rice | 3 cup Dried Red Bean 1 tablespoon Oil 1 tablespoon Flour 2 cup Chopped Onions 1 tablespoon Chopped Onions 1 pound Smoke Sausage 2 tablespoon Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning 4 cup Green Onions 1: In a medium pot, soak beans overnight in enough water to cover. 2: Drain and rinse. 3: Heat oil in deep pot over low heat. 4: Add flour, onions, and garlic. 5: Stir frequently and cook until light brown. 6: Add smoked sausage and beans. 7: Add enough water to cover the beans. 8: Season with Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning. 9: Cook slowly until beans are tender (about 1 hour) stirring often. 10: Serve over steamed rice and garnish with green onions.

16: Influences on Red Beans and Rice I would have to say the most difficult thing about preparing this meal would be getting our hands on the right ingredients. The most difficult being the smoked sausages that go into the red beans and rice. It comes all the way from Villeplatte Louisiana, where they smoke and add special spices to the meat. You can imagine how hard it is to get it all the way here. Most of the time when my grandparents visit or we visit them, they either bring us some or we bring some back. It’s more expensive to ship it, but sometimes it’s worth it. We also use the sausage in other cajun influenced foods besides red beans and rice, like gumbo, a spicy stew that we make during the winter. The sausage gets used very sparingly, we don’t use it all at once. But when it does make its way to our mouths, we definitely enjoy it. | A meal of grilled chicken, salad with homemade dressing, and pasta.

17: Country Comparison | In my family, and like most other average Americans can easily go to the store, buy our weeks worth of groceries, and have it stay fresh in our fridge for a long time. We don’t have to heavily salt our meat for it to stay good or throw it away if we haven’t eaten it by the end of the day. We can fast and easily cook food as well, with microwaves, stoves, and ovens. So we can get, store, and cook our food with little to no hassle. We also have restaurants and fast food, which is an even easier way to have dinner, and it’s no big deal. We have a variety of food at our fingertips that we take for granted every day. Now in places like Mali, it’s a whole different story. The variety of food that they can acquire is small, and usually includes grains and dried fish. Most of their meals center around porridge, which is made in a community pot, and they use their hands to eat. They don’t invite people to eat with them, if they know there will only be enough for their family. Food really isn’t a huge part of their lives, they don’t make a big deal out of it like Americans do. They take what they need and nothing else. People have different customs all around the world, which I respect entirely. People don’t have very much money in Mali, so theres not very much of a variety in diet in most Mali families. Many foods aren’t offered there. They also only have a wood fire to cook their meals and they have no way to keep food fresh besides naturally drying it. So they have to stick with certain kinds of foods that are available to them and aren’t too expensive. Where over here, we have foods shipped from all over the world and we have supermarkets right down the street. We are just different people with different ways of doing things.

19: Julia's Food Culture My family buys their food at Vons. Its about 5 minutes away from our house. When we walk into Vons, you can hear all of the conversations and cash machines buzzing and beeping. Vons is always really cold to keep the fresh food fresh. We walk over to the ingredients isle to get ingredients for a cuban dish my family really enjoys, called picadillo. Isles of ingredients we need like: onions, tomatoes, garlic, ground beef, olives, and potatoes. When we first get there we usually go to the vegetables section where we're surrounded by moist air and fresh food. Something we often get at Vons to eat with our picadillo is salad, or things to make salad with; lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, seasonings, etc. We drink Coke Zero with everything so we make sure to get a lot that will last us a while. Sometimes while we are at Vons my mom has to get on the phone because she works at home. My mom and her husband are both real estate agents. They work at home so my mom has a lot of time to make food. We live in a house of my mom Victoria, her husband Javier, his daughter Sierra, and me! Sometimes Javier’s family comes over to eat with us and my side comes over sometimes too. My mom is the person in the family who cooks everything. She works at home on the phone mostly so she can talk on the phone while she is cooking, that way food is done quicker. Sometimes my mom is on the phone when we go out to the city to get our food.

20: To get food we only drive about a mile to Vons. When we go out to the city where all of the shops are there are a lot of different grocery stores and even some farmers markets a little further out. My family goes to Vons because its really close and convenient. Its also right next to my dentist! Vons is in a huge shopping center just about 5 minutes away from my house so going there to pick up a couple of ingredients is very easy. Once we have our ingredients we head home and start to make one of my favorite cuban dish's called picadillo.

24: Our family meal | “What do you want?” | Mom turns and asks as we walk into Sprouts to pick out the night’s dinner. I casually shrug my shoulders and wander along the cereal aisle while she scans the displayed fruit and vegetables. | My family’s food culture is centered on eating a wholesome, fresh meal together every night. Sometimes this means going to the grocery store three or four times a week to buy poultry and crisp vegetables. Given the option, we’ll always choose organic foods at farmers markets like Sprouts or Henry’s. This particular night I met up with my Mom in the Sprouts deli to help her decide which type of marinated chicken would go best with asparagus. After careful consideration, lemon garlic won. When we don't have the time to cook the night’s dinner ourselves, we’ll drive to one of our favorite local restaurants for a freshly prepared family meal. Eating out doesn't necessarily mean going through a drive through. Our favorite restaurants include; Rubio’s, Soup Plantation, and Vietnamese stir fry. Dinner is our time to connect with each other and discuss whatever topics catch our attention. Not having time to cook is never an excuse not to sit down together and go over the day’s events, even if only for a few minutes.

25: Chloe rice | I love my family and enjoy all their company incredibly. My Mom is a music teacher and my father works all day from home as a computer engineer for Intuit. They own and operate a music studio and play at least two events a weekend with their band: Groove Kitty. I play competitive soccer and my brother Connor is running for legislative analyst through the YMCA Youth in Government program.

26: My family has a few rules that we follow as consumers for political and social reasons. We don't grocery shop at Wal-Mart because they sell guns, and have a history of underpaying their female staff. We choose Trader Joes over Stater Brothers when we can because they tend to carry more organic product. We buy cage free eggs, and we try to include at least three food groups into our homemade dinners. Odds are, my family’s food culture is different from yours. We eat as healthy as we can and see eating together as the first priority. Eating out is common occurrence, but only because it allows us more time for us to relax and connect with each other. Before writing this essay I never put that much time into considering just how much of an impact family meals have on my life. Because of my family's unique food culture, I have the opportunity to take part in creating healthy meals, and spend countless more hours with the people who matter most to me than I would eating alone.

27: country comparison | In my life, I'm surrounded by food choices, and have to opportunity to eat almost anything I want for breakfast and dinner. Family meals are a time of enjoyment and mutual respect. We eat for pleasure, for health, and for the moments sitting around a good meal can create. Researching the food culture of Mali showed me the stark contrast between my situation and that of a girl in an impoverished nation. | For families in Mali, eating is something you do for nutrition and survival. Food choices are limited to what extra bits of food you can scavenge throughout the day, and families often eat together as a way of conserving food. Socially, women are seen as less valuable than men and often feed themselves less. Most people in these situations end up malnourished or starving. For the family my reading focused on, a large portion of money that could go into additional nutrition for the children went into alcohol or sweets for the male head of household, whose needs overshadowed that of his two wives and five kids.

29: The difference in food cultures between in my home and the family in Mali are simple. My family has the financial security to eat comfortably, whereas the family in Mali does not. Our food culture allows for all members of the family to be seen as equally important(Men do not eat before women) and everyone has a say as to what goes into the meal. I never thought that researching a meal eaten thousands of miles away would give me so much insight to the value and uniqueness of my own family’s own personal food culture.

31: C l e a n F o o d | Alexis Habib | Hello, I’m Alexis Habib. I live with my mom, dad, and a dog. My sister Adrienne, is currently away at college. My mom Christine, is the one who started our family's organic food venture. My dad Tom, happily eats anything my mom or I put before him. Our dog Charlie, is a cute little fluff ball that runs around like a madman whenever someone comes home. All together we are a happy little family that likes to eat “clean” food. Let's say that you came for dinner one night. You would walk into the kitchen to see either my mother or I preparing the meal to the sound of pots clanging. The table would be set and the food soon put out, the wondrous smell entering your nose. I would run to get my father and we would all sit down at specific places. “So Alexis, how was your day?” My father would say. “Just like a normal day, nothing unusual happened.” I would reply while shrugging. Our conversations are usually generic and repetitive at first, but then diverge into current events, politics, or philosophy. My father is the one to finish his meal first, my mother soon following, of course, I clear my plate last. Almost always I wash the dishes. Choose a household. Any household. Look into the pantry, what do you see? Chips? Twinkies? Junk foods of every kind? People eat that stuff every day, and where do they shop? Walmart? Almost all of the produce in Walmart is grown on 135 acre fields and sprayed with chemicals that damage our nervous system. The “infected” produce is then sold to us and also fed to the the animals that supply their meat. There are worse things that the animals are feed, if you can believe it. They also mix in discarded human food scraps, cardboard, even chicken feces. If that didn't disgust you enough, they also put in leftover hooves, meat, and bones from other cows! Around every turn you find food that hasn't been treated like it's something we eat. Now look in my pantry. Banana chips. Assorted Grains. Many different organic foods. It's the pantry of a family that cares about what they eat. My mother shops for our food at Trader Joes and Jimbos; both of my parents are very pleased, as my dad expresses, “We don't want to change where we shop at. We are buying really healthy organic food; about one third of what we eat is organic.” I won't settle for how other families are eating. It's disgusting to see a little boy shove Twinkie after Twinkie in his face, not to mention how bad that is for him.

32: Lets look at the people who buy just a little organic food. They are healthier, more energetic, and seem to glow, all because they are not consuming the many chemicals in processed food. Think about it, a person who introduces foreign chemicals into their systems will not be as healthy. Their bodies will be focused on ridding themselves of the chemicals instead of going about daily needs, or fighting off diseases. Stores always want to please their customers right, in order for them to get good rating and grow? That's why I am certain that with the demand of organic food they will comply. If we really are going to start eating healthier, we need to get more organic food on the market. The average joe doesn't need to replace their whole diet with organic food, they only need to buy a little something. When that little something is multiplied by thousands, it adds up pretty fast. Simplicity is key, you purchase more organic, and the stores will produce more organic. If my proposal is put into effect if would not affect my meal much, but it would affect the meal of your neighbor, and your neighbors’ neighbor, and your third cousin twice removed’s hairdresser. To put it simply it would change everyone's meal for the better, less chemicals all around. Maybe not the whole meal, but it will have organic the corn, or grain, or lettuce. And that small change will make a world of a difference in our diets and our health. You'll see, just wait.

33: To purchase our food, my mother has to go to four different stores, Jimbo's, Trader Joes, Ralphs, and Costco. She usually shops on a Sunday after she helped out at church. She makes several trips, splitting up the task between stores. Costco is visited almost monthly; we buy a great amount of food there that lasts us until the next trip. We have easy access to food, but in Mali, food is not so common. To acquire food in Mali, you need to travel to a market held on Sundays. Each stall specializing in a certain food. Prices are not set in stone, you have to haggle to get a bargain. Food doesn't come in little individual containers, they scoop it from a big bag to the customers bag. All of the food is grown or raised by hand, and either harvested or killed the day before or on market day. This system reminds me of local farmers markets. I am very astonished at how tedious it is to get food in Mali, coming from a place with food at every corner. Also even if people get food, it doesn't seem like enough to fully feed them. If you look at the way that people shop for their meals in Mali, it can be closely compared to a farmers market here.

34: Sweet and Sour Kielbasa | One Kielbasa One cup of white rice, uncooked Two bell peppers, sliced One cup of sliced pineapple Sweet and Sour sauce First, cut the kielbasa into bite sized slices and brown in a pan. On the side cook the rice according to package instructions. Remove Kielbasa once browned, add pineapple and peppers to the pan and brown them. Re-add the kielbasa and add Sweet and Sour sauce to taste, simmer for 2 minutes on medium heat. Remove from heat and serve over rice.

36: life at home | well, most of the time we go the grocery store and select the food we went. When we get to the store the food is normally categorized by its charateristics. its mostly smells like a bunch of different food put togther, almost like a fruit punch. As my family of 5 and me stroll down the aisles all we can hear is Taylor Swifts "tear drops on y guitar" play softly in the back round as the customers converstations over power it. | by: letty contreras

37: usually my sister writes our grocery list in a little notbook she got form Disneyland. she has to constantly remind my mom that her pregnancy cravings aren't on the list and we all chuckle as my mom asks, "why do you always have to rat me out?!"

38: well with 5 people in the house and my mom being a housekeeper its not always easy to pay the bills, but we get by decently. My mom came from a strict family so i guess you could say that ours rules at the dinner table are pretty strict as well. usually we all sit together while we eat and we're not allowed to talk or put our elbows on the counter. if we have tortillas with our meal we normally put them in this little mexican basket my grandmother gave us. Another thing my family does is use plain yogurt instead of sour cream because it's "heathier" (according to my mom). We also don't put a lot of salt in our food because my step-dad has high blood pressure.

39: and because of that our food taste bland sometimes, I live in Encinitas and here we have a lot of farmers markets and they're mostly organic and old looking, but my family usually just takes a weekly trip to "food-4-less" in vista, because its cheaper than the grocery stores by where we live. One goof things that family likes about the farmers markets is that food that is out of season is always available for example, one time me and my mom had gone to one and they had eggnog and its was during the summer.

40: Enjoying the meal: A food my family and I enjoy very much is Tamales. Tamales were one of my favorite foods as a child, and nearly everyone in my family enjoys and passes on this delicious tradition. My family's food culture is based off of a lot of Mexican-style cooking. Corn and flour tortillas, beans, rice, a lot of meat, and salsa are very common in our everyday meals. Occasionally (if we have enough money to buy the ingredients), we would make these yummy Tamales, which are made from stripped chicken (or pork) , chile colorado (a sort of red chili), masa (a sort of dough made from corn), and a lot of patience, and effort. Usually during a meal, we try our best to refrain from distractions, ie. texting, homework, television, arguing with one another, etc. We also try our best to say our prayers as a family before we eat at any mealtime, but unfortunately, my mother isn't always able to join us, but we always try to support her as she struggles very much to give us what we have now. I try to be open to my family, though sometimes... it just doesn't come out... and i don't even know why. The food we eat brings us together as a family, but something that is always a mystery to us is if the food we are eating is really safe. | Identify an issue: A major issue I see in the food industry is the fact that natural food that is not processed is very difficult to find, they may even contain chemicals, or even be genetically modified (which I myself believe is unsafe). What I am particularly worried about, is pesticides. In 2007, studies in some Breast Cancer, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Leukemia cases have been linked to exposure of certain pesticides. Therefore, I think that they should lower pesticide use, but not too much as it may affect the economy, market prices, and jobs in the United States. Pesticides are used in a variety of ways, usually to keep insects, rodents, and animals from eating or damaging crops. Farmers actually expect to be paid fourfold for using pesticides. Other pesticides like DDT are used to prevent certain diseases like Malaria, Bubonic Plague, Sleeping Sickness, and Typhus. Lowering pesticide exposure can decrease the danger of these diseases and cancer, but should not eliminate jobs, or increase the price for the food we already work hard to afford.

41: One of my favorite meals that my mom makes is posole. shes usually cooks it in this huge pot thats a third of my size. when she cooks it she usually lets it sit over night so the juices from the soup can marinate into the homney, which makes it taste better. We also eat tostadas with it which is some kid of hard tortilla. i believe that my culture and where my family comes from definitely has something to do with what i eat. my family is mexican so we eat A LOT of mexican food. When we have family gatherings the thing we eat the most for dessert is aroz con leche which normally just consists of milk, cinnamon, sugar, and rice.

42: Mexican American by Nadir Ortega

43: what you will need: - a pot -freshly cut chicken breast (2 lbs) -homney -dry gualio chiles -water -garlic | posole | steps: step1. clean the homey step 2. cut the chicken breast into cubes an put in pot. step 3. rinse the chiles under water step 4. take the homney and drain them then put into pot with the chicken. step 5. put chiles in blender and put 2 garlic cloves, 4 black pepper seeds, 4 cloves and salt in as well and blend them on high. step 6. add the blended chile to the chicken and homney in the pot.

44: Propose a solution: I propose that we lower the use and human exposure of pesticides by a small amount to maintain the safety of the consumers and those exposed to it. After doing some research, I’ve found that pesticides can lead to many diseases. Of course pesticides protect us from other diseases, and they contribute to helping solve world hunger, job opportunities, and lowering market prices, and farmers receive a huge benefit from purchasing and using pesticides, but we shouldn’t have to bargain the safety of using pesticides with our own lives. By lowering the use and exposure of pesticides in our homes, our food, and cosmetics, we can be much safer from the side effects of its exposure.

45: Develop the solution: I am also strongly suggesting that we find a better solution to preventing certain diseases (that pesticides counteract) with an alternative solution, if possible. Farmers who use pesticides need to be aware of the effects of pesticides, and well as those who sell it to them. Farms should be inspected for the amount of pesticides they use in their crops, to ensure that they don’t use too much, or too little. The FDA should be in charge of this inspection weekly. With the farmers, and the government active in the participation of this change, we can be safer from the dangers of pesticides. Defend the solution: If we don’t lower the use of pesticides, it may be affect our bodies, and possibly lead to new diseases we may not even be able to cure or treat. The more we are exposed to it, the more likely we will develop diseases and die. Studies in 2008 show that if we use pesticides only where critically necessary, and a very low amount, that the food industry itself won’t become affected, and we can still buy the same groceries, only its a bit safer when we consume it. | Effects of the solution on your meal: If my solution is successful, I will be more comfortable with the fruit and vegetables that my little brothers enjoy every day. Family across America my not even know, or care about what they eat, how its made, and what’s actually in it, so I with my plan in action, people we become aware of the reality of this danger.

46: Our Family Recipe for Tamales! | 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 1/2 pounds skinless boneless chicken breast Salt and pepper 2 teaspoons cumin powder 2 teaspoons garlic powder 1 teaspoon Mexican Spice Blend 1 red onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup frozen corn, thawed 5 canned whole green chiles, seeded and coarsely chopped 4 canned chipotle chiles, seeded and minced 1 (28-ounce) can stewed tomatoes 1/2 teaspoon all-purpose flour 16 corn tortillas 1 1/2 cups enchilada sauce, canned 1 cup shredded Cheddar and Jack cheeses Garnish: chopped cilantro leaves, chopped scallions, sour cream, chopped tomatoes

47: My family is extremely involved and passionate about their religions. Both my mother and father raised me as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, although neither one of them were raised as one. My mother and father are both baptized (committed to serving God), as as many others in my family. I am not baptized yet, but I do take a part in preaching by means of bible readings during our meetings, reflecting on scriptures, and reading the bible daily. My family takes religion very seriously, and applies it to our everyday lives. 90% of the population in Mali are Muslim (Sunni or Sulfi), 5% are Christians (Protestant or Roman-Catholic), and the remaining 5% adhere to traditional animist beliefs. Mali’s constitution provides freedom of religion, and minority religions are tolerated and all practices. There is no traditional religion for Mali, though Atheism and Agnosticism is rare. Reflect. What are your thoughts about each option? Both the United States and Mali allow us to choose our religion and belief. I have been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses all my life and I don’t wish to change, but I do appreciate the fact that the United States accepts our organization. | Coat large saute pan with oil. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Brown chicken over medium heat, allow 7 minutes each side or until no longer pink. Sprinkle chicken with cumin, garlic powder and Mexican spices before turning. Remove chicken to a platter, allow to cool. Saute onion and garlic in chicken drippings until tender. Add corn and chiles. Stir well to combine. Add canned tomatoes, saute 1 minute. Pull chicken breasts apart by hand into shredded strips. Add shredded chicken to saute pan, combine with vegetables. Dust the mixture with flour to help set. Microwave tortillas on high for 30 seconds. This softens them and makes them more pliable. Coat the bottom of 2 (13 by 9-inch) pans with a ladle of enchilada sauce. Using a large shallow bowl, dip each tortilla in enchilada sauce to lightly coat. Spoon 1/4 cup chicken mixture in each tortilla. Fold over filling, place 8 enchiladas in each pan with seam side down. Top with remaining enchilada sauce and cheese. Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated 350 degree F oven until cheese melts. Garnish with cilantro, scallion, sour cream and chopped tomatoes before serving. Serve with Spanish rice and beans.

49: Chad In this section: Lance Chris Ian Mariah Giovanny Jonathan

50: My lifestyle by Lance Housego | This is what my weekly worth of food looks like.

51: At the market I drive my car over to Albertsons. As soon as you walk inside the store there are piles of colorful fruits and vegetables that overwhelm your eyes. The smell of cinnamon and candy that overcomes all smells raids your nose. Every single aisle has its own smell.The supermarket sounds like a bunch of old people talking. With music in the background. My mom and I go shopping.Sometimes my brother joins to help too. I help her gather the food we need then go check out and pay for the food. We unload the food out of the shopping cart onto the conveyor belt that leads to the cashier. The cashier scans everything out. My mom then pays for all the food. While she is doing that the bagger is bagging the food and putting back into our cart. We then head home to unload the groceries. | Family lifestyle When we get home, my mom tells my brother to help unload the groceries. After we are done, I go and do homework. My brother does the same. While we are doing homework my mom feeds both of my younger siblings, Aiden who is 2 years old and Sienna who is 3 months old. At 5:30, my dad gets home. He parks the car and walks through the garage door. We all say hi and ask how his day was. He explains to all of us how he has to fix and work on computer things for Sharp Health Care. We do not know what he is talking about most of the time. I walk down stairs after my homework is done and tell my mom I am going to 7-11 to meet a friend. She says "ok see you at dinner be safe." I know I'll be safe. My city is a safe place and so is the food that they provide.

52: About your city My city has many supermarkets and farmers markets. I have access to any type of food there is in the word. There are many varieties of food that I have access to. I can get anything at the supermarket easily but it is not as healthy as the food that the farmers market provides. There are a few farmer markets that we go to to get healthier food. Whenever we hear of a farmers market, we go check it out. We have access to food that is off season because of the big supermarkets that we live by. We are very lucky because we have access to both supermarkets and farmers market. It benefits my mom the most because she is the one who cooks the food. | Preparing the meal My mom cooks really good food. She cooks mostly every night for my family. I sometimes help depending on what she is cooking. I love to help her cook and especially help prepare the tacos that we make. The tacos we make are the best tacos I've ever eaten. The recipe we use is from her mom, my grandma. We first chop up all the ingredients that we use to put in our tacos like: onions, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, shredded cheese, and basil. Then my mom takes out the ground beef and seasons it. She heats up two pans to cook the meat and the taco shells. I make the tacos while she cooks the meat. We have have access to type of technology in our kitchen but for tacos all we need is a knife, cutting board, pan, and a stove. After it is all done cooking and everything is set out we tell everyone food is ready.

53: Enjoying the meal After we tell everyone food is ready we grab our own plates and silverware. We make our own plates and get our own food. Every one socializes while we eat together. When we sit down at the table together we just talk about how our day went and what we did. My mom asks everyone at the table, " how was your guy's day?" We usually just reply "good" which means we had a normal day. But when ever someone actually explains how there day went, there day wasn't just normal and something different actually happened. Also there are rules at the diner table. There are pretty simple rules: no electronics, regular manners, and don't be loud or rude at the table. We always eat at the diner table. No one is aloud to eat on the couch or on the floor. So while all of that is happening at the dinner table we are enjoying the scrumptious tacos too. | Outside factors that influence the meal It is also amazing how affordable those delicious tacos are. The cost of food is decent I think. The cost of food a week for me is usually around $250. Thanks to the big industries. The reason why some food is so cheap is because of big industries. Because the industries make so much of what they are making and don't spend that much time plus hard work they are fine with selling it at such a low price. I do agree though it is not the best that the stuff they sell is low grade and probably not that healthy. The only good side is that it is affordable and cheap. Our tradition also helps us because if we had a tradition like eating all kosher we would probably be spending a lot more money than what we do now. So since we don't really have a tradition we can eat whatever we want.Our accessibility is great. We have access to any type of food that we need or want. The meal we prepared was fairly cheap. All you need is meat, seasoning, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, basil, cheese, tortillas, oil, and taco sauce. Over all homemade tacos are very affordable.

54: country comparison My family does little work to get our food. The only thing that takes work is making the money to buy the food and driving there. We just get in the car, go to the grocery store, and buy the food we need. It is very simple unlike the people who live in Chad. From my perspective Chad has to work very hard to make and get food. To keep their livestock alive they have to rebuild a water hole every hour, so the animals can drink. They also have to work all day and farm to get food. They don’t have much food because they share the food they grow with their village. They don’t go to school because they are making food all day in order to survive. I find it crazy how they don’t do anything else expect work, farm and harvest their food. While my family just drives a car to the supermarket and picks out whatever food we need. It takes almost no effort to stay alive and get food, rather than Chad where they live to farm and farm to live.

55: Ingredients Taco Meat 1 pound lean ground beef 1 (1.25 ounce) package taco seasoning mix 2/3 cup cold water Taco Shells 12 corn tortillas cup canola oil Tsp. salt Taco Toppings 1 Tomato head of lettuce 1 cup cheddar cheese 1 (8oz) chopped black olives white onion Directions Taco Meat 1 In a large skillet over medium heat, brown the ground beef; drain fat. 2 Stir in taco seasoning, and cold water. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Taco Shells 1 Heat oil in small frying pan until small bubbles appear 2 Lay 1 tortilla into pan for 5 seconds than with tongs flip, fold and cook 5 seconds 3 Then flip again and cook for 5 seconds 4 Dash with salt 5 Repeat for each tortilla shell and desired amount

56: Chris Munoz I get my food from Sprouts & Costco. Since I live in San Marcos, I goto the San Marcos Plaza Sprouts is. When we go in the grocery store it smells like fresh plants, bread, & clean fish. My parents and I goto Sprouts because we want fresh & healthy food. When I am at the market I notice that we get organic food. My family is mostly made up of carnivores. At Costco the atmosphere is noisy and busy. It smells like pizza & samples of different foods being given away. At Costco it looks like a race to get whatever you need and to get out as soon as possible. My mom and dad shop together to purchase our delicious food. The market is where families go to buy ingredients for a much healthy meal.

57: My family is composed of five people, two children, one teenager & two parents. The main characters names are Chris, Agustin, Martha, Natalia, and Giuliana. My name is Chris, I am enrolled at High Tech High. At home, I do basic chores and sometimes watch my sister. My two sisters are Natalia and Giuliana, Giuliana is in preschool. My dad Agustin works for an organic food company named FrutStix Co. My mom, Martha, works for Finance in general. My parents jobs sometimes affect on if we can go out to eat at a restaurant, such as our favorite food, Sushi. Family lifestyle affects the kind of food culture you have but so can the area of where you get your food.

58: The city of San Marcos is a beautiful city. In San Marcos there are restaurants circling the inside of the San Marcos plaza. The restaurants surrounding the area are Starbucks, Menchies, Oscars, Wood Fire Pizza, and Love Boat Sushi. There are many different kinds of food restaurants in San Marcos. There are Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and American. In San Marcos you can get a few foods from around the world but not exotic food. The only exotic food in San Marcos that I know is Sushi Love Boat and Fish House Vera Cruz. Sprouts a grocery store sells a variety of fish and organic food. The city of San Marcos a unique city to me, but what I like to do is cook.

59: One of my favorite meals is to prepare is a Mexican dish called Ceviche. I help my dad prepare the Ceviche. First step, to making Ceviche is to juice 7 large lemons into a bowl. Second step, get some Yellowtail and Ahi tuna and cut them up into small bite sized pieces. Third, get vegetables together, Onions, Tomatoes, and Cilantro and cut them up. Fourth, mix salt and pepper with the lemon juice. Fifth step, put all the meat in the lemon juice and let it sit for a few hours. Finally put the vegetables in the lemon juice with the cut up fish meat and pour 2 cups of Clamato juice. The technology available to me was a bowl, large knife, lemon juicer, large plastic bowl, cooking spoon, and a refrigerator. Sometimes I like to prepare the meal, but what I like most is enjoying the meal. One of my favorite meals is to prepare is a Mexican dish called Ceviche. I help my dad prepare the Ceviche. First step, to making Ceviche is to juice 7 large lemons into a bowl. Second step, get some Yellowtail and Ahi tuna and cut them up into small bite sized pieces. Third, get vegetables together, Onions, Tomatoes, and Cilantro and cut them up. Fourth, mix salt and pepper with the lemon juice. Fifth step, put all the meat in the lemon juice and let it sit for a few hours. Finally put the vegetables in the lemon juice with the cut up fish meat and pour 2 cups of Clamato juice. The technology available to me was a bowl, large knife, lemon juicer, large plastic bowl, cooking spoon, and a refrigerator. Sometimes I like to prepare the meal, but what I like most is enjoying the meal.

60: Ian C. | In my family my mom usually goes out and gets our food at Stater Brothers or Frazier Farms. I always found the grocery store extremely boring, nothings that exiting about it. It usually plays out as me following my mom around the store watching her pick out grocery's while | while pushing the cart. So I never go unless I have to. My dad doesn't go that often he only goes if it's on the way home. So they kind of take turns on some level. The difference from my mom and dad going is that my mom buys more stuff and she takes longer. My dad buys around eight items and gets in and out in about ten minutes. | At the Market

61: Family lifestyle | My twin sisters don't add on to anything besides wasting more food, they either play with their friends or draw stuff. I don't have anymore effect then they do though because the only thing I ca do is like the food. My family is my twin sisters, my mom, my dad and me. My dad is the worker person in the family, so he makes most of the money. My mom works more than my dad at home and at a her job of a P.E. teacher. M mom makes the food most the time also. It's not just our family that effects the food we eat though because our location effects it allot. | About Your City | How we live next to Mexico theres lots of Mexican food around, like in restaurants and food markets. My favorite place to eat would be Mrs. Taco. For multiple reasons, the first I live right down the street form it, my family likes to eat there too and last they make good food. Me and my mom are more into to Mexican food than anyone else in our family. We try to go to Mexico some times to do fun stuff. Being in America is a big change to every food culture. Here has restaurants with every kind of food but made almost completely different. Besides that we usually eat our usual food.

62: Preparing the Meal | One of my favorite meals would be an egg sandwich. When ever I get eggs and bread I make into one. For breakfast my mom or dad just makes regular eggs and some slices of sourdough toast I just put them together. The bread has to be sourdough or it wont be as good. You toast it in the toaster then put some nice butter on it. We use 7 eggs for me and my sisters then cook them on the stove. When there done you put a good amount of salt on them and your done. | Outside Factors that Influence the Meal | Health is a big thing too in our family. If it's too unhealthy then why can't have it. It's not something that we go by all of the time. Some days we can eat food we couldn't others. The main reason we do this is because my mom is like a half vegetarian. She only eats meat once in a while and when she does its only white meats.

