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I Go Walking In My Dreams

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S: I Go Walking In My Dreams

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1: Table of Contents Stuck In the Middle: a short story.......................2 Be Careful What You Wish For: a drama............11 A Little Bit of Poetry...............................................22 Some Haiku's For You..........................................24 English Sonnet.....................................................25 Italian Sonnet.......................................................26 Rhyme Royal...........................................................27 Laughing with a Limerick..............................28 A Pantoum................................................................29 Rondeau......................................................................30 A Villanelle.............................................................31 An Ode......................................................................32 Free Verse..............................................................33 Concrete Poem.....................................................34 Cross-Out Poem...................................................35 Typography Poem.................................................36

2: Stuck In the Middle She watched James crouch forward. One of his knuckles touched the ground as a base, poising him ready to spring forward. Pacing the sideline, Maria watched as the football was hiked and he went crashing into the defensive side. The young quarterback took a few steps back into the pocket. The ball was released into the air and like clockwork, James caught the ball, taking it to the goal line. Maria blew the whistle. The boys turned toward her. “Defensive side, you're slacking. Run it again,” was all she said. The players grumbled as they reset the maneuver. They had been working on it for half an hour now. “This is the last run, so make it good,” Maria shouted from the sideline. The boys tensed as the quarterback called the play. Again the ball was hiked and James flew into the dense mass of bodies. Breaking out on the other side, he had no ball to catch. The defense was cheering. The ball was pulled from Kevin's hands as he was pulled off the ground. James trotted up to the group smiling, “You did it!” he cheered. Maria ran onto the field smiling from ear to ear. “It's about time!” she exclaimed. Calling the boys to order, they stood around her attentively. “Alright, that was really good! I just have a few notes.” Some players moaned in the back of the group. She finished quickly. Minor details would be taken care of tomorrow.

3: With the notes finished, she called it a day. Maria's father, the head coach, had already taken the drill group in. Someone tapped Maria's shoulder. She turned to see Kevin had stayed back. Her brother was a ball of nerves. He had been trying his best to be a great quarterback. At sixteen, only a year younger than Maria, he had amazing talent. His only problem was self-esteem. He didn't understand that he had gone through huge improvements. Maria explained that he was too good to back down, and she wouldn't let him. Kevin turned bright red around the ears and joined the rest of the team. As everyone clambered into the locker room, Coach, a nickname the team had so cleverly dubbed Maria's father, called a team meeting. He looked worried. Maria asked if he was okay but he just shook his head. If he wouldn't tell his own daughter, surely his assistant coach would. She looked around for Mr. Sarmiento, the senior English teacher, but he was no where to be seen. She took a seat next to her older brother, Matt, and his best friend, Derel. Coach cleared his throat awkwardly and told them what he had just heard. Looking around, the boys all had the same look on their faces: utter disbelief. The news was staggering. How could this be happening? Maria shook her head. Coach was talking, but she couldn't hear him. Redistricting? One combined school? Someone else was talking.

4: Maria glanced around in surprise. James, the junior wide receiver, asked what would happen to the team. Would they have to re-tryout? Were they even going to combine the team this late in the conditioning season? His face was stern; his jaw locked in an irritated position. Coach shrugged his shoulders, explaining that they would have to wait and see. The locker room door opened and everyone turned. Mr. Sarmiento walked quickly toward Coach and whispered quickly in his ear. Cursing under his breath, Coach turned back to the team with a somber look. The answer to both questions was yes. James left the locker room. Maria watched him go. She would try to talk to him tomorrow in Spanish. She already knew that his only worry was trying out and not making it. In the next week, each and every player went through intense conditioning and tryouts. Tandon and Munsor, the coaches from West-side, joined Coach, Sarmiento, and Maria for the unpleasant occasion. Together, they observed every detail of every player on the field. When the tryouts were finished, Maria and the other coaches retired to the video room to decide. Later, crumpled papers lay everywhere. Sarmiento sat in a small folding chair looking at two different lists of sixty players each. Munsor, the head coach from West, stood over his shoulder, his brow furrowed. Tandon, Munsor's assistant coach, sat against the far wall next to Maria. His eyes were clouded and he had

