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James' Memory Book

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James' Memory Book - Page Text Content

S: Memories from the Owl Box

BC: Warmth deep in his soul Who knew a man made of snow Could melt so many... Snowman-ku by Eve Schuyler


1: The owl chat was a magical place. A place where people were drawn together by an owl family to observe and learn. What came by surprise to me the most - perhaps the most magical thing of all - were the friendships that developed. This is one story of thousands that could be told of that special bond we all had. As the owlets were growing older they took on a look that reminded Kristi Smith of the Abominable Snowman. She wished to express that in the chat but she couldn't get the word 'Abominable' close enough to the correct spelling to even look it up. She decided to post it in the best way she could. When she posted the words 'imbombatable snowman', James got such a kick

2: out of it, that he transformed it into the Owlbominable Snowman. He enjoyed taking on different identities to keep things interesting, so he changed his avatar to a snowman and took on the name of the Owlbominable Snowman. He left his avatar as a snowman for quite a long time but would still change the name from time to time. He was using the name 'Someone's dreary dreamboat' when dood fink (now Melissadood) from the chat said "I don't know if it's something about your name, combined with your technological abilities, but an image of you wearing a technicolor dreamcoat just popped into my head." James came back with "Technicolor Dreamcoat - I like that! I feel a new identity coming on..." The Owlbominable Snowman avatar with the name of JH (in Technicolor Dreamcoat) was born.

3: When Bette posted "I/we could knit you a virtual technicolor dreamcoat." James then posted "Ooh, I'd wear a knit dreamcoat ,too!" along with a YouTube video of Seinfeld's Kramer in his technicolor dreamcoat. (By the way if you haven't seen that Kramer video, you really must watch it, it is a classic!) After witnessing this all unfold, I figured if James wanted to wear a technicolor dreamcoat then I was going to give it to him! I could use the YouTube video for the coat (and also Kramer's great hat), and I could get a publicly posted picture of James' face to Photoshop into the picture to replace Kramer. That's all I started to do originally, but as usual I couldn't stop there.

4: I remembered a winter picture he had posted of his cabin, and what a wonderful background scene that would be for the Owlbominable Snowman! After getting the background set, it still looked like something was missing. I couldn't leave James standing there alone - he needed a little companion.That's when I decided on placing a little owlet on his shoulder affectionately leaning his head against James. I felt the picture was complete, but then I hadn't gotten James' permission to use his photos in the artwork (well, that would have spoiled the surprise, after all!) I felt I did understand his humor and he would like it, so I got up my courage and posted it to the chat with my finger on the delete button just in case I was wrong. To my relief he really did like it!

5: He actually changed his Facebook profile picture to it so he could show his SmugMug friends what he had been up to. I wasn't his friend on Facebook at that time, but I was able to view his profile picture there. I sent James a personal message that "I had seen his Facebook picture and I was honored...lol!" James sent back a message "As am I" (with a wink). These were his words "A little humor goes a long way to brightening my day. I love the photo. My SmugMug friends will have a ball with this too. Thanks again." He also sent me a friend request. The friend request that resulted from contacting him about that picture is what means the most to me.

6: We became Facebook friends after that, and when he left the owl site, we were able to stay in touch. Thanks again for the encouragement, inspiration, education - and most of all friendship. I will carry you forever in my heart, James (Owlbominable Snowman in his Technicolor Dreamcoat). Colleen

8: How The Owlbominable Avatar Came To Be. | Just before Owlbominable was born, James was using a cropped version of his Hoverfly photo for his avatar.

9: Inspiration for the Owlbominable Snowman moniker. | He thought the owlet sort of looked like this, because of the IR light.

10: Top o'the morning to everyone. Don't mind me, I'm just passing through on my way to the basement. I'll be fixing PDFs for breakfast. Please keep the heat in the kitchen to a minimum, lest I melt and make a mess. | Owlbominable Snowman | James posted for the first time using this avatar on the morning of May 20, 2010. The next day JSZB told James that she missed his transformation and asked if he would update her.