63: We can go to the store and buy premade food or ingredients. We don't have to work directly for the food. We don't have to go out and hunt or search for food. We can stay at home and get someone to deliver the food to our door. | They have to slaughter their own live stock and keep the animals healthy. They have to work their food and to keep their food safe. They have to store water in mud pools and rebuild the pools everyday. | We are much more advanced with everything. We are almost complete opposite places. We have more technology more food, more jobs. Then in Chad thousands of men and women starving and dieing because they have a little amount of food and medications. | Country Comparison

64: Perspective of my family By: Mariah Theriault My family is much more different than Chad. Where we are, there are no harsh condition or fighting to stay alive. We have things called the grocery store where we can buy food. Sometimes we grow it but that takes a long time. We don't rely on animals for staying alive. We do kill animals for food just like them, but we can also survive on a vegetarian diet. | FOOD

65: About my life and my food By: Mariah Theriault When I go to the supermarket with my dad it is big and it has over-priced food. Gum is $4.00, but then there are other foods and drinks that aren't so overpriced and are at a reasonable price. For example, bananas, lettuce, cucumbers are all under $4.00. We walk in and get a basket or cart and start at the fruit aisle. We usually buy plums and bananas. It smells like carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries in the produce section. It sounds like carts moving everywhere, lots of people talking, the sound of plastic bags, parents yelling at their kids and loud bangs hurting your ears. The air is cold, chilled and icy. The floors are cold and makes your feet shiver. After we leave the fruit aisle we go to the other aisles we buy caprisun drinks, and junk food such as waffles, ice cream, honey comb cereal, and candy. All of these junk foods that we buy are cheaper than what you would pay for organic or healthy foods. It is a lot easier to eat these foods because they don't require much time to make. My family members are my Dad and Grandma. My dad is a mechanic. He works on trucks and cars. My Grandma works on blood as a detective. She looks for whats wrong with the blood. My Dad has to work all day because he doesn't get enough money if he works half day. My Grandma has to work because she has to pay for the houses she owns. Because my Dad and Grandma are always busy, we eat leftovers and fast food.

66: About my me and my food (countinued) By: Mariah Theriault The meal I chose is spaghetti. My Grandma prepares the meal. There are some useful tools in our kitchen. We have the microwave, sink and the stove. To prepare the meal, first we put the a pasta in the pan. Then we put the pan on the stove and we cook it. After, we put it in a water drainer and we drain the water out. We put some water on it to cool it down. Lastly, we put it on a plate and eat it. We don't have any meal traditions in our house. The only rule we have in our house for us to not have any electronics at the table. No, I do not socialize because I am a very quiet person. I eat very quickly, and then get back in my room. Sometimes i don't even eat all day because I'm not even hungry. I just don't have an appetite. We get the tomatoes from all different countries. it is possible because we can grow tomatoes in other countries. Another reason is that when it is cold in one country, it is warm in the other one. How we get the tomatoes is we send a order, then a truck comes and delivers them to the store. When the tomatoes are out of season, they cost more.



69: Country Comparison They eat small amounts of dinner. The people in Chad use animals to help plow their fields. My family is much more different than Chad. where we are, there are no harsh condition or fighting to stay alive. We have a place called the grocery store where we can buy food. Sometimes we grow it but that takes a long time. We don't rely on animals we do kill them for food but we can live on a vegetarian diet.

70: The way my family eats By: Giovanny Madera

71: This is how my family eats when it comes to celebrations we usually eat at Apple bees or claim jumpers. The only thing I get is baby back ribs because there just so great.

72: Giovanny

73: My Dad used to live in Mexico City. He learned how to cook in Mexico. My Mom used to live in San Luis Potosi. My Mom learned how to cook in Mexico also. My Dad moved from Mexico City to the U.S in 1987 and my mom came to the U.S. in 1990. My Dad’s favorite meal is Chiles Rellenos and my Mom’s favorite meal is Mole. Both of these meals are from Mexico, which is where my family is from.

74: I get my food from the grocery store like food 4 less, stater brothers, north gate, and some other one that we sometimes go. In stater brothers it is mostly white with food stack on shelfs and magazines and books all for you to buy. The grocery store smell like magazines, fruit, and vegetables. It looks like a big building with a big sign on it.

76: Enchiladas: - Two different kinds of Enchiladas Sauce is inside (red sauce) - Had this at my cousin’s baptism Ingredients: Chicken Cabbage Tomatoes Light Red Sauce (On top of cabbage and chicken inside the tortilla) White Cheese Tortillas 1. Cooked the chicken (Boil a whole chicken) 2. Chopped the cabbage 3. Make the sauce 4. Shred the chicken and take out the bones with bare hands (Don’t forget to wash hands) 5. Cook the tortillas (Flat skillet and flip when bottom is done) 6. When tortillas are done, and fill with and sauce. 7. Break the cheese into pieces and put on top Serve and enjoy! | not exactly but close.

77: Jonathan Padilla Culture: My Dad used to live in Mexico City. He learned how to cook in Mexico. My Mom used to live in San Luis Potosi. My Mom learned how to cook in Mexico also. My Dad moved from Mexico City to the U.S in 1987 and my mom came to the U.S. in 1990. My Dad’s favorite meal is Chiles Rellenos and my Mom’s favorite meal is Mole. Both of these meals are from Mexico, which is where my family is from. At the Market: I get my food from the grocery store like food 4 less, stater brothers, north gate, and some other one that we sometimes go. In stater brothers it is mostly white with food stack on shelfs and magazines and books all for you to buy. The grocery store smell like magazines, fruit, and vegetables. It looks like a big building with a big sign on it. Preparing the meal My mom is the one who prepare the Enchiladas. The first thing my mom does is make tortillas by mixing masa, new mexico chiles, chile pasilla dry, and salt. Next she mash potatoes with chorizo and fried beans. Then she makes the salsa by blending cooked tomatoes, onion, vinegar from chiles in vinegar, cumin, oregano, and salt. She then chopps the cabbages and cuts the cheese. Then she boils a whole chicken for one or two hours then she cooks the tortillas on a flat skillet. When the chicken is done she shred it. When tortillas are done she add mashed potatoes, chorizo, fried beans, cabbage salsa, and cheese. She adds the shred chicken on top the Enchiladas.

79: Chad Refugee In this section: Mikayla Connor Diana Seamus Bill Xochi

81: Have you ever realized that every aspect of a family is different? That their status, their culture, and their traditions are never similar? Every detail is different within every family. The difference that is most apparent in my family, is our food. Maybe not where we buy our food, or what ingredients we get, but what those ingredients turn into, what they're bought for. Every time we go to the supermarket, it's like we're on a mission. We scout up and down every aisle in the store, just looking for the perfect brand of every necessity. Nowadays we don't do that anymore, because now my family always buys the same brand of every ingredient we get. | You are probably wondering, “Why is choosing your food so specific and difficult?” Well, this is because my parents are always on a strict diet. So every time we go out to buy food, it is a long process of finding things that will fit in their odd diet. We will buy potatoes, corn, rice, flour, eggs, all of the usual needs. But, we will only ever buy one kind of each. It is also a lot more difficult to keep a certain diet all the time when every meal we have has a certain place to be on the table. Every meal we have has a good reason to be eaten in our house. Every ingredient, every spice, every vegetable, has a purpose in our family's life style. Whenever I go with my mom to the supermarket to go grocery shopping, it never ceases to amaze me how my mom knows every nook and cranny in the store. We will be just walking down an aisle, talking about my day at school. Then all of a sudden, my mom will shoot out her arm towards the shelves, grabs whatever he hand gets to, and throws it into the shopping cart. Not a single glance was given to those shelves. She will act like it never ever happened. That is how well she knows the supermarket! Though if we were to buy something that we have never bought before, it would be a much longer process. | Together for a Meal By: Mikayla Elliot

82: I feel that a family's lifestyle explains a household. If you were to invite someone not from your family for the first time to have dinner, what you serve to that person is like an open book to your family. For example, our meals. They explain how we live, they explain our cultures and how we were raised. Our food is a story of our lives. For instance, let's say that one day, our family has Adobo, Pancit, and Lumpia (Filipino chicken, noodles, and egg rolls). This meal describes my moms lifestyle and culture. My mom is half Filipino, on her father's side. My Grandpa was born and raised in the Philippines for almost his entire life, so he had learned from his parents how to cook Filipino meals, which he had passed on to his three daughters, my two aunts, and my mom. This meal gives a whole story on not only how we make the meal, but how past family members and ancestors had cooked their meals. | BEBINCA Ingredients: 1 cup flour 2 cups thick coconut milk 1 and cup sugar 12 egg yolks Melted ghee (clarified butter): cup Grated nutmeg: 1 tsp. Salt: tsp. Place the sugar and coconut milk in a large mixing bowl and stir until the sugar melts. Now, add the egg yolks, one at a time, beating continuously. Sieve the flour into this mixture and beat again. Add the salt and nutmeg, and one tablespoon of ghee and beat again, until you have a smooth batter. Grease a 7-inch round baking tin (I used a loose-bottom tin and lined it with parchment, just to be safe) with 2 tbsp. ghee. Ladle in about half a cup of batter and bake in the center of the oven at 200 degrees centigrade for twenty minutes. Remove from the oven. Brush on another tbsp. of ghee and ladle another half a cup of batter. Return to the oven for another fifteen minutes. Repeat the greasing, layering, and baking process until all the batter is used up. Finish with a tbsp. of ghee. Remove from the oven and turn upside down onto a serving plate. Allow to cool for about 15 minutes. Then add some ice cream, and you have a work of pure deliciousness! | These are my parents, Camella and Richard Elliot!

83: Before she starts cooking, she takes out every spice and sauce that she needs and sets them in order of when she is going to use them, and when she turns on the stove, it's like she is hypnotized. She can move so quickly, that she could easily make the food closing her eyes! That's how well she knows how to make it. My grandpa usually makes his home made Pancit, which is pretty much Filipino stir fry, but, like the chicken, is added with soy and garlic with lots of veggies. My Aunt Lani comes over with the Lumpia, which is a Filipino egg roll. Unlike chinese or other Asian egg rolls, Lumpia only has vegetables in it! Then my Aunt Kim comes over with our Filipino dessert, Bebinca. Bebinca is an amazingly wonderful little sticky rice cake! When everyone arrives at 6:00 pm sharp, we all sit down, and eat as a family! | Whenever we are having a Filipino meal, there is a 99% chance that we're not eating alone. We usually have the rest of my mom's family over, my two aunts and my grandparents. When they come over for dinner, we rarely ever cook all of the food, we usually each have our own roles for cooking. For our family, we usually cook the Adobo, which is just like teriyaki chicken but with more soy and garlic and other spices. When my mom makes the adobo, it's amazing to watch her. I will sometimes sit on the counter next to her and watch her cook. She is so swift and quick when she cooks it, probably because she cooks it all the time.

84: When all eat as a family, we're not strict about table rules. We don't say grace, we don't follow all proper table etiquette. We all just sit in front of the TV, and eat our food with plastic plates, plastic forks, and eat our food with our fingers, while we talk about our families and stories about how “Politics are completely overrated and old fashioned!” and how “Where will our next trip be to? Hawaii? Europe? New York?”. We're a family who likes to feel comfy while eating, though we are always eating together when we have a home cooked meal. It is the same for whenever we go out to eat, everyone has to go as a family, including those that aren't living in the house with us. The good part about going out to eat with the whole family is that it doesn't get old. It's always exciting and enticing, because we never go to the same place twice! | In San Diego, there is a little mix of everything with a little bit of everywhere. Down here, people build little shops for their food. We have shacks, we have street cars and pulling carts just to sell food. You can get the most amazing meal you have ever tried before just from a street vendor! That's why it's so exciting to eat somewhere new down here because we always know it's probably going to be something good! My dad could be feeling like we should have Mexican for dinner, but we don't want to go to the same place we went to last week! My mom could feel like having Filipino food, but we have gone to all the ones we know of. So we call my grandpa, and ask if he knows any places that we haven't been to before that is Filipino! He will send us all the way down to Mission Hills just to try this small family run shop, just to find out it's great! We are a family of explorers, we always are willing to try something new. “You will never know if you like something until the day you try it for the first time,” is our family motto!

85: COUNTRY COMPARISON In our family, we have a wide range of food varieties. We will eat anything that is edible in our hands. When we have our meals, it is rare to ever see us eat the same exact thing twice. We also snack anytime of the day. Sometimes, when we go grocery shopping for the week, we go through it all in 5 days. When we shop, we always buy everything, even the smallest of ingredients. We may never even use it, we won't even know it ever existed! We only buy everything we see just for the sake of buying things. We always have more than enough food in our household. Living in the Refugee camps of Chad is very, well, lets say “Repetitive”. Everyday, the families of the camps eat the same thing on a daily basis. They only eat one meal per day with only a specific amount per person. Everyday, every person eats at least 2100 calories. That is less than the sufficient amount of calories for a 16 year old, but just a little more The only time someone may get more food or less, is whether the family with the food agrees on it. Every 15 days, a truck from the U.N World Program comes with food and water, that is divided individually for every person. What ever person get is just a little more than nothing. I feel that in my family, we get a lot of extra food that we never eat. I think all of the access food we have is unnecessary. I'm not saying that I would rather not have a little more food so that I can snack whenever I like, but I think we have just a little too much, considering places like the Refugee camps in Chad have barely any food at all. It is horrible to me how much food they get, though at the same time, I respect them. They can live in these harsh conditions and not get greedy. You would think that in most large families, parents would take their children's portions of food so that they can have more for themselves, but in most cases, it's where the parents give most of their food for their children instead! The fact that they can risk their life for their family is the most brave and heroic thing any person can do. | We have a very large family. In most aspects, we are all different. Sometimes too different. We are not the most interacting family when we are at the house. All the kids are always in their room, locked away as if we were hibernating bears. My dad, always gone on business trips, or traveling the world on tour, while my two older siblings are away in college. Sometimes, you can say we were all strangers living in the same place, though when we have a big dinner, a feast, that is the time when we all spontaneously come together without even knowing it. Even we don't have to eat together, we somehow always end up sitting at the table together, full of chews and the sound of metal hitting glass. Dinner is the only time where we will always be together without fail. Our dinner together is what keeps this family as a family at all. Dinner is when we are all together as a whole.

86: This is freshly caught salmon from Dory's fishing market. We had to try something new so we breaded it!!!

87: The Organic Revolt By Connor Muirhead | A couple of nights ago we/I had my favorite meal and full of my favorite food groups. We had Breaded salmon with homemade french fries and brown rice with a little butter added to it. We had also had some fresh potato(Non-skinned)...the best! Also we had broccoli, which is ok but not preferred for me, which tasted good to me that night though. Probably cause I was thinking it was extra/spare pieces of steak. To drink I had water and Mtn. Dew. That drink choice was a recurring one at that too. The only problem is that I remember that the brown rice and the bread were non-organic so it had to be industrial food :-(. | Industry issues in America are becoming a real big problem, like obesity, overall health, and just losing energy, etc. I may not taste a huge difference or a clear difference but my body does and doesn't like it and is forced to obey and deal with it. In several studies like the movie “Supersize Me” after only 30 days of eating junk food you can become addicted to it. As in whenever you eat a burger and fries you will feel very happy and feel good just from eating that burger and fries. So you will think since I’m feeling good this is obviously the right choice, right? No, it will just prove McDonalds right as in the “Happy meal” which is bad cause you're only feeding your body bad chemicals and unhealthy problems for you later on...Maybe if we educated the average American citizen they might change there mind of start eating a little bit healthier than before.

88: Well maybe if we talk to the companies about this problem like “General mills, pepperidge farms, etc.” We could tell them even though you are doing fine with non-organic items/foods. You could be making more with organic foods. This could be done if we have a test from the “USDA” to tell you what chemicals you need to take out in order to have a food considered “Organic” which can be quick and easy or long and hard depending on the chemicals and how much you're using. If you change that you will get more customers and already existing customers will want your food even more! This is because more people want organic food but cannot afford it. Also the organic customers will buy your products that didn't happen before.

89: When Me and my family go shopping we don't hold back. Anything that could last a long time like in a big box or big container we buy it as long as its at a reasonable price and tastes good. We buy everything from Meats, and vegetables to Ice Cream and sometimes we get cookies. We are a active family so we don't just eat junk food all day but we would like that very much! Well for the Chad refugee's they eat what they are given. Due to the civil war that Chad has just experienced thousands of family's in Chad are left homeless and work less. So the Chad government and organizations from America | Country Comparison | have added refuge camps for the survivors and homeless. They only eat about 2,100 calories for a days worth of food. For most teenagers that is not within the recommended amount of food for a day.

90: Here is my solution:(Courtesy of USDA for there steps on how to become organic food). "The Application Process: If you're planning to market your product as 'Organic' you must get certified by a National Organic Program (NOP) accredited agent. First choose your organic certification agent.Obtain and fill out your agent's application forms and turn them in. After the agent reviews your application and decides that you're in compliance with NOP regulations and standards, your agent will schedule a site inspection. The Inspection: A reputable organic certification agent will always schedule an on-site visit to inspect your organic production and handling site. | The inspection is conducted in order to ensure that your application information is truthful and accurate. Your inspector will need to see your operations and will want to verify that zero prohibited substances have come into contact with your product. Before the inspection ends, your inspector will conduct an exit-interview with you. During the exit interview, the inspector will inform you about concerns or problems and answer any questions you may have. Certification: After your inspection takes place, your inspector will write a report based on his or her findings. The report, applicant file and exit interview are again reviewed to ensure National Organic Program (NOP) compliance.

91: If your organic certification agent has zero concerns and all fees have been paid, you'll be allowed to label your product or company as USDA Certified Organic. If there are minor concerns you may be certified if you agree to solve the concerns within an appropriate time-frame. If your agent feels that you are not fully NOP compliant you won't be certified until you make the necessary changes to become NOP compliant." | In order for this to work we need to propose a plan to the non-organic food parties/companies. As in we need to have a step by step solution plan and show them what will increase and what will decrease. 1. They will need to have a USDA agent come and see what needs to be changed or added. 2. | They will need to change how their food is kept and make it in a more humane way. Then we will have the company clean up their facilities and feed the animals(Cows,Chickens, and Pigs, etc). | If I were to make my parents use less butter or a single ingredient. That we don’t really need to have in the food. Just that little change or big change depending on what you change or what you use less of, could depend on how you feel later. If I were to help my dad cook i could probably have some influence on what he uses and could limit the portions of certain ingredients he uses. That way I can trust the food that i’m eating as “healthy”. But if we have large companies that change to organic food only then I know that the chicken I bought from them is already organic and healthy. That could even possibly change how my parents like or dislike organic or industrialized meat.

92: My parents, Michael (left) and Pamela (right), with the ingredients for the meal we made that night. It was salmon with pesto. This is the only salmon my mom has ever been able to eat.

93: A *Bissel of This by Diana Rothman Some of my favorite places in the world are farmers’ markets. My parents get in the car and drive up to Vista almost every Saturday to shop for the week's meals, and sometimes I'll go with. The market is in a dirt lot with more than twenty tarp covered stands lined up in rows. The stands sell meat or fish; fruits and vegetables; plants and flower bouquets; food; soap; salt; etc. There's one stand whose owner spins yarn and sells it. She sits behind her spinning wheel, her hands draw, and the wool slowly piles up in a twirling, perfect mess. The market smells of sand and dirt and sun; herbs; fruits; vegetables; the thick, watery scent of potatoes; fish; and the bland, plastic smell of the turf that covers the tables. Sometimes the scents of one stand will waft several feet away, like the sickly-sweet stench of ripened pink guavas aging in the heat. There's the sound of voices that mingle and converge in the air, the soft rustling of produce in bags, and the occasional thumping of toddlers’ feet as they're chased by their parents. It's very different from a supermarket, where most everything is in doors, the lighting looks fake, and the food seems to be coated in cellophane. My parents have certain standards that have helped them to compile a list of the places that they prefer to shop. Papa lists his favorite grocery stores, “Sprouts, Frazier Farms, Trader Joe's, and the farmers’ market.” “Not necessarily in this order,” my mom, Pamela, adds. My parents buy everything together. It's when we go to the store that my father, Michael, runs from one aisle to the next, a perfect example of the expression “kid in a candy store.” Papa is also the one who grows most of our food. The plants are in a small-scale greenhouse using hydroponics and Papa devotes most of his time to growing chilies, tomatoes, basil, watermelon, *Tuscan melon, and much more. Food is more than just something that keeps us alive, but at many times something to live for. | My name is Diana, and I am the oldest of two children. My parents' names are Pamela and Michael, and my brother, who decided that he is a non-existent member of my family, is named Jacob. My mom spends most of her day at home in her office, staring at a bright computer screen, sitting in her chair or going through filing cabinets, and dealing with people that don't understand that if you change “this” you then have to change all of “that.” My father worked for the video game industry until I was four. He has spent most of his time recently in our yard; we started remodeling and he's trying to build a space for his barbecue. He also spends time tending to the trees, boxwoods, and several hundred lavenders, as well as the few other flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits and grass that cover our penny's-width of land.My parents will see each other at some point during the day, but as I stated, Mama spends most of her time behind a closed door. It's cooking dinner that lets the two of them be together and eating it brings my brother and me to the table. Papa is also part of the board at our temple which can be very stressful for him because he holds one of the hardest roles for board members, which means that on rare occasions we don't eat together. My brother is also in boy scouts, so his meetings sometimes determine what, when, and for how long our family eats. Most days we try to make it a point to eat as a family no matter how rushed or stressed we are. At the end of the day, it's not what my family does that dictates our meals, but what we love and whatever is in the markets. San Diego differs depending on where you go. I live in Carlsbad, about 15 minutes from Ponto State Beach. The Plaza Paseo Real Shopping Center has a Vons and several restaurants. Off of El Camino Real there's an Albertson’s and several other food joints. Where North El Camino meets Calle Barcelona is the Carlsbad Forum with Sur la Table, Casa de Bandini, Buca di Beppo, and many other places that sell food, whether it's prepared food or not. There's also Bressi Ranch, with a few grocery stores and plenty of other places to find something to eat. And of course there are the farmers’ markets.

94: Caloric Intake of an American Middle Class Family Compared to that of a Darfurian Refugee The average recommended caloric intake for an adult human is between 2,000 and 2,500 calories daily. In my family, my parents and I probably consume a number of calories somewhere between this recommended range while my brother probably consumes less. We eat whatever we want, whenever we want- there's always spare food. My father does a lot of work in our yard and has taken up cycling again, so he probably eats the most of any of us. My brother touches nearly nothing, so I would estimate his caloric intake at a little less than 2,000 calories. As a growing teen, I probably eat slightly more than 2,300 calories, and due to my families ability to obtain food I never have to worry about malnourishment. Compared to many people in the world my family is extremely well off. Other families- their children in particular -are not always quite as lucky. The Aboubakar’s are Darfurian refugees in an encampment in Chad. About every sixteen days one of the sons goes to collect their next fifteen day ration that has been organized for the Darfurian families by the UN (United Nations) with the WFP (World Food Programme). Each day's meal is about 2,100 calories. This is more than enough for adult females as their caloric intake is recommended to be 2,000 calories, and about 84 percent of what is recommended for an adult male. That's about 88 percent of what an active sixteen year old male should be eating. For refugees, the Aboubakar family of six is actually very well off. The oldest son gets almost as much as he needs, and the rest of his family is completely covered by the daily rations. My family and the Aboubakar family are very different. Though the Aboubakars have a sufficient caloric intake, at least one of the members does not get the daily recommendation, where as my family has as much as they need, if not access to more. I am very surprised by how lucky they are to have meals that cover most of their caloric intake, as I believed that most refugees had inadequate food supply. I still feel very much for them, and I feel terrible about their situation, but I believe that they have a sufficient food supply, even if it is limited, which is reassuring.

95: You can find them in Vista, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Escondido, La Jolla, Little Italy, Hillcrest- just about anywhere you go in San Diego, you can probably find a farmers’ market. These places sell in-season produce, compared to the supermarkets that sell out-of-season produce, pies from Julian, spices from Mexico, teas from China, and products from plenty of other cities and countries. What is available to my family at home depends on when my parents choose to shop and what to shop for, which is often decided on by the list of meals that they plan for each week. My father is the “head chef” in our family. Though he has the capacity to cook broad spectrum of cultural foods, he has those dishes that we turn to time and again. One of those would be fillet mignon. He cooks the steaks medium rare: gray-brown outsides, pale pink rims just beneath, and tender vibrant red centers. Often times he'll coat the edges of the steak in whole black peppercorns that crumble when the steak is sliced. Mama will marinate zucchini, asparagus, onion, squash, and or eggplant to be grilled, as well. Inside the house, at the stove, Papa will make either a mustard sauce- which is the most common -or a port wine reduction. When he makes the port reduction the flames of the alcohol rise higher and higher, becoming a translucent ripple in the air until it burns off and the other ingredients can be added. This is the meal that my family probably enjoys the most because when we finally sit down and begin to eat we all get along and our toleration levels almost double. | The meals when Papa makes fillet mignon seem to be the ones that my family enjoys the most. My brother and I even have better table manners when we eat this meal- elbows off the table; food to face, not face to food; we don't talk with our mouths full. We never sing at the table. Unless you consider my brother, my family eats their meals mostly in silence. Even this one. It's probably because we,re too happy eating to bother. My family has a genetic disposition that basically means that unless you’'e feeding us when we're hungry, don't come near. It's during these meals that my brother, who is always talking, talks the most.“Today I watched this on YouTube.” “Today my teacher made me do this for homework.” “Today I installed this on my computer.” “Today I got run over by a golden Vespa and a guy wearing a purple helmet!” Today this. Tomorrow that. He provides constant narrations of his day, everyday. The only other “traditions” we have are eating together and sitting in the same seats. Jacob sits in front of the window next to the sliding glass door, Mama sits in front of him, I sit to his left, and Papa sits in front of me. My religion also affects what I eat, but other sects of this religion and the region that each sect is from play a large role in the lives of Jews and their diets can vary drastically from mine. In Judaism there are multiple food traditions that define the different sects situated around the world. Let me begin by explaining how the regions that sects are from affect their eating habits. If a Jew is from Africa, Asia, Portugal, or Spain they are Sephardics. A main component of a Sephardi’s diet, many years ago, was rice, and so they are allowed to eat rice on *Pesach. They are also allowed to eat corn and legumes (e.g., peanuts and beans). Sephardic, Sephardi- the singular, and Sephardim- the plural - are derived from the Hebrew word for Spain- Sepharad. The Ashkenazi Jews, from France, Germany, and Eastern Europe, are not allowed to eat rice, corn, legumes, *chametz, and anything made from grains unless it “comes from” *matzoh. Ashkenazi, Ashkenazic, and Ashkenazim are derived from the Hebrew word for Germany- Ashkenaz. Then there are the Roman Jews, Yemenites, Ethiopians (a.k.a. Beta

96: Israel or Falashas), and Asian Jews who have their own set of rules, as well. Then there are the sects and families within these regional classifications that can be more strict with dietary rules, or less strict. In my family we are Reform Jews and don't keep *kashrus- it is my personal choice to avoid eating any product that comes from pigs and to refrain from eating organ meat. On the other hand, I still eats shellfish, meat with dairy, and many other products that are not kosher because that's how my family eats. In an Orthodox or Chasidim family they are probably more likely to keep kosher, and so they would avoid these things. Keeping kosher is mainly a choice that the family makes and once the children have left the house they no longer have to follow these “laws” as it is then their choice. *Bissel- a Yiddish word meaning "little" *Tuscan melon- the true cantaloupe; originating in Italy it is an heirloom fruit; its less expensive cousin the muskmelon is sold in American supermarkets as the cantaloupe *Pesach- the Jewish holiday Passover; it celebrates the exodus from Egypt *Kashrus- the Hebrew word derived from the root kosher/kasher meaning suitable or pure

97: Family Recipe Potato Latkes (This recipe has been in my family for more than three generations. The instructions are written exactly as they were from the original paper that I had.) 6 medium-sized russet potatoes 2 eggs 2 onions approx. 1/2 to 1 cup matzoh meal 1 to 1.5 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. baking powder Grate potatoes on flat shredder. Grate onion and mix all together. Drain liquid. Squeeze most of liquid out with your hand against the mixture, pressing down and draining the liquid out of the bowl. Add salt, baking powder, and matzoh. Heat oil to 375 degree in an electric frying pan. You need at least a thin layer of oil. make flat thin pancakes in your hand and gently place in pan, being careful not to burn yourself by splashing the oil. Deep brown on each side. Turn over a second time if not crusty enough. Drain on double or triple thickness layer of paper towels on a jelly roll sheet (cookie sheet with sides). Keep warm in 200 degree oven, on jelly sheet (paper towels included) if desired. Serve with applesauce or sour cream.

98: Seamus | The McGarveys By:Seamus McGarvey

99: Country Comparison The amazing life of my family . We enjoy the time we have together. When we have guests we usually serve them at our table as well. We talk about our day and how it went. Normally we then proceed to leave the table and continue with our day. It is very similar to the people of Chad. The people of Chad don't normally have guests but when they do they serve them at their table and treat them as family. They eat as a family every night. They talk about what happens with their family and how they day went. They have to share their food with the rest of the family due to food shortages so they normally eat a minimal amount. I have enjoyed researching both meal customs. My thoughts about each option are mixed. Both are very similar, but with my family we eat more than the Chadian people. Both are very courteous towards guests. And in many ways they are extremely similar because of table customs. | The McGarveys By: Seamus McGarvey

100: Seamus

101: The Market at our market. it always cold because of all the goods that needed to be kept cool. aisles filled with food and 3 freezer aisles full of frozen goods. people standing in uniforms to help you find an item or buy the items you want to buy. music normally plays softly in the store and the voices of many people talking throughout the aisles. a good place to buy food and a calming place. Life Style My family lifestyle. a little about my family, my mom and dad met in 1995 and got married 2 years later after my dad came back from being on float. my dad still works in the military and works as a military contractor. i am one of 2 brothers i was born in 1998 and my brother was born in 2000 and we get along very well as a family. | Vista Vista is a relatively small city compared to the area it is in. it is a very nice place. it has a highway going through it. many people live here about 95000 people. many schools and many supermarkets in vista as well so its also practical for buying things and getting what you need. i really enjoy the city i live in. Preparing the Meal preparing the meal. most often mom mom prepares the our meals. thy are very good and often are homemade . we either use a stove, an oven, or sometimes the microwave mainly because they are the most convenient. we do not est out often which i enjoy because it makes me feel more at home when we eat at home

102: Seamus

103: Outside Factors affecting our meal Some outside factors that may affect my meal time include. . . my soccer I have soccer practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00, on Sundays we either have out family dinner at my grandparents house or I have my Conformation classes from 6:30 to 8:00. | Enjoying The Meal enjoying the meal. we normally enjoy our meal as a family. we sit at our table and eat. we talk about out day and what interesting happened if any Tuesdays and Thursday are the only days that are different because o have soccer practice and cant eat dinner with my family.

104: Example of things that my family eats for a week.

