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Jenny and Sylvia

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S: Eight Years of Paintsite Adventures With Jenny and Sylvia, July 2006 - May 2014

FC: Eight Years of Paintsite Adventures with Jenny and Sylvia July 2006 - May 2014

1: Eight Years of Paintsite Adventures with Jenny and Sylvia July 2006 - May 2014 | Compiled and edited by Marilyn Perry, Jane Saltman, and Brad Santos | Presented to Jenny Tero and Sylvia Waddell by the plein air artists of the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society on January 10, 2015, with thanks and appreciation for their eight years of excellent service.

2: Quite a few years ago a small group of painters founded the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society in order to enjoy painting together outdoors. Who would have ever believed that forty-seven years later SCVWS would be a thriving group of nearly four hundred and would still have a dedicated band of dedicated plein air artists? Many people have led the Thursday Paintsites group over the years, but few have brought the energy and creativity to the task that Jenny Tero and Sylvia Waddell have shown for the past 8 years. Those who come out for the first time assume that these two ladies have known one another for many years, but they actually met when they each joined the Paintsites group. When the previous Leader stepped down, they thought it would be fun to go out regularly and paint with like-minded artists. In the beginning, there were times when it was just the two of them with their gear. But they persevered and today there is a large contingent of painters who rotate in and out from month to month. Jenny and Sylvia’s creativity in putting together special programs such as introducing plein air painting to beginners, arranging demos, and promoting the Paintsites group within SCVWS have contributed to the growth and success of the Thursday Paintsites. Continually seeking out interesting new venues, whether private gardens, historical sites, or parks also kept people coming back. They will long be remembered for coming up with the “Hike & Sketch” idea-which isn’t as daunting as it may sound. They always allowed plenty of time for the sketch portion, and stopping for lunch was a critical part of the outings! These are secondary, however to the central reason for the success of the Thursday Paintsites group. That reason is Jenny and Sylvia. They are so friendly and inclusive that all who join in feel they have found a home within SCVWS. Both are incredibly talented artists who continually encourage those who join them and make everyone feel welcome. Thank you, Jenny and Sylvia for all you have done for SCVWS. May this book bring you memories of many happy days and of friends in art. Janice Faulstich President, Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society November 4, 2014

3: Sylvia and Jenny leading the Alum Rock Hike and Sketch May 29, 2014 | Introduction to Plein Air Painting Villa Montalvo April 28, 2011

4: "I owe so much to Jenny and Sylvia. As the first ones who welcomed me to Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society nine years ago, they made me feel like I belonged and gave me incredible encouragement. They taught me how to edit my scenes, how to paint faster and with more confidence, and most of all just loosen up and enjoy the plein air experience. Even though I'd lived in the Bay Area for 35 years, they introduced me to new parks, buildings, and scenic locations I never knew existed. They were always challenging us -- from hike and sketches that forced me to get paint on the paper in less than 15 minutes to complicated perspectives at the Winchester Mystery House. Some of my favorite memories are standing among the rows of aromatic grape vines at Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards and hiking the hills in the East Bay as the fog lifted to an incredible view. It was more than Jenny and Sylvia's amazing organization, dedication, and mentoring that made the paint site group so worthwhile, it was their friendship, support and true love of plein air painting that inspired us all." Kaaren Marquez

5: Kaaren Marquez Shoreline Park, Mt. View Hike and Sketch June 14, 2007

6: "Sylvia and Jenny arranged paintouts at so many locations I would never have visited otherwise. For example, I had passed by Woodside Store many times without stopping. It became the subject of one of my favorite paintings. Thank you for broadening my view of the Bay Area." Dick Zunkel

