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Jackson Gray Book 1

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S: Jackson Dean Book 1

FC: Jackson Dean Kubitz Book 1

1: "Before you were born, I dreamed of you, I imagined you, I prayed for you. Now that you are here I hope for you, I love you and I thank God for you." -Little boy sayings Jackson Dean Kubitz Book 1

2: March 4, 2013 Jackson, In an instant my life was fuller, happier, and more exciting because of you, my beautiful, spirited baby boy. Every day you teach me how to be a better mom, how to play with abandonment, and how to savor every moment. You jump, roll, run, laugh, and thunder around our home with more energy and courage than a toddler should possess. You open cabinets, climb shelves, chase Herschel, and believe you can fly from the couch to the ottoman. You are my messy Jacks with sticky hands, my destroyer with an unmatched temper, and my sweet loving baby boy who sleeps peacefully in my arms. You love the outdoors, splashing in the bath, and a little blue elephant that you hold onto tightly during the night. You are all attitude and do not need words to express how you feel. Your every look, every smile, and even the very tilt of your head convey a complete range of emotions. You throw your shoes when you are angry and give hugs that are tight, but quick when you are happy. You play hide and seek at the most inopportune moments and laugh with delight as you watch me look for you in all your secret places. You climb tables to get to your cheetos, jump on the bed without fear, and slide head first down slides. You build towers just to knock them down and toss balls down the stairs just to watch them bounce. You never stop moving and are intent on discovering all the mysteries in your little world. Most of all you have captured my heart and the hearts of your brother, dad, and our whole family. The past 18 months are just the beginning. I wish I could hold onto every memory so far and all those to come in vivid, colorful detail. I wish I could always kiss your hurts away, always make you smile by doing a little dance, and protect you in your journey. I wish you all the happiness. Embrace life little Jacks, keep your dreams alive, believe in magic, smile when you start your day, and always have faith. With everlasting love – mom.

3: Dear Jackson, Welcome to the family Jacks! I have to admit, I thought I had everything all figured out and knew everything about parenting and just what to expect after watching your older brother Cole grow through his first two years of life. Let me be the first to admit, boy was I wrong! You are such a unique and special individual. It’s amazing to watch how you process things differently than your brother, how you react to things, and what you do on your own little time so to speak. You are just so different, and I mean that in a good way. You are simply you, Jackson Dean Kubitz. Your smile is infectious, you laugh is one of a kind, and your movements are so tough looking. You are a barrel of laughs no matter what it is that you are doing. There is something special in the way you move and interact with people that has me smiling ear to ear all the time. Nothing seems to phase you, no fall or bump seems to hurt you. For a baby, you sure seem pretty invincible Jacks. And I can already tell you are my sports fan. You love to watch football with me and you have an arm like a cannon! I have a feeling you might be quite the athlete as you get older if you want to be, and quite the football star if your mom will allow it. No doubt you will be able to do anything you want to do in life Jacks, and I can’t wait to go along that journey with you. So thank you for being you, for always surprising me with something I don’t expect (don’t get any ideas here as you get older!), for always making me smile and laugh, for being such a bundle of joy to be around. This first year and a half have flown by, but I already can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next. -Dad

4: My smile is my best feature. I have a scar on my knee from falling off the swing set. At 2 years old I saw my first snow and built a tiny snowman. The beach with the sun, sand, and waves are my ideal place to vacation. I can get so lost in a book that I think I might miss something if I stop reading. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. My childhood nickname was kojack. I have broken a horse, rode a mule, roped a cow, fed a chicken, delivered a goat, and slopped a pig. I have been deer, squirrel, quail, coon, turkey, and boar hunting all before the age of 10. My favorite book is Wuthering Heights, but mystery novels are the most fun. I have two piercings in my ears and one in my belly button. Skydiving is exhilarating with a deafening rush of air to complete peacefulness in less than 90 seconds. I can drive a stick shift. I dance with Herschel in the kitchen when no one is home. I love roller coasters and silly movies. I want to learn to play the violin. I can pick up a pencil with my toes. | I can make a 12 layer chocolate cake. My sister and I use to play “witch” and I would tie her to a tree. I was born on January 4, 1977, a cold and windy day, weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces in Swainsboro, GA. A live volcano smells like rotten eggs. Magic is real. Long lazy naps are one of my favorite things.

