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S: Irasema's Portfolio

BC: Love is Pain & Pain is Love | Don't judge a book by its cover

FC: Irasema's Portfolio

1: Character Diary Literary Device Project Now Then Poetry Pillows Poetry Portfolios Soundtrack Travel Brochures

2: Emma's Diary | Narrative Entry March 2, 1859 Dad, Dad!” I shouted while crying. “What’s wrong baby? Why are you crying? What is the matter? Don’t scare me.” “I think that the Master wants to sell me to the white tall, lady with blond hair blue eyes with the pretty blue dress.” “Where?” “She is by where the Master is.” My father replied, “Oh her! Don’t worry baby I will make sure he won’t. I know he would not do that to us because he is like a brother to me as I’m to him he grew up together.” When Dad told me that I calmed myself down but I knew if the Master has sold me already there is nothing Papa can do about. I know the Master owes a lot of money and I know he would sell me so | Character Diary

3: he doesn’t have to go to jail, but I believe my Papa and I know. My Papa is not going to let the master sell me with the lady on blue dress and I also know I’m like a nice to the master even though we still slaves. Middle of the night I’m having night mires I can’t sleep and the worse thing is that I dream about me being sold and that I had an accident on my way to my new master house. March 3, 1859 I am awakened out of my sleep to the overhearing of Papa yelling. By the time I get downstairs Papa is crying and arguing with the Master. My father turns around. “Papa what’s wrong? What is the matter?” He replies, “I’m sorry baby girl, I’m sorry.” holding me tight. When Papa told me, I started crying because I knew that the Master had sold me to the lady with the blue dress on. The worst thing had come true and I couldn’t believe it. While I was crying I heard a background voice from the Master but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because I was too busy thinking about the fact that I wouldn’t see Mama and Papa again for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even say to Mama.

4: Will shouted, “Why my baby that’s my only baby! I should had let you ground in the lake, I would had never save your life if I just knew you were going to do this to me I don’t know what is wrong with you I can’t recognize you I don’t know you no more.” When I heard Papa say that I saw so much hate on his eyes I saw so much anger I had never saw in papas eyes before but when Papa told that to the Master he just walks away with his head looking down to the floor. Saying “I’m sorry but I had to do it.” Sara “what’s the matter why you crying Emma?” I replied “because I won’t see you again no more the master you dad has sold me to some other person and because I won’t see you no more as mi parent.” Sarah “No my daddy would not sell you because he knows how much I love you and how much you mean to me.” I answer “ I know Sarah but he just did and there is nothing I can do about I just have to leave but before you have to promises me that you will be good to your papa.” Sarah “No I hate him I hate him he is not my papa no more.”

5: Will “No young lady in this house we don’t say that type of things.” “While in my mind I hate him too because of what he have done to me but she is my owner at the end and for a girl for her age is not right and nice to feel hate.” I replied “Well know I have to go and Sarah you be good.” Sarah answer “I will try my best but I still hate him.” When I said, “Bye Papa,” my heart broke apart inside of me.” I wanted to kill the Master because he was separating me from what I love the most and from everything I have in my life. I never thought the Master would sell me and separate me from Sarah because I was like a little mother to her and he knew her better than anybody.

6: Descriptive A Memory as a slave! I remember when I used to watch Sarah and Francis when they were little, when I used to brush their hair and Ms. Francis used to get angry if I didn’t. Even though I didn’t like when Ms. Francis used to get mad, it was a sweet madness. Ms. Francis is the type of lady who is strong and Ms. Sarah is the soft one, the one that you have to look after. I remember how sweet, nice, beautiful and gentle Ms. Sarah was. Those two girls were so important to me they were like the two sisters I never had. They look at me like a mother. Inside the house where I used to work, everything was shiny, calm, comfortable, and fair. But out in the fill it was a huge, helpless, lonely and terrible place to be the rest of your life. I remember when Papa use to tell me that working out in the field it was a cruel, dangerous thing to do. That it was being like in hell. Also that how lucky we were because we work inside the house. Inside the house it was like heaven the place where everybody wanted to work. In the fill all there was a big piece of land where people pick up white cotton and getting cut .In the fill you had to be there for long hours in the hot summer time and the master whopping you back hurting you if he thought you were doing something wrong. Treading you like an animal not thinking that you are human being just like them. Master treading you and discriminating you just because you didn’t look like them and act like them. I always think that being free it was the best thing that would happen to me and my family until I got separate from my family. When I was with Ms. Francis and Ms. Sarah