105: Enjoying The Meal: Bilal Salinggih There is a meal that everyone in my family loves, a tasty golden color and the mixed scent of smoke and seasoning, the chicken satay. My mom buys the meat in a store, any store. My mother then cuts it up into about a penny in diameter and skewers them with a sharp skewer. She then smothers it with tasty seasoning and spices, by this time I usually already smell the aroma of the seasonings. Afterward, one she has already mixed the spices and seasoning for about a minute, she then takes about 20 of the skewers and places them into the open at times, and others on top of a fire. My family enjoys this meal with peanut cream to smother on the satay, it adds to the flavor, and it makes up for the almost nonexistent seasonings inside the chicken. Yet one thing irks me almost every time I eat chicken, or any meals with meat, the treatment of the animals that makes the meals on our table possible Imagine a chicken farm, what do you see? Probably a barn, a farmer with sticks, and a bunch of chickens running around, happily picking at the ground searching for worms. Well, your vision is not entirely accurate, the industries have created a system of cheap and efficient way of mass producing meat, but at the cost of the well being of the animals, one of these system is called CAFO, short for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation has already located over 250,000 in America.The animals, I feel

106: are getting no respect in how animals are supposed to be treated and the way are supposed to be raised. They should lead a proper live and have some space rather than be cramped into an isolated and dingy space while stepping on their own manure, all that coming from corn, a diet most animals are not used to. Would it really not be easier to farm the old fashioned way where everything has its own role to the cycle of nature that comes from recycling animal waste and grazing at specific times, all leading to harmony? The first step is to stop making the cows eat corn, they hate it, and only eat it because they are forced to, why not just have them eat an allotted amount of grass at specific times so that the grass have time to regrow so that the cycle of eating continues? Secondly, let them have open spaces and the outdoors, at least for feeding, it makes them have some exercises which leads to a healthier cow, and makes for more delicious and tasty milk and meat. Look up the Polyface farm, these guys raise a variety of animals like cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys and the only resource they use to produce good meat is the land they have and the knowledge of how to farm. The manure is left for the pigs and then to let the soil become more fertile, and the cows and chickens feed at the grass at different times so that the grass have time to regrow. It's all a continuous cycle that does not pollute the environment, but makes it better!

107: The idea of slowly transforming the cheap produced meat efficiently and with as little cost of possible, into bigger farms and based on the cycle based farming to produce quality based produces that takes a little more time will improve the quality of food and just makes it better for the moral of people that make our food. There will be less chances of encountering E.coli because the animals we are eating aren't living in dirty conditions. Critics might say that the land that it takes to make this sort of thing possible is either not enough enough or nonexistent, well considering the land that are occupied by CAFOs are polluted and wasted, the Polyface farm, from the book The Omnivore's Dilemma is filled with green grass and lush woods, and it all works together, producing quality meat, and dairy products, while still keeping the environment beautiful. The cost of having to farm on | Country Comparison The cost of weekly food here is lots more than Chad. But in comparison we also have a lot more variety in what we eat, and what we do eat we eat a lot more than the people in Chad refugee camps The cost of food there for a week is $1.23, that is not enough to buy a pack of gum! there they eat only grains, nuts, and some fruits. Here we get to eat a bunch of junk food and a loads more staple.

108: bigger land is outweighed by the fact that that land is not harmed and gets more fertile for future generations. This solution will be a step in the right directions into improving the food industries and also my own meal. If my solution is to take effect. I would be eating dinner more like it was when I was in Indonesia. I don't really have to think about how the food was treated or that there is a chance that a bacteria that could kill me could be in one of the meat. I think my mother would also not mind buying more natural food for a little more cost than cheap food. Dinner would also taste just a higher quality and more natural. I would be less picky on what I eat, and eat more meat than I do now, simply because I think about how the animals are treated before they are slaughtered and how they were living. It would overall improve the quality of food, and dinner. | continued The people in the Chad refugee camps are eating a lot less food than us in the U.S. The cost of food there for a week would not be enough to buy a bag of chips for a little Boy. The proper weekly cost of food should be about $150 dollars worth. The country of Chad should try to maybe find foreign aid to help them with the crisis. It's quite a ridiculous living condition. It us very shocking that a family can live off of that amount of money, but they do get most of their food from the U.N. It is predictable why there is so many malnutrition issues.

109: Not everyday do I get to eat Octopus! | Noodles Recipe: | Cucumber and fried rice. | *one pack of noodles *pepper *shredded chicken *2 eggs *Soy sauce *Salt *1/2 tablespoon of sugar *onions *Garlic *candlenut | Directions: 1) preheat frying pan with oil. 2)mix the garlic, onion, and candlenut in a blender. 3)stir for a while, then put the shredded chicken with salt, pepper, soysauce, and sugar, and eggs, mix them and then put in pan. 4)It would take about 10 minutes to cook. Enjoy.

110: Every dinner is an adventure from the market to my mouth, heres the journey. Mostly everyday after school we go to the market because we don't buy all our groceries for the whole week. My family and I live by an organic grocery store down the road in a little plaza, the market is called, Sprouts. We have been shopping at this market since the first day it was born, the day my life changed and became healthier. Although sometimes we shop at a market that is more local and cheaper. I really love and enjoy the environment in Sprouts because the air is cool, the smells are so fresh like the wind from the ocean and it doesn't smell like other markets, which smell like rotten meat. Also every food item and produce is a 100% organic, organic is our favorite type of food because we find more flavor in it. We purchase ingredients such as, fruits, veggies, spices, and meat to cook a homemade meal, but if the family is busy and doesn't have enough time to cook then we eat a frozen food. Often times we go to the market as a family and seek for ingredients for dinner together. | My | My Hungry Family By: Xochi Perez

111: M

112: My family takes turns shopping for food, which is simple because we are a small family. We are a family of three, my mom who always reads, helps people, and seeks for new unique dinner through cookbooks. My dad is someone who is always working hard at his job and takes care of his family, he comes home when the sunset lowers around 6:00 p.m. I am Xochi, a high schooler and an only child. Most days we make a home cooked meal and eat around 8:00, but occasionally when I'm drowned with homework, I pick out an organic frozen meal from the freezer and hear it on our microwave. | My family takes turns shopping for food, which is simple because we are a small family. We are a family of three, my mom who always reads, helps people, and seeks for new unique dinners through cookbooks. My dad is someone who is always working hard at his job and takes care of his family, he comes home when the sunset lowers around 6:00 p.m. I am Xochi, a high schooler and an only child. Most days we make a home cooked meal and eat around 8:00, but occasionally when I'm drowned with homework, and I pick out an organic frozen meal from the freezer and hear it up in our microwave. Personally I love home cooked meals, the sizzling sound of the food on the pan, the scents too rich it gives me goosebumps and triggers my taste buds, and on the weekends when nobody's busy we go out to eat at a restaurant. We as a family shop the ingredients for the home cooked meal at an organic store in San Marcos, but there are also various supermarkets near us too! | My Family Lifestyle

113: I live in the city San Marcos, California and we have a variety of markets. San Marcos is an overpopulated city that has many dirt lots, fast food, restaurants, shops, and markets. I have many supermarkets about 5 miles of distance from my home but, there is also a flea market that is available every Saturday in a college parking lot. Many farmers who grow their own produce sell it at the flea market. The flea market is always flooded with all colors from the fruits and vegetables. Every supermarket is very cultural because many fruits were born and raised from different parts of our beautiful world! Since we are able to import produce from other countries, we can also receive when it's out of season here. In our city we shop at supermarkets and flea markets but, the last home cooked meals ingredients were from an organic market. | About My City

114: My parents picked out various ingredients from the organic store, Sprouts. The next step is to prepare and cook the meal. Tonight was my dads turn to cook. He first started to cook the white cauliflower in a pot of hot water on the stove. Then he put the precooked turkey in the microwave. After that he made smoothies that were made of soy milk, strawberries, and ice. For dessert he cut a slice of angel bread, added slices of strawberries on top and soy whip cream. The final meals image was a large turkey leg, cauliflower with a half of a lemon, avocado slices, with the strawberry dessert and strawberry smoothie. Now that the meal is done, it's time to eat! When we eat, it is usually around 8:00. When we eat at 8:00, we sit at a table and socialize while we're eating, for example one night my parents were talking about the elections at the table, my Mom said to me," Xochi if you had the opportunity to vote who would you vote for?" and I said," No one, neither would be good presidents," and my parents nodded their heads agreeing with me. We also have a stereo in the kitchen and we play music while cooking and eating. On some days when the family is busy and I have a lot of homework, I heat a frozen food meal and eat while I'm doing homework. On a regularly basis when we eat at 8:00, when we are done eating we thank God for our dinner and excuse ourselves. After that we place our dirty dishes in the sink, that I wash later as a chore. An item from our dinner that influence the meal from the outside was the turkey. | Preparing and Enjoying the meal | My cousin eating a turkey taco. ->

115: For the tamale dough: 2 cups maseca cornflour, for tamales (Maseca is the brand name, it is Mexican corn flour) 2 cups warm water or 2 cups stock 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 5 1/3 tablespoons vegetable shortening 5 1/3 tablespoons butter 12 dry corn husks Directions:In a mixer add corn flour, water, baking powder, salt, butter and shortening. Mix at medium speed for about minutes until mixture becomes light and fluffy. Spread ounces of tamale dough on each corn husk and place 1 1/2 ounces of pork filling in the center of each. Fold corn husk and place into a steamer for 1 hour. Allow time to rest and serve warm. For the roast pork for salsa verde filling: 2 lbs pork (boneless shoulder works best) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 cups chicken broth Directions:Heat medium-sized roasting pan, add vegetable oil, and add pork which has been cut into cubes about 2 inches by 2 inches and seasoned on all sides with salt and pepper. Sear pork to a golden brown on all sides. Add salsa Verde and chicken broth. Cover and place in a 300-degree oven for about 1 1/2 hours, or until meat is very tender.Remove pork from liquid and cool.Pull meat, shredding it into small pieces, then brown lightly in a sauté pan and add cooking liquid. Season to taste. For the salsa verde: 10 tomatillos 1 medium onion, peeled and quartered 6 garlic cloves, stem removed 2 jalapenos or 2 serrano peppers 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 2 tablespoons lime juice salt, to taste Directions:In a medium pot bring 3 quarts of water to a boil, then add tomatillos, onions, jalapenos and garlic. Simmer for 5 minutes and drain.Place ingredients in a blender with cilantro, lime juice and salt; puree. Return pureed mixture to sauce pot and simmer gently for 15 minutes. Adjust seasoning as needed. | A famil;y Recipe:(Tamales de salsa verde) | My family and I have various grocery stores that we have access too, from Organic to a normal supermarket. Each isle is filled with types of food from all different cultures. Grocery stores are were we buy our ingredients to cook a homemade meal. It is also were we buy our beverages and household cleaning supplies. My country, The United States is fed off grocery stores. Grocery stores are our main source of food. Unlike Chad Refugee camps, they do not have grocery stores and do not have a lot of resources for food. They rarely get food or water supply and when they do it is from the United Nations. The United Nations supplies them with a small amount of starch, bread, brown rice, meat, fish, eggs, and 1 gallon of water. I understand that the people living in the refugee camps had their homes destroyed, but I think our country should start a food donation charity out of humanity. I think that everyone in the world should receive the opportunities and rights that we have because we are all on one planet and we are all human. | Country Comparison

117: India In this section: Maya Madalyn Zachary Devon Katrina Joshua

118: As I walk through the automatic doors I suddenly feel very frigid. I can smell all of the fresh produce waiting to be bought, I can see the variety of boxes of food. It is very colorful in here, very safe. I am in Trader Joe’s. As I look around I see more than I ever did before and I was looking at the same products. As I arrive to the fruits/vegetable section my mom tells me to look for organic items. I shuffle through a bunch of bananas, looking for a ripe one. I put them in the cart and on we went. We went through almost all of the store, zig zagging to find what we need for the week until we finally found ourselves at checkout. The woman there was very kind, asking us how our day was going. As she scanned the last item we put all of the bags in the cart, thanked her and packed the car to go home. We began driving home. It only took around 10 or 15 minutes to get there. I helped my mom unpack the food. My mom, Catherine, has a PHD in communications but works as a stay at home mom. My dad, Ted, is a second grade teacher at Carrillo Elementary School. My brother, Shea, is my twin and we do almost everything together. My mom is the cook in the family. She is really good too, always coming up with new foods to eat. She is also the one who shops for us and manages what we spend and buy. My family and I live in the city of San Marcos of that is where we go to Trader Joe’s. We live in a very beautiful city with lots of options. In my city there is a lot of grocery stores and we have more than enough resources. As I notice more about our city’s food supply I see the little things. For example, the impulse buys are at every checkout in town (gum, roses, chocolate, candy, ect.). There is a whole system to our culture. You buy what you need, you find something that you have to have, then you go to checkout to find something that you can’t live without. That is how our city is constructed. You have to be a smart consumer when you live here because it is easy to get swallowed into the “must-haves” of the supermarket. | Food and Family | My families food for a week: | Where I shop: | By:Maya Saulino

119: As I focus my attention back to my own home, I analyze how we prepare the meal. My mother gets out all of the ingredients to our dinner I take note of what resources are available to us. We have a gas stove, an oven, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Without that stuff, I don’t know how we’d survive. To begin our process Shea started to chop the tomatoes, garlic, and basil. It is all organic and the basil we grow ourselves. Once he was done chopping all of the ingredients we put it in some olive oil and then we had the bruschetta. Next, we began making the bread. First we got out all the ingredients (yeast, flour, sugar, salt and milk). Then, we put the yeast inside a bowl and added a little warm water and sugar. Yeast is a living organism and we have to make sure that the yeast is active. After a couple minutes, we checked on the yeast and it became foamy. That meant that it was going to work once we bake the bread. Next, we added the sugar, salt and milk. I stirred it for a while and then when all of the ingredients were blended, I took it out of the bowl and began to knead it. After a couple minutes of that, I put it back in the bowl and let it rise for an hour. Once that hour was up, I kneaded it again. Now it has to rise for another hour. After that, we can bake it. It typically takes around 20-25 minutes to bake. When it came out of the oven we put the butter on top. After the bread was done, we started to make the salad. Shea did all of the chopping for the salad and also mixed it all together. He first chopped the tomato and red pepper and put it in the salad bowl. Next, he added in the organic herb salad and pine nuts. Then, my mom made the risotto. First, she cooked the garlic and mushrooms in the pan and sautéd the mushrooms in olive oil. Next, she added in the arborio rice and cooked it all in vegetable oil. When it was done, she sprinkled a little parmesan cheese on top. At last, we made the cake. We began by melting the chocolate chips then mixing in the butter and sugar into that. After that, we mixed in three eggs and some cocoa powder and that was it. | My mom making the Risotto: | My brother, Shea chopping vegetables: | Me (Maya) kneading the bread:

120: I mixed it all together and baked the cake for 25 minutes. Once it came out of the oven I let it cool then put some nutella on top. Finally, we all sat down to eat. It was my grandma’s birthday so we had my grandparents over. My parents and grandparents talked a lot about the upcoming election, about who they are going to vote for and why. My grandpa is teaching me the guitar so we talked about that too. We talked about our latest accomplishments and things we are excited for. We talked about our dogs. We talked about the funny kids in my dad’s classroom. We are a very talkative family. We always socialize at the table. Also, we aren’t very strict about our food. We don’t have rules that we have to be excused or anything and we can get up and get seconds whenever. The only custom I can think of is when my grandpa comes over he says grace. But we never do that traditionally. Even though we don’t have any traditions when we are at the table, we traditionally get organic items to eat. We aren’t a very strict family when it comes to table rules. Although, when it comes to what is on the table, that is a different story. We love to buy organically even if it comes at a cost. When we lived in Carlsbad, before there was a Trader Joes so close by, we used to drive a half an hour to get there. We liked the products that much. I remember driving past all of the Von’s and Albertson’s deeply confused. I had no idea what was going on! I later found out that the reason we drove so far was because of the fact that hardly any, if no food there has hydrogenated oils. Also, there are a lot of organic products available. On top of that, we love the environment and the people who work there. Then we moved to San Marcos and had a Trader Joe’s no more than 10 minutes away. The down side is that we live far away from the farmers markets. Now we are so busy with work, school, cleaning, after school activities and even before school activities. We have absolutely no time to go to the farmers markets. I wish that we had more farmers markets. There are very few and they also have limited hours which makes them even harder to get to. Our world would be a lot better off if we had a lot more farmers markets and whole foods markets as oppose to the endless junk food piling up in front of us.

121: Family Recipe | Recipe: *Chocolate chips *Butter *Sugar *Eggs *Cocoa Powder | Instructions: First, melt the chocolate chips in a glass bowl on top of boiling water. Once melted, mix in three eggs, some butter, coco powder, and sugar. Mix until blended. Add one cup of coco powder. Stir until it turns into a dark brown. Next, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Take out in 20 minutes.

122: Life in India: | In my family, we love meat. We eat it almost everyday! Although, we are very picky about the types of meat we do consume. Not at all because of religious purposes, but because of health reasons. We only buy organically. When we do not eat meat, the main dish is usually grains. In this Indian family, they are very religious. They believe that meat is impure to eat. They mostly stick to grains when they have dinner. The surprising thing is that my family is not too different from the family in India. We are both very picky about meats (them more than us), we both eat a lot of grains too. We are concerned about health reasons with meat, and they are concerned about religious reasons. We are very similar in what we do, yet very different in how/why we do it. | A map of India:

123: Indian Culture: | the Indian flag: | In India, grains are a big part of there diet. | Dancing is a big part of Indian culture.

125: Maddie’s Menu BY: MADALYN MATOSIAN AT THE MARKET: I can get my food in many different ways and places, but mostly from the market. The market can hold a variety of different foods and beverages. While in the market, my family usually buys the organic foods. Once we enter the store, there are many different and assorted goods placed in organized isles, making it aesthetically appealing for the customer. The customer, in this case being my family, makes looking for groceries long. Usually it’s my mom who goes out and buys the groceries because my dad is most of the time at work. She likes to make sure everything is thoroughly looked through so it’s healthy enough for our family. That’s mostly why it takes so long because we wouldn’t want to just rush through the store and buy food that will make you sick. At the cashier, there are many magazines and candy on the shelves. The cashiers are usually very nice and sociable people asking how your days have been and making small conversation. Now we’ll see what’s cooking over at home.

126: FAMILY LIFESTYLE My mom really affects our families culture. My dad always tries to help out my mom with cleaning and cooking and chores when he’s not off at work, but when it comes to cooking, that’s my mom’s territory. And lets not forget about my dog, I’m a vegetarian, so if there’s any left over meat, chicken or fish, we would mix that in with some kibble for her. Let’s take a wider look at some of the different markets in our city. | MY CITY: I live in Rancho Penesquitos, San Diego, CA where there are many different places to get my food. We have your regular grocery store such as Vons, Albertsons, Costco and Stater Brothers. They get a lot of business and generally contain the same food products with the same name brands. We shop usually at these kinds of stores, but sometimes we go to the farmer’s market. ,There are many local farmer’s markets in our city such as Sprouts, Henry’s and Trader Joe’s. These stores contain some of the more organic foods which our family believes is the much healthier way to go. Nectarines and peaches are out of season are out of season this time of year. At some grocery stores and farmer’s markets we can get these foods ripe out of season. We can find food from around the world, but at obscure markets. When we bring our food home, it’s time to prepare it.

127: a PREPARING THE MEAL: My mom cooks the meal. Lets say she makes chicken and broccoli. She starts out by seasoning a chicken with rosemary, salt and lemon. Next, she puts it into a roaster and cooks it. Sometimes she bastes the chicken with a little bit of white wine, the alcohol then burns out and evaporates, leaving the chicken with a nice aroma that fills the house. Right after the chicken starts cooking she starts preparing the rice pilaf. She melts the butter in a pot and browns egg noodles, then adds rice to blanch for two minutes or so. A broth of chicken stock is then added to bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. The broccoli is after this. She steams the raw broccoli stalks so they are nice and tender, retaining its flavor. As the smells consume the house, we wait in anticipation for our meal to be ready. The oven and stove are key pieces of technology used to prepare this one of many meals. Our anticipation ends as we get to enjoy our meal.

128: Enjoying the Meal: Enjoying the meal is very easy at night when you’re hungry, with good company and exquisite food. Our family loves to socialize during dinner. We end up laughing a lot and sharing stories about the day. We don’t really have many strict rules at our table but mostly nobody wants anyone to go all barbarian, we observe manners. However, once a year we have barbarian night where we get to eat everything with our fingers and our mouths open while chewing. I know it seems gross, but it’s so much fun! Now the bigger picture comes in., the entire food industry. | Outside Factors: Different types of foods are more expensive than others. Meats are becoming more pricey. Lower grades of meats are more riskier to your health if they are aged or not prepared right. For example, corn fed beef is very bad to eat and seems to age quicker than grass fed meat., Bigger industries have become “Giants” because they took quantity over quality. The quantity of meat they were supplying your grocery store with, may not be the next “cure for cancer”. And I’m going back to the beginning here, but thats mostly the reason why my family will buy organic over general. Although it might be more expensive, I do believe that it’s much more efficient to put in that extra work and money into making sure your family eats healthy.

129: Quiche: Pastry 1 cup Gold Medal all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon shortening 2 to 3 tablespoons cold water Filling 8 slices bacon, crisply cooked, crumbled (1/2 cup) 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese (4 oz) 1/3 cup finely chopped onion 4 large eggs 2 cups whipping cream or half-and-half 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper (cayenne) | COUNTRY COMPARISON: MY FAMILY: Eating meat, in the perspective of my family is a viable source of protein. We buy our meat at a local butcher shop or at a farmer’s market. I don’t believe my family would ever imagine not being able to buy meat or have it supplied somewhere that is pretty close by or easy to access. Eating sustainable meat is also important to the Matosian family, we couldn’t buy highly processed or corn fed meat. Although eating well does cost a lot more than just your run of the mill cut. But I guess it all pays off in the end. | INDIA: The cities in India doesn’t have many of the everyday resources we have. The country of India has a low income which means more people don’t have a lot of money to buy meat. Most families barely have money to buy enough food for a week. They do take caution by eating healthy, but since the environment they live in is so insanitary, they are exposed to disease.

130: Food is Fantastic! By: Zach Paine My parents go to the grocery store all of the time.They normally go to Ralphs or Vons. Whenever they bring me with, the first thing I see is the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. There is a strong scent that comes from the produce section; nor good or bad. I help my dad select the ripest tomatoes and other vegetables we need. As we walk through the rest of the store picking various foods from the shelves, I hear the chatter of random people and the same old sound of barcodes being scanned. After we finish selecting the foods for our particular meal, we wait in the boring checkout line with our rusty shopping cart. After we pay we haul the grocery bags out to our Lexus, get in, and then drive home.

131: In my family, there are four people. My dad, Kevin, my mom, Wendy, my sister, Zoey, and of course me. My dad works as a regional manager for a motorhome company known as Monaco RV. His job pays well so we can pretty much afford anything that we do want to eat. My mom stays at home with me and my sister and normally makes our food since my dad is away on business trips a lot. We mainly eat healthy, but we also eat foods we like. There isn’t really anything that affects how we eat except that my dad exercises. He prefers that the food in our house is healthy and that me and my sister don’t eat too much junk food. He also likes us to eat protein and eat fruits and vegetables instead of eating snacks. When he goes to the grocery store he doesn’t like to get us anything with a lot of sugar. It is also very convenient that my parents can find any food they need at the store.

132: My family and I are fortunate enough to live in Carlsbad, CA. The weather is always perfect and you can always go outside. The food is also great here. Anything you are craving can be found in Carlsbad. There are many places to get your desired foods such as Vons, Ralphs, the 99 cent store, Sprouts, Jimbos, and gas stations for a quick snack. Food is available here that is grown all around the world. There are also restaurants of all types of food including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and even Greek. We also get food that is out of season here because it can be shipped from wherever that food is in season. This is known as globalization. Most people would not know what certain foods taste like if it was not for globalization. It makes it possible to taste and enjoy food from all parts of the world. Carlsbad is a great place to live and get the ingredients that my family needs to make our meals. | In my family, we have a delicious recipe for tomato sauce which goes with spaghetti. It is my grandpa’s recipe which he taught and told my dad how to make. Once my parents have the necessary ingredients for our meal the begin the preparation. My dad starts to chop up the tomatoes and get the spices from our spice drawer. At the same time he starts to boil water in a pot for the pasta. Once he finishes chopping the vegetables and getting the spices he combines them in a big pot and boils them. My mom also helps with the meal by making her traditional salad. She cuts up the iceburg lettuce and puts it in a bowl. Then she adds shredded cheese, olives, tomatoes, carrots, and Italian dressing.

133: We also enjoy homemade garlic bread that my mom makes. She uses Italian bread and cooks it in the oven until the bread is crisp and slightly tanned. She then adds the garlic and adds her own personal touch by complementing the bread with a thin but tasty layer of cheddar cheese. At the same time my dad patiently waits by the boiling pot and stirs the bright red tomato sauce. Next my little sister and I set the table and prepare to eat. | Recipe for tomato sauce | Ingredients: Tomatoes 5 Cans (29.oz tomato sauce) 1 Can (6 oz. tomato paste) Oregano Basil Rosemary Thyme Bay Leaves 1 Garlic Clove Parsley Fennel 1.Simmer the tomato sauce in a large pot on the stove. Temperature on Low. 2.Then add seasonings and tomato paste 3.Stir occasionally 4. Enjoy!

134: Country Comparison We eat a lot of meat in my family. My dad is really good at cooking stuff on the barbecue. Since I am Catholic, I can eat meat whenever I want. It would impact my family in a really big way If we couldn't eat meat because we have it so much. In India, things are much different. The main religion in India is Hinduism. Hinduism is a religion that requires its followers to be vegetarians. Indians substitute meat with vegetables and grains. I think it would be very difficult to be Hindu because you wouldn't be allowed to enjoy meat. Meat is very important in my family because it is healthy and tastes very good. In India the people are forced to be more creative with their dishes since they don't have the option to use meat. Religion is a very big factor when it comes to food

135: Once the table is set my family and I head into our big dining room infested with Swarovski Crystal that my mom has collected over the years.. We sit in our comfy wood chairs at our long table. We then take each others hands and begin to say grace. After grace, we serve ourselves and indulge in the homemade Italian meal. During dinner, no one is allowed to use any electronics or leave the table before everyone is finished. As we eat, we talk about how our day went and what we did. My parents normally ask me how school was. As my family converses, I quietly enjoy the superb meal. The brightly colored tomato sauce complements the plain pasta. My taste buds go crazy as the spaghetti touches them. Every bite makes the meal better and better. Once we finish eating, we take our plates in and carry on with the rest of our night. | Food is one of the most important things in my family. Not just because we need it to live but because it connects us. I think it does this by forcing our family of four to enjoy and share something with each other. My family doesn’t really have our own food culture, but we love to try food cultures that belong to other countries. I think we have had more Mexican food than American because of the rich flavors and colorful dishes that Mexican food contains. Food bring everyone on Earth together. Whether you are poor, rich, or don’t even care what you’re eating food helps us come together.

136: Devon Haverkamp At the Market! My family and I get our food from Vons or Albertsons because they are convenient places to go for both of my homes. My mom gets the food normally but my 12 year old sister and me sometimes go with her to go get the food, we only sometimes get a week worths of food, because the grocery stores that we go to are very close to our house so we don't have to get our food all at once. With my dad its a different scenario the grocery store is still close, but he gets everything at once so he doesn't have to make back and forth trips and spend gas money and because we have more and other people (friends) in our home at times. When my mom, sister and I go to the store, we drive a few miles to get to the store, where it's filled with good smells of all kinds of foods, such as the fresh breads or cake they make, or flowers they sometimes have at Albertsons the nice fresh or sweet smell, we get our fresh bread for dinner then go to the more chilly area for some meat, we go through several different kinds and end up getting a nice big juicy steak or two, but that is only for me because my mom and sister are vegetarian but I am not, so we go to the nice fresh vegetable section for some salad maybe some over fresh vegetables but while we are there, I ask for some nice cellary or carrots. So, after that we go to the checkout line, but then me and my sister see the nice candy section near the checkout so we ask for some gum or candy, so we end up getting some tasty and delicious minty trident gum, some mini reeses, and some york mints. After we get or food and pay then we get in our white car and go back home to make the food!