5: bags under his eyes. They were all tired. The past three days had been filled with the cumbersome tryouts for the new, combined football team. Now came the hardest part: decision time. Coach had been gone for at least an hour now to keep out of the persistent battle. Maria, however, held her ground. The battle of who should be on the team was what Maria had prepared herself for. She knew who deserved to be on the team. Maria had handed over her list with confidence, knowing it would probably be the best choice. Tandon had proposed his own list, which had caused most of the dispute. Maria had seen his list; it was completely biased. It was three-fourths filled with West-side players; the last quarter of the team was mostly third-string players from East-side. This would mean that the West-siders would be the only players on the field. Munsor reached over Sarmiento's shoulder and pointed at one of the lists. Maria didn't know which one was hers. They had had been switched and handed back and forth so many times that Maria lost count. Munsor leaned down and whispered something. Sarmiento looked up, shocked. “I was thinking the exact same thing,” Sarmiento whispered a bit louder. “Are you sure, though?” Munsor gave him a weird look, and said quietly, “I'm not stupid, Jon. I know favoritism when I see it.” Maria thought over all of her choices. It was true, she had been a little biased towards Kevin and Matt, but

6: they were her brothers. James deserved to be on the team without question. He had performed the best at tryouts. Derel was cocky but good. She started counting all of the old team members on her hands. Sarmiento got up. Tandon woke from his daze and rushed to stand up. Maria slowly got to her feet. Munsor pulled Tandon off to the side and started talking in a low voice with him. Sarmiento watched them as he spoke to Maria. “He chose yours.” “What?” “Your list. Munsor liked it best. He said it was the best list any of us came up with. All I can say is thanks for having a level head.” Maria shrugged. She watched Tandon shaking his head angrily while Munsor tried to calm him down. “I just didn't want to fight anymore. And I made sure to take the best from both teams. This is completely ridiculous anyway.” Sarmiento nodded in agreement. “Why don't you go find your father? Tell him the fight is over, the battle won, or something like that.” Maria laughed, and left the room. School began two weeks later, and the team shaped up well. Attitude was the only issue left. The day before the first game, Maria sat slouched in her dad's office chair. A migraine pulsed through her temples. She had already sent the team out to do warm-up laps. The new team was still pulling on her

7: last nerves. Her cell phone buzzed in her jean pocket. Opening her inbox, she read the short text. Without hesitation, she jumped from the chair and bolted, through the locker room and out the door. Her phone was left on the office desk still glaring the text from Hannah: FIGHT ON FIELD. WHERE ARE YOU? Jumping the fence and landing on the track, she hurtled toward the mass of flailing bodies at the goal line. The whistle that bounced on her chest was caught up by her hand and stuffed into her mouth. The shrill blasts from the whistle opened a narrow path into the dense crowd. Fists, helmets, and pads were flying everywhere around her as she pushed her way into the center. Derel and Pete were locked in combat; James tugged tirelessly at both players’ shoulders. Derel was gushing blood from the nose and James was already sporting a black eye. Maria, who was blowing her whistle ever since she reached the fight, stepped in between the fighters. She had picked the worst possible time to do so. Pete had rushed forward throwing a punch aimed for Derel, but he couldn't stop his own momentum. A new whistle blew three quick blasts. Immediately, the entire group stopped. The chaos subsided into fear. Coach stood a yard outside of the fight. His stance was firm and menacing. He motioned to Maria.