7: it was one of the best things that happen to me. It was one of the best things because I grew up with them I took care of them like if they were my own two little princesses that I couldn’t have yet. They where my two sisters and my two love’s. I remember when I use to stay awake with Ms. Sarah because she had nightmares at the middle of the night because she dreams about her mama leaving her. The part I will never forget is when I used stay up and wait for Sarah to fall asleep and Ms. Francis would tell her that everything was going to be okay. Even though Ms. Francis tried so to make Ms. Sarah take a minute and listen to her. But instead Ms. Sarah would not just act if she wasn’t there. I knew that Ms. Francis felt sad but I couldn’t do much about it because I was just a slave and all I could say to Ms. Sarah was, “Don’t be rude, that’s not nice.” But my biggest memory and greatest memory that I won’t forget is the part when I sit in the chair and move back and forth and I had Ms Sarah and Ms Francis sitting in my laps. The night was one of my best nights I have ever had and I will never forget. But the sadness thing I won’t ever forget in my life was when I left my parents and my two loves. When I left everything I had and everything I love in this hard slave life. Just because the master wanted money he had to sold me and take me away from my life when he sell me it was like if he had kill me from the inside. I thought he was so important to my life but at the end he was the one who kill my heart the one who kill me alive. He was the one who teach me that you can’t have a happy life while slave and that you shouldn’t love anything.

8: Persuasive Essay Dear Master, Please don’t sell me! Master please doesn’t sell me to the white lady with the blue dress. Please don’t separate me from my parents. My parents are the best thing I have and the only thing I love the most beside your daughters. First of all, I’m like a niece to you and you are like my Papa’s brother; he treats you like one. Also, how would you feel if somebody from the night to the morning took care of you or your daughters and then you take that person right from under them never to see them again? Most of all, I am offering to do anything you want me to doI would do my best of taking care of your daughters or even work in the field or anything. But please don’t sell me. Master you know I’m like a nice to you and you my papa’s brother. He treats you like one. You were there when I was born and you and dad know each other since you were little. He save your life in the lake when you were grounding because you didn’t knew how to swim. Instead of letting you ground he jump to the lake swim and save you because you would had die there. He could have let you ground and act like if he didn’t saw anything. But no he had a good heart and save you please don’t sell me. How would you feel if somebody from the night to the morning takes your daughters and you don’t see them again. How would you feel is some stranger takes you two loves and you don’t see them or hear about them for the rest of your life. That’s

9: what you about to do. You about to take my two love my everything I had away from me. Don’t do this to me and my family. You know the minute you sell me my dad won’t ever for give you don’t do this to us. I know you want to sell me but we are both humans, we both have feelings, we both love the some people, we both live in the some house, but the difference is our skin color but the doesn’t matter because we are both human beings. Most of all I would do my best of taking care of your daughters or even work in the fill. I would be with them the 24 hours of the day. I would work on the fill. I would do the double of my work so you just won’t sell me and separate me away. I would do almost anything so you won’t sell me away from my parents because that’s everything I have in this life. Just imagine you were a slaves and then this stranger come and take you away from your parents and don’t see them again you should get on my shoes you should think how I feel right now. Master please don’t sell me I promises I would do the double of my work so you just won’t sell me away. I thinks those are some good reasons because you should think how family feel how human being feel. Don’t think just because we darker we not humans and feelings. Please don’t do this you killing me alive little by little by trying to separate me alive and the day you sell me I’m going to be death from inside because I’m not going to be worth the some and instead of me doing my job you going to have to pay for my job because I’m not going to do what they say. Instead of me make yourself look good of having good slaves it’s going to give you a bad

10: reputation. You should get on my shoes and see them not going to fit because if you were a real human being you should think about how I feel from inside how my heart is crying. | They don't like me because I look different...because i have different color skin but for me we ain't no difference n im still a human just like them.