7: Dick Zunkel Woodside Store July 30, 2009

8: "Every paintsite day presents a new challenge, rain or shine. Our day at Casa Grande was one not to be scoffed at: a lovely white classic revival building, brilliant sunshine and incredible reflected light. In contrast, a wet misty day at Castle Rock created a perfect backdrop for the red barked madrone and mossy greens. In the words of John Ruskin (and surely a Jenny and Sylvia philosophy), "there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." Thank you Jenny and Sylvia for your intrepid devotion to plein air painting and for leading us out in all kinds of "good weather"". Jane Saltman

9: Jane Saltman Casa Grande, Almaden Quicksilver County Park January 27, 2011

10: "Many, many thanks to Jenny and Sylvia for some wonderful Thursday paint-outs over the years – especially the hike & sketches, which were a great innovation! Always fun to hang out and paint with two such lovely people, even occasionally in the rain!" Marion Podolski

11: Marion Podolski Anna Cook's Garden May 7, 2009

12: A long drive up twisty Sierra Rd. provoked thoughts like: "Am I there yet? I must have missed it!" Then, at last, high above the Valley, we were rewarded with terraced rows of sturdy Bearded Iris (in every color except true red) challenging us to capture them, either en masse or individually, in all their fluttering glory.

13: Jane Kwant Nola's Iris Garden, East San Jose May 5, 2011

14: We were lucky --- it was only a moderately overcast day (a rarity for the Coast in June) --- just atmospheric enough to make the take-out Fish & Chips from Barbara's Fishtrap not just delicious but also appropriate. Oh yes, we painted too: fishing boats, the radar dome and even as far afield as Montara Point Lighthouse farther up the coast. | Pillar Point Harbor at Princeton by the Sea Half Moon Bay June 23, 2011

15: Lisha Wang "Light House of Half Moon Bay" June 23, 2011

16: “Thank you Jenny and Sylvia for all of your hard work and dedication to making beautiful art and helping other artists to follow their dreams too!" Mary Raftery

17: Mary Raftery Gamble Garden August 25, 2011

18: Laurie Barna, Alan Geller, Kaaren Marquez, Sue Newberry, Anna Jacke, Marilyn Perry, Caroline Garbarino, Janice Santos at Gamble Garden

19: Susan Jensen Gamble Garden August 16, 2012

20: "What an incredible privilege it was to paint such an iconic structure, and one which I had grown up seeing! The weather was beautiful, and I wanted to get EVERYTHING in this one small painting--the water tower, the museum with its American flag, Hangar One with its Christmas star, and one of our own SCVWS painters in the foreground. I treasure this memory of being a part of Moffett's history AND painting its history. The museum tour was amazing, and our exhibit was successful. Sylvia and Jenny outdid themselves with arranging for us to paint at this site while working with the museum." Laurie Barna

21: Laurie Barna Moffett Field September 17, 2011

22: Kay Duffy demos how to paint redwoods Redwood Grove Nature Preserve Los Altos October 20, 2011

23: Kay Duffy Redwood Grove Nature Preserve Los Altos October 20, 2011

24: "Paintsites are such fun! Thank you Sylvia and Jenny for your years of carefully planning and organizing our outings. Without your encouragement and support I would have given up long ago." Sue Newberry

25: Sue Newberry Palo Alto Baylands January 10, 2012

26: "It was a great day, beautiful weather, light wind, sunny, I don't know how could it have been any better. The harbor was pretty full so the group had lots of subjects to choose from. After painting we had a great lunch at Phil's, a hidden gem of a restaurant at Moss Landing. One of the most memorable paint sites for me. Thank you!!" Chris Edwards

27: Chris Edwards Moss Landing May 17, 2012

28: San Jose History Park, July 5, 2012 l to r: Susan Jensen, Sylvia Waddell, Uma Kelkar, Brad Santos, Elaine Scotten. Seated: Caroline Garbarino

29: Uma Kelkar San Jose History Park July 5, 2012

30: "I was intrigued by the unusual rudder on this big, dilapidated wooden boat. I had intended to paint the wood with a dry brush technique but oops! I had brought hot press paper! So the paint job on the boat looks a little better than real life." Leslie Grimm

