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Hunter Anthony

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S: Hunter Anthony McGlothlin


1: A week before tests recognize pregnancy, I had a feeling. I mentioned a few differences to Brandon here and there, but mostly I tried to avoid sounding completely crazy. As silly as it sounds, when my face broke out, I knew! Even though I thought it might be a little early, I took a test on Tuesday, April 20th, and there it was: a very, very faint pink line! When Brandon got home, I showed him the test, then took another one. (We didn't really believe it!) We actually ended up going to buy a digital test that evening, and sure enough: pregnant. We feel incredibly blessed, and we are praying for a healthy pregnancy! | How we found out...

2: My Growing Belly... | 6 weeks | 18 weeks

3: 19 weeks | 26 weeks | 32 weeks

4: Hunter Anthony McGlothlin | January 7, 2012 | 7 Pounds, 11 Ounces | 21 Inches | 8:35 pm | Magee Women's Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA | I woke up with "stomach pains" at 2:00am, but quickly realized these pains were coming every 8 minutes! After laboring at home until 9:00, we headed to the hospital when my contractions were a little more than 4 minutes apart. Due to nasty back labor, I got an epidural at 1:00 and by 6:00 that evening, I was ready to push. At 8:35pm Hunter was born! He was "sunny side up" which was what caused the back labor, but thanks to the epidural I had enough strength to give birth normally and avoid a c-section. However, I did need the help of a vacuum to get him out, so he had a nice little conehead for the first few hours!

5: H | Meet our precious little boy

7: A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

12: 1 | MONTH

13: At 1 month, you: *Eat approximately every 2.5 hours *Only sleep well when you're swaddled *Go to bed around 10:30 and sleep very well...sometimes up to 5+ hours at a time *Randomly fling your hands up to your face during naps *Hold your head up, and it wobbles from side to side *Like your swing and being held...a lot! | Weight: 10lbs 7oz Height: 22.5inches

14: Our | Our first family portrait

15: Hunter-5 weeks

16: 12 lbs 9 oz 23.5 inches long | 2 months

17: At 2 months, you: -Sleep 7 hours a night -Still get swaddled -Eat every 2.5 hours -Smile and laugh a lot -Love your swing and play mat -Wear 3-6 month sized clothes -Do the running man when you get a bath--and are all smiles! -Laugh and coo at Frederick and Oscar, the wall art animals above your changing table -Hardly cried or fussed after your 2 month shots

19: At 3 months, you... -Adore bath time -Laugh out loud -Smile constantly and think Daddy is hilarious! -Are approximately 14lbs and 24.5 inches long (no appointment this month!) -Eat around 6 times per day-every 3 hours while awake! -Sleep 8-9 hours per night...still swaddled -Stayed with a babysitter all day for the first time (Miss Chelsea) -Have symptoms of dairy intolerance

21: At 4 months, you... -Weigh 14lbs 10oz -Are 25 inches long -Sleep 8-9 hours unswaddled -Make raspberries -Laugh and smile even more than you did before--sometimes you really laugh hard -Follow our voices and movements -Roll onto your sides...not quite all the way over yet -Found your feet and love to hold them -Put everything in your mouth and drool like a faucet

23: Hunter's Baptism Hunter was baptized on May 13, 2012. Most importantly, we chose to dedicate Hunter to God and promise to raise him to know Jesus as his savior. Nothing could be more meaningful than that! It was also my first mother's day, and it would have been my grandfather Stevenson's 101st birthday. Plus, last year on mother's day we announced that Hunter would be joining our family!

24: At 5 months, you...!!! | -Weigh 16 pounds -Sleep around 11 hours at night and do not nap well -Are eating 6-8oz of soy formula 5 times per day -Make a serious”face--see pictures! -Grab for things -Have eaten rice cereal a few times -Can roll over, but don't choose to do it very often -Spent your first weekend home alone with Daddy—and had a great time -Love being outside -Are very interested in Skyler, Leo , Sampson and Bianca -Enjoy your aquarium crib toy, your crinkle book and plastic rings the best

26: First Vacation | Las vegas and disneyland

28: At 6 months, you: -Weigh 18lb 5 oz -Are around 26.5 inches long -Can sit independently -Eat solid food: rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, and apples. You love to eat! -Drink Enfamil Gentlease Formula -Love to play with your cups -Are really ticklish -Smile and laugh at everything

29: It's hard to believe you're already 6 months...what a joy and blessing you have been to our family!