5: I was all conference in football and soccer in high school. I knew Vince Carter, Ed Cota, and Julius Peppers in College. I used to play guitar (then mastered guitar hero on PS3). I’m deathly afraid of needles, spiders, and the dentist. I truly believe that I am the smartest person I know. I’m fascinated with anything about astronomy and space. I am addicted to Hot Wings (medium, all flat of course)! I’m not nice in the mornings and do not like breakfast. I must have any new, cutting edge technology and electronics. I like to stay up really late at night and then sleep in as late as possible on the weekends. My favorite professional athletes are/were Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, and Vince Carter. My dream is to one day own an ocean front house at the beach. | I am a pool shark. I’m partially color blind. I can get addicted to video games very easily. I am a sucker when it comes to your mom. I watch ESPN twenty four hours a day. My favorite bands are The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and Chairmen of the Board.

6: Mom & Dad | The moment I realize I was in love with your dad was when he walked into a pool hall dressed in jeans, sandals, and a University of Georgia hat. I just looked up and there he was walking towards me and my heart was so full of happiness that he had come out to that night. He gave me the first of many lessons in pool. I have never won a game against your dad yet in pool, but one of these days.-mom | Your dad and I met in the summer of 2002. He was the “new guy” at work and quickly proved himself to be a great employee and a wonderful friend. We wrote silly emails back and forth throughout the day while working for BlueLinx Corporation. Through these emails we learned about each other, made each other laugh and smile, shared hopes and dreams, and developed a strong and lasting friendship. - mom | There are so many special memories your dad and I share it would be virtually impossible to put pen to paper and capture all the wonderful moments of our courtship, marriage, and life. We have walked through Chapel Hill hand in hand and kissed while sitting on the granite wall over looking Franklin Street. We have burnt dinners, exploded potatoes, and melted colanders in our attempts to become chefs in our own kitchens. We have taken midnight swims, walked on beaches, had picnics on our living room floor, and stayed up all hours of the night talking. We have played numerous board games, watched hours of basketball, and attempt various arts and crafts projects with comical results. Your dad continues to have the amazing ability to always put a smile on my face and bring joy to my life with his six flag dance routine, monkey face, and amusing singing abilities. Together your dad and I have built a life centered around our love for each other and our family. - mom | Our first date was in September 2002. Your dad surprised me and took me to my favorite restaurant and to a jazz club. I remember being so nervous about going on an official date. I even went out and bought a new outfit just for the occasion. Your dad took me to my favorite restaurant, Canoe, in Vinnings and then we traveled downtown to a little jazz club called Churchill grounds. Firecrackers literally went off that night in the streets of downtown Atlanta. Your dad still takes credit for those firecrackers claiming he planned it all because he knew they were my favorite. – mom