31: Leslie Grimm Pete's Harbor, Redwood City July 19, 2012

32: "Le Petit Trianon is a gentile anachronism co-existing with the modern onrush of De Anza College. Sylvia is the lovely model." Caroline Garbarino

33: Caroline Garbarino Le Petit Trianon DeAnza College Cupertino August 2, 2012

34: Wineries and vineyards are a bit of a paradox. The vineyard encompasses both order and chaos: Individually, the vines are wild & unique (at Savannah-Channelle some are over a century old); while the vineyard as a whole has a military preciseness about it. And within this beats the stainless steel industrial heart of the winery itself. It's the artists task to make sense out of it all. We did. | Savannah-Channelle Vineyards Saratoga September 6, 2012

35: Joanne Pommers Savannah-Channelle Vineyards Saratoga September 6, 2012

36: Poison oak creeping to the heights of a redwood tree was the source of much inspiration and with the help of a few rain drops led to some 'happy accidents'. | Brad Santos (l) and Liz Siegel (r) at Castle Rock State Park

37: Brad Santos Castle Rock State Park Hike and Sketch October 25, 2012

38: "I joined the Watercolor Society in January, 2008. I didn't know any Society members at the time but thought I'd give plein air painting a shot and see how it went. Initially it "went" poorly as I quickly learned that painting outdoors with Jenny & Sylvia isn't the same as sitting on a comfortable deck painting our garden. It turned out to be better, much better. Their adventurous, enthusiastic, intrepid spirits kept us on the move, challenging us with lakes, streams, waterfalls, fields, forests, hills, churches, temples, missions, airports, the ocean, harbors, boats, power plants, train stations, main streets, barns, Victorians, gardens, nurseries, and ... did I miss anything? Then there were demos: "Intro to Plein Air Painting", "Mixing Greens & Painting Trees", "Mixing Greys & Painting Rocks", and "Perspective" which were always fun, informative, and introduced ever more artists to the pleasures (and some of the tricks) of plein air painting. My paintings weren't always successful but the endeavor was always rewarding and strangely, sometimes the worst paintings were produced on the days which were the most fun. I look forward to sharing many more paintsites with them in the future." Brad Santos

39: Brad Santos Joseph D. Grant County Park Hike and Sketch November 29, 2012

40: Into the Valley of Wild Boars Strode the Six Artists | Jenny and Sylvia discussing the upcoming Hike & Sketch: "Pretty cold these days." "Yep". "Big, big Storm forecast for Thursday?" "Yep". "Barometer falling?" "Yep". "Falling fast?" "Yep". "Wind from the South?" " Yep". "Looks like a perfect day for a Hike & Sketch!" "Yep". Six of us: Jenny, Sylvia, Jane, Dick, Yan, and Brad waited in the parking lot for some other artists to show up. None did. Eventually off we went towards the historic ranch-house/road-house/hunting-lodge. The structures are surprisingly grand but the grounds, in spite of Sylvia grabbing a rake to help a park ranger tidy things up, looked like they'd been rototilled. Jane stated that this was the work of wild pigs. The ranger, who was probably happy to see us as we were the only visitors to the park that day, confirmed this. The first sketches under our belts, we set off on a serious hike. Down blustery Hall Valley, admiring the austere wintry landscape, we marched, little imagining the horrors which awaited us. Jenny and Sylvia, ever the vanguard, led followed by Jane and I, then Dick and Yan who had dropped back to photograph some of the handsome Valley Oaks we'd passed. Then we spotted them in the distance --- several dozen small dark objects moving our way. Jane, who had established herself, in my mind at least, as an expert on the subject, identified them as a herd of wild boars and advised caution as we were on a collision course with them. She also mentioned that pigs have poor vision but a keen sense of smell. This wasn't reassuring as the others seem relatively calm but I realized that, if the pigs can smell fear as Jane said, I'm a goner! I look at my fellow artists -- a large man the boars would hesitate to tackle and four fit young women who probably | can't outrun a herd of wild pigs but certainly can outrun me (which is all that matters in such a case) --- I'm a goner! Jenny, who has never let anything interrupt a hike, wasn't about to be intimidated by several hundred wild pigs. And Sylvia, I suspect, relished the idea of a close encounter with the brutes so she could do some of her superb animal sketches. Both were for pressing on. Again, Jane advised caution. The herd, thousands of them by now, were closing very fast on our position. Only 200 yards separated us. We stood rooted on the trail. I developed a keen interest in the oaks which had attracted Dick and Yan but with a different thought in mind --- I was looking for a tree I could climb. Trees - yes, but none I could climb --- I'm a goner! Even Jenny was having second thoughts about pressing on. The herd crested a ridge and dropped out of sight into a swale perpendicular to the trail. It was only a question of time before they came up and over and we met head on. I mentally cursed Joseph D. Grant for bringing pigs to his ranch for hunting purposes but then not having the decency to actually hunt them. But then, just as we expected them to crest the ridge, we saw them trotting up the far end of the swale, moving away from us. They'd veered right, gone under a fence bordering the trail and were headed uphill. We watched them go over the hill and out of sight. Occasionally glancing over our shoulders, we continued our hike, did several additional sketches, and had a hasty lunch. Then we hit the road just as the big, big storm roared in. I learned that day that with plein air painting, timing is everything! Brad Santos