8: Maria was fuming. Coach handed her cell phone to her and asked, “Do you have anything to say?” “This is ridiculous,” Turning toward the players, anger rippling through her voice. “You couldn't leave the animosity off the field? Are you kidding me? Ridiculous, all of you, ridiculous. I swear –” Maria couldn't go on. Coach took over. “Go get cleaned up. You're bleeding.” Maria tried to protest, but Coach sent her off. As she walked off the field, Coach began to release his wrath. His echoing voice followed her into the locker room, but it was cut off by the heavy door. Silence. Maria welcomed it happily. The throbbing pain on the side of her face grew steadily worse. She stepped into the bathroom and examined the damage in the mirror. Her reflection supported a swelling, bruised cheek. Next to her left eye, a cut produced a thin line of blood down the side of her face. She reached up to the wound and touched it lightly. Instantly, pain erupted through her head and white and purple dots popped in her eyes. Coach's voice burst into the locker room, but it was instantly muffled by the closing of the door. Maria poked her head out of the bathroom. Hannah stood by the door looking unsure of where to go in the boys’ locker room. Hannah let out a low whistle and said, “Holy moley.” As Hannah picked her way through the locker room, Maria turned back to the mirror. She grabbed some paper towels and turned on the water.

9: “Dang, girl” “Just help me find the first aid kit.” “In this?” She motioned to the sloppy locker room. “You've got to be joking,” Hannah faked a gag as Maria passed through the bathroom door. They began their search, but it didn't take long. Taking the kit to Coach's office, Maria sat in the desk chair as Hannah pulled out the antiseptics. She asked Hannah about the fight. Excited by the gossip, Hannah provided a rather intensely depicted tale. After she had finished, Maria pondered over the entire story. Pete, the star player from West, started the fight, but Derel had been the catalyst. James was only trying to stop the fight in the first place. The next day came and Maria couldn't help but be nervous. Many of the players avoided her in school. Derel and Pete could only muster evil glares for each other. James was quiet all throughout Spanish, only replying with a curt nod when Maria asked him if he was okay. She couldn't tell if he was focusing on the game ahead or if he was still dwelling on yesterday. She prayed the team would pull together for the game. The boys filed quietly into the locker room later that day. Coach had left to greet the referees. As Maria sat in his office, she heard laughter filter through the open door. Creeping around the corner, she spied James laughing with Kevin and Pete. Derel and Matt were standing to the side, but they were smiling. Pete cracked another joke and more boys joined the circle.

10: As she sat back in Coach's chair, Maria's phone buzzed. The text from Hannah asked if she was feeling better. Maria smiled to herself as the boys burst into loud peels of laughter. The game was going to turn out great, she could feel it. She typed a small reply: Never felt better :)

11: Be Careful What You Wish For Characters: Amber Girls: Sasha, Tammy, Patty, Mya Boys: James, Tommy, Max Chad Act I Scene i Amber walks down the aisle in the audience reading a book. Reaching the stage, she climbs a small set of stairs and sits on the edge of the stage. She continues reading as the curtain opens to a schoolyard. A group of girls is mingling and talking. As they come further onto the stage, they notice Amber reading. SASHA: Ugh! There's that loser bookworm. Why doesn't she get a life? TAMMY: I mean, seriously, all she ever does is read. PATTY: Why can't she put down her books and be normal? MYA: Come on. Ushers girls offstage. Let's get out of here before her weird spreads. Exit laughing. AMBER: Just great. Closes book and speaks to audience. Just what I needed to start my day. Every morning it’s the same routine. I read my books; they make fun of me; I ignore them; we all live happily ever after. Voice changes to high and pitchy voice. “Why can't she be normal? Let's go before her weird spreads.” Using normal voice. Why can't they get a life instead of picking on me? What dictates normal anyway? So what if I like to read. I just wish someone could see me for me. School bell rings. Oh no! I'm late! Runs off stage.

