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Inadequate Words

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BC: For each of you I cried Some, for what we had and shared And some, for what we never had Because we never dared

FC: Words | Inadequate

1: First we feel. To convey those feelings we assemble words -- often inadequate words.

2: Sometimes There's A Bond | Sometimes there's a bond That is formed in our hearts Sometimes there's a bond That is always a part Of our life through the years Through the toil and the tears Sometimes there's a bond in our hearts You were right on my mind Every day all the time You've always been there With your love and your care You were there from the first Through the glad and the worst You've always been there in my life

3: Hark, down the fair chambered corridor of years The quiet closing one by one of doors And far in the distance everyone can hear The peaceful music from the other shores And we all dance together Yet we each dance alone And we reach for each other On the long, long journey home | Remember when the storm was so bad That it was hard to stand And the only way we made it through Was by holding hands Hold my hand again A storm is coming in I need your help to stand May I hold your hand . . . | Going Home | Hold My Hand Again

4: He Never Sang Out His Song | He arranged all the chairs Lined them all up in pairs And he stepped back and surveyed the scene Then he hooked up the mikes And turned up the lights And checked that the carpet was clean He trimmed out the sound Laid the programs around And finally unlocked the door And it was going so well That the people could tell That he'd been here and done this before He was all dressed and ready But seemed a little unsteady And nobody knows what went wrong But when he stepped in the light Fear gripped him that night And he never sang out his song

5: Fairyland | A ticket for fanciful journeys I bought A magical mind was what I sought What marvelous thoughts I thought I thought In those mystical realms sublime What joyful joys in joy were gathering What hopeful hopes I hoped of having What dreadful dread I dreaded dreading What fearful fears I feared forgetting What mournful moans were mourners making How sadly did the sad stand shaking How hard the hardened hearts were aching When powerful prayers were prayed How cowardly the cowards cowered How stately did the stoics stand How silent did the silence sound When I dreaming, dreamed in fairyland

6: Riverhouse Goodbye | In the darkness of the early dawn He sat alone out by the lawn . . . And whispered to the river, trees and bugs He softly said he ached to stay But that he had to go away Then sadly gave them love and final hugs And then he waved a kiss back down the road While in the night his warm tears flowed 'Twas his riverhouse goodbye.

7: Retrospective | Oh what sadness wells at times For all my thoughtless, pointless crimes Which gained me naught save bad And left my child to know the sad Of shattered dreams upon his way While thinking he'd return someday And recapture them in bloom of youth Not having learned that awful truth That seldom does a man return To the dreams of youth that always burn And "tis the way of man" is small excuse For the things I do that bring abuse To that gentle little one I'm allowed by law to call my son

8: Church | And sometimes we'd sing a song And sometimes I'd sing along And sometimes I'd share my name It's a shame It's just a game

9: There was a Cry | Wider than worlds Higher than sky Deeper than oceans There was a cry Darker than sorrow Colder than frost Sadder than gone A soul becomes lost Longer than memory Braver than night A soul in the darkness Searches for light Softer than beauty Sweeter than sound Love answers the cry The lost soul is found | There Was A Cry | Wider than worlds Higher than sky Deeper than oceans There was a cry Darker than sorrow Colder than frost Sadder than gone A soul becomes lost Longer than memory Braver than night A soul in the darkness Searches for light Softer than beauty Sweeter than sound Love answers the cry The lost soul is found

10: Massive Man | In the comfort of the candlelight Hearts gathered round the bed that night To bon voyage the frail and massive man And everyone without concern Reverently would take their turn To add their blessing to the quiet scene Then peacefully he breathed his last Taking with him all his past His joys, his fears, his sorrows, hopes and dreams And each one taking part Locked up that moment in their heart And all was quiet as he left the scene But as the final curtain fell It seemed quite difficult to tell Where the play had stopped and each of us began So intricate had been the weave That it was simple to deceive All whose hearts had loved the massive man As I sat alone that day I struggled to retain the play -- To touch the moments I had loved the most But the golden curtain had come down And taken all the sights and sounds That made those magic moments come alive And all again seemed dull and gray Compared to the splendor of the play And so I sat alone and wept and cried