41: Clockwise: Dick and Yan Zunkel, Sylvia Waddell, Brad Santos, Jenny Tero | Wild Boars - Jane Saltman Joseph Grant Park November 29, 2012

42: We hiked, we sketched. We hiked, we sketched. We hiked, we sketched. We ate lunch and, rejuvenated, we hiked, we sketched. We hiked, we sketched. Then we voted. Not anxious to find out if it's possible to have too much of a good thing - we voted to hike back to the parking lot and call it a day. And a great day hiking and sketching it was.

43: Pat Smith Fremont Older Open Space Preserve Hike & Sketch January 31, 2013

44: "I drew and inked my painting on site, and added the color at home, because the arbor that gave me refuge from the rain was not perfect, and every once in a while, a big drop of water landed on my table or sketchbook. It was very fun to sit and sketch while watching the rain, yet I was happy to stop to have hot soup. Thank you so much, Jenny and Sylvia, for welcoming me into the paintsite group. I have so enjoyed the artistic and social opportunities you have provided for me and all the paintsite artists." Marilyn Perry

45: Marilyn Perry Santana Row, San Jose February 7, 2013

46: Thanks to Sylvia's friendship with the Master Craftsman restoring the estate, we took a trip both in time (back 800 years) and space (to Japan) for this extraordinary experience. To be able to paint in this garden was a rare privilege but may have been secondary to just being there. | Kotani-en Japanese Garden Los Gatos April 18, 2013

47: "Every step in this amazing historic garden revealed yet another interesting view to paint. What a great experience." Sylvia Waddell | "With bright sunlight coming through the overhead foliage, the amount of light on the subject went from total clarity to complete obscurity every few minutes. I settled on a darker background to contrast with a light stone lattern." Jenny Tero

48: "The paintsite Chairs, Jenny and Sylvia, keep surprising us with new locations to paint. Jenny found Jim and Irene Cummins' Iris Garden on a tour of the gardens in Scotts Valley, a town in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The couple grows Irises for love, not profit. About 20 artists carpooled to the location on a gorgeous, hot early May morning. The place is a treasure chest of historical farm implements. The gardens are large and filled with a riot of Iris hybrids. The Cummins were so very friendly, spending time with us, serving us ice water, and educating us on the various hybrids. They were so delighted that we wanted to paint their garden. What a welcome!" Mary Paquet