137: me and my mom at the grocery store buying the ground turkey for our sheperds pie! | me and my mom buying the pasta a four cheese raviolli for me and my friend Briana to eat later!(:

138: The weeks worth of food my family eats, ranges from fruits and vegetables to processed crackers. Cooking Method: Gas Stove Food Preserver: refrigerator/freezer

139: Food Anymore By: Katrina Wolfson Dinner is the one meal a day my family and I are always together, laughing and talking about our days. The sweet and buttery smells flow through the house. My mom or dad usually making/creating a new recipe with different flavors or style of chicken or pasta. We always love to try new foods, mixing up recipes and just unusual foods. I especially love to bake. During dinner, we usually all sit around the table, eat and really just socialize with each other. One of the most common questions my parents ask me is, “So, how was your day?” I usually respond by saying “okay,” and talk about what work I did at school. The only real big rule my family has is keeping our cell phones on the counter, that way there is no distractions and its really time to bond. My favorite meal my mom makes is Pesto, which consists of pasta, spicy sausage, pine nuts and pesto sauce, especially Parmesan cheese. Sometimes she will add red and yellow bell peppers on top of the mixture. Food is the one big items that brings my family together. Eating fresh is one of the main parts of my families meals as well, but that is not always the option for some families. For most families in this generation, their main food supplier is McDonalds. In past generations, there may have been T.V. dinner, that were eating at home and usually with the family. Now however, there is less sitting at the dinner table eating meals and more going to a fast food place and eating as fast as you can, to get to the next activity during the day. “When we were growing up there was not many fast food places and McDonalds was a treat” (Marti Wolfson). When ordering at McDonalds or another fast food place, you may think you are ordering real pieces of chicken formed into a nugget, but is that what it really looks like when you bite into it? The McNugget so happens to have a trace of chicken breast, but the main ingredients are mainly food starch and chemically enhanced corn ingredients. It is soaked in ammonia and then artificially flavored. Not to mention the batter of the nugget has multiple starches as well as is not just that, there also is dimethylpolysiloxane, anti foaming agent, which is used in silly putty. Now when you chew one of those McNuggets in your mouth, do you really feel like you're eating food anymore? For Lower income families, there is really no choice on what they can eat. If McDonalds is what they can afford then that is what they are going to get, all they care about it getting the food, not always what is in the food. Everyone should be aware of what is in there food, then they have the choice of eating it or not, but large companies should not have the right to state false ingredients in their food and the government should not allow the companies to do that. I propose that there should be an enforced law, making these large fast food companies have pamphlets stating exactly everything that is put into their food. I also propose there should be images of how they food looks, especially the nuggets. This will give the option of the consumer to look at it and possibly. The government should not be allowed to keep this type of information from the public, and let the large companies make a profit on unaware citizens. I feel these pamphlets should: one have a detailed description of the main food items sold at that

140: restaurant (Nuggets, Main Hamburger...), two be organized by food type, and three state everything in that item (real ingredients). The hardest part of having this law, is making people interested on what is really in their food, then trying to find a way to stop it. Making people aware of there weird laws these companies have about stating what’s in their food and making the companies tell the world what is really in their food, will take awhile. First and foremost, people we need to start becoming aware of what is really in here food, having people outside of these chain restaurants giving out flyer's and what not. As soon as people become aware of this topic, they will most likely want these unnatural ingredients being put in our food. Most likely, there will need to be a petition signing form, that then will be brought to the Secretary of State or the Attorney General's Office. If this get put onto a ballot, you then must advertise for how in which you want people to vote for your law. If the law passes, then the large companies will most likely, be forced into stating everything that is put into their food. This part of the operation will be the hardest, as these large companies will be forced to do something that will most likely make them lose profit. The concept of having these pamphlets in fast food chain restaurants may or may not make a difference to the consumer. The most important part of this campaign is really to get the American people aware of what they are eating and as well as getting the world to know what these large companies are allowed to do. There will be some people who will really try to stop what these companies can do, but there will be other people who really do not care what is in there food because they like it. One of the best ways this will help the food industry in America is that there will be a lot more open ideas of what food can be bought for lower prices. Most people do not know how to cook fresh food now, but there is always cookbooks and there could also be other pamphlets about how to cook healthy food. People who do not have money to buy the greatest organic food do not need to, most of the time there really is no difference of nutrition from organic produce than regular produce. For four Whopper meals at Burger King it is around $21 dollars, for 1 bunch of broccoli, 1 pound of frozen vegetables, 1 gallon 100% organic orange juice, 10 pounds of potatoes, 1 pound of strawberries, cashews and more it is around $21. Buying only four hamburgers, fries and four drinks, which is one meal, you can buy almost three times as much food for the same price. There are all different places with food prices very low, that have the same brands of food as supermarkets, but half the price. The American people just need to become more educated about what food is out there, and what food they have been eating. If the solution I have created works, it may affect one part of the meal I have eaten. That is, the price of the food. If more people start shopping for fresh produce and meat the price of the food will go up. That is the only part of the solution, I honestly did not think about how the prices would raise because of the demand of food. The prices would not raise too much, but there will definitely be a change in the price because more food would have to be grown and shipped to more stores. If the solution works, it really will not effect my mom, dad and I because the only time we really have fast food is for a quick meal in

141: between doing something, but there is always an option of bringing fresh food the you made with you. The one person it will affect is my brother, he loves McDonalds, as he has gotten older he does not like it as much, but when there is a chance to get it, he will! After I look at the solution more carefully, it definitely could really change how the food industry is run and will run. The people who eat fast food, may still eat it, but there may also be a huge percentage of people who will completely stop going to these restaurants and start buying fresh food. | Sources:

142: Country Comparison In most American homes, a sink, hot water and soap is a necessary resource for their kitchens. The only real way to stop disease from spreading in the household, is to clean everything with hot water and soap. Every utensil or pot/pan my family uses we wash it and or put it in the dishwasher. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a chef so their kitchens are very sanitary and clean. Out of my whole house the kitchen is the main socializing place, the most people go in there and we all eat in there, that meaning it always needs to be clean so nothing will spread. Not to mention, there are multiple bathrooms in my house and they always are clean. In other countries, what we take for granted is not always the option. After reading an article about India, it came clear to me that Americans have it a lot easier than what you expect. One of the main parts of the house is the kitchen. Their kitchens however are a lot different, they have a gas stove and food storage, but not a sink. They wash their dishes outside, not to sanitary if you think about it. India is very dry, dusty or even humid, this making it impossible to have extremely sanitary dishes if they are washed outside. Not until recently, having a toilet in there house was rare, they used to share a communal bathroom causing many diseases and people to die young. Even today there really may only be one bathroom in their house, which still is somewhat unsanitary if it is not cleaned often. To me, having to wash the dishes I use outside and having to share a bathroom with everyone in my household, would be bad. For the people in India, it must just be nice to have a bathroom in their house and not have to share one, but for me having to share one bathroom with everyone in my household would probably seem very unsanitary. Because my family almost washes everything in the dishwasher, cleaning everything really good, having to wash all the dishes outside would be somewhat gross.

143: Chocolate Chip Cookies Time: 45 min. plus 24 hours chilling time -1 2/3 cups Cake Flour -1 2/3 cups Bread Flour -1 1/4 tsp baking soda -1 1/2 tsp baking powder -1 1/2 tsp salt -2 1/2 sticks unsalted butter -1 1/4 cups light brown sugar -1 cup 2 TBS granulated sugar -2 large eggs -2 tsp vanilla extract -1 1/4 pounds semisweet chocolate chips | 1. Mix flours, Baking soda, Baking powder and salt in bowl. Set aside. 2. Using a mixer (paddle attached), cream butter and sugars together until light. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing after adding each one. Add vanilla in and mix, add dry ingredients set aside small amounts on slow. Add chocolate chips in and mix on slow speed (don't break them). Put plastic rap over top if the bowl, and refrigerate for 24 hours. 3. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease baking sheet. 4. Scoop 6 golf ball size scoops on cookie dough on sheet. Bake 18-20 minutes or until golden brown. Transfer cookies to cooling rack. Let sit and eat warm!

144: Food, its something we can’t live without. The most important thing to the human that we all need. But where do we get this food? Most people mainly get their food from local markets, farms, or food stands. In my opinion, going to the grocery store can be one of the hardest things, but it also seems so simple. So many foods to choose from and you don’t know what to get, but in no time your cart is full and you’ve paid and you’re out the door. When i’m at the market, the small is always one thing, fresh. Its hard to describe what i’m smelling that is fresh, but it’s always great to be there. It always looks bright and sounds quiet, and the food always looks great. But you really need to chose wisely. Picking the right ingredients for a meal, what’s healthy and what’s not, treats and candy, it’s all very important. But something more important than the meal, is the family that eats it. When it comes to eating a meal such as dinner, you might usually eat with your family. When it comes to family, deciding what’s for dinner can only sometimes be a problem. My family, being me, my little brother Andrew who is 8 years old, my 16-year old sister Stephanie, and my mom and dad. My parents usually cook dinner, but I love to come in and help them cook whenever I can. When i’m not helping them, my call to dinner is usually the sweet smell of whatevers cooking coming from the vent, or when my mom comes in and tells me to set the table. We all like to sit together at the table and eat as a family, but sometimes my dad has to work longer, and rarely do we have to eat without him. Dinner is always my favorite time of day. The one time my family can sit and talk about what they’ve done all day. The city you live in can be very important. It has to have all the things you need to live, including food. I’m sure that lots of people think its hard to chose where they want to live. The town they live in needs to meet the requirements that a person needs to live. In my city, this isn’t much of a problem. Food is one of the easiest things to get, because we can get any type of food, in or out of season. Almost everywhere you go theres a business waiting to help you out, like insurance, home improvement, gas stations and more. When I look around a notice a majority of these businesses are food-based. Lots of fast-food drive through types, like Mcdonalds. Fancy restaurants, like Olive garden, and grocery stores like Albertsons. All of which are very important. When thinking about all this food, it reminds me of favorite meal, the one meal I make every weekend with my family. | If I had to pick one meal that tops all other meals, it would have to be the homemade tacos I make with my dad every weekend. Nearly every sunday, we gather ingredients to make delicious beef tacos. Usually while i’m cooking the beef, my dad is making guacamole, and my brother is grading some cheese. The ingredients are: 1/2 pound of ground beef, soft flour tortillas, 1-2 avocados, cheese, salsa, sour cream, garlic powder, vegetable oil, and some chips. To prepare this meal, you first start by grounding up the beef into bite-sized pieces while it’s cooking on a stove. While it continues to cook, grade some cheese on a separate plate. Once that is done, cut up the avocados and put them into a bowl. Mix some salsa, garlic powder, and sour cream with the avocado until it becomes thin. Once the beef is done, remove and clean the pan, then add vegetable oil. Once the vegetable oil reaches a good amount of heat, place the flour tortillas in one at a time, and cook until they are in between a hard shell and a soft shell. Then dry of the shells, add some beef, your choice of condiments, and enjoy. Not only is it great to cook, but its also great to eat. | Food for Feed by Joshua Lundblade

145: my little brother Andrew who is 8 years old, my 16-year old sister Stephanie (not present), and my mom and dad. | This meal is one of my favorites, and I always enjoy eating it after. Most of the time I go to my room to eat this meal, but most of the time i sit at the table and eat with whoever else wants to eat this meal. My sister doesn’t like ground beef, and my mom doesn’t like tacos, so it’s usually me, my brother, and my dad enjoying this meal while we watch some T.V. We Normally talk about weekend plans, like what we’re going to do the next day. Or if i’m in my room a usually talk to my friends on skype, or just watch some T.V. There can be lots of family meal traditions, all of which are great, but what makes it all possible? | One of the most important things about the meal is the ingredients themselves, and how these ingredients are influenced outside of the house. One example of an influential ingredient is meat. Although getting the meat is no big deal, it is still an ingredient hard to get for retail stores. Raising cows in cold, rainy weather doesn’t seem very smart, because it would be very cold for the cows, and they would most likely get sick. So to prevent this, we would most liking import the meat. Another thing that influences meat is something called a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO for short. CAFO’s are small areas where animals such as cows are put and fed lots of food enough to fatten them up quickly, in order to meet the demands of meat. the specific food they’re fed is given to them in large portions, and the only thing for them to do in CAFO’s is to just eat. Without these CAFO’s, most cows wouldn’t grow as fast as on grass-fed farms, and would also be grown in smaller groups as the farms are often smaller than CAFO’s. If that were to happen, demand for meat would go up, making this meal cost more and be nearly impossible to make. This is just one example of how the little things you don’t see make the big things possible.

146: For my family, meat is important. Eating meat is part of human instinct, being at the top of the food chain. It can also be very important for human survival. It has nutrients in it that humans need to live. Along with that, meat is an easy thing for my parents to make, and I eat whatever they choose to serve for dinner. Meat is one of the most important food products in the U.S. Nearly everyone eats meat for reasons of their own. Meat is one of the most popular bought and sold food products, because it’s what all carnivores and omnivores eat, and what all humans need to survive. Thinking about both of these topics, it makes me wonder about a couple of things, like what if all meat had to stop being processed and sold? How would most people react and adapt to the changes? It wouldn’t be such a huge problem, but it would make a big change to people who eat meat regularly. Another thing on my mind are people who don’t eat meat. Where do they get the nutrients needed to survive? One example is the Hindu religion. Most Hindu’s don’t eat meat because they see it as unhealthy and wrong, coming from a living thing. If they had only meat to survive, my thought is, would they? | Country Comparison

147: Family recipe Ground beef tacos with guacamole | 1/2 pound of ground beef (can make around 5 tacos) soft corn tortillas (Number depends on people eating) Vegetable oil Salsa 1-3 Avocados Garlic powder Sour cream Shredded cheese Start by cooking the ground beef on a stove at medium heat. While it’s cooking, Make the guacamole. Cut up the avocados into a bowl. Mix together reasonable amount of salsa, sour cream, and garlic powder, until it all settles. Once the meat is done, set it aside and pour vegetable oil into the pan. Let it heat up at medium heat. Once it’s heated, cook the corn tortillas in the pan for around 7-10 seconds on each side. this will make the taco shells the perfect mix between soft and hard. Make sure to dry the shells after cooking. Once everything is cooked, add meat and your choice of ingredients to shells, and eat up.

149: Philippines In this section: Oliver Alam Isabella Kaeli Piper Sean

150: Oliver Hensley's Industrialized Meal Philippines | Every night around 7 o'clock my mother calls the usual signal, “Dinner!”. That’s my sign to finish whatever I’m doing no matter how important and to assign myself to the family centered dinner table. When I enter the dining room, I see the food platter covered table with rice, meats, yogurt or other delicious accessories. The dinner usually consists of ethnic food, such as Persian, Indian or Mexican cuisine. We mostly drink water or soda that contains corn syrup. Our conversations usually start with “How was your day?” and then escalates to having conversations about the most abnormal subjects. Nevertheless the food is always delectable and diverse which makes every night a pleasant surprise. With such a wide range of foods, there are a lot of ingredients to cook them. Some of these processed foods contain corn syrup which affects the way I eat.

151: There are many industrialized ingredients in my diet, one controversial ingredient that highly alters my food intake is corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup is a sugar substitute used recently in many foods including the soda I enjoy at home. Since I’ve been educated about the US food industry, I’ve realized how much corn and processed food I’ve digested in a daily dinner. Even though my mom cooks with natural ingredients, a lot of our drinks contain corn syrup. This concerns me because there are many negative effects associated with corn syrup, health problems as well as environmental problems. Some of the healths problems include diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The problem of corn syrup is widespread and affects many people. With such a large problem, a solution must be proposed. There are many solutions to eliminate the issue of the industrialized food industry with many different standpoints. A standpoint that I think is the most prominent and effective way is to increase the amount of organic food on the market. This would erase the problem of processed foods, benefit the environment, reduce the negative health effects contributed by chemicals and corn syrup and eventually eradicate the American food epidemic. Though this solution could potentially resolve the US food industry problem we face today by reducing obesity and other health hazards caused my processed and corn syrup containing products. There are also many aspects of the solution that can pose obstacles.

152: One of these obstacles might be how lower class families might not be able to afford organic food because of its high cost. Lower class families are also more vulnerable to the negative health effects from processed food because of the attractiveness to the low cots. There are many ways to solve the problem of high cost, one of which is the increase of organic industries. This will help directly reduce the cost of organic food prices because the more of an industry, the higher the competition will be which will reduce prices but this poses another problem. How will people be able to convince large corporations which make huge profit out of processed food to producing | FIELD NOTES The Cabana family of the Philippines creates large plans for their dinner every night. Simultaneously, my family does as well. Both of our families plan around our dinner which includes getting ingredients and cooking dinner throughout the day. All of these actions display how our dinner is important to our families. Additionally the Filipino culture takes much pride in their food which is why their food takes more preparation than others. My family takes much pride in our food also which contributes to the effort put into each nights dinner. Though the US and the Philippines are long ways apart, they share similar culture. When it comes to preparation of food, we both view dinner as a family gathering and an important time.

153: We could increase the organic industry spreading the organic cause through the media and publicity. By greatly increasing the advertisements and non profit organizations for the organic industry we can make more of a demand for the natural food we want. Also we can create propositions to raise regulations against industrialized food corporations which will tighten and pressure corporations to convert to environmentally safe and organic routes. This new industry will largely help the preservation of natural resources and habitats because it will eliminate the use of pesticides which harm the environment. Next it could increase jobs by the vastly new technological demand for organic farming. It finally helps with the little things such as the drinks I have for dinner and food my family eats everyday. The positives of organic food far weigh out the negatives which will benefit and tremendously decrease the food associated problems in the USA. | The establishment of organic foods in the US will highly progress our country to a new stage of food culture which can allow my dinner to be made with natural ingredients. Additionally reduce the local pollution which affects everyone in my local community. In conclusion through educational means, advertising and organizing ideas we can officially call our dinner real.

154: Ingredients: 4 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom 2 garlic cloves, finely minced 1 cup pomegranate juice 1 tablespoons orange blossom honey 1 tablespoons lemon juice 12 lamb chops Salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons mint leaves, fresh, finely chopped Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375F. 2. In a large baking dish, combine 1 tablespoon oil, coriander, cumin, cardamom, garlic, juice, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 tablespoon lemon juice; mix until well combined. 3. Add lamb chops and coat with marinade. Marinate for 30 minutes. 4. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. 5. Remove 6 lamb chops from marinade. 6. Season with salt and pepper. 7. Add 6 lamb chops to the skillet, sear on each side for 1 minute. 8. Transfer lamb chops to a rimmed baking sheet. 9. Add another tablespoon of oil to the skillet and add the remaining lamb chops. Sear on each side for 1 minute each. 10. Transfer to a baking sheet. 11. Bake lamb chops for 6 to 8 minutes or until cooked to medium-rare. 12.Drizzle with Pomegranate Butter Sauce and sprinkle with mint leaves. | Our Family Recipe- Persian Lamb Chops

155: Filipino Lamb chops | Mixing Cultures | With a Persian mother and a Filipino family friend living with me, there is much diversity in our cuisine. This means I can receive different flavors from around the world and learn other cultures cuisine. | Persian Kabob

156: we head to our sports utility vehicle to obtain our food for a week. we return from our trip we find room for our important foods. meat, vegetables, milk, cranberry juice, eggs, and desserts. if we have no space for our meat, my father will preserve it in our freezer. sometimes, our highest purchased food, like eggs, we home grow them. every week, about fifteen eggs are given to us from our healthy hens. the noise, filled with hens clucking every time one lays an egg, the roosters, crying when he thinks a hawk is going to go through our chicken wire roof, which turns out to be a sparrow. the smell, of chicken droppings and thirty pound sacks of seeds being opened and dumped out in a giant feeder that my father and i made. | alam alvelais | a day in the food life of

158: my mother preparing a salad for our barbecue my family hosts once a month. also my father making hamburgers along with chicken, beef, and porkchops. sometimes my father will pick some of our own vegetables from our garden to use in our salad. | sometimes my father likes to make our own beef patties for our barbecue. i help him put sauces on the buns so they would not burn on the grill

159: Identify an issue: A major issue I see in the food industry is the fact that natural food that is not processed is very difficult to find, they may even contain chemicals, or even be genetically modified (which I myself believe is unsafe). What I am particularly worried about, is pesticides. In 2007, studies in some Breast Cancer, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Leukemia cases have been linked to exposure of certain pesticides. Therefore, I think that they should lower pesticide use, but not too much as it may affect the economy, market prices, and jobs in the United States. Pesticides are used in a variety of ways, usually to keep insects, rodents, and animals from eating or damaging crops. Farmers actually expect to be paid fourfold for using pesticides. Other pesticides like DDT are used to prevent certain diseases like Malaria, Bubonic Plague, Sleeping Sickness, and Typhus. Lowering pesticide exposure can decrease the danger of these diseases and cancer, but should not eliminate jobs, or increase the price for the food we already work hard to afford.

160: My mom, Natalie, dad, Scott, and dog, Sparky with a week's worth of food at our kitchen table. | My Family's Food Culture Isabella Barreiro Seiden | My dad and I get out of the car and walk across the crowded parking lot. Going through the automatic doors, I anticipate picking out my favorite foods. The aromas of freshly baked bread, goods, and sweets fill the air. In front of me, I see isles piled high with hundreds of vibrant boxes, cans, and containers just waiting to be purchased and devoured. The never-ending sea of fruits and veggies often times remains untouched. Music plays faintly over the speakers, sky-high above my head. Every now and then, the music is interrupted when a strange announcement is broadcasted. Nobody ever pays attention, but it seems to be in some secret code that I'm not even sure employees understand. We always know what is essential to purchase, the necessary nutrients for the week; meat, fish (protein), carbohydrates (bread, pasta, snacks), vegetables (broccoli, salad veggies, squash, asparagus), fruit (bananas, berries, mangos, pears, apples, etc.), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), and anything extra that we might fancy. Then, we check out, waiting patiently in the swarm of people, and rush out the door. Once we pack all of the groceries in the car, we start the engine, turn the music up, and depart, getting home just before the frozen foods start to defrost. As my dad and I get out of the car, my dog bounds out of the garage with my mom following close behind. Sparky greets us excitedly, we've only been gone for an hour, though he acts as if he hasn’t seen us in forever. We each grab a bag or two of groceries and bring them inside. My dad usually takes the frozen and some refrigerated food and arranges it in the garage refrigerator/ freezer. Scott, he’s the full time worker for Cisco, the “maid of the house,” and the family “chef.” My mom carries in all of the food she consumes. This includes her vegan food which we always tease her about.

161: My Grandma, Janet cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen at her house in Arizona. | Yet she keeps carrying on, convinced that she is, “being kinder to animals.” Mom is the big family helper, she brings us together. She’s like the mother wolf, never letting us stray too far from the pack. Natalie, she works for Lifeproof, the successful iPhone/ iPad case company who is the rival of the Otterbox case. She’s like my personal taxi driver, taking me to all of my after school activities, including softball and guitar. My family has a busy schedule. My parents both work constantly; sometimes night is the only time that they get to relax. This affects what I eat for dinner because they don’t always cook a meal after they’ve worked all day and are tired. Plus, usually after school I’m rushing around to different activities during dinner time, so I might just eat something quick or on the go like a warm-up. If my parents don’t feel like making dinner, we might also just get take-out. It also depends upon what we have in our house at the time in terms of food. At times, we don’t have the ingredients to make a meal in our kitchen and we won’t take a trip to the grocery store just to get a few items, so this can also affect what we eat and our food culture. It’s about a five to ten minute drive to the nearest grocery store. There are several supermarkets near our house, there’s Albertsons, Vons, Stater Bros., and Trader Joes. We usually go to Albertsons and Trader Joes, and every so often, we’ll visit the local farmer’s market in Encinitas. On Sundays, we might take a quick drive down to the farmer’s market. Here, we buy mainly fruits and vegetables that are organic and we know are grown nearby.This is an important factor in determining whether we buy a product or not. We are also able to get fruits and veggies that are out of season which come from other countries, but we’re careful when buying foods out of season because they can be a lot more expensive since they have to be flown into the U.S. (we paying extra for the transportation) and the food is usually not as fresh. At grocery stores, we try to look at the labels to find out where the food was grown and came from. If it comes from Mexico, then we won’t buy it .This is because their food standards are different than America’s, so we don’t really know what they put on or in the product (such as chemicals.)

162: Family Recipe Rum Cake Ingredients: -3/4 cup sugar -4 egg yolks -6 egg whites -1 cup grated walnuts -1/2 cup bread crumbs -1 teaspoon baking powder -1 Hershey’s chocolate bar -4 grated Hershey chocolate bars -1/4 cup rum Preparation: 1) Beat egg whites 2) Cream sugar and egg yolks together 3) Fold in nuts, chocolate, bread crumbs, baking powder, and rum Baking: 1) Bake in a spring form pan 2) Butter and flour pan 3) Cook cake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. 4) Let cake cool and cut cake in half Icing: Ingredients: -1 stick margarine -1 cup powdered sugar -2 egg yolks -1 tablespoon instant coffee -1 tablespoon Cocoa - (You can also add a little rum to the icing) *Then mix all together and spread half between layers and rest on top and sides of cake.* *Refrigerate cake* | Pictures above: Pizza- at home meal Other dishes- meals eaten out at a restaurant (Max Brenner's: Chocolate by the Bald man)

163: We’re also not sure if the health standards for the employees are safe. On the other hand, sometimes we might not even know where the food came from, what part of the animal is the meat we’re buying, what is added as a filler, if something has hidden ingredients, or if a product is genetically modified according to The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen. This is because the U.S. government doesn’t want us to always know this information because they want us to just buy the products so they can benefit, maybe not directly, but they can still benefit from the money we are paying. I know that that we don’t always have access to these facts or sources because the government is not putting everything or correct information on labels. Some food might be genetically altered with genes of another plant that someone could be allergic to, but it isn’t mentioned on the label. The government is trying to get away with not putting labels on certain food too. This makes it more challenging for us to find food that we feel is absolutely safe for consuming. | Day soon turns to night and the lingering smell of Italian food drifts aimlessly through the house. The oven is set and warming up, the hard shells are cooking on the stove in a pot of boiling water, soon turning them to soft pasta. My dad is our cook, he gets all of the ingredients out of the fridge for a tomato-basil salad; heirloom tomatoes, fresh, washed basil, mozzarella cheese, oil, and vinegar. The garlic bread is prepared with butter, crushed garlic, seasonings, and spices, then put in the oven to warm-up for about 5-8 minutes.

165: Country Comparison: My family has 3 core members, my mom, my dad, and me. We live in a house with 2 levels that definitely fits our small family. In our case, we could downsize if we choose. We have a clean space to live, with furniture, and plenty of room. In our kitchen, we have a refrigerator, a freezer, cupboards, and a pantry filled with food. We have access to food and health benefits like going to the dentist and the doctor, that most families in secondary countries do not have access to. In an article from the Hungry Planet, by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Alusio, I read about a specific family from the Philippines. The Cabana Family has 8 members and lives in a crowded town in the Philippines. Their tiny house hardly fits their family. In the article, the author mentioned how if you take,"a giant step and a half, you will get from one side of the living room to the other." The resources for their family are also very limited, considering how the mother of the family must work several extremely low-paying odd jobs just to feed her family. The area that the Cabanas live in is also unsanitary, with basic city services not being fulfilled and trash filling the streets. Not to mention the increasing crime rates that worries them about their safety daily. The Cabana family doesn't have much, but they try to get by on what little they have. I think that it's incredible how the Cabanas can live off their supply of food in a place with not many resources and an overwhelming family to divide it amongst. I feel so lucky to live in a safe area and country where I have enough to eat and can grow up in a place that is clean and not crowded. | Picture Above: Apple picking- apples in a tree.

166: My Families Weeks Worth of Food

167: Enjoying the Meal | By Kaeli Leoni | Dinner, the “normal” one as we see on TV, with salads, the main course, and the desert, all made by hand. But is that really how the 21st century eats? For most families, this is not the case. They get a couple of vegetables, a meal that all you have to do is warm up, and have a store-bought cookie after. My family, and many other families as well are similar to this. It’s not a fancy meal, but it’s how the modern family eats. However, most food that comes from the market is not as good for you as you might think. Most of all my dinners, we either wait for my dad to come home from work, or eat some of it and save the rest until he is home. My mom makes a semi- | homemade salad and then something for the main meal. Usually it is something Italian, mostly because of our heritage is pretty strong there. After we finish, if we are lucky we get a little ice cream, a cookie, or a brownie depending on if someone made something. Our family of five usually has to go to the market once a week. First to Trader Joe’s where we get most of our food from, then to Costco. At Trader Joe's we spend about $100, and at Costco we spend about $200. My mom always buys as much organic food as she can buy, even if it doesn’t taste as good as the industrial brand. On October 7th, 2012, my dinner consisted of a salad with organic ranch dressing and cheese, some organic spaghetti, and a piece of candy afterwards. We waited for my dad to come home and then all gathered around the table. As we ate, my dad asked all of us how our day went. While someone answered his question, we all listened and ate the rest of our food. After about 30 minutes, we had all finished our food and started to ask for

168: dessert. My mom then gave my sister, brother, and I one piece of candy. Once we finished we all left the table and moved onto other things. The house smelt like marinara sauce for a couple more hours. Along with my spaghetti, I added some parmesan cheese. Just like most cheese, mine came from a cow. Once we started eating it I realized that the cow that this cheese came from probably lived on a CAFO. CAFO stands for concentrated animal feeding operation. They are places where animals are raised and sometimes slaughtered inhumanely. The animal that we eat can catch many diseases while at these places. These diseases can vary from E Coli and Salmonella. Because of this, their diseases can pass onto the consumer. They also live in terrible conditions.These conditions include small and unclean areas of living, small feeding portions, fed other parts of diseased animals, and inhumane slaughtering. So, while I was eating my dinner, I was aware of the conditions hat this animal was treated. For the | My mom preparing our salad.

169: people who know about CAFOs, eating products like cheese can be disgusting. However, there are ways to get rid of CAFOs. In order to fix this problem, CAFOs need to be completely removed. For this to happen, all the CAFOs need to be separated into smaller farms, with enough space for more animals. These smaller farms would hopefully have lots of space for their animals, have great living conditions for them, and they should be able to feed the animals what they are were made to eat. They also need to know how to properly feed the animals, which is also something that can make them sick. The proper | way to feed an animal is to feed them food that they were made to eat, like how cows were meant to eat grass. This way, the animal’s stomach will not reject the food it’s eating. This can be challenging, because to feed and treat an animal right can be expensive. However, it will make the quality of our food a lot better and healthier. This is because the animal that we are eating will most likely have less diseases, which can affect the quality of the meat for the better. It will also make the animal’s life a lot happier. If people really want to get rid of CAFOs, there are ways of doing so. If people really want this to happen, they need to make more people aware of CAFOs. People can do this by telling others about where their food comes from, like neighbors or family members. The bigger the problem gets, the more it will be in the media. If it becomes a big deal, the government will have to get involved as well. If the government gets involved, most likely there will be a bill proposed and hopefully passed. Once this happens, CAFOs will be either forced to shut down or completely change their ways by adding more space to where the animals live, by feeding them the correct amount of food

170: that they are supposed to eat, and by killing them humanely. After that, the animals will be transported to other, smaller farms or stay at the same place if the CAFO changed their way. This way the food that the consumer buys is a healthier product. By doing this, the food industry will improve in America a lot. First of all, the animals lives will be better. They would be treated with the respect and treatment they deserve. They will also be a lot happier living in the right conditions and the product they make will be a lot more healthy, which is something America needs, with a lot of its population obese. Second of all, it will be a lot better for the consumer. The cheese, milk, and meat will be a higher quality. It will taste better, and you know that the animal was treated with respect while on the farm. It will help get America healthy again and improve the animals that live on farms better. If this solution is successful, I and hopefully other people as well will feel better with what they eat. I will be able to know where my food came from, how the animal lived on the farm, and that the food is healthy for | you. Everyone will become more healthy and can know that the animals on the farms were treated right. I will be able to eat my food with ease knowing that CAFOs do not exist, and same with my family. However, like I said before, in order to make this a reality, people need to make this issue more aware to others. If we can do this, then the problem with CAFOs will disappear, and the quality of our food will increase. | Part of my family at the dinner table along with food all made at a local farm.

171: Country Comparison As a family of five, we spend about $200 a week on food. About a fourth of it is spent on fruits and vegetables. Another fourth is spend on bread products. The next fourth would be spent on water and juices, and the last fourth is spent on dairy and meat. The family of eight that we read about who lived in the Philippians spent about $50 a week on food. About $20 is spent on meat, fish, and eggs. $14 is spent on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. The spend $11 on snacks, desserts, prepared foods, beverages, fast foods, dairy, and condiments. While reading this, it was shocking to me that a family of eight only spends a fourth of what I spend a week. However, in countries like the Philippians, $50 might be tons of money for an average family. So, in retrospect we are probably paying the same amount, since $200 is also a lot to spend in America. | Family Recipe: Marinara Sauce Ingredients: One 28 ounce tomato juice One small white onion One clove of garlic Three to four basil leaves One tablespoon of dried oregano One pinch of salt One pinch of black pepper One pinch of sugar Two tablespoons of olive oil Directions: 1) Stir the tomato juice in a heated pot 2) In a separate pan, put the olive oil and diced onion inside. Once it's slightly transparent, add the garlic until it's golden. 3) Add the onions to the tomato sauce 4) Cut up the basil leaves and add them to the tomato sauce 5) Add oregano, salt, pepper, and sugar to the tomato sauce 6) Stir 7) Done

172: The Food Solution By: Piper Tompkins | The Food Solution By: Piper Tompkins | The Food Solution By: Piper Tompkins

173: My favorite meal with my family are the ones when we are all together. Those really don't come that often, until we travel a long 5 hour drive up north to see my cousins. We stopped at a fast food on the way up, we got our usual IN and OUT burger. My brother got a grilled cheese plain same as me. My mother got a double double and so did father. We were all together, at that point it really didn't matter what we were eating. Our dinner conversation revolved around my cousin Kaseys, latest cross country meet. Then we started talking about what I was learning in school, about how fast food was “bad for the growing America” and how most importantly, in my moms case “inhumanely they treated the animals” My family shrugged it off and went back to my cousins great accomplishment, feats and other challenges she faced. “Why?” I thought to myself while I was watching my mom devour her burger. Why did people keep cows in inhumane ways? Did the cows even know what good treatment is like?