12: Lights dim and black curtain is brought across to hide school backdrop. Lights come up as students bring out desks and chairs while talking and laughing. Amber is last on stage lugging a desk behind her. No one notices her as they set the desks in a semi-circle. JAMES: This is the third time this week Mrs. Minnow has made us move our desks. TOMMY: I’m tired of lugging these stupid desks around the classroom. MAX: This is ridiculous. Everyday it's something new. Make a circle. Today we'll be in a square. What's next? Minnow enters left stage. MINNOW: No, no, no! This is all wrong! Make two rows of swoops! Students grumble as they rearrange the desks. Now! Is everyone ready to learn today? Let's pull out our books and turn to last night's homework. Another boy raises his hand. Yes, Mr. Charring? CHAD: Mrs. Minnow, you didn't assign us homework last night. MINNOW: En contraire, Mr. Charring, I did in fact assign you homework from page... hmmm... Where on Earth did I put my planner? Tommy quickly passes Minnow's planner to Max who hides it in his bag. Well, I’m not sure where it is, but I know I assigned homework. CHAD: Mrs. Minnow I believe you are confused. You assigned us homework the night before and announced yesterday that we could have a free day today. MINNOW: Now why would I do that? CHAD: To celebrate Sir Isaac Newton's birthday of course! MINNOW: Contemplates for a moment. Well, I suppose you're right Mr. Charring. All right everyone, books away!

13: Happy birthday to Newton! Students cheer and get up from desks moving into a big group. Amber stays in her seat and pulls out the book she was reading. CHAD: Hey, didn't you hear Mrs. Minnow? Books away, kid! AMBER: She meant schoolbooks, not reading books. CHAD: School, reading, it's all the same to me! Come on, Amber! Snatches book away from her. Amber tries to retrieve it, but he holds it too far above her head. The students start laughing as she struggles to get her book. AMBER: Give. It. Back. Chad! Each word is said as she jumps for the book. CHAD: Why? It's just a stupid book. Amber lunges for the book, but stumbles as he moves away from her reach. The class is sent into an uproar of laughter. Hey, are you okay? Amber gets up with tears in her eyes. Hey, don't get all worked up about it! I didn't mean for that to happen. AMBER: Just give me my book Chad. Chad smirks as Amber moves for the book. CHAD: For a price. Class leans in, interested. One kiss. Amber and rest of class recoil in disgust. Just one kiss and you can have your book back. AMBER: Why on Earth should I kiss you? CHAD: Because I like you. Amber looks him over carefully, and then leans in towards Chad. Entire class goes silent in anticipation. Just as Amber gets close enough she tries to yank the book out of hi hands, ducking his face. She is unsuccessful. Hey, what the –?

14: AMBER: You know what, Chad? Keep the stupid book! I would never kiss you, or even think of liking you! Picks up her things and turns to Minnow. And it isn't even close to Newton's birthday! Walks offstage. MINNOW: Wait... But... You mean... The school bell rings. Everyone runs offstage. A black curtain is pulled off to reveal the schoolyard again. Amber is over on the far edge of the stage as all the other students mingle. She pulls out a new book. The group of students is frozen. AMBER: Good thing I always bring an extra book with me. Flips through pages. I've read this one twice though. I wish I still had my other book. Shudders. UGH! Chad Charring? That vile, egotistical, loathsome boy! Freezes. Students unfreeze. JAMES: Of all the people to shut down. TAMMY: Poor, poor Chad. MAX: Amber is so weird! SASHA: Why would he choose HER though? TOMMY: Well, she is sot of pretty... Other students stare at him in shock and disgust. What? Why else would Chad like her? MYA: Ew. Group freezes. Amber unfreezes. AMBER: Everyone must be talking about what happened. Poor Chad this and poor Chad that. He still has my book too! All I wanted was to have my book back. And then he tries to force me to KISS HIM? Of course I denied the selfish prick! Freezes. SASHA: Where is Chad anyway? I haven't seen him since class ended. Chad enters stage opposite side of Amber. TOMMY: Look! There he is! Group crowds around Chad.