31: At 7 months, you: -Weigh 18lbs 8 oz -Are 26.5 inches long -Sleep 11-12 hours most nights, but need to keep your pacifier -Crawl (August 14th) -Eat pretty much anything, except carrots! -Love to suck on fruit that Daddy gives you -Think Daddy is the GREATEST (and he is!) and you love when he throws you and pretends he is dropping you! -Enjoy being outside -Get really excited when the cats and dogs come near enough for you to pet | The many faces of Hunter...

33: At 8 months, you: | *Weigh 20lb 4 oz *Are a BUSY crawl everywhere at lightening speed and pull up on any sturdy surface. *Love bouncing on the bed with Mommy and Daddy singing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" and splashing in the bathtub. *Eat four 6oz bottles and two meals each day--you'll eat just about anything. *Daddy coming home is the highlight of your day--you are a Daddy's boy! *Repeat "Da-da-da" and "Ba-ba-ba" sounds constantly, but you don't really attach the sounds to people or items yet.

34: -Weigh 21lb 14oz -Are 29 inches long -Say "ba-ba," "ma-ma," and "da-da," along with many other sounds! -Get into everything--you figured out doors, drawers and how to pull the outlet covers out of the wall...and heating vents... -Love cell phones, computers and other's scary! -Have been going to Miss Shelly's for a month now and seem to enjoy playing; you are always exhausted! -Have two teeth...the top left and bottom left front teeth came in! | At 9 months, you:

37: At 10 months, you... -Weigh around 23 lbs -Have 5 teeth--3 on top and 2 on bottom -Crawl around at lightening speed -Cruise a little bit, and occasionally let go of surfaces while standing, but you still prefer to crawl since you're faster that way! -Love "touch and feel" books when you sit long enough to read one! -Still love going to Miss Shelly's and playing with your best buddy, Graham.

38: H | Our sweet family of three... but in March 2013 Hunter will become a big brother! Mommy is four months pregnant!

40: 11 months | At 11 months, you... -Weigh around 23 lbs -Have 6 teeth-4 on top and 2 on bottom -Stand up without help -Have taken up to 3 steps at a time!! -Point at everything -Love to watch your puppies and chase the kitties -Enjoy playing with kitchen items--specifically putting things in bowls and then taking them out -Despise sitting or getting your diaper changed -Open containers-vaseline, puffies, wipes

43: At 1 year, you: -Weigh 25lbs -Are 29.5 inches long -Walk very well (you started walking on Christmas!) -Have 6 teeth on top (2 molars) and 2 on bottom -Say "cat," "woof-woof," "hi," "ma-ma," "da-da," and "pap-pap" -Clap, blow kisses, give real kisses (mouth wide open!) and dance to any music you hear -Love to look out the window at your puppies and practice saying "woof-woof" -Love to follow the cats around while pointing and yelling "cat" fact, you made it up three rungs on a ladder

44: TURNS ONE!!!!

45: These pictures perfectly captured Hunter's personality! | Happy birthday, Love!

46: Hunter's 1st Holidays!

49: Hunter, Your Daddy and I love you sooo big! From the moment you were born you've been a complete blessing, full of endless surprises and energy! Watching you grow stronger, learn new skills and begin to analyze and react to your world has been are gifted with the power of observation-nothing gets past you! We can't wait to see where your curiosity takes you in life--I just hope it doesn't land us in the ER too many times! You looove your Daddy...Daddy arriving home is the highlight of your day, and he can make you belly laugh any time! I am blessed to be able to watch you follow in the footsteps of the greatest man I have ever known-your Daddy! Following in Daddy's footsteps you will go many exciting places and learn a great deal, but most importantly you will learn about Jesus. . Of all the adventures and joy in your life, our greatest hope for you is that you come to know Jesus as your Savior, use your gift for His glory and learn to walk through life guided by the Word. We promise to provide the best example that we can for seek God's will and rejoice in it model God's love for us in the way we treat others and to humble ourselves to ask forgiveness when we keep a Kingdom focus at all times...and most importantly, to constantly remind you Whose you are a son of the King. We love you, sweet boy! Love, Mommy and Daddya

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