174: If we eat cows with out understanding the conditions they were kept in, Isn't that wrong in its self? What if the cows my parents were eating right now were suffering while they were alive and there only release was death? These questions pinned me to the table and and made me sweat with fear for the poor speechless animal. But there could be a solution for this, for all the cows being held inhumanely in CAFOs. If we only choose to keep cows in humaner housing, giving them freedom to graze there land that the farmers plant only for them to keep groomed so the cows wont catch parasites and other nasty viruses. So forth the arrangement of meats we eat can be healthier for us and the ecosystem that the food we all eat travels through. The meat will be healthier for consumption and boosting the vitamins power and strengths lead to better human functions. If they treated there calfs better they could have healthier and tastier meat produced. There are changes to be made to help the situation that cows are in everywhere. There are many changes need to fully restore the system in which the cows are put through before being slaughtered. maintenance to produce sustainable meant thorough out the year.

175: An idea is that the government could create or have a preexisting committee where they inspect how the cows living conditions are held and make sure the calfs including are getting the proper maintenance to produce sustainable meant thorough out the year. The government committee would check that the cows are grazing and not just eating corn so the farmers don't have to go through the process of removing exciments from the cows stomach that is caused by corn feeding. They would also make sure that the cows are not living in their own manure. Surprising enough them living in there own poop is very harmful for any living things living in that area. when the manure drys the cows and calfs step on it and crunch it up till a sort of poisonous dust and particle stage if you in hale this dust it can cause many issues with your lungs and body as a whole. This solution could change the way we eat food and the way people produce it forever. You may think my solution wont work because the government officials would not actually go to the farm or CAFOs to check if they are being humane r not but I reassure you if the

176: government creates this committee or group that will mean tens to hundreds of people will have jobs creating a better job market. We would make sure that they are only selectively doing there jobs and nothing else even on the side, this will make sure that there full attention is on this. When they check the CAFOs they will go in trips of twenty or more and a person from any government organization so if the farms will not be able to pay any of them off. They will also look over the effects from the food on people. I imagine the effects that will be made by my solution would change our meal by me and griffin actually eating the meat. Ever since we have been young my brother and I have always been afraid of meat at fast food places, we surveyed that we would probably die of some obscure poison or decease. But if me and my brother knew the meat we were eating didn't come from a CAFO we would be eating it with our parents the same meals as they were. Our family could be closer eating the same meal together.

177: Me shopping for healthier options

178: Family Shortbread Recipe Ingredients 2 cups butter 1 cup packed brown sugar 4 1/2 cups all-purpose flour Directions 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). 2. Cream butter and brown sugar. Add 3 to 3 3/4 cups flour. Mix well. 3. Sprinkle board with the remaining flour. Knead for 5 minutes, adding enough flour to make a soft dough. Roll to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut into 3x1 inch strips. Prick with fork and place on ungreased baking sheets. 4. Bake at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C) for 20 to 25 minutes.

179: Country Comparison My family works very different compared to the Philippines family community. The whole atmosphere there is very poor, while I live in a gated community with about 20 other people. My family spends up to 300 dollars a week on produce and other such items at a local produce store. Most of the products we buys are from either Trader Joe's and or Target. My family takes about three trips among those two stores a week to keep stalked up on our necessity and luxury's. In the Philippines they can barely afford the objects they need to get the right amount of nutrients. They also take one trip to the grocery store a day because they can't afford a refrigerator to store it after a day, and can only spend up to 30 dollars a week. That is 10% of what my whole family pays. We are a family of four in a two story house, this select family has seven people living in a tiny apartment. Their lifestyle would be impossible for most Americans. The Philippines are penny crunchers, every cent counts. They are very money conscience, they waged it out through the whole week to make sure they will make it through. They are a third world country, this means everyone is very poor. There are no jobs that pay very well making it impossible to make a good living in this broke population. This place is very different in terms of America, here we flaunt money as if it isn't worth anything. There a dollar is worth much more that it is here. A well paying job in the Philippines only earn at the most 17 dollars a day for working 12 hours. The conditions there are horrible they are the lowest pay class except its a whole country in that pay grade. In my opinion I prefer the ability of not having to count every cent at the beginning of the week to make it to the end of the week. I love the freedom to choose what the healthier option is than the cheaper option because we can't afford it. On the other hand they have a simple life, three meals a day breakfast, lunch, dinner. They know exactly what they are eating the moment they get up in the morning, the next day after that and so on. Either way we are introduced to unhealthy eating habits, whether its the only food you can afford for or is attractively advertised in a infomercial. You in both problems you have a option of better eating, going to a far store every day or just buying a more expensive but healthier food.

180: The McBride family in the dinning room with almost a weeks worth of food minus the meat. Sean,(left) and his mother(right) sit at their dinner table. | The McBride Family: By Sean McBride

181: My family goes to many places to get food. One of these places is Sprouts. We go there for most of our food because it is closer. Other places we shop at are; Trader Joe’s, Jimbo’s and Costco. Sprouts looks like a Ralph's or Albertson's, but is easier to navigate and labeled more clearly. Trader Joe’s looks like an inside farmers market only without the vendors. It has a few aisles in the middle of the store and on the sides there are the fridge sections with bins of fruits just before them. Not only do we buy our food, but we make a garden each year where we grow zucchini, tomatoes, and beans and other things. Vince take the most care of the garden out of all of us though. After buying food there is a lifestyle to live and eat by.

182: More often than not, we eat at our dining room table. When my mom gets home she typically starts cooking dinner. Most of the time, when dinner is ready, we eat at the table and talk. But, sometimes we eat in the living room and watch t.v. Our food lifestyle is very hectic because Vince (my mom’s boyfriend) is tired after keeping care of the house and everything and my mom can be tired from work. My mom is the resident director at Chateau Lake San Marcos where she plans events for the old people who live there. Many food lifestyles can be affected by the city. | Steak-cut french fries Ingredients: Potatoes equal to the number of people eating plus one Olive oil seasoning 1. Cut the potatoes in half then hold them together and cut down 2. Place the cut potatoes in a bowl and pure olive oil on them until all of them are fully covered. 3. Season to taste 4.Put the fries on a pan w/ aluminum foil and place in an oven that has been preheated to 375 5. leave in for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown

183: My city is very divers with its food. It had supermarkets and farmers markets. The farmers market we normally go to is a little bit of a drive, but it is open on the weekends. There is a farmers market closer, but it is only open on wednesday. One of the amazing things about farmers markets is that they are all laid out the same, the food on one side the crafts on the other and it is really easy to see what a person is selling. I live in San Marcos CA. There are stores everywhere that sell things out of season and from around the world. But, my family tries not to buy things out of season. After we buy our food from out local stores and farmers markets we have to prepare the food.

184: My mom uses many things in our kitchen. My mom prepares most of our food, but I’ll help occasionally and very rarely Vince will cook a meal. In our kitchen we have a refrigerator, an oven and cabinets, but no microwave. One meal we make is quiche. I crack roughly twelve eggs into a bowl while my mom puts vegetables into a crust, then pours the egg over over it. She cooks it and when it comes out we have a tasty golden yellow dinner. When the meal is pulled out of the oven, it is time to enjoy it. | Sean and his family at Applebee's.

185: The best part of a meal is getting to eat it. We all go up and grab a piece of quiche. For this meal, we all sit down at the dining room table to eat. Our dining room is right next to the kitchen, there used to be a wall separating them, but it was too hard to hear people in the kitchen when you were out of it and vice versa, so we took it down. When we are all sat down, we talk, my mom says “How was school”? Then I say “Good”. The most interesting part of our dinner conversation is when my mom talks about work because there is always a funny story about one of the old people at her work. We have no rules with eating, but if we go to get seconds and and it would take the last of something we must ask if anyone else wants it. Now that I have talked about the food, what factors influence the meal? | Quiche

186: A very important factor is the cost of food. The cost of the food my family buys is too much for a large number of people because we eat organic. We pay the extra money because it is better for us and the environment. It is shown in the book “The Omnivore's Dilemma” that whole farms are trying their hardest to have little to no waste. Also, organic food has no pesticides wich are bad for your body. One more factor is location. If you live in a place like Los Angeles, you will have a harder time finding organic food because there are no farms around. But, if you live in a rural place or in the midwest then finding organic food should be easier because there are more, small farms around.

187: COUNTRY COMPARISON My Family gets most of our food from supermarkets. Convenience stores are a very important thing to the American society But, to the Philippines society, street vendors are important. The Philippines get their food from street vendors, whether it is a full meal or ingredients. They have to rely on street vendors because there are a few shops many of which don't sell food.

189: Ecuador In this section: Austin Stefan Vanessa Aleks Megan

190: Austin Rau's family preparing for dinner harvesting eggs and putting food away

191: These pictures are of my small farm top left is my dismantled pig pen top right is my apple tree and the bottom left is my chickens where I get my eggs

192: My food life style In my neighborhood, there are many shops. You don’t have to walk very far to get to them either. I live by lots of stores that sell food but the main ones I go to are Albertsons or Costco. One of the reasons i like albertsons is because it is extremely close to my neighborhood and has almost everything I could need to make dinner. The only problem is that we can't buy anything in bulk items. But the a few of the reasons i like Costco is because its Huge, has everything, and is all in bulk which is important for a growing family. | Furthermore the prices are low so we can buy as much as we want. We as a family normally go out to buy food at Costco but when we decide to go to Albertsons we normally go in pairs of two. Also while we are at Costco my mom normally asks what we would like in our lunches and she buys almost everything we wan. This food ends up creating my lifestyle.

193: With two growing boys you can imagine how much clothing, and food we go through. If i had to choose the thing we go through more it would be the food by far. With an 9 year old and a 14 year old we never seem to have enough food in the house for the two of us. since my mom is at work six days a week and my dad five days, my parents came up with a solution. | They would buy the supplies to make the food and me and my brother would take care of the rest. This is a big help to my parents because me and my brother learn to be semi-self sufficient. But when you like in the city you have access to lots of different food varieties.

194: I don't exactly like in a wide open space ranch, me and my family live in a gated community but we still find a way to raise animals and grow food so i suppose we make it feel like a ranch. We do this by raising animals like chickens, pigs, and turkeys. we also grow foods like blueberries, onions, strawberries, apples, herbs, and we used to grow corn. | When we are done raising the animals we take them to the Del Mar fair to be auctioned off and sold/ butchered. Even though we have a suburban yard we dedicate one side of the yard to farming and the other the dogs. After we have all our food we try to be the normal family and eat together.

195: When we prepare our meal we usually do it as a family. Once we buy the food we cook it as a family. My dad and I do the cooking and my mom and brother wash the dishes. We do this because its alot easier and gets the job done so we don't have to much of a job to do. So for example if we are having steak for dinner my dad will cook the steak, i will make the side (which is normally potatoes or salad), and my mom and brother will wash/ dry dishes. This is extremely useful because we never have a huge job to do in the end. We end up putting our creations together and enjoying our meal.

196: One of the things i like about my dinners is that we eat as a family and we talk about our day. For example i usually start talking about the day like assignments we have assigned and then you my brother then to my dad then to my mom. Doing this i believe helps us enjoy our meals more when we talk to each other. Furthermore when we cook a meal and get to eat it fresh it makes everyone a whole lot happier. In addition, we don't always eat dinner at the table, sometimes we eat dinner in the living room watching tv. | The meal we normally have is either pizza or my when my dad cooks. But when my mom cooks we will normally eat in the kitchen. But there are some nights where i cook and we can eat anywhere we want. I go to my room, my mom goes to her room, and my dad and brother stay in the living room. One of the things i love about my dinner is because we don't have a religion that influences our meal.

197: One of the reasons i love dinner is because we have absolutely no limitations on what we can and can't eat. We are not influenced by any religion to the point be have to be picky about what we eat. So we cook whatever we want. We also have access to a huge variety of food. sometimes we are in the special position where we get to eat the food we grow/ raise. I love eating the food i raise/ grow because i know exactly where it came from or the steps it took to get there. All in all the way i prepare my food, collect my food, grow my own food, collect my food, and eat it with my family and having absolutely no influence.

198: Kosher salt 3 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil 3/4 lb. sweet Italian sausage, casing removed 1 large fennel bulb (about 1-1/4 lb.), quartered, cored, and finely chopped 3/4 cup dry white wine 2 cups fresh (or canned) seeded diced tomatoes, drained if using canned 12 basil leaves, torn into small pieces 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes Freshly ground black pepper 3/4 lb. dried orecchiette 1/2 cup freshly grated Pecorino Romano Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil. Heat 1-1/2 Tbs. of the oil in a 10-inch straight-sided saute pan over medium-high heat until shimmering hot. Add the sausage and cook, breaking it up with a metal spoon, until browned and cooked through, about 5 minutes. Transfer the sausage to a paper-towel-lined plate and pour off and discard any fat left in the pan. Set the pan over medium heat and add the remaining 1-1/2 Tbs. oil, the fennel, and 1 tsp. salt. Cook, stirring, until the fennel softens and browns lightly, about 6 minutes. Raise the heat to high, add the wine, and cook, scraping the bottom of the pan to loosen any browned bits, until almost evaporated, 1 to 2 minutes.

199: Add the sausage, tomatoes, half of the basil, the red pepper flakes, and 1/2 tsp. each salt and pepper. Lower the heat to medium, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes break down, 6 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the orecchiette in the boiling water, stirring frequently until just tender, about 11 minutes. Reserve 1/2 cup of the cooking water and drain well. Return the pasta to the pot, add the sauce, and cook over medium-high heat, stirring, for 1 minute so the sauce and pasta meld. If the pasta seems dry, add enough cooking water to moisten it to your liking. Stir in half of the pecorino, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve sprinkled with the remaining pecorino and basil.

200: Country Comparisons | The United States and Ecuador have maintained close ties based on mutual interests in maintaining democratic institutions; combating cannabis and cocaine; building trade, investment, and financial ties; cooperating in fostering Ecuador's economic development; and participating in inter-American organizations. Ties are further strengthened by the presence of an estimated 150,000-200,000 Ecuadorians living in the United States and by 24,000 U.S. citizens visiting Ecuador annually, and by approximately 15,000 U.S. citizens residing in Ecuador. The United States assists Ecuador's economic development directly through the Agency for International Development (USAID) program in Ecuador and through multilateral organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank. In addition, the U.S. Peace Corps operates a sizable program in Ecuador. More than 100 U.S. companies are doing business in Ecuador. Relations between the two nations have been highlighted following Julian Assange's bid to seek political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London following repeated claims that the US government was pursuing his extradition due to his work with Wikileaks. Ecuador offered political asylum to Julian Assange in November 2010

202: Getting Food at Ralph's | By: Stefan Stojanovic

203: At The Market! On Saturday October 6th, my dad, my brother, and I went to our local Ralph's at Avenida Encinas to buy ribs for our delicious family dinner. We also had to get ground beef, tomato juice, and spaghetti. We needed a lot of ground beef for our spaghetti with meat sauce for tomorrow’s dinner and home made burgers for lunch. When we walked in, the delicious smell of fresh baked bread was overwhelming. We then walked to the meat section. The whole aisle of bloody red meat was not very appealing, but seeing the meat made me picture the ribs being placed on the grill. Sprinkled with the special spices that my dad buys made my mouth water. We got the ground beef and found the spare ribs we wanted. My dad then noticed that the ground beef at Ralph’s was all very lean. To solve this problem, he bought ground sausage and would mix it with the ground beef when we get home. My dad then let my brother and I get whatever snack we wanted. So I picked Lays and my brother picked Gold Fish. We then checked out, said thanks to the bag boy, and then left. This is just part of the things we do every week as a family, like a tradition.

204: Fruits & Veggies

205: Family Lifestyle My family members are my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and brother. And we on certain days, my family and I have different things to do everyday. But it’s the same thing every week. Most of the week we have home cooked meals. The reason we have home cooked meals is mostly because that it is cheaper and you get know your family a little better everyday, rather than at fast food places or restaurants. Okay, I've come to figure this out, you are always in a hurry and are so hungry you just want to eat your food and not talk to your family. Once you're finished with your meal, you just want to leave the restaurant and not relax and talk. It is amazing to me that my family is still able to pull a meeting at home all the time with a busy schedule my brother and I have. This is what keeps my brother and I active. much the people of my hometown.

206: About My CityI come from the popular surf town of Carlsbad California. It’s located in the North County of San Diego. In Carlsbad , there are plenty of supermarkets and fast food places. There is also farmers markets in the la Costa area and in downtown Carlsbad. These farmers markets sell plenty of fresh food from farms only 50 miles away. We can get all the delicious fruits and veggies when in season. We can get food out of season at the supermarket too. the fact that my family and I can get all these types of food can really affect the way we prepare the food. Preparing The Meal My favorite meal is Pork Ribs with peas, a tomato based sauce, and sweet corn on the cob. So I will Write about how this meal is made. My dad is the person who makes this delicious meal. He first got the ribs from Ralph's. He buys a whole rack. He then brings it home and puts all these spices from T.B.Q. B.B.Q. that he gets shipped from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. He lets it sit for a 15 minutes till the grill is ready and then he grills it. When the grills are almost done, my dad mixes paprika with melted butter to make a last minute spice. He then marinates it and then its ready. There is no B.B.Q. sauce on our ribs because we put so many spices on it. Then we eat it. But first there are some things we like to do before we eat.

207: Enjoying The MEAL My family has our own traditions for dinner. First my mom yells dinner! When my mom screams this makes my dog coco goes crazy. She starts whinning and goes staite to her spot. She then complains impatiantly for her treat. while she waits, the whole family comes downstairs for dinner. We all wash our hands at the kitchen sink. After we all have our hands washed, we then begin to eat and talk about our. We also have our own spots in the table. We sit at the same spots every day. After we talk about our day and everything, we get really into eating. When we finished eating, we place the dishes into the sink. Either me or my brother have to clean the dishes. Once me or my brother are done cleaning the dishes. sometimes when I’m doing my dishes, I like to wonder about how we get Where Did My Ribs Come From? our food and far it came from before it came to my mouth. Where It Comes From???What we had for dinner was pork ribs. So I decided to see where the pigs came from. Pigs are raised in these large lands known as CAFO’s or feed lots. The pigs are all crowded together and are fed mostley corn. The are then given steroids to grow faster. After they are full grown and fat, The pigs are sent to the sloughterhouse where they are killed and cut into pieces of meat. They are then frozen and sent to the supermarket where my dad, brother, and I bought the ribs. the problem with the CAFO's is that if the pig is fed corn, it can get sick with E-Coli which can be deadly to humans if eaten. However, the CAFO's do provide the demand for meat that we American's want every week. In conclusion, how the pigs are raised is very debatable, but there certainly is better way to get fresher, healthier, and just as accessible meat than where we are now. | Family Recipe: Dry Rub Ribs Full Back Ribs Butter Paprika TBQ All Purpose Seasoning Coliflour Breadcrumbs Peas Tomato Sauce All grilled and boiled to perfection

208: Country comparisons | Life in modern day America is very accessible and easy. When every your hungry, you go to a fast food restaurant or the supermarket to make our own food. When we are thirsty, we go to a seven eleven or a gas station to get all sorts of flavored drinks. My family goes to get food at the supermarket once a week. We only go to the supermarket to get all the basics like beef, chicken, pork, cereal, and what ever snacks my brother and I might want. Every 2 weeks though, my family and I go to Costco. We go to Costco to get frozen food toilet paper condiments and books. In third world countries however, life is a little harder since they are not as technologically advanced. The Ayme family gets their food by walking down a large mountain in the Andes. They walk down to a bigger city where there is a market made out of tents. In this market they sell furniture, food, bottled water (because tap water is not safe In Ecuador), and of course food. What's really cool about this tent is that there are all the in can collectibles there.

210: Snacks & Food

211: Country Contrast | Life in modern day America is very accessible and easy. When every your hungry, you go to a fast food restaurant or the supermarket to make our own food. When we are thirsty, we go to a seven eleven or a gas station to get all sorts of flavored drinks. My family goes to get food at the supermarket once a week. We only go to the supermarket to get all the basics like beef, chicken, pork, cereal, and what ever snacks my brother and I might want. Every 2 weeks though, my family and I go to Costco. We go to Costco to get frozen food toilet paper condiments and books. In third world countries however, life is a little harder since they are not as technologcly advanced. The Ayme family gets their food by walking down a large mountain in the Andes. They walk down to a bigger city where there is a market made out of tents. In this market they sell furniture, food, bottled water (because tap water is not safe In Ecuador), and of course food. What's really cool about this tent is that there are all the in can collectibles there. What Ecuadorians have better though is that things like markets, even though it is miles a way down a mountain, these markets bring communities together. And instead of using a car, the Ayme family walk by foot. we on the other hand drive in a big S.U.V. down to Costco and by big wholesale packages for low prices and when we get there, we want to get out quickly. Another thing that is different is that the Ayme family cooks their food on a wood fire and a big pot. We cook our food on a big stove. Although lifestyles between the American and the Ecuadorian are very different, they both love and care about family just as much.

212: This is the week worth of food my family eats Vanessa Ibarra

213: Food Brings Happiness Vanessa Ibarra My family is a more cultural family. I usually see myself eating Mexican food most times. My aunt and my mom go to the store to get the ingredients to make their amazing dinner. My mom has a difficult time especially with many siblings I have so we try to make it quick before they get out of hand. We all get in the car knowing that the car ride is going to be a long one. As we’re driving in the car , I can hear my brother and sisters fighting in the back. I also hear all the cars race with their loud engines through the street as they see that bright green light that lets them go. I can tell we are getting near the store because I can smell the burning of tortilla and carne . We finally reach the store as we struggle to find a spot we eventually find one nearest to the store. As I get out of the car, I can see the all the people racing through the store to get food like ants in a colony . I get a cart for my mom and help as I put my baby brother in. We open the door and a dash of cold air touches my face the smell of fresh fruit and sweet bread come to my mind. I look around and I see many people around me rushing to the cash register, sliding card against the machine I can hear the peoples coins as they rattle in their pockets . As I walk through the aisles filled with cans of fruit,vegetables, beans, and chile, I help my mom carry all the types of food in the cart. I ponder over what delicious dish my aunt plans to make today.

214: Family When we finally get home, we all help to get the groceries out and take them to the house. As we take all the food out of the bag, I can hear bags being scrunched up into little balls. Then, we leave all the food that's being used for the dinner were making out . I help my mom put the rest of the food in the refrigerator and as I put the last of the groceries in the pantry. It's hard being the oldest responsible for my three siblings Vivianna who is 9, Vivika who is 7, and Vince who is 3. With them all together its just really frustrating for my household and it makes it harder to do your responsibilities, and have to deal with the behavior of my siblings. Thanks to my aunt who helps me when I need it most like able to clean the house, taking care of my siblings, and still manages to cook for us. My mom is gone for half the day but she is always there for dinner. When shes not home she is usually at her school at Palomar College so when she comes home she’s usually tired and frustrated. We try our best to be understanding and help her feel comfortable. As we wait for the food to be done we usually go to the store to get some drinks and other stuff . There are a lot of places where you can get different types of food from other places from the world. | My siblings at the store

215: At the market Vanessa Ibarra My family is a more cultural family I mostly see myself eating Mexican food most times. My aunt and my mom go to the store to get the ingredients to make their amazing dinner. My mom has a difficult time especially with many siblings I have so we try to make it quick before they get out of hand. We all get in the car knowing that the car ride is going to be a long one. As we’re driving in the car , I can hear my brother and sisters fighting in the back. I also hear all the cars race with thier loud engines through the street as they see that bright green light that lets them go. I can tell we are getting near the store because I can smell the great food they cook . We finally reach the store as we struggle to find a spot we eventually find one nearest to the store. As I get out of the car I can see the all the people racing through the store to get food, like ants in a colony . I get a cart for my mom and help as I put my baby brother in. We open the door and a dash of cold air touches my face the smell of fresh fruit and sweet bread come to my mind. I look around and I see many people around me rushing to the cash register sliding card against the machine hearing the coins in peoples pockets. As I walk through the aisles filled with cans of fruit,vegetables, beans, and chile. I help my mom take all the ingredients in the cart I wonder what we makeing hearing my stomach rumble I am anxious to go home. | City I live in a small city it’s really easy to get around and find a food store. With a store just down the street called Albertsons, It’s very easier for us to go to the store especially with a big household. If we want to get organic food like Sprouts, well thats a different story we have to go across town to be able to get it. Albertsons is my moms’ only option because it’s closer and easy to get to. We also have many fast food near us so its a quick to get a fast dinner. We usually do a at home dinner so we have to go to different stores to get the right food. There are many other places with more Mexican food and food from other places to like fruits,chiles,beans, and lot more. When we are done shopping we go straight home to prepare the meal but it is a big hassle. | Country Comparison Vanessa Ibarra One of the things I notice that I share in common with the family in Ecuadorian family was that we share with our neighbors. What I mean by sharing with neighbors is that We share different types of food with each other. Unlike my family I can go to the market if I wanted to, but sometimes we tend to share food. The family in Ecuador has to share with their neighbors because there is no markets in Tango the village they live in. There are many things I found very interesting when I read about the Ecuador family . Some of the things that is saw is that they live in very bad conditions. They have very little homes and they have very big families so they are very squished. In my home its very big and everyone has their own room and live in a house thats stable enough for a big Family. They don't have a lot of food for their family so they have a very tight budget. They have to do a lot of labor work so that they can grow their food and to take care of their farm animals so that they can sell to the market. They have a lot of work to do even the kids have to help the parents to get the food. This made me think about many things about the difference about my life. I notice that my family has a good living we don't have to do labor. This made me very appreciative for what I had and that my life is a good one. I have more opportunities than they do. I have enough food for my family unlike them having to work for food and share food with others. It made me think about many things and I notice of how much things I take for granted and makes me be more appreciative.

216: Preparing the meal When we get home and finally have all the food we get all the supplies needed to make the meal. One of my favorite meals is carne with papas so my aunt is the one with all the experience of cooking so usually she does all the cooking. My siblings and I wait until the food is being cooked. I sit in the living room with my family and as I sit there watching T.V I can hear the the steaming pan sizzling and crackling as my aunt puts the carne on the pan. The aroma of cooked meat made my mouth water and made me hungrier. Then she adds some spice to the meat so it gives it flavor then with the fresh tomatoes and Chile she cuts them up and puts them in the blender. I can hear when she applies the sauce to the the meat. When shes done with that The I can hear the knife hitting against the table as my aunt cuts the potatoes. Finally she adds the potatoes to the the meat and she leaves it for a while to rest on the stove at a certain temperature. I wait anxiously for the food to be ready and finally its done and my aunt calls everyone to the the table. | Enjoying the Meal I wait in the table with the rest of my household I see the steaming plates go to my sister and I can smell the great smell of meat. When my sister get their plates I get mine i can see mine approaching me and I finally start to eat. My mom sits at the other end of the table she asks us how our day was. When we all have said what our day was she continues to do her homework for school. I usually see my mom studying for a big test. Usually my aunt eats last and she eats in the living room. MAny people call our household and it's usually her sisters that are on the phone the one who eat more Mexican food than we do. | Family Recipe Carne con Chile with Papas Potatoes Carne Hot Sauce Tomatoes Chile Pepper Salt Garlic

217: Influence on the Meal I have a lot of family members from Mexico and they usually bring all the extra food and have more leftovers that they share . My aunt came from a cultural family and learned a lot of recipes about different Mexican dishes. As a more cultural family we stick with the comforting of having family over to enjoy family get together. We share a lot of different food even food that I haven't tasted so my aunt gets a lot of her Mexican dishes she makes for us. I think its different from having a fast food here it really brings the family together sharing ideas and sharing laughs. when family come over it turns into a big party instead of a little get together. So I enjoy having a more cultural meal because then it teaches me more about my family and learn a lot more recipes that I can learn in the future.

218: how food travels from market to plate Aleks Stojanovic At The Market ( Ralph's): Around a 45 second drive from my house to Ralph's. In Ralph's you can hear the sound of jumbled words beeps of the scanner, smells like cardboard and plastic. Then the ride back is silent because no one wants to take the countless amounts of bags we have to take in and out of the house. However, there is more contributions to creating a good stojanovic homemade meal. | Family Lifestyle (Stojanovic House): The main contributor a part of this meal is the whole family. however since my grandparents are gone right now the contributors are mostly my mom and my dad. My mom is a stay at home mom who takes care of her aunt some days which limits her time to cook so she just gives us pre made food. The other main contributor to making food is my dad who only cooks amazing food on the weekends because of his two jobs and him coaching my travel hockey team. the key ingredient to my meal is the actual food itself and where i get it from.

219: About Your City: In my city (Carlsbad,CA) the air feels moist and very windy because of the marine layer by the beach (near my house), smells like sand, I can hear waves crashing onto shore 24/7, all the food available is in the Ralph's marketplace where there is pharmacies and countless restaurants. however, the closest farmers market is in La Jolla in the UTC Mall. You can't get global food at the farmers market so you would have to go to the world market if you want global food, but the closest world market to Carlsbad is in orange county which can be a long drive. The biggest downside about Carlsbad is you can't get food out of season unless you grow it yourself. | Preparing The Meal: For the one meal I will talk about the preparation is not that complicated it's only Asian helper prepared by a not complicated cook like my mom. The way my mom isn't complicated until the end like she will cook it like the box says “ put food on pan let it settle for 15 minutes on medium, lastly let it cool down for around 2 minutes until it's safe to eat without burning your mouth. an all this is stored in a pantry and a controllable stove with 6 spots to cook on a pan or pot

220: Enjoying the meal: Before, the meal me or my brother will set the table depending on what day it is. During the meal, the whole family will make small talk or talk about their day while scarfing down their sizzling and juicy american imitation of asian chicken fried rice combined with the little scraps of beef and chicken my mom adds. after all the plates are empty everyone will leave the table and resume homework or their favorite tv program with a little snack unless my mom yells “ Aleks! Stefan! whose day is it to do the dishes empty and load come on!” then,me or my brother again depending on the day. Lastly the last part of the journey of our dinner folding the box of asian helper and thrown into the recycling bin. Not only my location and type of cook influence my food however this time it was almost one hundred percent the cook and location. | Outside factors that influence the meal: Other factors than my family and location influence my the journey of a meal on my plate. Like my moms experience with pre made food. Better though my dads experience of making appetizing and luscious from scratch. mostly, it’s the accessibility to a good fresh market, Furthermore, my mom and dad will use ralphs basic ingredients and throw in their own twist.


