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In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith

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In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith - Page Text Content

FC: An A to Z Scrapbook By: Cait Baker Honor's English II

1: A | Antagonist | Mysterious | untrustworthy | dangerous | Mitch | Hates Jonah and is the main cause for every adveristy

2: B | Books

3: Jonah and Simon are alone. Their mother has run off with another man. Their father is in prison. Their older brother is serving in the Vietnam war. One step closer to being separated forever, Jonah and Simon pack their bare essentials and set out on a journey. Unfortunately, luck doesn't seem to be in their favor. | Soon enough, they are stranded, hungry, and tired. When things start turning out for the worst, they are picked up by a hippie and a teenage girl. Jonah is suspicious about this odd couple. However, little do the boys know that this is going to be the ride of a lifetime.

4: C | Climax

5: The climax occurs when Mitch goes after Jonah and Simon. He shoots at them, throws boulders through the roof of the trailer they're hiding in, then catches it on fire. The intensity and dramatic outcome makes it the climax

6: Description of the main characters | D

7: Jonah: Jonah is the oldest of the two brothers in the book. He is always thinking and tries to do what is best for himself and his brother. He is very skeptical of the two strangers they get into the car with. Simon: Simon is Jonah's younger brother. He is tired of listening to his brother and does things just to get on Jonah's nerves. Lilly: Lilly is the teenage girl in the car with the boys. All three guys in the car drool over her. She is also pregnant with her first child. Mitch: Mitch is the male driver of the car that Jonah and Simon get into. He is a very mysterious, sick minded man who is very sketchy. He is also dangerous.

8: E | Exposition

9: Mitch, Lilly, and the boys rescuer Walker are all dead. Jonah, Simon, and their new friend Dalton are all exhausted and scarred for life because of the previous events. Jonah and Simon find out that their brother committed suicide while fighting in the Vietnam War. The brothers also find each other and become closer.

10: F | figurative Language

11: Imagery: "In the silent stillness of the desert, hunched down behind a black-brown clump of brush, trying to hide from whatever might be there, I could see Don Quixote standing military like, as though the statue was somehow keeping guard." Simile: " Dalton moved like a hunter..." Metaphor: "...his paper face a monochrome blur..."

12: G | give an alternate ending

13: Instead of Lilly dying, she lives and has her child. Her, Jonah, Simon, and Dalton all escape. Lilly and Jonah eventually get together and raise Lilly's child as their own. They all live with Dalton's family until they find a place to stay. Also, Matthew comes back and meets the boys at his friend's mother's house instead of committing suicide while in Vietnam.

14: h | Heart to heart

15: Dear Jonah, If you ever have a bad feeling about something, sometimes trusting your own judgment is the best option. From the time that 1940 Lincoln Cabriolet stopped to offer you a ride, you knew there was something that wasn't right. Next time, trust your own judgment. Also, the best option probably would have been to decline Mitch's offer for a ride. After all, you are the older brother in the situation. You shouldn't let your younger brother control your actions. You could have at least waited for the next car to drive by. When you fight with your brother, it just causes you to drift out further and further apart. Especially when you are in such a complicated and possibly dangerous situation. The best option is to try to stick together and at least attempt to get along. There would have been a lot less conflict between the two of you. Maybe you both wouldn't have had to suffer quite as much. Also, never let a girl cause conflict between you and Simon. Your family is more important than any other girl. Family will always there for you. Please take this advice next time you are on the road looking for a way to get away from it all. Good luck. Sincerely, Cait Baker

16: I | Illustration

18: J | Justify why the book is a must read for all teens

19: In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith is a must read for all teens for many reasons. First of all, it is a story of the relationship of two brothers. It's rough at first, but in the end they find one another and become inseparable. It shows that even through the roughest times, sticking together and having faith in one another is the best option. This book has a great use of suspense. The author uses the point of view from the characters to help tell all parts of the story. It also has a good use of imagery. When describing the setting, the author does a good job of using sensory details. This creates the effect of feeling like you're actually there. This book would mostly appeal to guys because of the graphic scenes. However, it was still an enjoyable read.


