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Jaryn John - Birth to One

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S: Jaryn John - Birth to One

FC: Jaryn John Popovich

1: Jaryn John Popovich July 27, 2010 9 lb. 11 oz 22 inches long The doctors knew that Jaryn was getting big and mommy couldn't carry him anymore. So mom and dad drove to Duluth on Monday, July 26th so that mommy's labor could be induced. Mommy couldn't have the baby in Ashland without a c-section which is why she went to Duluth. That night the doctor indicated that mommy's labor was starting and she was past the point of the first induction, so she had to wait until the next morning to be admitted so that they could begin inducing. While waiting for mommy's room to be ready the next morning, mommy and daddy went to get some breakfast in the hospital cafeteria when her water broke. Daddy helped mommy back to the room when her contractions began. A very healthy Jaryn John was born at 5:22 pm. and everything went well.

2: Jaryn's First Hours...

3: After mommy had Jaryn, mommy and daddy called their friends and family to share the news. Big brother Jayden was at Grandma and Grandpa Mika's house and was the first mommy and daddy called with the news. It was late in the evening by now, so mommy and daddy did not expect any visitors (especially since they were in Duluth). So they ordered some supper, and spent the evening enjoying the newest member of their family. Jaryn was rather fussy most of the evening and night because nurses kept taking him and he was so hungry. Mommy kept getting up with him every hour while daddy slept on the couch that first night.

4: Auntie Jenny Mika | Grandma Diane Mika | Cousin Gage Mika 2 years and 4 months old | Jaryn did not have a lot of visitors in the hospital because he was born in Duluth and was coming home only 36 hours after he was born. Jaryn did not have any visitors the night he was born, however, he had a couple the next afternoon. Grandma Mika road up to Duluth after work with Auntie Jenny, Carter and Gage. In the meantime, Daddy went home to get Jayden so he could meet his new brother and was coming back the next morning.

5: Visitors | Cousin Carter Mika 4 years and 4 days old

6: My Brother

7: Jayden stayed the night with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Pat on Monday night and then with Grandma and Grandpa Mika on Tuesday. Wednesday morning daddy went to pick up Jayden and they spent the afternoon and night at home with Paco and Synder. Thursday morning Jayden and Daddy drove back to Duluth to pick up mommy and baby Jaryn. When Jayden came into the room to meet his new brother, he brought with him a blue and white puppy for Jaryn. He gave it to him and was excited about the baby until they all went to leave. Then he wanted the puppy back and said it was his. When they left the hospital, they had to stop in Ashland to pick up a few things before bringing baby Jaryn home.

8: Welcome Home | Jaryn John

9: The family arrived home around 3:00 Thursday afternoon and family and friends began calling. Jayden was excited to have his new brother home, but wasn't quite sure who he was or why he was here. Jayden and daddy spent the rest of the afternoon outside while mommy and Jaryn relaxed on the couch until visitors arrived. Jaryn was very content at home these first few hours as long as he was eating.!!

11: Jaryn's First Visitors | That afternoon and into the evening, a few people stopped by to meet Jaryn. Uncle Darrin and Auntie Jessie, Grandma and Grandpa Popovich, Grandpa Mika, and Great-Grandma Hazel all came over to see Jaryn. Shortly after supper time, the last of the visitors left and mommy and daddy were getting ready for Jaryn's first night at home.

13: Jaryn's First Days | Jaryn's first day's at home were spent laying on the living room floor, in his bouncer, or sleeping in his bassinet. His big brother Jayden wanted to be a lot of help by picking him up when he cried and feeding him a bottle (which he needed because mommy didn't have enough milk for him yet so he needed both). Daddy had the whole week off so he spent a lot time with Jayden so that mommy could get some rest and take care of Jaryn. On Saturday, Daddy and some help, set the slab for the garage daddy was going to start building. Then on Sunday, everyone went to Carter's birthday party at Prentice Park.

14: Jaryn could only have sponge baths until the last of his umbilical cord fell off. So mommy gave him a sponge bath every night in the infant tub. He screamed the first time he had a bath, but after that he didn't mind them. Jayden always took a bath at the same time and always asked when Jaryn could take a bath with him. We told him as soon as he could sit up on his own, he would be in the tub with him!

15: Bath Time

18: Jaryn at Home | First Week

20: By the time Jaryn was one month old he had experienced many adventures. During the month of August, he went to the Iron County Fair, to his first birthday party, stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Mika's because mom was a bridesmaid in Kristin and Matt Tetzner's wedding, went to the beach, hung out in the yard, and just chilled in the house. Jaryn started smiling at everyone, was getting up 2-3 times a night, took 3-4 naps during the day, and was drinking about 4 oz every 2-3 hours.