15: CHAD: Disgraced! Rejected! Publicly humiliated! JAMES: Chad, you've got to pull yourself together! PATTY: You're way too good for her. JAMES: Everybody wants to be you! Everyone loves you, Chad! CHAD: Except for Amber. MYA: She's just weird. SASHA: Why would you like her anyway? TOMMY: Will you give it a rest? CHAD: I like her because she is the most beautiful girl around. The only one as beautiful as me! She's smart too. TAMMY: But she- CHAD: Is the most beautiful girl, which makes her the perfect match for me! MYA: Ew. CHAD: I need to find a way to get her to like me. WAIT! I have the perfect plan! JAMES: You do? CHAD: Not yet. Gets up and walks offstage. But I’ll think of something! Group follows him off. Amber is alone. AMBER: Finally! They're gone! I wish my life could be like my books. Living a life of adventure with friends who love me. Gets up and starts walking around. Chad reenters unseen by Amber. A life where there is a prince to sweep me off my feet to live happily ever after! But this is real life. No princes, no fairy tale endings. Just – CHAD: Me. Amber jumps in fright and turns toward him. AMBER: Oh! Chad! Oops! Look at the time! Gotta go! Bye! Runs offstage leaving a crestfallen Chad. He waits then runs after her.

16: Act I SCENE ii Amber runs onstage out of breath. And glancing behind her. An old lady is sitting in the middle of the stage poking a pile of garbage with a stick. Amber begins walking backward, never seeing the old lady. AMBER: Phew! Lost him! Hopefully he didn't – WHOA! Trips over old lady. WITCH: Rubbish, rubbish, eat the rubbish. Full of nutrients is this rubbish. AMBER: Getting up. Sorry, I didn't see you there, I was just... just... Trails off watching the witch poke the garbage. Did you just say “eat the rubbish?” WITCH: Little lady likes to read, Turns her blind to what she needs. What looks like rubbish may be gross, What she needs is an extra dose. AMBER: Extra dose? Of garbage? Lady, you are off your rocker. I am NOT eating trash! WITCH: New eyes shall be your dish, Every time you make a wish. Rubbish, rubbish, it may be, With new eyes you shall see. Witch waves her stick at Amber. Amber cringes waiting for something to happen. Nothing happens. Amber glances around her and turns back to the witch exasperated. AMBER: You are crazy. Turns away as witch hums a tune and pokes at the garbage again. Waves a stick in my face! I actually thought something was going to happen! How sad am I? Maybe I am reading too much... Walks offstage.

17: Stage blacks out. Black curtain pulled back revealing schoolhouse. Students are all mingling. Everyone is still talking about the precious day. Amber walks in, but isn't carrying a book. JAMES: Loudly. Oh, look who it is! The freak has decided to grace us with her presence. PATTY: Where's your book today, Miss Know-It-All? AMBER: What did I do to deserve this? SASHA: You hurt Chad. AMBER: No, I just told him I didn't like him. MAX: Look, just because you read a lot more than the average person doesn't mean you're better than anyone else. TAMMY: You should apologize to Chad. AMBER: For what? So what if I denied him. There are plenty of fish in the sea! This is no reason to hate me! TOMMY: Well, too late. We already do. Group starts to exit. AMBER: This is ridiculous. I wish they would stop hating me and forget all this ever happened. Group freezes. Faces change from displeasure to joy. All turn back toward Amber. SASHA: Hey Amber! Oh my gosh! What an adorable top! Goes and sits by Amber. Entire group begins to encircle her. MAX: Amber, can you help me with this math problem? Entire group starts talking to Amber at once. AMBER: Whoa! Hey! Everyone stop! Group goes silent. What the heck is going on? TAMMY: What do you mean?

18: AMBER: You were all just really angry with me a moment ago. And now you are all swarming around me! It's like you're all acting as if none of that ever... happened... MYA: Amber? Are you okay? AMBER: What was the last thing you said to me? MYA: I asked you to eat lunch with me. AMBER: No, no, before that. Mya thinks for a bit. MYA: I don't remember. AMBER: Do any of you hate me? Group shakes heads. SASHA: Why would we hate you? AMBER: Aside. They don't remember anything. They don't even hate me! It's just as I wished! Gasps. The old lady! She said something about every time I made a wish. Could she possibly have cursed me? I wonder if – TAMMY: Oh, Amber, you're so pretty. AMBER: Now this I could get used to. Chad enters. He stops as he notices the group fawning over Amber. CHAD: So what's all this? AMBER: Oh, hello Chad. CHAD: To group. So you've taken her side now? She hurt ME remember? AMBER: Chad. Smirks to audience. I wish you would just get over what happened yesterday. Chad freezes. His face changes from anger to content. There now, much better! I wish you could feel the same way everyone else does. Chad's face turns into admiration. Uh oh... Entire group starts to close in on Amber. They all are chattering about how much they admire her. She breaks away from the group and runs off stage. Everyone runs after her as stage goes black.