21: 1. Why were Simon and Jonah forced to leave their home? 2. What animal did they start their journey riding? What happened to it? 3. What kind of car did the boys get into? 4. What do the boys later figure out about Lilly? 5. What do the figures carved into the side of the car represent? 6. What happens that causes the biggest conflict between Simon and Jonah? 7. How does Jonah get separated from the rest of the group? 8. What happens to Lilly? 9. What does Dalton do to help Jonah? 10. What was the relationship between Mitch and Lilly? | Their mother had left, their father was in jail, and their older brother was in Vietnam. Also, they would eventually be forced to be separated. A horse. It collapsed out of exhaustion and died. 1940 Lincoln Cabriolet She is pregnant The people Mitch has killed or plans on killing in the future. One night, when they stop to stay in a hotel, Jonah hooks up with Lilly. Simon pushes him off a bridge to prevent him from getting shot by Mitch. She gets sick and dies He finds him on the road, takes him to his home, and later helps him save Simon. They had grown up together. Mitch always had feelings for Lilly but she didn't. When they both needed to get away she went with him.

22: L | Lessons Learned

23: Jonah learned that when taking leadership, it requires great responsibility. Simon learned that the best way to overcome adversity, is to have faith in those you love. I learned that life is a winding twisting road with pit stops left and right along the way. But that's the only way to get to your final destination.

24: M | Making personal connections

25: One personal connection I made with the book is that, like Jonah, I also have younger brother. Although we may disagree, fight, or just not get along; I would do anything for him and stand up for what's right to keep him safe. Another personal connection I made was that throughout the book Jonah had to make lots of decisions as he grew older. I can relate to this because as I have grown older, I have also had to make lots of decisions.

26: N | narration

27: This book was told from a first person point of view. However, it switched between each character's point of view.

28: O | Obituary

29: Matthew Vickers Obituary- Matthew Vickers of Los Rogues, New Mexico committed suicide in Vietnam. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vickers. He was born in Los Rogues, New Mexico. He served in the Vietnam War for several months until his death. His mother and father both survive. His two younger brothers Jonah and Simon both survive. Since no family was located to be acknowledged of Matthew's passing, there will be no memorial service or funeral.

30: P | Protagonist

31: Jonah was the protagonist of this book. he is a sixteen year old boy who is on a journey to Arizona with his younger brother Simon. It's up to Jonah to lead his brother and keep him safe. What makes him the protagonist is that he faces several adversities throughout the book.

32: Q | quotes

33: "Maybe brothers need to do that, to deal with the most horrible things, just to see what they're really made of, what's really between them. Because sometimes, I think that's a force that's more powerful than all those other things we can't do anything about." In the Path of Falling Objects page 323. This is important because it is the biggest lesson that Jonah and Simon learned throughout the book. "I found that missing someone is just another way to feel sorry for yourself, like someone's done you wrong." In the Path of Falling Objects page 315. This is important because after the losses Jonah and Simon experienced, they don't need to feel sorry for themselves. They need to be happy that they still have one another.

34: R | Resolution

35: In the end, Simon and Jonah found each other, found out that their brother had committed suicide, and made a new friend. They knew they were safe now that Mitch was dead. They also knew that it was a road trip they'd never forget.

36: s | Sensory details

37: "The Indian headdress had been drained of its hues in the storm, the leather now gone the color of rotted meat, the feathers that had been dyed to look like an eagle's, faded to the dingy white of the turkey they had been pulled from." In the Path of Falling Objects page 96. This has an impact of the senses because it gives you such descriptive details, that you can picture the scene in your mind.

