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Jeddie - Page Text Content

S: Jeddie Macomber

BC: Jeddie had many angels in his life. I'd like to think I was one of them, but I'd also like to think that he was one of my angels. | Jeddie's Angels Brad S., Beau, Hope, Venita, Laura, Phoebe & Charlie, Sarah, Vicky, Pamela, Lynda, Melissa, Michelle, All the Lev Posters, Everyone who Donated to his Chip-in, Gail, Wynn, Judy, Megan, Brigit, Pat, India, Rhonda, and Brad B. I wanted so much more time with him and for him. I am going to miss his happy face so very much.

FC: Jeddie Macomber a.k.a Jed Sullivan January 1, 2000 ~ July 3, 2012

1: On Oct. 2, 2009, There was a post on the Feline Diabetes Message Board about a guy trying to rehome his cat. It included this : "He knows only other option left is euthanasia." | "Jed is a lovable cat...." | "I just spoke with you on the phone regarding my cat who we have just recently found to be diabetic. I am trying to find Jed another home as we are unable to provide the care that he needs at this time. | Jed has been a part of my family for 9 years and he means a lot to me, but my main focus at this time has to be my grandmother. | Please do know that I would not want to give him up in any other situation, this is just due to the current medical issues that my grandmother is facing. I would like to find him a safe place to live, and I need help with finding him a home." ~B. | And on Oct. 3, I replied, "If I take him, I am "full up". I wish I could save them all, but there are so, so many in need." On Oct. 10th I drove up to our family house in MI, making a detour to Grand Rapids to meet Jed's transport from near Detroit. | Photo with original post | B's last photo of Jed | My first photo of Jed

2: That night, he slept on a folded blanket on the couch just as if he always did that when I was sitting and reading. | Jed in a room by himself with his first toy. I crocheted it for him - a big hit. A few days later I let him out into the rest of the house and he explored, met the other cats (and ignored them while they hissed). | And so it begins.....

3: He was getting to know us and I was getting to know him and his sweet face. I posted, "He has amazing pale green eyes, like celery leaves just starting to turn yellow." My youngest, Ariel, made the first overtures to him. | Back to Chicago - New Home #2

4: Jed tries out the balcony.... | ...confronts Beau, and returns to my lap.

5: Definitely a full house now..... | 2009 ended with Jeddie looking better, fur and body filling out, making a friend, off insulin since I got him over two months earlier, and a "new" name, although I ended up calling him "Jeddie, Jed, Jed" or "Jeddie-bin".

6: Jeddie turns 10 on Jan. 1st - very much a loner still... | ....and his favorite sleeping position is belly up! | 2010 Begins

7: Slowly, he starts to warm up to the other cats ...... | ...... and they to him. | 2010 | Top right: supervising (hindering) the restocking of my fabric amoire after I replaced the carpet in the room with vinyl tiles because he kept peeing on it.

8: Life as Jeddie is busy: first a nap, then inspecting the new bedroom floor, | then another nap followed by a tour of the balcony, | and finally, another nap.

9: Pretty much repeat the next day. | (I think this was a sit-in for more treats.)

10: Shhhhhh, don't wake them up.....

11: Jeddie full length - and finally a good photo of his belly fur curls! | Jeddie gets to pose for a medical illustration. | Maybe I'll be famous some day. | Testing spot for blood sugar.

12: Jeddie's Face | I took a LOT of pictures of Jeddie. He was so cute.

13: Jeddie's Belly | He loved to have his belly rubbed. | Favorite sleeping position: belly up, paws in the air, head turned to one side. I never got tired of it. | And if I touched his belly, he chirped. His belly got lots of kisses too.

14: Jeddie with me | Jeddie on my lap | Taken with a camera timer. He was losing patience with me. | He always came to my lap when I was working at my computer. You can bet he was purring there.

15: Jeddie with Cuddle Buddy, Beau

16: Jeddie with Charlotte | This one is from 2011 - July 2, 2011 to be exact. One year later......

17: Jeddie was always in the thick of things

18: 2011 | Sometimes he stuck his pretty face where it wasn't wanted. | Jeddie turned 11 on January 1st.

19: February 2, 2011 | Record snow - 20" | After some melting. | Best to stay warm inside with a buddy.

20: 2011 | Long winter naps. | When can I go outside? | Synchronized posing.

21: 2011 | Something to look at. | "What?" | I know I look good on green. | If I could just get closer to Beau...

22: Spring. | Finally.

23: 2011 | June, the first of four trips to MI. Car crate. | Dancing, we are so happy to be here! | A snooze is always in order up here.

24: August - the second trip | I am so proud of myself for getting up here!

25: October - the third trip | And November was the fourth, and last, for 2011. I did not know it then, but it was to be Jeddie's last trip ever. | By that sad and soulful face, maybe he knew.

26: Hot town. Summer in the city. Cool cat... Cool as belly up can be. Perfect curl. | This is how he slept at night, except his feet were on my back.

27: 2011 | September & October | Time to harvest that catnip! | Still warm enough for belly exposure. | If it would stop raining, I would go outside.

28: Fall, 2011 | Making a nest on my lap. | Jeddie being, well, Jeddie.

29: Christmas, 2011 | Toys and kisses.

30: 2012 | Jeddie's 12th birthday was January 1, 2012. | He got lots of love and kisses that day and that month.

31: Impossibly cute! | The love fest continued into April. | I don't know that he was ever happier. | Which turned out to be a very good thing.... | Those paws! That hug!