7: The sun rose in the sky the morning of May 21, 2005 just as it would any other day, but this day would be anything but ordinary. Sure, the flowers were blooming and the crisp morning air turned to heat as it does most days in spring, but today would not only be different, but would be remembered in detail for the rest of our lives. It would be on this day that your mother and I were to be married. The scene was set with more flowers than you can imagine, and rose petals lined the isle leading to preacher. With my heart racing and sweat on my brow, I maintained my cool and as I led my brother and friends to the forefront of attention. Bells rang, and out walked the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. I’ll admit, it even brought a tear to my eye to see her round the corner in all her splendor. We exchanged glances until before we know it, we were reciting scripture and listening to your Aunt Kristen sing, all while holding each other’s nervous hands. With a smile and an unmistakable kiss, we were forever bound as Mr. and Mrs. Kubitz. And that’s when the party started. After more pictures than dreamt possible, we were off to the reception for the time of our lives. Food, wine, family, and friends were all intertwined to create an unbelievable celebration. The music cranked up and before we knew it, we were dancing the night away. Everyone joined in, and just above the rhythm and beats from the DJ could be heard the sound of laughter and happy conversation. We could have stayed all night, and just about did. It truly was a night to remember. And as everyone slowly began to dissipate one by one, your mother and I found ourselves together, smiling, and not knowing what to say. We had done finally done it. Dad | The day was April the 9th, 2004. It was a day that we will always remember for the rest of our lives. Our destination was Stone Mountain, for what appeared to be a pleasant hike to the top to the unknowing. The sun was shining, the flowers blooming, I had a secret, and an insatiable smile that I couldn’t wipe off my face. It started out innocent enough. Just a simple stroll up an easy sloping mountain side with people from all walks of life, young and old, out to enjoy the day at our sides. We walked at a brisk pace at first, until slowly but surely, that Friday afternoon walk turned into a hard breathing, arduous task as the slope steepened and the heights increased. It wasn’t long, son, until your dad began to wonder if we were going to make it all the way to the top. But we had to, not just because it was a beautiful day, but because this was the day and nothing could stop what I had planned. So, huffing and puffing and sweat beginning to form on our cheeks, we moved on. And before you knew it, we had reached the top. It was breathtaking. With the Atlanta skyline on the horizon, we pointed at distinguishable landmarks and guessed where out tiny apartments may be off into the distance. The time had come. We chose a spot to our own as we could find, and sat to talk. It was then that I got down on a knee and asked your mom to marry me. She didn’t know to say at first, just a soft glow about her face and her eyes fixated on something shiny I was beginning to slide on her finger. She said yes. It was in that single moment that the rest of our lives began. And the rest, as they say, well, the rest is history. – Dad.

8: Grandparents | Great Grandparents | Great-Great Grandparents | Mom

9: Grandparents | Great Grandparents | Great-Great Grandparents | Dad

10: Georgia Fast Facts State Bird: Brown Thrasher State Fruit: Peach State Crop: Peanut State Fist: Largemouth bass State Flower: Cherokee rose State Motto: "Wisdom, Justice & Moderation" State Wildflower: Azalea State Song: "Georgia on my Mind" State Tree: Live oak State Vegetable: Vidalia sweet onion | World News: Earthquake hits Indonesia National News: Palin rails against Obama Local News: Delta completes bankruptcy process Entertainment News: Amy Winehouse dies at 27. President of United States: Barack Obama Favorite TV shows: Bones, America's got Talent Popular Book: Heaven is for Real NCCAA Men's basketball Champions: Connecticut (3rd title) Master;s Champion: Charl Schwartzel Superbowl: Green Bay Packers Technology Advances: Iphone 4 Hit Songs: The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars; Marry Me - Train Weather: HIgh 91 Low 72 Sunny | YOUR WORLD | Minimum Wage: $7.25 Regular Gasoline: 3.39/gallon $ Milk: 3.39$ Bread: 2.50 Jeans: 60.00 Postage Stamp: $o.44 Diapers: 24.99

12: Bedding: $169 "a Son is a gift" Sign: $12 "Jackson" Letters:$33 Window Shade: $40 Lamp Shade: $15 Mobile: $30 Wall decal: $15 Hangers: $5 Chair cushion: $20 Mom & Dad trying to put the nursery together: Priceless. | JACKSON'S ROOM

13: April 2011-July 2011: I sit in the little white rocker, that has rocked your dad, your uncle, your aunt, and your big brother, and look around your nursery. I cannot believe in another month you will be in my arms and I will be rocking you to sleep in this very room. Your dad and I selected your bedding first from Babies R' Us. I fell in love with the soft blues, ivory's, and brown's of the Preston bedding set. Once the bedding was selected I was able to update little pieces throughout the nursery special just for you. I put your name above your crib with a little saying, “ is dreaming.” Your Gigi and I were able to find a beautiful little saying, “A son is made with Love” to hang over your changing table (which your dad hung) at a little shop at Marietta Square. Your Aunt Marcie painted “I love you to the moon” on a canvas as her special gift just for you. I updated the cushions, little baskets, and shades to reflect the new soothing colors throughout your nursery. I have washed all of your little clothes, organized your dresser, and cleaned out your closet. Now, I sit here and am just waiting for my new love to fill his space. - mom

14: A baby is teddy bears and tickles, grins and giggles! | A babWhen: June 23, 2011 Where : Conference Room 3T From 11:30-12:30 Please, join us to celebrate a new addition to our Accounting Family. Please, bring your lunch; cake and ice cream will be provided. ! | My team at BlueLinx decided you would not be welcomed into the world without first having a shower. The accounting department all came together and celebrated you with cake, ice cream, and laughter. It was so much fun opening little outfits, toys, and lotions just for my new little man. This little shower was suppose to be a surprise, but my cube mate (Milva) gave it away weeks before the date. Love you so much already - mom.