38: T | top 5 songs list | Jonah's iPod Track List 1. Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts 2. Lead Me - Sanctus Real 3. Crush - David Archuleta 4. Hero - Skillet 5. Forgiveness - Matthew West

39: 1. Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts Well life's a road that you travel on There's on day here and the next day gone Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand, sometimes you turn your back to the wind There's a world outside every darkened door where blues wont haunt you anymore For the brave are free and lovers sour come ride with me to the distant shore This song would be found on Jonah's iPod because he is on a highway (literally) and is on a journey in his life that twists and turns like an actual highway. | 2. Lead Me - Sanctus Real Lead me with strong hands Stand up when i cna't Don't leave me hungry for love, chasing dreams But what about us? Show me you're willing to fight that I'm still the love of your life. I know we call this our home But i still feel alone This song would be found on Jonah's iPod because he feels like he's the one that has to lead his brother and is willing to fight for him.

40: 3. Crush - David Archuleta Do you ever think, when you're all alone All that we can be? Where this thing could go? Am I crazy or just falling in love? Is it really just another crush? Do you catch your breath when I look at you? Are you holding back like the way you do? Cause' I'm trying to trying to walk away But I know this crush ain't going away This would be on Jonah's iPod because he has a crush on Lilly, but isn't sure if she feels the same way. | 4. Hero - Skillet It's just another war Just another family torn Falling from my faith today Just a step from the edge Just another day in the world we live I need a hero to save me now I need a hero to save me now I need a hero to save me now A hero will just in time This would be on Jonah's iPod because he is under a lot of pressure from having to take care of his brother. So he feels like he needs a hero to save him and Simon from the mess they're in.

41: 5. Forgiveness It's the hardest thing to give away and the last thing on your mind today It always goes to those who don't deserve It's the opposite of how you feel When the pain they caused is just too real It takes everything you have just to say the word Forgiveness This would be on Jonah's iPod because he has to learn to forgive several people in his life. His dad, for not being there for them all their life. His mom, for leaving them alone. Matthew, for taking his own life. Mitch, for causing so much pain. And Simon, for just not being the brother he should have been.

42: u | Undercover Mission

43: Andrew Smith 1. Lives in Southern California 2. Teaches high school AP classes 3. Coaches rugby

44: v | Visiting your favorite character

45: Jonah 1. What do you think would have happened if you and Simon had not gotten into that car? (I ask this because i know it would have been a completely different story if they hadn't.) 2. What was the most difficult adversity to overcome? (I ask this because there were many adversities he overcame throughout the book) 3. Throughout your journey, was there a point where you wish you hadn't left home? (I ask this because since the boys went through so much that maybe he would agree that staying home would've been safer.) 4. What do you think would happen if Matthew had made it home safely from the war? ( I ask this because in the end, they boys have no real family to turn to.) 5. If Lilly had lived, what do you think would've happened? (I ask this because I know Jonah and Lilly loved each other.)

46: w | Why?

47: I believe that the human motivation that drives Jonah is that he us just trying to do what's best for his brother. Jonah believes that sticking with Simon is the best option. They have never been separated throughout their entire lives and have depended on one another since then. When Simon starts to rebel against his brother, Jonah has no choice but to do anything to keep them together. Throughout the book, there are many conflicts thrown at the brothers which cause them to slowly drift apart. Simon feels anger towards his brother. This causes Jonah to have to work even harder to keep himself and his brother safe. It seems to Jonah that no matter how hard he works, the tougher it seems to get. Eventually, the boys figure out that they are in danger. That this mysterious driver isn't what he seems. This realization draws Simon and Jonah together. They learn that family comes first no matter what happens.

48: x | xenophobia

49: Jonah and Mitch both experience xenophobia towards one another.

50: y | you get to create this page based on your own ideas!

51: Find images from the book that played an important part along the way.

52: z | zinger

53: One "zinger" in this book was when I found out that Lilly was pregnant. This was unexpected because Lilly is so young and I thought that it would affect her relationship with Jonah. Another "zinger" I found in this book is when Mitch hunts Simon and Lilly like animals after they run away. He covers himself with charcoal, cuts himself, smears his blood with the charcoal, and takes a loaded gun with him to find them. It was unexpected because it was disturbing and just over the top when it comes to being insane.

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