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Jack McNichol's Retirement Book

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Jack McNichol's Retirement Book - Page Text Content

S: John "Jack" W. McNichol, Jr. - 44 Years of Service

BC: Copy Right (2011) by: Kelli Jeffrey Assistant Editors: Regina Lingenfelter & Paisley Irwin

FC: John "Jack" W. McNichol, Jr. May 16, 1967 - April 18, 2011

1: Jack, Life is like a vapor. It is here one moment and quickly fades away. You have provided an excellent example of how we each should embrace our daily gift and give of ourselves tirelessly in the spirit of excellence. You have also exemplified a true passion for people and the ultimate call of leadership. Thank you for being a role model for flexibility, tenacity and commitment. You've worked extremely hard for BBVA Compass, now go work hard on your golf swing and enjoy retirement. Congratulations and many blessings to you and yours! Rosilyn Houston - RRE - California Region | Jack, God makes the wind, we set the sails. May you sail into Retirement with the tenacity you held all these years at BBVA Compass. Wishing you much health and happiness! Regina Lingenfelter - DFW South District

2: 44 Years of Service | First National Bank Of Mobile Hire Date: May 16, 1967 Proof Department Transit Department Bookkeeping/Customer Service Vault Teller Commercial Teller Utility Team Teller Note & Savings Teller Loan Discount Department Utility Assistant Manager Assistant Branch Manager – Assistant Cashier Assistant Manager Credit Department Installment Loan Department/Collections Personal Loan Officer – Assistant Vice President Dealer Loan Officer Leasing Department Manager (Founder) Branch Manager – Vice President District Manager First National Bank of Mobile sold to AmSouth and several locations were divested to Central Bank of the South on August 30, 1985 Branch Manager (Operations)

3: Commercial Loan Department Branch Administrator – Operations – Mobile Banking Centers Central Bank of the South N.A–Operations/Branch Administrator & Member of Board of Directors – 3 yrs Central Bank of the South became Compass Bank in early 90"s District Sales Manager – Mobile District Service & Operations Manager – Mobile District Service & Operations Manager – Mobile & Florida Coast Metropolitan National Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi – Operations/Branch Administrator & Member of Board of Directors – 5 Months District Service & Operations Manager – Mobile Compass sold to BBVA Group 2007 Regional Service & Operations Manager – North Central Texas Region – Sr. Vice President – 6 years

4: I would like to extend my best wishes on your retirement and health and happiness in the years ahead. Sharon Branson - NOA Operations | One of the most enjoyable days I have ever spent was at Daulphin Island. Jack and the other DSOM's in our Region went out on a very nice boat in beautiful Mobile Bay. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company and all because Jack asked us to "go out on the boat". Karen Pingel

5: He has great people skills, he is smart, honest, kind, faithful and I loved having him on my team. Karen Pingel | I just want to say that Jack greatly influenced me during my beginning stages as a CSM. Everything he ever told me has helped me in my 11 year career as an ABM. Tammar Powe, ABM - Cottage Hill | It has been a pleasure working as a project manager for the North & Central Region as well as for you Mr. Jack McNichol. I have grown to know you are a man who does not take his responsibilities lightly and also ensuring bank policy and procedures are up held by others, with your heart filled with concern for customers. Although, I've known you for some years I only had the privilege of personally meeting you last year as you were in Birmingham for meetings. As you remember, I was so excited to finally meet you, with an attempt to hug you I mistakenly kissed your white/pressed shirt. I am not sure how you explained that to Judy. (LOL) By the way, How did you explain it? Believe it or not you have had a significant impact on my ability to function as a project manager to ensure your branch needs were met - not taking my RESPONSIBILITIES lightly. Happy Retirement, I wish I was there and you will be truly missed. Doris Medley BKA Lisa Abrams - Project Manager

6: I met Jack via the phone dealing with return issues while he was in the Mobile area. I think he got tired of me calling him. Ha Ha! I have always liked dealing with Jack - he stays level headed and presents a "calm" persona. His knowledge of back office really helped to explain problems to his areas since he understood it so well. | I hope you enjoy your retirement Jack and you MUST shred my cell phone numbers. Others have to earn it... just like Jack did. Debra Bailey - Returns Department | This really makes me sad!! I have not been with the bank long but Jack was one of the first to welcome me on board.... In a time when you are the "New Kid" on the block its nice to know there are those around willing to help guide you along. Jacks sense of humor will be missed as well!! Best Wishes to you Jack. Jill Hunt - ATM Development

