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it's a comabat high heel love

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S: It's Only a Year

FC: It's a Combat High Heel Kinda Love! | April 3rd | Devin and Brooke

1: Devin, I remembered that you wanted some photos of me for when you leave.... Well you got your wish! I've made this book not to make you home sick, but in hopes on hard days you can look at it and remember all our happy times. Know that I am waiting for you!! And that I am only yours! I know you will do great! I believe in you, I can't wait for you to come home! Your so amazing in everything you do! I know your safe, and protected by great hands. Good luck!. Now go kill some dirty Joes!

2: It's not my fault i fell for you, you tripped me! | Tis' the day we met, you let me ride in the Hum-v With you, and the crowed chanted "USA', also the day we branded my brother!

3: Our First date was March 18th. You took me to Red Robin, and we watched t.v. on my phone. Then saw Paul. That day i noticed something was a little different with you...and to this day you still amaze me.!

4: Why can't they have gay's in the army? Personally, i think they are just afraid of a thousand guys with M16s going, "who'd you call faggot?" ( heard from my grandpa) | Officer: "Soldier, do you have change for a dollar?" Soldier: "sure, buddy." Officer " that's no way to address an officer! Now lets try it again!" Officer: "Soldier. Do you have change for a dollar?" Soldier: "No, Sir!" (also from my grandpa) | some funny jokes to pass a min or two

5: She then describes another saying its long, yellow and kinda hard. Again she skips Johnny, calls on Sally who says banana. "Nope sorry, but i like your thinking. Johnny irritated speaks out loud and says "Hey, I've got one for you teacher, let me put my hand in my pocket. 'okay.' says the teacher. "okay, I've got it it;s round, hard and it's got a head on it." "Johnny thats disgusting"! "Nope," answers Johnny it's a nickel but i like your thinking"! | A couple were in their bedroom and the girls says to her boyfriend, ' i wish i had bigger tits'. the boyfriend says 'well what i recommend is to get some toilet paper and rub it between your tits for two months'. ' how will that help make my tits bigger?' asks the girlfriend. ' well it worked for your ass' says the boyfriend. ;0) | A teacher brings a bag full of fruit. She reaches in and describes a fruit, class, she says, "it's round ,plump and red...Johnny raises his hand and the teacher wisely ignores him. She calls on Deborah who replies, "an apple?" "no." says the teacher, "but i like your thinking." For the second fruit she describes it's soft, fuzzy and cold, colored red and brown. Johnny again tries to get her attention, she calls on Billy who says a peach. Again, "no but i like your thinking."

6: Our second date was to another Blaze game you were working on March 31st, you told me I could only go if I gave you a kiss. I told you maybe. Before the game and an hour before you had to be at work, you came to lunch with me and Anthony and played at the park. Before I was about to leave, you ended up picking me up and hugging me which led to the best thing ever, our first kiss hehe yay! But then of coarse being you, you said that didn't count and you expected another before the game when you gave me the ticket "With a little more then a kiss. (spoiled)

7: Devin, i will never forget the day we met, i remember it like yesterday. The day you found me! My promise to you Big Spoon, is that i will never be untrue. I will never break your heart and I'll never let you feel empty inside. I'll never break the ties that bind us, I'll keep our love alive! So i make another promise to you, we will live and we will learn, and where ever you may go i will go heart and all! Now it's plain to see that the promises i have made to you, will only be seen in time. I'm here for you when ever you need me. I'm only a thought away! | My Promise to you!!!

8: Remember i'm

9: Waiting for you

10: Every sleep over from our first on April 1st (yes i remember it.) I will never forget the best feeling in the world is when I'm curled up next to you and i can hear your heart!!! You make me feel so safe! Every touch you make on me tingles and I know you care for me so much! I can't wait to be in your arms again!!!