15: Shower | Darlene Rogers: Scentsy & Blanket. Cinda Ziccardi: Dinosaur Onesie & Pants Lynn Nelson: Frog PJ's Lori Patton: Music Mobile Cyndi Hamrick: Wipes, Diapers, & lotion Accounting Group: Gift Card Accounts Payable Group: Diaper Cake Jennifer Colegrove: Outfit & Sandals

16: Its a Boy! | On March 17, 2011, at 9:00 in the morning, your dad and I made a trip to the Atlanta Prenatal Specialist. This was a very special day. Today, at 17 weeks, we get to find out if you are going to be a Jacks or a Julia. We sat in the waiting room trying to entertain ourselves with our I Phones as we impatiently waited for the nurse. Finally we were called back to into a little room with just an ultrasound machine, a little monitor high in the corner, a bed for me, and a chair for your dad. It is so strange when you finally came into focus on the screen high in the corner. You are so peaceful and quiet. You slowly stretched and turned just a little so you can readjust and get into a better sleeping position. The technician measured your organs, listened to your heartbeat, checked your blood flow, and then announced that you are perfect little boy! Your dad and I just could not believe we were going to have another little man. We gave each other a kiss and gave thanks that you are healthy and laughed because for a split second we thought you might have been a little girl. I cannot wait to meet you. - mom.

17: 6 weeks: Your not even a peanut yet! During my second Dr.'s visit an early ultrasound was conducted just to confirm your expected birth date. I could barely make you out on the monitor. I could see a little flicker as your heart was beating. It was such a beautiful sight. I already love you so much. - mom | 28 Weeks | 12 Weeks | Litttle Foot | 3 pounds 4Ounces | Profile | 34 weeks: On July 15, 2011 your dad and I meet at the Dr.’s office for one last ultrasound to check your growth. This last ultrasound was scheduled at the last minute because Dr. Ruffin thought you were going to be one big little boy. The ultrasound did confirm at just 34 weeks you were already 6.1 pounds. The technician laughed and told us your belly was big and I must be feeding you well. If you keep growing like this you are going to weigh between 8 and 9 pounds! - mom

18: 36 Weeks | December 2010-August 2011 Throughout the past nine months I have laughed, cried, loved your dad, sang silly songs with your big brother, and counted the days until it is time for you to arrive. I still remember that first day in December when I was so sick at work that your dad had to drive me home. I curled into bed all day and slept well into the afternoon. Once I finally woke up and was able to crawl out of bed I vaguely thought, “hmmm could I be pregnant?” I called your Aunt Marcie (she lived with your dad and I at the time) and asked her to run to the store and pick up a pregnancy test only to get sick once more and curl back under the covers. Marcie was so excited when she brought over the test, but I felt so bad I just tossed it on the floor and thought I have a wicked virus. As the day drifted on and the time approached for your dad and big brother to come home I pulled myself up again and decided to test out the theory of pregnancy. Imagine my surprise when I saw that yes I was pregnant! I could not wait for everyone to come home so I could share the news. I wanted to jump up and run to the store to buy a little gift to announce this surprise to your dad, but you had other ideas and sent me running to the bathroom sick once again. Your dad finally got home with Cole in tow and came into the bedroom to see if I had felt any better as the day had progressed. Imagine his surprise when I told him he was going to be a dad once again. Now nine months later I have grown larger and rounder than I ever thought possible and I feel such joy for my family and the life we have created together. I can feel you kick, poke, toss, and turn and cannot believe that you will soon be in my arms completing our little circle. For so many months I have wished the time away, but now that your due date is fast approaching I am trying desperately to hold onto these last few precious moments and memorize every feeling before I have to share you with the rest of the world. I already love you and cannot wait kiss you little cheeks, touch your little toes, and count your little fingers. - mom