7: We will always remember the Arizona Conversion and Sedona. Karen Pingel | Jack, You have taught me so much. You are one of the most sincere men I have had the pleasure to work with. Thank you for being there in my time of need with the lung cancer. You will so be missed! Becky Pozza - SMART Manager

8: Jack is someone who I truly consider a very dear friend. He has been there for me on many occasions to listen to me vent as well as to offer advice. We have also shared many laughs and special moments together. Jack is someone who I trust completely and have the utmost respect for. I will miss him as a colleague but am very happy that he is starting this next chapter in his life. Permanent vacation Jack????? (I know you know what I mean???) God Speed my friend. Much love and hugs. Deby Schenck, DSOM, Northeast and Central Florida | Jack, Congratulations on your retirement! It is important for you to know what an impact you have had on those of us that have been fortunate enough to get to work with you over the past 44 years. You have provided a model of professional dignity, class, dedication, and loyalty that we have all learned from. You have made us a better organization. I have so appreciated your wisdom, counsel, and most importantly, your friendship since I met you 5+ years ago.Your guidance and concern has been very meaningful to me and I appreciate it more than you know. I wish you the best of luck as you endeavor on the next stage of your life! Keep in touch and God bless you and your family. Brian Currie - Mortgage Specialist

9: Remember the following items: Middle of the Night Tree on City Property Round Up What do you get??? A really good story - Jack no need denying it.

10: My first memory of Jack was on a trip to Birmingham when the DSOM's reported to Burdett. I had met up with Peggy Felker and Karen Pingle and we were leaving the hotel to go to dinner and we were riding with Jack. We all piled into his white Jeep Cherokee and I was sitting in the back. Not knowing much about Jack, I was pleased as punch when he popped in a cassette and played some very loud and upbeat Irish music!! Having an Irish father myself, this brought back some great memories of my own and I think I knew right then and there that this man was "way cool". Lorrie Patillo - DSOM San Antonio

11: I can just remember when I became a (young) Manager over 10 years ago and Jack always treated me as if I was a seasoned professional. Always listened and treated me with respect. So I have tried to carry those same type characteristics through the years. I remember when Jack was the DSOM over Mobile, Alabama and we were having issues with an external courier. Jack followed/watched the courier and would give us minute by minute updates of what he was doing wrong, basically that courier didn't last long. Michael Allen, Operations Manager

13: Thank you so much for being a great teacher years ago when you had the same area that I have now. You were always willing to help me out and talk about problems. I have enjoyed our friendship for all this time and wish you well. I miss our Regional Meetings when you were with us cause we always had a great time. You are always our first thought when we go on "vacation". Can't wait to see you and Judy when you are back in Mobile, Alabama. There are still many of us "Old Timers" here that will love to see you again. Jan Ahrens - DSOM - Eastern Region

14: We all have stories about Jack, and the great job he has done over the last 44 years but, my favorite memory has to be when we went to the very first Dallas Cowboys game, in the new stadium together. It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was lucky enough to experience it with a friend like Jack. Jack - This Company, and everyone that works here, will miss you as a friend and colleague. Bruce Hagemann - President & National Investment Sales Manager

15: The ability to teach someone the price of change and the importance of it is special. To allow someone to grow and learn under your influence and to encourage it is priceless. To recognize someones worth and to help them flourish to new heights is important. Jack did all of these and more for many of the employees he managed over the years.

16: I haven't worked with Jack a whole lot over the years, but I have noticed a few things about him. I am not sure if he had the Texas "take 'em by the horns" attitude before his move to Texas - but he definitely has no fear of taking charge and communicating what actions need to occur. (This is a definite compliment). He has always been direct and honest. I never felt like he was putting anyone down if there was a difference of opinion. I think it was because he knew he was usually right and just waiting for me to come around and realize it. He was always very gracious when I finally did. That is a testament to his patience and his gentle demeanor. In my experience with Jack, he has been direct, honest and considerate of my point of view.