22: Jaryn was baptized Sunday, September 19th at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church by Father Gary. It was a beautiful fall day and Jaryn never cried or whined once during the entire mass. Jaryn was dressed in a new outfit bought just for the occasion. His family members joined him on his special day both at the church and then at his home for lunch afterwards. Jaryn's godparents are Patrick and Jennifer Mika. | Baptismal

26: By 8 weeks old, Jaryn was smiling constantly! By 10 weeks old he was starting to eat bananas and applesauce. By 12 weeks he was sitting up in his Bumbo and in his saucer while being propped up with a blanket. Jaryn continues to get up during the night, sleeping about 4 hours at a time. He takes 3 naps a day and is SO content in between. Jaryn will lay on the floor, play in the bouncer for hours without fussing. His big brother Jayden is really enjoying having him around and likes to help change his diaper and give him baths. His nick name is 'little fuzzy head'"because he has a little tuff of hair that is always sticking up and all his hair lightens up and stands straight up after a bath. | Jaryn spent his time awake in his Bumbo, on the floor, in his saucer, in his jumper, or propped up watching his brother play. | Mom remained on maternity leave so Jayden, Jaryn and mom were home all day every day. | September

28: October | Jaryn spent a beautiful October helping mom harvest vegetables from the garden and watch Jayden play in the yard. Jaryn tried real hard to carve his first pumpkin, but instead had Daddy and Jayden help him clean his pumpkin out.

30: I'm a Bumblebee!! Jaryn dressed up for his first Halloween as a bumblebee.

31: Jaryn's Family This photo was taken in front of the pond at Jaryn's home. Daddy 33, Mommy 30, Jayden 2 years 6 months, Jaryn 3 months

32: By November, Jaryn was pushing himself up, trying to roll over, and loved being everywhere Jayden was. Jaryn would sit for hours just watching Jayden. He loved jumping in his jumper and playing with toys in his saucer. He has also picked up the nick name "chunky butt" because he is going through cloth sizes so fast. He is 4 months old and wearing 12 month clothing. With his diaper off, you can see he has four little butt rolls and a belly that hangs over his diaper!

33: Jaryn liked trying new foods this month (no teeth yet, so everything is soft). Mommy would set him in the high chair and mash vegetables from her plate for Jaryn to eat. Jaryn still is not sleeping through the night. He still gets up around 3-4 every morning, but sometimes gets up around midnight too. Mommy gives Jaryn rice cereal before bed, and rice in a bottle at night hoping he will sleep till morning. | Mommy was suppose to go back to work the first week of November, but Jaryn refused to take a bottle so she had to stay home two more weeks until he would take a bottle for someone else. Then she could leave him at daycare. Jaryn and his brother Jayden stayed with Jennifer Nortunen during the day while mommy and daddy went to work. Mommy was the assistant principal at the Ashland Middle School and daddy is a machinist at Brettings.

35: Jaryn's first Christmas was wonderful! He enjoyed sitting amongst the presents (propped up of course), he liked the bows, ate the paper, and loved starring at the lights on the tree. He went to Great-Grandma Otto's, Grandma and Grandpa Popovich's, Great-Aunt Patty's, Great Grandma Hazel's, Grandma and Grandpa Mika's and church.

38: Love my Family! These are photos of Jaryn with Mommy and Daddy's hands. Also, photos of Jaryn's hand and feet with his big brother Jayden.

41: WINTER During January, Jaryn experienced his first ride in a sled, started crawling, and got his first two teeth, Lot's of time was spent indoors playing with new toys from Christmas and exploring angles of the house never before seen. Mom started a new job as a curriculum coordinator for CESA 12 and continued working on her schooling. Dad finished up his successful hunting season putting another mount on the wall. Dad also spent his time working to finish the downstairs and the garage.

42: Jaryn, Jayden, Mom and Dad snapped random pictures of each other while playing in mom and dad's room one snowy day in February.

44: Baby Toes

45: Jaryn often took a bath in the kitchen sink so that mom could make supper, clean the counter, or do dishes at the same time. He loved being in the sink until his little toes and fingers started to prune or he started playing with the faucet.

46: The month of April was a busy month for Jaryn. Busy crawling, Jaryn is now pulling himself up onto furniture and attempting to take steps. Jaryn only eats jarred food at daycare for the convenience, but at home he eats everything off of mom and dad's plates (except meat). Jaryn drinks from a sippy cup except for when he goes to bed he drinks from a bottle. Jaryn distant cousin Johnae was born April 15th, mommy spent a Saturday in Wausau at school, Jaryn's cousin Preston was baptized on Easter day, the Easter bunny came for Jaryn and his brother, daddy spent time trying to finish the garage, mommy started working in the vegetable gardens, among many other activities. Jaryn started making many cooing, giggling, and noises to express emotion. He started saying something that sounds like MA, were sure more words will start to follow.