222: (Ecuador) Country Comparison | In America there is countless things to eat natural and unnatural. Here we have cheese and cheese whiz, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and organic meat and hormone injected meat. My point is that here in America we have choices (which we do not make the right ones sometimes) and we have quantity. Other places in the world are less fortunate like Ecuador. In Ecuador there isn't countless things to eat its a country with a lot of poverty and famine. Furthermore, mostly they eat contaminated food and farm grown food if they have a farm. Different from America Ecuador's poverty salvages what they can find they don't have many choices. As a result of the limited choices Ecuador doesn't have the choice to eat unnatural food and cut corners, they just eat what they grow and buy at markets which do not advertise brands like cheese whiz and a lot of brands with high fructose corn syrup. poverty stricken part of Ecuador eats what they need to survive what they need to survive. From the component of both countries I think America should be more like Ecuador not to the point of famine an poverty. However, to the point to where we are only able to use sugar real cheese and all natural ingredients. in another point of view Ecuador should cut corners with their poverty and famine. Ecuador should use substitutes to fuel their energy to farm they food they need to live and make money then eat farm what they've grown and sold.

223: America Ecuador

224: Lunchtime at the School By Megan Lambert From left to right: Lucas, Morgan, Trevor

225: At 11:40 in the morning, 550 hungry students pile out of their school and to the outside field area. They’re all here for the same reason - lunch. Some of them have brought colorfully packaged foods of all sorts - fruits, soups, fridge meals and microwavables. But others stand packed into little groups forming a line, five dollar bills crunched up in their hands. Once they get to the front of the line, their money is slapped down. They choose a meal from a small variety, pick a drink and a side, and then get out of the line as fast as they can. The line’s too packed and noisy for them to handle. Everyone heads off to eat, crowding around their copper-colored tables. People bring little sacks and unpack their little plastic buckets of cafeteria food. They laugh and eat their food slowly, yelling out jokes and dining on their food. They’ll play card games and give each other piggy-back rides. We’re still all teenagers, and ready to use some of our energy. We take our time to enjoy the one real break we have all day, just having fun. It really isn’t based around the food we eat, but what we do. That still doesn’t stop us from caring about the food and where it comes from, though.

226: In one point in this story, I went to go interview the local cafeteria ladies. When I came, they kindly opened the doors and let me inside the closed off area in which they sell the food from. I started off with a simple question. "What is the most popular meal?" "That's an easy one - probably the spicy chicken." Next, "What about the least popular?" After thinking for a while, they responded with "That's a harder one. The turkey beef dippers? We tend to take out the ones that don't do too well." "What about the reduced prices? How do they work?" Reduced prices are a special chance poorer families can receive through a sign-up process. There are 2 versions of it. "Well, theres $3.00 for the regular meal of course. 40 cents for the reduced meal, and completely free." "And how many students would you guess you average a day? I mean - if you know." "Oh my gosh... how many students. We do on average between 200 to 300 students at a time and that's just an estimate. Wow." "And how long do you think you've been serving here?" "Since the dawn of time!", one says rather jokingly. The other continues - "Uhh... 3 years? 4?" They both speak in unison. "Yeah, 4! Let's go with that." I end off the conversation and leave with a friendly thanks. | At our school, we can buy a whole lunch for 3 dollars or less. This includes milk, a side (most of them are fruits), and your main meal. If you register for a program, you can get it for a dollar or less - sometimes even free. No one here considers that anything too special. The food here is inexpensive and processed, made with High Fructose Corn Syrup, preservatives, fake dyes and tastes made with formulas that cost less than a penny. Cheap work is needed for cheap food. In Ecuador, most families can not even afford to eat meat. Many of them dine on farm grown vegetables and natural, non-processed cheeses and milks. They pay an average of 30 dollars a week for their healthy foods. Somehow, unsurprisingly, most of us in America regularly pay that much to feed our families for a day - we live an expensive, unhealthy lifestyle. Both options have their pros and cons. Our school food is 'cheap', but it's also tasteless and mostly nutritionless. While food in Ecuador is healthier and tastes better, they use all of their money on their weed of food, and often have to walk miles to get it. I wouldn't say either option is better - both are equal, on my terms.

227: As you would guess, my friends and I eat too. A couple of us bring sack lunches, while others order from the line itself. All of us cram our teenage bodies around a single table, trying to fit as many people as we can. Sometimes, we need two tables. We unzip the bags of food or unpack the plastic containers stuffed with cafeteria food. None of our food is hot or fresh - we can’t go out and order from the nearby food court. I couldn’t say either choice is better. We with food from home have more of a choice, sure, but lunch food is cheaper, easier, and in some cases better. Why bring an apple, some pasta and a breadstick from home when you can get it all here for 3 dollars? Everyone chats or plays games like DND (Dungeons and Dragons), eating between sentences. We sing silly songs from video games we’ve all played, or discuss the latest video from youtube we all saw. One person will reach across the table and grab food from someone else - that’s how it goes. We all do what we need. Our limited food choices don’t stop us from enjoying our lunch. In our school system, our food wouldn’t be considered quality to anyone. Sure, this probably better than some other schools cafeteria food. Still, it’s nowhere near anything most restaurants would serve - if any restaurant sold such food, they would probably be ran out of business. While we certainly wouldn’t be expected to serve 5 star cuisines, we couldn’t even if we wanted to. Why? Economics, to put it simply. As a charter school, we have to pay for almost everything. Since we don’t follow the state’s standardized way of teaching, we are required to pay for most, if not all, of the things here.

228: The kids who buy food at the line are influencing what we eat. For such a low price, they wouldn't be able to afford much better food at this state. And there are even kids who get their food discounted or free, being from poor families and all. That certainly doesn't do anything to provide money for the school, not that anyone would expect them to. As a school, we can't afford to provide the best dining options. We can not afford the healthiest, tastiest food. But what we can do is provide the best food we can, and that is what we are doing.

229: Monthly Menu Additional Selections | Cheese Lasagna with Roll Teriyaki Chicken Wrap Chicken Pizza Quesadilla Teriyaki Beef Dippers & Rice Kung Pao Chicken & Rice Bowl Hummus, Co-Jack Cheese & Multi Grain Crackers Pepperoni Pizzatas Bean & Cheese Burrito Bosco Sticks and Marinara Sauce Oven Backed Chicken with Roll Orange Chicken & Rice Bowl Ham & Cheese Sub on a Sesame Roll Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti Fruit Yogurt & Muffin Chicken Fettucini Alfredo Guacamole Burger French Bread Pizza Cheese/Pepperoni Chicken Ceaser Salad Shaker Spicy Chicken Sandwhich PB&J

231: Cuba In this section: Ezekiel Jackson Nicholas Bryler Shea Ciara Isaac

232: At The Market | A group of people are marching up to the building. The family leaves their 14 person van in the parking lot, as they enter the Costco Wholesale. A rush of air flows into my face as I enter the building. My mother pulls out her Costco card and shows it to the clerk that stands at the door. He nods and continues to smile as we walk through the entrance. Long rows of produce and consumables fill up the stores almost endless shelves. A chaotic mass of people about as we walked throughout it, most of them were oblivious of us, and did a fairly good job of getting in our way. We marched through the store and purchased what we needed. When your in a store as massive as this one, a rush of emotion will flow throughout you. How did Costco acquire so much food? How do I know which foods to buy? Why does this have to be so chaotic? At the checkout the mood is easy to read, everyones face tells the same story. No one wants to be there, they don't like inconveniencing someone else, they just want to go home. So as it may seem, the checkout isn’t as pleasant as it could be, but then again, how could a transaction of money be fun? We walked out of the store, fresh air rushed into my lungs, a little more relaxed as we walked to the car. Now that I wasn’t constantly searching around for an opening in the crowd of people that we could walk through, and since I was no longer constantly thinking that our caravan was in someones way, I was finally able to release some of the stress that had been building up. The car stood before us, I opened up the back doors of the van. Zoe Mom and I put groceries into the back of the van, while Zane strapped the others down in their seats. The little ones had to wait a bit before we unloaded everything out of the carts, which did make them irritable. But when we were finished unloading the van Mom got in the van and turned it on, this action quieted down the restless babies. While she did this, Zoe and I put the carts away. The large black van drove away, leaving only bussiness at the Costco. | Costco | By Ezekiel A. Mortensen

233: Family Life Style | We Arrived home, the car shut down. None of us moved or uttered a word, neither did the birds, or the wind. It was like the whole universe admired our accomplishments, and remained in a state of silence. Unfortunately this didn’t last long. I started to hear seatbelts clicking, I knew what was coming in a couple of seconds I would get up, release the restraints Ezme was wearing, then bring her into the house. I probably didn’t need to bring her in, “she’s just gonna to walk back out.” I thought to myself. Which she did, but I walked back out with her. I can’t tell her no, she can’t even talk. We passed by Zoe, then Zane, then a few more, all of whom carrying at least some food. | I went up the stairs, my feet didn’t make a sound as I moved up. I wanted my work downstairs to be done. I walked into my room to take my shoes off. I didn't want to stay there to long, well I did want to stay but I knew that I shouldn’t. They still needed help downstairs (they meaning my family, sometimes we refer to each other in the 3rd person). When I arrived downstairs the food was almost completely put away. Zane passed by me with some bar soap as I opened the gate. We don’t only get consumables at Costco, we need other things to live in harmony. Like napkins, or socks.

234: About my City | We live in Oceanside CA. Oceanside isn’t my favorite city, I don’t feel very welcome in it. In San Marcos CA, I would ride my bike all over town. I would bike to the store, to my school, I even went on useless rides never ending up anywhere. But now that we have moved, I feel like theres no sense in going anywhere, I don’t know the city as well as I would need to, and I go to school now, so theres no time for a nice ride anymore without it invading on my weekend. Just because I’m not comfortable with my current city doesn't mean we don’t have any resources to use, we have plenty of shopping centers nearby. Now that we have our food, it is high time we do something with it. | By Ezekiel A Mortensen

235: Preparing the Meal | The end of dinner was nearing, soup bowls scattered the dining room along with three or four bread crusts lying on the table. Eating dessert is rarely done in our house, but there are times when we just make it for the hell of it. I walked past Zane on my way to the pantry, he was cleaning off the table. No one bothered me on my way back to the pantry, they would rather have cookies than help. I grabbed the peanut butter, the sugar, the eggs, and brought them to the counter where I planned to do most of the baking. | Peanut Butter Cookies -2 cups peanut butter -2 cups sugar -2 eggs -mix In a mixing bowl until combined -Roll the dough into little balls, 1 inch in diameter -Set the balls down on a pan, all of them evenly spaced. (be sure to give the cookies plenty of room. -use a fork and press down on the balls, once straight, on what would be called the X axis, and once straight on the Y axis. -Set the oven to 350 degrees -When the oven is ready, put the cookies in the oven for 10 minutes. -After the 10 minutes are up, take out the cookies and let them sit for 5 minutes to cool. | Grandma Boyd's Peanut Butter Cookies

236: Enjoying the Meal | Wandering around with the cookies wasn't a great idea, as they broke apart easily, but we still did. I found myself at the table minutes later, watching the movie with my family. It was a little kid movie, not clear on exactly what it was, but I remember that I had seen it at least fifty times. Zb and Zaida thanked me for the cookies as they pleaded with mom over having one more. Ezme and George looked at Zb, then looked at me and said “TeeDoo Zeet.”. I didn't need any thanks, but I wasn't going to argue with that. “Only Four!”. My mom said shooing everyone out of the kitchen. “I’m putting the cookies away now.”. I couldn't and still can't speak for everyone, but I think Peanut Butter Cookies are better when you only have one or two. | By Ezekiel A. Mortensen

237: Outside Factors that Influence the Meal | You saw how and where, the Mortensen family got their food. But how did the grocery store’s end up with so much food? At Costco, you can take one look around and know that there is enough food in there to feed you for the rest of your life. Costco buys a ridiculous amount of food, but how do they sell it in time before it expires? Well, Costco has an arrangement with their customers. If the customers want to shop at Costco they need to pay an annual fee. Plus Costco packages their items in large quantities, so its much easier to sell its large amounts of food. The=is is called buying in bulk. Buying in bulk works well with either large families, such as my own, or foods that won’t soon expire. | Country Comparison | People in america live surrounded by a vast majority of food. If you have a job, a meal is very easy to obtain. It doesn't have to do with your hunting skills, or your cooking skills, As long as you can perform an assignment for someone else, your dinner is served. Quite simple live as one may presume. If a person in America were to look at the lifestyle of a typical Cuban family, they would probably think it to be confusing, or maybe even go as far as to say that it was HARD. A typical Cuban man wants very much to feed his family. In order to do so, the first item on his list will be his job. Whether its a well paying job varies, but most likely its not. And in his case he would only be able to feed himself. After a long day of work he comes home. He feels good with a lot of food on the table, but he knows that its just an illusion. He and his family just received their monthly ration from the Cuban government. After thinking of it for a brief moment, his euphoric response dulled down. His two sons come into the house, wielding six fish they caught while spear fishing. The mother began to gut the fish, and prepare it for a meal with her sons. A little girl enters the apartment, “I’m eating at grandma’s, she’s making spaghetti.” “Okay.” the wife uttered, as she pulled a fish of the grill. As human beings, Cubans don’t focus on their misery, they tend to focus more on happier parts of life. I, as an American, tend to think about things that make me happy when I am depressed. Like Minecraft, or running. Its not as bad as it looks but only because they don’t make it out to be.

238: Dinner Time quesadilla

239: Industrialized dinner By: Jackson Sjogren I have a family of five. My brother Dalton is currently living in Oregon though and my dad Erik is only home for weekend so what we eat is usually based off what me Jackson, my sister Madison, and my mom Arlene want to eat. This weekend actually my family had a large group of friends over to watch football with us, my mom cooked all day working on enchiladas and tortilla soup. Most of the food my family eats would probably be Mexican food but we don't always cook it at home most of the time we go out to eat it like at Mr. taco and other places. Usually when it's time to eat my mom yells for us to come down, I run down in a hurry trying to see what I have to sink my teeth into this time. I go over and set my plate with twice as much food as it can hold and rush over to the tv room with a plate in one hand and a drink in the other trying to balance out the two. I sit down and enjoy a nice movie with my family. Some other foods my family like to eat are Italian food, soups, a lot of other types, and sometimes we go out to eat. But all these foods are different in their own way but they do have one thing in common, almost all of them are industrialized. One of the biggest things that I don't like about Americas food industry would be the fact the only place you could really find cheap food would be a fast food joint, and that is not good for you. They are making all poorer families eat bad food because it's the only thing they can afford. Take five dollars if you were a kid would you spend that on a low organically cooked burger and maybe a water bottle, or would you spend it on a burger, fries, and a large drink.

240: Some ways the food industry could change this would be giving smaller amounts of the food and adding more of a nutritional value, this would help because the serving sizes are giant now a days the average kid eats twice as much food at a fast food restaurant against the average adult during lunch. Another way we could focus on this and help change, would be finding a way to make healthy food like vegetables and organic foods cheaper. I feel that America is a very unhealthy nations and the majority of these people are poorer. 36% of Americans are overweight and 30% more are obese, One of the main reasons this is happening is because no one wants to have to spend extra money to eat healthy, and most families cant even afford it so they are stuck eating fast foods and other foods which are majorly unhealthy. There are many way’s to lower the price but the one idea I decided on to help lower the price was making more organic farms. If there are more organic farms there is more of a competition between companies Forcing them to slowly lower their prices so the people will buy from them rather than their competitor. But right now there aren’t too many competitors letting them keep the prices they already have set. My idea to make more organic farms is to talk to the the major food industries and try to show them how much money is in organic industry right now. Most of the major food industries are just about the money. If there's enough money involved and they know the industry will grow they will follow. to have these industry follow I will try pitching them an idea showing them how much money is in this business and how more and more people are eating healthy. Hopefully this will make them want to enter into the organic business lowering the prices. My solution will help change the percentage of overweight and obese people in America. Most people after this happens will be able to afford organic and healthier foods.

241: One of the main solutions or ways of conquering obesity or being over weight is diet it helps all the way over to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease to also getting rid of extra fat. If my solution worked it affect my family a lot. my family already eats organic but we also eat industrialized food because organic is way too expensive so when my solution became real my family would get a lot more organic and we would be overall more healthy. This would create a healthier nation and happier people. | Eating dinner quesadilla

242: Calories for Countries By: Jackson Sjogren The average calorie daily per person in America is 3,600 to 3,000 It differs depending on the persons age for example a teenager will sometimes have a higher calorie intake because they are growing and need a lot of calories in there system. Or a full grown man will eat more than a women usually because they have bigger bodies therefore a bigger calorie intake. Also How big your calorie intake is depends on how much food you can afford. In third world countries the calorie intake is 1,500 and lower because they don't have a lot of food available. The average calorie intake for Cuba is 3,186 this number is pretty close to America. Yet it is really confusing because Cuba doesn't have a lot of food and they usually have food rations (a food ration is when you don't have a lot of food so they have to distribute among people to make it last) but 40% of people in Cuba are overweight this is a pretty large number for having food rations. I think this might be because all the food they do eat is pretty unhealthy. Overall I think it is pretty confusing how people in Cuba have to ration their food but they still have very large meals like spaghetti, salads, loafs of bread, and desserts. It is also weird that when people have more food than they need they tend to eat to much like in America. The overweight/obesity level is 60% of Americans which is a very big number considering how many people live in America.

243: Family recipe Swedish coconut cookies Ingredients: 312 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups sugar 2 cups butter (softened) 1 tbsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla 112 cups flaked coconut Directions: 1 In large bowl, combine, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla. 2 Beat on low, scraping bowl often, until well blended, 3-4 minutes. 3 Stir in coconut. 4 Divide cookie dough into halves, shape into a roll 12 x 2. 5 Wrap in wax paper, refrigerate until firm- around 2 hours. 6 Heat oven to 350. 7 Cut rolls into 1/4" to 1/2" slices. 8 Place 2-inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. 9 Bake 9-14 minutes. 10 Cool slightly, then remove from pan.

244: Me and my family with a weeks worth of food. | By: Nicholas

245: Grains $23.24 Potato bread, muffins, and wheat bread Dairy products $34.50 Milk and shredded cheese Canned products Tomato sauce, peaches, and beans $10.43 Fruit and vegetables Bananas, oranges, lettuce, and grapes $17.64 Frozen food Pizza and hot dogs $19.01 Canned goods Tomato's, peaches, and beans $10.21 | Total $115.03 | My family and what we do to get the food we eat today. Our family gets our food the same way everyone else gets it, we work and get money, and with that money we were able to buy food. But once we get the food we'll normally make something special with it, now, most things that we get will never be the same way for long, except the pizzas, those never change really. But when we go to the store, we look for something that is something that we think that we can cook into something else. Now most stuff that we get is the same, something that were missing. But one thing that we always have plenty of is milk, it's something that when you say you need milk, we have milk. But something that I like about living here is that we have access to anything that we want whenever we want. A culture that our family has that we want to see how different foods can interact with each other.

246: Oatmeal cookies or Clara’s Cookies In a saucepan mix the following together 6 tablespoons of cocoa powder 2 cups of suger 1/2 cup of butter 1/2 cup of milk Heat to boiling over medium heat. Boil for one minute, remove from heat. Add & Stir 3/4 cup peanut butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 cups of quick oats Drop in spoonfuls onto wax paper, wait to cool, enjoy.

247: My eating style compared to Cuba's Now when I learned about how people in Cuba get there food, I thought that it was a bit weird. But then I thought about it, and it does make sense now how they use rations to distribute food to everyone. Now this can be a good thing because food is constantly maintained and it's less of a hassle to people who wouldn't be able to get as much food here in America because they have the rations. However, because of the rations the people in Cuba don't have as much variety as they do in America, now true I can't speak for how other countries really work, but that's what I got out of it. | Family traditions My family traditions are different than what other people's family traditions, mostly because we only have two. One is that everyone helps cooks the food, the only someone won't help cook the food is when there sick. The second tradition that we have is that we don't eat together, typically we will just go into where ever we go normally and eat there.

248: What do you eat for dinner? Sometimes you’ll eat something you like, other times, not so much. For some people their favorite food might be simple, something like spaghetti or eggs. Other people can have a more sophisticated taste than others, such as something like sushi or caviar. For my family, we prefer something that isn’t too hard to make but it still allows us to have a dinner that can provide us with all the types of nutrients that we need. One specific type of food that me and my family like is fried rice. True, people all around the world eat different food, but what unites us is two things, that we eat food and family traditions. While most people can say that they eat food at the table with their family, some people will simply leave their family and not even talk to them, that is the habit that we have at our family. So, every person eats but what is behind the simple ingredients package. How does the food get to your plate, it may not be as simple as you think. There is more to food than just growing and shipping, there’s also the behind the senes, the GMO’s. What a GMO, or genetically modified organism, is something that focuses on changing the DNA of the plant to make it more resistant to disease or grow in different weather than normal. Now, you might say from just this, “wow, this is a really good thing.” Well, it’s not, some of the effects that GMO’s are liver disabilities and digestive system errors. But, how could they improve this to make it a good thing? What is wrong with the GMO’s isn’t what they are, it’s how they are used and made for. They don’t test for safety as much as they should and they don’t make GMO’s for the most beneficial reasons. What they should do is make GMO’s for a better cause than just making bigger crop. What i’m talking about is adding the vitamins and nutrients that that could help people. A good example of this is golden rice, golden rice is designed to have vitamin A in it because people in certain area’s of the world lack vitamin A. Crop’s like this are what the makers of GMO’s need to focus on, not making it more convenient for them. But, with any solution comes the need to change things.But what needs to change to make this reality. What need’s to change is two things, one is how people feel about GMO’s. GMO’s are a good thing, but the problem is that they aren’t being developed to be made as healthy as possible. As we all know, medicine and medical science is one of the most important thing’s in our lives, it can do anything from stop you sneezing a little, to saving your life from what would kill you. It is undoubtedly important. But what was this before the modern age? It was not healthy for you, bleeding the body to remove the toxins in it was a common practice, as well as some medicines using lead as one of the main ingredients of medicine. This changed in the world and thus, people are healthier, and they can rely on medicine now, but what happens when they decided to make it healthier, that is when the starving are fed, and lives are saved because they didn’t because of malnutrition. But I know that people will still need some sort of justification to this idea.

249: So, let’s see how many people this will affect if this continues through and people get these food that they need. There are 7 billion people in the world, and 250,000-500,000 thousand children a year go blind due to lack of vitamin A, and half of them die within the first year of them becoming blind. Every vitamin in your bond is crucial, and a lack of any of them can be life threatening and can result in you needing medical attention if it doesn't kill you first. Any GMO can have any vitamin in them, and that mean’s that people who lack certain vitamins can get the proper types of nutrition that they need in order to not die or grow up with a disfunction. But for some people, they want to know how will this affect your plate and your food’s price tag. How will this meal affect you and what you eat and how your diet will change. Well, it depends on what you like to eat and how you eat. if you really like rice products you can still buy normal rice, but you have the opportunity to eat golden rice too. As for how much food will cost, that’s debatable. It might cost more because of development cost, but it might cost less because it’s easier to grow the food. But when food changes there first going to distribute it to the people they made it for, people who lack the vitamins that need that certain GMO with that certain vitamin. So overall, I think that GMOs are something that shouldn’t be judged so early on, it just needs time in order to become something that can be beneficial in life.

250: A weeks worth of food for the Barnhill family!

251: The Greatest Meal in San Diego County! Bryler Barnhill My father, Bill, and I went to our local grocery store for our food. Typically my Mother, Traci, would go to the grocery to to do the shopping but she was busy working on her lesson plan for her 1st grade class. The grocery store we go to is Ralph's, it is very close to us and the prices are pretty good. When we first arrived at the store during it's late hours on Sunday night, we went straight for the shopping carts. The store was deserted, for the most part. There was barely anyone in the store and that meant we could get out of here faster. The first section we went to was the fruit and vegetable section. We got some apples and grapes. We continued to go through the store collecting items on our list. In total we ended with over twenty-five items. After purchasing the food, my father and I transported it over to our car where we unloaded the groceries. We finally could leave the boring grocery store and we headed to our home in Oceanside. Oceanside, California is in the United States. Which means that there is a lot of resources available to us. Because we are already established and have hundreds of supermarkets and grocery stores here in Oceanside. We have access to food from around the world because of the way we trade food here. We can get food from almost any culture at anytime we want. You can also get food that is normally out of season like strawberries in the winter. Before, let's say in the 1920s you could not get your hands on food out of season because they did not have the technology or resources we now have. If they tried to grow strawberries during the winter they would probably fail because they did not know how to care for them in that type of climate. If you want, you can get naturally grown food from a farmers market as well. There is plenty of them scattered throughout the entire city of Oceanside. I was born and raised here in Oceanside thanks to my wonderful family. My father, Bill, is a property manager. He owns the company BPM Team which is a lot of work. So he has to stay at his office for a while sometimes. He comes home around five or six o'clock. But even when he is home he still has to work a lot. Whether he is on a important phone call or is working on his computer, it seems like he is always working. He sometimes goes to bed early because he is so tired. My mother, Traci, teaches 1st grade at Discovery Elementary in San Marcos, California. Since she is a teacher she also has a lot of work to do. She usually stays at her school until 6pm and then comes home. I am usually with her because she picks me up from my school. But even when she comes home she still has work to do.My parents normally do not have much time for dinner, dinner is usually something cheap like Ramen noodles or Macaroni and Cheese. But during the weekends we do

252: actually have some family time where we sit at a table and eat a meal cooked at home or sometimes we go out to a restaurant if we feel like being fancy. My brother, Brody is a sophomore in High School but he goes to a different school than me so he has a different schedule. We normally just see each other at night or in the mornings. My sister, Brigette, is a Junior in college. She goes to Arizona State University so we do not get to see her everyday. The food that we have that is on the weekends is normally very good, we love to eat Mexican food and especially tacos and burritos. Sometimes we go out to eat instead of eating at home. We had some Mexican food from a restaurant in Valley Center, California. The name of the restaurant was, Revelas. My whole family was with me, this included my mother's side of the family. So we ate dinner with my Grandfather and Grandmother, and our cousins as well. My sister was actually there too, she got some time off of school and came down to see us. We went to this restaurant specifically because it was very close to where we were and my Aunt heard that it had some great tasting food! We all order are own separate food from the menu, I ordered a bean and cheese burrito. The way that they prepare the food is very similar to the way that we would prepare it if we were cooking it. Except for the fact that they have some better kitchen technology like a frying pan or a better stove. They would need the ingredients ready which would be a tortilla, refried beans, cheese, and sauce which is optional. We would then cook the beans, warm up the tortilla, and then sprinkle some cheese inside the tortilla and finish it off with some mild sauce. After that place the cooked beans inside of the tortilla and you would then wrap it up. There you go, you have made yourself a delicious bean and cheese burrito. But of course that is only what I got. When we got home we ate some really nice homemade Pumpkin Chip Cookies and enjoyed the rest of the day. When we eat a formal dinner we are all called to the dinner table. My brother or myself set the table before everyone gets there. Than who ever did not set the table gets drinks for the entire family. We then drop whatever we are doing to come and eat at the dinner table. My father is usually the last to get there because he is usually working out in the yard. During dinner time you can leave whenever you want as long as you clean up after yourself. We are not allowed to leave the table and bring the food with us because it is disrespectful to who ever cooked the meal and the rest of the family. During the dinner we normally talk about our day. Sometimes one of us will tell a joke or a story that hopefully will not make anyone lose their appetite. If we go out to eat, not much changes. We still talk about our day, tell stories, or jokes. This time my cousins were very funny and told lot's of stories of their day. “Today I got stuck in my locker at school.” Is what one of my cousins said and made all of us crack up! But most importantly we spend time together as a family whether we are at home or not. A lot of ingredients that go into a meal can definitely be influenced by outside occurrences. Oceanside is a fairly large city, it is known for being a beach town. One of the most popular types of food is Mexican food. Oceanside is so popular in San Diego because of it's location. You can be right next to the beach and have close to perfect weather. Or you could just go a few miles and be in a nice suburban neighborhood, while still being in Oceanside. The weather we get year round is great! We rarely ever see rain and that means that people will be more likely to go out and get some good food. I know that Oceanside is a great city and its one of the best in my opinion. You can get almost any type of food here and that is just one more reason why I love it!

253: My family enjoying a nice meal at Revelas Mexican Restaurant. | Country Comparison My family has a simple kitchen set. We have an oven from most likely the late 90’s or early 2000’s, it serves us well and we have never had any problems with it. We really do not need to upgrade it or anything. We also have a microwave, toaster, a blender, and all other necessary items you will need to cook some good meals in the US. We would label all of those ordinary items that you would find in a kitchen. In Cuba those items are actual very rare to find. That is because over half of the population is poor and cannot afford those items. The only thing that the family in my article has is a stove and they use it to their advantage. Almost every meal that they make, they use their stove. The country of Cuba is overall a poor country. They do not have that great technology. A stove that we may think is old, will seem really good to them because they have not experienced some of the greater technology out there in the world. The average amount of money that a person in Cuba makes is around eight or twelve dollars. It is not very good at all and most people cannot even afford to go to a market and buy food. That is where rations come in, rations is an amount of food that the government gives to the civilians. The food is usually rice or something simple along those lines. With that it causes people to not have a very good diet and people can die from starvation. But here in the United States if someone was starving then they could go to a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen and get something good in their bodies. Overall I thought this was very enthralling, because of the family that was in my group's article. They were not your typical family Cuba, they actually had many different types of kitchen appliances. One thing that really shocked me is that they have a pretty nice audio system and a television with cable as well. It really worries me since this family has so much compared to a lot of the other families in Cuba that have almost nothing. They even talk about how they go out to eat once a week. That is really surprising to me because some of the article talks about the country's poverty. Meanwhile this family is spending their money on top dollar things like television. I really want to know how they got to this position in life, where they can buy that kind of stuff while people are starving nearby.

254: Family's Recipe Pumpkin Chip Cookies What you need: 1 cup canned pumpkin 1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 egg 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon milk 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips Directions: Combine pumpkin, sugar, vegetable oil, and egg. In a separate bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, and salt. Dissolve the baking soda with the milk and stir in. Add flour mixture to pumpkin mixture and mix well. Add vanilla, chocolate chips and nuts. Drop by spoonful on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for approximately 10 minutes or until lightly brown and firm.

255: Pumpkin Chip Cookies Image Credit (

256: Enjoying the Meal By Shea Saulino

257: Enjoying the Meal Everyone in the family gathers around the table, to eat and share stories for dinner with my grandparents on October 7, 2012. We sat down to eat after wishing my grandma happy birthday, and after a few minutes of eating our meal we talked about extracurricular activities, how school was going, etc. Since a rule in our house is to speak only after you have chewed, we ate while other people were talking. My family and I made mushroom risotto with parmesan cheese, as well as a burchetta for the homemade bread. We also made a salad with tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil. The meal we cooked was all organic and vegetarian. | Me chopping tomatoes for the salad | My sister Maya kneading the homemade bread

258: Something I noticed in my meal that came from a poultry animal was the parmesan cheese. The cheese, like all natural cheeses, came from the milk of a cow. The industrial life of the cow is very disease-prone, and diseases can be transferred from cow to human. A disease found in cheese made with pasteurized milk is Listeria. Annually there are twenty six hundred cases of severe Listeria, and more than one hundred thousand E-coli outbreaks (found in meat). It shows that there is something erroneous about the meat industry, and their methods of animal processing. The issues begin with the corn based feed. Cows have evolved over their thousands of years to consume grass. Their digestion system can’t handle the heavy corn versus the light, leafy grass, and when they try to eat the corn they can’t. It eventually harvests in their systems and develops diseases such as | E- coli and Listeria. Farms like Polyface Farms in Virginia pose a solution to the typical corn based feed, by letting the cows maintain their grass for them. They have the cows transition from each part of the grassy fields. The cows eat the grass, and then fertilize the soil with their manure. Then, they move to another section of the field and let the soil from before fertilize and sprout the new grass. Eventually the cows make their way back to that section. By then the land is full of rich green grass. Unfortunately large scale farming doesn’t follow the morals of Polyface, and the cows are fed the cheap corn, and they do develop the diseases.