11: Owlbominable Snowman (Contemplating AEon Flux) | Well, let's see..... It all started with a few people getting upset and vigilant because some of the younger crowd here likes to change their name frequently. It seemed that anyone who used more than one name was automatically judged to be deceptive and untrusted. (some are, but not all) Anyway, I began using different locations to change my name, using little twists of language and play on words. Then things snowballed! Kristi delighted everyone with her abomination of a misspelling on abominable snowman. I had used a cartoon snowman in one of my photo manipulations since I thought the little guys looked like snowmen. Kristi's misspelling gave me the idea for owlbominable and the rest is history.

12: Next JSZB said this to James: "I see! Well, I liked your little blue circle and knew when I saw it there was 'intelligent life' in existence. Guess I'll look for the Snowowl from now on". | Owlbominable Snowman (Contemplating AEon Flux) | Gee, thanks, JSZB. I may have to incorporate the pudgy snowman into the blue circle. It's been interesting though, seeing the different reactions from people who like to jump to conclusions.

13: On the evening of May 22, 2010, James unveiled the new and improved Owlbominable! | Owlbominable Snowman (New & Improved) | ...now with more freshness. | The next day JSZB saw his new avatar and said this "Snowman: I see you've spent some time working on your avatar ..... I like!" | Owlbominable Snowman (a.k.a. JH) | I took advice from good counsel. The new one is much easier to locate than the B&W self-portrait alone.

14: James' Owl Box Haiku Collection | first was sumpthin big then was sumpthin very small I'm pooped, good night y'all. Haiku, ka'chu. | Rabbits vs Owls. The story of the capture Tonight....owls are up! Haiku! (compliments Sherry Vann and Karen Ross) | crank up the mower move Hungry Hungry Hippos away from the door Haiku! (compliments DWD & chickadee) | twilight lingers still air fills with tension, owlets wait taloned vermin Haiku, thank you.

15: Looks like snowstorm Sounds like a frenzy in there By Sir Maxalot Haiku! (verbatim via below) | Hi, Owloholics Groggy eyed and foggy mind How was your sleep? Namaste. | strange sounds in the night mute, throw open window sash huh? foxes in fight? too high-pitched for dogs not likely to be a opossum maybe skunk got'em (haiku X 2?) | creativity lacking food delivery one owlet squawking | I would eat a mouse not because I'm an owlet just no food in house

16: I say, I say, I - say son, you're no chicken hawk. fuzzy owlet butt. | chimping chomping is of little concern because it is late here too. Haiku! | floor waste & remains dirty little birdie feet familiar night sight Haiku's without shoes. | Vermin fur toe jam Disgusting mental image Vermin fur toe jam Nasty haiku for you! | Off to the basement Catch up on the morning chat Back in a few y'all. How's that for a Bad Haiku? | Disappearing likes Just bug, mystery resolved Refresh the page, y'owl Instructive Haiku!

17: Horking fowl pellets & out-smurfing blue chat trolls Eggscitement abounds... A silly little Horku Haiku for the nighttime CREW | Welcome to the chat. I see you chose a Haiku You will fit right in! | Dinner Dilemma Stale tar tar or carrion? Owlet you decide. Perplexing Horku Haiku! (Thanks Bill in SD!) | Much Paranoia Doubts linger still, like fowl air. People are funny. Scary basement spider Haiku! | it is owlet fluff stuck to the side of the box no owlet over there informative haiku! | Pass the kool-aid. Please! Do you want me on my knees? Say Hallelujah!