48: Jaryn loved nothing more than to gobble up mommy's chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. Only Jaryn made a huge mess everytime

49: Cookie Monster

51: Jaryn and Jayden looked forward to dad coming in the house because he always laid on the floor and wrestled with them. Sometimes dad would just lay down and take a nap while Jaryn and Jayden crawled all over him!

52: Mom and Dad bought 4 boards and nailed them together with a bucket full of sand in the middle to make a sandbox for Jaryn and Jayden to play in. Once they drug their toys to it, they both played and played for hours. Jaryn did not have a lot of his own toys yet, but Jayden shared his tonka trucks and tractors with him (well, not always willingly). If they weren't playing in the sandpile, Jayden was giving Jaryn rides on his gator, they were playing in the garage, on their swingset, or on the trampoline (with mom or dad watching of course). | The Sandbox

55: Jaryn's Gator Rides | Jayden received a John Deer Gator for his second birthday, and despite the fact that he struggled with driving it a little bit that first summer, he made up for lost time this summer! However, Jaryn would cry every time Jayden would take it for a ride because he wanted to go with. So mom and dad bought Jaryn a bicycle helmet and used the baby harness strap to strap him to it like a seatbelt so he couldn't fall out. This way Jaryn could go for a ride every time Jayden took it out. Jaryn was happy to go for a ride and Jayden loved being a big brother and take him for one.

56: Auntie Jenny would drop Carter and Gage off once in awhile to play when she would have a house to show. This was one of those days when the four boys had a chance to play together!

58: MAY

59: Jaryn went to 1st Impressions in Marengo for his first hair cut. His hair was rather thin and didn't need much cut, but it was starting to hang over his ears and needed a trimming! Jaryn also spent some time during the spring outside, playing with Paco and Synder, and pulling himself up on on everything! He wasn't walking yet, but would walk along furniture and pulled was really good at standing up next to everything! He continued to say muma and da and a lot of other mumbling that is getting close to sounding like words!

60: June

62: Camping at Beaver Lake

63: Jaryn, Jayden, Mom and Dad all went camping for the first time this summer at Beaver Lake. They went with friends of mom and dad's, Carrie and Chris Tobisch and Melanie and Brian Nortunen. Brian brought his boat so daddy, Jayden and Maleah went fishing while mom and Jaryn stayed back at the camp site hanging out and cooking food. It was a beautiful weekend and everyone had a ton of fun! Paco and Synder came with and everyone stayed in the camper. Jaryn slept in the playpen, Jayden slept with dad, and Paco and Synder slept on the floor.

64: Ashland Oredock Jayden, Jaryn, and mom went to Ashland one day to hang out at the park, do some grocery shopping, and were able to snap some cute shots by the lake in front of the oredock while they were at it!

66: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

67: This was a day spent with Great-Grandma Sophie Mika. Auntie Jenny, Carter and Gage, Auntie Janey and Preston, and mom, Jayden, and Jaryn all went to visit Great-Grandma one day shortly after she moved to Ashland Health and Rehabilitation.

69: The 4th of July was a beautiful weekend! The 4th was on a Monday, the weekend before we had a picnic at Brenda and Josh Rowley's with mom's family, dad played in a volleyball tourney and did some golfing, Jaryn and dad went and watched mom and Jayden run the bellringer, everyone went to the parade in Ashland, and then went to a picnic at Grandma and Grandpa Popovich's before watching the fireworks in Mellen. Jaryn got a lot of candy and had a lot of fun!

70: Mommy, Jayden, and Jaryn spent a lot of time at the beach during June and July. They would go to Maslowski Beach, Kreher Park, Thompson Beach, or Aitkins Lake. Cousins Carter, Gage, and Auntie Jenny would often meet them somewhere to build sand castles, play with toys, and splash in the water! Melanie Nortunen and Maleah joined them a few times and so did Auntie Janey and Preston.

73: IN THE SUN | Jayden, Jaryn, mom and dad all went to Hayward and spent a day at the Wilderness Walk. Jaryn wasn't walking fast enough yet to walk through the park, so he saw the park from the stroller. Jaryn got to pet many animals, see alot through the park, and then stopped for snack. It was lots of fun!

74: Jaryn's first corn on the cob experience!

76: Jaryn's mom did not work through the summer, so he was able to hang at home every day. Jaryn spent his day's playing in the sandpile, getting a ride on Jayden's gator, swinging on the swings, playing in the garage. They also had many visitors like Johnae Popovich.

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