19: 22 Weeks | December 2010-August2011 Jackson, it seems like just yesterday that your mom was feeling sick at work and asked if I could drive her home. Little did I know or even suspect that she might be pregnant. Boy did I have a surprise in store for me when I got home and found out! Ever since then my heart has been filled with excitement and anticipation. Days and weeks seemed to pass so quickly, yet there was so much to do in preparation for your arrival. Your mom and I watched each passing ultrasound as you grew bigger and bigger. We would sit for hours rattling off potential names no matter if we were out to eat at a restaurant or sitting on the couch at home. Day by day we got your room ready, our cars ready, the house ready, Cole ready, and yes, even Herschel ready. It felt like there was so much time at the beginning, and yet, looking back it all flew by in the blink of an eye. Finally, the only thing left was to pack our bags and count the days and minutes until it was time to welcome you to the world. -Dad | 18 Weeks | 27 Weeks | 31 Weeks | 35Weeks | 39 Weeks

20: Checklist * Car Seat secured * Bottles Sanitized * Nursery Completed * Overnight bags packed * Coming home outfit purchased * Cradle Prepared * Mama Roo Set up * Diapers & Wipes Purchased * Pack & PLay Set Up * Formula Purchased * Swing Assembled

21: Go Time..... | Let's Go! | The time is here!” Or so your dad and I thought on Thursday August 18, 2012. Your story of arrival begins that sunny day with me running all around town trying to complete my final preparations so I would be ready to call the hospital that afternoon and claim my bed. I was so excited and a little silly as I spun around town running errands that now seem irrelevant. Gigi Hodge was on her way into town and Grandma Kubitz was on call waiting to hear the news. Right at four o’clock sharp I dialed the number to Kennestone Hospital thinking you would be on your way in a matter of hours. To my disappointment, the nurse on call said that every single bed on the floor was full. Your dad, your big brother, and I went through the evening as any other except we ran to the phone every time it rang. By the next morning I could not wait another moment and had your dad check in with the nurse to be told once again NO beds. On Friday the 19th, Gigi and I ran around town again, poking through shops, and wasting time until finally at 5:00 in the afternoon my cell phone rang. I could not believe our luck. We had been moved up to the front of the line and a bed was waiting for us. I laughed when I looked at the clock and realized it was rush hour, but I was not discouraged as Gigi and I raced to the hospital while at the same time calling your dad and telling him that it was time to leave work. Once we were all checked in, the doctor began the induction. Gigi, your dad, and Cole all had Jimmy’s John’s for dinner right there in on my bed. As the night progressed and Cole went home with Gigi, your dad and I talked about what is was going to be like to hold you in our arms. Finally, your dad convinced me into trying to sleep, so I curled up with him holding my hand in the chair beside my bed. Early the following morning Uncle Zach, Aunt Marcie, Gigi, and Grandma were all there at the hospital waiting for you to make your big entrance. Then, finally, at 10:44, with your dad at my side, you decided it was time to introduce yourself. -mom | Comfy in Bed | Pain! | Contractions Begin | Epidural Time | Water Broke | Jackson is here | Push! Push! Push!

22: You were so beautiful. You were so perfect. You were everything I imagined and more. Your dad and I looked up at each other with tears in our eyes as the nurse placed you in my arms. You were our little miracle, so precious, small, and with the look of your older brother. After a relatively short labor you entered this world with a pair of strong lungs. The whole floor knew the moment that another little baby had made their entrance. I could not believe you were finally here and could only think "now our little family is complete." Knowing you would be my last little man I held you even tighter trying to freeze the moment and capture the emotions that swirled around me. I looked down at your beautiful face, I looked up at your dad's loving eyes, and both your dad and I watched you take your first little bottle. Before you were here I loved you, talked to you, and shared my dreams with you, but the first time I saw you my heart grew so full of love that there were no words. - mom So many thoughts overwhelm a parent when they first lay eyes on their newborn child, and you were certainly no exception Jackson. Upon your arrival, I immediately had an adrenaline rush as every muscle in my body wanted to shout to the world that you were here. I was so excited, so relieved that you were healthy, and so amazed as I looked into your eyes. After so many months of talking about you, preparing for you, and loving you already, to see you with my own eyes was an exhilarating moment. I wondered what you might be thinking seeing your Mom and Dad for the first time as well. Did you already know us through our voices? Did you know we would love and protect you forever? I thought about all of the life experiences that I’ve been through in life, and wondered with jealous eyes what it must be like to see the world for the very first time. It was as if time and space were paused in one indefinite moment of beauty and innocence. You were finally here, and I couldn’t be more proud to be your father. I have so much to teach you son, and I can’t wait for all of the time we’re going to spend together. -Dad