17: I have the impression that he was a well ingrained sense of personal work ethic that is manifested through his dedication to his job responsibilities and his staff. I have enjoyed working with him on various tasks through the years. His wisdom gained from his years of experience has been invaluable. Its too bad we can't download all that information from his brain to a flash drive for future reference. Congratulations, Jack!! I don't see you as someone that will be idle for long. I wish you nothing but the best as you author the next exciting chapter in your life. Chris Lenoir, Transportation

18: Some years ago, when Jack was still a DSOM in Alabama he trained me as a DSOM. In addition to being a great mentor and trainer, he had great advice to offer, which I have never forgotten: Know your own incentive plan. Understand how it works. His advice was invaluable. I am grateful to Jack for his mentoring, influence, and his friendship. I wish him continued happiness and blessings in his retirement. Lisa Fleming, SMART Manager - Eastern Region

19: Not only to be right for the bank, but I wanted him to be pleased with the job I was doing. The audit, controls, and security issues I learned some 15 years ago, I use today. He was a Wonderful Role Model. The funniest story I have about Jack is when we went to a bank retreat, back in the "old days", we had a fake casino night with dancing and such. Jack got down on the floor and did the "gator". This move is accomplished by laying on your back in the middle of the floor and moving around in circles. When he got up the next day, Mr McNichol could hardly move. Funniest thing I ever saw was him trying to walk and sit down. Mickie Admire, BRE at Overlook Branch | Jack has had a big influence in my banking career. Jack and Nancy Hanna showed enough confidence in me to promote me to the branch manager of the Regency Branch. I have always tried to live up to his expectations and he had high expectations of his employees. He lead by example and I always wanted everything ship shape when he would visit the branch.

20: Every time I talked to Jack he was yelling!!!!!! On behalf of the Corporate Security Department we wish you the greatest time in your new adventure as a retired banker. NCTX Region Corporate Security | Upon meeting Jack, I knew that I had the right mentor to help me grow as a DSOM. He was always there when I needed him but allowed me the freedom to "take care of things" as I saw fit. His belief in my abilities only made me want to work all that much harder, and he was always quick to give a word of praise for a job well done. Jack's wisdom has brought me insight, value and meaning. Even now, as a peer in the RSOM role, I continue to seek out his advice and take to heart his council. I am honored to have worked with Jack and will never forget him. Congratulations on your retirement my friend, you deserve all the happiness the next journey in life will bring!! Jess Spray - RSOM - California Region

21: I have laughed and cried with Jack more than anyone else in the company. He taught me more about operations than I ever wanted to know!! A true banker with an enormous focus on our customers and he is more sales focused than most Operational Executives. I have learned from Jack that excellence takes work, it takes consistency and it is imperative in all we do. Jack has high standards and drives accordingly. While tough, he cares and cares a lot. All employees that have come in contact with him know this about his character. | I will always remember the following; Taking Burdett out on the yacht on Daulphin Island (Burdett gets highly sea sick). Poor Burdett but poor Jack!! He worked so hard for it to be perfect. Jack dressing as one of the Comic Cowboys for a rally - dressed as a man dressing as a women - So Funny!! Within my first 6 months as a branch manager here, Jack came barrelling through the doors of my branch - flung the doors open and stormed through to the vault closing log. We had not closed the vault the night before. He cared so much and scared me to death. Jack calling one of the branches and no one answered. He got so mad he dialed the branch from his cell phone, got in his car and drove all the way to branch. The phone still rang - He Stormed in there too!!! Celebrating unbelievable success as a team. Never had a better partner, I don't imagine I ever will either. All of the times we laughed and cried together!! Cheryl Burke - DRE - NCTX Region

