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It's A Zoo In Here (Mamoo---Gia)

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It's A Zoo In Here (Mamoo---Gia) - Page Text Content

BC: What do these animals have in common?

FC: Mamoo's | "It's a Zoo in here!" | Book

2: A | is for Alligator | This is an Albino Alligator, which means it is white. | A Funny Fact: | Most alligator's are black

3: B | is for Blue- | A Funny Fact: | Footed Booby | If a boy Blue-Footed Booby has really "blue" feet.--- the girl Blue-Footed Booby thinks he is real cute!

4: C | is for Cheetah | A Funny Fact: The baby Cheetah's make a chirping sound like a bird.

5: D | is for Dolphin | A Funny Fact: Kiki swam with a Dolphin. Ask her what that was like.

6: E | is for Elephant | A Funny Fact: | Sometimes baby elephant's suck their trunk- -like human babies suck their thumbs.

7: F | is for Frog | A Funny Fact: | Frog's can't turn their heads like we do--because they don't have necks.

8: G | is for Giraffe | A Funny Fact: Did you know that Giraffe's can not cough?

9: H | is for | A Funny Fact: | Hummingbird | A hummingbirds favorite color is red!!

10: I | is for Iguana | A Funny Fact: | Mamoo thought it was fun holding an Iguana--- they are very heavy and have rough skin.

11: J | is for Jellyfish | A Funny Fact: | Jellyfish don't have | bones or a heart | or a brain. | Isn't that funny?

12: K | is for Koala | A Funny Fact: | When Koala's are scared they sound like a baby crying.

13: L | is for Lion | A Funny Fact: | Boy lions have a mane--hair around their head. Girl lions don't have that mane.

14: M | is for Manta Ray | Their name "Manta" means "Blanket" because they look like a blanket floating in the water. | A FunnyFact:

15: N | is for Newt | A Funny Fact: | A Newt and a lizard look a like. | But they are different in several ways--one is, a lizard has 5 toes on her front feet--and a Newt has 4 toes on her front feet.

16: O | is for Opossum | A Funny Fact: | When a Opossum is scared, they "play possum" | and act like they are sleeping. | They can stay that way for hours until they feel safe again.

17: is for Panda | P | Two Funny Facts: | Panda's can not run fast. And when a baby Panda is born, she is about the size of a stick of butter.

18: Q | Quail's can run faster on the ground than they can fly in the sky! | A Funny Fact: | is for Quail

19: R | is for Rhinoceros | Rhinoceros have a hard time seeing. | But they can smell and hear very well. | A Funny Fact:

20: S | A Funny Fact: | is for Seal | A baby seal is called a "pup"

21: T | is for Tortoises | A Funny Fact: | A tortoises and a turtle look a lot alike. But a tortoises always stays on the land and turtles like to play in the water.

22: U | is for Uakari | A Funny Fact: | If a boy Uakari monkey has a real red head, | the girl Uakari monkey thinks he is real cute!

23: V | is for Vervet | When Mamoo was in Africa, a Vervet monkey jumped on the | table and grabbed bread from Mamoo's plate. | A Funny Fact:

24: W | Water Buffalo's like to spend the day playing in muddy water! | A Funny Fact: | is for Water Buffalo

25: X | is for X-ray Tetra | You can see her backbone through the thin layer of her skin! | A Funny Fact:

26: Y | is for Yak | Two Funny Facts: | Yak's live in very cold weather. That's why they have a lot of fur on their bodies. | And a boy is called a "Yak" and a girl is called a "Nak"

27: Z | is for Zebra | A Funny Fact: | Zebra's sleep standing up.

28: Mamoo's other funny | **Remember the Blue-Footed Booby? She untied my shoelace with her beak--do you know how she did that? | **This is important--when you see a hummingbird---don't take your eye's off her--she has a lot of tricks you can see! | **A very BIG SEAL chased me down the beach in the Galapagos Island's and I was so scared! I would do that again because it was so much fun and I was laughing and crying!! | **When I rode an elephant, she sneezed and got snot all over my leg. I think that was so very funny! | **I was kissed on the cheek by a very friendly seal. Her breath sure smelled like raw fish. | **Be watchful of jellyfish when swimming. I was stung on the leg one time and it really hurt for awhile---but I'm ok now! | **This is good advise--when you ride a camel---just relax. | facts: | ** | ***When I was in Australia, I helped a sheep farmer shear a sheep. Oh, my goodness--that was so much fun!

29: **An Iguana's claw's are very sharp and will cut your arm. I know that for real! I'm ok now. | **Oh, my---wild monkeys will jump out of tree's and grab your hat or sunglasses. Now that made me laugh! What in the world will a monkey do with sunglasses? | **When I was a little girl, my daddy put baby alligators in our bath tub until he could take them to a safe place. I couldn't take a bath for two days!!! That was fun! | **When I was in Kenya, my guide told me if I put my back on a tortoises--my back wouldn't hurt anymore. I'm not sure he was right---but we sure laughed real hard when I tried it. | **Know this, a Zebra has dark skin under all those strips. But I still don't know if she has black strips on white fur or white strips on black fur. I will tell you when I know for sure. | **When you are feeding a kangaroo-be careful because she might step on your foot. They have very big feet and that hurt my foot for a few minutes.

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