19: Act II Scene i Lights come up on stage. Black curtain is back on. The witch is sitting in the middle of the stage. The group of students runs on stage shouting for Amber. In the chaos, the witch just sits there as everyone moves around her, not noticing her. Chad is in the back of the group and last to exit the other side. He glances back as Amber pokes her head out between the black curtains. Thinking the coast is clear, Amber emerges and approaches the witch. WITCH: No more rubbish, here or there. AMBER: Uhmm excuse me? WITCH: No food for my stomach bare. AMBER: Uhmm hello? Hellooo? WITCH: Pesky children do not heed, Did you find what you need? AMBER: I don't know what you mean. You tell me to look for what I need, and then you make all my wishes come true, but now they are all going wrong! Chad has been hiding in the back of the stage. He moves closer to the light, but Amber doesn't notice him. I didn't want to be Miss Popular. I’m just waiting to get out of here and find my “happily ever after.” WITCH: Through your wishes you shall find, Clarity and peace of mind. Out of all the living books You have judged him by his looks. To this book, you must attend Only then, will the wishes end. AMBER: What are you talking about? Living books? Witch leaves. Wait! Come back! Oh no! I don't even

20: know what she meant! CHAD: I think I do. AMBER: Startled. Chad! Get back! You're under a spell that wasn't meant to happen! CHAD: Whoa! Calm down! I'm fine. I don't think I was affected like everyone else. AMBER: You, you weren't? But, but NO! I saw your face! You were! You still are! Get away from me! CHAD: Amber, wait, no! Don't! You have to understand! Please, let me explain. Give me a chance. It's like the old lady said, don't judge – AMBER: I WISH NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED EVER! Stage blacks out. Act II Scene ii Black curtain is pulled back to reveal the schoolhouse. Amber is sitting on the edge of the stage reading her book. The group of girls is talking and laughing. They keep glancing over at Amber. TAMMY: She's so weird. SASHA: I know. She is ALWAYS reading a book! MYA: How can she read so much? PATTY: She is just too weird. Chad enters. SASHA: Oh my gosh! Look! Here comes Chad! TAMMY: Oh, he is so cute! Chad approaches Amber. MYA: What's he doing? PATTY: I have no idea. CHAD: Hey Amber. AMBER: Jumps, startled because she didn't hear Chad approach. Closes book slowly. Oh, hi Chad. What's up? CHAD: Nothin' really. What are you reading?

21: AMBER: Oh, Moby Dick. I've already read it three times though. CHAD: Wow, I never really liked it that much. Shrugs shoulders. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the school dance with me tonight. AMBER: Really? Me? Why not Tammy, or Sasha, or Mya, or Patty? CHAD: I don't know. I guess you'll just have to come with me to find out. AMBER: Chad, I don't know CHAD: Just give me a chance. AMBER: I wish... Hesitates and glances around her. Just one chance. CHAD: Deal. They get up and walk off stage together. The girls watch them leave with shock on their faces. The curtains close. The End.

22: A Little Bit of ...


24: Rainstorm White clouds change to black. Wind blows swiftly pouring rain, A veil of water. | Beach Sea air brings me peace. Waves crashing upon the shore. Footprints washed away. | Grass Green stalks prick my feet, Running in a field of sun. Joy encompassing. | Some Haiku's For You:

25: English Sonnet | Pearl Harbor All my life, my heart lied with the Navy. Watching the ship upon the floating waves. Praying it won't sink down to Davy Jones and his dark, watery graves. And to the land, he has come safe. My father greets us with a hearty grin, Unknowing of the coming strafe That would cause our fears to only begin. After that infamous day in early December, A memorial raised for given life. My father, my hero, I will remember. He died to save his family, his wife. USS Arizona, the ocean did drink. Into Pearl Harbor, my father did sink.

