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Immigration Project

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FC: Immigration Project! By: Sabrina Esposito

1: One would ask, "Why immigration is such a big deal?"Immigration is such a big deal because so few people know what happened back then. The children would play in the street in animal feces and the parents wouldn't even care because they were just worried how they were going to get food on the table. Sometimes, the parents wouldn't even be able to be with their child as they were growing up because they were busy with work.

2: These Irish immigrants are coming to America in hoping for a better life. As you can see, they are very poor with only a bag of clothing. But most of their clothes are on their body and in their hands. They need to find a good home and job in order to survive. As you can tell, they are much less rich then the next family.

3: This family looks even more rich then the last family. They seem to be moving to America in hoping that they could perhaps find better jobs and possibly more land to own.

4: One would say that there was no "middle class". They just had a poor class and a rich class. The Irish immigrants came to America around the 19th century and early 20th in hoping to escape the horrid famine that struck in the land. They settled in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New Jersey. The Irish were preferred over any other race because they were there a lot longer than anybody else. They were discriminated just like every other race that came to the states, but they were easily excepted into the new world.

5: Most of the immigrants, that were Irish, were easily hired for jobs. But when you were any other race, you were treated like a normal person. The Irish, however, were easily favored over anybody else.

6: As you can tell, this Scandinavian girl was trying to get into a tenement and the owners are studying her long and hard, debating with themselves if they should allow her to stay in that tenement building. By the looks of it, she didn't have a lot of belongings either.

7: In the picture above is Scandinavian immigrants. By the looks of it, they are either on a boat or at the dock in front of a boat. They seem to be excited and scared to be in America but that's what the entire experience is all about!

8: The Scandinavians came to America in the beginning and middle of the 19th century. Mostly all of the immigrants came to America because they wanted to build a better life for them selves. Most of the Scandinavians were farmers because they knew what to harvest and how to harvest things during the bitter and cold winters. They settled in New York but then spread out to Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. They were actually part of the Republican Party until president Lincoln was elected president. They were constantly discriminated against the silliest of things. Like how they dressed and what they ate and such.

9: These Scandinavian immigrants were working on an American field that looks extremely big for their extremely large family.

10: These German immigrants look like they are having fun playing musical instruments sitting under a tree

11: These people below, look extremely tired and poor. And they don't look very well flourished.

12: The Germans came to the United States in about 1700's because the German Revolution failed. Most settled in large cities like New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. Most of the immigrants were treated fairly because they were working in churches, schools, and bookstores. They benefited the American society by taking jobs that nobody really wanted but still did a good job doing them. Even though most of them were very poor and unnourished, the people that ran the tenements and buildings for the homeless were actually letting them stay at the shelters for very little.

13: Most of the German immigrants were stuffed into small towns where very few resources where.

14: These British immigrants are just piling over each other in order to get there spot on a boat that is sailing for America.

15: These British immigrants look like they are the happiest men alive! They are taking a picture after they have been excepted into the states.

16: The British settlers originally came in the states when the Pilgrims came over and settled in Rodnake or "the lost colony". But later in 1700's, they Great British came to America. They settled in Jamestown, Virginia. They were escaping the horrible military rules and diseases. They introduced a bunch of great inventions to the new world and different people. They brought the paper to the states and the plow, the barbed wire, the revolver, and a bunch of other things!

17: The difference in traveling now and back then would probably have to do with the traveling transportation and how people treat each other. Sure people still judge you, but it's not as bad as to the point where you actually go home and cry. People still use boats to travel but very rarely. We use planes and trains and cars instead of buses and bicycles. I mean , we still use them but we don't have to unless we want to.

18: These pictures are of Italian immigrants trying to find homes in the Big Apple! As you can see, they have very little belongings and are pushing or holding their belongings with them.

19: As you can probably already tell, there are a bunch of women sitting down, hoarded by a bunch of men. And it seems to me that a few of the men are trying to protect them from the other men. The women could possibly be in a court of some sort.

20: The Italians came to America between 1860 and 1976. Most of which they were trying to get away from discrimination but when they came to the United States, they just faced harder troubles. Most of them settled in Ellis Island itself and others settled in the suburbs. They tried to make their lives better but the Americans just put them down even more. They were treated horribly. They would get the most dangerous, hardest, dirtiest jobs that nobody would want. Like shoe shinning, rag picking, and sewer cleaning. They thought money was something very valuable and almost praised it like they would praise about God.

21: Most children were working about 11 or sometimes even 12 hours a day for every little pay. These children in this picture are carrying their own rut sacks and who knows where their parents are. They are probably dead or waiting for the physical examination and they just wondered off or who knows! The boy doesn't look much older then 9 or 10 and the girl looks maybe 4 or 5 or maybe even younger. One could only hope that they make it in the harshness of the Americans.

22: These Chinese immigrants look like they are in some sort of station, waiting for a boat to go to Angel Island in California. They don't look very rich, clothed well, or even well fed to go to this new land.

23: These immigrants look well put together. Even more so then the British. They were jumping over each other to get on a boat and here, the Asians are more put together with single lines and not huge hoards of people just rushing for an open seat on a boat that will most likely come back for more people.

24: The Chinese immigrants came to America as soon as they heard about the Gold Rush in 1848. The Chinese quickly wanted some of the gold that would make them even more rich then they already were. They settled along the West Coast. Like in California, Oregon, Washington, and northern Mexico. They benefited the U.S. by basically crawling into their own communities and making their own little towns only for the Asians. Because the Americans wouldn't let them do anything at all with the whites, the Chinese would set up these little towns just outside of the bigger towns and do business like that. The Asians weren't even aloud to be associated with anybody else. The American children would always point at the Asian children and make fun of them.

25: In the picture above, this family looks even more rich then the previous two pictures we have seen! They are dressed in satin and silk, the finest material you could have back then. | The Asians couldn't do anything that had to deal with the Americans. They couldn't own land, intermarry Whites, work in many occupations, own homes, get an education, or live in certain parts of the city. The Americans basically made a huge law that said "We don't like Asians and we don't want to be associated with you"

26: So as you can probably already tell, we don't discriminate people anymore because of their race. Just because they look different then what we are used to see, you shouldn't judge them! I mean you never know. They could be your best friend or your worst enemy because of one silly, little mistake that you could have easily avoided.You should never judge someone because they could very likely judge you back and you might not like it. In other words, don't worry about what's on the outside but worry about what's on the inside. That's the key to getting by in life.

27: And remember kiddies... Don't worry, be happy(: -Sabrina Esposito<3

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