11: Alliteration-the first sound in word or group of lines “Set you free” by lil tweety this song contains many examples of alliteration. For exampleTry, to, That, Tear, the, True, Time, through, ted and them. All of there are alliteration by having the first sound in a group of lines. Assonance- the repetition of internal vowel sound in a line or group of lines “It Goes Down In The Southside Of Town” by Mr.criminal. This song contains many examples of assonance. For example, when it says pounding, tripping, packing, clip walking, killers’ prostitutes, little, baggies, homies, and blasting questions. All of these are examples are assonance by the I sound. Personification-giving non-human things traits | Literary Device Project

12: NOW Today is 10/14/10 is 9:13am many things go through my mind and I have to do an assignment about a special date on my life but I can’t think of one right know. I’m thinking so hard that I can’t think no more but I do now something and that is that I’m tire looking around and at the sometime looking at the clock. Three minutes already pass and I still can’t choose a special date on my life and right know I’m wishing that I wasn’t here writing. I wish that I was on my bed sleeping and nobody bothering me. THEN I remember like if it was yesterday I was in 2-14-09 it was Valentine’s Day. My grandma has pass away 2 days ago and I was sad I couldn’t go to sleep and I was thinking about the good days I had with my mom well I call my grandma mom because I grew up with her. she was the only one there when I was sick and when I was happy and the only thing I know is that I’m not going to have nobody to tell my secrets and that I’m not going to have to who to talk to. Also somebody that’s going to get mad at me when I did something wrong. I also know that even though it was Valentine’s Day my boyfriend back in the day was not there with me but instead I was with one of my friends in the day but since the day my life change. Well the day I broke up with my boyfriend and I was mostly single for a while but it was a whole mess when I told him that it was over he got upset but he knew I was right when I told him that he was never there for me and well he understood and everything when | Now Then

13: okay and we stay as friends. NOW I still keep remembering the day but I know I’m sleepy and I’m drawing thinking if I should really keep writing about that day. I know I choose the day because it was valentines day and because I call Mr. Smiley to come and have fun well I would write his real name but I think he would not like it. I also chose the day because to many things happen that make me remember that day because my mom just pass away I broke up with my boyfriend and because I was with my brother having fun. That they I call it the cholo day. but while those thing happen trough my mind I feel lonely and sad at the some time.

14: I look for you in every single raindrop that falls from the sky. I look for you in every rose from the summer time. Then I look for you in the breath of a lover and I found you. I love you then when I see its raining I need you by my side. I feel that I need to share this moment with you my love. I need to share this moment for the rest of my life. I need to share with you my eternity my love my life. I look up in the sky and I see your beauty in the sky I have a strong feeling and its call love If you alive love you time The rest of my life I will be by your side Every time I think of you I realize I got too much love for you Sometimes I think what I would be without you Life is love, love is live All this time it has been a pleasure to be by your side One of the best thing that would happen is be with you the rest of my live Every day you have a chance and its your time Every time I see you I think of love What I feel for you is love All I want is to be with you Everything we do it take its time | Poetry Pillows | Poetry Pillows

15: If you do everything right you have a great live, And have a great way to the sky, When its your time If you love life live your time If you have a feeling show it if its love If you do good there is going to be a blue sky Time to grow up Nothing makes sense without live If there is no life there is no time And I wouldn’t be with you all this time If there is no love I won’t be by your side If I wouldn’t have been with you I wouldn’t be alive If I wouldn’t be alive I wouldn’t show you love If I didn’t show you love I wouldn’t be next to you If I was not been next to you I would be lost in the sky I have been with you a long time my love and by your side in the ups and downs and I will be with you the rest of my live until the man of the above takes me to the sky. | Love is the Best Filling Ever!!!