11: Then from the backstage came a man Who sat down and took my hand And gently asked me how I liked the play And looking deep into my eyes He saw my grief and seemed surprised And paused before making this reply: | Your tears become a compliment For all the years that I have spent Acting out the role of "Massive Man" But never let yourself confuse The props and costumes that I use As having anything to do with what is real For all that you have seen today Is only just a play Where I acted out the role of "Massive Man" And now I go to other plays With different songs and lines to say Imbuing each with all the love I can And someday, when you're off the stage We'll meet again and sign the page Where you and I one time . . . . . . played "Massive Man"

12: Becoming | praying for courage he steps to the line the demons are howling the creatures are crying reeling in blackness battered by woe striving for balance he finally lets go snared in a whirlwind he lifts up the rod then naked and silent faces his god

13: Cattle Pens | What solace the night When the absence of light Hinders the work of the slaughter

14: So Sad | With half her life gone by There's a deadness in her eye With half her time erased It shows heavy on her face What happened to the girl That was ready for the world What happened to the grace And the beauty of her face Where did her wonder go And will she ever know What happened to her song Before it's over said and done A tragic, nameless form That's never been reborn Maybe too afraid to try She let her spirit die

15: She's the Property of John | Over yonder see that blonde She's the property of John And a lot of things go on You can't sing about in song She used to have a smile It was there for quite a while When folks noticed it was gone She was the property of John It's as true as it is sad All the local folks feel bad But when they see her they move on She's now the property of John She's the property of John And her sad nights are so long She's there from dusk till dawn And a lot of things go on The town folk know are wrong With the property of John

16: Glory Dust | People on the street Think their lives would be complete If they could have a treat of that glory, glory dust You'll find them everyplace They walk up to your face Sayin' may I have a taste of that glory, glory dust Then they collect it in a bag, in a hat or in a rag Keep it safe til they can brag -- 'bout their glory, glory dust They will button-hole a star Braggin' I could go that far If I only had a jar of that glory, glory dust And they pack it in a bag, in a hat or in a rag And they walk away and brag -- I got me glory, glory dust Then they swap and shop some more And they total up the score In that private little war called, glory, glory dust And they stuff it in a bag, in a hat or in a rag And play the game of tag -- shoutin' glory, glory dust

17: Christmas Eve | The organ's playing in the village square The Christmas carols float softly through the air The presents sparkle with lights from the tree How much nicer could Christmas be The smell of the pine trees in the air That Christmas joy seems everywhere The hearth's a glowing and the fire's ablaze You feel like you're in a wonderful daze Across the mantel-piece bounds Santa's little sleigh He'd better hurry for tomorrow's Christmas day Snow's falling softly on the world around Covering the world with a blue-cast down The tinsel dances in the fire's red glow The holly wreaths are dressed in a bow White angel hair floats down the Christmas tree How much nicer could Christmas be This I say, this I believe This is the world's best Christmas Eve

18: Quiet Things | When sitting down to capture thoughts to fashion something better than something bought, One searches for those larger sounds that speak of feelings beyond our bounds Something bold and grand with wings, yet gently whispering quiet things that soothe our souls and wrap our hearts in comfort from the other parts of life that as yet, we do not understand but gladly face with open hand | Life calls this graduation day as the former gently fades away And all the future chapters start . . . new friends meet and old ones part And later in some quiet dawn as you look back on what is gone There will remain a sound that sings . . . the gentle whisper of quiet things.

19: Bless this day And all who came my way Bless what's been We may not be this way again Bless our hearts And gently hold our souls Bless our lives And guide us as we go | I know that time and place and space will thrive, But I don't know if we'll survive, If you and I try to deny The light that lives inside | If I sang all summer and loved all night Greeted the morning with a holy light If I danced till dawn in a quiet calm Would everything be all right . . .

