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Jade's birthday scrapbook

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Jade's birthday scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: A Scrapbook for the best friend anybody could ask for!

1: Happy 16th birthday Jade! I hope you have an awesome 16th birthday, because you surely deserve it! You're an amazing person and you deserve the best birthday anyone could possibly imagine. Hope you love the scrapbook, thank you for the memories!

2: Girls just wanna have | FUN!

3: 80's Day! | totally tubular! | Rock on! | Radical man!

4: Best | Friends | lights, | camera,

5: Laughter

6: Home

7: Coming

8: SPIRIT | we've got | yes we do!

10: Jennifer | Sweitzer

13: Kilcup | Shyanna

15: Alisha | Bidwell


19: Partyin' it up!

20: SUMMER JAM | 2011 | July 16 | White River Amphitheatre

21: "Friends are like trees. Some friends are leaves; they stick around until the wind blows too hard and then fly away. Some friends are branches, they stay until the pressure gets to be too much to handle and then break off. And some friends are roots, they stay with you through thick and thin, and they're always there for you. " Thank you for being my roots.

22: Livin' the dream

26: Jade You have been my friend since pre-school and for these past years you haven't just been my friend, you've been my sister. Whenever I need someone to talk to, you're always right there to help me out. All the fun times we've had, from painting to taking pictures. And now, driving. I hope we never lose our friendship, because I have no idea what I would do without you. No matter what we talk about, we always know the other person will just listen and won't tell anyone about it. I have never seen anyone like you. You're happy 24/7 and are a crazy, loving person. Jade, I am so happy that God has put you in my life. The world now would never be the same. Just think, if we didn't go to school together in the mornings who would tell me that I have chocolate all over my face? Well, I just want to tell you and sorry I'm not a very good writer lol. :) Love you lots! <3 Jennifer Sweitzer

27: Jady-Poo <3 Jady, Jady, Jady... Where do I begin? You're sexy. Also, I love you so dearly.<3 Other than that though, I really don't know where to start. We've only known each other for a short time, when you think about it, but I feel like I know you so well! Goodness, it all began in eighth grade. The middle schools merged and we were all deathly afraid of each other haha.(: Look how wrong we were! Basically, if I had to pick one thing from eighth grade that set the tone for the year, it would have been everything. Honestly, it was one of my favorite years, and you were part of the reason for that! We weren't that close to start off, but just like with everything else, as time goes on our friendship only grows.(: Freshman year was an adventure, wasn't it? For awhile there we didn't see each other, and it was quite disheartening. When the second half of the year came around though, we got right back together! Foods & Nutrition... well that was very interesting. Moustaches, fire alarms, and pudding for days!! Oh, and in Geometry, we always found something to do.(: Would you like some Willy Nillies?(: We are plain, simple, hilarious geniuses. And we are almost caught up to the present now. First semester brought us Trig, and my personal favorite, SPANISH.<3 If I were to mention every little thing we laughed about, you would be reading for days. Spanish buddies for life though, right? Absolutely. Although this second semester isn't that far in yet, I know it's going to be another great one. From me crying out of heartache to us crying out from laughter, you're always there. You are a highlight in my day. We may not be best friends, but when I don't see you, my day just doesn't seem complete. You are such a little sweetheart, and you've helped me through a lot, in the last year especially. Somehow, you always put a smile on and make me laugh, whether I need it or not. Jady, you are just amazing. You are beautiful inside and out. As cheesy as that sounds, it is 100% pure truth. You are talented, outgoing, fun, sweet, intelligent, gregarious, and so very lovely. <3 So, I'm drowning in the sun, will you give me C.P.R.?(; I love you, Jady-Poo. Never stop being you. <3 Shyanna Kilcup P.S. Do you like bacon...? wanna strip?(:

28: Dear Jade, Oh babe, where do i even begin with you? It's hard to believe that we have known each other and been friends for almost 10 years.You better believe we have had some pretty great memories, from way back in fifth when we went to Jenn's house every weekend, to now us being sophomores in high school and being the same, old, immature goofs we've always been. I love how you're not afraid of what people think of you, you do whatever you think is right, you are a great and beautiful friend Ms. Jade Crawford, and I will always love you and be here for you! No matter what babe! I hope you have the best sixteenth birthday ever! STAY BEAUTIFUL, <3 Jordan Jacobs

29: Jade&Doe:) Well shucks... Happy SWEET 16 baby. Time to go clubbin. ;) I'm going to start off saying you're one sexy gal! And i love you! :) You and I go back till the first plant came on this Earth. ;) Ha, well maybe not that long but sure feels like it. :) Well, you sure do know ALL my secrets, the good ones and the bad ones... I'm so glad I met you Doe. ;) Gosh, you, me, and Rylee... The three amigos! The three musketeers. ;) The Cheetah Girls, oh yeah! I think that no friends have ever stayed friends as long as you, me, and Rylee, we could face ANYTHING together! Ha well shucks, I'm gonna cry school is going by so fast... Next year, juniors already... wow we're truly best friends. <3 I should also tell you that you are truly amazing and have a great personality, it's undescribable. :) You're beautiful, funny, and whenever I'm having a bad day you know what to say to make it better! :) OMG remember when we stayed in that hotel with my parents, Brett, and Derrick and we were playing on the pull down bed, then it fell on my leg! Still have that dent on my leg. Haha, hella funny now, but it wasn't then! Well, I just wanna tell you that I LOVE YOU! <3 You're one of my best friends and have been for years, and more years to come! :D Also, I will always be here for you, no matter what! :) I LOVE YOU DOE! ;) <3 Alisha Bidwell A.K.A. Chu-Chi ;)

30: JadieKins <3 I want to wish one of my daughters a very happy 16th birthday. From the first day Rylee brought you home I knew then that you'd be a part of our livees forever. You've turned into a beautiful young lady that I'm proud to call family. We've had a lot of fun, whether it was rolling down hills, losing teeth, going to drive-in movies, being amazed by magicians, or getting stuck on roller coasters! I hope we have a lot more adventures and fun times! You've got a special place in my heart. Have a fantastic 16th year. ~ Love you ~ <3 Mama Barb (Mommykins or Barbie Doll)

31: Jade Elizabeth Crawford <3 (Jadiekins, Jadie, Doe, Little Red Riding Hood, Supergirl) I would just like to take the time to say thank you for all that you do. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes. Thank you for standing up for me. Thank you for for putting up with my crazy life. Thank you for not letting me be weird by myself. And most importantly, thank you for being the best bestfriend anyone in the whole world could ask for. And thank you for simply being you. I love that you don't care what others think about you, or that you aren't afraid to act like a little kid, but most of all, I love that we're the type of bestfriends that can just give each other that one look and know exactly what the other person is thinking. When others are around us, I can tell that they get really annoyed because of all of our inside jokes and how we try and explain ourselves but then we say the first word of the story and end up bursting into laughter. When I have exciting news, you're always the first person I want to tell. When I'm crying because I've had a rough day, you're the only person i want to talk to about it And when I need to make an important decision, I always want to know your opinion first. You're that important to me, I would not be the same person I am today without you by my side. We always have fun together, I think that's a sign that we truly are bestfriends and are meant to be for the rest of our lives. I mean honestly, who else would go mattress surfing with me? Or go to the park to feed the squirrels? Or lay in bed and sing sad songs until we fall asleep? Wow, I just realized how boring I'd be if we weren't friends... Just kidding! I always knew! I am so glad we met each other in 1st grade, there is no other person I would have wanted to go on the roller coaster of life with, but you. So, I just wanted to wish you the best 16th birthday that you could ever dream of! Thank you again, for letting me be a part of your life. Our friendship means the world to me, and I hope that this scrapbook expresses that! Let there be many more years of friendship, along with many more years of memories! I love you Jadie! <3 Rylee Arlene Anderson (Ryleekins, Rylee-ee, Bubbles, Pie-Pan, Batgirl)

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