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Inca's, Aztec's, and Maya's

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Inca's, Aztec's, and Maya's - Page Text Content

S: Aztecs , Incas, and Mayas

FC: Awesome Aztecs Interesting Incas Mysterious Mayas | By: Andrea and Lane

1: When the Aztecs first started a city it was in Mexico they set up a city right on the Lake Texacoco. It was a pretty bad place to start a city because it was swampy and did not have much very good soil but they made due with what they had. They would fish, build canoes, plow the grounds, and build floating gardens. They also made giant dikes to stop the waters from covering the ground.

2: Once they had done all of that they went on to building houses, and making a brand new city. Once they had made their city they, went on to social classes first for the Incas:there was the Sapa the biggest leaders out of all of the social classes. Next was the nobles they were allowed to carry around tiny fans they were the only ones allowed to carry around the tiny fans. Next was the Priests they would be like the preachers of a

3: church or some type of god in a building. After them was the merchants they were called the tax collectors. Then after the merchants are the craft workers they would help build houses and make tables, chairs, and canoes.After the craft workers there was the farmers they would supply the cities/towns with food.Then there was the commoners they are just regular people that don't have much power.Next is Government

4: Punishments: 1.Don't steal 2.Don't insult the Inca 3.Don't steal Don't mock the old 4.Don't mock the sick 5.Don't mock on who has sinned 6.Don't set a bad example 7.Don't interrupt the speech of one If you are asked something, reply soberly and without affection or flattery or 8.prejudice to others 9.Don't make wry faces 10.Wherever you go walk with peaceful air Only nobles carry a fan 11.Don't complain.

6: The Aztecs got over ran by the Spanish some died it was because of the Spanish they brought over diseases and they went into battle. With them they finally gave up they destroyed the Aztecs and left them with nothing, some of them would also be sacrificed. And that was the cause of the fall of the Aztecs.

8: Aztecs: Montezuma II was alarmed when he got the news about the Spanish Force. He gave the messengers rich gifts for Cortes a message that said that the he ordering the Spanish to leave. Cortes and his men were surprised with the gifts. The gifts were mad of precious materials and gold. They thought that Mexico were rich in treasures. They marched on into the city. In June 1520, the Aztecs rose up against the Spanish. They fought for a week it was bitter fighting. The Spanish tried to sneak out of the city but the Aztecs found them. Many of them were killed, Montezuma was also killed. Cortes lead the men to safety in nearby Tlaxcala. Four months later in October the smallpox broke out. The Spanish had brought it to the New World. The small pox took over the Aztecs and tousands of Aztecs died. Which weakened the Aztecs. They gave up and the Spanish went on to destroy the Aztec cities.

9: Aztecs: At the same time as the Inca empire the Aztec took over Mesoamerica from Mexico and Guatemala to the territories of Salvador and Honduras for over 100 year. In 1519 when Hermon Cortes landed in this region. After two years after his landing the Aztec Empire and the capital was burned to the ground. The Aztecs began their reign in 1427 after the leader, Itzcoatl, with the assistance of surrounding cities, defeated the Tepanecs and gained control of the Mexican basin. Leadership of the nation was passed on from brother to brother and then to the eldest son of the eldest brother. Leaders were then chosen by religious leaders and people of political power, based on their skills on the battlefield and their ability to speak eloquently.

10: Next is the Mayans Mayas:After an Asian migration across Alaska and down through western Canada, and southward through the United States and then into now-day Mexico. The Mayan civilization began around 2,000 B.C. They started to advance in 250 A.D. in Southern Mexico, through all of Guatemala, present day western Belize, and northwestern Honduras. The Mayans were a civilization they were not a tribe.

11: Mayans: Beginning in A.D. 800’s the Mayas started to leave their major centers. The cities in the southern part of the Mayas region were abandoned, while the cities to the north grew in power. Not many people know why people left, and why the Classic Mayan fell.

12: The Inca Empire began about 1438 B.C., when the 9th Inca, ruler invaded the neighboring Chanca Confederacy. Pachacuti (9th Inca ruler) was the first ruler to be a military leader, head of an entire empire, and a head minister. Pachacuti conquered many regions. He also had a son and his name was Topa Inca Yupanqui. Topa also conquered many regions like his father. He conquered to make the Inca region bigger. Topa Inca then had a son, Huayna Capac. He united and conqured the highlands of Equador and parts of southern Colombia. Huayna Capac had two sons, Huñscar and Atahualpa. But Huayna Capac died during a civil war between his sons.

13: Incas:The Spanish conquest was started in 1532 when the Spanish explorer, Francisco Pizarro, met Atahualap's army in Cajamarca, Peru. Atahualap's army was ambushed by 167 men, and Atahualap was taken hostage and held for ransom by Francisco Pizarro. In the end, the Spaniards still overthrew the Inca empire and killed most of the emporers too.

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