49: Mary Paquet Cummins Iris Garden Scotts Valley May 2, 2013

50: "Day @ Peony Gardens Llamas and more llamas Very silent and majestic Birds peeping oh rain is falling" LaVonne Carrick

51: LaVonne Carrick Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens May 16, 2013

52: Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens, San Jose, May 16, 2013 2nd row l to r: Brad Santos, Jenny Tero, Judi Richards, Janice Faulstich, LaVonne Carrick, Sylvia Waddell, Linda Arima 1st row l to r: Broncha Berger, Anna Jacke, Mary Paquet

53: Linda Arima Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens May 16, 2013

54: A day of contrasts: A quiet, peaceful, easy hike (Jenny said we were only "strolling") through the mighty redwoods; a sketch; a short (but somewhat perilous) descent to a sunny sandbar in the San Lorenzo River; back through the woods (still strolling); and then lunch in bustling, aptly named, Roaring Camp with just time for a final sketch. | Henry Cowell State Park Hike and Sketch Felton May 30, 2013

55: Betty Griffith Henry Cowell State Park Hike and Sketch Felton May 30, 2013

56: "It was a lovely morning to paint with fellow artists. The curvy roof structure of the Ainsley House provides an interesting and artistic look to the whole house. I am wondering how it was built and maintained for the last 90 years! And the gardens and surroundings are amazingly beautiful as well!!!" Grace Tang

57: Grace Tang Ainsley House, Campbell June 6, 2013

58: San Juan Bautista Mission, June 20, 2013 2nd row l to r: Bonnie Sandler, Janice Faulstich, Liz Siegel, Elaine Scotten, Alan Geller, Mary Raftery, Anna Jacke, Brad Santos. 1st row l to r: Jenny Tero, Mary Paquet, Sylvia Waddell, Laurie Barna, Helen Chen, Lisha Wang

59: Janice Faulstich San Juan Bautista Mission June 20, 2013

60: Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park, June 27, 2013 l to r: Lisha Wang, hidden photographer, Helen Chen, Marilyn Perry, Broncha Berger, Dick Zunkel, Yan Zunkel, Jenny Tero, Sylvia Waddell, Judi Richards

61: "This is a great place to paint - lots to see. The salt pans were intriguing." Sylvia Waddell | "View over to the west side of the park in the later afternoon. Trying a different style!" Jenny Tero

62: An ever popular venue, there's an abundance of subject matter in a small space -- some old frame buildings and masonry features, a meadow ringed with trees encompassed within a loop of Stevens Creek, easy access to the Creek itself, a Community Garden, both domestic and wild animals, and when, we're there, lots of happy artists. | McClellan Ranch Preserve Cupertino August 29, 2013

63: Iris Lian "McClellan Ranch" August 29, 2013

64: Saratoga History Center October 17, 2013 l to r: Anna Jacke, Judi Richards, Dick Zunkel, Jenny Tero, Lisha Wang, Joanne Pommers, Caroline Garbarino

65: Anna Jacke McWilliams House Saratoga History Center October 17, 2013

66: Gilroy Gardens Art in the Park October 19, 2013 | Jenny and Sylvia must have done something right --- we were invited back for another Artists Access Day at Gilroy Gardens. It was hard to tell who delighted more in the bright colored rides and water features - the artists depicting them or the throngs of happy children (and their parents) riding them.

67: "This was a great place to visit. Jenny and I were captivated by a glimpse of the balloon ride through the trees. It proved rather difficult to capture as the ride was in constant motion, but I had fun trying! Thanks to the Gilroy Gardens docents who provided a tour and a wonderful opportunity for us to enjoy the park." Sylvia Waddell | "From another quiet location we could see the same rocks but this time with enormous ducks and swans floating by. We were too busy with capturing the rides on paper to ask if our free artists entry for the day included rides!" Jenny Tero