22: Hey Jack, When you move back to Mobile please don't be the old retired guy that harasses the branch folks when they come in to do their banking!!! Seriously, Congratulations on your successful 44 years with BBVA Compass. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well as working with you. Shane Franklin - RSOM - Eastern Region | Quote from Jack: "Forgive me but.... Please tell me who or why we came up with this policy and procedure.... What is its purpose? It just does NOT make any sense to me" Sharon Branson | First, I regret I haven't known Jack my entire life! He is one of my all time favorite people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Just a great colleague and friend. His friendship has added much enjoyment to my daily work life. I will miss our conversations about all of the various items we deal with from time to time. Second, I regret he is retiring. I've tried unsuccessfully (on more than one occasion) to talk him into staying, but to no avail. Come on Jack, Why not just one more year?? Jack is simply a tremendous person. He is a man of great integrity and one for whom I have the utmost respect. Jack is a man you can trust. He also has great experience and judgment, and we will miss his influence and expertise. He is also a man with a terrific sense of humor. Jack has an ability to make you laugh so hard, you almost have to cry! Tears have come to my eyes more than once! I will miss his wry comments and email messages. Jack, I will miss you greatly. I sincerely hope we can stay in touch in the coming years Your Friend and Colleague, Bob Sherrod - Director of Retail Control & Compliance

23: Jack, WOW - 44 years!!! Such an incredible accomplishment! I can only imagine the number of clients and employees that have been lucky enough to have had interactions with you throughout your distinguished career. I certainly count myself as one of those lucky ones. I not only appreciate all your guidance and support as my boss (in several different capacities), but also your friendship and laughter when I needed it. Jack, you have truly made an impact not only on my career but you also helped me understand myself better as a person when life presents new challenges and opportunities. Thank you!! I wish you and Judy fabulous memories from years gone by and the creation of wonderful memories to come. You will be missed. Kathy Cook - DSOM - NCTX Region | Thank you Jack for your many years of outstanding service and leadership to BBVA Compass. Your successful career has been a model for many to follow and aspire to. Best wishes for many years of peace and relaxation.... You deserve it!! Congratulations, Ramiro Morales - DRE - NCTX Region | "They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel." Carl W. Buechner Jack - you have always made me feel appreciated. I am so very grateful to have worked for you. Elaine Smith - SMART Analysist

24: Jack, The man who demoted and promoted me without having met me face to face. Thank you for taking the chance on me and leading by example. Enjoy your retirement, you will truly missed!! Will think of you fishing for a split second whenever my phone rings and plays "Sweet Home Alabama." I can see why you love this place except I like to see the tornados coming!! Ha ha Jan Griffin - DSOM - NCTX Region

25: Jack, WOW!!! We have lived through some "pretty wild" times over the past several years working through the many conversion experiences we encountered. None of them the same and each a "new opportunity." It's time for you to sit back, relax and hope to never hear the word "conversion" again. It's been fun! Take care and enjoy retirement. Stacey Dreyer | Jack McNichol J ack is a great teammate A lways wiling to help the team C onsistantly looking out for the customers/ employees K nowledgeable and kind M y wish for you: C omes with joy for you but, N ot without saddness for us! I wish you the BEST retirement. C ommited is he for the bank H ave fun in the Gulf, golfing and fishing O h my!! We will miss you so much L ove the memories! Health and Happiness in your retirement Nan Ater - Core

26: I have only worked with you for a year and a half, but what a year and a half. Between your slow talking and thoughtful way and my fast talking, multiple topics at once, there have been some interesting conversations. I am not hearing "Now Jan" near as much as I did early on, so maybe we have reached middle ground. | I always laugh when I think of my first trip to Dallas. I forgot the exact description of the vehicle that was picking me up, but when I walked out of the airport, I saw the vehicle and just jumped in without asking him if he was Jack McNichol from BBVA. Assuming I was Lori Campbell, he just took off and then he introduced himself while driving out of the airport. We laughed about it later at how trusting we both were. Wow!! Not sure if it is a good idea to randomly jump into vehicles at the airport but Jack had a trusting smile. It certainly broke the ice. Lori Campbell - DRE - NCTX Region | I don't have the stories or history of those who have been with you through the years, but want you to know that there have been two men from Mobile who have impacted and influenced my life and career. One when I was fresh out of college (he said "Now Jan" a lot, too...... must be a Moblie thing) and now you. I will miss working with you and hope that you enjoy all that life back home brings you. Jan Knox - DSOM - NCTX Region P.S - Don't try to miss me too much!!