20: Twilight Voices | He needs the dark night She seeks the bright light And slowly their heart-lights grow dim And in sadness and quiet They no loner deny it They've stopped starting over again His heart is weighed down Her heart is outbound And both their hearts muffle the sound Of lives being shattered And dreams being scattered Like ashes strewn over the ground A heart crying out Is a soul dying out But there's never a doubt How the story will end For each one from birth Wanders over the earth Seeking a lover, companion and friend And they never will rest Till the day they are blessed With the heart of another Seeking their own Then they'll rest in the glory Of the rest of the story Two souls are not dying alone

21: Intentions of the Heart | The intentions of the heart The intentions of the soul They tear us all apart Or help to make us whole Whether life is beautiful Or whether life has pain You can't thank the sunshine And you can't blame the rain But resting in a quiet place Begin to search the part Where all of life's lost answers are The intentions of the heart The intentions of the heart The intentions of the soul They lead you far away Or directly to your goal If your life is lonely And your heart is filled with pain There is only one way To come back home again Resting in a quiet place Begin to search the part Where all of life's lost answers are The intentions of the heart

22: Silver, Silver Sunshine | Silver, silver sunshine Silver satin rain I can't stand to stay here lord 'Cause I can't stand the pain I feel the winter . . . comin' on All my summer . . . nearly gone Gotta help me Silver, silver sunshine Silver satin rain Lord my body's aching It's screaming, wracked with pain Don't think I'll make it . . . through the night Know I'm losing . . . gotta' fight God help me It hurts so bad inside There's no place left to hide Nobody seems to care Nobody's ever there When I need a friend And I need a friend . . . real bad Need a friend . . . real bad

23: The Earth Abides | When man's done all the damage he can do When he's hacked and cut and chopped and smashed and chewed And there's nothing left for kings to desecrate And every living soul knows its too late The earth abides When we've killed and raped and pillaged all we can And no water's left to wash our bloody hands And every living thing's been spoiled for gain And there's no place left for man to ease his pain The earth abides When tormented millions lie crying in despair And utter desperation fills the air And the last remaining warrior finally falls And there is no one left to hear his dying calls The earth abides It still abides

24: Filters | Cobbled together with no plan at all Filters are formed upon which to call Hammered and painted and rusted and bent Or plated and polished with hardly a dent Each filters more than the one just before And garbles the message a little bit more Two stand hearing and seeing the same Their perceptions are different -- their filter's to blame

25: Sometimes I want to scream Sometimes I want to shout Sometimes I want to throw a fit And let my feelings out Sometimes I want to howl Sometimes I want to bay Sometimes I want to pack it in And go away to stay Sometimes I want to swear Sometimes I want to cuss I'd do it now but just cannot 'Cause it might make a fuss I was taught to smile I was taught to grin I was taught my darker thoughts Originate from sin So down the road I go I'm barely in control Seems a rather sorry way To transmigrate my soul | SOMETIMES I WANT TO SCREAM

26: Sometimes There's a Bond -- May 23, 1997 Going Home -- December 1998 Hold My Hand Again -- Unknown He Never Sang Out His Song -- November 8, 2000 Fairyland -- April 4, 2001 Riverhouse Goodbye -- September 21, 1995 Retrospective -- November 13, 2000 Church -- Early 1980's There Was A Cry -- June 13, 2000 Massive Man -- December 16, 1998 (The night of Elmore J McMurphy's death) Becoming -- November 30, 2000 Cattle Pens -- April 22, 2001 (Passing the Harris Ranch cattle pens on I-5 at night) So Sad -- October 18, 2001 (Noticed a tired woman in a passing car) She's the Property of John -- October 18, 2001 (Observed a truck with two men and a blonde woman between them) | Notes:

27: Glory Dust -- Unknown Christmas Eve -- November 1960 (Study Hall, South Lancaster Academy, Lancaster, MA) Quiet Things -- June 16, 1995 (For my son, Scott's, graduation from high school) Bless this Day -- October 18, 2001 (Watching a sunset after a day of driving) Time & Place & Space -- July 1993 (Hollyhock Retreat, Cortes Island, BC) If I Sang -- June 2001 (Gourd Festival in Fallbrook, CA) Twilight Voices -- August 3, 1999 (After finishing a video shoot for the opera "Twilight Voices") Intentions of the Heart -- January 1995 Silver Sunshine -- February 1981 (Upon seeing bright sunshine on rainy road in Arroyo Grande, CA) The Earth Abides -- October 20, 2001 (Driving across the US) Filters -- March 16, 2003 Sometimes I Want to Scream -- June 17, 2001 (Upon no particular occasion) Back Cover: For Each of You I Cried -- March 24, 1981 (Written for friends in Portland upon leaving for LA) All Poetry By William R. Hunker, copyright 2011

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