68: Byington Winery, Los Gatos, November 7, 2013 2nd row, l to r: John Ediger, Mary Raftery, Dick Zunkel, Jenny Tero, Alan Geller, Chris Edwards, Kaaren Marquez 1st row l to r: Betty Griffith, Mary Paquet, Leslie Grimm, Sylvia Waddell

69: "There were still some small grapes on the vines and lovely colors and textures in the leaves. The view from Byington Winery is amazing with the trees and hills going off to the distant ocean, so that inspired me." Sylvia Waddell | "It was wonderful to see the ocean from the winery - I like this view with a few autumnal trees to frame it." Jenny Tero

70: An 1836 adobe with busy Interstate 280 built almost directly above it (the adobe is literally in the shadow of the freeway), the oldest fig tree in California (unsubstantiated claim by a docent), and nobody knows it's there! Except the Paintsites group led by Jenny & Sylvia. The old oven was a popular subject. Considering that it was a cold day, it would have been even more so if there had been a fire in it.

71: Liz Siegel Roberto-Sunol Adobe, San Jose November 21, 2013

72: "Thanks Jenny and Sylvia! Because of your time and effort, we will be able to gather together and enjoy all the painting sites and having a good time. Hope to see you all around. Happy Painting! :-)" Helen Chen

73: Helen Chen Roberto-Sunol Adobe, San Jose November 21, 2013

74: A sparklingly beautiful but cold and breezy day for our Annual Santa Cruz Holiday Pot-Luck Paintout made hot soup a most popular shared menu item. Possibly even more popular than the wonderful desserts which are always a feature at this event.

75: Mitsi Shine Natural Bridges State Beach December 5, 2013

76: Drawing exercises Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard January 17, 2013 | Candy Yu | Iris Lian

77: Candy Yu Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard March 6, 2014

79: Sylvia Waddell Hakone Gardens March 20, 2014 | "What a wonderful day - surrounded by so much beauty! Everywhere you looked was another gorgeous view to paint. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to stay longer." Sylvia

80: "Our plein air group had lots of treats today painting in Jane Kwant's Garden. The great weather and a garden full of gorgeous flowers would have been enough, but Jane also generously provided drinks, yummie brownies, and oranges from her tree! Thanks Jane! We had a lovely time!" Sylvia Waddell

81: Bonnie Sandler Jane Kwant's Garden April 11, 2013 | "This was my first time at a SCVWS paintsite. It was a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful artists. I had a lot of fun playing with these irises." Bonnie Sandler

82: Clockwise: Elaine Scotten, Jane Kwant, Uma Kelkar, Yan and Dick Zunkel

83: Elaine Scotten Jane Kwant's Garden March 27, 2014 | How appropriate that Watercolor Society member Jane Kwant's beautiful garden should be approached via Eden Ave. It truly is a Garden of Eden.

84: "We traveled to the Santa Clara Cemetery on a glorious warm day. One of my early outings with a great group of real artists who inspire me, constantly. "I looked for the most historic section, where I attempted to capture the light dancing on the amazing statuary." Melanie Kaye

85: Melanie Kaye Santa Clara Mission Cemetery April 3, 2014

86: "I am in Florida now visiting my grand kids and I did a quick pleinaire of their park on my last trip that I am happy with. I was able to accomplish it with the patience and encouragement I received from Jenny and Sylvia" Alan Geller | AeroDynamic Aviation San Jose April 17, 2014

87: Alan Geller AeroDynamic Aviation April 17, 2014

88: Sylvia Waddell, above, and Broncha Berger, left, painting airplanes at AeroDynamic Aviation | AeroDynamic Aviation San Jose April 17, 2014

89: Broncha Berger AeroDynamic Aviation April 17, 2014

90: Dick Zunkel | Another Paintsite uncovered by Jenny & Sylvia where one was suddenly transported from the hot, noisy, crowded streets of San Jose into a quiet, serene place. One wonders, is it the act of painting or the site itself which causes this shift in mood? Anyway, while many of us were taken with an enormous carved wooden fish and sought to depict it, others found more personal, even spiritual objects or scenes to paint. | Taija Aguirre | John Ediger | Duc Vien Buddhist Temple, San Jose May 1, 2014