16: Poetry Portfolios | Imagery I touch my words like silent raindrops. I touch your beautiful face, That looks like a flower. People talking without speaking then, I hear your sexy voice Like the sound of a river. My sight is 20 20 because I see in you lots of love for me. Now I don’t have darkness vision of loneliness. Before I turn my collar to the Cold and damp. But one day my collar turn around and I saw your beautiful face and I knew you were the one | 1. Imagery 2. I am 3. I don’t understand 5. Sestina 6.Never & IF 7. ODE

17: I AM I am honest and careful. I wonder if the man of the above really exists. I hear somebody calling out my name. I see things moving. I want to be true. I am honest and careful. I pretend I am quite. I feel is somebody is next to me. I touch my feelings. I worry if the man of the above is going to take me. I cry in my own way when I’m alone. I am quite. I understand what it means to be a friend. I say I don’t judge a book by its cover. I dream that someday I’m going to be important. I try to do my best. I hope is a wonderful thing. I am a person that knows what it means to be a true friend.

18: I don’t understand I don’t understand why the world is cruel I don’t understand why people act like fools. I don’t understand why life is so hard. But most of all I don’t know why people are races. But most of all I don’t understand why you can only have one life. What I understand most about the world is that out of the trap of suffering and shortage and into freedom and abundance. What I understand about people is why they love each other and respect. What I understand about why love is painful.

19: Never say “I love you “ If you really do not care about me. Never talk about feelings If they aren’t really there. Never hold my hand If you are going to break my heart. Never say you are going to... if you don’t plan to start. Never look into my eyes If all you do is lie. Never say hi If you mean goodbye. If you really mean for ever Then say you will try. Never say forever because Forever makes me cry. If you make me cry You will break my heart. | Ode to life: When you born you come to life, Then you learn from what you see. But by the time you realize Life as you know it isn’t like that. Life has a lot of mistakes. Life can be tough but by the end of the day Life is how you make it seem. Life gives you a lot of changes But it also takes your chances. Life can be hard and cruel Life can be love by others Life can be hate by others Life can be unfair but at the Same time it can be beautiful. Lives take things you love but it Give you something back. Life is hard and everything happens for a reason Life is life

20: Dream Girl ft Taye Diggs She just the type that i been searchin fo awhile now, your the type that will make me feel so proud, your the type that i'd rather make love then fight, your the type that gets it poppin every single night Shes my dream girl, my one and only, my dream girl love it when she come on me, shes my dream girl, my love and my homie, shes my dream girl, its just me and you against the world. every single night before i go to sleep, i give thanks to the love to see you and me, my lady you dont have to force a fight, we can go hit the streets and enjoy da night, you my lover you my homie gotta do you right, you so tight, like girl i can see you in my dreams, my day like all about you and me, its guareenteed you gettin that lust from me, no ecestacy, take you to the ecestacy, me you spent the part never that to be, new city new faces, im gone, mama gonna be waitin for me to get home. Why she my dream girl, that mama quick and wise, she my dream girl thats why i made up my shawty. poked out like Lisa Ray, tatted hips, thighs, waist, gabrielle unions age strapped with all poke refreegees, in a house on a hill in the West Indies, if you let me i could give you everything that you need, speed in the central lanes wide open, she what im lookin fo, fo get

21: certain, theres no person that can take your place, im like a fat kid with cake when were face to face, part place when your here but aways when your gone, hard to pick a teen, while you race real long. Why she my dream girl, that mama quick and wise, she my dream girl thats why i made up my shawty. This song compares to Street Love because Damian is in love with Junice. It compares because Damien thinks that she is her dream girl and he says she doest smell like a plastic flower. When he say that she doesn’t smell like a plastic flower he means that she aint fake that she is just her self and doesn’t care about what other people think or be like somebody else. Also because after all she is passin throught she doesn’t think care about what other people and because she is though and she doesn’t let no body her down. In the book it says something like this shes my dream girl, its just me and you against the world. When daniam says that is because his mom and junice mom don’t want them to go out. Daniam mom doesn’t want him to go out with junice because she is a hood girl and because he is in a different class level she is in a different world. Junice mom doesn’t even like Damian because she is in jail and like junice haven’t do nothing she got mad at junice and told her that she doesn’t like him already. I think junice didn’t told her mom to go and sale drugs or do something crazy and well that’s not junice responsibility because her mom is the one who is suppose to be responsible for junice and her little sister.

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