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Immigration Project

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FC: Fujimoto Family

1: Dear diary, My name is Aimee Fujimoto. I am a 16 year old Japanese girl with the traditional long, silky black hair. I have big dark, brown eyes to accompany it. I work as a seamstress with two of my sisters and my mother. I have eight siblings all together. We were born to Haruka and Takeshi Fujimoto. We get along pretty well. I love my family. Our family does almost everything together.

2: This is my sister, Hiromi. She is 17 and works as a seamstress with me. We're the closest in the family; she's more like a best friend. | Meet, Hoshi, my 18 year old sister. She too works as a seamstress, however she is soon to be wed to a wealthy Japanese business man. | Haruka is my beautiful mama. I have so much respect for her hardworking attitude. Even at age 39, she still works to help support our family.

3: I also have twin sisters, Akira and Akiko. They're 3. The picture shown is Akira. Akiko never sits still for a decent one, and they're identical anyways. | My 10 year old sister, Kimiko, is the most ambitious of our family. She turns 11 soon, and is to start working as a seamstress with us right away. The rest of us didn't begin until we were 12/13.

4: These are my youngest brothers, Orochi (left) and Takao (right). Orochi is 5, he likes to help my dad in any way he can. Takao is 7 and has just recently started a job a shoe polisher. They're always getting into trouble doing one thing or another. | My 3 year old brother, Mamarou, has to be the life of the family. The little rascal is always getting himself into trouble doing one thing or another. He has the biggest heart you will ever witness, though.

5: Takeshi Fujimoto will always be the number one man in my life. He's by far the most dedicated and loving person on this earth. He works hard day in and day out to make sure we have food on the table. He works as a farmer, but picks up little jobs here and there as he can. My father is my hero. | Gorou Fujimoto is one of the oldest people I've met in my lifetime. Also the most eccentric. He's the father of my father, making him my grandfather. He doesn't work anymore, so he lives with us.

6: Being that we're from Japan, my family naturally speaks Japanese. We've been taught bits and pieces of English here and there. Our flag is a basic white with a red circle in the center. We use yen as money to buy things such as clothes and supplies.

7: Although we work hard, we still know how to play. The young girls enjoy playing with their dolls, and the young boys play hoop on a stick. Hoop on a stick is a unisex thing, though, so the girls jump in once in awhile. The rest of us stick to a nice friendly game of checkers. | Mainly, we eat rice. Sometimes we eat sushi with it, which is our main meat source. We fish a lot here in Japan.

8: Dear diary, I have some great news! My family is moving to America. Can you believe it? Papa says we're heading out there next week. We have cousins that live in Kansas, the Yang family, and they have jobs all lined up for papa and even us kids. I will miss Japan, for it is all I have ever known, but I am excited to start anew. Being in America means freedom. We will get better pay with easier working conditions

9: Dear diary, I'm not as excited as I was before. Being on this ship is awful. There's slimy people and unknown foods. I'm starting to get sea sick, I'm afraid. It's been 10 days already. The younger ones are getting restless being tied up in this boat all day every day. We're running out of ways to entertain them. There's sweaty people everywhere, and it's the most uncomfortable thing. I just have to keep holding on to the thought of America. Sleeping arrangements are on the floor. Find a spot if you can. We can hear everything down here, too. The engine and the horn. One is lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. I brought with my blanket, though. My nana made it for me when I was a toddler. She passed on many years ago, and this is all I have left of her. We were only allowed to bring a few select items with from Japan, and this was a must have. Some other things I brought along were my checkers, some clothes, and a doll I've had for as long as I can remember. Sleeping would be completely impossible without my blanket and doll, but with them, it's only nearly impossible.

10: Dear diary, We are here! America is so beautiful. Stepping off the ship, my lungs breathed in the fresh, open air. The air is so much nicer here. Well, it probably is the exact same, but I'm just so happy to be here! My mama cried when she stepped off the boat. She never imagine she'd be able to get here. I'm so excited my heart is racing. All we have to do now is go through immigration, and we'll be set to head off for Kansas!