91: Taija Aguirre Duc Vien Buddhist Temple May 1, 2014

92: "I am in awe of Jenny and Sylvia. I was challenged more than once on a plein Air outing selected by these two intrepid leaders. If I am not a better plein air painter, I am sure in better physical shape". Leonard Leving

93: Leonard Leving "Duc Vien Buddhist Pagoda" May 1, 2014

94: The Alum Rock State Park Hike and Sketch represented a major milestone for our group as this was Jenny and Sylvia's final event as Paintsite Coordinators. | L to r: Jenny Tero, Sylvia Waddell, and Jane Saltman | Below: Marion Podolski

95: Cathy Belleville Alum Rock State Park Hike and Sketch May 29, 2014

96: Alum Rock Park San Jose May 29, 2014

97: John Ediger Alum Rock Park Hike and Sketch May 29, 2014

98: AeroDynamic Aviation, Reid Hillview Airport, San Jose Agnews Historic Park, Santa Clara Ainsley House, Campbell Allied Arts, Menlo Park Almaden Lake, San Jose Almaden Quicksilver Park, San Jose Alum Rock Park, San Jose Alviso Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park Bellicitti Farm, Saratoga Berkeley, NWS show and UC campus Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, San Jose Bertrand Residence, Los Altos Hills Byington Winery, Los Gatos Calero County Park, San Jose California History Center (Le Petit Trianon), De Anza College, Cupertino Campbell Community Center and Heritage Theatre Carmelite Monastery, Santa Clara Castillo's Hillside Shire Winery, Morgan Hill Castle Rock State Park Chapel of the Hills, Los Altos Hills CharMarron Peony Garden, San Jose Church of the 5 Wounds, San Jose Coo, Bob & Betsy's garden Cook, Anna's garden, Saratoga Cooper-Garrod Winery, Saratoga Corn Palace, Sunnyvale Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont Coyote Point Park, San Mateo Crystal Springs Dam, San Mateo Cummins Iris Garden, Scotts Valley Cupertino Memorial Park, Cupertino Dock Town Marina, Redwood City Don Edwards Baylands Preserve, Fremont Druker, Karen's Garden, Los Altos | Duc Vien Buddhist Community Pagoda, San Jose Ed Levin Park, Milpitas Farrington House, San Jose Forbes Mill Museum, Los Gatos Franklin Mall, Santa Clara Fremont Older Open Space, Cupertino Friends Meeting House, San Jose Gamble Garden, Palo Alto Gilroy Gardens, Gilroy Goldsmith’s Seeds, Gilroy Granada Theater, Morgan Hill Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, San Jose Hakone Gardens, Saratoga Harris Lass House, Santa Clara Hayes Mansion, San Jose Henderson, Mary Ann's Garden, Saratoga Henry Cowell State Park, Felton Hidden Villa Farm, Los Altos Japanese Friendship Garden, Kelly Park, San Jose Jose Higuera Adobe, Milpitas Joseph Grant County Park, San Jose Kotani-en garden, Los Gatos Kwant, Jane's garden, San Jose La Nebbia Winery, Half Moon Bay Lake Cunningham, San Jose Las Palmas Park, Sunnyvale Lexington Reservoir, Los Gatos Lincoln Park, Los Altos Linda Vista Park, Cupertino Los Altos History House and Orchard Los Gatos Creek Park, Campbell Los Gatos Creek Trail from Oak Meadow, Los Gatos Los Gatos Old Town, Los Gatos Los Gatos Plaza Park Lovers Point, Pacific Grove MacArthur Park, Palo Alto Mark Abbott Lighthouse, Santa Cruz McClellan Ranch Preserve, Cupertino Menlo Park Railroad Station | Miller & Lux Red Hay Barn, Gilroy Mission San Jose, Fremont Moffett Field Monte Bello Open Space Preserve Moran Lake, Santa Cruz Moss Landing Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz Neale’s Hollow, Saratoga Niles Railroad, Niles Nola's Iris Garden, San Jose Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos Overfelt Gardens, San Jose