259: farms work towards making the animals happier? Because that would make the prices go up, and why make something more expensive than it has to be? Polyface Farms has an incredibly unique system of rotating their animals. They have a portable fence that they pin up around the animals, while they graze on the grassy fields. After a day or two, they move the fence to another part of the field, and they graze there. I believe the industrial farms can use this fence. It gives the animals a sense of freedom, while arms work towards making the animals happier? Because that would make the prices go up, and why make something more expensive than it has to be? | Country Comparison Our family has no limit to how much food we can buy. We don’t have government regulations on our food. We don’t have to buy a meal card that determines what we eat on a specific day. We can go to a grocery store, and buy cereal, ice cream, and sugary foods and never think twice about how lucky we are to live in a place where we can determine our own meals. Not everyone has the income to do so. In Cuba, each family pays and receives a meal card from the government. With that they obtain foods from their local grocery store, and bring those home to cook a meal for their family. Americans take food for granted. It’s happened to everyone. One time or another someone has complained about a perfectly good meal. But even those people have come to terms with how lucky they are. The main difference between Cuba and America is that Cubans live for their food. They work harder than many Americans to feed their families and themselves. We don’t always have to labor as hard as them to get food. What we all need to realize is that we are so fortunate to live in this food abundant place. Most people don’t have the resources we do. | There is an obvious solution to the corn feed is to replace it with grass. The only reason that the animals are being fed corn is because it’s a cheap replacement to the leafy greens, and it’s easier to maintain. But since Polyface is a small scale farm compared to the large industrialized farms, is it really possible to keep up the way Polyface does? I believe so. How did Polyface keep the animals doing their work for them? They had them rotate on the land, and fertilize it with their manure. So why don’t the industrial

260: Cows in nature are less likely to develop diseases like E-coli. If you feed them grass, they are going to feel better and taste better. To speak to the industrial companies, less E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and other diseases equals less lawsuits, which equals less money to spend on factory mistakes. And what does getting rid of industrial farms to for the environment? It eliminates fossil fuels, and decreases global warming from those fossil fuels. And everyone can eat healthier and be healthier. The boy who died from E-coli a few years ago would still be alive now, if these animals were treated right. Sources: The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan | I would feel secure in the knowledge that my food isn’t coming from a beaten down, E-coli harvesting cow. My parmesan cheese is safe to eat. No Listeria would be part of the world. No E-coli, no Salmonella. No diseases. And why can’t we treat animals the way they were meant to be? We are all an animals species. So why are we treating our fellow animals badly? Lets change that. Lets get rid of CAFO’s, corn, and industrial farms. Let’s eat healthy!

261: Homemade Bread | Ingredients: 1/4 cup milk 5 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoons salt 5 teaspoons butter 1 package active dry yeast 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups flour | Activate yeast with cup of warm water and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix in the milk, sugar, salt and butter. Add 1 cup of flour at a time and mix until dough is of desired consistency. Knead dough for several minutes. Place dough in bowl and cover with a towel. Let dough rise for 1 hour. Dough should double in size. Knead again for several minutes. Shape dough into a loaf and place in loaf pan. Let dough rise again for 1 more hour. Dough should fill the baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

262: This is my family's weekly food supply for all 5 of us. In my family there is my mom Jill, my step-dad Ray, my little sister Victoria, my older sister Brittany, and then there is me. By: Ciara Church

263: At the Market In my family we have very interesting meals. Yet, all of our food comes from on place, “Vons”. Instead of going to the store we start up our computer and search through “” that is packed with all sorts of food, finding exactly what everyone wants. Sometimes the web site crashes so, we have to go drive to the store and get food there. Every time we go to the store it is a workout. My little sister always for some reason has to run around the store and I always have to catch her. While trying to get her I go through many different aisles each having their own distinct smell. The vegetables smell fresh, the bread smells like home, and the ice cream section is always freezing cold. After my mom buys all the food, we load it in the car, than we each grab the chips, because we are always really hungry afterwards. Once we get home we get back to our erratic life.

264: Family Lifestyle Well in my house there are 5 people me, my Mom, my step-dad Ray, my little sister Victoria, and my older sister Brittany. The main person that runs the house is my mom she cleans or tells me and my siblings what to clean and on the weekends she cooks, during the week she's too busy at work to then come room and cook for all of us. The second in command is my step dad, he usually works in the yard and he cooks during the week, because he is not as busy during the week. The meals he cooks sometimes take awhile to make and once in a great while they take forever. This impacts our food culture because he usually cooks things that don't take a while to make and if my Mom always cooked it would take a lot longer and they probably would have more flavor. My older sister controls what she eats and when she eats whether its with us or not.As for the kids we have no command in what happens with the food. the only time I cook is when we are home alone, and I cook for myself and my younger sister. Their jobs affect our meals, because if my mom didn't work so late she would always be cooking. Our meals are also influenced by our location.

265: About Your city We have a lot of different types of food in the city of San Marcos. There are many supermarkets, but very few farmers markets. Most of the food in America is influenced from around the world. Normally you'll only only find Italian, Greek, and Mexican, but you can find other cultural restaurants here. Some of these places are fast food others are actual restaurants. Most supermarkets you can get out of season items year round, unless they are out of stock. Yet, if you go to farmers markets they don't usually have food out of season because normally they get their food locally. Lets go further into how we use these ingredients in our food. | Family Recipe: Steak: season with salt, pepper, and season salt Mashed Potatoes: Peel and mash them than add season salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder Salad: Put lettuce and avocado in a bowl then mix it up then add salt and pepper

266: Preparing the Meals The main person who transforms the food is my Mom, only on the weekends though. Each time we eat dinner we have a salad on the side and we always have meat on the plate. Normally she prepares food trying to incorporate a lot of flavor in our meals. She also tries her best to make it healthy for us. What I mean by healthy is to, for example, not put a lot of salt on the meat and to not use a lot of butter in the meal. As for the technology available in our kitchen we have a microwave, oven, grill, and blender. My favorite meal my mom makes is steak and mash potatoes with salad on the side. First she seasons the steak then puts it on the grill, next she mashes and cooks the potatoes, and finally she prepares the salad by getting the lettuce and avocado and mixing together and now she is done. This is my favorite because it has so much flavor acked in the meal. Now lets talk about my favorite art, eating the meal.

267: Enjoying the Meal Once everything is prepared and set on the table we are called in to eat. Ray, my step-dad, sets the table and we all have get our own drinks. We all serve ourselves as each item is passed around the table. We give our self the amount we want keeping in mind that there are others at the table. During the meal we can't text during dinner and we have to eat all of our veggies and finish our salad. As for sitting arrangements Ray and my mom usually sits on the couch and we, the kids, sit at the table. We don't normally talk about our day we just talk about who does the dishes, which goes from me to Victoria to Brittany (my sisters). Now we will go further into what really influences our meals .

268: Outside Factors That Influenced The Meal The biggest contributing factor to our meals is our culture. We have a strong Italian influence in my family on my Mothers side. If you know anything about Italian food than you should know that we love food. My Mom always cooks large quantities of food because that's what her mom did and what her Mom's Mom did. Italians also like to spice their food and give it a lot of flavor. So if we had plain soup than we would spice it up and try to make it the best soup it can be. So, that is how my family gets our food, prepares our food, and enjoys our food.

269: Country Comparison: In my family we spend almost 200 dollars on food. There are five people in my family. We don't always need all of the food we buy, so we can store it in the fridge and eat it later. Also, if my parents are too tired we can either go to a fast food place, have it delivered, or go to a restaurant. My city has so many different varieties of food that we can easily forget other people don't. The Cuban family I read about lives a totally different life. In the family of four they send almost a total of 13 dollars for their food. They also get meal cards from the government, but the government chooses what food they receive. Unlike in America they usually don't go to fast food places if they are too tired to cook. As you can see our lifestyles are very different. Each and every family is different in their own way and we have our own unique food style.We are very lucky to have all of our privileges that someone else doesn't have. Yet, we are all humans and deserve to be treated the same, so why are some people starving when their government could help? Questions like these are asked everyday and there is still no answer. So, next time you eat be thankful for your meal and try finding a way to give back to your society.

270: My mother and I go to Ralph's almost everyday for groceries.

271: My Love for Food by: Isaac Fernandez At the Market When I venture to the market, I go through many aisles of food. Most of the food I eat is organic, and is either from Sprouts or Trader Joes. The main organic food that I purchase is vegetables, fruits, and meat. My mother says that, "Organic food is worth the little price difference, because health is worth more than money.” That is the main reason why we decide to consume organic food. My dad uses the organic food that we buy to make “green smoothies,” which is a mixture of veggies and fruits. He states that it is a source of vitamins, and nutrients. Many of my table manners and much of the culture is from my very own dinner table. | My father's "green smoothies."

272: Family Lifestyle My mother has loved to make homemade meals ever since my family got a dining room table. The aroma of her food is like walking through the streets of Cancun. She usually spends an hour preparing our dinner. My Dad mainly comes home from work around 7 o'clock. When we eat we talk about our day and what we did. My parents make sure that all of the time that I use my table manners. We sometimes have dessert if we have a special dinner.Also, some cultures and styles come from the city I live in.

273: About your city I live in the town called San Marcos, there are many restaurants and fast food places there. There are many cultures and a wide variety of foods here. I love being able to go the mall food courts and see how there are different food choices for me to choose from. The town with the most places to choose from is Hillcrest, it has the biggest assortment of cultures food wise. In San Marcos, there are many farmer's markets and organic food stores. With many choices means that families have different styles of cooking, my family leans on the side of Mexican cooking.

274: Preparing the Meal My favorite meal that my mother makes is “Turkey Tacos.” Mother puts turkey in the sink in the morning in a bowl with warm water to defrost. When we get home, she takes out the turkey and rinses it off. After she does that she puts it on the stove with water, and taco seasoning. She separates the meat with a spatula and lets it cook. She then opens a can of beans and cooks it on the side. She is chopping lettuce and veggies to put on them after they are done. The enjoyment cooking the food is not as great as eating it. | Country Comparison My family spends around $150 a week for groceries. We sometimes go out to restaurants to eat, but it is mostly a special event if we do. My country, America, has many places to eat at or buy food to cook your self. Like, grocery stores and or fast food places. I think that I am lucky for the amount of food my family can afford, and go out to eat. It is not like that in all countries. In Cuba, the normal amount of money a family spends on food in a week is 13.16. The food is much cheaper there, and people live on smaller amounts of food. Some families have farms and grow their own livestock and consume that. Cubans have it different than most of the Americans today.

275: Outside factors that influence the meal I think that the main influence to what we eat is that my mother cannot eat any foods, such as foods with gluten and red meat. So, we eat a lot of chicken and turkey. Mexican food has some exceptions for those limitations. Most of the easy food to make we get is from Costco, because it is cheaper and it has big amounts of food. | Family Recipe 1.) one container of ground turkey 2.) one can of organic black beans 3.) one head of iceberg lettuce 4.) porkyland tortillas preferably 6 5.) mexican cheese 6.) sliced onions This should make you a delicious batch of turkey tacos.

277: Greenland In this section: Cammi Anayelli Hope Jilian Kendall Chandler Noah

278: My Way of Eating! By Cammi Elliott

279: At the market We take our car and usually drive to Vons. It doesn't really smell like anything unless i go into a certain food isle. Usually Vons has a lot of people that go into it, but it depends on what time of the day you're going. The freezer isle in Vons is usually really cold, while the food that is being heated is warmer. My mom is the one who buys the food, sometimes I go with her on days after school when she needs me to go with her. Vons isn't the only grocery store I go to though, I also go to places like Sprouts or Target, which feels the same besides Target selling more merchandise then just food. My family really comes in handy when it comes to buying, cooking, and restocking on food.

280: Family Lifestyle | I have three family members, my mom, my dad, and my older sister. My sister is 18 years old, and her birthday is December 17th. She's in college right now and visits every weekend. The college she goes to is in San Diego (San Diego State University). My dad is an engineer who does foundations of things like bridges and buildings for a living. He's 53 years old. My mom works in Chula Vista for a job at Nordstroms Rack and also works in Starbucks. My mom is 49 years old. Since both of my parents work, I usually get fast food, but if I don't get fast food, my mom usually makes me food such as steak, spaghetti, etc. I live in the city of Escondido California.

281: Escondido in my opinion has influenced the way I eat. There's many Mexican restaurants, Chinese restaurants, American restaurants, and many fast food restaurants such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, etc. The main thing that me and my family have been influenced by, is Mexican food. Since there's numerous Mexican food restaurants, my family has adjusted to Mexican food and has grown to love it in the past years. When I get Mexican food, I normally get a carne asada burrito. Mexican food is really good, but American food is also great. An American food I've always loved is steak. | About My City

282: Preparing the Meal | Steak is delicious, my mom cooks it really well. She usually soaks the steak in this barbecue sauce and olive oil, with rosemary and sometimes even potato's. After about 15 minutes of soaking the steak, she puts it on the grill outside in our backyard and cooks the steak. Once the steak is done cooking to a nice crispy texture, then my mom sets it on the plates for my dad and I to eat. My mom even sometimes makes Cesar salad to go with it. It's great!

283: Enjoying the Meal | My dad and I usually end up sitting on the couch to eat, and watch some T.V. Our dinner times are more casual, and there's not a specific time that we have dinner. The steak always ends up great, my mom never fails to make a good meal. My family and I don't really have any rules when it comes to eating, we're allowed to talk, and just casually sit anywhere we'd like. | I think that places out of the United States have really influenced the way we all eat. America has so many different cultures of food, because so many different people from different countries come into America with all new kinds of ideas of food. I think that this has influenced the way that I eat because my mom cooks Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, all kinds of different food. | Outside Factors that Influence the Meal

284: Add some spice to your dish! By:Anayelli Vasquez Aparicio | At the local market, Food4 less with the family. | Handling the cart at Food 4 Less. At the meat section picking and choosing what type of meat we would get.

285: At The Market One of the most important things about your food is where you get it from and how you get it. “Hurry up!” my mom says “I am going! ”I say To get my meal, I get into the car with my family and we drive up to any local store. I get a cart from the cart section for our food. We take the cart and enter the front store. “Here we go” I say Many people are in the market as well. Hearing little kids crying and the employer packaging the food in brown boxes and putting them in the sections they belong in makes me feel so happy I am at the store again to help my mom buy groceries. Pushing the cart slowly and going to the fruits and vegetables section while my mom looks on what's in special. The beautiful colors of apples and oranges pop out and make the store look so colorful. We pick out the reddest apples we see just by looking at them.You can taste how juicy it is from the inside by just looking at them. We buy apples, avocados, Chiles, oranges, tomatoes, pears and bananas. Spices are important in my family because almost everything we eat has to have a taste of a Mexican flavor that reminds us of our beautiful culture. After that I go to the meat section where you can smell all different kinds of meat from pork to chicken. We pick out the type of meat we are thinking of eating for the week. This week we got ham, chicken breast and chicken fillets. From the market to the table my family brings culture, religion and tradition.

286: Family Lifestyle My family is one of the most important things for me in my life. We are a group of five and we live together. My dad Adalberto, my mom Maria, and my two younger sisters Erika but I call her by her middle name Yanet and my cute baby sister Selena. My dad is a chef and loves to cook and my mom does not work because she takes care of my 2 year old sister. I look up to my parents because of their hard work and their love for their family. I have a nine year old sister that makes me laugh and were really close because we goof a lot. My two year old baby sister Selena is full of joy and laughter. Every time I come home from school she runs and hugs me. My dad cooks American and Mexican food but he cooks mostly American food like steaks and more. My mom cooks Mexican food at home and sometimes a little bit of Italian. Of course there always has to be some Mexican flavor to the table. Mexican Culture is beautiful because of the great tasty food, music, the generous people, gorgeous places to go to, rich history, beautiful traditions, to do a lot with what you eat. Every culture has their own unique style. Every family style is also different and the availability of the food they get depending on their city they are from. | Green and red chiles to make any type of Mexican Salsa. | Mom making some delicious salsa for dinner. | Selena on the left and Erika on the right. Chiles,apples,pears,cereal,granola bars,eggs,milk,bread,cookies,tortillas are just some of the week's worth of food

287: About Your City Each city has their own style as it when it comes to food they can be different. I live in Escondido. It is a medium size city that is considered to be urban located east of California. Escondido has many attractions like animal parks, museums, parks, parades. It not only has a lot of attractions but it has a lot of history behind it. There are a lot of local markets ,organic markets and farmer market like every Tuesday there is a local farmers market that takes place outside the city.I love going to the outside farm markets in Escondido because they always have fresh food that look so healthy. They always have food that is in season. You can hear the popcorn pop and when I buy my food I read the label of the product and sometimes I am surprised to see that they come from different countries. religion and a lot of flavor or should I say Savor! Our culture can be like everyone's else’s. | Preparing The Meal Enchiladas a spicy delicious Mexican dish. My mom prepares the dish and sometimes I like to help her. The first thing that is done to prepare this meal is to have all the ingredients for the dish like chicken, fresh cheese, beans, tortillas and a spice that is already prepared in a can. Then my mom prepares the chicken and she makes sure it is cut into little pieces.My mom has a dish where she has olive oil and a dish where she has sauce in it then at the same time she has to have beans by first making sure they are squished. My mom handles the tortillas with a long spoon. Then she puts the tortillas for 2 minutes in the dish with the olive oil. When she is done she puts the tortillas with the sauce in it for about ten seconds.Putting it on a plate carefully where she prepares it with beans cheese and chicken. Enchiladas were so much work and now its time to enjoy our family meal.

288: During The Meal Our family enjoys eating together. We organize the table and make it look nice. We put water in the table and napkins. When we eat, everyone waits and makes sure everyone is there sitting down. Family is very important in the Mexican culture because we have to stay together. Family is there for each other in the good times and the bad times. We have parties together we laugh together and more. On Christmas all of our family makes a big party with my aunts and uncles and cousins. My mom gets the plates with the delicious food ready.We finally have our spoons and forks ready to eat. Enchiladas have a specific flavor that get my attention. The spicy food that enters your mouth and fills your mouth with many flavors until you come into a very spice flavor that makes you want to want more . You can tell that everyone in my family enjoys the meal by looking at their faces. My parents start talking to me about school. “How was school today”My dad says “It was great we learned how to be more descriptive on our writing” I said “How do you that” My dad said “Well for example lets say I went to a trip to the forest instead of saying I went on a field trip that impacted me a lot you can say the beautiful noise of the birds singing and the smell of the oak trees made me feel like I was in a fairytale and reminded me of my childhood” “Wow” My dad says impacted At the end when we finish eating our family gets up. We almost repeat the same process everyday and buy food and eat and that influences the food we eat. | All the food we eat is influenced by something. Culture is very important in my family. Our family has the heritage of making sure that everything we eat has something that reminds us of our Mexican culture. My family loves to include spices in their food to make their food delicious. Culture can also affect what we eat. Our family likes to eat traditional food like enchiladas,tamales,and chilaquiles. If you notice all of those delicious dishes have spice in them. To us spice is very rare and its what makes us a unique traditional family. | Eating some chicken with beans and lettuce that fill the whole room with traditional senses. | Influences

289: Family Recipe | Field Notes/Country Comparison Something diverse that a family from Greenland and my family have are the specific types of food we eat. In the table people from Greenland are use to eat a lot of meat. Polar bear,narwhal skin in the table is what they like to see. Their mouth waters just by seeing all of that delicious foods they can eat. They relish the food they eat. Their family spends about $277.12 on a week worths of food. They spend a lot of money on delightful candy bars and desserts. A difference in America and Greenland is that they love to hunt their food. People from Greenland wake up early. They prepare their sleds in the cold weather. The ground is cold as ice. You can see their breath because of how cold it is. They have to wear big sweaters because without them it feels like you're stuck inside an ice.They have about six dogs to hunt. The trip they have can be dangerous but they do whatever they can to have a delicious meal. | Chiles en Nogada Ingredients: Roasted poblano chile's clove,thyme,cinnamon walnuts,milk,goat cheese,sherry flour eggs pomegranates The first thing to make this wonderful dish is roasting the chile's with picadillo.Start making the nogada sauce by adding the clove,thyme and cinnamon mixing it together.Add walnuts,milk,goat cheese and sherry to the sauce. Start stuffing the Chile with picadillo. Add the Chile to the flour that is mixed with eggs before. Place it in the frying pan. Add the pomegranates on top of the Chile. Wait for about seven minutes and then place it on a plate and enjoy.

290: The Family Meal By Hope Golden One weekend a month, my parents call up my grandparents to invite them over for breakfast. We enjoy a meal of bagels bought fresh from a local bagel shop. With our bagels we have locks (smoked salmon), cream cheese, and occasionally a treat such as my mom’s homemade chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips, chocolate covered strawberries, or a M&M cookie that my grandma buys for us. My parents and grandparents alternate with who brings what. | Throughout the meal we engage in conversation. In our family, it is a common courtesy to know that we cannot leave the table until everyone is finished with their portion. We each have about two bagels. The bagels of our choice are different for each family member. My brother strongly prefers the jalapeño cheese bagel, I however prefer my bagels more on the sweet side and will choose the chocolate chip bagel. The rest of my family seems to like poppy seed and everything bagels. There is a sense of unity in our family, we laugh, discuss issues and sometimes even debate.

291: While our family laughed as my brother reached across the table for another squirt of his favorite hot sauce, I reflected upon an interview with my peers. I thought about how many of their families don't sit at the table and eat their meals together. And if they do, it's usually only on the weekends or holidays. The way they eat their meals is by grabbing what they can usually a T.V. dinner and throwing it in the microwave. The number of American families with children under 18 that eat dinner together every night of the week has gone down from 37% in 1997 to 28% in 2003. This number is most likely due to the growing number of parents that work late hours, or children are in activities that cause them to not be able to | have the whole family together for dinnertime. | If a family is struggling to find time to eat together they should set at least one day of the week aside to have a meal together. By doing this a family can get the general feeling of what it is like to have a nice dinner and to bond together.

292: Bonding together over dinner is a way for the family to talk about what is happening in their daily lives, to help each other with solutions to their problems, and just to be together after the long day. A child often learns from their parent's example. A child is taught to speak, keep good habits and morals, and carry on family traditions from their parents. If a child grows up with the tradition of eating dinner together as a family they will grow accustomed to it. Unfortunately same goes both ways. | If a child grows up with eating dinner alone they will become accustomed to that as well. This shows the importance of a parent's influence over their children. It is important for parents to make sure they get their family together for meals.

293: If a family were to follow through with this tradition they would notice a change in atmosphere in their household. The family will be at ease to discuss their troubles with one another. It is important to keep tradition in values so hopefully in the future we won't succumb to a cold sense of emptiness in our homes.

294: Country Comparison For our meal we drove to one of the many stores in our area to get the bagels. We went to another store to get the lox and cream cheese. We also go to a different store to get the majority of our food for the week. There is only one store for 500 miles in the town in Greenland. The family hunts a lot to get their meat supply. They often spend their whole days hunting on the ice for the meat of Arctic Animals. It makes me appreciate how we have variety in our food culture. In other food cultures, such as Greenland, they do not have much of a | choice in in where they purchase or hunt their food. Their location enforces a limit on their choices. In my food culture there is much more choices to where we can get our food.

295: Sources: ( | Family Recipe Brisket Ingredients: 5 pounds beef 12 ounce can of beer 1 Medium sized chopped onion 3 garlic cloves 1 cup of chili sauce 1 cup of ketchup 3/4 cup brown sugar 3 Carrots 10 small red potatoes Salt and pepper Directions: Pre-heat oven at 350 Salt and pepper the meat Slice the onion Place a layer of onions on the bottom of the pan | Make another layer of onions on top of the brisket. Chop the garlic Sprinkle the garlic over the meat Take the rest of the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. Pour mixture over the meat. Last cover with foil and place in the oven for 5 hours. Meat will come out very tender and flavorful.

296: The Porath family with their weeks worth of food.

297: Enjoying a Family Meal By: Jilian Porath The grocery store is the start of every meal for my family. Our food is almost always from Vons or Trader Joe's. Vons is less than a mile away from my home and Trader Joe's has some really cool organic foods. Most of the time time my mom buys our groceries. Sometimes if my brother and I are around we go too. We like to pick out a bunch of candy and junk food, even though we know we can’t buy it. It is probably more trouble for my mom when we come with her. When I first step in the store I smell the sweet smell of the bakery. As I move along I smell the meat and cheese from the deli section. To us the grocery store looks like a normal place, but to someone who has never seen a grocery store it is a wonderland of food. There are so many different foods and drinks. Most of the time there is a small restaurant and Starbucks inside! Then we see the many checkout aisles filled with impatient people waiting to buy their groceries. Once we have our groceries we go to the parking lot filled with cars and people going to a restaurant, the movies, or buying their groceries just like us. My family tries to eat natural and healthy but it is not very convenient or important for us to grow all of our own food. There are four people in my family plus my dog. My dad’s name is Brett. He usually makes all the food we eat on the weekend. My mom’s name is Holly, and she makes all the food during the weekdays. I have a little brother Davis, and he is 12 years old. Davis and I rarely cook, unless it is a snack. I can not forget my dog, Chloe. She eats dry dogs kibbles mixed with wet dog food. Chloe is usually quiet the first 10 minutes of our meals, then she starts to beg. She whines and then she starts to loudly bark. My brother and I are both involved in activities, so sometimes we can’t all eat together. But we always try our best to eat as a whole family. My mom is a stay-at-home mom so she has time to cook the dinner, unlike my dad. Your family has such an affect your eating culture, I wonder how your city affects your food culture.

298: I live in Carlsbad, CA, where there are many options to get food. There are a few different grocery stores around, including organic places like Trader joes and Jimbos. In very close cities there even more grocery stores and options. There is a weekly farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday. I have been a couple times, but we don’t go all the time for our groceries. They don’t always have everything we need for our meals. When we go to a grocery store they always have everything we need. It is also more convenient because it is closer and open every day unlike the farmers market. The farmers market is pretty fun though, it is packed with people and so many different foods. It is so colorful and there are an overwhelming amount of smells mixed together. Wherever we buy our food we bring it home and make it into a delicious meal. | Country Comparison My family eats out at restaurants a few times a week. We only really eat at restaurants during the weekend for dinner. I really like going out to eat. It is not that my parents cooking is bad it is just more exciting to eat out. It is a change in the normal routine. This way of eating out probably seems normal to most Americans, but around the world it is much different. In the area of Greenland that I researched, there are not any restaurants for families to eat at even if they wanted to eat out. They get all their food by themselves. They does this by hunting, fishing, and growing some crops. The always eat as a family in their house. The best benefit to their way of eating is knowing where all the food comes from. They are the only people handling the food, so they know everything that happens to their food. I think there are pros and cons to each option. It is fun and exciting to get out of your house and eat something different. On the other hand we get a little suspicious about how our food is handled and what exactly is in it. These suspicions disappear when you cook only at home, like the Greenland family.

299: The Porath family with the meal | Me mixing the batter

300: It is a Sunday morning at around 8 o’clock. My dad starts to make our breakfast. This particular morning he made banana chocolate chip pancakes, a fruit salad, and bacon. My dad usually likes to go all out with breakfast on weekends, he tries putting different fruit mixtures and flavors in the pancakes. Usually we don’t have bacon, but for this project my mom bought bacon. My dad starts by cooking the bacon. It has a very distinguished smell that fills the whole house. Then he makes the pancakes, he starts with the basic batter, then he smashes half a banana and adds it to the batter. Next, he pours the mini chocolate chips in and mixes it all together. He cooks them on a mini griddle we have. He lets one side get to a perfect golden brown before he flips it. Then, he chops all the fruit and puts in a big bowl. It is amazing to wake in from sleeping in and smell all the amazing waiting for you downstairs. Then we finally get to my favorite part, eating the meal. My dad sets the table and pours the drinks, then he calls us down. The pancakes are perfect, a good amount of banana flavor and chocolate chips, warm and fluffy, and cooked to perfection. The fruit salad has big bright strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas in it. The bacon is nice and crispy, just how I like it. Bacon is a special treat for us, so it made this breakfast even better. This breakfast is always my favorite, I love bananas and chocolate together, and who doesn’t like bacon? It is also a great time with my family. None of us are in a rush so we all talk and enjoy the food. We all eat at the table, and we don’t use our phones. There breakfast are the best start to the weekend ahead of us. There are so many things outside of your family and city that affect what you eat and how you eat. There are so many outside factors that affect how we eat, one of them is accessibility. Accessibility to to food varies so greatly for humans. Some of us have too much and others have zero. Where I live there are many grocery stores and farmers markets with all different foods at many different prices. Across the world or even other places in the US there are people struggling to get any type of food. Food for them is either really far away, too expensive, or has diseases. We as a country that almost has too much food should try to help other countries. It is astonishing how many foods we can from all over the world at fairly good prices. We can have tomatoes in winter and apples in summer and yet we don’t even think twice about it.

301: A Family Recipe By: Jilian Porath This recipe is called Death by Chocolate Cookies. My mom got it at a Christmas cookie swap and she loved it so she got the recipe. We always make it during the holiday season. Makes about 18 cookies. Ingredients:: 2 pkg Semi-Sweet baking chocolate, 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar, 1/4 butter or margarine, 2 eggs, 1tsp Vanilla, 1/2 cup of flour, 1/4 tsp baking powder Directions:: 1 ) Heat Oven to 350 2) Coarsely chop 8 squares of chocolate and set aside 3) Microwave remaining chocolate for 1 to 2 minutes 4) Stir until chocolate is melted and smooth.. Stir in sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla. Stir in flour and baking powder. Stir in reserved chocolate 5) Drop 1/4 cupfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet 6) Bake 12 to 13 minutes or until cookies are puffed and set to the touch 7) Cool on cookie sheet for 1 minute than enjoy! | Me at our local Trader Joe's getting groceries

302: Almost a weeks worth of food for my family on average.

303: As a Family Kendall Tally | The Market Some people grow their food while others, like my family, have to buy it. Depending on the store you go to, it can be small and quaint or large with variety. Going to the store is almost a planned event. We have to time a trip with pay day, making sure we have money to buy food until next week. Places like Target are generally busier that places like Trader Joe’s, filled with people and whiny children. Target is bright white, bleached and clean, with specks of red over every horizon. Cold freezer aisles blast with chilling air and children stash candy in their parents carts. Going to the market isn't a very fun activity, but its my mother who usually gets groceries with the only alternative being my brother and I joining her. She usually tries to buy “natural” and “organic” foods, but that usually clashes with the tastes of me and my brother.