11: Dear diary, There are so many people here. It's hard to get through the crowds. We had to wait in line for hours just to get processed. You'll never believe what happened, though. In the baggage room, we ran into some family of ours! Some more Fujimotos had made it here, ones we haven't seen in years. My whole body fluttered with relief of seeing a friendly faced. We got all our baggage checked and moved on.

12: Dear diary, I have some bad news. We all had to go through medical exams to make sure we wouldn't bring in any diseases to America. Gramps got marked. He had to go for a 6 second medical exam. When he came back, there was a C on his sheet. Turns out he has conjunctivitis. They're sending him back today. We offered to go with, but he insisted we started our new lives here. I'll miss him. More bad news, unfortunately. We waited at the kissing post nearly 2 hours for the Yangs. They were a no show. We received a letter stating that they're sorry, but we're not allowed in Kansas. I don't know what we're going to do.

13: Dear diary, We decided to head to Tennessee. Papa heard some other immigrants talking about the great job offers out there. I really like it here. I got a new job as a seamstress, again, but it pays so much more. I get paid in American money, dollars. The environment is comfortable, too. Papa is doing farming and even working on breeding animals. America has so much to offer to us. I know things didn't turn out the way e had hoped, but I'm so grateful to be here. I thank God every day for this wonderful opportunity. My English is slowly getting better day by day. There's this girl, Natalie, who I work with that is a fantastic English speaker. She came from Germany 6 years ago, so she's been through what I have. We like to share stories about Ellis Island together in our spare time. I don't eat as much rice and sushi now as I used to. We eat a lot of sandwiches and meat, like real animal meat, not just fish. It's a whole change, but I like it a lot. Although, I do miss my home country tons.

14: Dear Takao, You are turning 18 soon. I miss you greatly. I know being in the war is more important than being with me, but I wish you could be here with me. How are things going for you, brother? I hope you don't get shot at all. I really love you, and come home soon. Your sister, Kimiko Dear Takao, We are so very proud of you here. Everywhere I go, I boast about how my son is in the war. You're doing us a great honor. We have been helping put up posters to raise money for the war effort in your honor. Please return safely. Love always, mom and dad

15: Dear family, Things are going good here. Well not good, but as good as things can be for a war. We do this technique called trench warfare. It's where we fight in trenches across from each other. There's a big open space in between us called no man's land. Most everyone who has attempted crossing it has failed. Love, Takao

16: Dear family, Today something absolutely magical happened. We celebrated Christmas. By we, I mean all of us. Both sides of the war. We ventured out into no man's land, and we all mingled over shared food and mock gifts. It was marvelous. I know we will have to go back to war tomorrow, but for today, it was such a relief. There are some great people on the opposing side of no man's land, and I wish we could just all get along. Your son and brother, Takao

17: Dear family, Today we succeeded in breaking up the Ottoman Empire. We're getting closer and closer every day to winning this war. I hope I can come home to you guys soon. I send my love. Takao

18: Camp Custer May 6th 1918 My Dear Anna, Received your dear letter today and certainly glad to get it as you know. Dearest how they affect me. Just got back from taking the entrance exams for the next training camp and they were certainly hard. Don't hardly think I made it but will know in about a week now. Hope I did as it will mean a whole lot to us dearest..

20: March 26, 1911 WORLD WAR I TIMES | The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was the deadliest industrial disaster in the city of New York. It was ranked as the fourth highest loss of life in an industrial accident in US history. On March 25, 1911, a shirtwaist factory caught on fire. The fire cause the deaths of over 148 worker.s Most burned up or had a death related to that, but some decided to jump from the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors. The doors were blocked so the workers wouldn't steal, | but this is why they couldn't get out of the burning building. The fire was started by a dropped match on the floor.The fire was a wake up call for the working industry. They realized that they had to start making safer and overall better work environments. Many of the workers were women, some as young as the age of 14. Overall, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a tragic day.

21: June 28, 1914 | WORLD WAR I TIMES | Today, Archduke Franz Fredinand of Austria was assassinated. His wife, Sophie, was assassinated as well. They were shot in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip. There was a group of six Bosnian Serb assassins, and Princip was one of them. Their objectice was to break off Austria-Hungary's south-Slav provinces. They wanted to combine into a Greater Serbia or a Yugoslavia.

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