Paganini, Michelle's garden, San Jose Palo Alto Baylands Pao-Hua Buddhist Temple, San Jose Pastorino Farms, Half Moon Bay Pete’s Harbor, Redwood City Picchetti Winery and Open Space, Cupertino Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay Point Pinos Lighthouse, Pacific Grove Presentation Center, Bear Creek Road, Los Gatos Presidio, San Francisco and CWA exhibit Prusch, Emma Prusch Park, San Jose Pulgas Water Temple, near Woodside Rancho San Antonio, Cupertino Rasmussen’s Iris Garden, Campbell Redwood Preserve, Los Altos Rengstorff House, Mountain View Revell, Elaine's garden Roberto-Sunol Adobe, San Jose Rodin Sculpture Garden, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford Rosicrucian Museum & Park, San Jose Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, San Jose San Jose Buddhist Temple Betsuin San Jose Historical Museum San Jose Municipal Rose Garden San Jose State University Tower Hall San Juan Bautista Mission Sanborn Park, Saratoga | Santa Clara City Plaza Park Santa Clara Mission Cemetery Santa Clara Mission, Santa Clara Santa Clara Railroad Museum Santa Clara Valley Water District Headquarters, San Jose Santa Cruz Mission and Holy Cross Church, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, Santa Cruz Santa Teresa Park, San Jose Santana Row, San Jose Saratoga Foothill Club, Saratoga Saratoga Heritage Orchard, Saratoga Saratoga History Park, Saratoga Saratoga Plaza, Saratoga Savannah-Channelle Winery, Saratoga Shoreline Park, Mountain View Shoup Park, Los Altos South Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale Stanford University Stevens Creek Park, Cupertino Sunnyvale Art Gallery - flower painting competition, Sunnyvale Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard Sunol Regional Wilderness Triton Museum, Santa Clara Ulistac Park, Santa Clara Uvas Canyon County Park, Morgan Hill Vasona Park, Los Gatos Villa Montalvo, Saratoga Waddell, Sylvia's garden, San Jose Warner Hutton House, Saratoga Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz Wildwood Park, Saratoga Willow Glen downtown Wilson, Rita's Garden, Monte Sereno Winchester Mystery House, San Jose Wong, Karen's Garden, Los Altos Woodside Store, Woodside Woodside Village Church, Woodside | Paintsites led by Sylvia Waddell and Jenny Tero, July 2006 through May 2014

100: " You always showed up! You were organized! You stuck with it! You inspired us! You did a little extra! It is obvious that you love the outdoors and painting! We love you and we thank you! We hope you go on to greater achievements now that you don't have to look after all of us" Karen Druker

101: "To Sylvia and Jenny, thanks for the many years of leading Painsites. You set the bar very high! Also, you two introduced me to this group and I will be forever grateful. I retired, made a cross-USA bicycle ride with partner Bob on our tandem, then pursued my art passion. I remember that I rode my little folding bike to the ponds in Campbell for my first outing with the group in 2008." Mary Paquet

102: Uvas Canyon February, 2009 | Coyote Hills 3rd Hike and Sketch November 8, 2007

103: Plein air paintout on the grounds of the Triton Museum October 23, 2010

104: Calero County Park March 7, 2013

105: Cathy Belleville | Top right, clockwise: Elaine Scotten, Jane Paulson, Grace Tang, Linda Arima, Jane Kwant, Bonnie Sandler, Liz Siegel and Deborah Olenev Top left: Cathy Belleville Left: Marilyn Perry

106: Top left: Mitsi Shine Bottom Left: Melanie Kaye Above: Pat Smith

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