18: To Tad a Poem- by: JH To tad a poem is simple really. Just include a searchable word beneath your prose. Try Haiku! or Horku, maybe even Limerick. But mine is a silly answer for, It's only HF who really knows. | Surely well received Discriminating taste is Sometimes hard to find. | Merritt - Control F Try it, you'll like it, I'm sure. Google Chrome Rocks This! Instructive Pseudo-Haiku For you | 3am Must retire Wonderful time with my peeps You guys weren't bad either! Silly Haiku! For you! Nite all................... | Bright moon Crazy night Lightnin' flashes Owls in flight Squawking continues...

19: Kristi - Control F Try it, you'll like it, I'm sure. Google Chrome Rocks This! Instructive Pseudo-Haiku! For You (works in other browsers also, just not with the same amount of cool) | 'Nite Owls-Bid Adieu Into the basement I go Then it's off to bed Sleep tight and let your ropes hang loose. | funny line bunny! would make excellent haiku! instructions below First, 5 syllables Second, 7 syllables Third, 5 syllables Haiku! | What's on the menu? McGee with the drop off-yea!!! Flinging furry food! Haiku! thanks to: (momd,celeste,joan)

20: No not your bandwidth But you have too much cache stashed Restart the browser. Instructive Haiku! | Stiff necks, Addled minds. Confusing sleep patterns too. OCD MOD signs. Good morning Haiku! | the camera isn't but close owlets are to blame fuzzy butt picture | "Pay attention, boy!" "I don't see no hula girls." "We have been flim-flammed." Foghorn (verbatim-1) | Sorry, got knocked off the net. My connection failed. Fuzzy outlets too!

22: Instructive Haiku Literal in Translation and quite funny too! are "They" the voices that rattle tattle around Inside your cool head? Haiku! times two, especially for you!

23: Grayhound Natalie Headin' on down to Memphis World of Blues Awaits We'll leave a light on for ya. | The Juke Joint was Jumpin' Last Night

24: Pseudo-color Skies Piercing Luminescent Eyes Patient Owlet Waits | Tilted Head Haiku!

25: Anticipation Stern concentration Owlet's placid glaze | Imagery Haiku

26: ~~Early Edition~~ Owl captured in San Marcos Way Over Exposed Carlos & I Snapped Exactly on cue. How cool. Seek His Tomorrow

27: Just a little Fun Carlos had his own big Moon I wanted one Too Composite Haiku!

28: Sunset San Marcos Colorful Square Compression Artifact Rainbow | imagery haiku

29: Purple Rouge Nightfall Glowing Eyes Tangerine Skies Owlet Watching Me | Imagery Haiku

30: Lightning approaches Phantom of the nighttime sky Evading capture | Swiftly Blurred Haiku!

31: The lure of night skies. Tempting, Teasing, Calling me. Porch? Limb? Perch? or Ground? | Borrowed line, indecisive fledging Haiku! (thanks Owlo!)

32: Molly perching in the Night. Kindly posing within Sight. I'm done here. Sleep tight. | I Bid you Adieu, Haiku!


34: Anticipation Flightless Infatuation Instinctual Bliss | Brightly Colored Impressionist Haiku!

35: Emerald, Sapphire, Shades and Hues. A Sky of Green and Deep, Dark Blues. Is Tonight the Night which Wesley Flies? I don't know, but you ain't stopping these two guys.

36: Another sunset. Owlet squawking. Not yet seen. Anticipation | Painterly Haiku!

37: Alien Lime Light Green Moon Over San Marcos Enticing Owls Out | Manipulated Haiku!

38: Ahhh, The subtle pleasures of manipulation, anticipation, consternation, and inebriation.

39: ...another one. Kind of hard to do anything with them but distort the already present distortion. Sort of neat, very different for me.

40: A dark and stormy night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, but one owl is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions..... Owl Noir, Private Eye

41: I just couldn't stand the drab sky tonight, so I made my own version of reality. I hear it's a pretty common thing to do these days!

48: Boneyard | 8-6-10

49: 9-2-10

50: 9-5-10 | 8-30-10

51: 9-5-10 | 8-7-10

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