23: The Story of your...

24: One of the most anticipated moments for me of the whole pregnancy and birth was the first time your big brother Cole got to meet you. What would he think? What would he say? I was so anxious, and finally the time had come. You were barely just born when we brought Cole back, a mere two years old himself. We had prepared him for months that you were coming, and secretly wondered if he knew his life was about to change in a big way. It was no longer just an idea or conversation; he could see you with his own eyes and touch you with his own fingers. He was a bit shy at first, but that wasn’t unexpected. I held Cole in my arms as we watched you closely, observing each and every sound and movement. He just kept saying, “That’s baby brother!” I was so proud of you both, so excited, and yet somehow unprepared for my own emotions. Cole wanted to hold you in one moment, a bit timid in another as you cried out for a feeding. Yet he continued to look at you through wondrous eyes at how tiny you were, how loud, how fragile. But most importantly, he was excited, and that warmed my heart the most. I knew right then and there that you two would be the best of friends, and that he would always look out for you no matter what. Not only do mommy and daddy love you Jacks, but Cole does too, and he did from the first moment he laid eyes on you. - Dad

25: Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.

26: Jackson Dean Kubitz | August 20, 2011 | 10:44 a.m | Kennestone Hospital | 8 pounds 10 ounces | 21 1/2 inches

29: It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. | Hospital Pictures: We had your hospital pictures done the very last day we were in the hospital. Your dad had been calling Bella Baby everyday trying to get them to come take a picture of you and we had almost given up that they would ever show. We were ready to check out when they finally made their appearance. Bella Baby was worth the wait! Your pictures were amazing and captured everything beautiful and unique about you. We love you so much and shared these beautiful pictures with everyone posting the whole set up on facebook. Love you bunches - mom

30: We were in the hospital from Friday August 19th to Monday August 22. For most of our stay in the hospital I had you curled in my arms enjoying your warmth and marveling at my new little man. We watched silly shows together, took little naps, and talked with your dad about how life had once again changed. You were just two days old when we pulled out of the Kennestone parking deck and you had already experienced so much. Your dad and I had both fed, changed, swaddled, and burped you. The Dr. had been to see you not once, but twice because you had a small fever when you were born. Best of all you had been given hundreds of kisses and hugs by all the people who loved you. That first 48 hours were a whirlwind of excitement. I wish I could have captured everything I felt and stored it away in a little color bottle. - mom

31: It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. | Jackson, I hope you will grow to understand just how blessed our family is. So many people love you and support you, and would do anything in the world for you. It’s not just Mommy and Daddy, it’s everybody. Just take a look at who all came to see you in the hospital when you were born. Of course Grandma and Gigi were there waiting patiently in the waiting room while you were making your entrance into the world, but so was your Uncle Zach and Aunt Marcie. Your Uncle Lem and Aunt Trinh along with Drew and Drake also made a special trip out to see you. Papa Garry just couldn’t wait to meet you so he drove long hours just to see your smiling face. Aunt Michelle made a special visit to meet and hold you all by herself. Your mom and I were so appreciative of the many family and friends that all just couldn’t wait another day to see Baby Jackson. Your Uncle Eric and Aunt Kristen with Cameron and Baby Weston all wished they could be there, just as Aunt MK and Uncle Ken surely sent their best wishes as well. Yes son, so many people already love you it is almost overwhelming at times. Remember how fortunate you are and always remember to return such kindness and compassion with your own. -Dad