32: In late March or early April, I noticed he was drooling and thought he might have a bad tooth. | I mentioned it to the vet on May 3rd and she grimaced and said, "That's a sign of oral cancer." I was stunned. I brought him in on the 8th and she saw a lesion under his tongue. Thus began his final chapter. | The night before his biopsy surgery. The diagnosis was oral adenocarcinoma. | May 14 | May 13 | 2012

33: The day after his 1st chemo. | Finding comfort from Beau. | A bath a few days later. | Looking better. | May 23 | May 26 | May 22 | May 22 | May 17

34: A toy from Venita* | Catnip, of course! | Hanging out. Getting a much needed bath from Beau. | May 31st - feeling pretty good. | *Founder of DCIN, who raised a lot of money to pay for his surgery and chemo treatments. | May 31 | May 29 | May 29 | May 26 | May 26

35: June, 2012 | Still feeling OK and being himself. | Under my desk while I worked - after his second chemo. | Still showing that belly! | June 14 | June 11 | June 10 | June 7 | June 5

36: June, 2012 | I transplanted catnip plants and placed them where he could reach them - they remained a constant for him until the end. Every morning, when I opened the balcony door he made a bee line to them and attempted to eat some leaves. And he still enjoyed the balcony. | June 19 | June 17 | June 17 | June 17

37: Jeddie remembered he liked to play with the light pull chain - I held him up to it so he could. | On my lap at the computer, probably the last time here. My camera was near. I loved Jeddie as much as I could, whenever I could. | June 20 | June 19 | June 19 | June 19

38: Looking back, what is amazing was how long he stayed himself - and then how fast things went down hill. | On June 22st he was doing great, gaining weight, the tumor stopped growing... | ... by the 29th, the tumor "exploded" with rapid growth. | "Cleaning " himself and making a bigger mess. | June 29 | June 25 | June 22 | June 28

39: June 30th, I knew we had lost the battle. The oncologist confirmed it on July 2nd. This is not the last photo I took of him, but it is the last I wish to share. | Jeddie was still being himself, and wanting to hang on, but in less than 24 hours he was unable to take in any food and growled when I tried to feed him. I knew it was time. | On the afternoon of July 3, 2012, my friend and neighbor, Brad B., drove me to the vet so I could hold Jeddie on the way and he stayed with us in the room telling Jeddie what a handsome boy he was, what a good boy he was. We both cried. Jeddie slipped away in my arms, such a good boy until the very end. | Jeddie is buried in the woods behind the house in MI near my other cats. He came into my life at that house and will rest forever there. It seems fitting that he is back in MI where he lived before I adopted him. | June 30 | In the shade, on the balcony.

40: Jeddie flew home today after two very short months battling oral cancer. It was too soon. He turned just 12-1/2 on Sunday. And I am so saddened I can hardly see the keyboard through my tears, but I want to celebrate the 998 days (almost three years) that he was here with me. I adopted him in October of 2009 because he was in danger of being PTS due to his diabetes diagnosis. He wasn't too keen on a new person and a new home at first and we had some issues, but he was a curious and gentle cat. He was affectionate, loving and funny, and got exasperated over certain things (like blood sugar testing sometimes). He became Beau's cuddle buddy about a year and a half ago. At first, when I walked into the room, and they were grooming each other, they looked guilty. Soon it was old hat and they didn't care what I thought. I have many, many photos of them sleeping together all wrapped around each other, or grooming each other. I have many, many photos of my handsome boy Jeddie. | Jeddie often met me at the door and ran out into the hall to either make an escape down the hall or sharpen his claws on the neighbor's welcome mat. He did it just two days ago. He would come tearing down the hallway from the bathroom and make a swinging "slide into home plate" on the rug after he pooped. I used to tell him, "I would run too if I left such a stinky thing in there." He loved the balcony and made a beeline for the catnip plants. He LOVED catnip. I am so glad I started growing it last year so he could enjoy it because this year he really couldn't too well. He loved to look out the windows at the birds, or the rain, or the snow. And he really loved me. He got in my lap when I was reading or watching TV and curled up there for hours. He got on my lap when I was working on the computer and lay crosswise to fit. He purred all the time. My favorite thing, and the one I think I will miss the most, was when I got into bed and he came up and lay down facing me by my shoulder, put one paw on my arm and looked into my eyes adoringly and purred. I'm not sure how I will live without that. | July 3, 2012

41: I can't believe he is gone. It was just too fast. But he was starting to suffer and was not going to get better. He was a brave boy going through the biopsy surgery and all the chemo and vet visits. It just didn't work. Yesterday I took him to the oncologist and she just shook her head. There was nothing more that could be done. He had already stopped allowing me to get enough calories into him over the weekend, although for two weeks before that he was very good about it - great, in fact. Last night, when I fed him, his tumor bled, a lot. Then it stopped, but today, while I was in the shower or checking emails, it bled again and he had blood on his face and paws. He would not let me feed him at all, so it was time to set him free. | My friend, downstairs neighbor and cat sitter, Brad, drove me to the vet's office. Right before Brad came upstairs I held Jeddie for a few minutes and then he wanted down. He went right to the balcony door, so I let him out and he made a circuit of the balcony, sniffed a few flowers and stuck his head into the catnip plants, rubbing his chin on the leaves. When he came inside, I took him to the litter box and patted the side and he went right in and peed one last time. At the vet office we had about a half hour with him and we both patted him and brushed him gently with a very soft bristle brush I just bought last weekend for him. I told him I loved him and he was a good boy and Brad told him he was a handsome boy. We both were crying. Jeddie purred a little and was quiet. I held him and he put his head on my arm. That was his last conscious thought - me holding him with his chin resting on my arm. Fly free sweet boy. I will miss you so very, very much my little Jeddie-bin. | You could have been anyone at all A stranger falling out of blue I'm so glad it was you Carole King

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