11: Just a couple text i have saved for my self so your always with me. I hope they stay true,!Cause mine will! | I freaking <3 you it's retarded! we were watching a movie and you got up to check your phone, you laid back down and said 'Bubba what time is it? i said, 'why didn't you check your phone retard?' then you pushed me off the bed and said just check, and there was the text message! I didn't know how to react haha i called you a dork! But honestly that was the happiest moment of my life! | you: I don't know if i like having you as my wall paper me: why :( You: cause i miss you every time i check my phone. | You: i'm glad we met, even though were gonna have to be tough, your tough as hell so im not worried. me: i know :) we will make it! i promise no matter what, i'm yours ok! lets just live everyday together to the fullest! you: I hope so. we'll do our best. i just hope i get to talk to you every night. | I was very frustrated one day an you dropped me off before you went back to camp williams and sent me this. ( it made me so happy) don't stress babe. Be happy like you make me ok. we deserve it. things are gonna be tough but thats just gonna make the good parts that much better. | you text me kinda out of no where this: " i can't wait for every day :) | and this was my favorite text of all. You: Your my new best friend!

12: Babe I'll be ok, | Promise :)

13: Easter! Were I died all the eggs....and you played call of duty and watched south park! | me & you | your easter basket along with your egg hunt

14: I'm just

15: a page away!

16: Family | Forever | We love you, and can't wait for you to come home!

18: Letters of Encouragement

19: Dear Devin, Well it's kind of a bummer that i don't get to see you for a few. At the same time I'm excited for you to get to go see new places, and meet new people. I think these will be years you will look back on and be glad you did these things. I want you to know, I am really proud of the man you have become. It has been my dreams to see you do well, and not have to struggle in life. We Dougherty men are survivors, and I think we are pretty Frickin lucky, It must be the Irish in us. Anyway the best things are yet to come, and i look forward to all of us getting to share it with each other, ya know? I keep trying to do a little better every day. Love Dad.

20: Hi Dev, I feel a lot of pride whenever i think of you. I see a very physically fit and confident young man with high ideals and standards. I think a lot of the self confidence you seem to possess is a result of the successes you've had. Many of the latest of these successes include your involvement in the Army National Guard. The full time job you were given in the Guard must have been a result of your previous work. It's so important for all of us to do the best we can with whatever assignments, duties, etc. that we are given in life. You seem to be good at applying yourself. I believe we help create the difficult and the rewarding times depending on the choices we make and the way we live our lives. When you were younger, i noticed your desire to acquire a high skill level in activities you liked, especially athletic activities. You became a dedicated student in learning that activity. It was fun for me to watch. I want you to know that you can always talk to me about anything. You've always looked for the needs of others. Make sure you take care of the needs of yourself. Thanks for spending time with me, and introducing me to your special friend Brooke. Your grandma and myself spent so much rewarding time with you and Jorden. I will write to you about some of those times. Love Grandpa (papa)

21: Hey Bubba! So i just wanted to say a couple of things. :) You are the most amazing person ever.!You have showed me more love and care in just a couple months then anyone ever has. I love that you take care of me. Every day we have spent together has meant so much to me. I've cherished every moment. Thank you so so so much for everything you have gave and done for me. Devin I'm so proud of you, I really am. For you to step up and do what you do, is amazing. Your so strong willed, and driven and I love that about you. You have such a big heart, I'm so lucky to have a part of that, and to have such an amazing boyfriend in my life means so much to me. Remember I'm always here for you, no matter what, I promise I'll listen and help you through every obstacle that comes along and I promise I will stand by your side. You mean everything to me, Your my best friend, And my Hero, I LOVE YOU.!!! Love your little spoon.

22: St. George

23: The squeeze threw rock | The cool rocks | Riding the motorcycle and getting hit with a hay bale | Zion hike | Fun times with Your papa | The best vacation ever!!! | Swimming and the fireworks

24: Fun Times | Shooting | Bowling | "It's a wagon on wheels hehe !!!" | I was listening to music in your room and you came and picked me up and started dancing with me. We danced to Best intentions by; Travis Tritt

25: Drive in | When i was sick you sang 'Grow old with you' from the wedding singer, to me to make me feel better

26: Tankers | He stole your spot in bed though....hehe

27: Don't worry | Tanky Will protect me

28: Big spoon, Remember that your a strong person and can get through anything! You have such an amazing Family! Thank you for introducing me to them. I promise to take care of them. I can't wait to count down the days to just one week, when i get to run and jump in your arms!!! Me and you have a different kind of love, but to be apart of what you do, i believe it works and i have so much faith in us, I know I can make it and i know WE can make it. Keep your head up baby before you know it, you will be home and we can share so many more adventures and live day by day! "See ya later a while crocodile :)" I looooooooooove you!!!! To the moon and back and more!

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