26: Italian Sonnet | The Violin Lifting arms pull the bow across strings Playing the fast beat and quick notes. Out into the audience, they gently float With vibrato her sweet voice sings. Her small figure is admired by kings, As she holds her high, steady notes. They fill with emotion, gain lumps in their throats, And ears are filled with applause, praises, and things. Encouraged, the bow slides, the notes come fast. The musician's heart finally expressed. The hand slides higher up her slender neck. The last note echoes, the song is past. Musician and instrument bow for rest. Applause calls her, the violin, back.

27: Rhyme Royal | Winter's Love In the dark of winter, I did fall. In love and spirit, I had lost My heart held hostage for you to maul Left to shiver in the cold, cold frost Out the door I had been tossed You who once loved, now have hurt me The pain still dwells to some degree But now another has come to be And love can flourish now again I with him, and he with me My heart's joy I can't contain My soul's healing I must maintain And in my time, I shall forgive Holding a grudge makes it hard to live.

28: Laughing with a Limerick | Duck Hunting There once was a man from Kentucky Who had an old dog he called Lucky. The dog, it turned out, Had an unlucky snout Now the old man swims with duckies.

29: A Pantoum | Forever, Always Thunder and lightning rage. Rain patters against the window. My hair stands on end. I am soon asleep. Rain patters against the window. His arms are around me. I am soon asleep, As he whispers to me, sweetly. His arms are around me. The sun sets in the distance, As he whispers to me, sweetly, “I'll be here forever, always.” The sun sets in the distance. The air gets colder. “I'll be here forever, always.” Where has he gone?

30: Rondeau | Find the secrets within. Little boys play in the sand. Little pirates with swords in hand. A box of marbles lies there. Try to take them, if you dare, From the castle, unmanned. Protective moats, exquisitely planned, By the little pirates in the sand. In the hot, summer sun, the moats lie bare. Find the secrets within. One thief breaks through with red hand Crushed the castle, marbles spread in the sand. Marbles. Marbles. Open to share, But lost are many in the sandy lair, Now deep in the dirt, never to be seen in the land. Find the secrets within.

31: A Villanelle | Just the Word In belief, there lives a lie. But I must find truth in my heart. For, with the Lord, I shall not die. I sit in church, yet cannot see How people can perform the sacred part. In belief, there lives a lie. I walk the shore along the sea And feel the Spirit in my heart. For, with the Lord, I shall not die. His word hidden by mounds of potpourri, I can feel my mind quickly depart. In belief, there lives a lie. Belief is but a word to me. It is Faith that will give me a new start. For, with the Lord, I shall not die. So, in the pews, on bended knee, I pray to the Lord and Spirit will impart. For in belief, there lives a lie. But, with the Lord, I shall not die.

32: An Ode | Ode to Pictures Staring eyes in happy faces, Sealed in an elaborate frame. A constant reminder of happy places From which happy memories came. A picture is worth a thousand words, Which make a hundred memories. All collected in one moment, The pictures begin to flock like birds. Collections of different entities. In all, a celebration of life omnipresent.

33: Free Verse | Graduation Day exit the building. feel the breeze on your skin. set your body free. release the stress that holds you down. you're flying. suddenly you're standing there. in the middle of the field. look up at the blue sky. the crowd congratulates you. feel the breeze on your skin. you're flying free. shake the hands. feel the breeze on your skin. listen to the speeches. take the cap and toss it high. hug your friends good-bye. do not be too sad. they will be there another time, in another life. wipe the tears from your eyes. it’s time to celebrate that new beginning feel the breeze on your skin. you’re flying free. Graduation Day. feel the breeze on your skin. you’re flying free.

34: Concrete Poem

35: Cross-Out Poem | Moving In

36: Typography Poem

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