304: Family Lifestyle My mother is a vegetarian, and as such she eats a lot of salads and organic foods, she has tried to get me into it as well but to no avail. My younger brother is no different, preferring Doritos and candy instead of vegetables. The different food preferences of my family tend to clash with each other, causing conflict when figuring out what to eat. The different choices come from our different lifestyles. As I said, my mom is vegetarian while me and my brother are omnivores, even though meat makes up a lot of our diet. Being able to eat this way and choose what we eat comes from the availability of food in where we live. | The City My dysfunctional family lives in the city of San Marcos. San Marcos isn't incredibly special, although it is a little nicer than some places in California. It has its abundance of stores and markets filled with many types of food, which we take full advantage of. Target, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Wal-Mart, all filled with plenty of choices. It doesn't matter the season (unless you're looking for quality), because almost every type of food is available year-round. And plenty of food means plenty of ways to combine them.

305: Preparing the Meal Of course clashing tastes will have clashing meal choices. An average night commonly consists of take out or fast food, but that isn’t the healthiest choice. On the days we have something else, we still eat different things. My mom will sometimes have vegetarian sushi or vegetable stir fry for herself, and usually my brother would want cereal or whatever soup we had bought. As for myself, I’ll eat what I feel like. I could grab some roast beef and have a sandwich or join my brother with a bowl of cereal. Making something to eat isn’t hard at all, and neither is eating it. | Enjoying the Meal With each of our different foods comes a different way to enjoy it. Everyone in my family has their place to go when the eat. My little brother likes to eat at the coffee table or on the computer depending on what he's eating and what he’s doing. Mom has the sanctuary of her room to get away from the craziness that is my brother. I on the other hand tend to roam. I don’t have a set spot, I could eat in my room as well or join my brother by the T.V. Eating together doesn't happen very often, unless it’s a special occasion or we have found something we can all eat. The latter seems to be the more difficult one to accomplish, maybe thanks to a few other factors.

306: Influencing Factors Just looking at these situations I can see at least one contributing reason as to why we eat this way. Being able to buy and eat almost any kind of food at almost any given time leaves more options for people to grow their own tastes. Nowadays, people don't have to follow through with whatever is put in front of them, they have more choices that that. This ability is quite amazing and can be a good and bad thing. The bad side of this is the choices themselves. You really have to look for the healthy things and its easy to quickly get a taste for the junk in the system. Although, just because it’s there doesn't mean we have to pick it up. | Family Recipe Apple Dumplings Ingredients 2 whole Granny Smith Apples 2 cans (8 Oz. Cans) Crescent Rolls 2 sticks Butter 1-1/2 cup Sugar 1 teaspoon Vanilla Cinnamon, To Taste 1 can (12 Oz.) Mountain Dew Soda Peel and core apples. Cut each apple into 8 slices each. Roll each apple slice in a crescent roll. Place in a 9 x 13 buttered pan. Melt butter, then add sugar and barely stir. Add vanilla, stir, and pour entire mixture over apples. Pour Mountain Dew around the edges of the pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Serve with ice cream, and spoon some of the sweet sauces from the pan over the top.

307: Country Comparison To my family, an average meal consists of entirely store bought foods. To a family in Greenland though, hunted animals can make up a large portion of their meals. My family could never hunt our meals; I may be an omnivore, but I prefer to buy my steaks, not hunt for them. The population of Greenland is stretched pretty thin, so if you live outside of a “larger” town, then buying food is pretty hard. For most, hunting is an average necessity or traditional way of taking care of your family. Seals and all the animals that live around them are important and needed for their own survival. Although I do like the way I live here in California, I will admit that the way of life in Greenland has some pretty big advantages. Hunting your food means you can keep away from all the large farms and businesses that stuff the food with chemicals and other things. You don’t have to rely on others either, just relying on yourself and knowing exactly where your food is from. It also must be pretty fresh. Despite those facts, I'm still comfortable with how I live now, not to mention how I couldn’t bring myself to personally kill something.

308: An American Meal By: Chandler Gaines I usually go to the local grocery store. The grocery store smells like a grocery store, smells of the different cultures of food, and the smell of freshness that gives you the chills. Sometimes if my mom lets me and if my sister isn’t there, she lets me drive to the store with her. It is only about a mile away. Once we arrive at the grocery store we find a parking spot and grab a basket. We enter the store and pull out our list and gather the items as we got though the store. As we work our way around the store the smells that fill our nostrils are usually the smells of the culture of food we are passing by. Sometimes we forget an item so I will go out alone to retrieve that item. We have to get the ingredients for my sister and I lunches. I have to get Hawaiian bread, black peppered turkey, and deli provolone. But my family likes other things.

309: Family LIfe Style My family doesn't like the same food as me at the same time, my mom usually makes whatever she is feeling like so that's what she does, my brother likes meat more than anyone, his wife likes light food right now because she is just getting of her pregnancy, my dad eats healthy food, my sister likes really plain food. My sister is very picky. My family and I like to have a variety of food. The rest of my family eats what they are given and are happy with that. But, sometimes my parents don't have time to cook a good meal. Sometimes we are restricted on what we eat by the food we have at home.

310: About Your City Usually we get our food from our local grocery store, and not as often we got to specialty meat farms or butchers in San Diego or someplace other than local. We only do that when we want a really special food. An example of this is sometimes we go to 5 star restaurants in downtown san Diego for specialty sauces or dressings. Sometimes we got to restaurants or stores that are far if we know someone that works there. But, for my favorite meal we don't need anything special. | Family Recipe In a medium saucepan, heat oil. Fry for 5 min the rice. Add 2 cups of water, tomato sauce, chicken bouillon, heat until boiling then simmer for 20 min. In a large stock pan, fill with 6 cups with water to boiling; add onion, sliced carrots, minced garlic, chopped cilantro and salt to taste. Add the chicken. Simmer for 2 hours. Add rice to the chicken soup serve with lemon and crackers

311: Preparing the Meal My favorite meal is salmon and fried rice, my mom prepares this meal. She fry’s the salmon and cuts and prepares the fried rice and cooks it. In my kitchen we have an oven, stove, microwave, fridge, sink, and a microwave oven. To make this meal we have to use the sink mostly to clean and wash up everything. We also use the oven and stove to cook. After it’s done preparing, we enjoy.

312: Enjoying the Meal We set the table and serve all the plates along with the drinks. We then set out all of the sides along with the extras we cooked. We then pray and add the finishing touches to our meal like lemons and all sauces and dressings that are necessary. We usually talk about family events and school. After dinner the people that didn’t help prepare the meal have to clean up. Then whoever wants to prepares for dessert. Usually dessert is cookies and milk. The only time we ever get anything special for this meal is maybe more fresh salmon. | Outside Factors That Influence the Meal The food we have accessible from our local grocery store and specialty food placed and farmers markets affect my family. My family often goes out of their way to get good food. We go far to get good meat at meat markets. I am accessible to almost all kinds f food. On my birthday I get to choose any food I want I usually choose one of her specialty foods. Usually that is salmon and fried rice or shogun.

313: Country Comparison The kitchen technology that I use is much greater than what they have available to the people in Greenland. My family and I use all of the technology we have as much as we can, it is all very useful. Mostly I use the stove, fried, and the microwave (oven). I would say more than 90% of the U.S. has the same exact technology that I have, so they would say that, that is no big deal. But they aren't being thankful, they are bring inconsiderate of the people that are not fortunate enough to have that. My thoughts about this are that we Americans are very inconsiderate. But, I don't blame us because this is how we live and this is what we grew up with and this is all we know. We don't know better because none of us have ever seen first hand what it is like. Once we see first hand then that sort of traumatizes us enough to be more considerate and thankful for what we have. Television isn't enough to persuade us anymore.

314: Me at the store buying my favorite candy | Food and Family Noah WIlfert

315: When my family needs food we all take turns going to the grocery store depending on who is leaving the house. I have nothing to do at the moment so why not just go up there buy some food eat and eat at Rubios? I asked myself. “Hey dad I’m going up to Stater Bros, do you want anything?” I called to my dad. “Or you could not hear me and I’ll take that as a no.” I muttered to myself. As I’m walking I decide to listen to music to help pass the time, only to find that my headphones are broken. So I decided to listen to the not so soothing sound of the cars going by. Every so often there is a break from the sound of cars flying by when it is unnaturally quiet, I use this time to simply think about things. I remembered the time when I was walking with one of my friends and we spent all of the money we had on candy. I’m still thinking about this when I realize something has changed, the noise from cars has changed into shopping carts rolling, I can smell fresh baked bread, and I see seemingly endless rows of food. Even though I’ve been into the store thousands of times I still have to check every row for the right one. “No, nope, not it, no, no, wait yes!” I’m pretty much talking to myself at this point because I’m that bored, but I finally found the aisle that I was looking for. I began to realize something as I’m staring at the candy aisle, I had left my wallet at home.

316: Food is usually cooked by my parents or bought by my older brother. One of my favorite things to eat is spaghetti and meatballs. My mom usually makes them because she makes them the best. I don’t really know how they are prepared because I have never been interested in cooking. The technology available to us is a toaster oven, a microwave, a normal oven, a stove, and a grill. My dad sometimes makes them but my mom makes them better because she learned how to from her mom who learned from a chef in New York. We usually only eat like that when my mom's home, but when she's not we usually have pizza or some other kind of fast food. My parents usually cook the food, but I’m the one who enjoys it the most. | My favorite food Spaghetti and meatballs

317: My family includes me, my dad Rick, my mom Jill, my older brother Mason, and my little brother Zac. My dad doesn’t work but he stays at home and watches us. My mom works from home but goes on business trips pretty often. My older brother is rarely home but thats because he’s involved in his school’s band and he also plays on the volleyball team when he can. My little brother is always at home and I usually end up having to watch him, but when I’m not I’m usually asleep or listening to music. My older brother is a senior at San Marcos High School, and still doesn’t know where he wants to go to college. So him and my dad have been trying to figure that out recently. My mom was in France which left no one that can cook at home, so me and Zac ate fast food or something that can be cooked fast like burgers for almost all of that week. We don’t really have food culture because me, Zac, and Mason are all pretty picky when it comes to food, so we only really eat certain foods. | Country Comparison When I’m hungry I look in the freezer for something that can be microwaved, or I get a snack from the cupboard. If we don’t have anything I can walk to the supermarket and buy something, or I can go to one of the several restaurants near that supermarket. Or I can simply ask my parents to order a pizza or something. I can get food pretty much anywhere at any time, but it’s not like that in the rest of the world. In Greenland they have to hunt for their food, and since they have no roads they have to travel by dog sleds or snowmobile. If they don’t catch anything while hunting then they have to resort to fishing. If they can’t catch anything while fishing then they usually go to the single store in the village. While they are hunting they have to take either days or weeks to go on hunting trips to catch one thing, or many things depending on how lucky they are and on the weather. They have stores but not many people buy food from them. I was surprised at how far apart the villages are, some are over 500 miles away from each other. I was also surprised that they only had one store in the village and hardly anyone goes to it. Even though the stores sell everything from butter to guns but not many people actually buy food from it. I was also surprised when I learned that they barely feel the cold there, and they can dig through the snow with their bare hands.

318: I live in the city of Carlsbad, California right on the border of Carlsbad and San Marcos, I can walk less than ten minutes and pass the leaving Carlsbad sign. The closest supermarket to my house is Stater Bros, so we go there most of the time. In general we go to three stores Stater Bros, Sprouts, and Target. We go only really go to Target when we need more than just food. We go to Sprouts when we need healthier food, and we go to Stater Bros most of the time because it’s closest.. We can’t really get food from all around the world because we would have to drive fairly far and we like to stick to what's close. At Stater Bros I know we can get food that’s out of season. With the many different kinds of food available and with how much my parents like food most people expect that I would be able to cook. I can’t at all, my parents do all of the cooking. | My family, from left to right Mason, Rick, Jill, and Zac

319: We don’t really have any mealtime traditions. Mostly because I usually finish eating before anyone else sits down, and my older brother and my mom aren’t home from dinner most of the time. Because of that we don’t bother having traditions or rules because someone is almost always gone. My little brother sits in front of the computer, my parents sit on the couch in the living room. My older brother also sits on the couch when hes home, and I sit at the kitchen table. We don’t really have any rules either, we aren’t supposed to watch T.V during “family dinner” but we kind of do anyway. I don’t really socialize, mostly because I finish eating before anyone else even sits down. Especially because everyone sits at a different place and talking across the room is kind of weird. We don’t have many mealtime rules or traditions but sometimes what we eat is influenced by other things. | One of the outside factors that influence what we eat is my mom’s work. My mom’s job requires her to travel to Europe a lot and my dad is really laid back about having “family dinner” so we don’t really eat as a family when my moms not home. Most of my times my little brother complains and whines about having to eat family dinner and not being able to watch t.v and none of us want to listen to that so we just let him. When my mom is gone my dad either makes something simple or just tells Mason to go buy something. I’m usually fine with this because I don’t really care what I eat as long as it tastes good.

321: Bosnia In this section: Camila Genesis Jordan Max Jake Nicole

323: Food is Fun Camila Antonorsi My mom and I walked down the street to Just Peachy where we go to get food to eat. It’s all organic, but it has no meat. The room is brightly adorned with colorful fruits, veggies and vibrant flowers. The scent compels you to enter. When you walk into the store it’s luminously lit. The walls are covered in shelves of canned products. The center of the room is filled with a variety of fruit and newly baked breads. When my parents cook and we are missing an important ingredient of the meal, then they will send my sister or me to go and get it. Just Peachy has almost everything we need for my family and me. My family consists of five people, my dad Michael, a chocolatier. My mom Isabella is an architect. My older sister, Michelle. She is almost 17 and she is a senior in high school. My little sister, Andrea, she is 10 years old, and I am Camila. Everyone except my little sister was born in Venezuela. I think that being from a different place impacts what we eat because every place has a different religion and a different food sores. We eat a lot of arepas because its what most people eat in Venezuela and we kept that even though we moved. My mom stays home and she usually cooks, but my dad cooks when he comes home. We have a big family and we love where we live.

324: We live in Encinitas, but we are originally from Venezuela. We moved because my dad wanted to go in to the cooking business. There are plenty of supermarkets near my house the closest one is down the street and its called Just Peachy. Every Sunday there is a farmers market in the yard of my old elementary school. At the farmers market, there is a stand where they sell sambosas. It’s similar to a Samosa but it’s not Indian. The sambosas are from Africa and they are really good. You can get food from all over the world here. We can also purchases any fruit that is out of season but usually my mom likes to stick to the ones that are. After we have all our ripe food we prepare a yummy meal. My mom and I prepared arepas. You need: 2 cups of Harina P.A.N. flour 2 cups of water A pinch of salt First you get a bowl and put 2 cups of flour and a pinch of salt. Next we measure two cups of warm water and pour it into the bowl that has the flour in it. Knead together the flour, salt and water with your hands until there are no more grainy lumps. Grab a hand full of dough and turn it into a ball. Make it 1 inch thick and about 3 to 4 inches across. Afterwards heat a frying pan or griddle and when it looks hot enough put the arepas on it and let them get light brown then flip so both sides are crispy. The dough is usually enough for 5 people. Continue to do this till you have all the arepas you want.

325: After the meal is done and we have set the table we sit down to eat. We talk about our day then we talk about what we are doing tomorrow. We talk about trips and other things we want to do. Also we talk about how the meal is really good and maybe next time teach me how to make it. We are not allowed to watch TV while we are eating. We are only allowed to watch T.V. while eating when we are sick and no other time. We are also not allowed to be on our phones while we are at the table. My family is very lucky to be able to have food at the table everyday and to be able to get fruit that’s out of season. A couple summers ago we visited Africa and we went on a safari. On the safari we visited a small village where almost nothing grew and where a river was far away. They have to grow their food or they don’t eat. While I could just walk down the street and get a snack just because I was a little hungry. Or I could go to the kitchen where I have a filter of water and pour myself a glass while so people have to walk miles to get a single drop of water. So consider yourself lucky to have what you have.

326: Family Recipe You need: 2 cups of Harina P.A.N. (flour) 2 cups of water A pinch of salt First you get a bowl and put 2 cups of flour and a pinch of salt. Next we measure two cups of warm water and pour it into the bowl that has the flour in it. knead together the flour, salt and water with your hands until there are no more grainy lumps. Grab a hand full of dough and turn it into a ball. Make it 1 inch thick and about 3 to 4 inches across. Afterwards heat a frying pan or griddle and when it looks hot enough put the arepas on it and let them get light brown then flip so both sides are crispy. The dough is usually enough for 5 people.Continue to do this till you have all the arepas you want.

327: My comparison between 2 country's In the 1990s the civil war happened in Bosnia. Ensada, Rasim Dudo and family were safe. They had there own vegetable garden, fruit trees, there own well and there own milk cow. They shared when they had extra food. They were very lucky to have lived on a hill over the city. Meanwhile the rest of the city was struggling to get food and water. They even had to get in line while dodging bullets. What they went through is very different then what we are not going through. Where we live the only war/ fight that happens is between siblings.Our country fights out of the continent in other places. It is very peaceful here. We don't live on a hill but on a cliff and we also don't have a milk cow. But if there was a war most people would not be prepared. I think that it is weird knowing that people suffer and go through lots of problems while others just do not appreciate what they have. I bet that the people that survived the civil war were very happy to have anything. I think that this a major difference between the 2 countries

328: This is a week worths of food for my family

329: I usually go out to eat. But I always have the option of eating at home. My mom goes to Walmart and buys food once every two weeks. My brother and I eat after school. Either we walk to MXN and buy something there and split it or my mom takes us somewhere. When we go to Walmart to buy food it’s really bright and cold. The first things I notice are the blue carts lined up and the smell of the food from McDonalds. I hear all the people talking and the scanner beeping from the checkout stations. In the isle’s there’s a ton of food just stacked or in the freezer. My mom fills the cart with food and water. Sometimes she’ll buy brownies or cookies. | My Food By: Genesis Renteria | My brother and I usually split a burrito at MXN

330: Family Lifestyle: I live with my mom, dad, and older brother. My brother is 16 and a senior in high school at San Marcos High School. My mum works in San Marcos and my dad works in Escondido. After school my mum picks my brother and I up around four and we usually get home around five. Once we get home we each go to our rooms and I do homework. If we go to church then we start getting ready around 5:45pm, leave at 6:15pm, and get back home around 9pm. My dad usually gets home later than us and I go to sleep around 11:00pm. | My aunt took my brother and I to Starbucks.

331: About Your City: I live in Escondido. There's plenty of fast food restaurants and places that sell food from around the world. I usually go to Walmart for food shopping. There is a variety of foods to choose from there. | It's very easy to get food that is out of season. There's a lot of other places to go to get food like Costco, Food 4 Less, Vons, Albertsons.

333: Preparing The Meal: We usually go out to eat for dinner. When we go to the Mongolian Grill you are able to pick what food to get. First they offer you meat. I always pick chicken. Then I get my noodles. After that I go back to get vegetables, broccoli and spinach. When I finish picking what I want in my meal I go to the big stove and give the workers my food. They heat up the food and mix it around. When they give me back my food on a plate it smells really good. The noodles, chicken, and vegetables are evenly mixed and its really warm. Enjoying The Meal: I sit with my family at the restaurant chairs. my mom, dad, cousin, brother and I are on one side while my aunt sits across from my dad and her daughter next to her. I can hear my parents and aunt talking and I’m really more interested in the food so I begin my meal. I taste the teriyaki and soy sauce. I smell the chicken and taste the vegetables. I take a sip from my ice cold soda and eat some white rice. When I finish the waiter comes and takes my plates away. Outside Factors That Influence The Meal: Even though I’m Mexican I don’t usually eat Mexican food. I can’t handle the spicy salsas or anything spicy. And I don’t eat a lot of meat. I remember when I was younger I visited my mom’s hometown, Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, and I saw some people cut the head off of a chicken right in front of all of the customers. I remember being the only person there who wasn’t used to having blood all over the floor. I know I could never eat an animal that I saw being killed. If I had been raised there then I bet I would have been more like my mothers people. But I’m happy I was born and raised in America.

334: with the window rolled down and the sound of my sisters talking in the back. We usually get our food from Albertson so that is where we were headed. you first walk into Albertson it smells like fresh food and coffee because of the Starbucks that is in there. On the left you see all the drinks like monsters,Arizona Ice Tea and Sobe. First we walk to the back to the butcher and you hear the humming of the refrigerator and it smells like sea food. then we walk a couple of ials and we find ourselves at the ial we get the macaroni at. It does not smell like anything | jordan

335: In my family there is five of us so we don't have super expensive food every night. my family is made up of my dad, mom, my sister Jada, and Jessica. me and my sisters are all adopted from different places so there is lots of different cultures in my family. all together my family is white, black, Philipeno, mexican, Asian, and we try to have a virioty of food. some nights we will have tacos and others we will have like noodles.

336: I like that i live in the city escondido because we have so many different cultures of food here. We can get mexican food from del taco like ovecorse tacos and other mexican food. We can also go to pick up sticks and get some orange chicken and rice. I could get stuff that is out of season because we could go to albertson or target. Sometimes we have this thing called the farmers market where we can go and get fresh food. I can get stuff like apples and tomatoes. | jordan

337: when we start preparing our food for dinner we start by boiling some water in a big pot on a electric stove. Then we start cooking the meat in a skillet. Next we start by putting the meat in the macaroni. Then we just dig in. | At the dinner table we start by saying grace and then we start eating. we are not allowed to talk wial our mouth is full of food because it is just nasty. Then once we all get settled we have to do this thing called highs and lows. That means we have to say what we liked about our day and what we didn’t. | jordan

338: the recipe i use for our homemade hamburger helper is just macaroni and hamburger meat | in my family we our religion does not affect what i eat so i will eat pork, ham, turkey, etc. In the country Bosnia most of them are Muslim therefor they don't eat pork. They do eat chicken and ham but no pork. If you were Muslim in America you would probably still go by that rule but a lot of American's eat pork. I think it would be pretty hard to go without pork but then again they probably never had it

340: Our house is in Escondido and there are a lot of food options available. There are many different super markets in Escondido of different sizes offering different ethnic foods like Mexican, Korean, Persian and American. We can get international foods and food that is out of season at the supermarkets. Escondido also has a really nice outdoor Farmer’s Market that is open on our main street, Grand Avenue, every Tuesday from 2:30 until 6:00 p.m. Our Farmer’s Market has been in operation for 15 years. It offers fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from local small farmers, eggs, honey, salsa, chocolate, European breads, tamales and even flowers. There is also entertainment and vendors selling kettle corn and crafts. The motto of the Farmer’s Market is, “Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be an experience.” I like the experience of cooking as a family. The meal we like to cook is tacos. Beans are my specialty and are easy to cook. I just open a can of Rosarita refried beans, put them in a pan and turn on the gas stove. My Mom cooks the hamburger meat in a frying pan on the stove. She likes to put in onion but I ask her not to. My sister is in charge of cutting the lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and small green onions. We heat the taco shells in the toaster oven on low heat. When dinner is ready, we put it on the island buffet style. After we fill out plates, we eat together on stools around the island. In our kitchen cooking is easy because we have all the equipment we need including a gas stove with six burners, a toaster oven, a microwave oven, coffee maker, two sinks with a garbage disposal, two ovens, a refrigerator and a dishwasher. We sometimes use a George Foreman Grill to grill inside. Outside on the patio we have a gas two-burner grill and we like to barbeque often. My Mom’s little office space is also in the kitchen with an all-in-one computer and printer. We can look up recipes when we can’t think of what to make for dinner. MAX ALPERT 2012 HUMANITIES

341: When we made our taco dinner, we all worked together getting the meal ready. There is a little tradition in this because we have traditional chores to help get the meal ready. I set the table. I put plates down, silverware and the napkins and cups. My sister brings the salt and pepper to the table and pours the milk and water. The other mealtime tradition is our parents ask us how our school day went. My Mom always says, “How did your day go”. And my Dad always says, “What did you learn today?”. I like to answer, “fine” and “nothing”, but they keep asking me questions until I describe the details. We celebrate holidays with traditional foods like turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas, latkes on Chanukah, ham on Easter, and lamb on Passover. My Dad cooks big meals and we eat at the big dining room table. At my grandparents’ house we say a prayer before eating and on holidays we thank God for our family and eating together. Our dining rules are no name calling, no electronics like phones, no TV and everyone stays at the table until we are all done eating. We take turns talking so we each get a turn. We also take turns setting the table and we clear our own dishes and help put away food. We’re not one of those awkward families that are quiet all the time. Now that I think back about our taco dinner and after what I have learned in school, there is a lot of government activity involved with my meal. The hamburger meat we ate was not organic so it probably came from a factory farm cow. The cow was fed lots of corn instead of grass, its natural food. The hamburger package did not list all of the ingredients because government regulations are not strict enough. The taco shells were made of corn. The lettuce and tomatoes we used were not organic but they were fresh. We washed them before we ate them to rinse off the pesticide and germs. The avocados we used were grown locally and were fresh. We drank milk and tap water. Since the 1950s the food industry has been mostly controlled by the government and big business. After World War II, farmers started using chemical fertilizer to grow large quantities of corn and now we can find corn in almost every food product. The government also conlled the price of food by paying farmers more money for fewer crops. For example, in the United States the price of corn is usually below what it costs to grow it. (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, p. 35) Fortune 500 companies like ConAgra run factory farms where animals are over-fed and over-crowded so that more meat can be produced. People are starting to demand that food labels list all of the ingredients. In our family we are trying not to eat fast-food from McDonalds except only once in a while. When we bought the ingredients for our dinner, we read the labels and used fresh vegetables. We try to eat healthy meals so that we can live longer.

342: My Food Culture By: John Murphy Part I: At the Market Twas a beautiful Friday, the date doesn’t matter. My mother pulled the gold Lincoln into the parking space we worked hard to find. My younger brothers were sitting in back, I was lucky to get shotgun, and, as if on queue, all four doors opened slowly as if not to dent the cars we were in between. We all were walking towards the wonderful warehouse known as Costco , while avoiding getting struck by a car in the busy parking lot. As we walk in, my mom tells my brothers to get a cart as she shows the door person her Costco Card. Then It happens. All my senses merge together in what I call the Costco experience. I smell the pizza from the food court and the samples the elder employees are cooking up for the customers. I feel the gust of cool air as I walk through the entrance. I see over a dozen televisions most playing advertisements, others playing something random on cable, and one playing a children’s movie. I hear the chatter of other costumers and the screaming of the BlendTec or VitaMix blender to show people how easy making soup or ice cream is nowadays.

343: I taste the meal to be made with the groceries we are here to buy. We walk through the door. We disperse, going in separate directions. After a while I see my brothers telling me the same thing every time, “Mom says its time to go!” I close the book I was reading. I follow my brothers. I help my mom loading the groceries. I get in the car. We drive away. But this trip is only the beginning of dinner.

344: Country Comparison My Family is bigger than average (by half a child) and every child is over the age of ten. For as long as I can remember, my family has always shopped at Costco. Despite the fact that a supermarket less than a mile away from my house, we drive to San Marcos to do our shopping. The Dudo family from Bosnia also has three children, but none of them are over the age of nine. They buy their nonperishables from supermarket but prefer to purchase seasonal fruits, vegetables, and eggs from Green Market Cigline.

345: Family Recipe Super Bowl Buffalo Wings 1/2 a cup of salted butter 12 oz. of Franks Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce 30 chicken wings 1) Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit 2)Melt butter and mix with hot sauce in a large bowl. 3) Put wings in oven for 45 minutes 4) When wings are done stab them with a fork to get sauce down to the bone. Toss in sauce. 5) Serve with dipping sauce (recipe below) Dipping Sauce Leftover wing sauce 2 cups of bleu cheese dressing 1) Mix ingredients in a small bowl

346: t | When I step into the supermarket I always see the registers and then I see the produce section. I see it because there is more of produce like meats, vegetables and fruit than other items in the store. There are many different types of grocery stores but most of them don't sell the best choice of healthy foods. A lot of people are try to get healthy or are healthy and they usually shop at organic and healthy stores like, the farmers market or sprouts or other stores that are similar to that. I usually go to Sprouts for my produce items, I usually smell a lot of different perfumes and colons I also smell fresh food mixed in to those smells. My favorite smell when I enter the grocery store is right after the sprinklers come on for the vegetables it smells so fresh and clean and organic. When I enter a grocery store I see different types of people picking there fruit and vegetables very carefully and I see parents with their children. I also see people that work there putting out new fresh food and customers looking over their shoulder to get the best selection first. I see the sprinklers come on and spray water on the vegetables. When I enter a grocery store I am most likely with either my mom or my dad.. Usually my mom likes to eat healthy so sometimes she grows her own vegetables so we don’t have to spend a lot of money on it and it’s so much healthier that way. Going to a healthier grocery store is a better way to stay healthy so when you’re older you don’t have a lot of health issues but, it’s okay to have some sweets in moderation. | Nicole King 2012

347: I come from a family with many food cultures. I also enjoy exploring the different food cultures. my cities food is buritos. I love bean and cheese burritos because the have fresh beans in them and freshly shredded cheese. There are many different types of supermarkets where I live. They have a lot of organic stores around the city. Which is a good thing because a lot of people are trying to become healthy and if theres a healthy supermarket nearby it’s easier to accomplish eating healthier. Near my home there is always a fresh farmers market down by a college and they have really good and fresh healthy food. The food is very tasty too. You can get all sorts of food around the world at either grocery stores and farmers market and it’s not unhealthy it’s actually tasty and healthy at the sametime! You can get all sorts of food at farmers markets or local grocery stores even if the food is out of season. That’s what makes healthy organic grocery stores so great! Different cities are different in many good and healthy ways you just got to pick the right food choices.

348: It’s important for us to eat as a family and to talk about our day. So after we are done preparing the meal we all sit down and talk about our day. My brother Kyle always sits by the backyards slide door and he has habit to lean against the back sliding door so my parents always joke around saying “ someones going to have to call the ambulance because he’s gonna go right through that window.” The smell always brings my family together because it smells like home cooked food especially my dad's steak. It always smells like a steakhouse and freshly barbequed meat. When eating dinner we’ve always had assigned seats. We have some rules at the table like were not aloud to have our phones at the table except for my parents. But that’s alright because I learned how to text without looking. It’s important to have one special time with the ones that love you so you can discuss your day and reflect and hear how other peoples days went.

349: I think my mom has a very good talent on gardening and growing her own. She knows everything about gardening and is very good. She made a little garden in our backyard because that’s how she grew up, with a garden in her backyard. So a lot of the time she goes and gardens. Sometimes she tries to teach her family how to do it so we know what to do when we get older and want to grow our own food. She also likes showing us how to pick the ones that are ready to eat. My mom has always loved growing her own food because it’s healthier and cheaper. I enjoy having a garden in my backyard because it’s fasinating watch the vegetables in the garden grow and then eating them, instead of going to a super market and just eating eat. Because when you grow it you see where it’s from and how it’s processed. I think it’s one of my mom greatest talents to garden. I think many people should start growing their own food because it saves you money and it’s so much healthier. | Nicole King 2012

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