32: On August 22 we were finally able to take you home. I was so excited that I was up and dressed by 8:00 in the morning. All morning and well into the afternoon I paced around the room and watched for the Dr.'s and nurses thinking at any moment we would be discharged. I even joked that we were going to grab you and make a run for it, but I doubt we would have gotten very far with that low jack on your belly button. Finally late in the afternoon the pediatric nurse checked you out one last time and let me bundle you up for our trip home. I carefully placed you in your car seat and climbed in right beside you in the middle of your car seat and your big brothers. I could not wait to get you home and start our new life. I love you so much! - mom | "Being a parent means never having a minute... yet always making a moment." - Michael Nolan

33: We finally have you home and you sleep, and sleep, and then sleep some more! I have loved taking pictures of you all curled up with a peaceful little smile on your face. Your big brother just does not know what to think about this new little person in our house. Cole loves to look at you and always wants to hold his little brother. Cole cannot understand that you are not yet big enough to play and cannot wait for the day that both of you can roll around on the floor together. You are so special and have already captured my heart. - mom

34: .. | As soon as we brought you home we had an appointment to go see Dr. Smail at Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. We arrived at 12:30 the afternoon of the 23rd. Your dad rushed over to the Dr.'s office during his lunch hour so he could be there with us for your very first Dr.'s appointment. Dr. Smail thought you were just perfect and looked adorable. Although, the Dr. was a little concerned because you had lost a little too much weight and I had to schedule a second appointment for a "weight" check that Friday. Dr. Smail gave you a stamp of approval and said you were a happy healthy beautiful little baby boy. - mom

35: First Dr.'s Appointment August 23, 2011

36: On you had your first bath and you absolutely loved it! Your dad undressed you while I filled up your little bath tub and prepared everything that we may need to get your squeaky clean. Grandma Kubitz was there to take pictures and capture this “first.” You were so good, completely relaxed, and checking yourself out in the mirror. Your dad or I could not have asked for a better first experience. You were an absolutely angel and seemed to enjoy every moment. I am crossing my fingers that you will continue to like the water and bath time. – much love mom. | ________ | _____________________________________________________________

37: VERY FIRST BATH | DATE_____________

38: First Excursion Marietta Square | On September 4, 2011 we had your very first excursion. Aunt MK had come and visited that weekend and the whole family packed up and headed to Marietta Square. It was a beautiful day and a craft show was in full swing with wonderful pieces from local artists. We puttered around just enjoying being outside and you looked around at everything with bright blue eyes. A local artist gave your big brother Cole a little ceramic fish he was admiring. It was a cute little blue fish that was handmade and Cole decided to this little fish to his new baby brother so you would always remember your first “day out.” This fish now sits on your shelf for you one day to admire. We also had lunch at our favorite pizza joint, Marietta Pizza, to finish off the afternoon. It was so much fun strolling around showing you off to everyone in the Square. No one can resist a little baby and everyone wanted to admire you as we walked through all the craft booths. Mommy sure loves you little guy. - mom

39: LOVE

40: This first month has been such a whirlwind of excitement and an adventure. I do not care what anyone else says two little boys are much harder than one, but I love every moment of this new life. Both your Grandma Kubitz and Gigi Hodge stayed with us this first month and helped out with all the diapers, feedings, new schedules, giving kisses, snuggles, and hugs. You are also on your way to being a first class history buff with all the hours of lectures you have patiently listened to with me during your first month at home. Some nights, after just a couple of hours of sleep, I wonder if I can pull myself back out from under the warmth of my covers and start a new day. Then I pick you up and feel such peace I cannot believe I didn’t jump for joy and run to your bedside when I heard you crying. For this month the night is for you and me. I love to hold you close and wonder around the house as the world sleeps. We have snuggled close, had many bottles, changed diapers, rocked in your rocking chair, watched movies, given big brother kisses, and just enjoyed each other in the early dawn hours. I love you so much little cracker jacks and will never forget how precious these nights have been when I could keep you all to myself. You have already grown so much and are already 22.4” inches tall and weigh 10.4 pounds. - mom

41: All things grow better with love. | MONTH 1

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  • Title: Jackson Gray Book 1
  • Book 1 (Before Birth -
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