27: Jack, It is very sad to say goodbye, however you and Judy will have the chance to enjoy being home with the family. The rest of us are very envious and will miss you. You should be very proud of your accomplishments over the years, as you are one of the few left who has built this organization and seen many successes. Jack you have been the one fighting the battles lately to make things better for the rest of us and that will be greatly missed and it is appreciated. We know that you have been committed to us over the past few years. Jack you have been part of the life blood of this organization! BBVA Compass will be an emptier place without you, however we will promise to try and live up to your extraordinarily high standards. Although we are saying goodbye Jack this will not be the last we see of you. I will look forward to hearing about your adventures on your next journey in life. Please keep lighting those candles for Jose, he needs them. Jose and I wish you the very best. We really hope you have a wonderful retirement and enjoy life with Judy. Pat Casado - DSOM - NCTX Region | "I have the simplest tastes, I am always satisfied with the best" Oscar Wilde You are the best Jack! I have learned so much from you. Elaine Smith - SMART Analysist

28: I hope you are enjoying these kind words before you embark on yet another trip in your boat, enjoying another day of retirement bliss. Fishing pole in hand and not a care in the world except spending time with your beautiful wife and amazing children and grandchildren. You most certainly deserve nothing but happiness as you have spent.... How many years with BBVA Compass?? I have to admit you slaved away working with Compass almost twice the number of years I've been alive!! Well, not quite THAT many... but I wanted to make you remember how long 44 years really is!! I will never forget you and your passion for what is right. You have no idea how much it means to me when I think of all that you did for me during my stay on the 5th floor of Promenade. You mentored me and taught me many things that will continue with me through the rest of my years. You worked to make sure I had a purpose and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. For that I can never repay you. To remember you and your witty personality, your tone of voice when you were so frustrated you wanted to shake something (or someone) super hard because another ball was dropped. You truly cared about people, and things getting done, you stand up for yourself and others even when you go against the crowd. There is no way to fully express how sad I am that you are leaving. I knew this was coming for a while, and although I hadn't spent much time with you lately, as we were working out of different offices, knowing that you were there, behind the scenes, it aways made me feel like things were taken care of. Jack, I will truly miss you and all that you stand for, your wisdom, your stories of "Way Back When", your tan trench coat with matching top hat, receiving candy canes from Santa Jack, but most importantly your passion and your heart. You care about people and you believe in them. These things are not taught in a lifetime but are what make you who you are and makes you the person who changed my life forever. No matter where the road of life takes us, please understand that I will never be able to repay you for all that you have done for me. God bless you Jack as you journey into this exciting and rewarding time in your life. Don't husband has family in Moss Point, MS...... So beware when you open your door next time, you never know when I may be "stopping by". You can run, but you can't hide!!! Alison Moseley - DFW South District | Thank you for being a mentor, manager, coach and friend the last few years. You will be truly missed. I will never be able to have someone quite like you ever again in my career. Thank you for the good times and being the rock during the difficult times. I will truly miss you...I know Judy, your children and grandchildren are ecstatic to finally be with you full time! Thank you for what you have done to shape our company, our region and me. I love you lots but I will say my husband doesn't :) I was a hard core Cowboy fan until I met you... Now all I can say every football season is "who dat"! Thank you for all your love, support and leadership! Don't forget about us little people! Have the time of your life! Love you! Janie Alonzo - DRE Midcities

29: To simply say Thank you for all that you have given me does not seem like enough. The confidence you have expressed, the guidance you have given and the knowledge you have passed on are gifts I will always value. The authority and respect that you have achieved while maintaining your compassion for people are traits that I aspire to achieve. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the honor to work with you. You are a leader, mentor and advisor. I will miss you and wish you the best in your future adventures!! Sheryl Adler - Manager Associate Recruiting | Thomas Jefferson once stated, " Our friendships are precious, not only in shade, but in the sunshine of life." I can honestly say that my world for the last 5 years has been pure sunshine. I hope that our friendship and this sunshine will last for many years to come. Its hard to put into words the impact you have had on my life so I will keep it short and to the point. "Thank you" - I will miss you and I have enjoyed working for you. You deserve this retirement and so does your family. Best wishes and good health. Keep in touch. Kelli Jeffrey - Assistant and Friend

30: Jack's Retirement Event Bent Tree Country Club April 19, 2011

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32: Jack's Retirement Event Bent Tree Country Club April 19, 2011

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