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Hunter Henrickson's Monomyth

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FC: The Alchemest and the Monomyth | By: Hunter Henrickson

1: The Monomyth

2: Stage 1 Step 1: The Call to Adventure | In the beginning of the story, Santiago, the shepard is traveling with his flock of sheep bound to discover what these strange dreams mean. Along the way he stops in a village. He notices a fortune teller tent. There a women reads his palm and tells him his "treasure" is in Egypt waiting for him. "And this my interpretation: you must go to the Pyramids of Egypt" (Coelho 14). She also says that's where all of his questions will be answered. In that, this is the very first time Santiago will step out of his slow pace of life.

3: Step 2: The Refusal of Call | Santiago eliminates the gypsy's predictions from his mind. Even though she wanted to be paid with a tenth of the treasure that he would find. From that point on, he made up his mind to never believe in dreams again. "So the boy was disappointed he would never again believe in dreams." (Coelho 15).

4: Step 3: Supernatural Aid | During Santiago's journey to discover answers about his dreams he is given two special stones from Melchizedek, the King of Salem, Urim and Thummim. When you can't read the omens, they can assist you. "The black signifies 'yes' and the white 'no." (Coelho 30). These stones will aid him on his journey to find treasure.

5: Step 4: Crossing the First Threshold | In this part, Santiago sells his sheep in order to purchase a ticket to Tanger, a port in Africa. He thinks of the thought "HOw strange Africa is," (Coelho 33). He daringly goes to a place where he has never been before in his life. Melchizedek pointed him toward the very first step of achieving his personal legend.

6: Step 5: The Belly of The Whale | While in a marketplace, Santiago stumbles across a man at a bar that speaks his language. He tells Santiago that he will guide him to the pyramids for a sum of money. He then steals Santiago's money and runs off to leave Santiago alone and confused in the marketplace. "But now, he was in a different country, a stranger in a strange land" (Coelho 38)

7: Stage 2 Step 1: Road of Trails | During the story, the wondering shepard comes to a small crystal shop on top of a hill. While working along side of the shop owner, he becomes wiser about the crystals and gets wealthier as time progresses on. He then locates a large group of people that are planning on traveling across the desert to Egypt. Santiago ponders "I finally have enough money, and all the time that I need. Why not?" (Coelho 65)

8: Step 2: Meeting with Goddess | During the story, the caravan stops at an oasis because of wars between tribes that have been going on. There he, meets a girl named Fatima. She is considered to be the goddess because she points Santiago in the direction of the Alchemist. She helps the boy realize that he can obtain his Personal Legend She says "That's the man who knows all the secrets of the world" (Coelho 94).

9: Step 3: Temptation away from True Path | While in the oasis, he falls head over hills in love for a girl named Fatima. There, Santiago is considering giving up on his quest for treasure for Fatima. "That's why I want you to continue toward your goal" (Coelho 97). She encourages him not to give up for her because she will wait on his return.

10: Step 4: Atonement with Father | In this stage of the monomyth, the Alchemist lends the boy some help to better understand himself and his surroundings. The Alchemist represents a father figure because he gives him knowledge. He told Santiago, "I am only going to point you in the direction of your treasure" (Coelho 115). That happened after Santiago leaves the oasis in pursuit of his one goal.

11: Step 5: Apotheosis | Santiago's apotheosis happens when he has to turn himself into the wind. While in the dessert, the Alchemist and the boy are held captive in a military camp. The Alchemist convinces the chief to give them three days so Santiago can learn to change into the wind. When the time comes, the boy accomplishes the transformation " And that he, a boy could perform miracles" (Coelho 152).

12: Stage 3 Step 1: Refusal of Return | Santiago reaches the dunes near the pyramids and has thought of returning to the oasis and to forget all about the treasure. He knows that "If he wanted to, he could now return to the Oasis..." (Coelho 160). Santiago has an opportunity to return to his normal life but chooses not to. In his mind he knows he must finish his quest in order to achieve his personal legend.

13: Step 2: Master of Two Worlds | While digging near the Egyptian Pyramids, he is uddenly robbed and brutaly beaten. The attackers made him continue to dig for treasure. When the there was no treasure, he left. The leader of the group said he had a dream once of a treasure spot in Spain. Santiago travels to Spain in search of this treasure. "An hour later, he had before him a chest of Spanish gold coins" (Coelho 166).

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