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I, Frankenstein

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12: Dear Walton, I am writing to tell you why you should stop your obsession with the North Pole. I’ve had my experiences with obsessions and I know of the grave consequences that will occur along with trying to fulfill that goal. I had an obsession with creating a creature that was brought back from the afterlife by my hand; I ended up having a nervous breakdown from all of the pain I was receiving from making some decisions. Not only did it affect my life in a terrible way but my whole family was faced with death by my hand because of my actions. It consumed my life for over 3 years and I barely even communicated with my family because I was too busy looking for body part from the dead to make my creation. The first mistake I made was to get obsessed with Agrippa, which led me to have the idea of actually bringing a creature to life. As I was working on the creature I was fascinated with the experiment that drove all of my attention in my life for over three years. I wasn't in the right mind of actually thinking through things logically. Everything I was involved with made me only think of the present instead of cause and effect. When you become obsessed with something you need to think through everything and gain a logical way of looking at it.The consequences of not doing so made me realize what I was doing I actually hated. My mistakes along this path led to me having a breakdown of me not being able to handle all the consequences that were happening because of my decisions. Once I actually finished the creation of the creature I was filled with immediate revulsion as if the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. When I saw the creature for the first time I developed a great hatred for the monster, and I left that creation of mine not even showing the slightest sense of love towards him. I left my apartment not truly realizing the mistake I had made or what consequences were going to be ahead of me because of my actions towards the creature. Me not showing any love towards the creature caused life ruining punishments that I could've prevented if I actually thought through my own actions. It all started with my little brother's death, which was blamed on an innocent person that I could've prevented that person's death. Once again, me not wanting to admit my own mistakes to everyone when I had the chance would end up being the death of me and my whole family. Once I knew I couldn't admit my own mistakes people closest to me were dying left and right from the creature's hand but ultimately my hand in the end. I lost everyone I loved due to my own selfish acts I actually let myself get consumed with the obsession so therefore I paid the price of being left alone with my own massive mistake. Through all of my selfish acts I realized I could've corrected the problem long ago. I’m telling you this because the path you're going down is going to lead to your own death. It is always a process that will take it's own course from your own actions that you will only realize when you've reached the end of that process. It started from me getting my obsession complete, then having an immediate rejection to my own creation, and then that leads to the cause and effect of the people I loved most dying because I couldn't show the slightest bit of affection to the very thing I created. Before you take this journey I beg and implore you to re-think this before its too late. I understand what it's like to have an obsession and not listen to anyone else's thoughts on the matter. Just listen to me about this one thing because I’ve suffered the consequences and I don't want the same fate for you. Signed, Victor Frankenstein

13: Dear Master, I am writing to tell you how angry i am that you abandoned me and ruined my life. On the night I was created, you abandoned me because you thought i was hideous and a wretch. Second you destroyed my female companion after you told me you was going to make me one. Third, I promised you I will be with you on your wedding night. So I killed your beloved wife because you killed my beloved companion. In conclusion, I hope you have learned your lesson. With hatred, The Monster. | Dear Victor, I am writing to tell you about the most important things of my life. Once I reached Alaska on my way to the North Pole and I saw you on a sled stranded on a piece of ice and when I noticed that all your dogs were dead I felt sorry for you and welcomed you aboard my ship. A couple of weeks went by and after getting informed that you only have a few hours to live that made me feel sad because I was getting close to you and I thought we was going to have to unbreakable friendship that no one could break us apart. Some of my crew members have died because they were too cold and some were frostbitten so now the crew want to head back to England, but as to you Victor you wanted to stay with me even though you were very ill you wanted to stick with me on my journey. Sincerely, Robert Walton

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