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I Got Cut Off

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FC: I Got Cut Off

3: I had always wanted a pocket knife but I never thought it would get me in so much trouble. Steve was my best friend and we do everything together, when he wanted to go to the gun show I wanted to go also. I knew thats Steves' Mom wouldn't be okay with me going along with them unless i asked my parents so i asked Steves' Dad.

4: Of course his dad was okay with it, but what was I gonna tell my mom. I decided to tell the truth about where i was going and Im pretty sure you know what she said. The answer, was a very serious NO. I knew that there was no possible was of me going to the gun show with Steve.

5: NO!

7: Instead of getting upset, i started thinking on how i could be happy and not disappoint my mother. I thought of a simple solution. Steve would got to the gun show, but he would bring back two knifes instead of one and give it to me! Doing it this way would get me in less trouble anyways. Steve, being my best friend in all, listen to my idea and agreed that that would be the best way to do it. Knowing that my mom doesn't like knifes i knew that if she even found out that Steve was even considering to bring me back a knife, she would probably kill me... but that was a risk i was willing to take.

8: The next morning i got text from Steve saying that they were just about to leave for the gun show and that when they got back he would bring the knife over. I popped up out the bed in the best mood ever. This day was gonna be very surprising. My mom was in a good mood too i walked down the stairs and was greeted by the smell of honey butter biscuits and bacon. As I gobbled down my breakfast I could only imagine that later that day i would have my knife in my hands.

11: Hours later Steve came over with a over sized sweatshirt on and a big bulge in the front pouch. Steve told me that his mom still didn't know about the knife, so i would have to keep it a secret from her. Steve took the knife out of the sweatshirt, it was extremely shiny, and silver. It was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. i quickly ran upstairs with it, being careful that my mom didn't see. Steve followed closely, until we reached the safety of my room.

12: Steve had forgotten that he had to leave early because he was supposed to have dinner with his family. Steve had me to call his mom to tell him to pick him up from my house, not realizing that he would still have his knife with him in his sweatshirt. By the time his mom came Steve had realized to late and thought it would be best if i had kept his knife at my house so that he wouldn't get in trouble. i thought that would be the smartest thing to do because if he got in trouble I would too. A couple days later my mom got suspicious about the knife because she claimed that there were pieces of cardboard boxes upstairs in my room that had looked like they had been cut out of. I told my mom that when Steve was here the last time that he had brought his knife over and we were just testing it out. She ignored all the signs ,but I could tell she still knew something was up.

15: I was so eager to pull the pocket knife from under the bed and use it, but i was afraid that i would get caught. I always had my younger brother to stand outside my bedroom door while i was using it in my room.I told him to say a code word when he saw my parents coming. So i would have time to put it away and clean up. The system was great but then one day when my brother was on a play date with his friend Caleb down stairs, he had forgotten all about the code word. Meanwhile i was in my room cutting away at a tree branch that i had taken from outside. The next thing i knew was my mom was standing in the doorway with her mouth wide open, watching me try and chunk the knife under the bed, almost cutting myself with it. She at first didn't want to believe that i had the knife, so i tried to play it off and see if i could get away with it. "Hey mom" i said nervously. "Ashley Elizabeth Smith, hand it over!" she answered sternly.

16: I went along as if i didn't have the knife. "Hand what over, Mom?" I said. "I want the knife, and don't play dumb with me, i know you have it," she screamed. As soon as i heard those words my heart dropped, my stomach knotted and tears welled up in my eyes. I immediately began to apologized as pulled the knifes from under the bed and handed them to her. She was so mad that she couldn't even speak to me anymore, she just turned around shook her head and slowly walked down the stairs. The next morning, after crying myself to sleep, i woke up to a note taped to my white crown molding that lined my door.

18: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

19: The note read: Ashley, Your father and I are very disappointed in you. You have lied to us and we do not tolerate that. Because you were dishonest you are grounded for the rest of the week. You will not be aloud to go to extra curricular activities or see your friends out side of school. I hope this punishment will help you to learn your lesson. Mom & Dad

21: My mom eventually started talking to me again and everything was fine, but I for sure didn't want to even take the chance of getting in trouble again so I told my mom that the knifes originally belonged to Steve and that i would give then back to him as soon as i saw him. She let me take then to his house, and she made me have a talk with Steve about bringing knifes into our house. I was pretty sure that my mom would never have to see the knifes again because Steves' mom eventually found out about him having the knifes and he was also grounded for a very long time. She even made him sell the knifes and he didn't even get to keep the profit.

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